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Found 4 results

  1. I am the Queen of Arendelle, merely a human. With ice powers. I do not have much time before my gloves fall off and I freeze this keyboard, and feel free to ask me any question!
  2. I made a thread a few months back for the lineart of the drawing in my avatar, and then I attempted to color it like, five times, and I tried redrawing it and shading it in graphite...I don't know why I'm so obsessed with getting that stupid drawing right Now to take it a step further, I'm attempting to sculpt them out of sculpey. Elsa has been the biggest headache. Each of her legs have broken off at least twice, and there are cracks running along all over her. Anna cracked a tiny bit, but it's not nearly so bad. Elsa even took a tumble and lost all of her limbs and horn at once (but I didn't miss the opportunity to make plenty of Let it Go jokes...). So yeah, clearly there's a lot I need to learn when I work with clay. Anna has an armature and Elsa does not, so I'm guessing that is what was causing most of the problems. I just need to give them tails, then my boyfriend is going to paint them for me (he paints miniatures and I have neither the skills nor patience to do so.) So yeah, will update soon hopefully! And hope you guys like them so far.
  3. I already drew them as people, so now I figure the next stage of my obsession is to ponify them... Anna and Elsa as ponies I may color them later. I initially didn't like making a new topic for every piece I do...but now I figure I do these infrequently enough for each drawing to have its own space
  4. I have another art thread here, but that one only has school stuff, which is pretty different from this one gets its own thread, I suppose. I couldn't get "Let it Go" outta my head, so I used it as inspiration to draw Elsa, lol. Did the sketch in pencil on a tiny sketchpad, then scanned it and colored it in GIMP. She was super fun to color. Every time I do something digitally I make it a point to state that I am definitely not used to working this way, but sooner or later I should stop using that excuse It's not feeling so unnatural or alien to me anymore. And I might as well post this other drawing I did of her too. This one I did a few weeks ago, it's done in crayola crayons (lol) on a canvas board. The picture is ugly and grainy cause I planned on taking a proper one when I finished it, but...well, never finished it. I have a great idea for a digital Anna drawing next, taking the exact pose, lighting and colors from this portrait I painted of a live model... So, fun stuffs to come