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Found 38 results

  1. In lieu of my Poniverse Logo Review, I'm laying out my concepts for the Pony.FM logo. In keeping the theme of Poniverse, Josefin Sans Light is retained with the entire wordmark lowercase, but having being a boring wordmark, it needs more musical personality. Something well-associated with music and musical compositions may be included. My idea is to incorporate common anatomy from musical notes into the typography, a list that you can find here. A common example here is stylizing the "n" to make it looked like a horseshoe and then drop in the note head at the bottom of the stems. With the exception of the tracing of the "o" above, the logo examples will be in all black to focus on the composition first. The rest of the examples are located in the "spoiler" boxes below: - What you see above are concepts for the Pony.FM logo. All of them are in lowercase and Josefin Sans Light to remain consistent with the Poniverse corporate identity and to tell people passively that Pony.FM is a community within the supercommunity. For most of my time, I played with "n," the dot in between the "y" and "f," and the space between the "f" and "m." I started with the simple "" wordmark and then began to play with the trademark infusion. Because the y, f, and m make very unique negative spacing when the letters are closed, I played of making typographic ligatures. There are various examples in many OpenType typeface files like Caslon, Garamond, and Myriad Pro. For the "n," it provides a very unique opportunity to convert the octave into a letter, which in turn can become the logo's trademark for cross-media icons and avatars. My personal favorite is the horseshoe Octave because it gives the wordmark a trademarkable identity, something the traditional octave won't do. Some of the "n" octaves have circular or oval heads. But before I decided to submit it for public viewing, I got the idea of using the dot between the "y" and "f" into a musical head. So I combined the bottom of the "f" and dot to make the ".f" its makeshift note. I didn't make the "n" and "f" notes simultaneously because it would be overkill. When you put the same message over and over again, it tells everyone you're trying too hard. (I still haven't abandoned ligaturing two or three letters quite yet.) Submit your thoughts below and provide extra ideas to develop the logo.
  2. There should be tags for remixes of songs from "Equestria Girls" (the movie), as they are coming out.
  3. It seems that people don't understand the distinction between the two types. I'm seeing song remixes under "Official Show Audio Remix." Maybe there should be some sort of explanation when uploading?
  4. Hullo! I'm currently working on the genreponies right now, and probably the rest of the night. I've decided to tackle the chiptunes pony, but I find myself in a bit of a rut. What I need from you guys is any suggestions to add to him. Keep in mind: -The pony stands for chiptune music. Think retro gaming! -This pony is NOT something to just throw franchise logos on. We need to keep this as original as possible. -Any and all suggestions will be taken into consideration! What I need from you guys: -Mane and tail style ideas? (I have one in mind, but feel free to throw 'em out there!) -Accessory ideas? (These are a little more important than they would be on other ponies.) -Clothes, if any? -Colour scheme? (I admit, this is just me being lazy.) -And anything else you could possibly think of! There are no wrong or stupid suggestions here. I read everything and take all your suggestions into consideration. Alright, guys, post away! (P.S. : If you have suggestions for any other genrepony, feel free to post them here as well, or send me a PM.)
  5. Hey there, maybe a question somebody already asked (shame on me, if so), but... Will there be something like a genre stream? As I recognized (please correct me, if I´m wrong) the options allow you to search for an artists or an genre, but I could imagine quite a few people to visit just to have a quick experience in br-/p-ony music. Not even sure if this is technically possible (just depending on how many genres there are first of all), I will be open about not being advanced at all in those kinda things, but as I know some online radio stations have a stream you can log into to have a continuing playlist of a certain style of music without having to look up every song for its own. Maybe this goes away from the intention of the site of giving many new artists the chance to get the attention they deserve, maybe it´s impossible xD... I don´t know, handle it as a question from a clueless person.
  6. Just wanted to drop the word to reblog about on tumblr. These only work through word of mouth. Glad to see a bunch of musicians new to (circuitfry, meelz) already signal boosting and planning to join up! Also went and blogged it from my other website.
  7. (Feedback! Pleaaaaaaaase!) [Guys. This is the Ska/Punk character. I only mentioned jazz here once and Ska/Punk about 42 times.] Alright, MLP Forums! I have embarked on a daring quest in the name of our glorious leader, @Feld0, to design a pony for each and every single genre in the website! Currently, there are about 36 genres, and I know there will be more, but I shall carry on through the- Okay, I can't keep this up anymore. The thing is, I'm designing mascots for the website. One for each genre. I know the website isn't complete, and it sure as hay does not have ALL of the musical genres listed, but I'm going to design an OC for each one. Here is the first one I have made, for Ska/Punk, one of my favorite genres: The cutie mark for the character is a trumpet, because horn instruments are the only things that separate Ska from Punk, and the trumpet is a commonly used instrument in Ska. I've talked to some friends about the OC, and some of them seem to think that he also has some jazzy elements to him, so I need YOU, that's right, YOU, random citizen to provide me with commentary, suggestions, any feedback! When Ray has time for it, and has finished a few more OC's for the website, he'll apply some changes to the Ska/Punk character. Your suggestion might affect the outcome of this OC, which will be a part of the website! Anyhow, I'm done being a used car salesman. But, seriously, please give me feedback. I'll love you forever.* *maybe a little more than that...
  8. Hello, hullo, hallo! RayFriedh again, with some more genreponies! This time it's Pop and Metal: Feedback is appreciated~ Pop Pony! CM is a microphone. Metal Pony! I took a risk here, making the metal pony female (I did it so you could ship Rock and Metal more easily). I hope it turned out alright. No CM yet, since a guitar seems to be a very common Cutie Mark amongst OC's. If you can think of any awesome metal icons for the pony to wear on her flank, that'd be great! If you have any suggestions, just comment below! Or PM me here, or on dA, or add me on Skype! Feedback is very much appreciated! Thank's for reading! There's punch and cookies by the door.
  9. Hallo, RayFriedh here, back with some more genreponies for @Feld0's website,, which recently went online! Today's post features the Electro and Rock pony. Many thanks to @Modphase and for their suggestions, which helped greatly in these designs! Thank you, Dawn Rider, for the suggestion! If it isn't clear, the school uniform is a reference to AC/DC's Angus Young. Thanks to ModPhase for the suggestion! -------------- Okay, this is the end of the post. If ya want to send any suggestions to me, you can contact me over Skype, DA, or on a PM here! Any and all feedback is appreciated! Anyway, thanks for reading. There's punch and cookies by the door.
  10. This is a question that I wish to open up for discussion. Should artists be allowed to put a price tag on the songs they upload? Or, provide an option for users to donate upon downloading a song if they chose to do so? Bandcamp does this. You can choose to put no minimum price on your downloads, so users can either download them for free or donate to the artist. I don't see many downsides to this. You could listen to any song on the website for free, but artists could choose to either ask for a donation or require payment upon attempting to actually download it. What do you guys think?
  11. I'm a sucker for classical music and have some nifty software on my computer, so I figured why not? Highly doubt most of you are actually into classical recompositions but I can dream, can't I? Smile Smile Smile (otherwise known as Smile Song) recomposed by me. Questions, comments, suggestions, anything else accepted.
  12. The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom is pretty amazing, if for no other reason than that it creates stuff. A lot of stuff. Paintings and plushies, applications and animation, stories and stained-glass windows, comics and conventions, websites and whatnot - you name it, we make it. All this content needs to go somewhere, of course. But not everyone can put a website together or have the resources available to keep their work online should it ever become popular. That's where SaaS (software-as-a-service) platforms come in - an SaaS provides a service, like blog hosting (think Blogger or, that lets you focus on creating and publishing content without worrying about the technological challenges of doing so or keeping it available during high traffic. is an SaaS for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan music. The site's purpose is simple - to provide an easy solution for brony composers, arrangers, and otherwise musically talented individuals to get their music online and get it out there. Bandcamp, YouTube, and SoundCloud are currently the most popular venues I see pony music being released through. While there's nothing inherently wrong with that, they're not exactly ideal. For one, they impose limits on free downloads (with the exception of YouTube) - this alone creates a great deal of annoyance for many artists, since most of them release their music for free. YouTube does not impose such limits, but as a video-sharing site, it's hardly even appropriate to begin with - as a matter of fact, it doesn't even offer downloads. The other key disadvantage is that these large SaaS's interfaces and feature sets are not specifically tailored for our fandom. Building an SaaS for bronies brings with it the unique opportunity to create a truly special resource for sharing and discovering content, like organizing content using taxonomies based on the show. That's something that no general-purpose SaaS can get away with. As nears the alpha testing stage, I'm excited to begin sharing some concrete updates and information on its progress. I'll use this blog to write about new features, reflect on my experiences as a developer, and keep track of project milestones over time. Follow it if you want to keep up with news on the pony music hosting site!
  13. I'm sure you've all heard of Pony.FM (if not look up at the transitioning slides), if you have no idea what it is, it's a "website built to host pony fan music, from all the wonderful brony composers, remixers, and musicians out there" created by our wonderful host, Feld0. Post your anticipations, hopes, and features that you would like here. What I'm hoping is that it will be a completely customization socially connected pony network, with the ability to follow artists, create collaborations, have a rating system compiled into it, be able to link to livestreams, support music videos, have download links, and... wow, that's pretty much it, with the additional hope that it attracts some large names at it's launch. Oh, and it needs a way to support the artist without us having to pay for music .