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Found 1384 results

  1. @Pasha Florence OOC link: Woodland Orchestra wanted to get away so he was wandering equestria. He wonder how his sister did this so much but he was determined to get away from his home town Ponyville. "Hope I meet someone nice on my travels. It'll make this a bit more bearable."
  2. @Pasha Florence This is the OOC for the 1x1 me and Pasha. Roleplay link:
  3. OOC: It was dark times for Equestria. Some unknown portal that nopony knows anything about appeared out of nowhere in very close to Ponyville. In just one day, Ponyville was captured by unknown evil ponies from a different universe. A lot of the ponies that were living there were killed without any mercy. The rest of the ponies that were left were kept as hostages, one of them was an orange mare called Cutima. Equestria needed their soldier ponies to help Ponyville. The next day, a messenger-pony was giving letters to all the soldier ponies in Canterlot about the situation in Ponyville and Stauch was one of them. The pony put the letter in Stauch's mailbox, pressed the doorbell button and went to another house. Nopony in Canterlot knew about the invasion yet.
  4. This is a fully-fledged tabletop role-playing game I made for MLP some time ago, but I never really had any bronies around me to play it with. Many mechanics are similar to AD&D, 2nd Edition, but not all that much, honestly. (UPDATE: Not at all, now. The old systems have been replaced.) This is a much more role-playing heavy RPG than D&D ever was. This game is set up for adventure, but it is not necessarily a dungeon-crawler, and it is discouraged to have that kind of system. This game is designed for PMs (Pony Masters instead of Dungeon Masters) to create broad, sweeping stories in Equestria, with characters that have an active role in determining what goes on. A PM should not constrain the story, but still guide them along. Still, there is a lot of stats and numbers in the game, which means that at maximum, I will be accepting six other players for this particular game. I will wait to start until I have at least two additional players, I have more than that and a week has passed, or I reach the six-player quota. If you are interested, post a reply indicating that interest. All game materials are included in the attachment to this post. (Yes, the system is free, and I do not have any annoying ads or Patreon links. This was made purely for fun.) When you are ready, please read the Player's Handbook, filling out the character sheet as you go. Please be honest with all dice rolls. Roleplaying is a lot more fun when flawed characters are around. Once you are done with the sheets, please send a picture (or screenshot) to me, the PM for this first adventure. If you cannot do that in any form, please just send me the data for each entry. I also ask you not to read the Pony Master's Manual, unless you are starting a new game in a separate thread. It contains some things that only the PM should really know. Speaking of that, anyone is welcome to use this system in any group they want. I simply ask that you send me any feedback or balance issues that you may find, or any confusing segments. Keep in mind that the PM has the right to refuse any backstory of a character if it is too outlandish or if it seems like the player is just trying to get good stats. While it is unlikely, players suspected of cheating on their dice rolls may be required to surrender such rolls to the PM, as it is impossible to verify such rolls, as would be possible if we were playing in-person. In this particular adventure, I will have a character as well, as I would like to be able to test the mechanics from a personal perspective. While I have a story in mind for this adventure, feel free to submit story ideas when you post showing your interest. They may become future games, or even replace the one I currently have, if they are good enough. Edit: Updated version now available! Now includes other races and an entirely new combat system, to replace the one stolen from AD&D Second Edition. (The new version is more realistic for real combat.) EDIT 2/24/17: We are full on players for this first scenario. You are welcome to start your own thread with the same system, of course. (PM me for advice on how to do this.) Also, if you want to help out with testing, you can follow along in this thread, messaging me with any advice or potential problems that you notice. IMPORTANT: PM me only, if you plan to do this. This thread is for the game, not feedback on the game.
  5. @Maple Bat Moonlight trotted down the streets of ponyville with her pet Owl, Oddles on her back. She was going to the vet clinic her mother Fluttershy opened. She loved to help out there, and spend time with her mother. "Moony, I need your help." She heard her Aunt Twilight say. "Of course Aunt." Moonlight said following her aunt.
  6. EquestrianScholar

    Private Equestria Divided Roleplay

    The OOC Thread: House Earthborn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ House Whitegold ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ House Everfree ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ House Moon and Star ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ House Stormwing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Cult of Laughter
  7. ~Natural Beauty~

    private Marvel's The Avengers 1x1

    @Lunarpalette OOC Link Mckenzie woke up with a jerk. She sat up in bed and looked around. Her bed was covered in lose feathers and the sheets were a mess. She wiped the sweat away from her brow and looked around the pitch black room. She took a deep breath and flopped back down into her bed. She was starting to get nightmares of the Erasers finding her and handing her to someone, no something to be used as a puppet. Mckenzie swung her legs over the side of her bed and grabbed her gym stuff. She went down to the gym when she couldn't sleep, she couldn't go to bucky who left the avengers. When she got to the gym, Steve was up punching a punching bag. "Can't sleep Cap?" She asked him.
  8. @Mysterious Soul I undid the straps around my waist and propped up my cart. I stretched, feeling a couple joints pop, and sighed. I walked around to the front of the small, brick building. I peered into the window and smirked. Forcefully opening the door to the trinket shop, I shout, my country accent prominent. "Alright! Who do ah need to beat up in here for mah money?" A tall, buff zebra walked from out of the back room. "You dare threaten a zebra? You are a brave mare," his voice boomed with a thick prench accent. We stood in front of each other, staring silently for a couple of minutes before breaking into smiles and hugging. "How are you Amber?" "Business as usual, Ettiené. How're the trinkets selling?" I looked around at the various items cluttering the shelves. Most of them were zebra in origin, various fetishes and "voodoo" items, but a few were of pony origin, usually attributed to the occult. "Most ponies avoid the place, but I get by. Usually just the same customers that usually come by. Speaking of, do you have the item?" I nodded and pulled a cloth covered object from the satchel around my waist. Ettiené took the object in his hooves and placed it on the counter. Trusting me enough, he pulled a sack of bits from the counter with his teeth and gave them to me. I thanked him, quickly placing it away. I turned to the door. "Thank ya kindly. If you need anything more, ah'll be around here fer a while. " I walked out the door and walked out into the street, happy at another successful transaction.
  9. @nx9100 Mysterious stood at the edge of the boat heading to manehattan. The boat passed the statue that was famous to manehattan. She let a smile creep across her face as she was getting ready to start a new life. She was from ponyville raised and born, but was going to manehattan to study to become a doctor for ponyville.
  10. Princess Comet shower was out in the palace gardens waiting for Starlight Shimmer to arrive. Today her mother, Princess Luna would be teaching them the ways of the night. Comet shifted her hooves, waiting. @Ember Aurora
  11. OOC: @@C. Thunder Dash, Appleloosa. A nice town, if you hate everything modern that is. Natural Order didn't, but she still liked coming for a few days every now and then. Despite it's size and rather large population, it was quiet enough, and she had some good business partners who bought her wares. There were also workshops offering more traditional services, which was also very beneficial - some of her stuff wasn't really availible in stores... She was just leaving said settlement, after a few days of stay in a local hotel and reveling in all the creature comforts it could provide. The mint mare was walking North, towing her wagon, seemingly in defiance of logic - she looked like the type that can barely lift a teacup, and an empty one too. Yet, despite the frail appearance, Natural Order walked effortlessly, her chocolate mane and tail bobbing rhytmically as she moved. With the trademark green hat and a pipe in her teeth, she was ready to go whevever she wanted. And right now, she wanted to go North, up to Hollow Shades, to gather some medicinal herbs that would bring her a nice bag of coin.
  12. Jack Baker

    Private Sanctuary, Appleloosa

    OOC July 17, 20XX 7:00 PM Sanctuary, Appleloosa -------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Raze drove the cargo van down the dirt road, he looked outside. They were far from the town now, traversing down a somewhat narrow, forest path. He made a right, going off the main road and deeper into the forest, continuing straight. They were almost there. He thought about the job they were doing, and how... different it felt from the other places he and the rest of the crew explored. They ran a paranormal TV show, and most areas were known to have been abandoned for quite some time, but this place was only abandoned for five years. Not a lot of time for it to be considered haunted, but apparently, the folks back in the town of Sanctuary told them about the sightings, so he guessed it was. He couldn't question it much anyway, he was just a cameraman. If they told him they were gonna film there, then he was gonna have to film there. He found the road ending ahead, so he slowed the car down to a steady halt in, in front of some brush. From there, they had to walk across a smaller dirt road to get to the main house, where they would begin filming. He put the car in park, then turned around to the others. "This is the place," he said to them. "Let's get unpacked." @@nx9100, @@BloodDrops, @@Bedman,
  13. OOC link is HERE @@Dynamo Pad It was about 3pm on a Friday afternoon, and Felicity Sycamore, a white mare with a dark blue mane and tail, and the daughter of Professor Sycamore, was waiting for a long lost friend at the Lumiouse City airport. She had her electric guitar strapped to her back, amplifier in hand and her faithful Luxio companion Sparky at her side. Looking at the time, she smiles "Still got a little time to practice" she says to herself as she sits down, getting out her guitar and looking to Sparky "Sparky babe, you know what to do" she says, petting him on the head, he nods and plugs his tail into the amplifier and uses his electricity to power it up. After strumming a few notes, she begins to play and sing: As she plays and sings the song, she wonders to herself It's been years since we last saw each other, and even then we were both colts, now I'm a young mare, I wonder if he'll even recognize me anymore.
  14. Dynamo Pad

    Private Carnival of Fear

    OOC thread is here: It was lunchtime at the university of Liberty, as the young Pegasus, known as Dew Drop, started making her way to the cafeteria. The purple maned pony held her books closely to her body, as she walked carefully around the wandering students. She tries to hide her face behind her mane as she attempts to avoid talking to anyone. She wasn't trying to be rude to anyone in the slightest. She was somewhat shy and nervous around others. She feared that she would be a bother to others, which resulted in her shy nature. After a couple of minutes, Dew reaches the cafeteria and sighs in relief. She opens the door and starts to head in line to grab some food. Her food consisted of a hayburger, a salad and a bottle of water. After paying for her meal, she scanned the cafeteria to locate a seat for herself. "I hope I'm able to find a seat in here. More so, that I'll be by myself and won't bother anypony." She quietly says to herself. She frowns as she found that most of the tables were pretty much full. She then noticed a table with a lone pony sitting by himself. She glanced at the other students and noticed that they didn't pay this colt any mind. After a few minutes of contemplating, she decides to walk over to the nearly empty table. As she was making her way over to the colt, her heart started to race in fear. She was afraid he would tell her she was a bother and to leave, but she couldn't back down now. As she reached the table, she clears her throat to gain his attention. "Uh...e-excuse me. D-D you mind i-if I join you?" She stutters while nervously shuffling her feet.
  15. @@Dynamo Pad, OOC Thread HERE It was early morning and Derek groans as he hits the snooze button on his alarm clock. "Ugh, the stupid thing about college is getting up so early" he says to himself as he rubs the sleep from his eyes and sits on the edge of his bed. He reaches over to his bag and takes out his planner to check his timetable "Well, at least I have three free periods then lunch first thing today" he says with a yawn and gently bats one of his roommates and friend's tails out of his face "Keep your tail to yourself fuzzbutt!" he remarks as his friend groans in response.
  16. Here is the roleplay @Lunarpalette. Post the forum on here and I will post mine too. If you are reading this please do not leave commets on it. I wanted it just between me and @Lunarpalette. Thank you fellow ponies~
  17. OOC: In Everfree forest, there was a little house, partly build inside a huge tree. Close to that house, in the forest was blue unicorn wearing hooded cape, collecting different plants into saddlebags he was carrying. He was focused to his doings, and seemed to know perfectly what he was doing.
  18. Lightning Roller

    Private An Adventure in Manehattan

    Welcome to official RP for an adventure in Manehattan, Please refer to the OOC or Planning thread for players and rules for posting! OOC - Planning Thread - Our adventure begins in the downtown section of manehattan at an old tavern named "The Tipsy Stallion", A dull blue neon sign buzzes with the name. The building is rather old, the bricks are worn, the windows are fogged, and a steady plume of smoke can be seen escaping through the stone chimney. It's currently approaching the evening portion of the day, A few street lamps are starting to turn on. If you enter the tavern you can see the interior is rather rustic. There are oil lamps that have been retro-fitted with light bulbs and a fire is burning steadily in the nearby fireplace. A middle-aged tan stallion with a salt and pepper mane is busy working behind the counter, polishing a few glasses with a rag. There are a few patrons scattered around at various tables and a small stage can be seen in the far corner of the room with a couple of bar stools lining the wall behind it.
  19. OOC link: It was Spring in Equestria. The land was waking from it's Winter sleep, and you could smell the life, exploding in all shades of green, virsually everywhere. The Pegasi were busy delivering rain clouds to further fuel the waking Nature, and help farm ponies grow their plants. The roads barely had time to dry after the snow melted when Natural Order, an earth pony mare, left her parent's home to roam. as she did every year. Such was her life on the road. She didn't go far, just a day away from her home towm, Tall Tale, when she stopped in a familliar tavern, the "Felled Oak". She knew the innkeeper, an elderly stallion Clean Mug and his small family. They ran the business for two generations already, and the mare liked to stop by to catch up and have some good rest in a proper bed. It was morning, around... eight? She was never really good with those abstract hours. After Dawn was her hour. Natural Order went out of one of the rooms upstairs and walked down the creaking, wooden stairs into the common room. She had her peaked hat with a raven's feather on her chocolate mane, a ponytail lazily swinging like a pendulum. She panned the room with a pair of golden eyes, slightly squinted as it was rather dim inside, and she still needed toget used to the gloom. Her mint coat was neatly brushed after a long evening bath, and for once, she didn't smell like said herb. Across her barell, a small sack, a quarell and an unproportinally big crossbow weighted the rickety mare. A casual observer would question how she was even able to lift it all, she was outright skinny. Natural tipped her funny hat to the stallion who was sitting by the counter, and offered a wide smile. "I slept like a foal, I must buy one of those beds sometime..." - She laid down the payment for her stay on the counter as the innkeep replied, amused. "And where would you fit it? On the roof? Told you girl, wagons are not meant to be homes. Anyway, I have a business for you, if you're interested." The mare looked at him curiously, but nodded. "As long as you give me breakfast, sure. What's the deal?" Clean Mug chuckled out loud. "Always the pragmatic one, eh? You already paid for it, so why wouldn't I?" - He got rather serious all of a sudden, but didn't bother lowering his booming voice. Everypony present could hear him anyway. That meant... two stallions. each apparently on his own. "So I have some coin that would like to change hooves, if you can do something for me. Ever since the roads became traversible again, we had no ponies coming through Moonlight path. Those who tried to get through from Tall Tale, came back empty hooved. Something blocked the road and dem wagons can't pass! Not a good sign for my lil inn here, there was a lot of business coming down that road... Guess you see my problem here."
  20. As of yesterday (June 23, 2016), the World-Famous North American Privately-owned zoo in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada (where I live right now), known for the use of its animals in Hollywood films (Life of Pi is one good example), documentaries, etc., has announced that they will shutdown after the 2016 season. I am very saddened by this, it's not even funny. I've only been there once when I was very young. It all started when PETA misleadingly showed the world that the owner was being abusive to one of the tigers late last year, and because of that I hate them for it. They have ruined the reputation of a privately-owned zoo that was highly respected for many efforts. It will shut down 3 YEARS shy of its 100-year Anniversary. Now I have to chase the opportunity to visit it once more this summer before it closes down for good.
  21. OOC Thread here @@Dynamo Pad, @@VinylWubs, It was graduation day at both Celestia's Magic Academy and the Canterlot Flight School, and while most of the graduated students were out celebrating by partying and getting up to mischief, Orange Sparks, a beautiful pink mare with mane and tail in the same style of her idol's Vinyl Scratch, and her friends, Bubblegum, a fun loving, ditzy and bubbly pegasus, Dynamo Pad, Orange's secret crush since high-school and Console, Dynamo's sister and Bubblegum's crush, had planned for a fun night in, playing video games, watching movies and snacking on junk food and soda. Bubblegum was sitting at a table in Orange's family's candy and malt store, she was wearing her signature back and pink hoodie, baggy camo cargo pants and sneakers, while Orange was leaning on a wall, she was wearing a black tshirt with Vinyl Scratch on the front, raver pants and high platform gothic boots. She had earplugs in her ears, most likely listening to Vinyl's latest album and was chewing on some gum. She looks at her watch "Where are they? They should have been here half an hour ago?" she mutters to herself.
  22. OOC: Light blue figure moved soundlessly around in the shadows of Everfree forest. The figure resembled that of a pony, but was different from ponies you usually meet..... There was something else moving in the forest too, a another pony, more normal, so to say. The light blue figure of a pony seemed to get interested by this pony, and staying hidden, it went closer to see, who this pony was.
  23. OOC thread: @Nightmare Season It was just past noon on a lazy Saturday in the Crystal Empire. A day like any other, really. The weather was nice and warm, thanks to the Crystal Heart and it's magic, there were few clouds in the sky, a perfect day for spending time outdoors. Ponies of all walks of life enjoyed their weekend as they saw fit, filling the Heart with their happiness. Not all of them, though. Some eight miles east off the city, a subject of the Crystal Princess felt anything but happy at the moment. In fact, she was scared and running as if her life depended on it. Truth be told, it did... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A thundering cacophony of hooves galloping on hard rock echoed through the caverns and tunnels. A lone figure was stampeding through the extensive cave system - a young mare, one of the crystal ponies who lived in the nearby city. Her cherry coat was dirty from tripping on the rocks, her mane a mess from running at breakneck speed, her eyes wide with fear as the crystal lantern she held in her mouth shone dimly, it's light fading. Dark thoughts rained on her like black rain, fueling the fires of dread as she strived to navigate the unfamilliar corridors towards the entrance. "How could I be so stupid!" "I never shoud've went so deep on the first run!" " Left or right, left or right, left or right... RIIIGHT!" "Heart help me, I can barely see with this fading lantern." "How can I possibly get out without the light?" ... "I'm going to die here." Crystal Clear was panting hard from exertion and stress, her saddlebags were weighting her down and biting into her underside with every breath. The lantern will go off at any moment now, and she still was far away from the entrance... She tripped on a stalagmite she haven't noticed, lost her balance and crashed sideways on the hard suface, letting go of her fading light source. The fluorecent crystal lantern swung on it's strap on her neck and finally gave out it's last, leaving the terrified mare laying on the cavern floor, wheezing, and now in complete darkness. She was in no hurry anymore. She was done for, quite probably. The crystal pony lied where she dropped for a few minutes, panting hard and trying to collect her thoughts. Recall the route back on the surface. Try to accustom to the dark in vain hope of seeing her hoof in front of her face... Once she cought her breath, she sat, slowly, wincing at the pain in her side. Looking around, she saw nothing but black. Crystal got up on her shaky hooves and slowly, very slowly, she moved in the direction she believed she would find the exit. After what seemed like an eternity of groping in the dark, Crystal saw a small light in the distace - a promise of escape! She resisted the urge to run towards it as fast as she could, and continued her slow march, testing the ground before her with a foreleg before each step. Finally she reached the mouth of a tunnel from which the light shone, and ran straight into it, overflowing with joy and relief. She was on the verge of crystaling from happiness when she ran into the adjacent cavern and found the source of the light - a pony was standing in it's middle, but it was unlike anypony she have ever seen. The stallion was jet black, tall as the Royal Princess of Equestria, and his mane and tail were... fire? Crystal froze in place, unsure of who or what was standing in front of her. As she was about to slowly back down, the strange pony noticed her. "G-good morning, s-sir?" - she wimpered with a clentched throat. What if this pony was an Umbrum? Would it hurt her? Should she run? As the wave of thoughts assaulted her mind, she stood frozen, watching the pony intently.
  24. [Link to OOC] @@Glacies Frost, It was bright and sunny morning and walking down one of the main streets of Ponyville was a grey and blue styled Diamond Dog named Alex. Currently, the canine's best friend was off visiting his hometown and distant family up in Manehatten, so she decided to simply enjoy a leisurely stroll around town, a bone-shaped sugar cookie in her paw that she'd purchased fresh from Sugar Cube Corner. She wasn't quite sure what her plans were going to be for the day. Aside from possibly playing a few games at the arcade, but that was never quiet as fun to do on her own... Alex took a bite from her sugary treat as she glanced around at the other morning ponies going about their daily routines. Fairly similar to that of her home town... minus the constant digging, arguing and gem collecting of course. A change she much well preferred to be honest.