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Found 220 results

  1. I am searching for someone adept in the arts to draw my newest OC, Alora. Everything necessary can be found below and, if I like your work enough, I may gift you with one of my more complex art requests. I may particularly like for someone to draw me a vector, seeing as I have all the hex codes listed and I DESPERATELY need one. She a complex character, do you have the raw talent necessary to properly re-create her?
  2. It´s been a long while since I last decided to sit and draw and it wasn´t ponies. So, during my psychopath state today (when I had feeling-like-a-shit moments and dull-euphory moments), listening to the soundtrack of my life, I sit and drew the Princess. It´s not an usual princess. It´s THE Princess! Yeah, it´s The Princess of the Sun. She realised her kingdom ran out of love, and since she donated all of her love to the Prince of the Moon, who suddenly left her (and she didn´t expect it), there are two events about to happen: Her heart´s going to get cold and freeze. The other thing is that her kingdom won´t survive, will be destroyed and will fall upon slowly. So, she´s going to die and her kingdom with her. Nothing to be happy about. And yeah, the giant dandelion... I use it kinda often. I don´t even know why. Maybe because czech word for dandelion contains my name (It´s like if my name was ELION-> DandELION).
  3. Luna, she's soooooo I Like all the Royals!!! I know Chrysalis may not count but oh well she still awsome!
  4. Ok so this one definitely isn't as good as my last one (in my opinion at least) but here we go..... I started this purely as an experiment to see what the NeXus VST is capable of, but it ended up sounding pretty cool, so... I decided to keep it I am aware that the piano melody is boring... I apologize for that. I did it free style, and in one take. I tried expanding on it, but it just ended up sounding worse lol. If anypony wants to remix this to make it more epic, go for it!
  5. Ask me anything, Why wouldn't you ask a Princess?
  6. Hi everyone This is my own art and gallery. I just started drawing, So i'm a newbie and my art kinda sucks. So here's one i drew of Princess Cadence : Please tell me what you think. I think it sucks I'm gonna update with more art soon.
  7. They constantly treat them like little foals to be cared for. Yet Celestia and Luna didn't found the country, they didn't discover harmony and friendship and unite for a common goal, the ponies did. What makes Celestia and Luna worthy of being leaders at all when their subjects did all the work? So they beat Discord the first time around, big deal. By that logic the Elements of Harmony should be ruling or how about Shining Armor and Cadence. They raise the sun and moon, but unicorns did that before they came along. They're very powerful, but that makes them suited to be military commanders not government leaders. Why should they rule Equestria at all?
  8. Hello once again everypony/everybody! Today I would like to share with you my recently uploaded track from BangHammer, 'Faith In The Princess'. I hope you all enjoy and if you would like to criticize it, go right ahead! I enjoy all critique big, small, negative, positive! Enjoy!
  9. So lostwanderer and I were talking about the pretty princess Lobstaar, when he said I should get a tattoo of him. And I did just that. Say hello to the prettiest tattoo ever. Ink: Sharpie:
  10. Hello Ponies! Its me Cadence! Ask me any Question you would like! Go ahead ask away!
  11. Just a funny comics from me. Kind of prequel. http://polkin.devian...attle-303864908
  12. Apollo

    Ask Celestia

    Meh, why not. Its time for ASK CELESTIA!! Why? Because I felt like it, thats why. LET US BEGIN THE QUESTIONS!!!
  13. Correct way? Cadance or Cadence Edit: Just wondering cause most people spell it Cadence so I was kinda confused
  14. I thought I needed one of these, cuz I love testing so much.
  15. Can anyone mention any actual examples of Princess Celestia using her magic except in sending and viewing letters? For the ruler of Equestria she does not seem all that powerful.
  16. So recently I've been on the MLP Wiki and seen two new characters in the list! - Shining Armor - Princess Cadence They are said to soon to be in a episode, I am wondering how they will act. What do you think their personalities will be like?
  17. I was watching over all the episodes again while waiting for the new one to come out this week and I thought "Where did they come up with the name Celestia?" and I decided to look into it. I was looking "Celestia" on the internet and couldn't find it. So I decided to listen to the Yogpod (Yogscast Podcast) and I got quite a way through them and then I suddenly heard from it "Celestial Being". I stopped it and went back a few seconds and he definitely said "Celestial Being" so I thought "Wait. Celestial Being? Isn't that pretty much Princess Celestia's name?" Then I looked up Celestial Being on the internet and at first couldn't find anything and then I decided to look deeper into the depths of google and I found something that said "A Celestial Being normally refers to an angel". Angel. Don't you think this means that they just took the "L" off of Celestial and this means that Princess Celestia could be an angel or something near to it. You may also realise this could be true as Princess Celestia (and Princess Luna) have lived for over 1000 years while the other ponies do not. Do you think I am right or not? EDIT: After looking into it a bit deeper, with the help of fellow members of the forums it seems it could also be Celestial Body (representing the Sun). But if you refer back to the 1000+ life of Celestia it could also be that it would have been taken from Celestial Being AND Celestial Body meaning all they had to do was take off a letter of 1 word which refers to 2 things and that could also be another plausible way to see it as.
  18. Fghik


    By now, I hope you realize, Princess Celestia's merchandise is pink. Despite the show portraying her as white, and even the art on the boxes portraying her as white. Of course this is a strange move from Hasbro, it may be out of plain stupidity and colorblind-ness; but maybe not? Why do you think the toy director designed/allowed these toys this way? One theory I though of was because she raises the sun. And when the sun rises, it gives off a red light; reflecting off of her white coat. Why do you think it's this way? Post your ideas! And just so we're clear: This is the real reason