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Found 377 results

  1. I decided to give in to the hype and do what the other folks are doing. It's kinda rough, but It looks alright. I'm planning to name my litten, "The Shipping Cat" , hence the hearts ^ ^
  2. So, which starter are you guys gonna pick? Personally Popollio, dunno why the Internet hates him >.< He's so cute! And maybe Rowlet. Not a Litten fan tho.
  3. Hello everypony I thought I would share my youtube channel on here it does have some pony videos, but it also has let's plays etc please do come check it out if you have some time to spare o and also looking for some channel art so if any pony is able to please do pm me sorry for adding that last bit in, but hope you enjoy my channel here it is Side Note: If you like what you see on my channel please leave a like on the videos you like, comment on them let me know what you would like to see more of and subscribe it really helps my channel thank you everypony.
  4. Incoming rant! It's 20 years and 7 generations ago since the first Pokémon games arrived and they still haven't evolved in terms of gameplay and other stuff. The same story, same combat phase and same stuff once again and I'm getting tired of it. In all the years I've seen RPG's outside of of pokémon evolving in different terms. Look at Deus Ex's multiple choices you can make, and even KoA: Reckoning's combat system put other RPG's combat systems in shame. But you, Game Freak, you're still stuck in the outdated gameplay from the first generation and could risk the same faith as FFXIII. Luckily Square Enix learned from it's mistakes and decided to change with FFXV, and so should you. Here a list of some changes I want to see. A new combat phase. I expect one where you can move the Pokémon and use different attack options to make combos and with both normal and elemental moves. Watch Reckoning's combat system for more inspiration. Stop making useless Pokémon and balance the stats. Nobody likes it when their favorite Pokémon is complete shit in battle. Give the player enough freedom, add character creation and don't do hand-holding. If the player chooses to not follow the main quest and want to do other stuff, let him/her be. Also allow sidequests and even the ability to join the villains and face the consequences of his/her choice. Add co-op. That's something I want for a long time and still not featured in the official games. Let the wild Pokémon grow with the level of your Pokémon. No more long and boring grinding by fighting against low-levels. And this: I agree with most of the things he suggested. I hope that one day Game Freak is going to change the formula for the better. If not, I won't be surprised when a competitor is going to make a spiritual successor with modernized gameplay. For the rest I'll pass Sun and Moon just like I passed Black and White and X and Y. The series really need to evolve to be interesting again. Rant ended. You can leave the vault now.
  5. Need some cheering up today? Then watch today's episode. If you've already done that and still need more, here's a picture of Pikachu and a Tardis. Enjoy. photo by Bimmi1111
  6. The first official trailer exhibiting gameplay for the new Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon has been released. Not only is gameplay shown, but we get to see this generation's starter Pokemon as well as the legendary Pokemon! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD Trailer:
  7. Welcome to the Official Pokémon Thread! Here you can discuss about the series in general, whether it be the latest game announcement to the anime/manga/TCG to your own headcanons or theories. Just sit back, relax and have a good time discussing topics with your fellow fans. And if you feel like it, you can fill out these fun forms that can be found in the spoiler below. General Questions: When did you become a fan?: What do you like most about the series?: Who is your favourite Pokémon?: Who is your favourite human character?: What is your favourite game?: Do you like anything outside the games? (i.e., anime, manga, TCG, etc.): Make your own Pokémon gym!: Create a team!:
  8. When a young colt buys a used copy of Pokemon Green Version, things get really scary, really fast. Coming soon.
  9. Hello to all of the PokèBronies out there. Today I am starting my first discussion, Lavender Town Brings back memories of Pokemon in the 90's doesn't it? Also, it should remind you of the dark side of those games... With lots of rumors and myths to go along with it. So, what's your opinion on the matter? Was some of it real? All of it? None? Let me know, and mabye someday we'll all know the truth...
  10. This to me is something I am very curious of. In Pokemon, everyone has their playstyles. Whether we only use our favorite Pokemon, or use random ones that we encounter, everyone goes about the games in their own way. However, one thing I don't hear very often, is the use of only one type of Pokemon throughout the game. While the game definitely encourages players to use many different Pokemon types, there is the possibility of going through the game while only using one, but not many people seem to do that. I haven't done it either. You could possibly have a team like this! So my question to you all is this, have you have done this? Have you ever gone through a Pokemon game with just one type of Pokemon?/ Have you ever considered doing it? If you would do it, what type would you prefer? Any Pokemon in this team? By types, I mean like Water, Rock, Electric, etc. Discuss!
  11. Pokémon Paradox Vote in the poll what you think then elaborate your opinion in the comments!
  12. I'm basically on a uploading streak today... Morning: 1 vid Afternoon: 1 vid (updated intro.) Evening: 1 vid So I got 2 speedpaints on my channel now, can you awesome ponies/ people please give me some advise? I think I'm lacking something, but I dunno what... Charizard Y: Eevee: Guys please help! >.<
  13. Pokemon Yellow Platform: Gameboy, 3DS via Virtual Console Genre: RPG Publisher/Developer: Nintendo/ GameFreak ESRB: E Price: $10 USD Pokemon is a phenomenon in gaming today. It has grown into a gargantuan franchise selling millions up on millions of copies with each release and it has grown a fanbase that is so dedicated to their love for this series and rightfully so. Pokemon is a series that feels timeless even with some flaws. This started with Pokemon Red and Blue and later, these games were updated a bit with Pokemon Yellow; Pikachu Edition. Pokemon, overall, is a pretty simple concept that many of you may know by now. You play as a character that you can name yourself, going on an adventure to catch Pokemon, train them, defeat trainers and gym leaders, in hopes that you can become the Pokemon master. It is a simple concept that still works even to this day. The overall gameplay is straight forward. You move around, encountering random battles depending on where you are moving. These random battles are Pokemon that you can fight, defeating them nets whatever Pokemon that was used in that battle experience points to level up and become stronger. You can also, of course, catch these Pokemon to add to your team, you can name all of them to your liking as well. You will also be running into other trainers, who are nameless in this early iterations, besides their generic titles. Defeating them nets you money and these are usually required to defeat to progress in many areas. What makes this gameplay work so incredibly well is the ease of access yet possible depth. Catching Pokemon, leveling them up, it is a rather simple affair. Players of most ages will be able to grasp the concept right away and going through with no strategy can still work, but there is also many possibilities to be strategic. Using the right moves, knowing the stats of your Pokemon, know what could be weak or strong against certain Pokemon and their stats, it actually is really fun to see your Pokemon wipe the floor thanks to you knowing what kind of stats to expect and proper move allocation. While the newer games fair far better in this aspect, it is still in these early titles and it is still a treat. The graphics are also wonderful, especially for an 8-bit handheld system of that age. The game has a simplistic overworld style that is basic but charming beyond belief for me. The in battle sprites look fantastic on most of the trainers and Pokemon, far improved from the Red and Blue versions. The sprites here are the first time we have seen many Pokemon be show accurate. Some sprites are still a bit odd (Onix looks weird to me honestly) and the sprites from behind on your side don't look anywhere near as good, but this is an 8-bit handheld system. The sound and music are also wonderful, with many catchy tunes and sound effects that are minimalistic but work so very well here. Another awesome aspect that you can do in these games, is multipalyer. Connecting to another playing via a link cable on Gameboy or wirelessly with the 3DS, connecting with friends and trading, battling, is another huge aspect to this series. It is fun to take your assembled team and using the aforementioned strategies for a huge battle. It can be intense and something I highly recommend trying out. Really, I cannot think of too many flaws that this game has, despite some obvious shortcomings. This game, like the entire series, can be relatively easy in retrospect. Endlessly grinding can make battles be super easy if you put the time necessary to do it, but this is a thing with nearly every RPG of this caliber. Losing all of your Pokemon in a battle has you being put at the nearest Pokemon center so there really is no error for losing here, other than having to walk back. Some other minor things include inventory space being incredibly limited, with plot crucial items taking up spaces. Also, the story here is pretty much nonexistent, though story has never been a series strong point, either in the games or the show. Your rival is also the most generic thing ever, but these things still don't detract from the overall playing experience. Final Verdict: Thank you for reading my 30th Turbo Review! ^____^ Can't believe I even have this many.
  14. They have arrived! The classic Gameboy games, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are out now for the 3DS! With wireless functions! That's pretty cool. I have downloaded Pokemon Yellow so far and I named my Pikachu Meepshkee. :3 So far I have caught a male Nidoran and a Mankey, still very early in the game. It brings back so many memories. ^__^ Let's discuss it! Any of you have any of the games on 3DS? Current team? Nostalgic joys? :3
  15. So, i've been replaying pokemon gen 1-6, and i'm on gen 4 remakes of gold and silver..and ..these games are only really hard because they're kinda..unbalanced. trainers midway through the game still have level 18 pokemon, with gyms like claire having 41. leaving you vastly gen 5, they seemed to make it 'easier' but they just..balanced it more. anyone agree?
  16. This is my Ponysona GagiePie! I made my own base for him so it would look more show like. This is GagiePie; he is an optimistic, creative, and energetic child who loves to help ponies in town but also create. His love for creating started whenever he was three; as a young colt. It carried on with him for awhile until his mothers side of the family discouraged his art... and he stopped. Of course, he still drew every once in awhile because all artist know... "Once you start art you can't leave art." He tries to keep a smile on his face everywhere he goes and helps who ever may need it. Of course, he has his own flaws just like every pony else. He often "hates" himself and never fully accepts compliments as truth because he thinks they are all lies. When he makes something, he may think it looks good; but whenever someone compliments it he takes it as some pony putting pity on him so he won't feel bad. He also tends to speak out of turn and often miscommunicates when he doesn't mean to. He often goes into depression but keeps a smile around every pony who doesn't know him and even more around the ones that do. He likes video games, and would love to make one one day that would actually entertain ponies. He wants to see smiles on peoples faces, and he wants to entertain them. He makes a lot of the things he has by doing favors in exchange for money around town. He has a chip tooth he got one day when he was running and tripped over a rock. He doesn't want it fixed because he thinks it looks cool. His design is heavily based on Button Mash but I'd say his hair is a mix between Big Macs bangs and Scootaloos... Hair that's below the ears...?? When he is nervous or scared he chews on the candy necklace around his neck and scratches his hair with his front hoof. His father is very supportive when it comes to things his son wants to do; his mother supports him by keeping a roof over his head and giving him food and a warm bed to sleep in. His father lives in Cloudsdale and works as a snowflake maker while his mom works in the local Ponyville hospital as a secretary. His dad is a bright white Pegasus that earned his cutiemark in music but it didn't work out so he had to get a job else where so he could support his son. His mother is a Grey earth pony with brown strait hair. She isn't always around so he just walks around town looking for task and crusading for his mark. He'll get it one day, he just knows it! That is about all with this little guy. Full Character Sheet: Gender: Male (But why does it even matter?) Sexuality: Pansexual Cutie Mark: He's still crusading for it! ^-^ Age: 14 (Hear me out! The CMC are foals in the show and they were in the High School! That would make them freshman! So..... they'd be 14 or 15) Bio: He's 14.. hasn't had much happen to him... But the short is his parents divorced when he was young and they separated. His dad got weekend custody and his mother has him during the week. While his mom is at work he goes around helping other poines and when he is not doing that he is drawing; it's difficult because he has to do it with his mouth or hoof. He usually tapes a pencil to his hoof. Extra: He is not actually part of the show; but he does live in Ponyville. And of course Pinkie knows him cause she knows everyone. Favorite Color: HE LOVES ALL THE COLORSSSS PLEASE TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE CHARACTER; PWEEEEEEEEEZ! Thank you so much~<--- Original Picture
  17. UGH. I love both them so much. If I have a daughter I'm naming her Lucy ;3; and Serena is just overall best character on Pokemon
  18. My first Retrospect Video! this one's about fluttershy's dream and the Walk
  19. I got bored of my old safe file and didn't have anything productive to do, so I restarted the game. (Without giving away a masterball and a level 100 Pokemon to a random person. Oops!) I decided to start over and play as Rainbow Dash. I got Greninja because it had the best speed, and I got Pokemon to form a Rainbow Dash team. I trained them in primarily attack and speed. Things I noticed: "Frog Ninja's speed harshly fell" (Still goes first.) Frog Ninja is Greninja's nickname. (All my Pokemon are nicknamed) This was against a Pokemon who wasn't too much weaker than me and not a slow Pokemon. (I don't remember the exact Pokemon.) This also happened with my Talonflame (Speed Flame) My Pokemon so far: Frog Ninja (Greninja): Level 68 Attack: 183 Defense: 108 Sp. Atk: 164 Sp. Def: 115 Speed: 219 Moves: Return Extrasensory Surf Smack Down Speed Flame (Talonflame): Level 62 Attack: 130 Defense: 120 Sp. Atk: 125 Sp. Def: 117 Speed: 181 Moves: Steel Wing Flame Charge Return Fly Pyrodraco (Charizard) Level 57 Attack: 133 Defense: 115 Sp. Atk: 132 Sp. Def: 133 Speed: 154 Moves: Rock Smash Strength Flame thrower Wing Attack Storm Cloud (Emolga) Level 56 Attack: 118 Defense: 95 Sp. Atk: 102 Sp. Def: 94 Speed: 155 Moves: Electro Ball Thunderbolt Agility Cut Krystal (Gardevoir) Level 53 (This is based off my girlfriend, so not a Rainbow Dash team Pokemon) Attack: 95 Defense: 91 Sp. Atk: 173 Sp. Def: 121 Speed: 109 Moves: Magical Leaf Dazzling Gleam Psychic Teleport Lucus (Lucario) Level 57 Attack: 164 Defense: 89 Sp. Atk: 161 Sp. Def: 102 Speed: 154 Moves: Power-Up Punch Swords Dance Close Combat Bone Rush As you can see, I don't have a good team for competitive battling, but I was pretending to be Rainbow Dash. I imagine her ignoring defense because she would be too fast to get hit. Return is very strong because I'm loyal to my Pokemon and show that I care about them a lot. (Rainbow Dash would do that, so I did that.) I played as Rainbow Dash because Rainbow Dash is awesome, and I wanted to. I just wanted to share that.
  20. Doing the pokedex challenge within my own terms! If more than one evolution I'm only doing the first.
  21. hey would anyone want to trade friend codes? I want to find more pokemons in pokemon zafari, and have more ppl to trade with. (picture drawn by me)
  22. Really happy to see a new Pokémon game with different gameplay. I always wanted to see a 3D manual fighting style game. What do you think about it? Do you want to see this kind of battle system back in the official games?
  23. So, I've been thinking of trying to get back into 3D modeling. I had to stop about a year back because the file for the program I was using corrupted. I was wondering if anyone could look at the few images I still have from that time and give me ideas on what to work on. Two "alien" creatures: And an Arcanine Model that I never got to finish.
  24. Just started a marathon of Pokemon on Netflix, and remembered how many moments in the show were actually tugging at my heartstrings. Here is my list of moments that are sad or great for me: 1) Pikachu saving Ash from Spearows 2) Ash releasing Butterfree (plus the flashbacks) 3) James and Growlie 4) Kangaskhan kid (even though the episode is kinda stupid) 5) Ritchie and Ash parting ways in Season 1 finale 6) "Snow Way Out" episode 7) Meowth going back with Jessie and James off Golden Island (Orange Island episode) 8) Cubone reuniting with Marowak (Origins episode 2) EDIT - just remembered some more 9) Team Rocket releasing Arbok and Weezing 10) Ash almost leaving Pikachu What were/are your favourite moments from Pokemon?
  25. Today the latest Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon were announced for 3DS which will be coming out Winter 2015. There aren't more details but I'm guessing it will include 6th Gen Pokémon too. I'm excited for this because I love the Mystery Dungeon series and I hope this game will be better than the last one Gates to Infinity.