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Found 1284 results

  1. OOC: It was night, sound of sirens could be heard as smoke rose to the sky in the distance, Jenna was running as fast as she could, holding her black backpack on one of her shoulders with one hand while holding her other hand against her side. She was injured and tired, and she was amazed she had gotten away with so little, after all she should have been dead after a fight with a Viper. She collapsed on her knees and breathed heavily, Damn this body, how can humans even live with pain tolerance this low, she couldn't continue too much longer, she needed to tend her wounds and rest, but she didn't have place to go. Jenna wasn't what she seemed like at first glance, because though she looked and normally acted like any girl at her age, she wasn't just any girl, in fact, she wasn't even a human, she was a dragon, she was just disguised as a human. But she was nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, there was countless dragons living among humans, hiding in plain sight, and most of them belonged to a huge organization called Talon that had been established long time ago to save dragons from extinction in hands of The Order of St. George, organization of dragon hunters. But not everyone wanted to be part of Talon, and Jenna was one of them, but Talon didn't like those who didn't follow their rules, thus Jenna had just had her first encounter with a Viper. Vipers were what Talon called their assassins, they skilled killers who were feared by every dragon and human who knew about them, and it was pure luck that Jenna had survived the encounter with relatively small injuries. Jenna looked around here, there was no abandoned buildings around, but she would need to find a hiding place, she scanned through the area and noticed that one of the houses had still lights on, she pushed herself up and started walking towards the house, I guess I have to rely on good ol' human kindness, I just need to make sure they don't call anyone. She stopped in front of the door and looked behind her to check nobody had followed her, she then turned back towards the door and rang the doorbell. She let her fear show on her face, knowing that it would help to persuade the human to let her in.
  2. OOC: It was sunny Friday afternoon and last of the classes for the week had ended, Jenna was standing outside the main entrance of the school listening music through her headphones and playing with a coin she had found from bottom of her leather jacket's pocked (1, 2, 3, 4,). She was bored, and didn't have any plans for the day, or for the whole weekend in that matter, and was killing time as she was trying to come up with something to do, but it was nothing new, because while everyone else in her age group were hanging with friends and or partying, she was usually alone, not because nobody wanted to be with her, in fact, some people wanted too much to be with her, but because she had made the conscious effort to make them to leave her alone. It wasn't that she didn't like company, no, she just didn't like the type of people most of the choices for that were, that and there was something she didn't want to risk showing to said people.
  3. @Illiad Easle It was a sunny late morning above the Everfree forest. There had been some rain during the night, so the forest floor was still a bit wet, but that didn't bother the ocean blue female dragon who climbed out of a small cave she had been sleeping in. She had arrived to the forest the previous day after a long flight from her homelands, and had been too exhausted to continue any longer, so she had taken over the first empty cave she could find and gone to sleep. The blue dragoness yawned and stretched, breathing in the humid forest air, taking mental notes of the scents of animals that came with it, it was time to hunt. It didn't take long until she had caught a rabbit, but it wasn't even near enough to satisfy her after a long travel, so she went after the scent of a deer next. The deer was some distance away, and when she finally saw it, the deer unfortunately saw her too and took off running. Not wanting to lose her meal, the blue dragoness ran after the deer, usually she would have flown after it, but she didn't know this forest well enough for that to do any good. She was staring to catch up to the deer when it suddenly made a sharp turn, and it was soon clear to the dragoness why it did, as she found herself falling downwards. She had ran off a cliff. It didn't worry her though, because while it was too small for her to stop the fall with her wings, she could just land on her legs unharmed. She did exactly that, landing smoothly on the ground, but before she could do anything else, she felt something hit her locking her right wing and back leg against the ground, followed by intense pain that made her cry out loudly, she hadn't realized she had broken off part of the cliff from above, and now that part was on top of her. She tried to lift the rocks and get herself free, but all that did was make the pain worse, so all she could do was to take the least painful position and wait, and though she had been taught for her whole life against it, she couldn't help but cry out for help. OOC:
  4. OOC Thread (If you want to join ask in the OOC first) @Scar Blu sighed as he looked around the small house, when the realtor said that the place was a fixer-upper... well, barely standing would likely have been a better description. Still, it was watertight, mostly, it would do until winter at least, but he hoped by then to have moved on, Fillydelphia wasn't quite far enough away from Princess Sparkle for his comfort. The house was mostly empty, he didn't own much beyond the clothes on his back, the briefcase in his grasp, and the food that Spike had sent ahead for him. The layout was fairly basic, a combination kitchen sitting area was the first room through the front door, down a small hallway was a bathroom and a single bedroom. He was almost glad that his crush had declined to leave with him, they would have had to be very close to share the space. He set the briefcase down on the bed before heading for the bathroom, he prayed to whatever deity this world recognized that it at least had a working water heater.
  5. OOC Link HERE @Dynamo Pad It was early evening in Manehatten and the unicorn streamer known as Stacey Ryder, was getting ready for a special multi-streamer game of Jump Force. This was a set-up by the creators of Jump Force, to help smaller streamers with less viewers stream with bigger known streamers and get their name out there. Stacey would set up her computer and stream session, complete with her favorite drnk, which happened to be monster energy drink (which she was sponsored by) and her faovrite snacks.
  6. (Link to OOC: HERE) @Sherem Do you want to make new friends? Learn about the world? Experience different cultures and help others do the same? Participate in the first ever All Equis Cultural Exchange! Entry open to all creatures, participants must be at least their species age of maturity (Typically 12+ years). Those not considered adults must have their parents’ permission to enter. The All Equis Cultural Exchange is a two week program preceded by a few weeks of preparation to allow both parties to confirm their willingness to participate before embarking. The two weeks entail one week in the hometown of each of the participants. Entry requirements: Write a letter about yourself including the following: Your name, your race, and your age. Be sure to describe yourself, including a picture if possible. And finally, be sure to include your location, as well as a short explanation as to why you want to participate. Please include a proof of residence. In countries where this document is not provided, Exchange officials can be sent to confirm your residence free of charge. Once you have submitted your letter, you will be paired with another of similar age who wishes to share their culture with you. You will have a few weeks’ time to interact via letter, after which the Cultural Exchange will officially begin! The bottom contained a mailing address and the invitation to submit any questions to the same in writing or in person. Flyers bearing the above text were distributed throughout the world. Carefully placed to attract the attention of all those interested in participation. Sherem had somehow found one, and had submitted his own application. Upon receiving his application, and discovering that he was an alicorn, the Children were unsure who they could pair him with, and ultimately decided there was only one creature that could hope to provide a reasonable exchange partner. Midnight Star was in his study in Castle Archback when Nightshade, tenth of his name, approached him with the proposal that he be paired with the alicorn. Midnight was intrigued, and agreed, setting to work writing out the letter of introduction the format of the exchange required. Noble Sherem, It is with great pleasure that I be the one to announce your acceptance and subsequent pairing with myself in the cultural exchange, should you still be interested. To provide you with a measure of understanding, I am Midnight Star, adviser to the Children of the Moon and second leader of the Equis Global Council. I am an earth pony by nature, but with the stature and life of an alicorn having reached just over 1020 years of age myself. I have a black coat with a white mane and tail. My mark is that of an eight pointed star, symbolizing hope even in the darkest nights. I hope that I will be able to make this exchange an enlightening one for the both of us, and I anxiously await your response. ~Midnight Star Letter written, he passed it along to the responsible party to have it sent along to Sherem. A few days after Sherem submitted his application, he would receive the above letter along with the official letter of acceptance, instructing him to write his own letter of introduction.
  7. @@Blitz Boom (OOC Thread) It had been a rather normal day for Null and Void, for once they were beginning to feel, something, in this town of theirs. Acceptance, maybe a sense of belonging? Whatever it was, they finally felt like they didn't need to be so on the run anymore. The two of them sat on a hill that overlooked the town at sunset, it was a truly tranquil moment. Void was peacefully asleep in the grass while Null was up, keeping watch, she thought to herself, an old habit from a time now further behind them. Null found herself doing something she had not done in a very long time, smiling. It wasn't a big one to be certain, in fact anyone who didn't know her would never even know she was smiling, but she knew it in her heart. It was at that very moment, the minuscule moment when she let her guard down, when it all went wrong. Though honestly one can't exactly prepare for a large portal opening in front of them. Less for what they saw on the other side. Through the portal was a room, so white it almost gleamed, though that was secondary to the all too familiar looking grey robed figures that dashed through it, and the pair of darts that struck the two of them. Void, having only barely been woken up by the portal quickly fell back asleep as the dart, a purely chemical rather than magical reaction, did it's job. Null did not fare much better as the Grey enforcers subdued her drugged form using her own weak points against her. Whoever had sent them clearly knew them well. She was only vaguely aware that some sort of harness was strapped around her midsection, a powerful humming, then darkness. ... A. Clave Bunsen scratched his small beard thoughtfully as he watched the enforcers drag his newest test subjects to the portal. He had heard of their rare abilities to nullify even the most powerful of magics, and knew the benefit it would bring to all of Equis if it could be replicated. The only problem was getting them to his lab. Which is where the portal came in, but bringing non magical creatures through a magical portal? That was what he was testing. The harnesses were designed as a counter, a shield specifically against anti-magic called the Re-Generator. And here was it's first test. Whether said field could contain the reversed field long enough to get them through? As the enforcers dragged the limp bodies, now much heavier due to the harnesses, the portal seemed to shimmer as the field came near, in the center it started to waver rather drastically, but it held long enough before finally snapping closed. Bunsen smiled as he looked down at the smoking harnesses around the two mares now in his lab. Sure it had bisected two of the enforcers and left another pair very deep in Equestrian territory, but he had his prize. Some time later... Null and Void wake up in another stark white room strapped down barrel up to exam tables with their legs, and wing in the case of Null spread out.
  8. OOC is here: @VinylWubs As a new day dawned, Celestia's sun began to shine it's light over the town of Ponyville. Ponies began to wake up and begin the daily routines of their lives. The sun's rays shined through the window, illuminating the darkness in the room of the blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad. Dynamo groans as his eyes slowly began to open. Finally awake, he tries to get out of bed. Only for him to realize that he was stuck and couldn't move. He uses his magic to lift the covers to see that his younger sister, Console Dream, had her arms wrapped around Dynamo's arms. Sighing, Dynamo tried to wriggle his way out of his sister's grip. After a few minutes, he finally became free and shook his head, while looking down at Console. Smiling slightly, he places his hand on his shoulder and gently shook Console. "Wake up, Console. It's morning and mom and dad might be up making breakfast. If you don't get up soon, then I will tickle torture you." He smirks slyly and chuckles softly. Dynamo moved to Ponyville after completing school back in Fillydelphia. His sister went with him along with completing flight school. After a few month, their parents, Quick Fix and Gentle Step, decided to move down to Ponyville with them. Since then, they have enjoyed living a rather peaceful life.
  9. OOC thread: FimFiction Story: @@Randimaxis (It's spoiler because private is not an option) Illiad Easle had lived in Deltrot for nearly three years and for the first time in his life he felt like he actually belonged in his community. He was sitting out on a sand dune a few hundred strides from the noise and light of town, giving him a great view of the stars above. As he began his trek back to town he came across a paper half buried in the sand. He retrieved it and began to read, a smile coming to his face. A cultural exchange? What a wonderful idea! He stowed the paper in the folds of his sand cloak and hurried back to town, eager to participate. A few days later he received the response that he had been accepted and been paired with an Earth pony named Dax Blackwater, who's permanent address is near the base of the crystal mountains, but current residence was a bit unclear, similar to his age which said 'Adolescent'. Illiad found the name of Dax to be odd, but then again, so was his. The response said to write a letter of introduction, so he pondered what exactly to say before he began to write. Good evening Mr Dax Blackwater, My name is Illiad Easle and I was selected to be your pairing in the cultural exchange. To tell you a bit about myself, I am an adult unicorn living in Deltrot, Troy. I have a khaki coat and a shortish brown mane and tail. My mark is a three cross ruler, quill, and paintbrush, symbolizing my talents in plotting, writing, and painting respectively. I mostly work as a designer of security measures such as watermarks and official seals. That sort of work doesn't come too often but frequent enough to pay my bills here. Occasionally I will be commissioned for a piece of abstract art or to design an inlay to furniture. Though I thoroughly enjoy writing short stories from time to time despite not being too good at it. I suppose I've talked enough about myself, how about you? I look forward to showing you around my new hometown and I can't wait to hear back from you. -Illiad Easle With writing the letter taken care of he took it to the local post office where his good friend Swift Message assured him it would go out on the next mail run to Equestria. He then went back to his life, eagerly awaiting a response. (You receive a notification from the Cultural Exchange program stating your acceptance and informing you that you have been paired with Illiad Easle, an adult Unicorn in the southern nation of Troy, it instructs you to watch for a letter from him and to respond in kind when it arrives. You receive Illiad's letter the very next day.)(Questions can be asked in quotations or in the OOC thread)
  10. Alright guys I feel this is a good time to open this RP for some 'test run" since we have gotten lots of ideas being put out, it time to play it out! As reminder, we'll be going by this order, and everyone will have 3 days to reply. Otherwise you will be skipped. @Canteen_the_unstable @TBD @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Goat-kun @Buck Testa @Jedishy ( I understand you still need time to make your OC, that's why I have you last, assuming this will be plenty of time as we wait for each member to post theirs. BEGIN!
  11. OOC Thread @Randimaxis The Storm Sapphire, a stone of miraculous energy with the power to change the climate according to the desires and will of whoever possesses it. Originally given to Princess Luna by the Tree of Peace together with the other Balance Gems to assist Princess Celestia and the Elements of Harmony defeat Discord. The weight of the stones was too great for any one being, even an alicorn, to bear alone. So Princess Luna ventured forth in the wake of Discord's defeat, choosing those who Peace deemed worthy to bear the stones in her stead, retaining to herself the Karmic Diamond. Together the Balance worked to ensure the world kept moving, never falling too far out of balance, but also ensuring it never reached a state of perfect balance. Bearing the Karmic Diamond, Luna had to ensure that, occasionally, bad things happened to good ponies, while some bad ponies escaped judgement for a time. Celestia could not understand, and eventually Luna was forced to take drastic measures to guarantee the ongoing safety of the world at the expense of Equestria. When Luna was banished for her actions, the bearers of the stones at the time sent their stones after her, encasing within them an image of their souls to guide them as they traveled. Each retaining a small piece of their gems to continue in their efforts in secret. Lacking the guidance of Luna, and therefore the Tree of Peace, over the generations the shards were lost, stolen, or hidden away to await one day the renewal of their connection to the original gems. Together with Nightmare Moon, the gems fell to Equestria, some coming back into contact with their fragments quickly, others remaining separated for some time. The soul within the Storm sapphire had changed over the thousand years, originally a griffon named Stonewater, the soul had taken the form of a bird, similar to a phoenix, calling itself Impundulu. The soul retained the memories of the previous bearer, and was ready to pass its mantel on to whoever was chosen by Peace. However, the fragment having been collected by Celestia and placed in her Closet, the remainder came to rest in the care of the mare Steel Wheels who called herself Taps. Impundulu found itself imprisoned, contained, its powers used only to keep a certain area without rain while the rest of the world was forced to rely on pegasi to maintain weather stability. At first it tried to escape, to force another to encounter and take it away, but Taps was too smart, too capable to allow a momentary setback to free the stone from her care. Over time the stone came to respect Taps' dedication, and decided that: If Taps was not the pony to bear it, and would not give it to the one ready to bear it, it would make her ready to bear it.
  12. OOC Thread @Randimaxis Rasputin Stalliongrad, descendant of Ironhoof Stalliongrad founder of the city of the same name. Rasputin Stalliongrad, known as the largest crime lord in the history of Equestria, bringing the entirety of his family's city securely under his control, defying even Princess Celestia's royal guard to remove him. Rasputin Stalliongrad, known among modern playgoers as the pinnacle of talent and charm, to play his part is to make or break any actor's career. Rasputin Stalliongrad, Idolized by actors, crime lords, and noblestallions, Adored by mares of every generation, presumed dead by a rival for hundreds of years... Sat furious at a writing desk. ...acting was absolute rubbish, the single worst rendition of Lord Stalliongrad I, Pulitzer Prize, have ever seen in all my years. This so called 'actor' has no business playing the role of a town fool, much less the prestigious role of Lord Stalliongrad. It is my hope, that the Canterlot Star Theater will learn from this atrocious performance, and their second rendition will take the time to cast actual talent for their roles, rather than the gutter trash they pulled from the back alley the night of. 4/10. Rasputin sighed, "What was he thinking? The fool barely even had a Germane accent, not even close to the true Stalliongrad dialect. And his acting, he almost made me look," he shuddered, "imbecilic." He closed the review in an envelope, placing the letter in Pulitzer's mailbox for delivery as he shed his disguise. The real Pulitzer had been out drunk, and wouldn't remember if he had or hadn't even attended the play, but enough would have seen him there, or rather, seen Rasputin disguised as Pulitzer, to assure the drunk stallion that he had attended it, and had hated it. His new disguise as he walked the streets was of a curious mare, he was looking for someone to kill, and nothing brought out the lowlife of a city like a defenseless looking young mare. He'd get the anger out, and no one would look to far into it.
  13. ( OOC Thread) With a few wisps of magic, the last few toys settled onto the window display. He eyeballed them, then reached a hoof out to make a slight adjustment. "Perfect!" he said, nodding at the display before trotting over to the door. This was it, the first day of business for his new shop. Well, his father's technically. But he was running it while dad was back in Manehattan. With a touch of magic, he unlocked the front door and pulled it open. As the morning sunlight swept inside, he blinked before stepping partially out and glanced at the sign above the door. His dad made it, carving the images of toys onto the sign so everypony would know what was sold there. It was a risk, he knew, opening a brand new shop in a new town. But he wanted to live on his own, and his father wanted to expand the business. Ponyville seemed a good place to try a small shop, there was always events happening here, they had heard. But starting fresh himself was hard enough, not knowing anypony in town yet. But he would make new friends soon enough, first there was business to attend to. With a smile, he turned and went back inside and took one last look around make sure everything was ready for customers. All the toys, puzzles, and model kits were neatly arranged on shelves, ready for purchase. Satisfied that all was well, Neon Kitbash took his place behind the counter and awaited his first customers....
  14. OOC Here It was early evening and the griffon known as Sora Kestrel would get home from his college class and hurriedly get out his Full Immersion VR gear. He was excited as that evening was going to be the full release of the newest game he was a beta tester for, the game was called Legends Online, and he had already gained a bit of reputation as being a mostly solo player. He chucked his backpack on his bed and plugged into the game. -In the game- He would find himself as his rather feminine in appearance, but that was kind of the way he liked it. He would go to the town quest board to do a few quests before the official launch.
  15. OOC Thread here It was an early afternoon in the small town of Ponyville, when the bunny known as Scarlet Rose was sitting inside of a small cafe, looking at the screen of her laptop with a sigh. "After so long of promising I would never return, here I find I am" she says to herself with a sigh and looks at an old photo of herself with a group of friends. What happened all those years ago, a gruesome murder of all her friends save for herself and one other friend, all linked to the airing of some strange TV show that was apparently impossible to record and only children remember it, their parents only saw static. "Candle Cove.." she whispers to herself before closing the laptop and thanking the waitress who had arrived with her drink and food. She looks up a little and begin to drink her cherry cola soda and nibbling on her cheese and ham croissant before sighing once more "If only my..investigations, didn't bring me back many old wounds not wanting to be re-opened"
  16. OOC: This is the order posting will progress: 1. Me 2. Renegade The Unicorn 3. Dynamo Pad 4. Jedishy 5. Arid_Blitz 6. Drago Ryder 7. TBD You will have 48 hours to contribute a post. Wolf slowly made her way through the various hallways, carefully looking at each classroom number to ensure that she didn’t miss her assigned room. “Well, this is it. I am now an official student of UA! I am going to have to make an impressive impression if I want to come across as true hero potential. I know that I passed the entrance exam with no problem but now, i’ll be in close quarters with a select group of students with their own unique quirk who also passed that exam; some probably getting a better score than me... I can’t be afraid. I have to let them know that I just as fierce and capable as them” Walking up a flight of stairs, she turned a corner and came to the closed door of classroom 111. This was it; the new class of 1-C. Wolf takes a deep inhale and let’s it go in an attempt to release any remaining anxiety. ”Well, here goes nothing” she whispers to herself as she opens the door. ”It’s empty. I must be the first student here. Am I early? No. Am I in the wrong place? I can’t be. I remember specifically reading the number 111 on my enrollment sheet” Wolf takes a seat in the middle desk in the front row. ”I suppose I’ll wait here!”
  17. OOC: @Unicorncob @Arid_Blitz @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad @reader8363 @Snow Frostflame The Dark Tournament. Once legal in Equestria, this tournament was banned nearly a decade ago for its brutal nature and reputation for attracting gamblers from the criminal underworld, but now, thanks to an influx of wealthy criminal investors, the tournament has been brought back with a new stadium built deep in the Everfree Forest. This brutal game pins sixteen teams of the lands deadliest warriors to fight to the death for entertainment and gambling. The victorious team will be granted one wish for each member from the corrupt and powerful tournament committee. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Crowds of all kinds converged on the newly mented stadium deep in the heart of the Everfree Forest. Most arrived by skyboats. Large, public skyboats landed huge crowds of fans outside the stadium. The stadium was a massive, concrete colosseum with multi-level seating surrounding an elevated circular ring where all the fights would take place. There was ring of grass between the combat ring and the seating where fighters would stand when they aren't in a match. The stadium was also complete with overhanging, VIP rooms, vendors where guests could place bets on the fights. The stadium was surrounded by three hotels. They were all elegantly designed with large glass windows and gold and black paint decorating the outer walls. One of the hotels was made of glass and steel. It was the largest hotel where most of the guests stayed. The smallest hotel was the most elaborately designed, complete with gold painted statues and immaculate wall carvings. That hotel was where the rich guests, team owners, and members of the tournament committee would be staying. The last hotel was a simpler design, concrete walls with horizontal tinted windows. That hotel was only for combatants and staff. Each team had a multiroom suite with six beds and a common room. Jade, Rose, Frostflame, Dynamo, and Draco exited a small skyboat that parked in front of the fighter's hotel. They could see ponies, griffins, and dragons of all sizes walking out of similar skyboats. Many of them had armor and weapons, others were dressed in silk dresses and fancy suits. It was hard to tell which of them were combatants in the tournament because they didn't know anything about who they were up against. In fact, they knew very little about the tournament. The five of them were only given four months of notice before the tournament began, and participation for them was not optional. How they spent those four months was up to them, but now they had no time to delay. The tournament was already beginning, and the five of them would be fighting tomorrow. ((You're basically wandering and interacting right now. Fights will start soon, but your team doesn't fight today. You can go to the stadium to watch fights, the hotel room to check your room, or wander around looking for the competition. The first match of the tournament will be a nobody team fighting the "big bads" that you'll be going up against in the finals, so you should probably watch that. @Unicorncob there's something in your hotel suite just for you))
  18. @Taylor GearGrinder It was a bright, yet sunny early morning as the sun shined brightly over the rural village of Ponyville. As ponies had begun setting up shop for the day, a blue unicorn had just begun to wake up to begin the day. The blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad, had been up the previous night having a marathon of video games and anime. As the light shined into his room, he groaned and attempted to throw the covers over his head. "Can I just sleep for five more minutes, please?" He asked to nobody in particular. He sighed and threw the covers off his face. He knew going back to sleep would be impossible now. One he was up, he was up for good and there was no changing it. He had checked his phone to see if his boss had messaged him. While living in Ponyville, Dynamo had found a job at the local gaming arcade. He was off for the day, but he wanted to make sure that he was indeed still off. He was surprised to see that he had indeed received a text message from his boss, Button Prompt. As he had read the text, the message had insisted that he had to get to the arcade right away. That, and Button had wanted Dynamo to see something important. 'Knowing Button, it must be news on a new game.' He thought as he got out of bed and started getting dressed. He was dressed in a purple shirt, black pants, sneakers and his signature gaming jacket. Making sure that he had everything, he locked up the house and began running over to the arcade. "I hope that Button managed to get the new game up and running. He called me up and told me to head over to the arcade right away." He spoke his thoughts out loud as he could see that the arcade was within his sights.
  19. OOC HERE @Catpone Cerberus It was early morning, and the cybernetic like mare known as Serenity Phase was busy getting the house ready for her new housemate. Sadly her last housemate had to leave to help their elderly parents, leaving her to be by herself, which was one thing she didn't like. She had just finished preparing the new housemate's room and was playing some of her tunes while playing a game on her laptop in the living room.
  20. OOC here The stable hummed with activity and rumor. But Eldrich Bolt had no time to see what the fuss was about. He was in his way to the medical wing to see Dr. Tender Hooves. Grumbling as he walked he almost wanted to curse the cutie mark that explained his need for specialized medicine. But nopony could really curse their cutie mark right? With a swish the door to the clinic opened and he could already see the vile of medicine and its associated needle sitting on a silver tray. He hated the feeling he knew was coming. The stick to the flank, the slight burn of the medicine. And then the nausea and sweats from the powerful immune boosters taking effect. He knew he was expecting a full workup today as he had been on guard duty at the vaults entrance this week. Which always meant the Doc fussed over him twice as much as normal. Sweeping his violet colored mane back he resigned himself to his fate.
  21. OOC thread HERE @Illiad Easle Mint Chocolate covered a small yawn as she made her way to her shop. Luckily for her, her shop wasn't far from her home, so it was a nice, short walk in the brisk morning air. She'd unlock the door and go about setting things up, the tables, the produce she had for sale and samplers, before flipping the sign on the door from saying Closed to saying Open. She would then go behind the counter, sit down and read a book while waiting for her first customer.
  22. @Canteen_the_unstable @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Goat-kun @Buck Testa This is a role-play where I will allow side story(ies) away from our main RP focus. This is good way get a better interaction among each other OCs. For this RP there will be no order. All is free to jump in anytime without having to wait for other to reply. If there's a problem with that, we will then have to take turns. It can be anything with little planning.
  23. OOC: @Drago Ryder Midnight star stood at the edge of the Shimmerwood forest staring back at Archback Mountain with a tear in his eye, as the sun set he could see the small lights which dotted the mountainside, the plains at the base, and the castle near the top. In his heart he knew the children would manage just fine without him, they might even grow up stronger not having him there to guide them. He wiped away the last tear before putting his helmet on, completing the full set of armor he hadn't worn in nearly two hundred years. He turned away from the mountain, ready to begin his own journey, and galloped into the forest. Some years later He had explored much, learned much, but still much was left to learn. He had most recently studied with some dragons to the far south, past the deserts of the emerging nation of Troy. He had learned the dragon's language and a small part of their culture, but his hooves longed to travel, and so he bid them farewell to continue onward in his journey. Some time later he would find himself encountering a new creature, a dragon a bit unlike those he had studied with. Despite the years of travel he had kept his armor in top condition, a chainmail coat covered by an enchanted cloth covered his body and much of his legs, a series of metal plates connected to a helmet covered his neck and head which leaving his white mane open to flow in the air. The metal was black, the cloth red with gold triangles on the border. He first spotted the dragon while in a clearing of a lightly wooded area, he had removed his helmet to take a drink from a nearby stream, exposing the black of his coat and the blue of his eyes. He was curious, but not crazy. He would let the dragon approach if it desired, he knew better than to try and force interaction.
  24. Do you, have you or are you planning on using a VPN service? I've been using FrootVPN for a while, I first got it cause it was a Swedish service and I wanted to try it out. Lately I've been getting slower speeds and there hasn't been much I could do about it so I'm looking into getting another one. At first I mainly used it while downloading torrents but nowaday I don't really torrent stuff anymore but DDoS attacks on multiplayer games has become an issue instead so I need something with more reliable servers.
  25. OOC: @Dynamo Pad What looked like a armored dragon and a crow were flying over ponyville *caw* *caw* "I know, I know, I'll give you food when this is done." The dragon was Ember, a red pony-dragon hybrid, and she was wearing a full set of armor, wielding a custom made spear, which both were made from a dark metal. She was a bounty hunter, and she had just gotten a new target to go after, though this one was bit special, because unlike usually, she wasn't meant to capture or kill anyone, instead she had been asked to just scare the target. She hadn't actually been given a clear reason why it was what she was meant to do, but since it fulfilled her requirements, she didn't have any reason to not do it. The pair was heading towards the home of their target, when the crow started to caw, signaling to Ember that it had found who they were looking for, he seemed to be just leaving somewhere, a great timing in Ember's opinion. She observed him for a second from the air, before eventually landing right in front of him, holding the spear with her wing, the crow landing on one of her horns. "Dynamo Pad, I assume"