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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 10 results

  1. OOC: It was night, sound of sirens could be heard as smoke rose to the sky in the distance, Jenna was running as fast as she could, holding her black backpack on one of her shoulders with one hand while holding her other hand against her side. She was injured and tired, and she was amazed she had gotten away with so little, after all she should have been dead after a fight with a Viper. She collapsed on her knees and breathed heavily, Damn this body, how can humans even live with pain tolerance this low, she couldn't continue too much longer, she needed to tend her wounds and rest, but she didn't have place to go. Jenna wasn't what she seemed like at first glance, because though she looked and normally acted like any girl at her age, she wasn't just any girl, in fact, she wasn't even a human, she was a dragon, she was just disguised as a human. But she was nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, there was countless dragons living among humans, hiding in plain sight, and most of them belonged to a huge organization called Talon that had been established long time ago to save dragons from extinction in hands of The Order of St. George, organization of dragon hunters. But not everyone wanted to be part of Talon, and Jenna was one of them, but Talon didn't like those who didn't follow their rules, thus Jenna had just had her first encounter with a Viper. Vipers were what Talon called their assassins, they skilled killers who were feared by every dragon and human who knew about them, and it was pure luck that Jenna had survived the encounter with relatively small injuries. Jenna looked around here, there was no abandoned buildings around, but she would need to find a hiding place, she scanned through the area and noticed that one of the houses had still lights on, she pushed herself up and started walking towards the house, I guess I have to rely on good ol' human kindness, I just need to make sure they don't call anyone. She stopped in front of the door and looked behind her to check nobody had followed her, she then turned back towards the door and rang the doorbell. She let her fear show on her face, knowing that it would help to persuade the human to let her in.
  2. OOC: It was sunny Friday afternoon and last of the classes for the week had ended, Jenna was standing outside the main entrance of the school listening music through her headphones and playing with a coin she had found from bottom of her leather jacket's pocked (1, 2, 3, 4,). She was bored, and didn't have any plans for the day, or for the whole weekend in that matter, and was killing time as she was trying to come up with something to do, but it was nothing new, because while everyone else in her age group were hanging with friends and or partying, she was usually alone, not because nobody wanted to be with her, in fact, some people wanted too much to be with her, but because she had made the conscious effort to make them to leave her alone. It wasn't that she didn't like company, no, she just didn't like the type of people most of the choices for that were, that and there was something she didn't want to risk showing to said people.
  3. OOC: It was calm day in Ponyville, and with nothing better to do, Sunlight had decided with his brother Jade to go to an arcade to kill time, neither of them were really good players, but they enjoyed little competition now and then, even if they knew the winner from the start.... "I win again." Sunlight cheered in friendly manner "Naturally" Jade laughed "You are better at everything after all." Sunlight gently hit Jade's shoulder with her hoof "Don't be like that, I know we'll find something you're better at than me." Jade shrugged "Maybe, maybe not, I don't mind either way." he pointed at the machine "New match?" "You bet." They then proceeded to continue playing, and yet again Sunlight took the lead like in all of the 10 matches before, but it wasn't because she had played more, no, it was because it was like Jade had said, Sunlight was better than him at everything, and the reason for that was more than just difference in skill...
  4. OOC: @Dynamo Pad What looked like a armored dragon and a crow were flying over ponyville *caw* *caw* "I know, I know, I'll give you food when this is done." The dragon was Ember, a red pony-dragon hybrid, and she was wearing a full set of armor, wielding a custom made spear, which both were made from a dark metal. She was a bounty hunter, and she had just gotten a new target to go after, though this one was bit special, because unlike usually, she wasn't meant to capture or kill anyone, instead she had been asked to just scare the target. She hadn't actually been given a clear reason why it was what she was meant to do, but since it fulfilled her requirements, she didn't have any reason to not do it. The pair was heading towards the home of their target, when the crow started to caw, signaling to Ember that it had found who they were looking for, he seemed to be just leaving somewhere, a great timing in Ember's opinion. She observed him for a second from the air, before eventually landing right in front of him, holding the spear with her wing, the crow landing on one of her horns. "Dynamo Pad, I assume"
  5. @@Blitz Boom (OOC Thread) It had been a rather normal day for Null and Void, for once they were beginning to feel, something, in this town of theirs. Acceptance, maybe a sense of belonging? Whatever it was, they finally felt like they didn't need to be so on the run anymore. The two of them sat on a hill that overlooked the town at sunset, it was a truly tranquil moment. Void was peacefully asleep in the grass while Null was up, keeping watch, she thought to herself, an old habit from a time now further behind them. Null found herself doing something she had not done in a very long time, smiling. It wasn't a big one to be certain, in fact anyone who didn't know her would never even know she was smiling, but she knew it in her heart. It was at that very moment, the minuscule moment when she let her guard down, when it all went wrong. Though honestly one can't exactly prepare for a large portal opening in front of them. Less for what they saw on the other side. Through the portal was a room, so white it almost gleamed, though that was secondary to the all too familiar looking grey robed figures that dashed through it, and the pair of darts that struck the two of them. Void, having only barely been woken up by the portal quickly fell back asleep as the dart, a purely chemical rather than magical reaction, did it's job. Null did not fare much better as the Grey enforcers subdued her drugged form using her own weak points against her. Whoever had sent them clearly knew them well. She was only vaguely aware that some sort of harness was strapped around her midsection, a powerful humming, then darkness. ... A. Clave Bunsen scratched his small beard thoughtfully as he watched the enforcers drag his newest test subjects to the portal. He had heard of their rare abilities to nullify even the most powerful of magics, and knew the benefit it would bring to all of Equis if it could be replicated. The only problem was getting them to his lab. Which is where the portal came in, but bringing non magical creatures through a magical portal? That was what he was testing. The harnesses were designed as a counter, a shield specifically against anti-magic called the Re-Generator. And here was it's first test. Whether said field could contain the reversed field long enough to get them through? As the enforcers dragged the limp bodies, now much heavier due to the harnesses, the portal seemed to shimmer as the field came near, in the center it started to waver rather drastically, but it held long enough before finally snapping closed. Bunsen smiled as he looked down at the smoking harnesses around the two mares now in his lab. Sure it had bisected two of the enforcers and left another pair very deep in Equestrian territory, but he had his prize. Some time later... Null and Void wake up in another stark white room strapped down barrel up to exam tables with their legs, and wing in the case of Null spread out.
  6. OOC: This is the order posting will progress: 1. Me 2. Renegade The Unicorn 3. Dynamo Pad 4. Jedishy 5. Arid_Blitz 6. Drago Ryder 7. TBD You will have 48 hours to contribute a post. Wolf slowly made her way through the various hallways, carefully looking at each classroom number to ensure that she didn’t miss her assigned room. “Well, this is it. I am now an official student of UA! I am going to have to make an impressive impression if I want to come across as true hero potential. I know that I passed the entrance exam with no problem but now, i’ll be in close quarters with a select group of students with their own unique quirk who also passed that exam; some probably getting a better score than me... I can’t be afraid. I have to let them know that I just as fierce and capable as them” Walking up a flight of stairs, she turned a corner and came to the closed door of classroom 111. This was it; the new class of 1-C. Wolf takes a deep inhale and let’s it go in an attempt to release any remaining anxiety. ”Well, here goes nothing” she whispers to herself as she opens the door. ”It’s empty. I must be the first student here. Am I early? No. Am I in the wrong place? I can’t be. I remember specifically reading the number 111 on my enrollment sheet” Wolf takes a seat in the middle desk in the front row. ”I suppose I’ll wait here!”
  7. @Catpone Cerberus [OOC] The cell was dank. It was not really even surprising, the small opening serving as a barred window just under the ceiling which only let the narrowest ray of sunlight in. Judging by its hue, it was late evening outside. Velvet was sitting curled up in the corner on her makeshift pit made of dampened hay, separating herself from it only with a dirty, rugged blanket. Her arms wrapped around her knees, she observed a tiny stream of water slowly trickling down the wall across the dungeon. It meandered between the stones until it finally reached the mossy rocks at the bottom, only to disappear in a tiny crack at the base of the wall. This was some shoddy craftsmanship, or rather a dungeon of ancient age. The cell was fairly empty itself. One could count the amount of appliances and specific objects on the fingers of their hands. A tray with dirty dishes and a cup, single bucket, aforementioned hay with a blanket, a window and the door. For the last couple of days this was Velvet's life, which she decided to temporarily endure to lull the guards into the false sense of security. The door looked sturdy. They looked heavy. They were made of thick, sturdy wood. It was framed with reinforced iron, filled to brim with studs to make them even sturdier. The lock seemed complicated and would prove a challenge even to the best of thieves. And Velvet's thievery skills were, to say the least, subpar. A small opening with two iron bars was visible at head level however, for conversations with the guards should the wish to pay the prisoner a visit. That was, however, a rare occurence. Barely anybody ever came down to this forgotten by world place. Velvet stood up and stretched. She was wearing some rags, given to her "graciously" by the wardens. She wasn't able to figure if that idea was mandatory, or rather was supposed to be treated as a form gesture from them towards the prisoners. Considering all she was wearing was an old loincloth and loose, torn shirt full of holes, she assumed both answers were correct. The woman directed her steps towards the opening in the doors. Her bare feet emitted minor slapping sounds as they met with cold stone, step after step. Thankfully, the curse of her past made Velvet lose the sense of temperature. Altough she would definitely suffer physical damage should she be exposed openly to extreme positive or negative temperatures, any regular inconvenience caused its fluctuation were completely irrelevant to her comfort. She reached the doors and grabbed the bars, having yet another peek outside into the corridor. From what she noticed as she was led inside, the corridor was nothing but a long line of cells, each identical to one another. The tunnel was dark, with just a single torch nearby slowly burning off its fuel, casting its faint light into the abyss of shadows around it. Shady silhouettes danced at the verge of where light reached to the rhytm of flames flickering on the torch's head. Velvet heard shuffling of the chains, slowly raising in volume, coming from the cell across the narrow hallway. A dirty, heavy hand grabbed one of the bars and a face appeared in the window across. The man had unkempt, horribly maintained hairs and chaotic, uncontrolled facial hair. He looked as if he had not seen clean water to wash himself in at least a year, if not more. He stared directly at Velvet, sending her a disgusting smile, before speaking. But as he spoke, even his voice seemed to match his nasty look. "Well will ye' look at that. My little princess has appeared once more. Ain't ye the pretty one, lady. Such a bloody perfect addition to my landscape. Say, why don't we ask a guard to move ye to my cell? It's cozy, ye would like it here." - the man released a low pitched, chilling laughter. One that could easily be assigned to a drunkard who spent his last 15 years in a tavern. Perhaps this wasn't too far from truth. The woman remained completely unfazed however, with not a single nerve of her face betraying any reaction. Although her expression was indifferent and tired, looking into her eyes one could recognize hidden hatred, vast reserves of it in fact. "What? Has a lizardman eaten yer tongue? Or maybe they have ripped it out when they threw ye in here, eh? I hope so! I hate when ye start screaming and babbling incoherently when I'm dealing with ye. Yer like a blessing I tell ye." Another wave of nasty laughter echoed down the hall, but garnered attention this time. "Shut up you damned lunatic!" - the shout came from somewhere down the hall, probably a different cell. "Or what, ye gonna come here and make me? Come on ye rat! I want to see you do that!" Velvet ignored the ramblings and let go of the bars. She stepped back, contemplating if she should give it a few more days before breaking free of this place. It would definitely not serve her any good should she draw too much attention to herself by forcing her way out. She needed to wait for an opportunity to arise. "Hey, HEY! Lady! Come back, I'm not done with you yet, hehehe." She returned to her corner. A few hours have passed and, judging by the angle in which moonlight fell upon the cell's floor, it must have been barely after midnight. Since Velvet's biological clock was allover the place due to her naps during the day, she wasn't asleep just yet. She listened to the slightest sounds coming from the outside world or the corridor itself. It was a good way of killing time for her, at least in comparison to other activities available to her. The night was uneventful initially, up until a certain moment. A tiny sound, barely audible just on the verge of her hearing reached her. It sounded as if someone opened and afterwards closed the doors, far down the corridor. Velvet perked up her ears as her eyes leerily travelled towards the opening in the door, but nothing seemed to be happening for a few minutes. Only after a moment did she notice something odd. The light of the torch was behaving unnaturally. As if an odd wind pattern was playing with it. Soon after, she heard a whistling. It kept growing, caused by the wind growing in strength and flowing through various, tiny cracks around the dungeon. From there, it quickly turned into a violent turbulence which could only be described as a miniature tornado. In an instant however it disappeared. And just a few seconds later an enormous force of air pressure travelled down the corridor, breaking the locks and throwing many doors off of their hinges, granting relative freedom to every single prisoner in the hall filled with cells. Velvet could hear various inmates waking up, initial confused murmurs slowly turning into full sentences. Soon after, it was a rising storm of laughters and shouts, as prisoners realized they were free. She could see a few silhouettes running towards the supposed exit, scanding mutiny and warcries along the way. Yet the woman did not move just yet. There was no reason for her to go in the first lane of runaways. It didn't take long however until her peace was disturbed. A silhouette stood in her doors, a face hidden in darkness cast by the light of the torch from behind it. "Well now, princess. Seems we finally meet..." - Velvet stood up hearing the voice. The prisoner from across the hall decided to pay her a visit it seemed. Curiously to her, he seemed to be well fed and still in shape. He started making his way towards her. As he neared her, Velvet was leering at him dangerously. And, for the first time ever since she arrived to the prison, she decided to speak to the man. Yet the conversation would not be long. "You disgust me." As soon as she said that, she moved her left arm aside. Her face became a mask of hatred, anger and repulsion as the bandages unwrapped from her arm. At once in the process, it started deforming. Blackening, with semi-transparent skin becoming crimson red. Violate, violet energies danced around it and it soon became a massive, demonic claw of a beast unknown to many men. This instantly stopped the prisoner in his tracks as his pupils enlarged in terror, observing the gruesome transformation. He deflated as his self-confidence evaporated into thin air. "Wh-what in the name of Arianna are ye!?" The man attempted to step back but tripped and fell heavily to the ground, staring into the monster that slowly headed his way. He managed to gain a response. "Your end." The sudden shriek was silenced as soon as it began. About two minutes later Velvet carefully, yet inquisitvely at once peeked out the doorway into the corridor. Men and sporadic women were still running one way or the other, and the hallway seemed to be going on for eternity both ways. She wasn't certain if the design was a spatial anomaly or the prison was just that enormous, yet she stepped out and started heading towards the general direction of the exit. Her cell was empty. With not a trace of a soul inside, including her charming neighbour from the cell across.
  8. OOC: @Unicorncob @Arid_Blitz @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad @reader8363 @Snow Frostflame The Dark Tournament. Once legal in Equestria, this tournament was banned nearly a decade ago for its brutal nature and reputation for attracting gamblers from the criminal underworld, but now, thanks to an influx of wealthy criminal investors, the tournament has been brought back with a new stadium built deep in the Everfree Forest. This brutal game pins sixteen teams of the lands deadliest warriors to fight to the death for entertainment and gambling. The victorious team will be granted one wish for each member from the corrupt and powerful tournament committee. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Crowds of all kinds converged on the newly mented stadium deep in the heart of the Everfree Forest. Most arrived by skyboats. Large, public skyboats landed huge crowds of fans outside the stadium. The stadium was a massive, concrete colosseum with multi-level seating surrounding an elevated circular ring where all the fights would take place. There was ring of grass between the combat ring and the seating where fighters would stand when they aren't in a match. The stadium was also complete with overhanging, VIP rooms, vendors where guests could place bets on the fights. The stadium was surrounded by three hotels. They were all elegantly designed with large glass windows and gold and black paint decorating the outer walls. One of the hotels was made of glass and steel. It was the largest hotel where most of the guests stayed. The smallest hotel was the most elaborately designed, complete with gold painted statues and immaculate wall carvings. That hotel was where the rich guests, team owners, and members of the tournament committee would be staying. The last hotel was a simpler design, concrete walls with horizontal tinted windows. That hotel was only for combatants and staff. Each team had a multiroom suite with six beds and a common room. Jade, Rose, Frostflame, Dynamo, and Draco exited a small skyboat that parked in front of the fighter's hotel. They could see ponies, griffins, and dragons of all sizes walking out of similar skyboats. Many of them had armor and weapons, others were dressed in silk dresses and fancy suits. It was hard to tell which of them were combatants in the tournament because they didn't know anything about who they were up against. In fact, they knew very little about the tournament. The five of them were only given four months of notice before the tournament began, and participation for them was not optional. How they spent those four months was up to them, but now they had no time to delay. The tournament was already beginning, and the five of them would be fighting tomorrow. ((You're basically wandering and interacting right now. Fights will start soon, but your team doesn't fight today. You can go to the stadium to watch fights, the hotel room to check your room, or wander around looking for the competition. The first match of the tournament will be a nobody team fighting the "big bads" that you'll be going up against in the finals, so you should probably watch that. @Unicorncob there's something in your hotel suite just for you))
  9. OOC Thread HERE @Dynamo Pad It was afternoon already when Scarlet Rose had checked into her hotel room, put her luggage away and had decided to go on a walk around Canterlot. How-ever, she had already started getting lost, having never been there before, and had happened across a cafe. Stepping in, she orders a tall latte and a piece of cheesecake to eat while thinking on her next move. Sitting down at her table, she puts in one of her earbuds, playing "Extinct" by Moonspell and looking over some designs she was working on.
  10. OOC Thread here It was an early afternoon in the small town of Ponyville, when the bunny known as Scarlet Rose was sitting inside of a small cafe, looking at the screen of her laptop with a sigh. "After so long of promising I would never return, here I find I am" she says to herself with a sigh and looks at an old photo of herself with a group of friends. What happened all those years ago, a gruesome murder of all her friends save for herself and one other friend, all linked to the airing of some strange TV show that was apparently impossible to record and only children remember it, their parents only saw static. "Candle Cove.." she whispers to herself before closing the laptop and thanking the waitress who had arrived with her drink and food. She looks up a little and begin to drink her cherry cola soda and nibbling on her cheese and ham croissant before sighing once more "If only my..investigations, didn't bring me back many old wounds not wanting to be re-opened"