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Found 222 results

  1. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that Twilight has grown slightly taller since the Season Three finale. Her horn, her neck, and her legs are longer. You can definitely see this when she's standing next to one of her friends from the Mane Six. However, when you see her standing next to the other princesses, Twilight still appears quite juvenile, even compared to Cadence. Also, her big alicorn wings still look a bit awkward on her small body. I think it's inevitable that she will eventually grow tall enough to match Cadence or Luna in height, and maybe in a long, long time, she'll look like Celestia. But... does the show really need to rush her growth? I mean, if she has the lifespan of Celestia and Luna, then she has a whole eternity to grow. What do you guys think?
  2. Well, who's your favorite Disney princess, anyways? Uh, Mulan counts as a Disney princess, right? Because she's my favorite Disney princess... after her it would be Esmeralda (please tell me she counts too), and then Tiana.
  3. Hi everypony! I'm Lat3r. So I've been bored this morning, I didn't know what else to do except draw. And I turned out to draw Luna. Sorry if it's not that good, I'm a newbie. But here it is anyways.
  4. This is a very simple art I did of Princess Luna, did it in 30 minutes, I hope you enjoyed it, this is just some of my arts ...
  5. Before you answer this topic I would recommend you read my earlier topic "Twilight sparkle ruler or guardian?", Link is below. So if you read the topic you'll notice that some people suggested that it might change in season 5 but I'm not sure about that. I mean they made such a big deal out of it in season 3 but during most of season 4 they barely talked about, if they had plans to do something big with this then surely they would at least have hinted at it. And not to mention they made it quite clear at the end of season 4 that Twilight was just supposed to spread friendship across Equestria, in other words bring peace to the land, or as far as I'm concerned it means she's a protector not a ruler. So I ask you, do you think I'm right and that there was no point in the Princess thing in the first place, or do you believe she will have new responsibilities in season 5?
  6. Luna was banished to the moon for 1000 years. Would you like another princess being sent there?
  7. Something that I've noticed about the Disney movie Frozen... we all know it is massively successful around the world, and that it has a noticeably larger fanbase than most other recent Disney anmated features, specifically, the active Internet grownup fanbase.... enough where there is serious discussion of which female character is most appealing, Anna, or Elsa. There are a few similarities to our special pony show and this Disney film (animation, female characters, musical, but in the grand scheme of things one is a TV show and one is a more recent feature film with an understandably much larger audience) but the one I am thinking of are that they both have two royal sisters. The FiM fanbase tends to... and I don't speak for everypony here, "prefer" one pony princess over another, especially among the two sisters. With Elsa and Anna from Frozen, a direct comparison of which one matches up with which pony is... not precise. Luna has the darker past... so maybe she is more like Elsa... She is more hammy tho, maybe like Anna? Princess Anna has a forgiving and optimistic spirit, there are shades of that in Princess Celestia. Do people who tend to "prefer" one pony sister as their favorite also lean toward a favorite Arendelle sister? I defnitely have Luna as my fave princess of any pony princess, but for Frozen.... I dunno, maybe Elsa has a more interesting character design and singng voice.. I generally don't find her characterization very interesting or even amusing tho, she is kind of a Disney emo. Discuss your thoughts of these two pairs of royal sisters!
  8. Hello there my loyal subjects! I am Princess Luna! Here for a event you call Q&A, please ask a question and I will try to answer ASK ME SOMETHING!!!!
  9. For me, Hell no. By the time the two-part Season Four premiere comes out, it's going to be a save-the-world story like previous season premieres, except this time it'll have Twilight sacrifice her wings and princesshood to save her friends from whatever evil threat the writers pit her against. Besides, if you're going to turn Twilight into a princess, you might as well turn Rarity into a world-famous fashion designer, and Rainbow Dash into a Wonderbolt, while making both those characters leave each other and their other friends behind to do so. If Twilight's gonna break up with the Mane Six, the rest might as well do so, too... except maybe Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie, because they'll probably stay in Ponyville for their own reasons (animals, farm-life, and "hey, why not", respectively). And yes, I'm still struggling to get over the shock of seeing Twilight become a princess. And yes, I'd rather the humanized ponies from Equestria Girls, than Princess Twilight, because at the very least the former doesn't break continuity like the latter.
  10. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", the first appearance of Gummy, the color red is displayed, and so are seven ponies. Red is a color, and there are seven colors in a rainbow. Now, there are two colors in Glaze's mane, and in "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Twi has two eyes, meaning that Gummy worked in the rainbow factory. Now, it takes a trained eye to see this, but Gummy and Tank are both Green, both have two eyes, both owned by Helements of Armory, and are both, in fact, sentient creatures! Coincidence? I think not. There are sixteen letters in "May the Best Pet Win", the first mention of Tank's name, and there are six colors in RD's mane, the manager of the Rainbow Factory. 16 - 6 = 10. Luna was banished for 1000 years, and 10 x 100 = 1000! Luna is Celestia's sister (non-biological) and Celestia was the one who banished her. So, Luna was obviously the creator of the Pegasus Device, and the ultimate overseer of the Rainbow Factory. Gummy's pupil resembles a '1', and there are two propellers on Tanks, eh, thing. 1 + 2 = 3! What's that, still don't get it? There are six Helements of Armory, and each princess, long ago, would've gotten 3 each, which brings us back up two lines, 1 + 2 = 3. So, unless you are stupid or something, you'll understand that Hasbro has been subconsciously planting all these little hints for us to pick up, in order to understand that GUMMY AND TANK ARE CELESTIA'S BIOLOGICAL PARENTS!!! Have I opened your mind to a new world of opportunity? If I have shown even just one pony the light, my work is done, and I can die happy.
  11. Here we go, back to what I'm good at: Worldbuilding using real-life historical models. Part of the thing to realize here is that real-life titles are confusing as all get-out because they evolved over time. So it's not actually that unusual to have Empires ruled by Kings, or Kingdoms ruled by Princes. It happens surprisingly often. Modern usages of these terms gives the impression that noble titles are very fixed and specific and slot into a clearly defined hierarchy, which is about as far from the truth as you can get. Let's start with the idea that the Crystal Empire as a name is likely inaccurate in the same way the Kingdom of Equestria is inaccurate. The Crystal Empire is a single city making it a pretty poor empire, and using modern naming conventions it should be the Principality of Equestria as it is ruled over by the Princes/Princesses/Principals of Celestia and Luna. In real life there are currently several Principalities still in existence that we could look at for inspiration: Monaco, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Catalonia, and Asturias. Interestingly the Principality of Andorra is reigned over by two co-princes. Normally this would be enough, and we could use these small nations for models for Equestria. However, that would ignore the fact that the term Prince has other meanings and usages that many people are unaware of. These other meanings lead to far more interesting places, including possible direct ties between the Kingdom of Equestria and the Crystal Empire. Prince originates from the Latin Princeps, meaning either ‘first to seize’ or 'first citizen' depending on who you ask. Basically Prince is a generic term that can be applied to any ruler. It’s still used that way in the Catholic Church, as the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops are all referred to as ‘Princes’. In most of history titled nobility (Kings, Dukes, Counts, etc.) were referred to as ‘Princes’ when their exact position in the hierarchy was considered irrelevant, or was unclear. Mainly because in Europe the hierarchy wasn’t as fixed as people seem to think now-a-days. In reality a Count could outrank a Duke due to seniority, wealth, or where exactly the title came from. A Baron owing direct fealty to the Emperor could outrank a Count owning direct fealty to a King who owed direct fealty to that same Emperor. The titles themselves tended to all mean the same thing (‘leader’) in a riot of different languages, all getting smashed together when the various countries invaded each other. So ‘Prince’ was just easier to deal with as a generic term. This points out an interesting thing about Prince Blueblood. The original intent was that Blueblood would be a Duke, not a Prince, but Hasbro supposedly insisted on the change the same way they insisted on Celestia being a Princess instead of a Queen. With the preceding information in mind, it is entirely possible Blueblood *is* a Duke, but is being referred to as a Prince using that older definition. Same with Celestia. This satisfies both sides of that particular debate, but again there is farther we can go using historical models. First a sidetrack about noble pseudo-relationships. Now, another thing that can be noticed is that all alicorns are Princesses, and it is implied that it is by definition. We know of five official alicorns in the show, all of which are or were Princesses: Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight, and the unnamed princess who was victim of the love potion in Hearts and Hooves Day. I have an odd thought about that last alicorn and her relationship to Celestia and Luna, but I’ll get back to her later as I have enough thoughts around the nature of alicorns to make up a blog post of its own. In any case, using Cadence and Twilight as examples, and pulling information from the Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell book which may or may not be canon depending on who you ask, and seeing Rarity's reaction to Twilight's transformation, we can infer that alicoronation is rare enough that most ponies are unaware of the process, but does happen often enough for there to be a need for Celestia to formalize the relationship between herself and these younger alicorns. And so she automatically adopts any new alicorns as her ‘neices’ or ‘nephews’ simply to prevent any political issues from arising. As official relatives of the reigning monarch, these adoptions confer the generic 'Prince' or 'Princess' title on the adoptees, protecting them politically by giving them status without necessarily giving them any real authority. However, why was Blueblood referred to as a nephew of Celestia as well? He’s not an alicorn, nor is he the son of Celestia’s sister or brother. As far as we know, Celestia only has one sister, and I doubt Blueblood is Luna’s son. There is another explanation. Old European nobility tended to call each other cousin, even if there was no blood shared, in order to cement their noble status via fictional relationships. That and large chunks of European nobility *were* cousins due to inbreeding, but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt there. Which means that Blueblood as one of the top nobility in Canterlot would want to establish a tie to Celestia, the ruling Princess also currently of Canterlot. However, as an effectively immortal alicorn at least a thousand years old, Celestia is a bit of a reach to call ‘cousin’. But Cadence, as a young mortal alicorn with an assumed noble rank, isn’t that much of a stretch. In the convoluted logic of nobility, as Princess Cadence is niece to Celestia and if Blueblood can call Cadence cousin, that makes him also a nominal nephew of Celestia and cements his claim to be called ‘Prince’. This is all airy-fairy nonsense, but that’s the way nobility actually worked. It’s all politics, and talking a good game.
  12. Create a 5 rules for your favorite prince/princess' empire They can't be offensive or NSFW. I'll start... All citizens of the Appleloosan Empire must be FABOULOUS! All Races must not hate one discriminate another. All Sexualites and Genders must not discriminate one another. All shall love and tolerate King Braeburn and King Soarin! All citizens must own a cowboy hat.
  13. Write the best Mary sue you can possibly can think of in a comdeic way! Winner receives Fluttershy's sign of approval. The best Mary sue will be chosen Wendsday. I'll begin... Name: Princess Skyla Race: Alicorn Age: 2 Hundred Years old Bio: Stronger than Discord, the Royal Sisters and even Kimi Sparkle combined. She was born daughter to King Sombra and Cadence in an alternate timeline and transported to Equestria (MLP timeline) to become supreme queen of the world! You can add more details than that..
  14. I realize the terms "Princess Celestia" and "Princess Luna" implies a monarchy, but I have a feeling that it goes beyond that. Using the political spectrum, I would like you guys to identify what kind of government Equestria follows.
  15. What was a bigger and more important change for twilight. Getting her wings and becoming an alicorn princess, or getting her own kingdom? I think getting her own kingdom was a bigger change, because season 4 didn't feel to much different from the seasons before it. Even though she was a princess, she didn't do too many princessy things. I think season 5 will be a bigger change.
  16. Things I'd like to see: Another Luna-centric episode. Actually a Celestia episode would be cool as well. A return of Gilda and/or Blueblood. A least a crumb of background for Scootaloo. Have them do something with Discord, at least some cameos. BRING BACK DERPY!!!
  17. So... How old might Cadance be? She certainly is older then twilight and all of the m6. Anyone have an idea?
  18. I have been waiting for this game quite a long time and it will be out soon, sadly not many people seem to know or talk about it. What do you people think about it?
  19. Just something I threw together quick. You can find the HD version for download here: as well as links to the original images. First time I've done something involving Sun-butt and Moon-butt, normally it's AJ or Trixie, and this is the first thing I've made that I thought others would enjoy. It's extremely simple, but it needed to be made once I found the original images and saw it wasn't done yet. So I hope y'all enjoy the fractal goodness! If anyone would like a different aspect ratio, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  20. Hai everybody! I've seen this kind of thing trending lately: people are blogging about why they love their favorite character. I haven't seen much in the way of Princess Luna. So I'm going to make a number of blog entries that sort of outline why I love her so much. There won't be much in the way of regularity when it comes to this. I may post something tonight and then I might post tomorrow and then I won't post another reason for another few days. I have other things going on. And my reasons don't have to be the same as yours. I don't expect them to be. Anyway, without further adieu, let's get this started. Today, I'm going to be going over my first reason: Luna's color. Okay, I know this is about as deep as the kiddie pool but bear with me. The color blue. It's my favorite color of all. Blue means a lot of things to me, personally. There is always a lot of hidden context in the color blue. When you're feeling blue, it means you're feeling sad. Or maybe you feel sympathy for someone who feels sad. But Luna's blue isn't a bright blue like the sky we generally think about. It's a deep, mystical blue. When I think of Luna and her coat color, I think that there's more to this pony than meets the eye. There is still so much to know about this pony...Who will hug her first? The Season 4 openers blew me away. I knew there was a transformation. But the way they did it far surpassed my expectations. It was dramatic and heartbreaking simultaneously. To see Celestia and the look on her face...knowing she'd have to do what she did and that she might regret it for the next 1,000 years. Did I cry? Not on the outside. But there was more to it than what Twilight's flashback gave us. Luna felt shunned and ignored. Perhaps the denizens of Equestria forgot that it was Luna's duty to enter their dreams and comfort them. Alas, her job was a thanklesss one. Despite her amazing power (as it is never mentioned if Celestia has the ability to do something like enter dreams and since this power would be useless to her prior to Luna's turn and subsequent banisment, she probably doesn't), it's pretty likely that everyone forgot she even existed since her time of activity was during the night. It would have been easy to forget that she was there under the doctrine of "out of sight, out of mind." . And what's to say that anything is different now in comparison to what it was 1,000 years prior? Ponies still sleep at night. Luna is good. She enters dreams and comforts ponies. But that's exactly the way it was before she turned. This leads me to believe that Luna doesn't want to turn again, but it's a battle she fights on a daily basis. She just does a good job of keeping it a secret. That is why I love her coat color. Blue is deep and mysterious. I feel like there will always be so much more mystery surrounding Luna than there ever will be with Celestia. Plus, blue is just a beautiful color Keep it up Luna. Your fan club loves you. (hugs)
  21. Please respect the following rules: •I know that Princess Skyla has not yet been released yet, but OH WELL! •No rude replys. •All forum rules apply here. •Only minor cussing. •Pictures are allowed with Princess Mi Amore Cadenza also. •No hate! •Have fun!!! Thats it! I hope you all have fun.
  22. ^That's not the title. But it's what the story is about. This is a follow-up to the S4 premiere (spoilers, natch) with a bit of a twist! Let's say the golden box at the Tree of Harmony doesn't necessarily hold anything, but unlocking it will release the Elements again. Nopony knows where the keys went. But whoever finds them, controls the fate of the world. Let's say they end up in the wrong hooves. HOW wrong, you ask? Read on and find out. Forging Destiny CHAPTER 1 Princess Twilight Sparkle gaped in astonishment as the Tree of Harmony was resurrected before her eyes. It had been so long since the Elements were contained in the magic branches, and for one terrible moment she feared that a thousand years of Equestrian history was disappearing with them. She was, after all, still a scholar at heart. But she needn’t have worried. Her five friends were still here, these uncomfortable new wings still attached to her sides—and, as the last of the black vines withdrew, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were back. “You are very brave, Twilight Sparkle,” Celestia commended her with relief. “It must have been very hard for you to give up the Elements of Harmony.” I didn’t do it alone, you know, Twilight thought. But before she could answer, Celestia and Luna’s sigils appeared on the tree to glow in unison with the Elements. Something else was happening. As they watched, a large pink flower sprouted from the base of the tree. Twilight tapped it gently, and it opened to reveal a golden lock. “What’s this?” she asked, ever curious. “Six keys for six locks,” Luna answered simply. “Excuse me,” Fluttershy said politely. “Do you mean that if we open them, we can use the Elements again?” Applejack nodded. “Ah guess that makes sense…” “But then, where are the keys?” Twilight asked. “That,” replied Celestia, “Is a mystery. But it is one you will not have to solve on your own.” They trotted out of the forest together, ready to celebrate another lesson learned, another crisis averted. But still Twilight worried. One thought wrapped itself around her mind as tightly as the Everfree vines: Where? Where did they go? With their luck, it was be a place nopony would ever dream of looking. “…Excuse me?” the rich stallion inquired. His eyebrows rose and vanished into his expertly styled mane. “I said it’s worth three thousand bits, Mr. Set,” Silver Spoon replied. She gestured to the old saddle he had just deposited on the table. “Three thousand five hundred at the most.” Jet Set shuffled his hooves nervously on the carpet and smiled at her as though she were a foal. “Well, I…I’m afraid that’s impossible, little filly. Perhaps you’re not looking at it quite closely enough, hmm?” His wife Upper Crust was listening close behind him, casting worried looks around the foyer. Silver Spoon fought the urge to groan. Where was Diamond Tiara? She hoped her best friend would arrive soon. These antiques shows could get so boring without her. With Jet still looking imperiously down his snout at her, she grabbed a monocle and examined the offering even more closely. “Oh my! You were right, Mr. Set.” He leaned forward hopefully. “I didn’t even see this little stain on the underside! Yes, that makes it more like twenty-nine hundred.” She clopped her hooves together and gave him a self-satisfied grin. The stallion blushed red under his gray coat—almost the same shade as hers, though thank Celestia they weren’t related. “I’m sorry, but perhaps you should call your parents over to help you with this. You see, my wife’s father bought this saddle at auction for three times that amount. It was made by High Horse himself, a very famous designer of the Greater Canterlot Period—” “The Lesser Canterlot Period, actually,” Silver corrected him icily. “Do you want to know why I have this fabulous cutie mark and you don’t? It’s because, like, I actually know about antiques. And this is so not a High Horse, okay?” Jet Set stared at her, finally shocked into silence. His wife looked as though she wanted to sink through the floor. “It’s a High Horse knockoff. Worth maybe a thousand bits back in the 3700s, not much more now. And my dad can tell you the same thing, if you want to ask him too. But he’s really busy now, and I’m sure you don’t want to make the Spoons upset with you, right?” “Well, I…er…” “I didn’t think so.” she said smugly. As the social climbers took back their saddle and walked out in a huff, Silver noted with some relief that the crowd was dwindling. Maybe she would get some sleep tonight after all. It was a school night, and she and Diamond had a long day of teasing the blank flanks ahead of them. Something clattered gently in her saddlebag, where she kept her tools and a few of her favorite pieces for display. She glanced at the right pocket and saw something that hadn’t been there before. Six golden keys, all together on one ring. Where did those come from? They weren’t her keys to the family mansion; those, obviously, were silver. “Hmmm,” she said to herself. “Oh well. I’ll get a closer look at them later.” “Hi, Silver Spoon!” She would know that voice anywhere. Silver turned around and ran to greet her best friend. “Bump, bump, sugar lump rump!” they chorused, ignoring confused stares from the mares and stallions. “How’s it going? I’m glad they didn’t bore you to death before I got here.” Diamond glanced around with disdain. As usual, Silver was one of the only fillies she would speak civilly to. “Close enough,” she sighed. “I love judging antiques, but you know how these parties go. We never get anything really good.” The keys jingled again, unnoticed, before sinking further into her bag.
  23. Hello, my little ponies. It has been a long time since we—since I have graced your presence. I feel it would be beneficial for us to get to know each other. So, I shall be laying out my life like an open book, for all of you. Please, ask me anything you like. There shall be no more secrets between us.
  24. Looking for critique on this. It's really just a cover with slightly altered lyrics. It's sort of a headcanon of mine. What if it wasn't just jealousy and self-doubt that drove Princess Luna to become Nightmare Moon? Perhaps it was one of her own guards softly whispering into her ear the whole time, waiting for his chance. Original Music: "The Moon Rises" by Ponyphonic: Sombra Empire Icon: Emkay-MLP