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Found 2 results

  1. And here we have our newest addition the Roleplay World! This section is specifically for Tabletop-style roleplays that involve more systematic and mechanics-heavy rulesets like PonyFinder, Dungeons and Dragons, and FATE among others. Due to this, the rules for this section are slightly modified from the regular RP rules: 1) High amounts of OOC in the RP posts are expected here, in order to deal with die rolls, out-of-character questions to the Game Master about immediate events, game rule instructions by the Game Master, etc. However, OOC still needs to be on-topic. 2) The Game Master will not necessarily have their own character in the RP, and so pure setup and description posts are *not* counted as OOC. They may not be about a specific character, but they are In-Character as 'Environmental' posts. 3) The minimum character count is much lower here due to the nature of Tabletop RPs, as quick responses to resolve actions will be necessary on occasion. Note that this is not an invitation to host non-Tabletop RPs here to take advantage of the lower character minimum. This forum is for Tabletop-style RPs only. 4) At the beginning of each RP, it is necessary to state which ruleset is being used. Be as specific as necessary to make sure every player is using the same rules. Otherwise people using GURPS 3e Revised will be very confused by those using GURPS 4e, for example. All other RP rules still apply here. Finally, as this section is new to Roleplay World, these special rules may be updated and revised as time goes on and we find out more about what things work and what doesn't. Good luck and good gaming!
  2. Guidelines for Roleplay So you're interested in roleplaying? That's wonderful! This thread will get you pointed in the right direction. Beyond the Site Guildelines, there are specific rules for roleplaying on this site. These rules are primarily there to streamline roleplay (RP), making it easier for people to get involved and actually start roleplaying. A few important definitions: RP: Roleplay OOC: Out of Character, anything you wish to say to another player outside the context of the roleplay. IC: In Character, what your character is doing, seeing, or experiencing. This is pure storytelling. DM: Dungeon Master, also known as GM or Game Master, this refers to the person running the roleplay; usually the person who started it. All RP threads must have a corresponding OOC Thread: Separating OOC and IC threads are meant to keep the roleplay flowing freely without interruptions. No OOC posts in an IC thread: To expand on the above rule, an IC post in an OOC thread is subject to deletion. The premise for your roleplay should be posted within the corresponding OOC thread. Likewise, all OOC discussion should be restricted to the OOC thread, leaving the IC thread for nothing but roleplay posts. Threads must link to their corresponding OOC/IC thread: GMs are required OOC and IC threads to each other in the first post. This allows other users who are interested in reading or joining your roleplay to quickly and easily locate the corresponding threads. Otherwise, staff may lock your roleplay. Try to keep as on topic as possible, even in OOC threads. No NSFW Content: In line with the Site Guidelines, explicit content is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to; sexual content, excessively vulgar language, descriptions of excessive gore, intentionally erotic descriptions of a characters anatomy or actions, and so on. Respect the DM's wishes: If a fight breaks out between players over who gets to keep what or do that, the whole roleplay can fall apart. What the DM says goes. Always feel free to contact a moderator or admin if you don't think you can handle a dispute between yourself and another user. Respect other RPer's: You won't always see eye to eye with other RPer's. If you find yourself disagreeing with another member, approach the issue with a cool head. If it gets to the point where you can't deal with another member, report them and use the ignore function. Do not post in an IC thread without permission from the DM: Ask in the OOC thread whether or not you may join a RP before leaping in. Make sure the DM okays your joining before you post. This rule applies to all roleplays, regardless of whether they are marked Open or Private. Private roleplays are usually limited to only a specific list of posters. An Open roleplay may be looking for new players, however permission from the DM is still required before you participate. Do not God Mod, Powerplay, or Metagame: No controlling other characters without express permission: Very simple, do not take control of another person’s character unless they give you express permission to do so. Such permission may be sought in the OOC thread. Do not assume the actions of another player's character without having discussed this with the player in the OOC thread. Do not use out-of-character knowledge to gain an advantage in a roleplay. Creating a character which has no weaknesses or has an unfair advantage over other characters is frowned upon. All characters and their abilities should be plausible. PM roleplays are discouraged: In line with the MLP Forums NSFW global rule, members are advised to keep all roleplays in the designated roleplay areas. If you witness another member breaking these rules, please press the 'Report' button in the lower right of each post. Having a roleplay related issue that doesn't directly relate to one of the aforementioned rules? These people are the ones to approach with any problems or questions you may have. Randimaxis Derplight Sperkle Lucid Nightlight Unsure what to do next? Why not read the guide for making original characters?