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  1. I dont know what is it but when i look at my drawings they look somewhat decent a but when i look them again they look pretty odd tbh i dont know if im missing something or if its something else but i mean they look kinda what i pictured them in my mind but they are still pretty crappy in my eye compared to what i would like them to be though im still pretty happy that they are somewhat decent though i really cant say if i have anykind of style in my drawings they jsut are somewhere there and i suppose its alright but i cant really put my finger on it i mean why they looking like they are i mean should they look better or not i honestly cant tell Of course they should but should i be happy or not? btw im talking about these drawings
  2. I was playing Overwatch and I suddenly got inspired to create a futuristic styled art of a pony... XD Also came back from Bronycon! It was sooo much fun!
  3. New art. Its been a while! As always, I hope you enjoy! <3 Direct Link :
  4. Spice Up Your Life Pinkie Pie and Rarity discover a father and daughter struggling to keep their family restaurant open, which is cause tension in their relationship. Airing June 11th. Despite it being aired the week after episode 611, this is labeled as 613.
  5. In other words, who would do it first? (for more info)
  6. It's time for The Second Opinion to give the second opinion on second opinions. This is My Little Pony: Spice Up Your Life.
  7. As we are aware of what happened in Orlando, I decided to do a drawing for Tabitha St. Germain of two characters that she voiced: Rarity and Derpy Hooves hugging each other in a sad and depressing tone.
  8. Ponies + Indian Food = This Now that that's out of the way, good morning everypony, and welcome to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews," our last for a while I'm afraid given that the Season 6 hiatus is upon us. Thankfully, I am glad to say that today's episode was most delightful indeed, even if it wasn't perfect. A nice return to the Friendship Map formula of last season with a fun pair of ponies we've already seen once this season, let's dive into "Spice Up Your Life." So, in this case I feel compelled to get what I thought didn't work in this episode out of the way first, because it bugged me as the episode unfolded. I was honestly having a hard time figuring out what the lesson was supposed to be. That is not to say that the episode didn't have a message, oh no, it did indeed. But I think it was the Friendship Map formula in general that threw me off; the presumption was that the quarrel Rarity and Pinkie had to solve was that between Coriander Cumin and Saffron Masala. Now there clearly was a quarrel, but I don't think that's actually what Rarity and Pinkie had to do (though the episode didn't do a very good job of explaining that). The nature of the quarrel wasn't very well explained; obviously both ponies were fighting a lot since their business was struggling, but I never really got a sense for what Coriander wanted to do differently from his daughter. Rarity pretty much handled everything in the music montage on his end, and Coriander was just kind of grumpy the whole time. In the end, the action did not center around those two at all, at least not salvaging their relationship. It also wasn't just about saving their business, because that's not really a friendship problem either. Yelp and RT reviewers manifested as a pony; as one can imagine, she sucked as much as you would think she would :crackle: No, in actuality, the message is actually quite nuanced, if not a little too subtle until the very end. I think the friendship lesson that they had to teach was to all of Restaurant Row in Canterlot, not just Coriander and Saffron. The crux of the conflict was that nopony in Canterlot would even try their food because they didn't have a hoof rating from Zesty Gourmand. Up till the very end, even after tons of other ponies in Canterlot were trying and clearly loving their food, Zesty still refused, contending that it was beneath her to do so and would ruin her reputation. What we have here, oddly enough, is a critique of critic culture, specifically critics who write for published and major media sources. Critics can sway public opinion quite a bit, and that can often be a good thing if the critic is good; but the problem with critic culture, sometimes, is that critics can sometimes become too full of their own opinions for their own good. They care more about the weight of their critique than remembering that they have their own personal tastes just like everyone else, and sometimes it can be so bad that it even prevents them from giving something new a chance, or judging something based on its own context/what it's trying to be instead of measuring it against things it simply shouldn't be. An Indian restaurant should be an Indian restaurant, not a place of high, cultured food. A blockbuster should try to be a great blockbuster, not an art house film, just as an art house film shouldn't try to be a blockbuster. Forming one's opinion, especially if voiced in public with the power to sway others, is a heady responsibility that should not be taken lightly, especially if you do have the social standing to sway others, and sometimes it's all too easy for people to forget that they could be wrong or just not like something that most others will if they actually can influence others' opinions. I very much liked this message, but again, I feel like it was not delivered, until the last few minutes of the episode, in a way that was readily understood, at least as the center of the episode's theme. Like I said, the friendship problem was not readily apparent at any point in the episode, but I think it came down to the episode title; people shouldn't be afraid of spicing up their lives, trying something new or giving something a chance, and shouldn't let the opinions of others prevent them from trying something if they think they'll like it or actually do like it. If you have a different opinion or tastes than someone else, that doesn't make you less of a person for it; all it means is that your ideas of what's enjoyable are different from what others find enjoyable. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that most of the time, and like I said, I really like this message; I just think it could have been delivered better. I love this guy! Coriander just does not have any time for any of your BS, Rarity; don't take it personally darling, he doesn't have any time for anyone's BS, and he thinks that everything is BS 99% of the time Now that that's out of the way, let's get to what I loved. Really, I loved everything about how this episode looked and felt. The style was great; getting to see Canterlot again, great; getting to see more Rarity and Pinkie Pie, great; getting a father/daughter conflict, great; father/daughter turn out to be Indian, very unique and awesome to see the writers branching out their character types in such a diverse way; the song, just as unique and awesome, combining familiar musical talents with a style of music we've never heard in the show. Basically, this FELT and LOOKED exactly as I hope new slice of life MLP episodes should; enough familiar elements combined with new ones to add some great flair and style, with just a dash of nice world building to boot. Admittedly, Rarity made a few more mistakes than Pinkie Pie, but really they both just weren't doing the right job from the get go; Pinkie Pie was just as bad at attracting customers to a restaurant in Canterlot as Rarity was at preparing the decor of the place, and in that regard the episode again felt a tad confused as to what it was trying to tell us about them. I think it came down to each of them working off of each other's strengths as the situation demanded; Rarity was still great at converting the restaurant, but that simply wasn't what needed to be done. Likewise, nobody questions that Pinkie Pie is as friendly as can be, but she wasn't about to attract new customers in Canterlot simply by being outgoing. This goes back to the episode's message; in Rarity, we see how the opinion of one with social standing can be turned to good in helping nudge others along to trying something new. In Pinkie Pie, we get obviously the tried and true message that, if you love what you do and know that others can and should love it too, then you shouldn't conform to the point that what makes your product unique and special in the first place is entirely absent from the finished product. Pinkie, that's not helping anyone Coriander and Saffron were a great addition to the show; again, the nature of their conflict with each other wasn't explained the greatest, but Saffron was perfectly friendly and Coriander was a hoot when he was grumpy, with his constant, deadpan expression and complete disinterest in everything (very nicely captured in his movements; I thought the animators did a wonderful job of making Coriander actually LOOK as heavy-set as he was drawn through his very slow, drawn-out movements). Zesty Gourmand was genuinely unlikable, and it was very nice how the episode showed she was so stubbornly set in her ways and had such a high opinion of her own opinion that she wouldn't even taste Coriander and Saffron's food. She missed out on a great chance for some great food all because she thought too highly of herself. As I said, I loved the Canterlot setting, and aesthetically the episode was extremely bright, colorful, and vibrant, very befitting an episode with this title. The music too, as I mentioned earlier, was a real treat and, although unique for the show, felt perfectly at home in it all the same. Overall, while this was hardly a perfect episode, it was a very delightful episode all the same, and if you can figure out the messages, they're actually very good ones. They're just a little hard to catch in the episode's actual execution. Until next time everypony, which may be a few months given the hiatus, this is Batbrony, as always, signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* That's not helping anyone either, Pinkie P.S. Before I forget, it was great seeing Starlight at the start of the episode with the rest of the Mane 6, in an actual slice of life episode, and on top of that fixing the Friendship Map with Twilight. Very nice to see the writers working her in like that finally in a small, supporting role.
  9. Blessings from Equestria and Welcome to my 3rd Blog in which today I am going to be ranking the Mane 6 of My Little Pony and Trying to explain my reasons behind why I placed them where I have. Please remember this is just a personal opinion and I am more than happy to listen to your views on this matter and how you would rank them but this is just my opinion and as we all know "Opinions are not wrong" Anyway with the introduction out of the way let us begin with Number 6: TWILIGHT SPARKLE OK Lets start with my least favourite of the Mane 6 and pretty much the Protagonist of the entire Series - "Princess" Twilight Sparkle. Out of all the characters she seems to be the most spoilt by the creative team, She is constantly being awarded by everyone around her when it was a combined effort of ALL of her friends and sometimes even outside help. Her character was not really the most relateable of characters in the series and at the beginning I could compare her to be a Juvenile trying to reform by learning how she is meant to act in modern society only to land a huge job at a corporation because the chairman "took a shine to her" and I personally just do not like that - I feel that she is benefiting from too much when she has not really deserved it. I think the part that annoys me the most is the fact she was turned into a princess and for what? Finishing a spell Star Swirl could not? Is that REALLY such a feat that deserves her to ascend into Princesshood? Especially when you consider what the rest of her friends have done in the duration of the series on their own which would have also warranted a transformation. Applejack saved Ponyville from a stampede of cows Fluttershy tamed a dragon and got him to relocate Pinkie Pie stopped a massive war from happening (which was caused indirectly by Twilight) I could literally go on about what the rest have accomplished but the fact remains they do not seem to be as awarded as Twilight Sparkle has been and that just doesn't seem right to me and because of that Twilight is definitely my least popular of them all. Number 5: RAINBOW DASH Rainbow Dash is probably the coolest designed of the mane 6 by far, Like she is 20% Cooler than the rest (Ba dum tssh) :lol The main reason I have placed her 5th might be a unpopular reason with her loyal fans but to me personally she has not really done anything in the series...I do not mean she is lazy and has not contributed to anything throughout the series but I mean she just has not really had a stand out moment in which she was her real hero (Apart from the first 5 minutes of Mare-Do-Well) and that is unfortunate because I would like to see her being the hero in a crisis to Ponyville and all of Equestria. But she is definitely not without her good points, firstly the fact she does have a good heart behind that superiority complex She was the one to dive right into the middle of bullying to protect a young and scared Fluttershy when she could have easily flew past and ignored it She ignored species profiling to befriend a young griffin named Gilda when all the others were mocking her She was willing to become Scootaloo adopted Big Sister...if you do not understand how important that is for someone as young as Scootaloo then I feel sorry for you Secondly is of course her greatest dream, To become a Wonderbolt, it was one of the first things she announced all the way back in episode 1 and do not deny it when they announced in the recent episode of "Newbie Dash" you felt pleased for her because all the hard work she had put in had finally paid off for her. Finally is her sense of honour, She is true to her element and is Loyal to the core even to her own morals, I said she had a dream to become a Wonderbolt but that did not stop her from almost throwing it all away during the reserve training because she felt that others were being unfairly bullied out of the chance to one day become Wonderbolts by Lightning Dust and that to me is something that earns my respect for anypony out there. Number 4: RARITY I will be honest Rarity was once my least favourite but as time has gone on she has improved quite a lot that I am now liking her character. I don't quite know what it was that I did not like about her - Maybe it was just the fact that to me she was the most bland of characters in the series, nothing bad but nothing special either and when you are meant to be one of the Protagonists in a series being Average is just not what you want to be...But I give credit where credit is due but her character took baby steps and she improved leaps and bounds and I might even say she is the most improved of the entire group. I enjoy her commitment to her passion and I have respect for her because she loves what she loves as much as she does - Yes that has sometimes been the focus on some of her least favourable moments in the series like picking it over spending quality time with Sweetie Belle and treating her friends like rubbish because someone else stole her idea but if I am honest that just shows true passion to something...You can tell she really wants to be the greatest fashion designer in all of Equestria just by the fact she sometimes forget to think about the feelings of those she loves as much. The best parts of Rarity is when she breaks characters, those brief moments when she is willing to step away from herself and let herself go just a little bit - Like when she was willing to get dirty to make amends with her Sister to recently bouncing around pretending to be Pinkie Pie because Pinkie was not acting like her usual self...they are magical moments because (as her name suggests) they are a 'Rarity'. Number 3: PINKIE PIE Pinkamena Diane Pie...Better known as Pinkie Pie is one of Ponyville most beloved residence and when you get to know her you can understand why this is so - When it comes to the life and soul of the town you can be sure that 90% she is at the centre of it and if she is not then she is there to throw a party in honour for the one who was because that is just the kind of pony she is. If you do not know how popular she is then I suggest you watch her brief moment during the song "True, True Friend" when she returns to her old self and all of Ponyville shout "PINKIE" in celebration because she is the one who brings them happiness and everypony loves her...But she is not without her flaws sadly and it comes down to the fact that, kind of like Rainbow Dash, she likes to be within the centre of attention and if she is not then her mood drastically changes. We see in "Party for one" when the rest decides to throw a party for her own birthday and have to avoid her whilst they are preparing for it that Pinkie goes crazy and even psychopathic really quickly even creating new "friends" with rocks and dust...and this is all in the space of an Afternoon folks :/ she literally could not mentally handle not being the life and soul of something for more than a couple of hours. But for that one aspect that is Negative, Pinkie Pie has probably a hundred that makes her so loved by the brony community but probably the key factor to it all is just her personality - She is humorous and usually have a laugh even in a major crisis, She loves her friends and family more than I feel people understand and She is always willing to go that one step further to help others (or to make sure that a party is going to be extra special). Number 2: APPLEJACK Originally I was debating between 3rd and 1st about who would be my number 1 but then I started to think outside the box and realised that whilst those two were continously changing their places in my mind there was one Pony who remains constant in my popularity for her since day one, a Pony who has been a stable for the series since Day 1 and has always produced at least a good episode under her name - Applejack. There is not much I can say bad about her really even her faults are worked into her character so well that they are not actually faults but merely make up her whole character which is actually really hard to do with alot of characters in Cartoons and Anime since most of the times the flaws are slapped in and don't always fit the character when you honestly think about it. Applejack best trait is always going to be her family and just how proud she is of them and her upbringing, She is a country pony at heart and that is exactly how she wants it because that is her family way and I feel that alot of our own families could do with learning a thing or two about what a family truly means from the Apple Family. She is also probably the best sister of the mane 6 even though sometimes she can be overly protective of Apple Bloom but then again who out there is not protective of their young siblings from time to time? The fact is you have to consider she is not just being Apple Blooms Sister but in a way a substitute mother trying to keep her on the right path whilst also wanting to have fun with her as two sisters is not as easy as you may think but AJ is actually doing a really good job at balancing those two roles. Finally and probably the most debatable aspect of my list as to way I like her so much is her singing, it is usually excellent and I do not think I have heard a single song that she or the Apple family have sung that not only did I not enjoy but I liked singing along to because they are always so catchy and takes me back to the classic old country songs back in the day. Number 1: FLUTTERSHY They say you love the character that represents you the most and for me, that honour falls upon Miss Fluttershy and I am personally happy about that because just look at her, she is lovely right? I keep hearing people talk about how Fluttershy introvert personality makes her hard to like but I do not agree at all, I think if anything her character shows us how we could be interacting with someone similar and gaining a really interesting and good friend in the process and she is showing those who are introverts that just because society may deem you "Weak" does not mean you have to be a push over. She has shown in the past that when push comes to shove she can be as strong as the rest, she can not only step out of her comfort zone but even take a vacation from it which is a trait that alot of people can not do and when talking about Fluttershy they seem to forget it because they are focused so much on the time she overly shy but lets look back at one moment that went right over fans heads. Do you remember the Equestria Games? Well Fluttershy competed in it...Let that sink in before your eyes do the "Oh my God" Realisation thing - Fluttershy who had been shown to fear large crowds watching her was actually able to get in front of the biggest crowd of them all to do the two things she is known to be absolutely bad at, Flying and Racing...can you imagine standing in front of thousands all watching you do something you are not good at? You remember how scared Spike was when he had to sing the cloudsdale national anthem even though he didn't know it? THAT is actually how Fluttershy must have been feeling throughout that race but she remained strong and got through it for her team. She does have her flaws, she is probably the only pony who can out stubborn Applejack - Seriously if Fluttershy does not want to do something then she is not doing it even if she is guilt tripped and that might be something that should be frowned at but I think it is something that should be respected, She knows what she likes and hates and wants to avoid a lot of what she hates as best she can only doing them when it is something truly important...Kind of like saving it up so when she does it then you appreciate it just that little bit more. One of the biggest flaws that I do not like about Fluttershy is her tolerance of that Rabbit, Angel...I am definitely in that category who hates that rabbit and will not miss him if was written off but at the same time because Fluttershy loves him I tolerate him being around since he makes Fluttershy happy - But I swear if he slaps her again I will find a way to get into Equestria and I will **This segment has been censored due to graphic description of violence and animal cruelty**...and bury him in the everfree forest But in the end, I just love Fluttershy as a whole so I am proud to name her my favourite of the Mane 6 Thank you all for reading my blog, once again please feel free to comment your own opinions if you wish because I enjoy reading your views very much Until Next time, Blessings from Equestria to you all
  10. Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey! Watch out, watch out, watch out! Listen! Listen! Listen! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! He- SHUT UP, NAVI, I'M GETTING TO THE REVIEW, OK!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, welcome back everypony to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! We had ourselves a nice one today, very nice indeed; Fluttershy's first starring role since the start of the season, and my oh my was it a nice one indeed. "Flutter Brutter" has the distinction of being a very commendable episode despite having an EXTRAORDINARILY annoying character in it. Without further ado, let's begin and take a look, shall we? Wanna see how assertive I can really be? So for me, by far the best element of this episode was Fluttershy. This is a fantastic example of how you do continuity in character development correctly. As a firstborn son and older brother myself, I had no trouble at all, whatsoever, believing that she had a history with her brother (obviously that's not to say I have a bad relationship with my little sister, she's amazing, just saying that I totally believed that she was Zephyr Breeze's big sister from personal experience, her interactions with him felt very natural and sibling-like). On top of that, we both learned where Fluttershy got her timid-to-a-fault nature from (and dear me, her parents did not do themselves or her any favors with those personalities of theirs) and also got to see her current, far more assertive personality juxtaposed beside her parents, who were representative of what she used to be like. It was GREAT, and really highlighted the extent that her character has developed since Season 1 (seems like just yesterday she was afraid of her own shadow). At no point did she take Zephyr's crap, at no point did she back down, and at no point did Fluttershy compromise who she was. She just tried to be a good big sister and dole out some much-needed tough love to her little brother, through and through. In earlier seasons, that might've been a Mary Sue performance, but not here, not after six seasons. This was Fluttershy taking six seasons of lessons learned about how to be a stronger mare than she ever thought she could be and applying it to someone who she loved but also knew desperately needed to change their life. Fluttershy ain't having any of your B.S. Oh, I do NOT like the look of this guy! Now as for Zephyr, I'm actually mixed, but not because he was annoying. Oh no, don't get me wrong, he was, but that worked perfectly fine for what they were doing here. My sole problem is that while this episode worked perfectly fine as a story about his character, I don't think that it's particularly applicable to a real-world scenario. Now obviously there are people out there who struggle with simply trying something, people afraid of failure to the point that they never try at all, people who have trouble seeing things through. But that said, Zephyr took it to a whole other level. He was so insufferable, so annoying, so obnoxious, so narcissistic, so completely incompetent for 90% of the episode that he felt more like a parody of someone who could have these problems than a portrayal of them. Again, that worked here. I delighted in hating him, it was quite fun. And I didn't think his turnaround was too sudden either; he seemed to be taking good baby steps at the end, and he still obviously has to find a job and a place of his own before he can say he's really independent and in control of his life. But like I said, I don't think anyone is going to watch this episode and go, "Wow, that guy's just like me," because I don't think anyone could possibly come close in the slightest to being as annoying as he was. So overall, he worked in the show, but that's it. Not gonna lie, kinda sad this didn't happen Still a better mane-style than his stupid man bun... also, ENJOY GOING BALD IN YOUR 40s, ZEPHYR, IF YOU KEEP UP THAT MANECUT! Besides that, this episode was very nicely paced and covered quite a few places for a slice of life episode. We went to Cloudsdale, Ponyville, Twilight's Castle, Fluttershy's house, Carousel Boutique, and got to see a ton of faces. Fluttershy's parents did not disappoint and it was easy to see how both of their children grew up with the personal problems that they did as a result of both parents not being very assertive themselves. I actually really liked that the show did not beat around the bush and pretend it wasn't their fault; oftentimes parent characters are Mary Sues or Gary Stus who are just there to cheer their children on in animated TV shows, but it was quite clear that the root of both Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze's problems was their parents not being assertive at all. Rainbow Dash was also quite delightful as well; this is one of the first times I've ever seen where she actually felt like a wingmare to Fluttershy and she was totally supportive of her from start to finish, but not in a patronizing way. Her running gag with Zephyr hitting on her incessantly in the most obnoxious way he possibly could (by constantly insisting that she was the one infatuated with him) was hilarious and had a gratifying conclusion when we saw that Rainbow had gotten to zap Zephyr more than a few times with lightning, and it was cool too getting to see more confirmation that she grew up as friends with Fluttershy in Cloudsdale, and also that she was as aware as anypony else was that Zephyr was an annoying twat. Son, she is one step away from slapping you with a sexual-harassment suit and filing for a restraining order... CUT IT OUT!!! Oh, and there was also a song... that kind of came out of nowhere. It was a perfectly fine song, not amazing, but good. It just really had no set up. One second Rainbow Dash is talking, the next second Fluttershy's singing. So... yeah, that happened. Dinky, that's not your mom! Go on and find Derpy now, I'm sure she's got some muffins for you Next Zephyr Breeze episode: he fails so badly at being a mane therapist that he throws it all away and becomes the Joker... but then he sucks at that too Overall, this was an episode that could have been awful. They really could have done this lesson and new character wrong, but I'm glad to say that that simply was not the case. Fluttershy was portrayed fantastically, Zephyr was what he needed to be, it was great finally getting to see Fluttershy's family and also learn that, even though her parents were perfectly lovely, that did NOT mean that their family life was all hunky-dory and in tip top shape. I will admit that I just want to chop that stupid looking man-bun (or is it stallion-bun?) off of Zephyr's head... and possibly his head too... but that's beside the point. The point is, this was great, and Fluttershy had a smashing good first episode of the season.
  11. This thread was inspired by A Talking Dragon's thread "After Fluttershy, rank the mane 6 in terms of kindness" List the members of the Mane 6 from least to most emotionally stable, in your opinion. My list is: 1. Pinkie Pie 2. Fluttershy 3. Rainbow Dash 4. Rarity 5. Twilight Sparkle 6. Applejack (Note: this is subject to change)
  12. These are ideas I think they could use for future episodes of the show Tell which ones do you think would work.
  13. Just a compilation of some of my artwork featuring the mane 6 getting thrown into prison.
  14. Alrighty, good morning everypony, and welcome to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews". This was a pretty darn good episode we had today, though I did go so far as to vote that I loved it. I did so because I thought that the lesson itself and the way it was delivered earned that, even if the rest of the episode was just perfectly fine and nothing amazing. Without further ado, let's get into "Applejack's "Day" Off". Sadly, contrary to what this pic suggests, there was no applebucking to be found in this episode! Nopppppppppppppeeeeeeeeee. Nope. Nope nope nope. So. Much. Nope! My thoughts exactly, AJ I would describe this, first and foremost, as a quintessential Applejack episode for the problem and lesson learned alone. The problem presented was one that, out of all the Mane 6, Applejack was most likely to fall into, and the way the lesson was learned was also pretty much how AJ of all the girls would learn a lesson like that. The problem and lesson were both quite simple. Applejack got stuck in a lot of work routines she was used to that were adding more work than was needed, and needed to simplify how she was doing things. Pretty straightforward. The reason it worked real well was all in the execution. The problem was set up very nicely in showing Applejack handle a very similar problem for the Ponyville Spa, and it was a nice touch as well that she was the one who inadvertently delivered the lesson of the episode while displaying the same problem. That's pretty much AJ right there; she likes keeping her routines because she's comfortable running her farm in the same manner day in and day out, but she's practical and hard working enough that she'd recognize the wisdom of simplifying things. She just thought she had simplified things as much as she could, so what she needed was the same thing the Spa Ponies needed, an outside party to tell her how she could make things more efficient and make less work for herself. Secret Butt Fun: You're doing it wrong Just call her 'Applejack the Science Pony!' Seriously, she taught us much more about steam and pipes than I certainly expected we'd learn in this episode TIME FOR A PLUMBING MONTAGE, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! The biggest reason I really appreciated this lesson is twofold. One, they were very, very patient in how they taught the lesson. The episode's pacing could be a bit slow at times, but it did make for the lesson being very clear in how it came across. Two, this is a lesson that you rarely see taught in kids shows, mostly because we all like getting into routines, and sometimes it's difficult to know when a routine is doing more harm than good. Routines are comfortable to us because they're something we're used to, so sometimes we really need friends or family to tell us if we need to change things up in how we're doing something. I thought the lesson was very nuanced, thoughtful, and incredibly well-executed in its delivery, and again, the mere subject matter alone is to be commended. This would have been a simple episode no matter what, so they did about as good of a job with it as they could have. Ya'll don't like mah Scootaloo impression? Lol, what the hay am I even doin'? Such farmer, much barn work, wowwwwwwwwww Besides that, there's not a whole lot to cover. It was really nice that we got to see a lot more of Sweet Apple Acres and, especially, the Ponyville Spa, and the fact that the episode was largely centered on those two settings alone meant that we got to spend a lot more time at both (especially the latter) than we normally do and got to see a lot more. Getting to see so much of Aloe and some of the other Spa Ponies was a delight, if only because her accent was adorable, plus it was super fun seeing AJ, Rarity, and even Rainbow Dash at the spa. I really liked the little touch that not only at some point between Season 2 and this episode it was made clear that RD not only got over her hooficure/hoof-touching phobia and started enjoying pampering herself (albeit, in secret, though that seems to have changed by the end of the episode), but also that at no point was Applejack ever once turned off by the idea of going to the spa. The episode made it quite clear that she has routinely enjoyed spa days with Rarity, and given how long all the girls have been friends with each other, that really shouldn't be surprising at this point; after five and a half seasons, it's only natural that AJ would be far more comfortable than she used to be with tapping into her feminine side, plus it makes perfect sense that she'd be cool with the spa since it's a prime place to unwind and relax after a long, hard day's work. Spike, this Mission Impossible recreation is going terribly! Let's take it from the top Why yes, I am indeed a pretty, pretty pony, how nice of you to notice! Like I said, the pacing was a bit slow at times, which was most noticeable since not too much in particular happened, and on top of that I was actually disappointed that we didn't actually get to see Applejack truly relaxing at the spa, just talking about it the whole time with Rarity. That might sound weird, but I don't know, I think I feel that way because I enjoy seeing characters in situations we normally don't see them in; it was nice to hear AJ say how much she was going to enjoy the spa, sure, but it would have been nice all the same to see her actually getting to do it. I think it's comparable to like when Batman and Jim Gordon shared a cup of coffee on New Year's Eve (apparently an annual tradition of theirs) in B:TAS, or the Christmas episode of the Justice League animated series when we got to see Hawkgirl and Green Lantern celebrating at an alien bar, Flash making sure some orphans had a Merry Christmas, and Martian Manhunter spending Christmas with Clark Kent in Smallville and coming to understand it. The charm of these scenarios is that they give us the chance to see sides of characters we don't usually get to see, or just them doing things we don't usually get to see them do. It's a little thing, but those little things can be some of our favorite character moments, so I would have liked if maybe they had sped up some of the episode's pacing just so they could have a bit with the end where we got to see AJ reaping the rewards of her hard work and lesson learned. Other than that, however, I have no complaints. It wasn't an amazing episode, but a perfectly fine one with a very, very commendable and excellently executed message, and one that fit its main character, Applejack, to a T. Nopony felt uncharacteristically stupid, neither AJ nor Twilight and Spike, and it made perfect sense that the latter were stumped by her convoluted list of steps needed just to feed the pigs. It had a very slice of life feel to it and felt like it would have perfectly belonged in Season 1, but it worked plenty fine as a Season 6 episode as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this one for what it was and was trying to be, which I think it perfectly succeeded at: a quintessential, slice of life Applejack episode with a problem and lesson tailor made for her. That's all I got for you today everypony. Until next week, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  15. Shoosh Rarity, your episode already debuted Good evening, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! My apologies for being so late in getting my review out, but I have a good excuse; I spent about 4 hours total driving yesterday so I could spend time with my family celebrating my mom's, grandpa's, and grandma's birthdays in Frankenmuth, MI, otherwise known as Little Bavaria, seeing as all of their birthdays are in May. I had some great food and a great time with my fam, but the driving took quite some time, admittedly. Anyways, I have now seen this episode twice and I must say it is absolutely delightful in every which way. Nick Confalone is proving to be a fabulous addition to the writing staff, and this was certainly the funniest episode in quite some time, possibly the funniest one since "Slice of Life" last season. Without further ado, let's begin. So thankfully, I don't have a whole lot to say about this one because there's not much point in going into specific events or characters. It was an ensemble episode, but not like earlier seasons where you'd expect really momentous stuff to happen when the entire gang was involved, or even a significant slice of life lesson. The fact of the matter is that the show is old enough at this point, the story and characters developed enough that they can have an episode like this, one where there's just a lot of silly stuff happening and not much in the way of a lesson or plot. And it was executed wonderfully in this instance, I am happy to say. The most impressive aspect of it all was the execution. Recap episodes like this do not always work, and they were very creative with the timeline here. I've seen TV episodes like this before where you get events that have already happened recapped by different characters, but the manner in which they did it here, with an ongoing newspaper interview where different characters were getting interviewed (at different times, as SUPER CLEVERLY indicated by the different background characters at booths in the diner, especially with RD and AJ where it was clear they were getting interviewed at almost the same time because they not only appeared together but also had the same background character at the booth behind them in their scenes) was incredibly clever and inventive. It also helped establish and maintain the pacing of the episode; the episode was essentially just a string of gags that different characters were going through, and we've seen that before, but the interview allowed us to get insight into character's thoughts and reactions to what they did which we normally wouldn't be able to get. It was like watching a DVD commentary of a show or movie, except instead of the creators, the characters themselves were commenting on themselves. The cherry on top, of course, was that their interview was being conducted by J. Jonah Jameson pony, which, being the superhero lover I am, absolutely killed me in all the right ways (not to mention they also squeezed a fantastic Pulp Fiction reference in that diner as well). Even her schneezes are graceful! D'awwwww, I just wanna give her a hug, SHE'S TOO CUTE!!! LAMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! See? These girls know what I'm talking about As for the gags themselves, again, I see no point in going into the specific ones because there were just so many of them, and most of them worked. What I think was most notable about these gags, compared to others we've seen in past episodes (because this is certainly not the first time we've seen situations get out of control) is that they not only fit the Mane 6 to a T, but they brought Manehattan to life as a setting. Every time the show has been in Manehattan we've gotten to learn more and more about it. BUT I would argue we've never really seen the city in such a normal context. The girls are almost always either sightseeing or busy with something of their own that just happens to be in the city, but doesn't involve it too much. Here, Manehattan, as Ponyville has been so many times in the past, was an actual character because everything they were dealing with was just big city, Manehattan problems. Rarity's in a pretty rundown place where her pushy landlord could easily jack up the prices because real estate is at a premium in the city, there are raccoons, a big city diner, a dance club above Rarity's shop with ponies who apparently spend all day just jamming, the list goes on. Everything here affected the characters, it wasn't just something to point to for the audience and go "hey look, we got this big city reference in!" That's not to say I haven't liked Manehattan in the past, but this felt like a great development for it, because everything going on felt normal, not like the girls were just visiting (even though that's exactly what they were doing). City's being their own characters is important in order for a setting to take on new meaning, that's why getting a place like Gotham City right for Batman is so critical when writing that character. So yeah, overall, I was really, really happy with Manehattan's depiction here; it didn't feel like a tourist destination for the girls, but really lived and breathed here. Organization's my fetish! Got a sock drawer that needs rearranging? This is not to say that I think the episode was flawless, I do not. My biggest complaint is Plaid Stripes, the weirdo daughter of Rarity's pushy landlord. I have nothing wrong with a character, especially in an episode like this, being weird, but almost all of her humor felt really, really forced. Like, I know she was young and "eccentric" but I just couldn't buy that even someone like her would propose some of these ideas, and that made the humor from her less funny. Thankfully, the episode is so quick-paced and funny already that, upon a second viewing, I realized it's really easy to ignore how unfunny her stuff is because so much other funny stuff is going on around her. Highlights for me in particular would be Twilight's organization fetish (what else do you call it at this point?), Rarity demanding no spoilers, the raccoons freak out when Fluttershy told them they had to leave, the dance club ponies (especially the one with the giant pigtails), Pinkie's Rarity-devil and Rarity-angle, and RD and AJ's brohoof, and that's just to name a few, so with all that, yeah, it's easy to ignore the forced jokes from Plaid Stripes. What I can't ignore is that for some bizarre reason some bucker decided the last shot of the episode, after a perfectly nice moment with the Mane 6, had to be this 5 second bit with Plaid Stripes in which she did nothing but suck from a spoon and put on this stupid smile. I don't get it, it wasn't funny, and just felt really awkward. But again, it's a very minor complaint. Overall, this was just the show having fun with its main cast, taking advantage of how phenomenal they know all their VAs are (seriously, every single one of them had some amazing deliveries on these lines here, especially Tabitha, she deserves special recognition), and just giving them a fun episode without much of a plot or a lesson. It was really just about how much the girls know that, despite how different they are, they can all rely on each other through pretty much anything at this point, even if it's as goofy as some of the stuff they were dealing with here. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a show this seasoned just taking a break and having fun, and I'm glad they did it here. It was a blast and a reminder of why we love this show and its characters so much; not just because they're well written and developed and because the show is seriously one of the smartest children's shows on television today, but also because sometimes the show knows when to just kick back, relax, and have unadulterated, pure, unfiltered fun. That's all I got everypony, until next week (in an episode I have been VERY much anticipating), this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* Ow... they usually go much better than this
  16. So, what's everyone's thoughts on ember as a potential new love interest for spike? Do you think they should try and keep her just as a friend of spike and not try to tease any romantic relationship between the two, or would you like them to possible shiptease a little? And in such a situation what should be done with Rarity in regards to spike? would you enjoy a bit of a love triangle going on?
  17. Its not a shot at Rarity, but given her track record so far, 1st with Canterlot and now with Manehattan, Rarity seems to have a lot of trouble managing her businesses properly. Of course wherever possible her friends offer a lot of help, but even by the show's standard I don't think we can expect the Mane 6 to bail out Rarity every time she needs it. Even in terms of actual managers, the one Rarity does have Sassy Saddles wasn't well chosen and lacked communication with Rarity. Rarity no doubt is a great fashionista, artist, and person all around. But she has a tendency to over commit to promises she may or may not fulfill, poorly manage her scheduling, and among other things lose track of the bigger picture. Maybe, just maybe, if Rarity hired a reliable manager or agent to help her manage her fashion retail chain, she would excel even more at getting her brand out there while also perfecting her craft. Rarity's in the big league's now. You gotta think bigger darling.
  18. Every season that goes by, the more upset I get that Rarity has VIRTUALLY no backstory compared to the rest of the main 6. How did she get into fashion? Why does she wear makeup? Why does she choose to manipulate and bat her eyes at stallions (and Spike) into getting what she wants instead of simply asking nicely? Why does she like gemstones so much that she got upset when Spike said he was going to eat the fire ruby? It would make Rarity's 'negative' actions a whole lot more endearing if we knew WHY she did them. Instead people are just left to assume that Rarity is simply a shallow, selfish bitch and nothing more. It's probably why there's such a double standard when it comes to Rarity negative actions and everyone else's. For example, Fluttershy has be shown to care way more for animals than other ponies, which is negative in many situations, but it can be seen as endearing because we know that she was bullied relentlessly as a filly for being a weak flier. Animals don't judge her like ponies do. We also know how Fluttershy came to love animals in the first place. We know how Pinkie became the happy, bubbly pony she is, and when she realised she wanted to dedicate her life to making other ponies happy. We can forgive Pinkie for being insensitive and overbearing sometimes, because we know she has good intentions. We know Rainbow was bullied and given a horrible nickname as a filly, and she dropped out of flight school because she was lazy. We can (mostly) forgive Rainbow for being egotistical and arrogant, because we know it's to cover up some deep-seated insecurities she has and there is no malicious intent behind it. We know it was when Twilight saw Celestia raise then sun that one time that made her want to learn everything there was to learn about magic. We know how she got Spike. We know how she became Celestia's prized student. We can forgive Twilight for being a bad friend sometimes because we know she didn't have any before she came to Ponyville as she spend most of time studying. And Applejack is just Applejack. She doesn't really do anything wrong to begin with. Other than what happened to her parents, there isn't really anything worth knowing about her past. What do we know about Rarity's past? She found gems in a rock and put them on costumes, leading to her immediately getting her cutie mark. That's it. Nothing else. Doesn't give us much to work with when trying to analyse and understand her actions. So does anyone else think that Rarity's lack of backstory has anything to do with the criticism she receives?
  19. First canon character done! Figure plushies are a nice thing to see every once in awhile. Think if I get going a little faster I'll just make one master thread of all of em. Enjoy my blurry photos: Her horn is so much less obnoxious in person, although I think i'll rip that one off and give her a better one sometime. My love for miss Rarity didn't make her mane and tail any easier. I wish there was an easier way to do her hair portions without wire, since it ruins the cuddliness a little bit. I really love the leaps of improvement visible between Rarity and Sea Shanty, and even to the next plush I have cooking. I'm still at that point where I'm learning major flaws and I can fix em right up a plushie or two later. Got a whole bunch of fabric over spring it's bat-pony time!
  20. Best Pony. What determines it? Personality, traits, appearance, actions...and this little thing called cuteness. Cuteness in of itself is often a very determining factor for people when it comes to ponies, because ponies are naturally cute the way they're drawn, without even getting into personality. People are inherently drawn to cute things, especially when their favorite character of a show like this (who is their favorite from all those other reasons listed) does cute things. Cuteness often acts as a re-enforcer to come after those other traits, further making people enjoy their characters' other traits. It can be a kind of bold font, of sorts. The interesting part comes with the fact that we have a show with not only numerous main characters with realistic and identifiable personalities to choose from to be our favorites, but then on top of that, they're all completely unique from each other. They act differently, and thus, possess their own types of cuteness. The following is my personal view on each of the Mane Six and my thoughts as to their own 'brand' of cuteness that draws people to them. I expect many people will share some or even all of these views, but some may have varying ideas from this, and that's to be expected. ~Not-So-Periodic-Table of Pony Cuteness~ Fluttershy: 'Vulnerable/Classic' Cuteness Where to even begin with Fluttershy. Well, come to think of it, it's not that hard. Everything about Fluttershy at a glance is meant to scream 'cute' to viewers. She's shy, she's sensitive, she's quiet, she's soft-spoken, she loves to take care of cuddly wooden critters, she doesn't have a lot of self-esteem, so on and so forth. 'Vulnerable' is a term that goes hand in hand with cuteness quite often, because it gives us the sense that we need to hug, calm and protect the cute thing in question from the evils of the world. There's no specific reason for one to 'like' Fluttershy for her cuteness, because it's probably the most straight-forward type. 'I need to hug her' pretty much sums it up for most people. Twilight Sparkle: 'Adorkable' Cuteness In the words of her ever so outgoing and presumably insane voice actor, Twilight is adorkable. She can prove to be easily excitable by new experiences, especially when they involve learning or reading, as shown in 'Look Before You Sleep'. Everything from her OCD panics over letters to her brainy quotes, or her naive take on seemingly 'common sense' topics (like sleepovers. Again, 'Look Before You Sleep' is best example) is what most Twilight fans love about her. She's cute because she get's excited over the things she loves, which most other people don't find exactly thrilling. Rainbow Dash: 'Ironic' Cuteness Remember when I said 'ponies are naturally cute the way they're drawn, without even getting into personality'? Well, for Rainbow Dash, her tomboy personality, which displays impatience, brashness and competitiveness at the worst of times, can almost counteract the idea of cuteness. But this is, in fact, part of what makes her adorable. Most of the time, Dash purposefully tries to be tough, and not be cute, despite the fact that at the end of the day, she's a cuddly blue pony with a rainbow on her butt. Her 'loud' personality causes her and her actions to stick out, and thus, anything that even remotely looks cute, rings home loud and clear as well. It's worthy to note that many people find her brashness, etc to be cute in of itself, as well. Pinkie Pie: 'Bubbly' Cuteness Pinkie Pie is able to express a vast stretch of emotions, to the near point of bi-polar, as shown in 'Party of One'. When she's happy, she's adorable because she embodies happiness, love and fun :3 'Fun fun fun fun fun fun'. She loves hugs, she loves to be affectionate and she's generally a very enthusiastic pony that a lot of people are drawn to love. When Pinkie is sad, it causes a powerful 'vulnerability' cuteness that is akin to Fluttershy, when she's upset (same voice actor, whoada' guessed). Pinkie is rarely upset, so when she is, you pay attention, and give her care. That's what it comes down to. Of all the Mane Six, Pinkie has a natural 'cuddly' feeling about her due to her personality. Rarity: 'Dramatic' Cuteness Rarity is obviously the diva of the Mane Six, and this shows through with many things. She often becomes silly or expresses herself in dramatic ways, sometimes without even knowing it. She says the most ridiculous things to her friends sometimes, has a wild fascination with fashion, and is entertainingly coy. You can always rely on her to be the one to find something absolutely not okay with the small details, which makes her fun to watch. Rarity is also arguably the most feminine of the six, and she has numerous occasions where this shines through, be it pouting, some woeful tears on the side of her dramatic-ness, or otherwise. Her cuteness often comes from a sense of exaggerated emotions, voice changes and actions, ergo, 'dramatic'. Applejack: 'Charming' Cuteness Dem freckles, dat hat, dat accent, dat southern charm and dat caring personality. Applejack is a caring older sister, a good friend and a friendly pony all around. Her cuteness stems from the fact that she's down to earth, and everything about her is offered upfront, from beliefs to personality. In short, she has some of the best charm of the Mane Six, because she's just a smoothed out character all-around. The 'southern cowgirl' stereotype is a very popular one, as well, much like Rainbow Dash's tomboy stereotype. Many people find her cute simply due to that. Being the element of honesty, she's also cute when attempting to dodge the truth, or when she's acting overly stubborn. My personal analysis about each of the mane six, and what their main driving cuteness factor is. To finish this off, I'll give my personal favorite and least favorite type. Dashie's Ironic Cuteness Dash is my favorite character, and one of the many reasons is that I like how her cuteness is a back-handed trait, that is often shown in spite of her personality. Fluttershy's Vulnerable/Classic Cuteness I've never been a huge fan of Fluttershy in general, but I really just don't find her cuteness to best that of some of the other characters. Her cuteness is very 'in your face', and I just don't find it appealing. I dare say it's even cliche and boring in comparison to the other characters, who are all cute in at least semi-unique ways. So, which character is your favorite? Do you anything to add to these ideas, of what you personally find about the character that's cute? Which cuteness traits do you believe are more attractive or less attractive than the others? Thoughts. Go.
  21. Just something I did to celebrate Star Wars day. Here we have Rarity dressed in the fabled "Slave Leia" costume from "Return of the Jedi." And we're throwing in a purple dragon named Spike for this shot.