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Found 141 results

  1. Another poem contest! Crazy, right? A freestyle poem is a poem with no rhyme and no limits whatsoever. If you don't know about my contests, read here. See, I pick one poem from each page on the forum, and post the winner! Don't be sad if you lost, because it's not like there's any prize. You may post as much as you like. Thanks!
  2. It's a contest! You must write a couplet about ponies. (a couplet is a poem with two lines that rhyme.) I will choose who's is the best for each page, and post it. There is no reward, but at least you get the feeling of winning! Thanks for playing, I look forward to seeing your responses!
  3. Silver Arrow's theme song on me actually inspired this poem. Got me really going. Here it is: It's been a long journey. Everyday, we've been searching of what we seek. I reach out my hands, Into the heavens, Into the stars, Into reality, Into life. And I grasp the fruit of my all. Run, little woman, run. Whatever you are, Whoever you are, Run. Don't look back. The beasts will devour you. The jewel sparkles in my eyes, And I see the light of my soul, Tantalizing. Calling. Screaming. The journey continues, In spite of anything I do, In spite of the pain of my heart. Neverending, Neverceasing. Even when I have found The One, The One to share my sorrows, My dreams, My hopes, Myself... The eyes of the evil beast gaze back. I shove my fist in the face of my oppressors, Fast and sure, As hard as I can! It's been a long, sad, hard life. And I still have to fight. Run, little woman, run! But I no longer run, From the ends of my earth, From the demons in my eyes. They found me but a child, And ravaged my soul. Hell, maybe I'm a beast too! Maybe they made me that way. The bile of the beasts flowing through my skin, The beasts that are and are not myself, Their venom eating me. But I think to myself, Yesterday I bled. And today I smile. The wounds will heal, And the journey still continues. Today I burn! With the ultimate ascension of my being. As I become a beautiful beast, A creature of strength and heart, A creature of resolve, A creature on a mission. I set out to dawn, The sun's kiss upon me, My eyes looking out blearily. My legs march through the grass, A journey keeps going. A new journey begun.
  4. so i watched the season finale. and holy fucking god my goodness, it was good. so what to do with such momental amounts of gasps and awe? make a poem about it, of course! tis been a long time since i did any of this. thank you, creativity, for finally striking the lightning rod that is my brain, again! it's a bit back and forth of the evilness of this episode (Queen Chrysalis taking form and spreading terror across Canterlot, minions feasting on equine hearts love, taking form of fellow background ponies... wait what am i doing here?) to the all-is-well-wedding at the end (when Chrysalis and her minions are defeated, and the REAL wedding can take form). they're separated from each other by the "---" that's located throughout the different paragraphs, until it finally reaches a climax (change in paragraph structure, supposed to be sort of hummed to the tune of Art of the Dress, because AofD is best pony... song, that is. la dee dooooo daaaaa wasting paranthesis space OH NOES), which is pretty obvious to spot when it arrives. all in all, i had great fun with this. and if you read this, and get the LEAST kind of goosebumps out of it, i have succeeded with writing it. anyways, enough boring talk! lets just get this over with! (like any of you even writes all the technical stuff about art, anyway. who cares about that? just jump into thiiiiings and be done with already! OH HEY LOOK MORE PARANTHESIS SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! GETTing bored of wasting space) --- The Royal Canterlot Wedding: Restoration of Harmony, by Viscra Maelstrom --- Assemble form, Chrysalian beings! Feast upon love, their equine hearts! Shrivel in fear, mares and gentlecolts! For the bride and broom has yet to kiss! --- Make room for marriage of highest court One Princess Cadence and General Armor Forever united, through wet and dry Their marriage is sure to make to cry --- Harvest the love! Crush the barrier! Make the royal kingdom fall! Not love, but lust, pollutes the air! The lust - oh lust! - for total dominion! --- As ye are gathered, in royal hall Make room for the bride, don't make her stall Oh crusaders of the mark, mark your positions For the royal princess, who makes her entrance --- Stall the ponies! Halt their path! Make sure not a single one trots through! Mirror their blows! Lend them down! Crush the loyal Spirits of Harmony! --- Slowly abiding, not to stress Royal princess hooves the carpet Eye to eye, and step by step Oh dreams of wonder, just almost there! --- Capsule the princess! Capture the spirits! Kingdom of Canter, you have been defeated! Accept your fate, and meet your doom! For the love of equine, has conquered all! Hoof by hoof! Horn to horn! Mare by colt! Love to love! Conquering! Magical! Powering! Enveloped! Love, for it shall conquer all! --- ... For by the powers of love To the strength of commitment Your magnetic enticement And restoration of harmony I hereby pronounce you... ... Mare and colt!
  5. Hiding behind hateful love, I feel despair. A bloodcurdling scream, so common. But, tears have been dyed scarlet. Fallen on a dark, stone paved street, Tattered, crying and in bloody rags, Was it you all the time, who cried for me? A very tightly clenched heart, steeled, Ready to unlock through cage to light, Has failed you once again, it is true. And, I lowered my head in shame. Silent, grieving tears continue to fall. But several feelings make promiment. You won't understand a temptation. I want to tear that fortress around you From stone to stone till it becomes debris: A firm castle to hellish remains of rubble! I want to claw open a healing, scabbed Wound that is bitter with angry hatred. I'll see exactly how bloody I can make it, And paint the red with even more of red. But even so, it's you whom I love so dear, Who I will always want to always be beside. I want to be your knight, I want to erase pain. I don't want to cause trouble, lest he strikes. And, this makes me so confused, so astray. If I cross a fork in the road, will it vanish soon? If I walk in darkness, it the sun brighten it out? If I learn how to smile, would I not create pain? Would I not be so forlorn? Would I never cry? And, would should such a black hatred end? Is this true, real thoughts, emotions? I question myself every single day. I don't want to live this way, with hate. I don't want hurt other people either. And, I'll promise that I'll die when I must! So, come on, and hear my cry now!
  6. The eyes of evil we once feared A song of triumph to our ears through flames together in the night Fighting forever for what's right In the final strike our hearts prevail A silent wind will pierce the veil As the dawning theme of hope in light Draws back the strings in times delight A cry escapes the soundless fate This twisted game brings only hate We run into the clash of blades To find our purpose in this shade In the final strike our hearts prevail A silent wind will pierce the veil As the dawning theme of hope in light Draws back the strings in times delight throughout the grips of sorrow's hands A shining glimmer ignites the lands The evil forces we faced for all Retreat for now their master calls The battle has ended The hope of faithfulness The lives we defended From the powers of darkness In the final strike our hearts prevail A silent wind will pierce the veil As the dawning theme of hope in light Draws back the strings in times delight (This is my first publically released poem. Its a lyrical poem writen to follow a tune, so things may not entirely match up.)
  7. There are things we can't escape... ...Because the universe is forever... As long as the clouds are forever. Let us reach the clouds And let our triumph live. Even though it's all fake. I want to dream again. Though flowers blossom red and black, I will believe and feel something called love. Nothing was in my way. But, I could still feel tears. And yet, I could smile. So, let us reach the clouds. And though silence prevails, a rainbow of emotions stirs, and I feel inscrutable. At a faster pace, I feel hands. They warmly comfort me. Though they slow down soon. I know without a doubt, that- We'll win, so let us reach the clouds.
  8. A low rumbling ensues, slow but sure. And very silently, flames of passion Hide as red and orange undertones. This passion is hatred, anger, or love? A calming echoing beat is the heartbeat Of a strong, calm volcano, waiting to erupt. It slowly waits to strike, its moment critical. The sturdy emotions of fiery attitude stir. They appear as red ribbons, enveiling me. And a tune of death dances on your heart. You're lethal, I'm laconic, we're not the same. Two heart beats are slow, but never together. If blood creeps into your soul, there is no room. Tainted black corruption, is your smile and mind. Our love was a vibrato, then our hatred is pizzicato. Sharp burst of pain are as delicate as feathers first. The slow, steady rthym of lava never ends, always flows...
  9. In this dawning twilight, I can stand firm, believe in the threshold of my youth In a modern world, I see it all so clearly The flaws and the horrors were and are my fault But I’ll redeem myself And prove my worth to live No matter how much she begs or deludes I will live and I have nothing to say The world is blood-stained, the past hurts But the past is loving and so is our future The only world I want to live in is one with you, It doesn’t matter who I’m writing to. The only world I want to live in Is one where you’re smilin’ Where it is you I can believe in. It is impossible now because the one I'm looking for is different You're not there anymore, you're here in a soul's precious memories, That's OK, because the friend I love still exists, I won't make-believe That she is in a different body, I'm not fond of illusions, she is here In my heart, though the rest of you are there, still smiling, in the only world I want to live in. The only world I want to live in is where we all exist Death and decay will never separate our worlds No matter how much we are changed, The good times live in our heart Always and forever, never less So tell your world to be loving, make it as you go The past is done and gone, we can’t do anything to change it The present is made for our future and nothing should go wrong To forgive is a necessity, to live is one too, but never forget anything Because we need all of the past to dream, to live, to cherish, to understand Harsh words don’t help anything, especially if you know better If you thought you were ****ing wrong and that I’m ****ing retarded, Understand the fine line between extreme naiivete and stupidity, understand the determination behind love You can never leave behind the past, you cannot get rid of it, If I exist, suck it up, because I care for you The only world I want to live in is when true feelings and tears burst forth When everything within brightens the horizon, I did what I can to cope I can never say sorry, the one I’m looking for is here but the implication of forgiving Is the only thing I know, the one left behind is not the one I should apologize to The only world I ever want to live in is with you and everyone else, it’s the best world If these words can blossom into anything more, let me put them in song, one of my heart These simplistic words bear no limitations, these are the only ones I will need if I sing them A colorful array of relief, sadness, love and new wisdom shows itself, traces of childish naiivete still here But, they make who I am, when I open my heart, they are the edges of the sinfully colored affections But, though things can go wrong, the only world I want to live in is with you, so we’re always together As long as I can talk to you, As long as I can shout to you, As long as I can sing to you, As long as I can type to you… The only world I want to live in… Is one with you!
  10. Hey all, just thought I'd share a bit of pony poetry. This one is called "Trixie's Prelude" and was inspired by the song, "A Waltz for Trixie" by Makkon. Deviantart Link For the best experience, listen to Makkon's Waltz while imagining it read by Christopher Lee XD _________________________________________________________________________________ Once long ago, under the leaves of the trees There was born a small foal, here name? It was Trixie But the tale of her birth is not one of great interest Rather it's what happened much later that one might like best For this filly had dreams, and what dreams she could see Where all the world knew the Great and Powerful Trixie. As a unicorn pony, she could conjure up magic She learned to wow others with her spectacular tricks As she improved her skills she grew ever more bold Until at last she knew she must let the world behold Behold one of magic and mystery and might Behold Trixie! So she set out to do that one night From town to town, some big and some small She did her best to show her talents to all And some she did enchant with her dazzling ways But still there were many her spells could not sway And as she kept up her performance her patience grew thin Until finally our filly almost gave in Now at this point dear reader, I just want to ask What motivates YOU to stick to your task? What keeps you going when there's no end in sight? What pushes you forward all through the night? Well the answer for Trixie would always be there Not to be known, that she could not, WOULD not bear So finally one night she came up with a scheme One that would make her a legend it seemed. If her spells won't enchant her equestrian kind Her tales she would use to capture their minds And so she paced and she thought and she pictured it all Until she had woven a story she could use to enthrall So this story she practiced over and again To make sure it was perfect beginning to end And finally she made it through endless rehearsal Our filly was confident her story would sell Ponyville was next, oh, how amazed they would be To behold one so grand as The Great And Powerful Trixie.
  11. You cannot estimate how long others endure You cannot see logic, only your own careful lies Corruption rampages as analog as a river but It never becomes sluggish, it is flowing mercilessly Syrupy but sharp, it goes on, goes on forever and ever You can look at the pearly star-veiled dark midnight But all the lovely lush greens of plants deteriorate As the game becomes more virtual and technological, Its capacity for people increases and fufills their needs Makes them suffer, cry, forge deep crimson crevices And it eficiently bristles the people throughout the game If dreams would never fail, they'd be born frail and flimsy Never ceasing to exist and formed only as one huge illusion This is why the game is never ever one huge dream-it is Truly the mind of many and the mother Earth's scenery It's spins and spins around us- it entrances us- it is to be found What is this game? It can only be the eternal repititive game of life If this is our days, if this is connected to us, then why do we pretend? If this is the game of life, who knows the bound morals? Is it all a gamble? Is this world all wrong? Is love an enigmatic lie? Is forgiveness a brutal sin? It does not matter for we will always live-always and always until our ends. You who have suffered so for thousands and thousands of years as a Discordian group. Do you know the depths of bestiality that is personally yours? For no, you have not suffered a custom cross dreamed new dreams only trusted bare reality uncaring to only others no action but condemning you who have cried for hellish adversities know not how painful a mistake ever was you know not how much the declaration proved itself in all its dignity and belief you know how others cried but they knew- Someday, when you felt your own agonizing burden, you would not cry for them. You never knew how to fight for your place and if you did, you would have yielded, long ago.
  12. I seriously can't write poems. At least not any good ones. Stress, Pressure & Breaking Free (aka I Can't Write Poems) Stress, stress So much stress What is happening? What is going on? Why am I feeling Like I am now? Pressure, pressure So much pressure Need to get rid of, Relieve of it now Why do I halt, Halt myself from doing it? Tenacious structure O, why do you hinder Myself from explaining About what is amiss? This stressful mind And heralding sounds Your cruel restrictions All won't go along I want to shout out And break it all down I want all this gone And I won't surrender I will not give you Your confined column Any satisfaction To add to your wall For I will break boundaries I won't stand and bother By giving myself up For the sake of your tower For I am now free
  13. You are a boy, A beautiful boy. It makes my heart sing. And it sings songs of your kindness, And songs of your hands, Soft and warm, I want them to hold me forever. Hold me, And never let go. Hold me, my boy, And I will hold you. As long as I can. Safe in my arms, Safe in my bosom, I will make sure that you stay whole. Because you are the purest boy, Innocent and uncorrupted. Unlike all the others. No ordinary boy. You reached out with your hand, To touch the worn out old beast, And she growled at you at first. Tried to scratch and bite. But then she came to love you. I came to love you. And my heart sings again: He is the greatest boy of them all, The boy with the biggest heart, He tamed this old beast, And made her true beauty shine. You're just looking for someone to love, You've been looking all this time, Don't worry. Because you've found an old beast, A loyal old beast, Who will never leave your side. I will be your companion, As eternal as the stars, My hair as dark as midnight, And yours as light as sunbeams. Together, we will shine our lights, And rise as night and day. Because you are the boy, The only boy for me, No... you're not a boy now. You're a man. A big, strong, brave man. Who stood in the face of the monster. And made her his. ...I just wrote this five minutes ago. Um. It's sappy.
  14. here's a old as hell poem i thought i'd submit here, now that this place has a writing prefix. it's based on the original, violent, and grimdark ending to a grimdark pony-fic called Rocket to Insanity. Rainbow Dash has been tormented by nightmares out of scenarios that are exactly like the ones in the Cupcakes fan-fic. she hasn't slept for weeks, and is constantly being worn out by those nightmares, both physically and mentally. so, when Pinkie Pie offers RD some cupcakes, that are completely harmless, mind you, just PP being kind old PP, RD, of course, completely freaks out. and... well, these events occurred. so far, i'd say this is my best play on words i've done. i wanted to experiment a bit with writing a poem that actually felt and progressed like a poem, since most of my previous ones have mostly just been dark, abstract experiments. well, this too was an experiment, but one which i deviated more from my standard formula of writing. oh yeah, and in case you didn't notice yet, this is EXTREMELY GRIMDARK. there are gruesome decsriptions about murder and insanity in here, something i frequent in writing more than often alongside my grimdark projects. don't say i didn't warn you! No More Kupkakes I do know you You do know me Yet, you cannot believe What I now just did Knife in your throat A vulcan upstroke Sliced up arteries A whole bloody mess Backwards, I step Completely horrified What I just did I cannot believe The red fluid and Your body, collides Red and pink shades In a bitter unison Focusing my eyes On the knife's cold Metal, silver and shining With a bleeding tip Flashback's of horror At the resent events You offered me food I sliced you in two Delicious kupkakes They triggered my fear Surreal and concrete Those recurring nightmares I thought that you Were, a hideous monster That those kupkakes was Bait, for cutting me open Alas, I was wronged Horribly at fault The horrible monster Not you, but was me The pale blue reflection That is in the knife That is the monster That! It was me! Insanity abroad And killing thrills All sanity remains In me, has been lost The terrified eyes In the knife's cold reflection Is now finding comfort In the Shores of Hell A grin on my face Is slowly forming In a madman's joy, I Giggle at the Ghastly Falling apart My whole world is A nothingness of sane Is left in my spirit But, frankly; I Don't Kare At all I have vanquished my fears! I have killed my best friend! There will be no more kupkakes NO. MORE KUPKAKES! Haha... heheheeheeeehaha! HAHAH! AhAHaHAhA! HaAaAaAhAaHAHahAhA! NO MORE KUPKAKES! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!! For-EWER!!!
  15. I'm a bit of a poet myself. And I really like this poem of mine. I wrote it a while ago for Speech class to read in front of everyone: What is good, do you think? Good is a smile Good is a laugh Good is something that will last Good can be as simple, As a bag of popcorn You stick it in your mouth and say, "Ooh, that's good!" Good is what pleasures, your senses and mind Good is what's beautiful and divine Good is a hug, with your best friend Good is a kiss, that will never end But what is good, can also be bad What is sad, can also be glad Anything can be good, anything can be bad That popcorn you ate, will turn to fat But hey, what is fat, will make another culture glad, even if it makes us sad. So what is good? Good is what's special, it's what makes you you Good is what makes us do what we do Good is what gives you that unique smile Good is what will last for a while And that is good, very good.
  16. This section needs a prefix for general writing, imho. Gonna address that, myself. Anyways, this is the most recent poem/prose I've made. Thought about submitting my old stuff here, so I went with my newest one to start it out with. It's about a rather... unsettling experience, I hade some weeks ago, where I woke up in blood. More specifically, nose-blood. It turned out well in the long run, but had I not woken up my parents in the process, I'd stress myself out of peer pressure trying to aim-lessly fix it myself, with failure being impending. But this is all boring stuff! Lets just get it over with, shall we? Vile Metal Liquid Blood There was blood Everywhere Make it stop Make it stop Make it all Please go away Let all this bleeding Be put to an end Make all the pain Please go away Bleeding, disoriented, On the white pillows Forcing to digest This vile, metal liquid Bleeding, disoriented, Running away Force the flow off This vile, metal liquid Bleeding, disoriented, It won't stop Bleeding, disoriented, Make it STOP! Vile, metal liquid It is everywhere Flowing down digested Forcing out the mucous Please hear this plea This call for help Put an end to This vile, metal liquid Make it all Please go away