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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 1384 results

  1. Link to OOC: (Same as the OOC but this is for roleplay) *Mirage and Amanita are slowly heading to Ponyville, Mirage leading Amanita by the hoof* Amanita: are we there yet Mirage? Mirage: no, not yet. But I think we’re close. I can smell love. And besides you need to eat. Amanita: so do you! Mirage: I can go without food longer than you. Besides you need it more than me.
  2. @@Blitz Boom (OOC Thread) It had been a rather normal day for Null and Void, for once they were beginning to feel, something, in this town of theirs. Acceptance, maybe a sense of belonging? Whatever it was, they finally felt like they didn't need to be so on the run anymore. The two of them sat on a hill that overlooked the town at sunset, it was a truly tranquil moment. Void was peacefully asleep in the grass while Null was up, keeping watch, she thought to herself, an old habit from a time now further behind them. Null found herself doing something she had not done in a very long time, smiling. It wasn't a big one to be certain, in fact anyone who didn't know her would never even know she was smiling, but she knew it in her heart. It was at that very moment, the minuscule moment when she let her guard down, when it all went wrong. Though honestly one can't exactly prepare for a large portal opening in front of them. Less for what they saw on the other side. Through the portal was a room, so white it almost gleamed, though that was secondary to the all too familiar looking grey robed figures that dashed through it, and the pair of darts that struck the two of them. Void, having only barely been woken up by the portal quickly fell back asleep as the dart, a purely chemical rather than magical reaction, did it's job. Null did not fare much better as the Grey enforcers subdued her drugged form using her own weak points against her. Whoever had sent them clearly knew them well. She was only vaguely aware that some sort of harness was strapped around her midsection, a powerful humming, then darkness. ... A. Clave Bunsen scratched his small beard thoughtfully as he watched the enforcers drag his newest test subjects to the portal. He had heard of their rare abilities to nullify even the most powerful of magics, and knew the benefit it would bring to all of Equis if it could be replicated. The only problem was getting them to his lab. Which is where the portal came in, but bringing non magical creatures through a magical portal? That was what he was testing. The harnesses were designed as a counter, a shield specifically against anti-magic called the Re-Generator. And here was it's first test. Whether said field could contain the reversed field long enough to get them through? As the enforcers dragged the limp bodies, now much heavier due to the harnesses, the portal seemed to shimmer as the field came near, in the center it started to waver rather drastically, but it held long enough before finally snapping closed. Bunsen smiled as he looked down at the smoking harnesses around the two mares now in his lab. Sure it had bisected two of the enforcers and left another pair very deep in Equestrian territory, but he had his prize. Some time later... Null and Void wake up in another stark white room strapped down barrel up to exam tables with their legs, and wing in the case of Null spread out.
  3. Catpone Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Unicorncob (rp)

    OOC: It was sunny Friday afternoon and last of the classes for the week had ended, Jenna was standing outside the main entrance of the school listening music through her headphones and playing with a coin she had found from bottom of her leather jacket's pocked (1, 2, 3, 4,). She was bored, and didn't have any plans for the day, or for the whole weekend in that matter, and was killing time as she was trying to come up with something to do, but it was nothing new, because while everyone else in her age group were hanging with friends and or partying, she was usually alone, not because nobody wanted to be with her, in fact, some people wanted too much to be with her, but because she had made the conscious effort to make them to leave her alone. It wasn't that she didn't like company, no, she just didn't like the type of people most of the choices for that were, that and there was something she didn't want to risk showing to said people.
  4. OOC: It was night, sound of sirens could be heard as smoke rose to the sky in the distance, Jenna was running as fast as she could, holding her black backpack on one of her shoulders with one hand while holding her other hand against her side. She was injured and tired, and she was amazed she had gotten away with so little, after all she should have been dead after a fight with a Viper. She collapsed on her knees and breathed heavily, Damn this body, how can humans even live with pain tolerance this low, she couldn't continue too much longer, she needed to tend her wounds and rest, but she didn't have place to go. Jenna wasn't what she seemed like at first glance, because though she looked and normally acted like any girl at her age, she wasn't just any girl, in fact, she wasn't even a human, she was a dragon, she was just disguised as a human. But she was nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, there was countless dragons living among humans, hiding in plain sight, and most of them belonged to a huge organization called Talon that had been established long time ago to save dragons from extinction in hands of The Order of St. George, organization of dragon hunters. But not everyone wanted to be part of Talon, and Jenna was one of them, but Talon didn't like those who didn't follow their rules, thus Jenna had just had her first encounter with a Viper. Vipers were what Talon called their assassins, they skilled killers who were feared by every dragon and human who knew about them, and it was pure luck that Jenna had survived the encounter with relatively small injuries. Jenna looked around here, there was no abandoned buildings around, but she would need to find a hiding place, she scanned through the area and noticed that one of the houses had still lights on, she pushed herself up and started walking towards the house, I guess I have to rely on good ol' human kindness, I just need to make sure they don't call anyone. She stopped in front of the door and looked behind her to check nobody had followed her, she then turned back towards the door and rang the doorbell. She let her fear show on her face, knowing that it would help to persuade the human to let her in.
  5. Literally Snails

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    OOC: @Unicorncob @Arid_Blitz @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad @reader8363 @Snow Frostflame The Dark Tournament. Once legal in Equestria, this tournament was banned nearly a decade ago for its brutal nature and reputation for attracting gamblers from the criminal underworld, but now, thanks to an influx of wealthy criminal investors, the tournament has been brought back with a new stadium built deep in the Everfree Forest. This brutal game pins sixteen teams of the lands deadliest warriors to fight to the death for entertainment and gambling. The victorious team will be granted one wish for each member from the corrupt and powerful tournament committee. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Crowds of all kinds converged on the newly mented stadium deep in the heart of the Everfree Forest. Most arrived by skyboats. Large, public skyboats landed huge crowds of fans outside the stadium. The stadium was a massive, concrete colosseum with multi-level seating surrounding an elevated circular ring where all the fights would take place. There was ring of grass between the combat ring and the seating where fighters would stand when they aren't in a match. The stadium was also complete with overhanging, VIP rooms, vendors where guests could place bets on the fights. The stadium was surrounded by three hotels. They were all elegantly designed with large glass windows and gold and black paint decorating the outer walls. One of the hotels was made of glass and steel. It was the largest hotel where most of the guests stayed. The smallest hotel was the most elaborately designed, complete with gold painted statues and immaculate wall carvings. That hotel was where the rich guests, team owners, and members of the tournament committee would be staying. The last hotel was a simpler design, concrete walls with horizontal tinted windows. That hotel was only for combatants and staff. Each team had a multiroom suite with six beds and a common room. Jade, Rose, Frostflame, Dynamo, and Draco exited a small skyboat that parked in front of the fighter's hotel. They could see ponies, griffins, and dragons of all sizes walking out of similar skyboats. Many of them had armor and weapons, others were dressed in silk dresses and fancy suits. It was hard to tell which of them were combatants in the tournament because they didn't know anything about who they were up against. In fact, they knew very little about the tournament. The five of them were only given four months of notice before the tournament began, and participation for them was not optional. How they spent those four months was up to them, but now they had no time to delay. The tournament was already beginning, and the five of them would be fighting tomorrow. ((You're basically wandering and interacting right now. Fights will start soon, but your team doesn't fight today. You can go to the stadium to watch fights, the hotel room to check your room, or wander around looking for the competition. The first match of the tournament will be a nobody team fighting the "big bads" that you'll be going up against in the finals, so you should probably watch that. @Unicorncob there's something in your hotel suite just for you))
  6. OOC: It was calm day in Ponyville, and with nothing better to do, Sunlight had decided with his brother Jade to go to an arcade to kill time, neither of them were really good players, but they enjoyed little competition now and then, even if they knew the winner from the start.... "I win again." Sunlight cheered in friendly manner "Naturally" Jade laughed "You are better at everything after all." Sunlight gently hit Jade's shoulder with her hoof "Don't be like that, I know we'll find something you're better at than me." Jade shrugged "Maybe, maybe not, I don't mind either way." he pointed at the machine "New match?" "You bet." They then proceeded to continue playing, and yet again Sunlight took the lead like in all of the 10 matches before, but it wasn't because she had played more, no, it was because it was like Jade had said, Sunlight was better than him at everything, and the reason for that was more than just difference in skill...
  7. OOC Thread @@Drago Ryder Siren Song was used to receiving many letters in every mail run, being part of one of the most popular acapela groups in Equis had its perks. Though today she found herself on a break. The next tour wouldn't start for a while yet, and the group had just finished a recent tour up in Northern Equestria to end a long season of tours. Collectively the group had decided to take a break for a season, let each go their ways for a bit, stretch their metaphorical, and literal in some cases, wings and rest up for the next one. Thus when she found the flyer for the cultural exchange she discovered exactly what she could spend her break time on. And when the response to her application came so swiftly after she had sent it, it was sure in her mind that it was the perfect thing to do. She quickly set to work writing a letter of introduction as her acceptance said, to find out about one Maia, a griffon. Good evening Miss Maia My name is Siren Song and I was selected to be your pairing in the cultural exchange. To tell you a bit about myself, I am a 21 year old unicorn from, and currently residing in, Deltrot of Troy. I have an amber coat with a short silver mane and tail. My mark is a silver sharp eighth note, representing my talent in singing the especially high notes in my group. I don't know if you've heard of them, but I am one of the singers of HexComb. While they're decently known in Equestria, I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't as well known among griffons. Speaking of which, I can't say I've had the pleasure of meeting too many griffons in my travels, and I would be thrilled to make your acquaintance. I look forward to hearing about you and your home town, and I can't wait to show you around my own home. It's not biggest or most famous place on Equis, but there's no place I'd rather be! -Siren Song With the letter taken care of she ensured that it would go out on the next mail run to Equestria. She then went back to her life, eagerly awaiting a response. (You receive a notification from the Cultural Exchange program stating your acceptance and informing you that you have been paired with Siren Song, a 21 year old Unicorn in the nation of Troy. It instructs you to watch for a letter from her and to respond in kind when it arrives. You receive Siren's letter the very next day.)(Questions can be asked in quotations or in the OOC thread)
  8. OOC Thread HERE @Dynamo Pad It was afternoon already when Scarlet Rose had checked into her hotel room, put her luggage away and had decided to go on a walk around Canterlot. How-ever, she had already started getting lost, having never been there before, and had happened across a cafe. Stepping in, she orders a tall latte and a piece of cheesecake to eat while thinking on her next move. Sitting down at her table, she puts in one of her earbuds, playing "Extinct" by Moonspell and looking over some designs she was working on.
  9. OOC Thread here It was an early afternoon in the small town of Ponyville, when the bunny known as Scarlet Rose was sitting inside of a small cafe, looking at the screen of her laptop with a sigh. "After so long of promising I would never return, here I find I am" she says to herself with a sigh and looks at an old photo of herself with a group of friends. What happened all those years ago, a gruesome murder of all her friends save for herself and one other friend, all linked to the airing of some strange TV show that was apparently impossible to record and only children remember it, their parents only saw static. "Candle Cove.." she whispers to herself before closing the laptop and thanking the waitress who had arrived with her drink and food. She looks up a little and begin to drink her cherry cola soda and nibbling on her cheese and ham croissant before sighing once more "If only my..investigations, didn't bring me back many old wounds not wanting to be re-opened"
  10. Luna's Admirer

    Private Shipwreck

    Summary: Seven different ponies went to sea voyage, all with different personalities traits and from different backgrounds and with different purposes to travel. No one of them knew each other at all until the day they met at Baltimare's port. But, what will happen when fate decided to throw them in a disaster in the form of shipwreck? Link to OOC:
  11. @Taylor GearGrinder It was a bright, yet sunny early morning as the sun shined brightly over the rural village of Ponyville. As ponies had begun setting up shop for the day, a blue unicorn had just begun to wake up to begin the day. The blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad, had been up the previous night having a marathon of video games and anime. As the light shined into his room, he groaned and attempted to throw the covers over his head. "Can I just sleep for five more minutes, please?" He asked to nobody in particular. He sighed and threw the covers off his face. He knew going back to sleep would be impossible now. One he was up, he was up for good and there was no changing it. He had checked his phone to see if his boss had messaged him. While living in Ponyville, Dynamo had found a job at the local gaming arcade. He was off for the day, but he wanted to make sure that he was indeed still off. He was surprised to see that he had indeed received a text message from his boss, Button Prompt. As he had read the text, the message had insisted that he had to get to the arcade right away. That, and Button had wanted Dynamo to see something important. 'Knowing Button, it must be news on a new game.' He thought as he got out of bed and started getting dressed. He was dressed in a purple shirt, black pants, sneakers and his signature gaming jacket. Making sure that he had everything, he locked up the house and began running over to the arcade. "I hope that Button managed to get the new game up and running. He called me up and told me to head over to the arcade right away." He spoke his thoughts out loud as he could see that the arcade was within his sights.
  12. OOC thread: FimFiction Story: @@Randimaxis (It's spoiler because private is not an option) Illiad Easle had lived in Deltrot for nearly three years and for the first time in his life he felt like he actually belonged in his community. He was sitting out on a sand dune a few hundred strides from the noise and light of town, giving him a great view of the stars above. As he began his trek back to town he came across a paper half buried in the sand. He retrieved it and began to read, a smile coming to his face. A cultural exchange? What a wonderful idea! He stowed the paper in the folds of his sand cloak and hurried back to town, eager to participate. A few days later he received the response that he had been accepted and been paired with an Earth pony named Dax Blackwater, who's permanent address is near the base of the crystal mountains, but current residence was a bit unclear, similar to his age which said 'Adolescent'. Illiad found the name of Dax to be odd, but then again, so was his. The response said to write a letter of introduction, so he pondered what exactly to say before he began to write. Good evening Mr Dax Blackwater, My name is Illiad Easle and I was selected to be your pairing in the cultural exchange. To tell you a bit about myself, I am an adult unicorn living in Deltrot, Troy. I have a khaki coat and a shortish brown mane and tail. My mark is a three cross ruler, quill, and paintbrush, symbolizing my talents in plotting, writing, and painting respectively. I mostly work as a designer of security measures such as watermarks and official seals. That sort of work doesn't come too often but frequent enough to pay my bills here. Occasionally I will be commissioned for a piece of abstract art or to design an inlay to furniture. Though I thoroughly enjoy writing short stories from time to time despite not being too good at it. I suppose I've talked enough about myself, how about you? I look forward to showing you around my new hometown and I can't wait to hear back from you. -Illiad Easle With writing the letter taken care of he took it to the local post office where his good friend Swift Message assured him it would go out on the next mail run to Equestria. He then went back to his life, eagerly awaiting a response. (You receive a notification from the Cultural Exchange program stating your acceptance and informing you that you have been paired with Illiad Easle, an adult Unicorn in the southern nation of Troy, it instructs you to watch for a letter from him and to respond in kind when it arrives. You receive Illiad's letter the very next day.)(Questions can be asked in quotations or in the OOC thread)
  13. RP Thread HERE, OOC Thread Link HERE @Kitty_Cat It was early morning, and Tender Cotton had just woken up. He had placed a mug of fresh coffee on the counter and sipped it casually, using his magic to levitate it here and there, as he tidied up the store. It didn't really need the tidying up, but his store was his pride and joy. After straightening the display, doing some dusting and flipping the sign on the door from closed to open. The rather feminine stallion, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans, a black tshirt and his goggles (Despite being a unicorn and not a pegasus), stood behind the counter and waited for his first customer.
  14. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    @Jedishy OOC: Vincent’s POV: It’m quite weary tonight. Today has been a long day, and now I’m in the office by myself since Mike got sick. I can’t concentrate very well due to my lack of sleep. As I watch over the monitor, I see an animatronic headed my way. It’s moving very fast, so I have to close the door quickly. Unfortunately, I’m too slow... the animatronic has entered the office. It jumps and attacks me; all I see is static. The static finally fades from my vision. I open my eyes, expecting to be dead. Well, I’m certainly not where I expected to be, and... what is up with my arms and legs? I can’t feel my hands. I open my eyes more and look at my... arms? These dont look like arms... I roll over onto my back so I can see my legs.... or... What the heck?! What happened to my legs?! Oh no... I don’t think I’m human anymore... Where even am I?!
  15. OOC Link @@DwhitetheGamer Wind Surfer had been feeling a bit down on his luck, he was doing well enough in school at Archback Academy, he was looking to graduate soon enough and he had already learned enough about engineering and areodynamics to construct, with the help of his brother Wind Lift, a few gliders and wing enhancers that he could test out on the strong air currents up the back side of Archback. Despite all this success though, it seemed no one from his old class group could get over his twin tails. But, when Nightshade, THE Nightshade, the pony who was the official go-between of Gari to the Equis Global Council, asked HIM of all ponies to be one of the first to participate in a cultural exchange 'for the good of the world', nothing could keep his spirits down. Except for learning that he would be paired with an Equestrian, one from one of the only nations that refused to be part of the EGC, but even then it only dampened his spirits a small bit. He had never been far outside the borders of the Archback territory, and it would be a great opportunity for him to see more of the world. He quickly set to work writing a letter of introduction as Nightshade had instructed, to find out about whoever he would be paired with. Good evening, My name is Wind Surfer and I was selected to be your pairing in the cultural exchange. To tell you a bit about myself, I am a young adult pegasus from the Children of the Night colony on Archback Mountain. I have a light blue coat with a two tone blond mane and tails. My mark is a straight wing on the wind, representing my talent in flight and gliding. I'm currently studying aerodynamics to help my brother Lift test out some inventions that could help all creatures fly like me. I'm very excited to find out more about you and where you come from, and am doubly so to show you what my home can offer! Sincerely, ~Wind Surfer With the letter taken care of He entrusted it to the care of Nightshade who assured him it would go out to the first suitable candidate they could find. He then went back to his life, eagerly awaiting a response. (You receive a notification from the Cultural Exchange program stating your acceptance and informing you that you have been paired with Wind Surfer, a young adult pegasus. It instructs you to watch for a letter from him and to respond in kind when it arrives. You receive Surfer's letter the very next day.)(Questions can be asked in quotations or in the OOC thread)
  16. After unknown forces bring Nightmare Moon back to Equestria, she confronts Princess Luna and Princess Celestia about her existence and what it means to their power. Participants: @Loyal Defender OOC Link: Chapter 4: A new kind of dream Nightmare Moon loafed outside of Everfree Forest, somewhat weakened by the intense days spent in Canterlot. Her emotions ebbed and flowed, a dynamic she'd learned to laugh away. Anger was so easily comforting, and sorrow a strength greater than anything she'd possessed. But somehow, seeing Luna apart from her, soaked vital serenity from her spirit. She could not reconcile it. The paradox sapped her energy and she had to do something about it. Downtime was necessary, even for a Princess as powerful as she. So after mustering her followers, they took to Everfree to fulfill the banishment declared by Celestia and take rest.
  17. OOC is here: @VinylWubs As a new day dawned, Celestia's sun began to shine it's light over the town of Ponyville. Ponies began to wake up and begin the daily routines of their lives. The sun's rays shined through the window, illuminating the darkness in the room of the blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad. Dynamo groans as his eyes slowly began to open. Finally awake, he tries to get out of bed. Only for him to realize that he was stuck and couldn't move. He uses his magic to lift the covers to see that his younger sister, Console Dream, had her arms wrapped around Dynamo's arms. Sighing, Dynamo tried to wriggle his way out of his sister's grip. After a few minutes, he finally became free and shook his head, while looking down at Console. Smiling slightly, he places his hand on his shoulder and gently shook Console. "Wake up, Console. It's morning and mom and dad might be up making breakfast. If you don't get up soon, then I will tickle torture you." He smirks slyly and chuckles softly. Dynamo moved to Ponyville after completing school back in Fillydelphia. His sister went with him along with completing flight school. After a few month, their parents, Quick Fix and Gentle Step, decided to move down to Ponyville with them. Since then, they have enjoyed living a rather peaceful life.
  18. Raven Rawne

    Private Home amongst the Stars

    OOC @Scare Effect "Get on this starship, they said... It'll be fun! They said..." A mare was laying on her bed, staring into the ceiling of her tiny private quarters. She had a deep, rusty red coat, and ice blue mane, tied meticulously into a ponytail with a lock of hair hanging like a curtain by her right eye. She rolled her cold, blue eyes and sighed, then raised her left arm to look at the bracelet on it. She fired up the touch screen and fidded with it for a bit, then finally started a recording. She took a deep breath, and said: "Personal log, of Crystal Clear, assignment Pathfinder unit number 2, entry one. After over a year in stasis, we've arrived to our destination. The orbit of an alien world, Caligula. I remeber seeing it, just a little dot on the sky... Well it sure looks better from up close, for once. Anyways... it appears that the mission is going as planned. Our ship, "Final Frintier", the finest we ever made they say, left Equestrian orbit a year ago, never to return. And we, crazy ponies on board. Yours truly included. Our mission: to establish a first pony colony outside Equestria, and it's Moon. A bold plan, one that will make it to history books for sure. Even if we fail." The humming of the ship seemed louder and she looked at the doors, but nothing happened. The light on the door console kept beeping, informing that they are locked from the inside. Crystal sighed and resumed her little speech. "It's been five days since I was brought back from stasis. Not the best feeling, mind you, but I live. And today is the last day of my, ahem, vacation. the command says the tech ponies finally pulled out my ship from storage and will have her ready before dinner. Which is good, idleness makes my head hurt." A notification flashed on the screen of her forearm computer, halting the recording. She muteres domething and reviewed it, then resumed the recording. "Well Heart take me, they made it three hours earlier than expected. Maybe these techies aren't as bad as usual! *Akhem* I'll go and take a look at my new ride then. Heart knows I need all the time in it I can get... Crystal Clear out. . .. ... .... I know you'll be listening to it, snoops!" She killed the screen and stretched her back. In one swift move, the mare was on her hooves and starting to get ready. Soon enough she stepped out of the doors of her little hideout and, using the device on her arm, closed the doors with her pass key. She took the left turn, along a long row of doors, identical to her own. Most vacant so far, only the essential crew was awake, and now it was time for the Pathfinders to start working too. Crystal smiled as her hof boots made a clatter on the metal floor, like a dozen troopers were marching on parade. She straightened her jacket, the Crystal Heart patch on her right shoulder, the mission logo and pathfinder decal on her left, the name tag on her chest. One more pat on her breeches and she was mentally ready to meet her chariot, looking her best. The Pathfinder units hangar seemed busy like never. well, because it was technically true. Crystal walked out of the hallway into the clatter of tools, curses and shouts as the technicians busted their flanks to keep as many units mission ready as possible, before the deadline,. Everypony wanted to do their best, and for good reason. The crystal mare consulted her little computer and went straight ahead to one of the nooks, where ships were parked. Only from up close did she notice a "II" on the floor right before it. A casual glance confirmed that the unit was indeed, prepped and set aside, so she walked around it, carefully exemining every detail of the hull. Only once satisfied did she open the ramp at the back and climb inside. "Well hello there! seems like we'll be working together for a bit. Yeah, I know, you expected somepony else but, you know." The mare casually talked to the ship as she woke up her power core, and the interior lit with clinical, blueish light. Crystal took a galnce over the cargo hold, checked the rifle stands, and sat on the lower bunk bed that was crammed just behing the cockpit. "Hmm, not bad... Let's check your systems and get aquainted, shall we?" She took her seat - the pilot seat - engaged service mode and started runing checks on every system of the ship, one after another. She sat there, silent aside from the beeps and whirrs of her machine companion as it moved it's flaps and lit all kinds of info on the HUD, testing itself out.
  19. OOC Thread @@LonnaKitty (I'll just take the premise we used last time, but don't worry, this won't be a frame for frame recreation, He'll react slightly differently in some circumstances.) It was a relatively calm night, or what could pass as night given both the sun and the moon were in the sky. The weather team at Archback Mountain had taken to placing a thick cloud cover to protect the crops and houses from an excess of sunlight. But they weren't the only ones with problems. Equestria was having its trouble, as always, this time they were being dominated by plants of all things. Clearly the Everfree forest had decided a more aggressive conservation strategy was in order. Midnight Star stood in the looking tower, watching the events unfold through the enchanted glass and mirrors. He smiled as he watched six ponies figured out how to restore the tree of harmony. The wave went out, once again saving the day in a wave of harmonic magic. This time, however, there was a new surprise. From the corner of his view he saw something he had previously overlooked every time he watched the Everfree forest. It was faint, had he not been looking almost directly at it he would have missed it entirely given how well hid it was, but he recognized the flash of a shield breaking, then there was a new gap in the trees. He turned and refocused the windows to get a better view of the clearing, wondering how he had never noticed the shield before, but the more he thought the more he remembered having noticed it, but just passed it by as if it were nothing of importance. Well, that would have to end today. Finally the windows focused and revealed what appeared to be a small township, movement betrayed that there was something there, potentially something interesting. In a flurry of activity he left the tower, gathered a small supply of travelling items, as well as his nearly hoof length cover and helmet, and prepared to set out in the direction of the newly discovered kingdom. A thestral flew out from the castle's mountain bearing a letter for the new kingdom to arrive before Midnight would. It reads as follows: Attn: Head of governing body. Your kingdom/nation/province has been recently discovered by the Equis Global Council (EGC) and a representative has been dispatched to, if you agree, experience and evaluate your culture and extend an offer, if they deem you worthy, to become part of the EGC and thus be invited to come to our headquarters at Archback Mountain to become acquainted with the other participating nations of the world. If you refuse there will be no penalty, and your nation will be free to join the EGC at any point after the evaluation period has been complete. By our count, our representative will arrive approximately one day after you receive this notice. A description of him is as follows: Name: Midnight Star Race: Earth pony Description: Tall, black coat with a white mane/tail as well as white tufts on the back of his fetlocks. His mark is a large eight pointed white star similar to the four pointed star on his forehead. He will be wearing a red cloak when he arrives. The thestral was not long in the air before he came across the hole in the treeline as he had been indicated. A smile came to his face as he descended, aiming to land in a centralized location so as to quickly discover their leader, whilst also maintaining the ability to escape should they prove hostile to his presence.
  20. @Quinch OOC: Vincent is working in the office during night shift. He is watching the storage room over the monitor when he is suddenly attacked by an animatronic; Nightmare Freddy to be exact. He screams and the next thing he sees is static. He can’t feel anything in his body. The static eventually clears and Vincent wakes up from unconscious. Something doesn’t feel right with him. He opens his eyes and the first thing he notices is that he’s not in his workplace. The second thing he notices is.... well, he has no hands. His legs feel weird. He tries to stand up, but his legs feel too odd and too weak to stand up normally. He is forced to land on all fours. He takes a look at himself. After a few moments.... he screeches in fear. Vincent has become a pony. ”What...?? What- where am I?? Aaaah!! What’s going on?? I... I...! How do I get back home?? What will they think of me?? Oh geez oh geez oh geeeeez!!!” He shouts to himself. He is pretty much freaking out.
  21. @Pvt. Cerberus OOC: It was a dark and damp evening in everfree. Woodland Orchestra, The draconequus son of Discord and Fluttershy, felt quite at home here despite the danger. He found a hurt rabbit and started to sing a magical healing melody to it, It was patched up, He looked at the scar the wound had left, " Hmm... Timberwolves have been awfully riled up... They left a prey here alive. Not that I mind but... I wonder where the pack of them went... Oh well, none of my business." Woody pulled out his songbook and made some adjustments to his healing song in the book since He wanted to heal scars too but wasn't there yet.
  22. @Dynamo Pad OOC: *Kitty Cat is headed home after the Grand Galloping Gala. She is extremely exausted from dancing, and she cant see where shes going very well.* *She accidentally bumps into Dynamo* *Oof! *falls down *After a bit she regains control.* *Sorry, sir. Did I hurt you?
  23. @Pr0m4NV14 @Jedishy @Will Guide @Emperor Blu Traincrown @Heart Star Ooc:Defenders ooc Mystic Moon sat at her desk writing something down, she looked up at the empty room and wondered when her trainees were gonna arrive. *** Brave awoke with a big yawn, before closing her eyes and went back to sleep.
  24. octoppai

    Private 1x1 with Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad Evening had broken faster than she'd originally anticipated. In the stillness of the warm-colored prelude to dusk, Widdershins hoped that the sound of wooden wheels on cobblestone wouldn't upset anyone who had left windows open, during supper. The mare had trudged out of Everfree Forest like an unsettling omen, toting her wares and worldly possessions in the small wagon that she drove. All the better, she supposed, to set up late and be fresh and bright, in the morning. The darkly-colored tent was set up along the edge of Ponyville and, while there were certainly a few stragglers out and about at this time of day, the lot of them seemed to leave her to her work of organizing crystals, counting candles, shuffling tarot cards. She hadn't been to this town in quite a long time, and she couldn't help but observe what were likely the quietest hours of the day with an appraising, almost envious eye. Things were so peaceful here. Ponies with cozy homes and cozy beds, eating warm meals with family and friends. ...Nonsense. Malarkey! She ought to be grateful for what she had, she'd tell herself. She had an ornate rug to splay down in the tent to keep her off the ground, plenty of pillows to make it cozy, and at least a few apples to tide her over until tomorrow. Then she just needed to work her magic, tell fortunes to wayward souls, peddle a spell or two, and she could look forward to a nice, hot meal of her own. "Maybe I should ask the cards," she mused aloud, "what kind of business I should expect, tomorrow. Business owners? Vengeful rivals? Lovers, pining away?" She scarcely believed anyone was paying attention to her train of thought...
  25. OOC Here @Lord Valtasar It was an early morning when the Toyota Soarer pulled into the town of Canterlot. The young wufsky looked to the seat next to his, which held the toddler seat and his 2 month old son Justin. He smiles as he saw that Justin was asleep. Pulling up to the apartment complex, he sighs "Sorry champ, I know this isn't the house we had back home, but it's all I can afford until I get a new job" he says, parking in his new parking bay and looking up. Luckily it wasn't really an apartment complex, well not like the ones back where they came from. Just a small block of units.