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Found 220 results

  1. Write a letter to Princess Celetia about what you learned today, this week, or whenever. It can be about friendship, life, love, being a brony or pegisister, or anything else. Don't just keep it to your self, you gotta share. (You gotta caaare.) Clock. Is. Ticking! =========================================================================== Dear 'Not-so-faithful students', You don't necessarily have to write to Tia. Luna and Cadance and lots of other ponies accept mail. Don't be mean to Tia.
  2. Thought I'd practice my manga skills and draw Luna humanized in manga style. Haven't drawn her in a while. Drew her season 1 form, and her season 2 form/like she is now. Just to be clear, her dress is navy blue. Her shirt in the season 1 form is purple.
  3. I made this at school and it turned out WAY better than I though. Yes, the hair colors are scattered everywhere, but I had no reference at that moment. Anyway, thoughts?:
  4. When the Prince and Princess of the crystal empire unite, they create some magic force which repels even those who feed on love for power. Lets say their bond is ruined, maybe even corrupted. would anything happen, perhaps some kind of dark magic erupts, or does nothing happen?
  5. (I know this is a controversial topic here, but i think that i can trust this forum, that we can talk about it with respect for each other. Just because you disagree with anothers opinion, dosen't mean that you're a better person) Yeah, what the title pretty much says. I am not talking about if she deserved it, if she ruined the show, if she is a different character, or all this other stuff, because i am sick and tired of it. I would rather ask the guys, who watched previous seasons, if they actually saw this coming? I actually kind of did. Maybe not from a story perspective, but from some other symbolic stuff. When i watched the first episode, i asked myself "why is she the only with a "big crown thingy?"" When it went on to Cutie Mark Chronicles, where Twilight said how she pretty much went rampage with her magic and that Celestia said that she has the most raw magical abilities she had ever seen, i thought to myself "watch out guys. She's gonna turn into an Alicorn one day." When MMC came around the corner and the pics of her wings where shown, i thought to myself "i am not surprised one bit." I am probably one of the few guys at january 28th 2013, who remained calm as buck. I wouldn't say that i saw it 100% coming, but atleast 85%. So, what about you guys? Did you see it coming or not?
  6. Why I think this is A FIGHT Tirek absorbed the magic/flight/strength of everypony in Equestria and DISCORD, who can cause choas on a level of a whole country. The power of everypony + Discord = 4 Alicorn Princesses because Lord Tirek said "It appears we are at an impasse" after the battle between Twilight and big ugly red guy. Im just going to assume what I said before The power of everypony + Discord = 4 Alicorn Princesses When Tirek absorbed the alicorn magic, this accounts for Celestia and Luna who can move the sun and moon with their magic. His power (may have a little more than) doubled upon obtaining the alicorn magic. Tirek would have been able to move the sun and moon if he wanted to, he was no joke. You may be thinking that celestia and luna are able to move the sun and moon because thats what theyre born for. However, in the first episdode, very beggning, Celestia was seen moving the SUN AND MOON taking the duties of day and night. Celestia could move planets out of orbit if she wanted to. Tireks no joke, his power was beyond that of the four alicorns combined. ** Could the Hulk beat him? Is this a one sided fight? If so how long would tirek last?** This is world war hulk by the way
  7. I really like watching Sleeping Beauty. I love Aurora!!!
  8. This is just something I whipped together real quick, I wanted to show off the mane/tail animations I did of Celestia and Luna. The color quality annoys me, but that's what happens when you know nothing about Flash and save as GIF images. What do you guys think?
  9. Hello, just a quick question/thought. Is Celestia a real name? I was just wondering because I was playing terraria and I had set up homes for npc's to move into and it said "Celestia the dryad has moved in" I was thinking it was probably a reference (an awesome one) because terraria is full of them, but then again maybe it's not. I know "Celestial" is a real word and "Celest" is a name if I am correct. Anyway, Thanks for any replies!
  10. Thank you xOkamii for the cover ^^ (you da best you da you da best <3) Hello everypony ^^, this is my latest track I made which I had a lot of fun making. It was sitting on my FL Studio and I forgot about it (whoops) but I was reminded of it and finished it after I got me a Twilight Sparkle backpack (<3) it was my inspiration to finish it. Hope you all enjoy it! A song for Twilight that I made after I'd heard a few Radio Edits of electronic music. I like how they had no build up and instead had transitions that kept the beat going so I tried it and I really enjoyed how it came out. I also finished it because I got a Twilight Sparkle backpack I wanted for a long time XD I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you have a lot of fun listening to it! Enjoy! Remember, you can download it and do whatever you want with it just give me credit ^^ And if you feel you need to, any criticism is ok with me.
  11. Since there are 4 rulers, and the definition of oligarchy is a handful of people are in power,wouldn't that make Equestria one?
  12. Princess Moonlights OC. As requested, I'll post both pictures (the shaded and the plain) Plain vector in spoiler.
  13. I don't know what to make of this.
  14. Hey everypony! So sorry for not beong active lately... But I thought I'd start a new topic. ALICORNS OC'S!!!!!! I just want to say this. I hate alicorn oc's... They are usually very overpowered, no backstory, related to the princesses in some way, dating one of the mane characters, or is just complete mary sue. Don't get me wrong. There are some good alicorn oc's. When the creator actually spends quality time and puts creative thought into it. But its as rare as flying unicorn... With enough work, it is possible. But is still quite unlikely. Now I will link some examples below. Or you could just google bad alicorn ocs. may add more later :3
  15. Armored Princess Celestia Well, for the continue the Collection of Armored i maded the Powerfull Princess Celestia, or Princess of Sun , one of my Favorite characters, i hope you liked
  16. Princess Luna Armored The princess dominates the night deserves an armor of equal size, extremely well royalty was something I tried to do here. I hope you enjoyed
  17. Time for the 3rd best princess. Time taken is an estimate of 40 minutes~ Resolution is 1920 x 1080 Vector of Luna by Rariedash Download it here. (Download button is to the right of the page). If you want a Celestia one, go over here. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  18. After about 6 months of not making any pony-related wallpapers - I think it's time to come back. ;p Here's my latest MLP wallpaper. A bright and euphoric Princess Celestia wallpaper. Time taken: Estimate of 30 minutes~ Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Vector of Celestia by Rariedash Download it here. (Download button is to the right of the page). Hope you guys like it.
  19. So, how many people are IRL princesses?
  20. Just seeing where the consensus is now that some time has passed and the idea has had some time to sink in in the community. So, now that time has passed, has your opinion of Twilicorn changed?
  21. Hello i'm fantasiana my age 13 years old everypony said i like mature pony but i just 13 years old and i like mature thinkings because is nice and i best friends all pony i never hate in some pony my appearance is glowing hair and glowing tail and my body is white and glowing at night my cutie mark is glowy rainbow lotus and my wing like angel butterfly ,my leg has a colour to and sparkly ,my palace in jaddeillia i'm princess in there ,every years i make the island glowing to protect my villagers from ghost pony in my island is so much species of pony the most in my island is rainbow pony, chinese unicorn, unicorn, pegasi, sea pony,and glowy pony, just some earth pony, because other earth pony has eated by queen nightfall ghost queen nightfall ghost is my enemy ,my villagers are scared to hears his name because is horribles creature pony she like to drink blood and eat pony and she hate light and she like to kill everything ,i must find something to defeat the nightfall ghost i hear about news in shimmer cave that have a stone named shinny shimmer stone can defeat the nightfall ghost me and my friend jade dragon go in the cave to find the stone in the cave is so much waterfalls and i find something shimmer like a star and i find it the shinny shimmer stone but is hard to take it out ,so i try my light magic to make the stone out ,is working i'm very happy, i'm take the stone back to my palace to make a magical weapon to defeat nightfall ghost ,and nightfall ghost is angry after hear this news and she make all sky to be dark and ghost pony is out and the villagers are run to palace to hide from nightfall ghost ,and i'm ready to the war and me use my new weapon to defeat the nightfall ghost ,and the nightfall ghost use their dark magic to make all place to be dark and cannot see anything and i use my magic light flame to make my eye can see back and the nightfall ghost eye's is hurt because light flame and i have a chance to kill him ,after kill him nightfall ghost is burned by a shimmer fire from my weapon and died and all skies bright back. The island i back to beautifully, and glowing plants are growing and the villagers are happy, peace, and not scared to nightfall ghost again, and the villagers life happy forever. Sorry when the story i write is bad. If want i can write next story to.
  22. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that Twilight has grown slightly taller since the Season Three finale. Her horn, her neck, and her legs are longer. You can definitely see this when she's standing next to one of her friends from the Mane Six. However, when you see her standing next to the other princesses, Twilight still appears quite juvenile, even compared to Cadence. Also, her big alicorn wings still look a bit awkward on her small body. I think it's inevitable that she will eventually grow tall enough to match Cadence or Luna in height, and maybe in a long, long time, she'll look like Celestia. But... does the show really need to rush her growth? I mean, if she has the lifespan of Celestia and Luna, then she has a whole eternity to grow. What do you guys think?
  23. Well, who's your favorite Disney princess, anyways? Uh, Mulan counts as a Disney princess, right? Because she's my favorite Disney princess... after her it would be Esmeralda (please tell me she counts too), and then Tiana.
  24. Hi everypony! I'm Lat3r. So I've been bored this morning, I didn't know what else to do except draw. And I turned out to draw Luna. Sorry if it's not that good, I'm a newbie. But here it is anyways.
  25. This is a very simple art I did of Princess Luna, did it in 30 minutes, I hope you enjoyed it, this is just some of my arts ...