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Found 65 results

  1. Made a bunch of pony stickers! I hope to sell them at some point when I get more stuff made!
  2. This is about discussion of ONLY princesses and their kingdoms (yes Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis are included) (Their kingdoms mean what a princess would say, not a random spectator like Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie, only princesses.) What is also allowed is talking about a new episode or when a new episode will come out. Please only keep it about Princesses, kingdoms, or episodes so we can keep the point of this group. Thank You!
  3. look! its our favorite bookhorse! I really like how Twilight turned out ;3; now onto either Fluttershy or Discord! (or both together idk)
  4. What if Twilight's adventures were just a result of one huge conspiracy conducted by Celestia? There's something really fishy going on, everything Twilight faces leads up to her becoming princess, as if they were set up: 1. Twilight vs.Nightmare Moon -Celestia claims the legend (she most likely wrote) is just an old pony tale -Mysterious disappearance of Celestia when Nightmare Moon returns -Nightmare Moon creates strange challenges the Mane Six needed to overcome, rather than just simply killing them by summoning lightning on them. -Celestia reappears in the castle, unharmed, right at the defeat of Nightmare Moon 2. Return of Discord -Celestia doesn't do anything -Luna nowhere to be found -Twilight and friends do all the work 3. Canterlot Wedding -Celestia actually loses in a fight with Chrysalis -Luna nowhere to be found, again -Twilight and friends do all the work, again 4. The Crystal Empire -Twilight sent on a mission by herself to save an entire empire filled with innocent civilians -Even Luna is like, "WTF?" when Celestia sends Twilight on the mission 5. Battle with the Spiky Vine Things -Celestia and Luna are captured by spiky plant vine things, like, come on -Celestia and Luna somehow lifted up the sun and the moon when they were captured, signaling for Twilight to come to their rescue 6. Twilight vs. Tirek -Cerberus just leaves his post without informing the princesses beforehand, like, WTF? -All 3 princesses give all their power to Twilight claiming that it would make Tirek's job harder -Wouldn't it be harder if Tirek had to suck the power from 4 different alicorns rather than just 1 alicorn? A little lack of common sense from the princesses if you ask me Of course, this is only a theory. If I'm missing anything, please feel free to comment below and tell me what you think.
  5. So, a thought occurred to me when thinking about the 'magic' of the MLP universe, and semi-relatedly it occurred to me that each of the four ascended ponies could be paragons of a different form of love, as per the Greek definitions rather than our all-encompassing 'love'. Also, I apologize if this has been tossed about--ultimately it doesn't mean much to me, but I thought it was an interesting comparison to make. Let me defend this point a little before going on, going off of a basic summation paraphrased from a basic online source (, and from what I've heard in general. Princess Twilight, paragon of Phila Phila is the greek word for friendship based love. Supposedly it is one of the happiest and 'most human' of loves, since it does not come out of necessity/evolutionary need. ...And well, pretty much the whole show has been about Twilight discovering the magic of friendship, and building up a relationship with her closest friends. She seems to just ooze friendship and acceptance, which goes along with the comparison. Princess Cadence, paragon of Eros Love for a partner. In Equestria she is hailed as the 'Princess of Love', and for us, love is generically thought of as closer Eros in form than any other--love between a couple. It's the driving force not only to keep two souls together through better or worse, but occasionally drive one or both parties into actions they would normally not do (suicide being the most dramatic, as per Romeo and Juliet and the like, but manipulation was kind of a theme in their episode anyways). Regardless, if memory serves, it is the love that consumes, and both Shining Armor and Cadence seem pretty much that. Princess Luna, paragon of Storge Familial love (?); personally I direct it towards her sister Celestia. It's weaknesses are said to be confliction, smothering, and most importantly, jealousy. It's also said that that which you love most is able to hurt you most, and the raw emotions of Luna's downfall seem to be not only towards her subjects, but also towards her sister in particular. Though, maybe that's more from the fandom's interpretations than the show, hard to say. Regardless, I get the feeling that her sister is the most important figure in her life, who both provides her with stability and the acceptance she needs. Maybe when she started to question that (being ignored?), and grew jealous of the sister she loved, her connection to that elemental love was lost, and she ended up betraying it entirely. Princess Celestia, paragon of Agape Unconditional love. It is often characterized as a love between a deity and their followers (either direction), or even between a mother and their children. Celestia is an unwavering, guiding presence for all of Equestria, and could pretty much be conceptualized as the mother of all her little ponies. The difficulty in that is that she must be strong and unchanging, an eternal teacher, and a source of comfort for those who depend on her, but she is nonetheless adored for it. As a kicker, Agape is also said to be the strongest of all loves, and here she is as the immortal(?) ruler that endured ruling alone for who knows how long, and still appears to be arguably the most powerful entity pony in current existence. I think her connection to the elements being severed had to do with, like Luna, her betrayal of her central love. She loved her sister unconditionally, and very likely Luna also depended on Celestia some amount--yet Celestia still had to rid the world of her; I feel it's kinda like, if a mother banishes her child, even if it's necessary, you then taint your title of mother--or you taint unconditional love by acting directly against the object of that love. Perhaps Twilight and Cadence were able to do what Luna and Celestia could not at a few points, because their connection has yet to be tainted. Regardless, maybe then, the major source of strength/magic in Equestria is love in the end, maybe as a way to purify and strengthen the spirit, or some other strange thing of the like. Thus, conquers all?
  6. made a twilight sparkle sticker to help ease some stress of college finals coming up ;3;
  7. Just seeing where the consensus is now that some time has passed and the idea has had some time to sink in in the community. So, now that time has passed, has your opinion of Twilicorn changed?
  8. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that Twilight has grown slightly taller since the Season Three finale. Her horn, her neck, and her legs are longer. You can definitely see this when she's standing next to one of her friends from the Mane Six. However, when you see her standing next to the other princesses, Twilight still appears quite juvenile, even compared to Cadence. Also, her big alicorn wings still look a bit awkward on her small body. I think it's inevitable that she will eventually grow tall enough to match Cadence or Luna in height, and maybe in a long, long time, she'll look like Celestia. But... does the show really need to rush her growth? I mean, if she has the lifespan of Celestia and Luna, then she has a whole eternity to grow. What do you guys think?
  9. Well, Celestia is an alicorn princess, as are Luna and Cadance, and when Twilight transformed into an alicorn, she becomes a princess. But Shining Armor and Blueblood are princes, yet are not alicorns, so why not? So are females the only ones who can become alicorns, and the males can't be alicorns like females?
  10. Fimfiction LINK: Boring Equestria Princess Twilight Sparkle wakes up to find herself in an alternate Equestria, where everypony is nice, nothing ever bad happens and everything is just 'perfect'. Naturally the place bores her to death.
  11. Made some more fanart of Twilight, most likely gonna submit it to the welovefine mlp contest c:
  12. current wip of Twilight that I was working on late last night after my graduation party xD
  13. Twilight Princess. Princess Twilight. Isn't that weird?
  14. ...Nearing the end of her first thousand years as ruler of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle finds herself returning more often to the fields and hills outside what was once Ponyville - her home. Remembering her earliest years and the dearest friends who will forever live within her heart. Queridas Amigas (Dearest Friends) I can still remember, how we used-to be; Friends forever, element bearers – You were a part of me. All of our adventures; Together we were one. Now that it's over, all that I'm left with: The light of moon and sun. Queridas amigas, live in my heart. Princess forever – wish I weren't Everlasting, like the sun. Live forever in the moments, Not believing that you're gone. Daily I remember, every laugh we shared; Troubles we faced, dreams that we chased, You were always there. All those days are over, in loving memory. Mustn't be sad, never forget Our years of harmony. Queridas amigas, live in my heart. Princess forever – wish I weren't Everlasting, like the sun, (and the moon). Live forever in the moments, Not believing that you're gone. Your spirits always with me when I raise the sun; I couldn't without you, thinking about you And how we had begun. Queridas amigas, live in my heart! Princess forever – wish I weren't Everlasting, like the sun. Live forever in the moments, Not believing that you're gone. ------------------------------------ It is not the most popular of concepts, "Immortal Twilight," but when TheFreal approached me with the first draft of the lyrics of "Princess Forever," (a parody of "Viva Forever" by Spice Girls,) it struck me to the core of my heart. A very long time ago, I lived on the edge of the Alaskan frontier, several miles north of Fairbanks. My team of six wonderful sleddogs and I saved one-anothers' lives countless times on our adventures into the wilderness. That was my Ponyville. As years passed, I watched as one-by-one my own dearest friends, my own Mane6 grew old and passed-away in my arms. So... popular or no, I can relate. -------------------------- QUERIDAS AMIGAS (Dearest Friends) (A parody of "Viva Forever") Lyrics by TheFreal and Amadhia Performed by Amadhia (Dreamsong) Featuring Malstorm on Guitar, Drums and Bass Featuring Lilypad on Harmony Vocals
  15. Hello, Octavia here any questions.
  16. It's debatable whether or not all Alicorns are Immortal. But I'd love to see a fan fiction (parallel universe) where Twilight rejects becoming an Alicorn and wants to remain a mere unicorn and wants to die of old age like her friends. Because if Twilight Sparkle does not have the magic to stop her friends (or they all become Alicorns like her) they will all die from old age, so thus she will suffer great heartache. Thus the bitterness of Immortality, everyone you ever knew/cared about/loved will die. Edit 1: But hey, fan fiction is fan fiction. So everyone is happy, for not all parallel universes (fan fiction) have Twilight become an Alicorn. Edit 2: I say any Alicorn can "die by the sword" in other words be killed. Edit 3: If Twilight Sparkle had choice in a parallel universe.
  17. In the season 4 preme the sun and the moon are up at the same time. It was cool, but in the context of Equistra had the sun and the moon remained up what would have happened? Simply put wouldn't it have been just as detramental to have had the sun remain up the whole time as just the sun and the moon? In the contexts of the show? I know this might sound nit pickie, but these are the two things based around the two core alicorns on the show, so i thought it might be something to discuss.
  18. I tried drawing again, this time with my Samsung Galaxy Note II SNote ain't that hard after all, but I had to find some work-around due to the lack of layers. So, yeah. Tell me what you think, what I could improve on, any input whatsoever would be nice. Thanks!
  19. Well, I heard a few people say that they feel better about Twilicorn after the season 4 premiere. Let's see what the general opinion is.
  20. Was checking out the summary of the season 4 premier, and some interesting thoughts came to mind. First, here's the summary: Notice that it classifies the Everfree Forest as the threat? This makes me curious as to who the villain is. He obviously has some connection to the forest. Who do you think this new villain is?
  21. Hub What's better better than two princess ponies? Two more! RULES (by Tomiix): -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. If you are not sure, PM me the content and I will tell you if it is ok or not. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Princesses forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. This is the Princesses thread, please only post them. If you have recommendations for another pony club, go to the hub (linked at the top of the post).
  22. So after the great post by Bobby Curnow at IDW clearing up worries about Twilight's personality radically changing in the show, I felt relieved that an editor for the comics, who was skeptical about the Princess Twilight thing at first, say something very positive about the situation. I have had nothing but positive things to say but there has been tons of negativity and drama within the fandom itself. Obviously right? Yep, sadly so. Many still hate it to this day and continue to express their extreme hatred. Kinda gets a bit depressing. However, Andy Price over at IDW has recently made this post on his Deviantart about Twilicorn and some other fandom drama about the comics and let me just say, he sums it all up rather beautifully (the bolder parts are about Twilicorn specifically, the rest isn't). Read this carefully: "Well, here's the scoop- Get used to it, because she's here to stay. And not just in the show. (Kyoshi note: YES, That is what I want to hear. Or see.) We're introducing the updated version of season three's Twilight Sparkle into the comics as well. We're asked about 5th person at our tables: "what do you think?" "Why did they do that?" "Are you gonna.." etc. Since we work hand in hand with Hasbro, we never had any intention of NOT updating Twilight for the books as well. And quite frankly... we are all about it! Neither Katie Cook nor myself understand the hatred going on for having Twilight become a princess. Katie has made an outstanding point- Twilight may be the only popular character to have EARNED her crown... she worked for it, suffered for it, and it was awarded. She didn't marry into it, wasn't born into it (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, etc etc). That gives little girls a character that WORKED FOR WHAT SHE EARNED. One helluva example I think. And for Katie, with a little girl and another on the way... that's a great thing to a parent. Okay, so you aren't a parent or a little girl... still, WHY GRIPE? You've not even SEEN what's yet to come! It's something new and exciting! What, did Celestia really deposit this pony she had governed for years amongst a group of her equals to do nothing more than run an abandoned library??? (Kyoshi note: Boom.) On another note: a LOT of people have come out on twitter/deviant/facebook to apologize for the actions of some of the fan base that gave myself, Katie, and of all people my wife hell about issue 11. Either they didn't like how we portrayed Shining Armor or Cadance, or they didn't like the 80's setting, or they didn't like the parody of the Oingo Boingo lyrics. That's fine, nobody has to like everything we do.... really, it's okay to not like everything, we aren't offended by that. But sending personal emails and messages of anger cross the line of ANY fandom. Beyond that, the truly insulting thing was people messaging to declare that the book was poor because it contradicted popular or personal fan fictions. (yes it happened). Here's a note on my standing of fan fiction: I don't care. No, really. I don't. I don't read fan fiction. We do not want (and cannot have) it's influence on our books. Fan fiction is GREAT, awesome, outstanding... it's in EVERY fandom! BE CREATIVE! Write everything!!! But don't presume that because a fan theory is popular that it is in stone and overrides everything else. Let's also remember something EXTREMELY important- these are FICTIONAL cartoon marshmallow-peep pastel ponies that talk and bake cakes. Let's all calm down and take a breath. It's great that the fandom is so passionate, but let's draw the line at messaging comic (and show) creators with insults... finger pointing... demands... and threats. Be a grown up... it's a CARTOON. To those that sent apologies and praises, thank you very much! The fandom is very much held to us, and we've met some outstanding people (and particularly kids!). We'll continue to get absurd messages and even insults... part of the territory. Ain't stopping us. We're all going to continue to do our best to provide fun/adventure/lessons/silliness for all ages, with a dose of absurdity and (at least on my part) meaningless references and background goodies Now let's all have FUN shall we? Many great things have been said here, points that I have brought up many times in rants of my own but my voice isn't very loud. Plus he puts it better than me. It is just so fantastic to see someone who obviously knows what is up in the scripts of the show and whatnot saying what needs to be said. So...I know that it won't for many of the dedicated haters of Twilicorn, but I only hope that the negativity can be put to rest eventually. Reading that post puts a smile on my face, just like Bobby Curnow did with his post. I guess I am just becoming sensitive to the negativity, thanks to this hiatus and depression. Also, I do think that you don't even need to be a 'grown up' to at least be civil, which is interesting. Some people in the fandom don't really act civil, as we have clearly seen. This is just more positive news, at least for me and I am sure it is for others. Knowing fully now that the writers are not backing out of and apparently are bringing in some great things for the future, I mean, what is there to be negative about? And again, this is coming from me, I am very pessimistic about tons of stuff, but this show, nope, I cannot be. I love it too much and all of this new stuff is only making me love it more. I also will admit that even I have kinda fueled drama over this mainly because I have been very defensive and whatnot but that was my depression taking me over and making me stupid. While I am 100% in support of this change and absolutely love it, there isn't much of a reason to go into 'uber defense mode' because that doesn't exactly mean much. Andy's words actually do mean something here. Brohoof to all! I only do that if I am in a fantastic mood when posting a thread, which I rarely post threads and my mood usually isn't fantastic, but this post sure brought my day up to fantastic levels. These IDW people really know how to words things. Also, he brings up some great points about fan fictions as well but that isn't the main focus here. I know, I have posted about this a lot, but hey, I am obsessed. Plus, this post is pretty huge in my opinion in terms of the information given.
  23. Well, read this. This is a post by Bobby Curnow, an IDW editor, made in response to a member on the IDW Publisher forums about Twilicorn's inclusion to the comics starting with issue #13: "I never said we'd wait until "AFTER season 4", I said we'd wait to see how she was handled IN season 4. We've got the season 4 scripts, and I've read a good chunk of them, and feel like I have a good idea how alicorn Twilight will be handled. Without giving to much away— she's going to be handled much the same as she ever was. She's the same character. If you'll let me indulge in a bad metaphor, it's like getting a drivers license. It means new responsibilities and new opportunities, but ultimately getting a driver's license doesn't change the person you are. I say this as someone who was skeptical myself. When I first heard about Princess Twi, my first thought was: "Huh. That kind of separates Twi from the rest of the Mane 6, doesn't it? They're no longer equals." All I'll say on that front is that my initial thought was wrong. The dynamics of the characters are the same. I'm sorry if people are upset or will drop the book because of this. What I do know, is that it doesn't affect the quality of the book at all. The type of stories we're telling isn't changed, and we're still dealing with the same creators (though you'll be seeing some new faces as well in 2014). All I can really do is ask to give the book a chance. If it's not your cup of tea with Alicorn Twilight, fair enough, thanks for giving it a shot. And if you're not interested in reading it at all, well— thanks very much for reading up to this point, it's much appreciated." There we have it. All of that extreme worry about Twilight's character changing and her friends being pushed to the side and whatnot, is void, in my opinion. We have direct proof right here. Really though, this doesn't surprise me but it still makes me incredibly happy nonetheless. The sad part? Some people on Equestria Daily are STILL being INCREDIBLY negative about this. Apparently nothing will satisfy those particular people but I don't care at this point. Now I can look forward to season 4 even more and be happy about the future of the show, as I really think many others should as well. So, brohoofs to all! This has put me in a great mood, despite the hatred comments. Word of advice: NEVER go to the comments section of Equestria Daily if you value your good mood. Extreme hatred still exists for this, the past couple of days have reminded me of it. Even as a very pessimistic person myself, I don't see how people can be so negative about a great show like this, especially after this post.
  24. The commercial has been showing for a while there is one thing that it bugging me. I'm the commercial, Twilight says, "Let's go see my new palace!" Will Twilight actually get a new palace? Or is it just for the pleasure of a little girl's toy? I actually don't like the design.... It's not show accurate as Hasbro always does.