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Found 991 results

  1. Ok, so some of you may have noticed that LRP has kidnapped Feld0. We cannot let this happen. I have a plan, but it will only work if I recruit enough ponies. Reply if you're willing to join. I guarantee you a either a medal, a bodybag, or both.
  2. Guest

    Favorite Scene

    What is everyone's favorite scene(s) from an episode? My personal favorites are the Bear-Killer Fluttershy and the clip of wub woo Rainbow Dash ("So awesome")
  3. So i got to thinking what if Rarity wasn't into gem hunting for her dresses, what if she was a geek who loved collecting Rare collectibles? Some names in Equestria are too broad, what other names can you think of that can have more than one cutie mark, and what do you think it might look like?
  4. I am now practicing Rarity a few sketches for a next "grand wallpaper" project of mine so I'll post my creme de la creme of that into this thread :3 First one: Second one!
  5. Since you guys liked the Scootaloo I drew earlier. I decided I should start drawing more often. I'm going to draw one pony a night and post them here. If that's okay with you guys... So here is the one I drew tonight. Please critique my work. I know there are flaws somewhere... EDIT: I can't make my pictures larger because I take them with my PSP camera, sorry.
  6. done by : master chief, Reemus Amantius and lord scootaloo
  7. Hey everypony, what's up? I've been a fan of LP's and LPers for sometime now and I think it's about time I give back to the LPing community. I'm planning on making a Pokemon Yellow Let's Play, but I recently had an idea to make it "20% cooler." Take ponies, and put them in the game. No, I don't mean Ponymon or anything, I just mean the style of play and commentary would be Pony oriented. Of course I could always just do a normal walkthrough, but where's the fun in that? I made this poll just to see how many people would be interested in watching this style of LP. The more people that are interested will determine not only the fate of this LP, but of all my future LP's! I'm always going to include ponies in my videos, this poll is just here to determine the frequency and intensity with which they will appear. This will be my first LP and I can't wait to get started, be sure to check it out! I'll be uploading the videos starting in about two weeks, so head on over to my YouTube channel and stay tuned! (Currently, there is no content uploaded on my YouTube channel, but that is obviously going to change )
  8. I've had a bit of spare time on my hands lately, so I decided to have a shot at drawing Rarity. This was originally going to be a speed-paint of sorts, however I didn't have enough time to draw the entire image in one sitting, so instead I just put this together in sections, adding details whenever I found a moment to spare. All up it took me around two and a half hours give or take, using Photoshop and a laptop touchpad. It took me a couple of shots to get her mane right, and there's a few shading issues here and there, but overall I'm happy with how it turned out. Any constructive criticisms, pedantic or otherwise, would be appreciated.
  9. Hey everypony I haven't uploaded anything in a long time so here's a quick drawing of Rarity and Spike I quickly drew :3 They're the cutest couple evar It was done quite quickly but give your opinion please XD
  10. My inspiration to someone at Deviantart. I was totally in the zone for this one. What do you think?
  11. Well, I have noticed this a few times in past episodes, but non as apparent as the latest episode. She acts like a princess in reality would. She doesn't tend to help the common pony that much. Makes show appearances and has favorites. In most cartoons like this (don't get me wrong I admire it's difference) she would have helped the butler carrying Rarity's bags. But instead she just walks off and chuckles. She also does that at the Grand Galloping Galla, and again at the sweet shop. I don't think she is as kind to her subjects as other princesses from kids shows I have seen. Thoughts or input? Perhaps a counter argument?
  12. (Why do my music playlists always have to be so when I do something like this?) In my apprehension to contribute to the My Little Pony fandom textually, somehow I've managed to type out a fan-fiction, much to my surprise. The Fiction itself is a cross-over with Half-Life 2 (taking place after the events of HL2 Episode 1 and perhaps Episode 2) and directly it doesn't have much to do with the show itself. The main character is an everyman male Human Resistance member who has taken part in the Uprising against the Combine, who has not crossed paths with the main character of Half-Life, Gordon Freeman. God willing the last thing I want to be afraid of is a bunch of teenagers who like shows aimed at little girls, so I'm going to post it somewhere for all to see. Additionally, the title is only something I came up with for the purpose of this thread, for the entire time the fiction has been on my computer, I never gave the story a name. Thus since this whole thread is comments & criticism, the title is also open to that as well. Enjoy~ _____________________________________________________ Dear Princess Celestia: I guess the best place to start would be at the beginning. Sheesh, I’m writing a letter to a toy and the Captain said I must be going crazy. He’s probably right. I remember being a little kid, probably about eight or so, and my little sister, who would watch My Little Pony on TV. I didn’t much care for it, especially whenever Mythbusters was on. I remember watching some of it some time and thinking it wasn’t all so bad, but most of the time I couldn’t care less. But I do remember Christmas that year. I got her You, and a Rarity figurine. -Rarity because she would tell us alot about Rarity being better than the other ponies, and You, because I hoped that someday Rarity would learn from Celestia how to not be such an egotistic- well, there’s my Big Mac talking. Must have been the water though, I don’t remember exactly how or when it was, the day we had to leave. Mom and Dad told us only to bring the things we’d need for a very simple camping trip. I hadn’t heard about them planning any camping trip at the time. Thinking back, they were very protective, shutting of radios and TVs whenever we went someplace. Everyone when we left seemed so frantic, but we managed to get on the highway before most other people, and managed to get out of the city. But then to stay informed, Dad had no choice but to turn on the car stereo, and that’s when I heard the words that have haunted my life ever since. The “Seven-Hour War”. Again my memory goes fuzzy, but instead of being a few months, the thoughts go hazy for a few years. The most vivid memory I can recall is being dragged away by two men whom I think were Dad’s friends, while Dad was being beaten by two Metrocops. In that, I also think I recall that Mom and Sis were gone and I missed them. There is no doubt in my mind now that all three are dead or worse, some forsaken place far from here. I kept you, my Dear Princess, in memory of them, but especially in memory of my sister. Especially in spite of the fact that I’ve forgotten my sister’s name. Living in City 17 has taught me a great many things. But more than that City life ever taught me, you taught me, Celestia. As much as getting street smarts amongst the citizens around the city really saved my life more than once, it dulled my humanity to be simply getting up in the morning, walking slowly to an office building, staring at a wall for a few hours, grabbing a sack of food on the way home and going to sleep. But I could never sleep. Not without You, that is. For as many days as I can remember, I would go up into the rafters of the apartment block and play with You and- well, by that point Rarity had seen her fair share of love from my Sister, her eyes being entirely worn off, horn ground down to a bump and hair lost its curl and color to the weathering of wind, time and sun. Dad and Mom taught me a great many things about life, probably more than any kids at school did, or the teachers. These lessons they taught me started to weave and mingle with some werid- maybe magical is the right word- feelings and memories I had of the show, and I started playing pretend. I would pretend I was a little Unicorn colt named “Morning Ray”. A scrawny, wimp of a little pony who looking back, very much wanted to be friends with people. Studiously wanted to be friends. Desperate, maybe even. Obviously in the world in and of Civil Protection, citizens would have none of that. Playing with these two little horse toys taught me a lot. More than I would have thought possible, and that’s because I suppose I got lots of the traits of my Mom and mindsets of my Dad into You. One distinct lesson I recall that came from these play sessions was the moral in the end “Never stop learning”. I don’t remember if that was something my Dad taught me to do, or an actual moral from the show. Usually I’d always go into a little adventure with exploring a cave to find a missing filly or trying to fight off some kind of big scary monster to save somepony, and you’d always be there to save my sorry butt every time I made a mistake. And when I’d got myself into some kind of big social mess with other ponies, you’d restart my self-confidence and re-commit my willingness to not give up and to stay on track. Heh. I remember that time that I prety much fell in love with you, Princess, and Ray tried to bashfully date you on a few occasions. A crush if anything. In those brief events I think I saved myself a lot of pain and stupid moments by pretty quickly realizing the complexity and rationality behind women through you, instead of saying something stupid and awkward to some girls in the apartment block. Ray would ask a question, and Celestia would answer. He’d do something and she would react, each with their personality and mindset that was proper and entirely like the personality I gave them, and how they thought. I never realized I was actually really smart and kind of witty, recalling things Celestia said from my mouth. And likewise, how pretty wonky and downright dim Ray could be. Well, at least he was patient and wise enough to know that he wanted to be a gentleman, and intended to get there though more patience and wisdom. I don’t know anymore if that’s a boastful thing to say of my pretend-self. Whenever Ray would make a rude response, Celestia would be polite, or perhaps frank, but never cold. And the fact remains, I did learn a lot about girls just through you, Princess. Just through pretending to interact and having some part of my brain reason using this imagined personality as opposed to some kind of assumption of what girls were like. I never meant it to occur, but it can’t be thought of without its irony that an object of my affection taught me how one might have affection for women without them being objects. Always learning, ha ha. As much as life seemed to suck, it was entirely weird to everyone who knew me why I was so chipper, despite the death and darkness that surrounded everyday life. April was the one who first found out about my secret hobby in the attic. She probably thought I was doing something of a... personal nature. In a way, wording it like that is right. It came as total surprise to us both to find a young man and a young woman, looking at each other over the distance of a few feet, one standing from the stairset and the other laying down spread over two joists and holding two plastic ponies as if they were walking side by side. That night was an interesting one, but I am very grateful she was so understanding and patient with my explanation. She tried to convince me it was some form of dealing with the reailty of the world and trying to escape from it. Now I see that most definitively it was. It can’t be denied that I developed as a man because of it, and without it I would have been a very different man, but how dare anyone actually say it was fundamentally bad or wrong? I defended my hobby very sternly in the angle of being in memory of my family. In a way of sorts, I suppose that night was a big test for everything I had taught myself about how to think and act to people. I couldn’t say it wasn’t fair for that ‘test’ to take the form of someone wanting me to part ways with my ‘educator’ in order to ‘pass’, without being one-sided. But regardless of what paths life takes us on, I see now that good always comes out of our choices if good is what we seek. Usually though, not quickly, nor painlessly. The next morning after that, we got word that Nova Prospekt had been blown up and that Gordon Freeman had returned. I had heard rumours about this Black Mesa guy and how he was supposed to save the world, but it never struck me as a realistic idea to have hopes resting on one man. Street smarts somehow quickly translated into fighting skills when push came to shove, surviving against the Combine and retreating out of the city. For eight days, my life became a blur or running, hiding, shooting, walking, glancing out from behind corners, shoving someone out of the way to avoid getting exploded, sleeping when I could and somehow managing to lose Morning Ray- or rather, what was left of Rarity. That was a few weeks ago. I don’t kick myself over it, nor do I mourn. I treasure what moments I had, and dwell on that feeling, instead of hating the future of what could have been vs. what is. I suppose in a weird way it was symbolic of my old young self dying and bringing about my smarter, more mature self. I still was learning new things though; how to demolish a bridge, how to blow up an armoured vehicle, what to do when you find zombies, things like that. The odd part is, as practical and purposeful these skills are, they're still tiny in comparison to what I learned about friendship. Indeed the single most important tool we have in the group of rebels I’m part of, is teamwork. More valuable than any bullet, any hammer, or any one hand. Together they and I have destroyed striders, buried enclaves, destroyed a fortress and wrecked a train, and they’re all colourful and fantastic stories that someday we’ll talk about to each other, to friends, maybe wives and children. But in the moment I think there’s far more importance between the guy that knows that there’s a God and the guy that knows there is no God don’t mistrust each other, or those other two fellows that are at each other’s throats because of some old flame long gone, can extinguish their anger and come to terms with what they know and love about life, and move on. It never struck me I was good at this, until I started getting praise for being able to tie the rag-tag band of jerks that we were, together. The God-fearing guy very seriously thought I also believed in God. I hadn’t really thought about that. I’ll have to think about that some more. I had been called a hopeless optimist before, but that didn't sound right, nor sit well with me, what with all the evil still in the world. Somehow I preferred “Pony-Boy”. All I know is that when this is all over, and those smart people at the base start having to set up the world all over again, they’ll be able to fit together the house of cards made of things like food provision, religious freedom, social stability in the face of aliens, law-making and justice, with glue, if the mindset is Friendship, not just Citizenship. Love, not just Order. Here I lie with wounds in my shoulder and leg as they carry me back to the nearest base. They all know how inept I am when it comes to a firearm, ignorance when it comes to planning, blindness when it comes to tactics, and depth when it comes to looking inside yourself, and thinking about how you think. I think they all love me because I love them, as brothers do. I never had brothers until a few weeks ago, and it’s wonderful. They don’t just leave me behind because I’m good company they say, and they're quite clear in telling me that someday I’ll be a great father. I don’t know about that, I still have a lot to learn about being a husband first, and there are steps to take before I even get there. -Celestia-willing. I’ve got really nothing to do as they carry me. Try to figure out the broken pieces of my younger memories, talk, write or read when I can. (Still is crazy to me where this writing idea has come from.) I’ve never come to completely realize how much You’ve influenced my life, Princess. A journal would have been more orderly, but whoever says to themselves that their mind is a simple and organized place is either a fool whose mind is as simple as he says, or hasn’t delved deep enough into it. This letter as odd as it may be, serves truer a purpose I think, than any story would have- although some time I may have to recollect one of our adventures. Thankfully mail travel time for something like this consists of stuffing the finished piece into my backpack where you reside. I still make a point of the truth that (wherever it came from) rings brighter than almost any other advice I’ve ever heard or given myself, to never stop learning. Writing this letter has taught me a lot about myself, and I don’t intend to stop soon. Thank you for everything, Princess. Your faithful student Raymond Markus
  13. I am creating an animation to the song Art of the Dress . In the animation however; Pokemon will be singing the song in place of our beloved ponies. I am stumped on which Pokemon would best represent each of the Mane Six . I think Rarity would be best played by Delcatty and Pinkie Pie as Jigglypuff. I need suggestions for the others, or if you have a better idea for Rarity and Pinkie Pie that would be helpful too!! Thanks
  14. A friend of mine recently bought a FiM coloring book and came across a page with Rarity on it. However there is something on Rarity's hair, however no one in our group of bronies had any idea what it was in her hair. So everypony, what do you think it is?
  15. Well... It's hard enough for my parents to believe that watching ponies DOESN'T affect my sexual orientation; and it's nearly impossible for them to even consider me purchasing (or having other people purchase for me) the merchandise for the show. So my only option is to hit the shops after school (possibly with my baby sister if people get suspicious...I'm not too open with brony-ism yet.) I want to get some of the blind bags--hoping for Rarity or Rainbow Dash (and when they're out) Lyra Heartstrings and Big Macintosh. Getting to the shop and locating the toys are the easy parts. My problem is my own skepticism if they are really worth it. They are just plastic figurines, and despite their epicness, shouldn't be more than a few bucks each blind bag. Because when it comes down to it, they are plastic and paint. Although, from what I've seen of them, the toys seem pretty durable (unlike previous generations of MLP toys.) But I know as well as you that anything based of any show gets it's price applejacked up to heights unbearable. Normally this wouldn't be a problem; I could normally just Google the toys and find the price in any of my local stores. However, no matter how I rephrase "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Blind Bags Price" (removing/adding words, abbreviating mlpfiim, changing phrases, etc.) I still can't find the price! Sure I get the review videos and tutorial videos on finding the one you want... BUT I CAN'T FIND THE PRICE! I make burnt offerings to Google, I want my results! If any of you have gotten the blind bags, how much are they? And do you think the prices given are fair?