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Found 7 results

  1. Y'know what really grinds my gears? When bronies talk about the fandom as if it's a club that requires dues or regular participation to remain in. I'm so sick of hearing this "quit the fandom" stuff as if you're leaving an organization like the Boy Scouts of America or something. I've taken a mighty whack at this subject on these forums, but I can't seem to make a dent. Here's one more attempt. If you still like the show, then you can still call yourself a brony. If you want to, that is. No one has to do anything they don't want. But this is a fandom--it doesn't require monthly dues, and it doesn't require community participation. If you like the show, then you can call yourself a brony! That's it! Tired of the show? Don't want to watch for awhile? Fine! That doesn't mean you've "quit the fandom"! Not unless you decided that you actually dislike the show! I read these posts all the time that say things like, "I'm going off to college and won't be able to watch the show for awhile, so I'm quitting the fandom. So sorry. I don't want to leave, but I have to." IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU'RE ACTIVE OR NOT. It's a freaking hiatus. I haven't watched Star Wars in years. I'm still a fan. I don't care if you ever watch the show again! If you still like it, then you can still call yourself a brony! You don't have to "quit" the fandom unless you don't like the show anymore! My head a splode.
  2. Hey guys, I've been wondering for a while now. What's your favorite MMO? If you feel like wanting to play with others on this forum you might want to give us a link to it! My favorite MMO is probably maplestory. It's been getting easier since about 2010 but it's still very fun in my opinion coming out with new classes every once in a while. There are so many job advancements and skills and it's been out since 2003. Even if the characters look a little off and small they still kick-ass! Maplestory is pretty old but it's awesome! You should try it! Link to the official GMS (GlobalMaplestory) website:
  3. Is anyone noticing that several brony musicians are not producing mlp music anymore? I saw something on EqD about some pretty popular artist quitting (whom I can't remember the name of), and, of course, Tombstone can no longer explicitly reference the show, which means no remixes. Additionally, JackleApp and WoodenToaster are currently on a music hiatus. It would only make sense, with the pony drought and all, but do you think that's the cause, or is it only the cycle of talented people coming in and out of the fandom? Let me hear what you think. (P.S. Does anyone know what happened to the Beatle Bronies? They are all producing music separately now, but have never said they broke up the band.)
  4. What I mean is; Out of fear of receiving a Cease and Desist order and a resulting lawsuit, I've been considering shutting down fan projects that I've been working on (all of which are non-profit) . My Timelord Rainbow Dash tumblr is (as the name implies) a combination Doctor Who/FiM ask blog and I am now beginning to question whether it technically falls under 'Fair Use' in copyright law or if I should quit while I'm ahead and delete the whole thing. Fan-art if it looks similar enough to the show (which is one of the reasons I've heard is a potential cause for the Cease and Desist order for Button Mash), then it would probably be best if I avoided creating art as well, despite being in traditional form the ponies (and Spike) can all easily be recognized as who they are intended to be. Fanfiction feels like its in the same area, especially since the site I write for doesn't take too kindly to song lyrics-partial or full-to be used since apparently it's still possible to get sued for works like that. So should I just quit?
  5. Alright, hypothetical scenario: say DHX suddenly decides one day to just quit working on MLP:FiM. Doom and gloom runs rampart throughout the community, and Hasbro and the Hub need to find another studio to work on the show, fast. So then one day they say to themselves "Hey! There's a whole community of bronies who animate things based off the show on a regular basis! We should get some of them to do it!" and so they decide off this whim tp search for fan animators to do the show. Question is though, who could do it best? We have folks like FlamingoRich, who created the fan episode Double Rainboom, Silly Filly Studios, who are responsible for the beautiful Snowdrop, and Jan Animations, who are probably best known for their Music Video Animation of the song Picture Perfect Pony and the Let's Go and Meet the Bronies animation they did for the brony documentary, as well as a few others. So who do you think could do it best? One of these or someone I missed? Hypothetically, of course.
  6. This is a thread to post things that make you RAGE. :3 I've got a long list, so be prepared. .Girls who think that having sex makes them cool. .Those giant, thick, black, fake "nerd" glasses. .Girls who put those glasses on and say "ima nerd lol". .Homophobic people. .Religion/religious people. .Duck face. .Caked on makeup. .Those over 30 year old women who dress like they're 20 or younger, hang out with their daughters and her friends, and cake on makeup like no tomorrow. .People who say they're in love with someone after like, two days of dating. .Skanks on fb. .People who's every other word is a cuss word. .People who take pictures of themselves doing drugs/drinking/smoking because they think it looks cool. .People who make status updates saying they're gonna drink or get high. .Attention whores. .<insert name of someone on the forums>. .Snobs. .People who think it's their duty to go round' correcting everyone. .Know it all's. .People who complain about their lives when they have an ipod, a car, a laptop, ect, and still live with their parents and have to do nothing all day. .People who tell "life stories" but you can tell that they're fake. .Most music now days. .Fans of anything and everything. .People who make MLP into everything, for example "Spiderpony!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!" .... no. Yeah. There will most likely be more, of course. But for now, this will do. If you'd like to explain WHY the stuff makes you rage, feel free to do so.
  7. It`s Been Confirmed!!! Another Marvel vs Capcom 3!!! Capcom is pulling the same shit they did with Street Fighter 4 Street Fighter 4 Super Street Fighter 4 Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ------------------------------------------------- Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3X What is Capcom gonna do this time!? It said to have 8 new characters & Re-balanced gameplay. & It`s coming in July! What Are Your Thoughts!? [update] Okay so apperently it was said that this was mainly a photoshop & there isn`t gonna be a UMvC3X but there will be some prediciton.