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Found 378 results

  1. My favorite Nintendo Franchise is Pokemon. Pokemon Blue was my first video game.
  2. Self explanatory title. Here's mine: Twilight HP: 100 Attack: 60 Defense: 95 Special Attack: 120 Special Defense: 110 Speed: 85 Applejack HP: 95 Attack: 120 Defense: 100 Special Attack: 60 Special Defense: 85 Speed: 110 Fluttershy HP: 120 Attack: 85 Defense: 110 Special Attack: 60 Special Defense: 100 Speed: 95 Rarity HP: 100 Attack: 85 Defense: 110 Special Attack: 95 Special Defense: 120 Speed: 60 Pinkie Pie HP: 110 Attack: 85 Defense: 120 Special Attack: 60 Special Defense: 95 Speed: 100 Rainbow Dash HP: 95 Attack: 100 Defense: 85 Special Attack: 60 Special Defense: 110 Speed: 120 Base stat totals are 570 each for mine. Create your own, but make sure they have equal totals! Patterns are suggested, but not mandatory.
  3. Alright, so, we all know about Pokemon's turn based combat and all that jazz, right? Well, I've come up with something. We turn Pokemon.....Into a 3rd person fighting game with shooter elements mixed in. Like... imagine it kinda similar to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, but you've got crosshairs. So, like, here's how it works: As with most pokemon, you've got 4 moves. These moves are performed with the 4 back buttons. Unlike the turn based games, your pokemon doesn't forget moves. While you can only use 4 in combat, when you're not fighting, you can select from all the moves your pokemon's learned, and assign them to the back buttons. A moves PP determines the move's cooldown. Thunderbolt has a PP of 15, so it could be used 15 times a minute, or once every four seconds, maybe. I'm not a game balancer, I don't know how to determine cooldown rates. Anyways, if you were to use the move Tackle, your pokemon would dash forward and ram the opponent, but of course, it can miss of your opponent jumps out of the way. You use thunderbolt or ice beam of something, and it fires through the crosshairs. Projectiles should totally collide, or be able to be blocked with some chip damage with melee attacks. It should have online play, but to keep it balanced, each pokemon should be assigned a tier, and before you choose to battle someone, you will be notified the tiers of their pokemon. A button would be assigned to switch out pokemon, and they cycle in order. And all the pokemon's health should be boosted a crapload. It would be boring to just one shot everything with a super effective move, and have the match last 20 seconds. One problem: Pokemon are going to have to have their sizes scaled a bit. There's no way a Natu could fight a full size groudon or wailord. Soooo, how does this idea sound? Great, or am I just being stupid?
  4. "The aftermath of the fierce battle between Jonke and Tich. Jonke returned to a unnamed isle in the sky.. Caught a cold after being hit by several Ice beams..." So third attempt at drawing! I hope it's okey.
  5. Eeyup, the title says it all. I made a couple drawings. They're both sort-of-requests. I posted a status a little while ago asking what people wanted me to draw, so yeah. Vinyl Pon3 Scratch asked me to draw Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3 with a Magikarp. This is the result. And Calirolls asked me to draw Deadpool Pony. This is the result of THAT. I was also asked by E.G.G.M.A.R.E. to draw something Eggman related, but I failed miserably. Actually my not having a good enough assortment of colors failed miserably. Sorry to E.G.G.M.A.R.E.
  6. This is Zips, my Banette. :3 Because Banette is best Pokemon.
  7. Soooo if you played pokemon b/w you may know about Keldeo:the uunicorn based pokemon, coming in (i dunno)some event anyway just wondering if i should name it rarity or what?
  8. So, what pokemon should NEVER exist cause how lame they are dumb their attacks or...their looks, you choose!!
  9. mlp pokemon.zipSo I was trying to get into OOP, and the one thing it reminded me of was Pokemon. So I created this! This is an easily customizable pokemon game. I'm just gonna post the source right now, but tomorrow (May 12th), expect an update. The basic way to create a new Pokemon is this: Fluttershy=BasePoke:new(100,"Fluttershy",true,false,1,false,'fly') It may not look like much, but there really is a lot to it. The function BasePoke:__init sets how pokemon should be made. function BasePoke:__init(hp,name,user,enemy,level,attacking,attackname1)--Sets how you would name a custom pokemon self.hp=hp self.user=user self.enemy=enemy self.level=level self.attacking=attacking self.attackname1=attackname1 end You'd write: YourPoke=BasePoke:new(100,'YourPoke',true,false,1,false,'fly')Now if user is set as true, that just means it will appear on the left. Enemy=right. After you do this, in the main.lua, find love.draw() and love.update(dt). In these, put: function love.draw() YourPoke:draw() end function love.update(dt) YourPoke:fight() endRight now, the fight system is like, awful. Just press space to start, and press f to see what happens. This stage, early stuff, is bad because you need to take a lot of time building the foundation, but in doing this you lack a lot of features. To run the code, you need love2d. Also, most of the pokemon were not MLP-named, but altered pokemon names to sound like... certain body parts. I think this edit is better for this community Shameless bump! Poop load of progress, though none of you seem interested I got bored, and created a bunch of pony-pokemon classes. So... screenshots!
  10. I believe the search bar was used correctly by me this time. Hopefully. Seeing as the Pokemon thread is dead, and also because competitive battling is so detailed, complex, and somewhat separated from the games/game announcements, this separate thread is for the purpose of sharing teams, finding battles, and sharing strategies. That is, if anyone else is as into it as I am
  11. Hey I needed a new wallpaper for my computer so i decided to make one It's really simple but i think it looks good anyway say what you think and give tips on how to improve
  12. So, I was talking to a close online friend of mine with whom I've been talking/role playing with for a number of years and in our crack game we turned some of our characters into pokemon! My characters are Rose, the flaaffy, her son Edmund, the ampharos with the tuft of fluff on his head. His characters are Casimir, the mightyena, and one of his sons Charles, the chubby poochyena who loves to eat!
  13. Hey guys! Some of you may know of a Let's Play of Pokemon Crystal, the Vietnamese version. I watched it, laughed a LOT, and decided to get it myself. In this topic, I'll post screenies of funny, terrible translations. The thing that makes this version of Crystal great is simply the translations; they are so bad. I'll also name my Pokemon after forum members (like Rose did [that was Rose, right?]). Tell me what Pokemon you want to be (remember, I'm starting a new game), and I'll name you that Pokemon. The starter Pokemon I'm picking is going to be Chikorita, and I'll name it after me, I guess. Here's a link that shows what Pokemon are in Crystal~ *Pokemon are known as "Elf" and "Monsters" in Vietnamese Crystal. *The professor is known as "Dr. Wu" and "Wusiji Doctor". Pokemon: Moves:
  14. So I edited an Beauty sprite from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl extensively to resemble myself. I'm not much of a spriter, and I did this a few months ago, but I hope you guys enjoy it: Again, please note that this is NOT FROM SCRATCH. See here for the original sprite.
  15. So, I recently re-started my pokémon Black game because I was: 1) Bored with it 2) Didn't like how I had played it 3) Didn't like my team 4) Didn't like my starter 5) Just wasn't happy with it I got the game pre-ordered for me by my grandmother so on the release date, I had gone to EB games and picked it up and played it so it's been a very long time since I had played it. A lot of the plot had been forgotten to me so it's pretty darn amusing right now! Anyway, there was something that happened that I completely forgot about and had a very fun laugh when it came back to me. On Route 6, when you pass by the research lab full of scientists wanting to learn more about the pokémon deerling, there are scientists OUTSIDE who will battle you WITH DEERLING. Not only that, but the scientists inside the building will tell you that they can't seem to find any deerling but, lo and behold, if you step into the tall grass they are everywhere! Silly scientists, leave your building and talk to your peers outside instead of asking random strangers who come visit you to do your work for you. Does anyone else have any Poké-puns or silly nonsense they want to talk about?
  16. What do you think? And no, this is not a continuation of butts! XP Deviant Art page. (does contain butts)
  17. Hey guys, remember my other Arkairlett post? Arkairlett didn't really look Pokémon-y in it, and I acknowledge that. A lot of it was the clothes, and the way I drew it. But I drew this nice old sketch a few months ago, and am going to colour it soon! But I thought I'd show it before colouring it, so I could maybe get some feedback since it's at the stage where I can edit it:
  18. Hi everybody. I just started a series called "Let's Play Pokemon Crystal Enhanced!" Basically, I'm playing through a hack of Pokemon Crystal version called Crystal Enhanced. All of the changes can be summed up as thus: Everything just got a HELL of a lot harder. Seriously, this hack was created to just brutally beat the player into submission. And I'm also Nuzlocking it. For those that do not know, a Nuzlocke run is where you only catch 1 Pokemon in each route, and if any of your Pokemon faints, it is dead and I can never use it ever again. This type of run is already quite a bit more difficult than your normal run, so slapping it on to a hack that is insanely hard normally will be...interesting, to say the least. Admitting, it was designed in mind for people to have a ridiculous challenge while Nuzlocking, but it changes nothing for the sheer difficulty of the game. Anyways, here's the first video: I plan on releasing a video every day or every other day, so watch for the updates! Also, if you guys have any comments/constructive criticism, then I would like to hear it. Anything to help improve my videos is greatly appreciated.
  19. I personally found Black and White to be rather boring and aimed towards the younger crowd. I disliked this gen's Pokemon, but did not hate them. I didn't really like the region though. I believe Black and White 2 has potential. I don't know how but i feel as if it could turn out to actually be worth the $35? a DS/3DS game costs. Ideas?
  20. hello i am not a huge fan of pokemon but i got every game and never did play them so im making a first time game play would you suppor it (btw full brony commentary)
  21. Behold my Pokesona. I drew this piece a few months ago, but it's still one of my favourites due to the dynamic pose (for me, at least):
  22. This Here is Them Times ((Best title ever)) Unfortunately, I really have nothing to say in term of an introduction since the title really speaks it all. I’m simply looking for a Role Play partner who is willing to put up with me in my desire to proceed with a Pokémon themed game I’ve had in mind for a while now. I’ll begin by making a few lists below that are easy to follow! That should do it. Yes… lists… Plot: With another day passed and the setting sun casting a golden aura on all that bathed in its dying light, people and Pokémon alike began to unwind and settle down for a good night’s rest in Nuvema Town. Ever since Team Plasma were disbanded ten years ago, the town flourished seeing more trees being cut down to make room for a couple more houses and a Pokécentre. Though the town will never be anything like Nimbasa or Castelia city but it is more than just a quaint town at the side of the ocean with nothing out of the ordinary. Until now. Come morning, there is a strange feeling in the air; eerie. All is silent. The Pokémon that have rested in their poké balls stay faithfully where their masters have put them until it is their empty stomachs that cause them to break open and come out… only to find their masters have gone. The people of Nuvema town have vanished! It is up for the Pokémon of this poor town to figure out what has happened to their beloved people and find out if any other town is affected. Until they are found, all Pokémon in the PC boxes cannot be taken out and must remain there until the problem is solved. Rules in Q&A format: Question Answer How many Pokémon are you allowed to play at a time? Simple. You may play as many pokemon as you want! Whether they are background characters or a main character in the plot. What region is this? Unova. We will be using the Unova map which I will provide for those who are unfamiliar with it. What generation are we using? Use ALL of the generations! Just please, make sure your Pokémon has a legitimate reason for being in Unova if it is one that cannot be found in the game. Are we playing as humans? Potentially… I mean, in memories, yes, but I’m not sure if the humans will ever return! We’ll have to see. Post length? I would much prefer if you would be able to write at LEAST a paragraph. Please do not spare on the description and do not ever feel like you are typing “too much”. I will trust you to write what you feel if necessary BUT NO ONE-LINE POSTS. Legendaries? No one can play legendaries. The legendary Pokémon are NPC’s and will only come into play when they are needed. I will control them as a neutral party. What about zorua/zoroark? I don’t really think they count as legendaries? If anything, I see them more like pseudo-legends like growlithe/arcanine. Battling? Just… don’t kill off another character unless you have the author’s permission. That’s it. I’m going to update these as I see fit. Please remember to stay true to the site’s terms of service and keep the NSFW content off of this site!! Character Reference Sheet: Name: Gender: Ability: Nature: Brief Bio: Level: Attacks: Appearance: Alrighty! So... that is it for now. I guess I'll start off with my character's reference sheet and if we get enough players we can start. Name: Ginger Gender: Female Ability: Synchronize (Passes a burn, poison, or paralysis to the foe.) Nature: Impish Brief Bio: Ginger and her owner Edmund moved to Nuvema town after the fall of Team Plasma. They moved from the Johto region and together live a very calm and happy life. Ginger was never a battling pokémon, she was always more of a house pet and the only pokémon to have Edmund as her master. They in a small little cottage right on the edge of the forest where they enjoy quiet evenings together listening to Edmund play his guitar. Level: 29 Attacks: • Confuse Ray • Pursuit • Sand-Attack • Quick Attack Appearance:
  23. "I choose you!" Happy Hearts and Hooves day, everyone. I made this Valentine for a very close friend of mine. C:
  24. So I know these videos are quite old but King of Magicarp's thread about the brony pokemon let's play reminded me of it. So here's two of the videos! Watch them, I promise they're hilarious.