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Found 996 results

  1. So, what's everyone's thoughts on ember as a potential new love interest for spike? Do you think they should try and keep her just as a friend of spike and not try to tease any romantic relationship between the two, or would you like them to possible shiptease a little? And in such a situation what should be done with Rarity in regards to spike? would you enjoy a bit of a love triangle going on?
  2. Its not a shot at Rarity, but given her track record so far, 1st with Canterlot and now with Manehattan, Rarity seems to have a lot of trouble managing her businesses properly. Of course wherever possible her friends offer a lot of help, but even by the show's standard I don't think we can expect the Mane 6 to bail out Rarity every time she needs it. Even in terms of actual managers, the one Rarity does have Sassy Saddles wasn't well chosen and lacked communication with Rarity. Rarity no doubt is a great fashionista, artist, and person all around. But she has a tendency to over commit to promises she may or may not fulfill, poorly manage her scheduling, and among other things lose track of the bigger picture. Maybe, just maybe, if Rarity hired a reliable manager or agent to help her manage her fashion retail chain, she would excel even more at getting her brand out there while also perfecting her craft. Rarity's in the big league's now. You gotta think bigger darling.
  3. Every season that goes by, the more upset I get that Rarity has VIRTUALLY no backstory compared to the rest of the main 6. How did she get into fashion? Why does she wear makeup? Why does she choose to manipulate and bat her eyes at stallions (and Spike) into getting what she wants instead of simply asking nicely? Why does she like gemstones so much that she got upset when Spike said he was going to eat the fire ruby? It would make Rarity's 'negative' actions a whole lot more endearing if we knew WHY she did them. Instead people are just left to assume that Rarity is simply a shallow, selfish bitch and nothing more. It's probably why there's such a double standard when it comes to Rarity negative actions and everyone else's. For example, Fluttershy has be shown to care way more for animals than other ponies, which is negative in many situations, but it can be seen as endearing because we know that she was bullied relentlessly as a filly for being a weak flier. Animals don't judge her like ponies do. We also know how Fluttershy came to love animals in the first place. We know how Pinkie became the happy, bubbly pony she is, and when she realised she wanted to dedicate her life to making other ponies happy. We can forgive Pinkie for being insensitive and overbearing sometimes, because we know she has good intentions. We know Rainbow was bullied and given a horrible nickname as a filly, and she dropped out of flight school because she was lazy. We can (mostly) forgive Rainbow for being egotistical and arrogant, because we know it's to cover up some deep-seated insecurities she has and there is no malicious intent behind it. We know it was when Twilight saw Celestia raise then sun that one time that made her want to learn everything there was to learn about magic. We know how she got Spike. We know how she became Celestia's prized student. We can forgive Twilight for being a bad friend sometimes because we know she didn't have any before she came to Ponyville as she spend most of time studying. And Applejack is just Applejack. She doesn't really do anything wrong to begin with. Other than what happened to her parents, there isn't really anything worth knowing about her past. What do we know about Rarity's past? She found gems in a rock and put them on costumes, leading to her immediately getting her cutie mark. That's it. Nothing else. Doesn't give us much to work with when trying to analyse and understand her actions. So does anyone else think that Rarity's lack of backstory has anything to do with the criticism she receives?
  4. First canon character done! Figure plushies are a nice thing to see every once in awhile. Think if I get going a little faster I'll just make one master thread of all of em. Enjoy my blurry photos: Her horn is so much less obnoxious in person, although I think i'll rip that one off and give her a better one sometime. My love for miss Rarity didn't make her mane and tail any easier. I wish there was an easier way to do her hair portions without wire, since it ruins the cuddliness a little bit. I really love the leaps of improvement visible between Rarity and Sea Shanty, and even to the next plush I have cooking. I'm still at that point where I'm learning major flaws and I can fix em right up a plushie or two later. Got a whole bunch of fabric over spring it's bat-pony time!
  5. Best Pony. What determines it? Personality, traits, appearance, actions...and this little thing called cuteness. Cuteness in of itself is often a very determining factor for people when it comes to ponies, because ponies are naturally cute the way they're drawn, without even getting into personality. People are inherently drawn to cute things, especially when their favorite character of a show like this (who is their favorite from all those other reasons listed) does cute things. Cuteness often acts as a re-enforcer to come after those other traits, further making people enjoy their characters' other traits. It can be a kind of bold font, of sorts. The interesting part comes with the fact that we have a show with not only numerous main characters with realistic and identifiable personalities to choose from to be our favorites, but then on top of that, they're all completely unique from each other. They act differently, and thus, possess their own types of cuteness. The following is my personal view on each of the Mane Six and my thoughts as to their own 'brand' of cuteness that draws people to them. I expect many people will share some or even all of these views, but some may have varying ideas from this, and that's to be expected. ~Not-So-Periodic-Table of Pony Cuteness~ Fluttershy: 'Vulnerable/Classic' Cuteness Where to even begin with Fluttershy. Well, come to think of it, it's not that hard. Everything about Fluttershy at a glance is meant to scream 'cute' to viewers. She's shy, she's sensitive, she's quiet, she's soft-spoken, she loves to take care of cuddly wooden critters, she doesn't have a lot of self-esteem, so on and so forth. 'Vulnerable' is a term that goes hand in hand with cuteness quite often, because it gives us the sense that we need to hug, calm and protect the cute thing in question from the evils of the world. There's no specific reason for one to 'like' Fluttershy for her cuteness, because it's probably the most straight-forward type. 'I need to hug her' pretty much sums it up for most people. Twilight Sparkle: 'Adorkable' Cuteness In the words of her ever so outgoing and presumably insane voice actor, Twilight is adorkable. She can prove to be easily excitable by new experiences, especially when they involve learning or reading, as shown in 'Look Before You Sleep'. Everything from her OCD panics over letters to her brainy quotes, or her naive take on seemingly 'common sense' topics (like sleepovers. Again, 'Look Before You Sleep' is best example) is what most Twilight fans love about her. She's cute because she get's excited over the things she loves, which most other people don't find exactly thrilling. Rainbow Dash: 'Ironic' Cuteness Remember when I said 'ponies are naturally cute the way they're drawn, without even getting into personality'? Well, for Rainbow Dash, her tomboy personality, which displays impatience, brashness and competitiveness at the worst of times, can almost counteract the idea of cuteness. But this is, in fact, part of what makes her adorable. Most of the time, Dash purposefully tries to be tough, and not be cute, despite the fact that at the end of the day, she's a cuddly blue pony with a rainbow on her butt. Her 'loud' personality causes her and her actions to stick out, and thus, anything that even remotely looks cute, rings home loud and clear as well. It's worthy to note that many people find her brashness, etc to be cute in of itself, as well. Pinkie Pie: 'Bubbly' Cuteness Pinkie Pie is able to express a vast stretch of emotions, to the near point of bi-polar, as shown in 'Party of One'. When she's happy, she's adorable because she embodies happiness, love and fun :3 'Fun fun fun fun fun fun'. She loves hugs, she loves to be affectionate and she's generally a very enthusiastic pony that a lot of people are drawn to love. When Pinkie is sad, it causes a powerful 'vulnerability' cuteness that is akin to Fluttershy, when she's upset (same voice actor, whoada' guessed). Pinkie is rarely upset, so when she is, you pay attention, and give her care. That's what it comes down to. Of all the Mane Six, Pinkie has a natural 'cuddly' feeling about her due to her personality. Rarity: 'Dramatic' Cuteness Rarity is obviously the diva of the Mane Six, and this shows through with many things. She often becomes silly or expresses herself in dramatic ways, sometimes without even knowing it. She says the most ridiculous things to her friends sometimes, has a wild fascination with fashion, and is entertainingly coy. You can always rely on her to be the one to find something absolutely not okay with the small details, which makes her fun to watch. Rarity is also arguably the most feminine of the six, and she has numerous occasions where this shines through, be it pouting, some woeful tears on the side of her dramatic-ness, or otherwise. Her cuteness often comes from a sense of exaggerated emotions, voice changes and actions, ergo, 'dramatic'. Applejack: 'Charming' Cuteness Dem freckles, dat hat, dat accent, dat southern charm and dat caring personality. Applejack is a caring older sister, a good friend and a friendly pony all around. Her cuteness stems from the fact that she's down to earth, and everything about her is offered upfront, from beliefs to personality. In short, she has some of the best charm of the Mane Six, because she's just a smoothed out character all-around. The 'southern cowgirl' stereotype is a very popular one, as well, much like Rainbow Dash's tomboy stereotype. Many people find her cute simply due to that. Being the element of honesty, she's also cute when attempting to dodge the truth, or when she's acting overly stubborn. My personal analysis about each of the mane six, and what their main driving cuteness factor is. To finish this off, I'll give my personal favorite and least favorite type. Dashie's Ironic Cuteness Dash is my favorite character, and one of the many reasons is that I like how her cuteness is a back-handed trait, that is often shown in spite of her personality. Fluttershy's Vulnerable/Classic Cuteness I've never been a huge fan of Fluttershy in general, but I really just don't find her cuteness to best that of some of the other characters. Her cuteness is very 'in your face', and I just don't find it appealing. I dare say it's even cliche and boring in comparison to the other characters, who are all cute in at least semi-unique ways. So, which character is your favorite? Do you anything to add to these ideas, of what you personally find about the character that's cute? Which cuteness traits do you believe are more attractive or less attractive than the others? Thoughts. Go.
  6. Just something I did to celebrate Star Wars day. Here we have Rarity dressed in the fabled "Slave Leia" costume from "Return of the Jedi." And we're throwing in a purple dragon named Spike for this shot.
  7. Here's my latest drawing, Rariton EX! Let me know what you think!
  8. Good morning, everypony, and welcome to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! First of all, I want to apologize for taking so long to get around to this review; last week was a nightmare as far as school work was concerned, and I had two honking big papers to finish up. Thankfully, that's all done, so that out of the way I now bring you my thoughts on "Gauntlet of Fire." And... well, this might just be my favorite Spike episode ever. It appears the DHX folks have resoundingly learned from their mistakes in some of the clunkier Spike episodes in earlier seasons and must have some writers there who just GET how to write Spike, because he's had some great episodes in the last two seasons. He held his own great in the season finale, but this episode was even better. In summing up what made this episode so great, we really need to look at two things: world building and characters. Starting with the former, this was a great world building episode. We learned a lot more about dragons than we knew before, we got to see a really cool new environment, and it added overall just another nice layer to the already huge world of MLP. I think the one thing that put me off a bit was that we didn't see any large adult dragons around besides the Dragon Lord Torch, and that was confusing considering we've seen plenty of dragons close to his size before. Maybe only younger dragons were allowed to compete for the title of Dragon Lord, I don't know, but it was a bit odd (though admittedly, it would've been unrealistic for Spike to win if he were competing against dragons that big). I did love the various dragons we got to see, some of them had very cool designs. And this last bit may not count as world building, but I absolutely adored that Celestia and Luna showed up at the beginning of the episode. I've been wanting to see them doing just day-to-day stuff for the longest time, so to actually see it was great and hopefully a harbinger of things to come this season, including, hopefully, the long-awaited Celestia-focused episode. Plus it made sense that they'd know what the call of the Dragon Lord is considering how long they've been around. Moving on, the rest of the review will largely focus on characters, starting with Spike. Man... this was a GREAT Spike episode, I cannot reiterate that enough. He wasn't treated like a Gary Stu, but it was great that they highlighted just how different he is from the rest of his kind, in a good way. This actually was a very nice continuation of the Season 2 episode Dragon Quest; in that episode, Spike wanted to be more like a dragon in order to connect with his roots, but realized he didn't have to do so when he realized it would mean needlessly being a jerk to others. He walked away from that episode determined to be the best dragon he could be by living the way his pony friends had taught him to, and he re-entered the world of dragons in this episode determined more than ever to do just that. It wasn't a lecture or great power on his part that won the day. It was just boundless kindness, determination, and optimism that won out, and I loved that. It was not only a reflection of how much the ponies have taught Spike, but how much he's learned and matured since Season 1. All he did was keep showing how much better things are to the rest of his kind when you just try to get to others through kindness and friendship rather than hostility, and he very well by the end of the episode may have laid down the foundations for a better future for his whole people. That's awesome, and Spike is awesome. I can only hope we get to see more Spike episodes like this this season. Spike: Dragon Lord of the Friend-zone! OK, that's badass Moving on, we come to the NEW character that everyone cannot stop talking about, for very, very, VERY good reason. Princess (now Dragon Lord) Ember. This character... let me put it this way. After I saw how crazy the fandom was going over her, I was worried that she wouldn't live up to the hype and expectations. I am glad to say I was 110% wrong! Ember was a delight. This was a happy instance of a new character (1) having a great design, (2) having a voice actress that perfectly represented what the character needed to be, (3) went through a character arc where she went from being grumpy and distrustful of others like the rest of her kind to open and receptive to the idea of friendship in just one episode, but it didn't feel forced or artificial, and (4) was just plain adorable, in a very tsundere manner (if you don't know what that is, it's basically how AJ and RD are adorable to; characters, typically female, who hide behind a tough exterior but eventually their warmer side comes out, usually making them more adorable in the process). I really, really dug this character in just about every respect. It felt like the type of character dragons needed. In Dragon Quest, all of the new dragons that Spike met were just over-the-top caricatures of teenage stereotypes. It made some sense, but it was also kinda boring and predictable. Here, we got to meet a character who was intelligent but also fairly set in dragons' ways just because she'd never heard of an alternative, or at least seen any in action. She proved herself, however, to be receptive to new ideas when she saw both the apparent and inherent value of friendship. She didn't just help Spike in the end for utilitarian purposes, she made a decision as well that friendship was something worth fighting for for its own sake. Spike taught all this to her just by being a good guy and showing her a good example, and I thought it made sense that he would leave such an impression on a character as intelligent as her. Overall, I just really, really, REALLY dug Ember, and I really hope we get to see more of this character going forward. She was just kinda awesome all around. BEHOLD, YOUR NEW DRAGON WAIFU!!! You will believe a dragon can be adorable While we're still on the topic of dragons, let's talk about our antagonist, Garble. Honestly, I thought even he was improved by this episode. In his first appearance, he was just kind of a really annoying jerk, but not much of a threat. He was a teenager stereotype, and that made for some laughs, but at the same time I never could take him seriously. Here, they actually struck the right balance. He was still a jerk and an idiot, but he felt plenty threatening as well, especially because of what he planned to do to ponies if he became Dragon Lord. Some of his scenes also made for great Spike scenes, particularly whenever we saw Spike stubbornly remaining his kind and helpful self even to Garble, despite the latter remaining a jerk and a bully to him. It was a great way of emphasizing that Spike was not going to make the same mistakes he did in Dragon Quest and fall for Garble's ways. To top it all off, he got a great comeuppance at the end that felt perfect for him without being too mean-spirited. I don't know why, but I absolutely loved it when he made this face Finally, to round things off with the dragons, I absolutely adored Dragon Lord Torch. This guy was, in a word, HILARIOUS. He had an ego to match his size, and it made for some of the best humorous bits in the episode. Plus I can't help but feel that he genuinely does care about his daughter and was just hiding it behind his extra, extra gruff, scaly exterior the entire episode, especially considering he didn't want her to compete for the Bloodstone Scepter. But all in all, this guy was just plain hilarious, and I really hope we get to see a bit more of him in future episodes, even if he no longer is Dragon Lord. Best line in the whole episode Gosh I love this guy On one final note, I thought Rarity and Twilight were great here. They didn't do a whole lot aside from giving Spike moral support, but even that played a key role in the end in how Ember learned about the true value of friendship. Twilight geeking out over dragons was pretty funny, and it was nice too to see that Rarity still takes a special interest in Spike's well-being. It's a testament to how close he is to both characters that they were the two to come along and accompany him. Besides the characters, the animation was very nice as always, they put together a nice musical score for this episode, and the episode had a nice balance of action and humor. All in all, this was a very fun and rousing episode with a surprisingly very good and well-delivered message. Right now, it's my favorite stand alone episode of the season, and one of the better ones we've had in awhile. It's nice to see Spike getting treated so well, and I can only hope this continues as the season progresses. That's all I've got for this one everypony, until later this morning, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  9. Applejack's "Day" Off Rarity struggles to get Applejack to relax at the spa; when Twilight and Spike attempt to take over Applejack's simple farm chores, it turns out to be a more difficult job than they thought.
  10. <script async="" src=""type="text/javascript"> </script> Howdy! So, I had this artwork posted on my DeviantArt for quite a while, and I just felt like sharing it with you guys! Hopefully, soon I'll be able to write an introductory post here on MLP Forums, apparently I'm not able yet. Anyway I hope you all like this! *** *** *** That's it! Done last year with Staedtler pencils and a lot of patience. - Pedro Hander
  11. 1. She's fabulous 2. She's such an individual 3. Her voice 4. Her singing 5. Her mane 6. Her mane is purple 7. Her eyes are best eye model 8. She's creative 9. Generous 10. She's got diamonds on her butt 11. Glasses Rarity is kawaii 12. Her sister is best filly 13. Art of the Dress is an amazing song 14. So is Becoming Popular 15. Heck, any song she's in is enhanced by her voice being in it 16. She knows Karate 17. She's clever 18. Personality is complex as hell 19. Best quotes ever 20. 'But I thought you wanted whining!' 21. 'I'll destroy her!' 22. Crystal pony design is the best thing ever 23. Made a hat out of 3 pieces of hay and a drinking straw work 24. Totally shined every moment she was in season 3 despite not having any dedicated episodes 25. Best EqG design 26. Can always tell when her friends need help 27. Has a cat 28. Was awesome as Princess Platinum 29. She's just gorgeous, okay? 30. She's a unicorn 31. The only remaining unicorn in the Mane 6, in fact 32. Her butt looks good with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark on it 33. Best wet mane 34. Still looks good with her tail cut off 35. Element of Generosity is best Element of Harmony 36. Dat white coat 37. BFF with Fluttershy 38. Totally owns a douchey prince 39. She's girly but not overly so 40. Has the best VA on the show 41. Best facial expressions 42. She is the answer to the universe 43. Her relationship with her sister is amazing and realistic 44. Doesn't want to be anything like her parents 45. Owns and lives in a boutique 46. So beautiful she has a dragon fawning over her 47. Says fabulous a lot 48. Is friends with 5 other awesome ponies 49. Is just awesome whenever she's on screen for the most part 50. Her name is Rarity
  12. Hi guys, I wanted to know what you guys think of my new sculpture: It's only my second go at making a sculpture It's Rarity wearing her cute outfit from 'Dragonshy'.. Let me know what you think xx Oh and if it is in the wrong section, feel free to move it
  13. Welcome back everypony to another edition of Batbrony Reviews. OK, third episode of Season 6 with a new team of writers. How did I think this turned out? Well, all in all pretty good, I'd say. This was hardly my favorite third episode of a season ever (and yes, I do categorize those because I think they play an important part in setting a tone for a season), but it wasn't awful, that's for sure. Without further ado, let's take a look at "The Gift of the Maud Pie"! Seems legit So I suppose the best way to go about covering this episode is looking at its three main characters, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Maud Pie. Starting things off with Pinkie, my feelings on her here are a tad mixed. I think with her it was most apparent that this was a new writing team, because given how over-the-top she was, I never felt like they were completely comfortable writing for her, like they were hitting so many Pinkie-tropes just to prove they know how to write her. It felt somewhat forced, but on the other hand one can justify her behavior here as well. We know that Pinkie Pie absolutely loves her family and totally goes the distance for them even more than she does with most ponies, so sometimes with something like a special day like this with her sister, she can get over-the-top even for her. None of the actions she took felt wrong for her character, just some of the reactions went on just a bit too long at times, is all. But that said, I could totally see the dilemma here being a problem faced by Pinkie Pie, she was fun, a good sister and friend as always, and just plain ol' Pinkie. Plus it was nice that she was the one learning a lesson, and from her older sister no less, which feels very natural; it feels right that if she's going to learn a lesson at this point in the show, it should be from someone older and a bit more mature than her like Maud who gets both her sister's flaws and strengths. Overall, she was just fine; it was hardly my favorite Pinkie episode ever, and I might've liked a little more nuance with her character, but she was good. Pinkie Pie and the Quest for Diabetes! I'm honestly surprised it took Pinkie six seasons to almost get arrested Best... song... EVER!!! Our supporting Mane 6 character, Rarity, was great here. With her, I actually liked her more dramatic side coming to the fore just because that makes sense when she's with Pinkie. When the Mane 6 are coupled with each other, they tend to bring out different sides of each other; Rarity by her nature is a bit of a drama queen already, so paired with the most over-the-top member of the Mane 6, it makes sense that she'd be more dramatic than usual. Her impression of Pinkie Pie was possibly the best humorous moment of the episode, and it didn't feel like she was unnecessarily going out of her way to help Pinkie either. She's generous by nature in all things, including with her time, and especially to one of her closest friends who she knows cares so deeply about her sister, this makes perfect sense for her. I did like too that we continue to see her business expanding, as it's a nice recognition from the writers that time is not static in this show, but continues to pass; these girls grow older, they have new achievements in their professional lives and are not defined solely by being friends with each other and heroes of Equestria. Hopefully we eventually get to see this shop open up, and maybe even Coco Pommel will get involved in it somehow! Finally, I'd be remiss if I did not mention Rarity dressed up as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. I mean, my gosh, it's about time that reference happened! Audrey was simply the walking, living, breathing definition of chic and style, so it's just a perfect fit using Rarity to make such a reference, and my goodness, she looked fabulous with that look! Overall, Rarity had a solid outing here, it was nice seeing her with Pinkie and Maud, and she filled a supporting role very nicely in a not-so-serious episode. Oh my, oh my, oh my, I need more of this look on her!!! SO MUCH MORE OF IT!!! Quickly, give me fan art, now!!! When you've officially spent too much time around Pinkie Pie Finally, we come to the best character in the episode: Maud. I would just like to reiterate that when Maud was first introduced, I was not a fan, not in the slightest. I didn't like the schtick they were doing with her for a long time, but I think they started winning me over around the time Rainbow Rocks came out. I think what changed was that at first, it felt like they were treating her personality too seriously, but now when they use her they have a nice combination of self-awareness in satirically using her while still treating her like an actual character and not just a walking joke. Case in point, she was hilarious here. Maud, as always, was just Maud; neutral as anyone can be, interested by the last things any pony ever expects (including, yes, cracks in the sidewalk), and just doing her thing with Boulder. But, as always too, she surprised in pleasant ways. Her delivery of the lesson was perfect in its setup and execution; she gave back Pinkie's gift without a second thought and then very soundly explained to her sister what giving a gift is really all about. It's gratifying to see a lesson about selfless love coming from that character because it reinforces that yes, Maud does indeed have a lot of personality and cares about the ponies around her, she just does it in her own way. But when you get down to it, in the end, she does care about the ponies in her life, even if she doesn't show it as most ponies would. Hopefully we get to see some more from the other Pie sisters this season, but for me, this was a great appearance from Maud and she carried herself very nicely; for a new writing team, they struck a wonderful balance with her in having her be both funny as only Maud can without coming across as just a caricature, but still a character whom we can take seriously and care about unironically. Great episode from Maud, and definitely the strongest character here, I thought. Maudjestic: Majestic taken to a whole new level! Too hawt for me to handle When you officially done bucked-up As for the rest of the episode, it had a lot of highlights. We got to see a lot more of Manehattan this time around than we have in past episodes there, and I loved as always seeing more of that city and its ponies. The couple of references they made were great (it was very nice seeing a return of the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles reference in the Steve Martin and John Candy ponies, and fitting in both a Big and Breakfast at Tiffany's reference in the same episode was pretty awesome too), the settings themselves were very colorful and I look forward to rewatching this episode and trying to spot things I might've missed the first time around. The one thing that kind of rubbed me the wrong way with the animation was I felt they were doing a bit too much at certain points with some of the faces Pinkie and Rarity were making, like the expressions were a bit more than what was called for, even for ponies as dramatic as these two. The party cannon gag was almost abused, especially early on, but once you saw how they fit it into the episode it made a bit more sense and was pretty forgivable in that regard. See what I mean about the faces? It's just a bit much, even for Pinkie; not terribly distracting, but noticeable enough Overall, this was a nice third episode of the season; like I said before, it was hardly the best one we've ever had and certainly less impactful on the rest of the season than third episodes in the past have proven to be, so a little more akin to Too Many Pinkie Pies from Season 3. But it was funny, had some really great sights and animation to take in, and hit just enough high notes to be plenty enjoyable. I look forward to rewatching this one and, like I said, catching bits I might've missed, and all in all, I think the season is going just smashing so far. Until next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  14. If the mane six weren't ponies, what types of animals do you think they would be? This could be animals specifically found in Equestria or ones from our world. Here's what I think, personally- Twilight- Owl Rainbow Dash- Cheetah Pinkie Pie- Bunny Rarity- Cat Applejack- Dog Fluttershy- Mouse So, what animals do YOU think they'd be? You can name other ponies in your lists too, if you'd like.
  15. I've tried Mlp anime.... This is the first time I do anime! If you have any tips, I would appreciate it! And if the background is poor, well I'm not great at backgrounds, so yeh ???????? I hope you all like it ???????????????????????????????????? and peace out
  16. The Magic Bowl has ended! Your third champion is Twilight Sparkle, who defeated Rarity 63-58. Congratulations to Equestria's newest princess! A SHORT HISTORY OF THE MAPT, by Tails 2013 - WILD CARD - DIVISIONAL - CONFERENCE - MAGIC BOWL I 2015 - WILD CARD - DIVISIONAL - CONFERENCE & MAGIC BOWL II __________________________________ REGULAR SEASON, FINAL SCORES ORIGINAL POST & CONTEST RULES, 1/10 It's that time again, friends...time for the third edition of one of the most exciting forum contests we've EVER had, the Most Attractive Pony Tournament! The first MAPT was a smashing success where background pony Lyra Heartstrings beat out four Mane Six to win it all. In the second one, nearly 300 members voted in the final round to make Rarity the champion. I participated enthusiastically in both tourneys, so when the original host Rudy Schmurda (AKA Toshio Ozaki, AKA Alfonzo Dennard) offered me the opportunity to host a new one, I jumped at it. The makeup of the tournament is evolving with the show. The first one in 2013 featured a handful of main characters and a lot of background ponies. But with the show introducing so many new characters and MERCY bringing in the princesses in 2015, deciding which mares to include here was a real challenge--and it means we'll have to make some tough choices very early in the competition. Or rather, you will. As the host, I will not be casting any votes, nor advocating any mare over another. That's right: for once, Tails is out of the running! Now, on to the rules! Like the first two MAPTs, this tournament is modeled after the NFL playoffs: 32 female ponies are split into two conferences with four divisions each. The 12 ponies with the most votes (8 division winners and 4 wild cards) will advance to the playoffs and that head-to-head competition these tourneys are so well known for. Remember: the votes are everything. Bronies like us can generate more votes for our favorite ponies by spreading the word and posting pictures to sway undecided voters. It's part forum debate, part political campaign, and all fun! Remember: keep it friendly. This tournament is about healthy competition and respect for all ponies and their fans, and as always on this site, let's keep all posts and pictures SFW. Now to introduce the 32 ponies who made the cut this year! Pictures are included so you can view them all side by side. EQUESTRIAN FRIENDSHIP CONFERENCE PONY FRIENDSHIP CONFERENCE There you have it. Using the polls above, vote for the ponies you think are the prettiest, cutest, sexiest, however you care to look at it--and remember to cast a vote in every division. I'll update the standings every few days to show who our division leaders are as the round goes on. Let's make this another awesome contest!
  17. Kaleidoscope Thanks to a newly found common interest, Rainbow Dash and Rarity seem to be getting along great—right up until they have a very sudden, and very hurtful, falling out. But Rainbow Dash thinks that maybe there's more going on than is apparent on the surface. Can an old toy be the key to unlocking the solution to a serious problem? Pre-read / proofread by Georg and Lazy Gray. Read it here!
  18. Drew it in a 11 hour livestream Hope everyone enjoys For some reason the image was broken, fixed it
  19. I think there is something going on here, when you are looking at Celestia alright, she is the leader of Equestria, yeah. Lets look bit closer what makes her the leader and not Luna or Cadence or Twilight they are all alicorns Celestia has the necklace and the tiara they are bigger than other princesses tiaras and necklaces she is the talles so she is the most powerful? Lets look closer on her necklace and tiara appears this symbol hmm yep same symbol the symbol of power, Celestia has 2 of these Rarity has 3 so she is more powerful? and purple color of royalty, and wait lets look this Raritys Element of Harmony Purple Royalty Right there ooh Princess Cadances crown and the same symbol Based on this evidence Rarity is Princess in my books Just my thoughts Your thoughts=)?
  20. Rar-efied! Carousel Boutique being closed for the day is about as common an occurrence in Ponyville as a Parasprite invasion. Yet on February 10, 2015, one is likely to see colored lights flashing behind the shaded windows, Pinkie Pie's confetti flying out of the chimney, and a sign on the door reading "CLOSED FOR FABULOSITY--FRIENDS, GAWKERS, AND WELL-WISHERS ONLY." The proprietor has earned her day off. Being the Element of Generosity, the most popular clothing designer in Ponyville, the most ambitious social climber in Canterlot and Manehattan, and the most eligible bachelorette in Equestria was not enough for Rarity. As usual she desired something more, an accomplishment so great that not even the fourth wall could contain it--and as usual, she got exactly what she wanted. Rarity is now the Most Attractive Pony of 2015. The journey was not an easy one. Her treacherous road was strewn with the doubts of those who had overlooked her since 2010. It echoed with ugly words from those who derided her in 2014. In the past two weeks, a challenge from the seemingly unbeatable Princess Luna herself plunged it into darkness. But through it all, the pearl pony missed not a single graceful step. The Conference Championships It was like a rerun from 2013--veterans Twilight Sparkle in the EFC Championship and Fluttershy in the PFC Championship--until you took a closer look. Instead of upstart Cinderella contender Lyra Heartstrings, this time Twilight found herself muzzle to muzzle with one of the most loved ponies on MLP Forums, the charming and enigmatic Princess Luna. And where elegant earth pony cellist Octavia once stood, Fluttershy saw a pony she had beaten multiple times before: one of her best friends, the vivacious and ever-fashionable Rarity. Once again Twilight came "so close, yet so far" from a Magic Bowl, as she was simply outvoted and outclassed by a pony who turned the entire tournament upside down without really trying, while Fluttershy met a rare defeat at the hooves of an opponent whose determination neutralized her well-known ability to come from behind. When the dust settled, the thousand-year exile and the Little Drama Queen That Could were the last two ponies standing. LUNA, 123-78 RARITY, 114-87 The Magic Bowl No one knew just what was going to happen next. In a game that featured two remarkable competitors with bend-but-don't-break defense and dynamic, high-scoring offense, the result was a thrilling shootout. For two weeks and nearly thirty pages, Luna and Rarity had one of the most closely-contested games in playoff history. As her fans mobilized and a belief that it was her time swept across the board, Rarity had a strong start that set the tempo of the game. But as the denizens of the Lunar Republic promised, her lead did not last; Luna fought back aggressively and took the lead going into halftime. After that, the battle truly began. Pictures flew back and forth like snowflakes in a blizzard. Bets, promises, and proclamations of love reverberated from Canterlot Castle as each pony repeatedly counterattacked and took the lead. But then came the fourth quarter, when champions are made and one pony must step up. That pony was Rarity. The forum-wide awakening of Rarity's fan base catapulted her to a stunning victory. "Oh dear...I don't know what to say! So much success. So much love. So much...I...I can't stand it!" Rarity wailed rapturously after the game, collapsing onto a fainting couch. She promptly stood up two seconds later. "...Well, perhaps I can. But I must admit that for a time, I wondered if even I was fabulous enough to win an honor like this one. My little setbacks in the last few years have been...difficult. But as any fashionista worth her little red glasses will tell you, the rigors of conception and design must eventually lead to a beautiful final product. And I mustn't forget: to everypony who so faithfully supported and appreciated me...thank you." Luna, Woona, Moonbutt, call her what you like--just don't forget to add "strongest runner-up in M.A.P. history." "Attention, loyal subjects!" Princess Luna said after the game in her own special, and very loud, way. "We must address thee in the Royal Canterlot voice! We are, and shall always be, the loveliest pony in Equestria. None must be allowed to decree otherwise! As punishment for this outrage, We declare that the night...SHALL LAST...FOREV--" She paused as her fellow princess Twilight Sparkle stood up and whispered urgently in her ear. "What We mean to say, of course, is congratulations to Rarity. But We shall win next time!" She shared a civil hoofshake with her worthy opponent and departed to raise the moon, while Rarity retired to the Boutique for her beauty sleep. And with that, the second Magic Bowl and Most Attractive Pony Tournament came to another storybook ending. RARITY, 151-144 Look back on the Divisional round games here... ...And the Wild Card games here! Finally, see the 2015 tourney thread here.
  21. Personally, I would LOVE to have hair like Pinkie Pie. It'd be so bouncy and fun and full of life. Though it'd be cool to have hair like Luna or Celestia. Always gently moving and looking cool. What kind of pony mane would you want your hair to be like?
  22. Rarity and Rainbow Dash had a foal together. (Magic.) and this is what she looks like. I hope I'm not too off on genetics.
  23. So, a while back, I made this Rarity model in Blender, and I thought I'd have another go at improving it. There are a lot of problems with it, but there's one thing in particular that's been bugging me. There's something wrong with her eyes, and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Does anyone else have any idea? Is it just a by-product of converting a 2D character into 3D? I've made models of the other mane 5 characters and Spike, and most of them have similar issues. Fluttershy is the only one that looks right to me. If this is just a 2D to 3D conversion problem, I may just give up and try drawing again instead. Doing exaggerated facial expressions in 3D is also much more difficult than it is in 2D.