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Found 991 results

  1. Kind of thinking that mistmane might be in "It isn't the mane thing about you" and not campfire tales. Specifically, we're expecting only 3 legends to be used in campfire tales, right? (One for each of the CMC). At the same time, we're also expecting the other 2 legends to be used during this season, with most people speculating on Meadowbrook showing up in a health of information. So, Rockhoof and magnus feel like solid guesses for Applebloom and Scoots, leaving somnambula and Mistmane for the remaining characters. Now, What do we know about Somnambula and mistmane? Well, Mistmane gives up her youth to save equestria, helped a bunch of Animals by getting luna to change The castle of the two sisterCanterlot's design, looked asian and fought Pony Fu-manchu, and Somnambula looks like an egyptian, has a bunch of gemstones on the cover of her Comic cover, and goes into a snake's stomach to save it. Now, think about mistmane and what she did as her biggest act, sacrificing her youth (and her looks with it) to save equestria, and then what other episodes we have coming down the line: It isn't the mane thing about you is about Rarity losing her Hair in an accident, and most probably will be her finding out/realizing that her beauty is only a small bit of why everyone loves and respects her. So mistmane would actually work incredibly well as a character to be brought up in that episode, being a beautiful pony who sacrified her age and beauty (Generosity) to help others and was even more beloved for that than her looks-- MistMANE, it isn't the MANE thing about you, ect. ect. ect. On the other hand, having a hard time figuring out where somnambula might factor into other episodes: not really seeing any episode in which she'd really fit in (though I could possibly see flash being used in Triple threat with ember), though there is Number 24 uncommon bond. Just by a matter of elimination, I think it makes more sense that we'll see somnambula and not mistmane in campfire tales.
  2. Ever since season 5, the Cutie Map has become a central point to send the entire Mane 6 or just one or two out on missions, or either different characters outside of the Mane group on missions. But what is it's true purpose outside that, here I try to find out. Comments are Welcomed
  3. For example, after I finally admitted to liking FIM, my older sister kind of teased me about it, which I expected. And even through she has accepted that fact, she still questions and wonders why. And her defense in her questioning why people between our age range (if not a bit younger or older) like it, is just seems a bit unusual for us to like a show meant for little girls and if not little boys. So my question to you fellow fans, is this, : Do you get the same questioning and wondering from others, even after you have admitted to liking MLP : FIM?
  4. ~Onylex

    Keep Calm and...

    I haven't posted any of my artwork here in sooooooo long.... What an odd feeling this is... Anyway, yeah this is a drawing... of Rarity... as a Queen... so... there's that... ++++++Q&A++++++ Q: Why is it in black, white, and gray? A: Because I'm too lazy to color it. Q: Why did you make it into a meme? A: Because I can and when I get bored I make memes and do stupid stuff. Don't you? Q: Will you ever color it and take out the meme? A: Probably, if enough ppl want me to but, ppl never like my style anyway. Its "creepy"... or... so they say. Hell! I might even put it into a Forum Banner at some point! Q: Can I ask one more question? A: GG no re kthxbai
  5. Lyra Stuns Dash in Thriller Lyra entered Cloudsdale as the weakest contender in the league and left with an unforgettable 4-vote win. Fans of Rainbow Dash flocked to the sky from all over the forums—tailgating, drinking cider, swapping pictures of their favorite Pegasus and preparing to celebrate an easy victory before the Divisional round. None of them got to celebrate as a 6th-seeded background pony named Lyra Heartstrings pulled off the biggest upset of the competition. After jumping out to a quick lead on opening day, the best young flier in Equestria was poised for victory. But the eccentric mint-green unicorn, who squeaked into the playoffs via tiebreaker, suddenly surged forward and stayed one gallop ahead for most of the game. Rainbow Dash loses the game, but not her looks—or her spirit. Rainbow silenced any doubters who thought she couldn’t play from behind by fighting back and regaining the lead on Wednesday, but Lyra found a way through her defense once again and held on for a stunning win. Her victory sends reverberations across the EFC as she faces Applejack next week in a match nopony was predicting, sending Twilight Sparkle into a duel with Vinyl Scratch. “Oh my gosh,” Lyra gasped while resting on the bench. “I knew humans were out there! I knew it! And they…they voted for me…thank you so much. I’m going to research you even more now!!” Dash appeared shocked and said little in her post-game interview. When asked where she planned to go from here, the Pegasus replied, “I’m Rainbow Dash. All I’m gonna do is get better.” LYRA, 76-72 Trixie Faces the Music An EFC West marefight that raged all through the regular season was finally settled this week. Celebrity DJ Vinyl Scratch and “the Great and Powerful” Trixie fought each other all the way to the playoffs, and in the end, Vinyl was the more appreciated pony. “Trixie has nothing to say to you!” the blue mare said as she stormed off. “Obviously the most beautiful mare in Equestria, whose beauty was matched only by her bravery in vanquishing not one but two Ursa Majors, is not appreciated here!!” A puff of smoke burst around her, but rather than vanishing, she galloped out of Club Pon3 as it was dissipating. Trixie blows town once again, facing an uncertain future. Trixie’s personality, always a small factor in attractiveness, may have lent Vinyl an edge—and if so, that edge grew sharper as the game wore on. After four or five days, a tight contest went in Vinyl’s favor. The attractive DJ slowly but surely built a decisive lead to advance to the Divisional Round. ‘DJPon3’ finally vanquishes her rival—but can she drop a beat hard enough to stop Celestia’s number-one student? “Party at Sugarcube tonight!” Vinyl whooped. “You guys might wanna bring your earplugs.” But Scratch won’t have long to celebrate, as she faces a tough contest with Twilight Sparkle next. VINYL, 82-66 A ‘Fabulous’ Victory Rarity made ‘getting there the hard way’ look easy. It was almost a relief to have one wildcard game that wasn't a hoof-biter. After fighting her way to an unlikely playoff berth, Cloud Chaser found herself hopelessly overmatched against one of the most beautiful ponies in the PFC. The excellent defense that helped Rarity ward off a challenge from Octavia in the regular season was hardly needed here, as she galloped out to a huge lead and never slowed down. In a grinding wildcard week that saw upsets of two other Mane 6, the Element of Generosity never broke a sweat. “I was disappointed that a mare of my fabulosity was relegated to the, *ahem*, ‘wild’ card,” Rarity remarked in her dressing room afterwards, “But a lady does what she must. Photographers? I am ready for my close-up! Now, now. Not that close...” Cloud Chaser’s wobbly 6th-round playoff berth ended with a crash. “It is what it is,” Chaser said while being consoled by her sister Flitter. “I didn’t bring my A-game today. Rarity did. I just have to go back to weather patrol and be ready for the next opportunity. And something tells me it’s gonna rain over at Carousel Boutique tomorrow.” RARITY, 109-39 Octavia’s Winning Performance It was a good week to be a unicorn, but an even better week to be a background pony. For much of this game, the party pony and the classy cellist fought the tightest battle of the wildcard. Pinkie Pie and Octavia tied each other and exchanged one or two-vote leads too many times to count. But in the final days, it was Octavia who surged ahead in the 2013 Most Attractive Pony Tournament. The only cello player in Ponyville performs a celebratory solo after her hotly contested win. “I am honored to have come out victorious today,” the musician said graciously. “Pinkie Pie is a vivacious mare and a worthy opponent, who greatly disrupted my performance at the Gala a few years ago. I suppose a small part of me did not forget that.” “Lose? I didn’t really lose, silly,” Pinkie giggled with a smile that was just a little too wide. “I won 62 friends! YAY! Can you imagine if all of them came over for a party? And all of them brought cupcakes? That would be 62 cupcakes! Or if all of them baked a TRAY of cupcakes?!?! That would be like eleven-teen gazillion cupcakes!!! Ohmygosh I can’t wait anymore…PARTYYYY!” Down but never out, Pinkie Pie smiles for the camera. The pink mare promptly grabbed our reporting team and spirited us away to Sugarcube Corner, for what was assuredly one of the biggest parties in Ponyville history. OCTAVIA, 86-62 Look back on Alfonzo's tourney here! And check out the Divisional results here... The Conference Championships here... And the Magic Bowl here!
  6. Alfonzo's Most Attractive Pony Tournament continues with the Magic Bowl. Vote here! And check out last week's Wildcard results here. Next week's Conference Title results are here! Wardrobe Malfunction Dozens of bronies rushed to see the most high-profile matchup of the week. For the first time, one Mane 6 met another in the playoffs, and the game did not disappoint. The most fashionable mare in Equestria came in with confidence, strong fan support and a great deal of momentum. But as Fluttershy proved this week, kindness is never out of fashion. “Oh, I…I, um, I didn’t really do much,” the pink-haired Pegasus whispered into the microphone. “I mean, I think Rarity is much prettier than I am. But, um, thank you very much…eep!” She caught sight of the camera and retreated into her cottage, ending the interview. Some things never change. But Fluttershy was anything but passive in the polls, which tied up and switched sides repeatedly before finally shifting in her favor. Rarity held on for days, but eventually a win was out of reach, sending her back to Carousel Boutique for the season. The exquisite pony was gracious in defeat. “I am very happy for Fluttershy, darlings! …Very happy. We all know a natural beauty when we see one, don’t we? Yes, of course. She deserved to win. And I do have work to do on the next spring fashions, you know!” This fashionista will no doubt remain a showstopper in next year’s tournament. Though she shrugged off the loss to reporters, Rarity seemed reluctant to depart, sitting silently with a few of the animals and a small dragon long after the sun had set on the meadow. FLUTTERSHY, 106-90 Octavia Fiddles, Spitfire Burns There was more than one upset in the Divisional round. As the most popular mare in the Wonderbolts and head trainer in their prestigious academy, Spitfire soared to the number one seed in the Pony Friendship Conference. But as she learned this week, dive-bombing the weakest division in Equestria and succeeding in the playoffs are two different things. Spitfire’s loss leaves Fluttershy as the only Pegasus in the playoffs. The Pegasus’ dazzling regular season and Octavia’s hard-fought wild card berth led some to underestimate the beautiful musician. But when a close fight in the first few days developed into a steady lead for the underpony, all doubts of her competence were erased. After two eye-opening wins, this pony has earned her rest. Octavia was as calm and composed as ever following the battle. “I am pleased that my appearances are so appreciated by so many. I was looking forward to facing my old rival Rarity once more, but I see that won’t be possible. Whatever the case, I do not intend for next week to be my final performance.” Oddly enough, Octavia was taken home from Cloudsdale in a hot air balloon by none other than Twilight Sparkle, one of her potential opponents should she reach the Magic Bowl. “What happens, happens. You can’t win ‘em all, you know?” Spitfire said quietly. “Can’t let it get you down.” With that she marched briskly back into the Wonderbolts Academy, barking out orders in a very different voice. OCTAVIA, 107-89 Twilight Gets ‘A’ for Attractive “Dear Princess Celestia,” Twilight dictated to Spike following the game, “This week I learned a very valuable lesson about friendship. I learned that—” “ ‘Humans like to stare at my plot?’ ” muttered her dragon assistant. “What was that?!” “Um, nothing!” It may have sounded like just another day at the Ponyville Library, but the fanfare outside made it anything but. Ponies from all over town gathered for a grade-A Pinkie Pie party to celebrate the Element of Magic’s win. In Twilight’s case, attractiveness was magic. A matchup that looked difficult for top DJ Vinyl Scratch turned out to be exactly that. Scratch never stopped the music, but Princess Celestia’s number-one student reeled in nearly twice as many votes to secure the most comfortable victory of the week. She goes on to face unlikely contender Lyra Heartstrings in the EFC Championship. ‘DJPon3’ is eliminated but not forgotten. “I’ll talk to you later, okay guys?” an exhausted Scratch said, finally putting down her headphones. “I’ve got a killer headache.” TWILIGHT, 125-71 The Last Round-Up Applejack bids her fans goodbye—for now. It was eerily similar to last week. The stage was all set for a home victory at Sweet Apple Acres. All the luminaries from Feld0 on down came out to vote for Applejack, along with a legion of her fans. Pictures were fired off like bullets, jokes were made, and words of doubt and disbelief were flung at the unlikely challenger. But when the dust settled, Lyra walked out with another victory. The race was close and intense, every bit the knock-down drag-out fight as the game with Dash. The brilliant unicorn overcame an initial rush from AJ and rode a slim lead for three days. Applejack finally caught up and overtook her by three votes on Sunday, but Lyra stormed back to cement an impressive win. When the Most Attractive Pony Tournament began, few bronies even considered Lyra Heartstrings to be a real contender. Those who did saw her stuck in a division dominated by Twilight Sparkle and likely to be warming the bench, no pun intended. The Minty One’s unbelievable quest continues. A lot can happen in two weeks. Carried by a massive outpouring of fan support, the background pony has upset two of the Mane 6 in two weeks and turned the playoff scene upside down on her way to the EFC Championship. “I can’t believe this is happening,” the unicorn gushed in a post-game interview. “That settles it. I’m going to the human world so I can meet all these people who are voting for me! I just have to find out how. Maybe Twilight will have some ideas! Hee hee!” “Don’t be feeling sorry for me, you hear?” Applejack said after the loss. “I’m not one to cry over spilled cider. I’ll just work harder next season. And speaking of cider…gather round, everypony! A toast to the audience!” The game was lost, but the Apple family still has plenty to celebrate. LYRA, 105-91
  7. Good evening everypony, and welcome back to yet another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Tonight I'll be looking at the three recent EQG "shorts" (only in the sense that rather than feature length films they were simply episode-length affairs) "Dance Magic," "Movie Magic," and "Mirror Magic." These will all be included in one review since, unlike my normal fare, the reviews for all three of these should be considerably shorter. Without further ado, let's dive in, this is "Equestria Girls: 'Dance Magic,' 'Movie Magic,' and 'Mirror Magic'."!!! "Dance Magic" The first one of these was easily my least favorite, despite some WILDLY entertaining bits to it. "Dance Magic" was like if you took the first EQG movie and condensed all of its problems and positives into a 22 minute episode; wildly entertaining and fun in some moments, but mind numbingly stupid in others. The plus side is that Rarity actually got featured here, and as far as her performance goes, she was spot on. Tabitha could do this role in her sleep at this point and any "Rarity moments" were pretty much perfect; Human Rarity crying on a fainting couch in her room, eating ice cream when she was sad and making sad-nomming noises, just getting WONDERFULLY over-the-top whenever she got in a mood, I loved all of that start to finish. Rebecca Shoichet got to sing at one point as Sunset and, even though I couldn't have cared less about the song itself (and neither did Daniel Ingram from the way it sounded, seriously, sounded like he churned that thing out in an afternoon, if that), hearing Rebecca sing in her normal singing voice is ALWAYS a joy, I mean, just wowwwwwwww her voice is gorgeous. It was cool that they were continuing on from "Legend of the Everfree" by having the girls raise money for Camp Everfree to fix it up, I really did like that detail. Besides that and the fact that the voice cast in general is always a joy to listen to, I didn't really dig much else. For starters, for the first half, Rarity was... kind of stupid. Like, take her naivety in "Rarity Takes Manehattan" (a FAR superior showing compared to this, and behavior which is far more forgivable in the context of that episode) and amplify it times ten. I mean, she goes and straight up blurts what she plans on doing for this music video contest to girls who she not only knows WILL be competing against them, but have been... well, for lack of a better way of putting it, kind of bitchy in the past (while I'm on the subject of the Crystal Prep girls, WHERE THE BUCK WAS THE RAINBOW DASH/LIGHTNING DUST CANTERLOT PREP DOPPLEGANGER??? There were supposed to be five of them but there were only four, where the buck did she disappear off to, seriously???). I have no idea why she thought that was a good idea for one moment. To be fair she fesses up that it was her fault later on, so she at least realizes her error, but that doesn't excuse how stupid it was. In the second half, it was the rest of the girls who were kind of idiotic. They kept throwing out ridiculously stupid ideas for the music video, and I get that they were just trying to lighten the mood, EXCEPT this was not just money they were trying to win just for themselves, THIS was money they were trying to raise for bucking Camp Everfree, SO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY GIRLS, especially after you blew all the money you'd already raised on costumes for the music video! Not to mention that the girls decided for some reason that they NEEDED to use their Equestria-horse anthro powers (whatever)... for the music video. I will never like those anthro designs, but I am at a point where I can accept the girls using those powers when they need to, but this???? This hardly seems like a situation that calls for those powers at all. The ending was also ridiculously telegraphed; it's not like MLP isn't oftentimes somewhat predictable in where episodes are going, but usually the execution of it isn't. You can often see where an episode will end up, but not usually how it will. Here, the second I heard stuff like that the prize was TWICE as much as they needed for Camp Everfree, and that the Crystal Prep girls were trying to raise money for their school dance (which, I'm sorry, I don't really care about that "plight," their gym can't be all that bad when Crystal Prep is a super exclusive private school, so I can't imagine it'd be an awful place to have a dance, even if it wasn't a yacht), I knew that the two groups were going to join forces to earn the prize and split it 50/50, and lo and behold whaddya know, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED! So yeah, like I said, this was the first EQG movie condensed into a 22 minute episode in terms of quality. Entertaining in certain spots, but very mehhhhh overall because it didn't really feel like something that the DHX crew cared about making, it felt like something they might have assigned to new hires or even interns just to do or as a first time project. I'm not trying to be overly critical, it's just not particularly good, and if that's what an EQG show would ever look like... yeah, sorry, I'll pass on that. "Movie Magic" "Movie Magic" was better than "Dance Magic," but oddly more forgettable, probably because there was as little to love as there was to hate in it. The best way I can describe it is that it was essentially an MLP episode meets Scooby Doo, no joke, I'm not even kidding. The Humane 7 "gang" basically has to solve a mystery of some sort (not a particularly good one, again, like "Dance Magic" the ending was terribly telegraphed), which mostly Sci-Twi and Rainbow tackle. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of "movie-studio" episodes in kids show, or when cartoons depict movie productions, they just feel a little... too close to the showmakers' actual culture, like, you know they're a part of this culture so they're going to be super tongue in cheek about a lot of stuff. That kind of happened here, with the usual cliches like a drama queen actress being bitchy for a lot of the episode, a jealous assistant/relative of the director, and all types of "whacky" sights on set. Seen it before, never been a big fan of it before, and not really a fan of it here. I will admit that I kind of liked the director since he didn't come off as a jerk, just a nice guy who genuinely was really stressed out and had a lot on his hands to juggle (his tearing apart his niece at the end after she got caught was pretty satisfying too). Same with when it first got brought up in "Dance Magic," I am REALLY not a fan of Daring Do and A.K. Yearling pretty much existing in the exact same way in the human MLP world as they do in Equestria, that just seems... forced. Like, I can accept a lot of the parallels between the two worlds, but that is REALLY starting to stretch it, as is the idea that Rainbow Dash is the super fan of her here as well. Having there be human counterparts is one thing, but making them virtually identical in how they behave AND what has happened to them in critical ways, that's another. Granted, even that didn't bother me as much as the Power Ponies bit. In a bid just to put them in some superhero costumes (a very lazy excuse for doing so if you ask me) the girls stumble onto a superhero movie set and it turns out to be for... Power Ponies. Like, no joke, the director says POWER PONIES!!! WHY??? Why are they called that in this world??? There's absolutely nothing about them that looks or screams ponies in this world! I know that a lot of the pony puns have carried over from Equestria to this world, but the Power Ponies one makes no bucking sense. So ya wanna know why it exists? Because the writers didn't want to come up with a new name because they cared more about just getting the girls into the costumes to begin with to make them look more interesting. The final scene where the girls got to be in the film was pretty entertaining, but overall, while this was technically better than "Dance Magic," it was, like I said, something I'll barely be able to remember going forward. "Mirror Magic" OK... wow. Just... wow. In all the right ways, I am VERY happy to say! The bad news is that "Mirror Magic" is clearly the only one of these three that DHX gave a shit about or that any bronies should give a shit about. The good news is that DHX gave a shit about it in ALL the right ways! If "Dance Magic" is the episode equivalent of the first EQG film, then "Mirror Magic" is the episode equivalent of "Rainbow Rocks." It's the only one REALLY worthy your time and has anything any of us have ever actually loved about the EQG movies. Let's list them, shall we? 1. Sunset Shimmer is the focus of "Mirror Magic," not any of the other Humane 7. The Humane 7 (including Sci-Twi) may be human versions of our beloved Equestrian characters, but they are NOT the same characters as them and never have been. The worst consequence of this is that we've never had the same connection to them as we do the pony versions, so they've never really served well as THE main characters of any EQG property. Every time they're in the spotlight in a major way they feel like cardboard cutouts of their Equestrian counterparts, caricatures of them. The less focus on that, the better. Sunset Shimmer, on the other hand, has always been the most interesting character in any EQG property, bar none, and I am always happy to see anything EQG focused on her first and foremost. It's a big reason that "Rainbow Rocks" is the best EQG movie to date, and as big of a reason that "Mirror Magic" is far and away the best of these episodes. As a result of Sunset Shimmer being the focus, the rest of the Humane 7 fill the roles they're best suited for in EQG; supplemental supporting roles, and they're GREAT when they're like that! They're not distracting, they still have some fun lines (Pinkie Pie was particularly good here), and they do just enough to help out overall without it feeling forced. This is EQG in its wheelhouse and I have no idea why this is still hard for them to do. I know they probably don't want to ALWAYS be focused on Sunset, but I'm sorry, she still remains the only actually interesting original character to this property with the only really interesting ideas to explore, ESPECIALLY because of her Equestrian origins. Without the Equestrian ties (which none of the other girls have), all you're left with is a bunch of human knockoffs of our ponies, and that's no fun! If this were an actual "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" reference, that'd be pretty bucking awesome Me every time Sunset Shimmer is the focus of EQG 2. Sunset Shimmer meets Starlight Glimmer. I REPEAT, SUNSET SHIMMER MEETS STARLIGHT GLIMMER AND IT IS PURE JOY AND OH MY GOSH HOW HAS THE WORLD NOT IMPLODED FROM THIS MUCH AWESOME?!?!?! Every brony when this happened Wow, let me tell you, everything with these two was bucking perfection. Sunset going back to Equestria was the true highlight of all of this, and I had not realized just how much I missed seeing her in pony form (especially since this is the first time we ever got to see her as a pony as a good character and not a villain). Dear Lord did they take advantage of giving her "cross-dimensional" jet lag after being in the human world for so long. Her standing on two pony legs (adorably), not remembering how to pick things up with her hooves and forgetting to use her magic until she remembered she had a horn, THAT was funny and kind of tragic on some levels. She is increasingly getting out of touch with her Equestrian roots, and it made me even fear where her story is going. I'm calling it right now, I think that the ultimate way they're going to ensure that magic doesn't keep leaking from Equestria into the human world is to cut off all ties to it (you just have to believe that Twilight's 24/7 portal is causing all kinds of magical imbalance shit leading to that), which will mean that at that point, Sunset has to decide between staying in the human world or going back to Equestria, and I have to believe she'd stay in the human world. It'd be a tragic but fulfilling way for her to discover and fulfill her destiny, and I'd love it as much as I'd hate it on a sad level (mostly because we wouldn't get more pony Sunset, but also because she'd never get to come back to her home, unless of course they went with the whole "this is her true home now" angle, though she still seems to often miss Equestria and want at times to go back, so who knows what'll happen). Anyways, besides that, her and Starlight hitting it off was adorable, Starlight coming back with her (behind Twilight's back no less) was even more adorable and hilarious, and the two essentially becoming "reformed-villains" besties was THE GREATEST!!! I could keep going on and on, but seriously, just watch it for yourself, if you need any more convincing that this was amazing then you probably haven't seen enough of either of these characters to begin with. 3. ACTUAL MAGIC SHIT GOING ON THAT I GAVE A SHIT ABOUT! OK, this magic mirror wasn't that interesting (although the idea of them being stuck in the mirror in that mirror limbo or disappearing into nothingness once it was destroyed was pretty creepy) but it was at LEAST some Equestrian stuff! I didn't give two shits about their "problems" in the first two episodes because they were ALL human-world problems, no Equestrian stuff whatsoever. This was at least an interesting issue at hoof with actual Equestrian roots. Sure the villain wasn't that good (although I will say that Juniper Montage was AT LEAST a better villain than bucking Principal Cinch from "Friendship Games," and her reform was handled pretty well), but the mirror itself was pretty creepy overall. I can take the villain only so seriously when shit like THIS happens! 4. A solid conclusion overall, with Starlight Glimmer doing a pretty bang up job convincing Juniper to give friendship and forgiveness a chance (with an especially fun and amusing joke from Pinkie Pie about just how many of their friends are reformed villains who've been forgiven). Pfffftttt, and this is why I bite my ice cream It's pretty easy to see that this was the only one of these three episodes TRULY worth anyone's time, though the other two are worth seeing if only to get some context for this one as well as to see how much better "Mirror Magic" is than the other two. I came away from this for the first time since "Rainbow Rocks" genuinely happy to actually accept EQG stuff as canon in the greater MLP universe. Playing around with how you could connect the two worlds, giving as much of the spotlight to Sunset Shimmer and her story as you can, getting characters like Starlight involved, THIS is everything I want to see and more in EQG! I wish they wouldn't run from stuff like this in other EQG stuff, but as long as there is even a promise of more spotlight being put on Sunset Shimmer, bring on more EQG, I say!!! Other than that, not too much else to say. That's all I've got for you, everypony, until next time this is Batbrony signing off! I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  8. Moon Flame

    A Pokemon Rarity

    A Pokemon Rarity It was a bright and sunny day in Equestria with the birds singing. A white pony unicorn was going for a walk to try out her new sun hat. On her back she wore a brown dress with sapphire ends. She imagined the sun bask in her brightness. This was how Rarity saw herself as she was walking in the bright, blue skied, clear day. But now she wasn’t walking in a bright, blue skied, clear day anymore. The day had suddenly turned dark and shimmering with purple lights and novas. What was happening? Rarity screamed. But her screams seemed to disappear into a vacuum. Suddenly she found herself in the woods again. But this wasn’t Equestria anymore. Oh no. Rarity with her artistic attention to detail could tell that immediately. But where was she? And how did she get here. There was a sound of cracking twigs in the bushes. ”Got cha!” Suddenly there was a blur of a round white and red object. Rarity felt a thump in the head and suddenly she was disappearing into an unknown void again. She had lost track if she was confused or sleeping at this point Jared didn’t know if he could ever breathe again. His heart was thumping violently. ”I can’t believe it. I have finally captured my FIRST POKEMON!” Brock, standing beside Jared, was completely dumbstruck. 'He actually caught one!' He thought to himself. This was immediately followed by 'Oh no!' Ever since Brock so foolishly had revealed that he was a Pokemon trainer to this dumb wit he had followed him for days. He had then made an even greater mistake by giving him an empty pokeball, thinking that would satisfy him. Now he saw the fruit of his own actions grow a life of its own, like the growing mold on a three weeks old cake But what was that Pokemon? Could it have been a Ponyta? No it couldn’t, Ponyta is a fire Pokemon. This Pokemon had been brown and blue. Or had it been a clothing of some sort? And had it been wearing a hat? A Pokemon with clothes? Brock reached for his Poke deck. The device answered with a question mark. ”Unknown species” Jared gave out a loud ”Hurray” as waves of saliva was flying through the air Rarity found herself in a white and red space. She couldn't feel the ground. She felt as if she was floating. She felt calm and peaceful. How was this possible? Was she dead? This thought alone should have made her horrified. But she felt strangely calm. She wasn’t worried and she wasn’t hungry, something she remembered herself to be a little while before. ”If this is death then i’ll stay here forever” She thought to herself. She felt herself go to sleep. There was a sudden twitch in Rarity’s head. Twilight… Apple Jack… Rainbow Dash… Pinkie Pie… Fluttershy… My friends. They miss me! Rarity was sound awake. Panic was filling her every bone. Her horn was glowing violently Jared’s pokeball was now shacking uncontrollably. ”Drop it! Get away from it!” Brock screamed. The ball opened in a flash and suddenly Rarity was back in the strange forrest again. Jared, the self proclaimed trainer yet to have receive his first pokemon from the professor, felt the joy drop down to his feet. ”No. She’s mine!” In a flash he grabbed the pokeball again. Rarity turned around and barely where able to take a look at the two strange pine legged creature’s before Jared flung the pokeball at her again. Jared stared in disbelief as the pokeball had suddenly stopped and was floating mid air. ”Thats no way to treat a lady.” Rarity declared, letting her need for etiquette go before her curiosity as she used her magic to hold the strange white and red ball. Brock had only seen one talking Pokemon in his days. And that had been a Meowth. But what kind of a pokemon was this? "Oh no, she’s a psychic!” Jared stated, remembering the pokemon type from the class sessions in school ”I beg your pardon!?” Rarity exclaimed, secretly worried that she might actually be a psycho giving these latest events. ”I’m a pony unicorn darling. But tell me, what… who are you?” Brock was in awe. He thought he had known about all legendary pokemons. But this had to be a REALY rare one if he with his experience had never heard of it. "Hi. Im Brock." "And i'm Rarity. Nice to meet you. Now, pardon me for asking. But why is this fellow here throwing this ornament here at me?" Rarity was afraid to mention her visit to the voids in fear of being thought of as insane. "Thats really no way to treat a lady." She added. Brocks excitement only grew 'She has never encountered a trainer!' he thought. This had to be a completely undiscovered species of pokemon. "He didn't mean anything bad. He was just trying to capture you." Brock said without thinking. "Capture me?!" She exclaimed. "And thats 'not meaning' anything bad!?" Rarity was now angry "What a lovely hat you have!" Said Brock trying to save the situation. "Oh, thank you my dear" said Rarity flattered completely forgetting her anger. "Pardon me for asking my lady. But what kind of Pokemon are you?" Brock asked "Pokewhatta?" Rarity blurted out. Brock weren’t able to repeat the question before there was a shout from the forrest "Peanut head!” Jared shuddered as the mean nickname the bullies from school called him was echoing the forest. A older boy and pokemon trainer named Hans now stood not far from Brock and Jared. Jared had picked up the pokeball Rarity had dropped to the ground. Hans looked at Jared and then the pokeball ”So, you’re a pokemon trainer now huh Peanut Head? Is that your Pokemon? That white ponyta? Where’s the fire?” Hans said disparagingly Jared could barely move his lips. But where still able to speak ”I…i…i caught it…” he wasn’t able to continue ”Of course you did Peanut Head. Thats what you do with pokemons. You capture them. Stop being so pathetic Peanut Head!” Rarity couldn’t believe the rudeness of this character. She wanted to scream out at him but was to shocked to react. Jared continued ”I…i caught it. But it broke out of the pokeball” He said quietly ”Well then you didn’t capture it stupid!” Brock broke in. ”Leave him alone Hans” Hans backed away when faced with the seasoned trainer. But as he backed away from Jared and Brock his eyes turned toward Rarity. Raritys anger had now turned to fear. Her ears hanged at the side of her head. She still couldn’t move. ”But if she broke free. That means she’s still up for grabs! Stand back and let a professional show you how it’s done!” ”No Hans!” Brock exclaimed But Hans had already pulled out a pokeball. Brock reached for his own, but there was no pokeballs in his pockets. He had forgot them at the gym! Brock cursed himself. ”Before you throw a empty ball at a pokemon you first have to weaken it” Hans lectured At the phrase ”weaken it” Raritys fear turned to pure horror. Her eyes where pure black and her legs where shaking. She wanted to run but found herself paralyzed. ”Bulbasaur, i chose you!” Rarity watched as Hans threw the pokeball into the air and in a white flash a tortoise like creature with long constantly moving wines where standing before her. ”Bulbasaur! Use razor leaves!” Hans screamed Leaf like objects where now hurling toward Rarity though she didn’t know what they where. There was sound of cutting fabric. Rarity felt pain in her legs and her neck. She screamed and fell backwards to the ground. Her eyes was filling up with tears. She tried to crawl away ”Hans! Don’t do this. Cant you see it doesn’t want to fight!” Brock exclaimed, ashamed trying to forget all the times he himself had caught pokemons that had tried to run away. Hans sensed Brocks inner conflict ”This isn’t personal, and you know it.” Hans shouted back as he was reaching for an empty pokeball. Jared was just sitting under a tree and watching. Shame filled his chest. ’My name is Peanut Head’ he monologued. ’And i’m not a pokemon trainer. And i will never be a pokemon trainer’. He fell into silence. But in that silence a new realization came. ’But SHE. She is Rarity. And her beauty is a pure rarity’. Anger filled Jared. ’And Hans doesn’t deserve her. Not for a mile!’ Hans had thrown the pokeball. With a sudden hand movement Jared swiped the pokeball mid air. It fell into nearby bushes. ”Heh… What are you doing? Thats MY POKEMON!” Hans exclaimed. ”No she isn’t.” Jared answered as he shielded Rarity. Hans felt cornered. For the first time he saw a firmness in this little boys eyes. He wanted to give in and congratulate him for standing up for himself and someone else for once in his life. But his pride got the better of him. He felt like he wanted to cry as he spoke the coming words ”Bulbasaur. Razor leaves, again!” Jared closed his eyes, ready for the cutting pain on his skin. But there was none. He opened his eyes and stared in disbelief as he was surrounded by a blue sphere. The leafs evaporated into dust as they tried to cut through it. Behind him Raritys horn was sparking fiercely. She stood up. ”Again Bulbasaur!” Hans repeated Jared suddenly disappeared and reappeared under the tree again. He thought he would faint but then guessed that it must have been a part of her powers. Rarity didn’t even know how she had remembered the teleportation spell Twilight had half mentioned to her long ago. But she didn’t think about it. Instead she blocked half of Bulbasaurs razor leafs, captured the other half mid air and flung it back at Bulbasaur. ”Oh no, Bulbasaur, use your wines!” Bulbasaur wiped away some of the returning leafs but staggered as one hit him in the leg. ”Bulbasaur, finish her with your wines, now!” Bulbasaur’s wines hurled toward Rarity but they never hit their goal. In a flash she disappeared and reappeared just a couple of feet from the right side of Bulbasaur. Hans was dumbstruck. His knees started shaking. ’What kind of pokemon is this?!’ Rarity leaned her head forward. She roared as a bright beam of light streamed from her horn and hit bulbasaur at his flank. Bulbasaur flied far across the grassy meadow and hit a tree. There Bulbasaur passed out. Rarity now turned to Hans, her horn still glowing. Raritys skin had started to turn black. Her eyes where pure predator. She started floating mid air towering over Hans. Hans fell down to his knees ”No. No! Please! Forgive me! Please. Don’t hurt me!” Raritys then looked with her eyes staring dreamily into nothing. She remembered all the times she had said those words to others. Because they had threatened her and she wanted them to be nice to her. But now they was directed to her. HER! ”What have i become?” She muttered to herself. She then remembered her friends again. ’Twilight… Applejack… Rainbow Dash… Fluttershy… Pinkie Pie…’ Her skin was almost pure black now, like a nightmare night. ’Spike…’ Raritys skin started turning white again. Her eyes glimmered sadly like a water surface against the sun. She floated gently to the ground. Her now cloth less white skin and blue eyes and hair where glittering agains the summer enforced daylight She looked at Hans who was now staring at her in wonder. ’What a beautiful creature’. The realization then tore into him. ’I don’t deserve her. Im glad she beat me’. Hans felt more happy and, despite all that has happened, proud than he had ever felt before. Raritys cutie mark was blinking as fiercely as the element of generosity inside her. ”Are you alright sir? Im sorry if i scared you. Im not sure what happened” ”You’re sorry?” Hans sobbed. He started crying, tears of joy as well as sadness. Rarity spent the night with Jared, Brock and Hans. They told her all about the pokemon world and how trainers captured them to battle each other. When Rarity had displayed disgust over this they had filled her in on the important bond that the pokemon and trainer shared and how that was more important than anything else. Jared and Hans had become best friends. They decided they would travel johto region together as buddy trainers. Rarity had then told them about Equestria and how she was a unicorn but there also was pegasi and earth ponies. She had also told them about princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends. ’My friends’… Rarity thought to herself. Will i ever see them again? Rarity wondered this as she saddened fell asleep underneath the johto sky. There was a Spark. Rarity opened her eyes. There was another Sparkle. But this wasn’t that kind of Sparkle. ”Twilight!” Rarity exclaimed, not realizing yet that she where back in equestria. ”Rarity!” Twilight shouted. Following her where Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. They all hugged each other ”Oh, iv’e missed you girls!” Rarity said ”We have all missed each other.” Twilight said ”Whatever do you mean?” Rarity said confused There was a long shadow. ”Discord?” Rarity said wonderingly ”Yes. Im afraid this was all my fault” He was clearly in regret. ”Me and my stupid alter ego tried to re arrange the cosmos but instead opened a dimensional wormhole sucking you all inside.” This was indeed true. Discord have had to find all the ponies and creatures of equestria scattered across all possible dimensions. As powerful as Discord was, this had been a challenge even for him. He had found Twilight having a discussion with ”The Last unicorn” making her not really the last unicorn. Discord had then taken Twilight back, making her the last unicorn again. Applejack had helped Clint Eastwood, making herself a hoof-full of dollars. Rainbow Dash had been fighting orcs alongside draws in middle earth, she had been most reluctant to leave. Fluttershy had been doing The Stare to a Lizard monster while Spiderman was lying wounded at the side. And finally Pinkie Pie had been playing the Game Of Thrones board game with Peter Dinklage, who had ”Just loved” her cupcakes. Pinkie Pie had seen through his flattering attempts though. ”She’s good!” He had thought to himself. Raritys heart was at peace. Finally she knew for certain that, even across dimensions, their friendship would always last and she would never realy be alone / MB
  9. danparkerstudios

    Rarity And The Nasty Burger

    This is a fanart comic strip of Rarity and the unimaginble abomination. Inspired by the nasty patty from Spongebob Squarepants.
  10. So, think there'll be any form of the EOH in the movie, even in a spiritual successor kind of way? (Like how rainbow power was just EOH in another form) Sia's got six multi-colored hearts as her cutie mark to allude to the mane six and princess Novos has a necklace of seashells of that same color on in one scene, so they at least seem to be keeping a theme of using chromatic symbolism of the mane six. (Though, that being said, the colors don't actually match up to the mane six's coats, since the colors are Red, blue, orange, green, purple, blue-- There's no green EOH or green coat colored main six)
  11. Back in 2015, I've done the Equestria Girls mane six (Including Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry) dressed up as an un-cared-for Pokemon character of the day. These were drawn off of screencaps from the first two Equestria Girls movies.
  12. Dowlphin

    Meet Lady Xiarity

    There's another Star Citizen ship concept sale and it's a space bike. And it being called "Nox" spawned a flood of puns as never before. I was tempted to get the 2Pac with the black (Nox) and the silver (Nox Kue) one, but I'm not that bikuerious. So I ponied up the money and seaddled up on this space needle. Got the silver one. Seems more classy to me. It is made by Aopoa, which is a manufacturer of the Xi'an race. So I named it Lady Xiarity, which sounds like sharity -> charity ->generosity, Rarity's element of harmony. This is a racing bike, so it has a very generous power-to-weight ratio. With all this in mind, the name seemed very aopoapriate. This bike being named after a pony, it thus became an equine Nox. And in summer that's a rarity! Here's the official ship teaser video: and here's my recruitment page in case this bike nox your sox off and you want to join in on the pun: PLEASE XIARE! ^^ P.S.: I got another space bike, more of a cruiser. It's the exclusive yellow version of the Dragonfly - "Dragonfly Yellowjacket". I named it "Dragonshy Yellowcoat" . Also got a stealth fighter named "Mare Selenitatis" and a big Constellation Phoenix class multicrew ship with a docked P-72 Archimedes snub fighter and a two-seated Lynx rover in the belly. I called them "Constellestia, Philomedes and Twily". (Also got a size-and-weight-optimized racing ship with huge engines called Pinkie and a Mustang Gamma racing ship called Dashie.) ... This is what it means when I'm calling myself a puntheist. Good puns are simply divine!
  13. Lapidot

    Mane Six Mandalas

    Hey, a while back I made these mandalas so check it: Big Mac, Octavia, Rarity, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Sunset Shimmer, and Zecora. and then there is Trixie at the bottom which I forgot to put in.
  14. Redhatbrony

    Review: On second look: Honest Apple

    Yay, I have finished my latest review right now. I'm sorry for my delay, but I couldn't get the episode much further, so I had to make the video just now. And I have to say: I don't liike Rarity so much. However enjoy my work.
  15. Dark Qiviut

    episode review "Honest Apple" Review

    I only watched this episode after Canada released it, and I haven't budged. This episode is an effin' mess. The characterization is really poor, starting with Rarity: Rarity is a strong and intelligent businesswoman. Remember, she runs and owns three fashion boutiques: Canterlot, Manehattan, and Ponyville. An in-character Rarity would not only understand what she's doing, but also preplan everything before setting it forward. So, why would Rarity plan the fashion show before all three judges signed on to this contest? This type of act comes across as someone who doesn't know what she'd doing? Speaking of not know what she's doing, it's still contrived to choose Applejack out of thin air. She claims it's because she understands practicality/functionality better than the others. But Applejack doesn't have any fashion sense; her only vision of fashion is if it's good enough to wear. Kinda ironic considering Faust's original pony design of her had her wear plenty of clothes. (Speaking of which, Apple Bloom's tied-down hat is so stupid. Given her history of watching Applejack buck those apples, she oughta know that it wouldn't work. Wait, if that didn't happen, the plot would probably fall apart, and DHX would have to come up with a cleverer way to approach it.) On top of that, she didn't give AJ any chance to study practicality or warn her to study the clothing's quality. She agreed to take part, and the contest begins the next day. This lack of advanced planning and studying makes Rarity look really incompetent. As if she has no idea what she's doing. That's not her. Also, it makes no sense for Rarity to understand how crucial functionality works. (She wouldn't be okay with the disco ball dress; the costume looks really uncomfortable to wear and walk in.) Yes, fashion is treated more as an ancillary possession rather than a mandate, but functionality. Episodes like Suited for Success, ACW, Suite & Elite, Boutique, and Rarity Investigates! show how much she gets it. For her to not comprehend it degrades her character. Two of the three fashion designers sound like complete caricatures. Inky Rose was fine. Starstreak is over the top with his obsession with futuristic trends. But Lily Lace… *plugs my ears* Stereotypes are a complete bane in this show; Lily Lace is the valley girl stereotype. Her literally obnoxious drawl and voice don't work as a joke, because her valley girl accent IS the joke. You need some context behind it. If not, your joke is shallow and, thus, becomes cringeworthy. Her voice is faker than Shadow the Hedgehog. Even though Coco Pommel wasn't seen in the episode, she, too, is out of character. That disco ball costume makes no sense in any way, including practicality/functionality. Rarity put her in charge of the Manehattan boutique because of her strong creativity and fashion sense. The disco ball doesn't feel like work she'd do with a straight muzzle. Applejack…what the hell happened to her?! Despite Rarity not providing much sense with Applejack being a judge, one thing she understands about her friend is how she can be honest while simultaneously caring about other pony's work and feelings. Her initial comment sharply criticizing Coco Pommel's disco ball dress makes sense, because it's absolutely absurd. Afterwards, her characterization goes completely down the toilet. She bashed Inky Rose's dress for being too black, because it's completely depressing. If she criticized her choice of color because the pony within it would get really sweaty, then it'd make sense. Then he bashes Inky Rose's dress because she intentionally put holes in her fabric as she's making them. Lots of clothing intentionally has holes. Her manufacturer wouldn't be able to make her favorite cowcolt hat without one. Then she bashed Lily Lace's original draft of her dress because it could get dirty. As for her worst moment, where she destroys Lace's feather stitching on her hat, let me initial comments describe it: WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!! Lily worked OVERNIGHT to stylize that damn hat from a bland, white piece of fabric to an interesting, complex piece of design. And in a few seconds, all that hard work gone! That's not being Honestyjack anymore. That's being an asshole! Applejack may not have the best manners or most polite language, but why the hell would she want to DESTROY someone's hard work?! I don't care what reason she has. This isn't Applejack. It's a complete bastardization of her! Excuse me while I go get Advil… On second thought, give me some fried Applejack to go on a bagel. An in-character and likeable Applejack would understand how important their hard work is and respond accordingly. She understands tact. She's NOT abusive! Her decision to destroy Lily's hat and be proud of it is by far her worst moment of the entire series. And on top of that, she stereotypes the art of fashion as pointless and useless. HELLOOOOOO!!! Applejack understands how important fashion is to Rarity, Coco, and many others. Even though she can't critically study fashion and color theory to save her life, she knows others can and listens to them. If she truly respected Rarity (on top of that damn hat), she'd give fashion a long, critical introspective why it's so important to Rarity, Coco, and many others. Look at episodes prior, and look at how much the Mane Eight (then Mane Six) grew. Both AJ and Rarity understand each other and respect each other. AJ, fuck your opinion! Remember what I wrote about Sunrise's argument with AJ? I still stand by that. Applejackass needed to be shown and told directly to her face that she was being abusive, because she was too stupid to figure out the lesson ahead of time. On the other hand, is the way it's handled really necessary, particularly for a show that's supposed to teach valuable lessons (of friendship) to impressionable kids? Absolutely not. When Friendship Is Magic gets really good, it creates a welcoming, uplifting atmosphere. Each of the Mane Eight are welcoming characters who are supposed to be role models to children. Episodes like Lost Mark are really, really amazing, because they shoot up. The audience is treated as intelligent beings. They could've done a "Turnabout Is Fair Play" scenario, but they don't. The Cutie Mark Crusaders care about Diamond Tiara's well being and want to help her. Their actions mark a complete sense of maturity beyond nearly everyone's years. Their ability to be selfless and care about their nemesis, especially when she's at her lowest point, is crucial for this show. The way this scene is completely written shows Rarity at her worst. Rather than show her how her words affected her and tell her through her pain how hurtful AJ's words are, she thought it was a good idea to play "eye for an eye," as if she wanted to get back at her. FIM is well above teaching lessons through pure spite. When they try this shit, the episode's quality hurts. It also really hurts when Strawberry Sunrise is an unlikeable bitch herself. @Ganondox pinpointed the problem — Sunrise accused apple farmers like Applejack of selling apples to either intentionally poison her or rip her off. That's really cruel, and by how coolly Rarity reacts to the argument and Sunrise's vile stereotypes of apples, she knows this. That puts Rarity as part of the problem, even though the episode completely portrays her here (and the rest of the episode) as completely in the right. Rather than playing their best off each other, Rarity and AJ act like they can't stand each other. Their terrible approach to friendship here further accredits Rarity's and AJ's backstabbing each other in PPOV. The only way for this plot to work is by disregarding blatant continuity. This episode as presented only works if you disregard episodes such as Suited for Success, ACW, and their sense of maturity leading up to this point. Season seven is not the time for Applejackass to finally learn a lesson about tact. If she didn't know at the time, then why the hell did she become the Bearer of Honesty in the first place? It wouldn't have chosen her if she wasn't a good pony. There were some good moments here. Rarity randomly jamming to the guitar (and Pinkie's hair straightening in response) is randomness done correctly. Pinkie Pie is completely in character and likeable here. When AJ learns her lesson, she's contrite and works to make things right. Unfortunately, those things can't save Honest Apple from being a terrible episode. Now, is it worse than Hard to Say Anything? Very hard to tell. Originally, I said Honest Apple's worse, but Hard to Say Anything is pure trash all the way to the end. Right now, it's a coin toss.
  16. Ahhhhhhhh, good evening everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Well, this week's episode review should be shorter and considerably less angry than last week's for a few reasons: (1) this episode was far less infuriating, (2) I'm in a splendid mood after seeing "Wonder Woman" this weekend, and (3) I need to write a shorter episode review in general. So without further ado, let's begin and dive into "Honest Apple." Now, while this episode is far superior to the dreck that we got last week, it was not without its problems. My friend Jeric boiled it down nicely yesterday when he said to me that the main problem is that we had "Season 1 Applejack interacting with Season 7 Rarity," and I have to agree. Applejack was behaving uncharacteristically OOC, and immature even; I'd even say that I'd have a hard time believing Season 1 Applejack would act this way, even with Rarity when they weren't quite as close. It's not simply an issue of not taking her friend or her feelings and concerns into consideration, Applejack just displayed zero tact or discretion whatsoever, and that's just not like her. I could buy Rainbow Dash in earlier seasons behaving like this, but never AJ; her element may be the Element of Honesty, but that doesn't mean she's blunt to the point of not considering the feeling of others. She understands holding one's tongue, in fact, she's always been the small town ideal of just that; if she's uncomfortable with something, she'll usually have a subtle, wry, blunt comment to make about it, or just hold her tongue if the situation calls for it. Whoever wrote this wrote her like a country bumpkin with no appreciation for higher culture (heck, at one point she's flat out insulting the work of Coco Pommel, a genuinely good friend of hers!), and in our current political climate I don't exactly appreciate those stereotypes being displayed when many of those stereotypes are how we got to such a polarized state in our country in the first place, especially when it's a betrayal of who this character is. On top of that, she's uncharacteristically stupid as well; we know that AJ understands the idea of wearing clothes in different contexts and settings, not just for work or practical business (and sometimes fancier dress is required FOR business), because AJ herself has worn such outfits for such special occasions many times, much of it made by Rarity! She may not get the art side of fashion, but she understands its appeal, that it has appeal, and that it's a whole other industry of its very own. She doesn't walk around with this "If I don't get it it must be stupid and irrelevant" attitude that so many people seem to revel in these days. It's a disappointing missed opportunity, because there was a great episode to be had here, it just needed some tweaking is all, especially considering RariJack is my favorite pair of friends in the Mane 6 and can be such a joy to watch when they are done right. So yeah, not happy at all with AJ, and even less so when I consider that it was done in the name of making the lesson the writers had in mind work. Sad AJ is sad, that's what happens when you write her badly, writers! So what is the lesson you might ask? Well, it's basically an indictment of Internet s*** talking. No really, I'm serious, the whole lesson is about watching what you say or how you say something to others, especially when critiquing something they've done or made. You can't just consider your own thoughts or feelings when doing so, you need to take into account how your words are going to affect the person you're talking to as well. Now, normally I'd have no problem with this lesson. I mean, people not knowing how to be civil with each other or even display the most basic decency to each other on the Internet is a big reason people tend to get so heated with each other these days. So on its face, the lesson is a good one. However, here's why it doesn't work in this particular context. The lesson was forced, at the expense of making any sense whatsoever. We already went into how it forced AJ to be incredibly OOC, but it also doesn't make sense in the setting either. The thing about this lesson is that it applies most to Internet communication because it's incredibly easy to dehumanize or become desensitized to the feelings of someone you're talking with online when all you see is a screen in front of you. This episode, however, is all about face-to-face interactions, and the thing about face-to-face interactions is that people, especially genuinely decent people like AJ, tend to be far more sensitive to the feelings of others when talking in person to someone. Only people who genuinely have no lid on what they say, either because they're that insensitive or have some kind of personality disorder, have no filter when talking directly to others. So really, while the lesson was good, it just made no sense that it had to be taught to AJ of all people under these circumstances. This troll, however, was HILARIOUS! So now that the biggest issues are out of the way, what worked in this episode? Well Rarity is the most obvious choice. Her choice of AJ as a judge was creative but also showed her trust of her arguably closest friend (as well as understanding of her strengths), it was incredibly generous of her to organize an event like this to help others break into the fashion industry she loves so much, and her level of maturity displayed the whole episode was great. She reprimanded AJ when she deserved it, but wasn't unduly harsh, plus her way of teaching AJ how she bucked up was hilarious and witty (also, Strawberry Sunrise is a hilarious s*** talker when it comes to apples). Her biggest issue is that this conflict should not have been one sided; the ideal situation would have been both AJ and Rarity made mistakes to a certain extent. AJ should have been uncomfortable with the judging and not sure what to say since she didn't know how to fit in, and Rarity should have not been aware of AJ's concerns for most of the episode. That way they would have had something to teach each other. She wasn't quite Mary Sue levels here, I can buy Rarity being this mature, it's just the conflict felt forced since one character suffered so much in order to make it happen, and it didn't do Rarity any favors either in doing so. But oh well, the episode more than made up for it by giving Rarity the most amazing 10 seconds of the episode! I have no idea where the buck that came from, but I want more of it!!! All I know is that Rarity apparently has FANTASTIC methods of stress relief and venting! SHRED GIRL, SHRED!!! As for the rest of the episode, it was pleasant enough. I enjoyed that it was largely set in Ponyville, specifically the Canterlot Boutique and the Ponyville business district. The return of Photo Finish and Hoity Toity (in speaking roles, no less) was positively delightful, and I very much liked all three of the up and coming fashion designer ponies as well (especially, for some odd reason, the valley girl one; very strange for me since I usually hate that character type in cartoon shows, but here for some reason I thought it was adorable and hilarious. Possibly because the writers seemed aware of the stereotypes of the valley girl trope and seemed to playfully be poking fun at them while still making the character endearing by, you know, actually being good at stuff). 'Lit'rally' intensifies!!! The set up and conclusion for the episode were both lovely, and the fashion show (along with the instrumentals that sounded very reminiscent of the fashion show in Season 1's "Suited for Success") made this episode feel like a spiritual successor to some extent to "Suited for Success" even. But because of the problems that I cited earlier with both AJ and the forced nature of the lesson, what should have been a good to even great episode ended up just OK. That's a damn shame, but it's nowhere near as infuriating as last week's wretchedness. That's all I've got for ya tonight, everypony! Until next week, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* To end things off, let's just have a bunch of pics from the better moments of the episode... And finally, the 10 seconds we will always remember from this episode Beautiful
  17. halcyonharlot

    Human pony body types!

    I'd like to preface this by saying this is just my personal headcanon! You're welcome to disagree with me all you want, it's all fine and good. This is just how I think the gals would look as human beings, I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers here. anyways i love pony humanizations so the other night I sketched out some rough silhouettes: EDIT:: the gang's all here! Twilight! She's pretty scrawny slim, but she has a bit of a desk job paunch. Around Dash's height, give or take an inch or two. I see Applejack as being the tallest of the girls. She's muscular from applebuckin' all day long, but not super-defined or anything. Thick and curvy. Fluttershy is second tallest, but she slouches so sometimes it's hard to tell. She's pretty small, but still has a little bit of baby fat. Pinkie Pie is pretty much a big ball of energy idk man. Rarity is slim and petite. Nice legs for heels. Not much else to say here! Not much to say about Rainbow Dash, really. I see her as being the shortest of the main girls. Compact and muscular. I plan on doing the rest of the mane six soon! Done!!
  18. DashYoshi

    Rarity the Dress Designer

    This digital art I made is the lovely fashion designer Rarity at the Carousel Boutique designing and creating a cyan-colored shiny heart-themed dress with heart designs circling along the bottom and a heart emblem for the chest. I hope you enjoy and feel free to give any comments and thoughts you might have in mind.
  19. @Rapid Wind @ThunderCrush @Kulstor @Cosmic Breeze @Lunarpalette @Regal ShadowShadow Roleplay Link Welcome to my OCC page for my mlp next gen role play. You are a loud to play canon characters and ocs. Rules: -Please wait for me to approve your forum -If you are the daughter/son of princess you can not be alicorn off the spot -Hybrids are allowed, I will be playing one -Please no bullying -Come here and mention a person if you want to talk to them outside the rp -Have fun!!!! Canon Characters: Pinkie Pie: Rainbow Dash: FlutterShy: AppleJack: Trixie: Princess Twilight Sparkle: Princess Luna: Princess Celestia: Queen Chrysalis: @Trixie . Doctor Whooves: @Kulstor OCs: Ocean Whiplash @Mysterious Way Apple Cider @Mysterious Way Mysterious Way @Mysterious Way
  20. Sounds like Sleepless In Ponyville 2.0, which is fine by me. A comfy episode that'd be hard to screw up
  21. Seems I need a second opinion myself, for this look at Forever Filly. (APOLOGIES FOR THE TERRIBLE AUDIO QUALITY. I'll be sure to learn my lesson for next time.)
  22. AlexanderThrond

    Episode review: "Honest Apple"

    "Honest Apple" is an Applejack and Rarity episode, and I'm genuinely not sure if I have anything constructive left to say about episodes they share. Of course I didn't like "Honest Apple," because I think that pairing is inherently unentertaining. Of course Applejack's worst traits are exaggerated here, because that's just how episodes starring this duo work. If there's one thing I can uniquely criticize about this episode, it's the moral, which is even more unbalanced than that of "Parental Glideance," and is followed by the episode falling apart at the seams with a formulaic ending and some genuinely obnoxious jokes, more or less destroying all my goodwill towards it. Rarity is hosting a fashion contest, and wants Applejack to participate as a judge in order to get a more function-oriented perspective on the contestants' clothing lines. However, once Applejack finally agrees and gets used to the idea, her criticism becomes increasingly rude to the point where she outright insults fashion in general, causing the contestants and other judges to leave. Applejack's boorishness here is the latest example of the writers apparently not understanding that we like to see these ponies approaching problems with sensitivity. It shouldn't be so hard to give characters faults without having those faults become overbearing, but I guess it's just easier to write stories when a character is obviously and unequivocally in the wrong. It's also apparently easy to write episodes about Applejack and Rarity together, because then you don't actually have to put effort into writing a conflict. They fundamentally don't understand each other, so it's natural that they'd come into conflict. People who like their dynamic apparently enjoy that they bring out the worst in each other, and I've explained over and over again why I dislike episodes pairing the two together, so I'm not going to harp too much on it. The writers simply don't agree that this contrast is a problem, so why bother criticizing it? But Applejack being insensitive isn't fun to me. There are other jokes in the episode, but they range from kinda amusing (Rarity shredding a guitar to relieve stress) to rather lazy (one of the contestants having a valley girl accent), and for the most part the episode coasts on Applejack's attitude. But I don't want to watch a character I like being rude, and even when she's been encouraged to be honest, I don't see why she'd outright insult fashion as a whole. If she and Rarity are friends, why would she think so badly of her friend as to insult her entire line of work? Sorry, I'm harping on the dynamic. I'll stop. It appears that Applejack becomes increasingly rude simply because Rarity doesn't stop her until it's too late. Applejack, being a farmer, has little nice to say about fancy dresses, and when she's encouraged to let out her unfiltered thoughts, of course she'll be rude. It's not fun to watch, because a character who's meant to be obnoxious is, y'know, still obnoxious, but it's also frustrating when Applejack takes the full blame for her rudeness, because Rarity did nothing to stop her. In the ending, Rarity decides to teach her by example, because Applejack realizing her mistake on her own would be too subtle, and never does the episode acknowledge that Rarity should have asked her to tone it down. Furthermore, while Rarity has a reasonable justification for inviting Applejack as a judge, Applejack's practicality only extends to work clothes. Nobody in Rarity's leg of the fashion industry would make clothes for farm workers, so I'm not sure what Rarity was expecting to get out of Applejack. They've been friends for over six seasons now, so if Applejack doesn't know much about chic casual wear, Rarity ought to know that by now. Different designers have different audiences in mind, and some are likely more akin to painters than salesponies. What might have been more entertaining would be if Applejack's criticisms actually did have some use, as at least then the entire episode wouldn't seem like a miscalculation on Rarity's part. But the actual lesson is fine, I guess. Learning to appreciate the work put into things you don't care for is pretty nice, even if it's one of the most simplistic places this episode could have gone. If they wanted to keep this moral, there must have been some way to not have Applejack only serve to act poorly and be taught a lesson. Furthermore, if Applejack really knows Rarity, shouldn't she already know how much work goes into fashion? I always felt that they just don't get along, but do they outright not spend much time with each other? Sorry, harping on the dynamic again. In the climax, the contestants and other judges return to their homes, but once Applejack learns her lesson, she effectively kidnaps them in order to prevent them from leaving, including jokes where the contestants run away from her and are later literally tied up with Applejack's lasso. Because kidnapping is hilarious, apparently. But as odious as that is, the bigger issue is that Applejack rounded them up to make things right, and that's about as predictable an ending as I can imagine for this show. In truth, the whole story here is deeply formulaic, but it's this stale, cookie-cutter ending which really got on my nerves, because it speaks even more to how lazily written this episode is. That Applejack was gonna be irritating comes with the premise, and I knew I wouldn't enjoy the dynamic, but while I've come to terms with that, I can at least criticize the episode for being formulaic, simplistic, and unbalanced. There are some funny jokes, and the moral is okay, but at the end of the day it's a very by-the-books Rarity/Applejack episode, and it comes with all of the things which make these episodes insufferable to me. The first half or so is relatively inoffensive and seems to be going somewhere interesting, but the latter half falls entirely apart and undoes all that good will. So it's another episode with this pairing that I don't enjoy. How surprising. Score: Entertainment: 4/10 Characters: 3/10 Themes: 5/10 Story: 4/10 Overall: 40/100
  23. Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Today I'm taking a look at the latest Season 7 episode to debut in the U.S., "Forever Filly," a fun, albeit flawed, little slice-of-life episode. Aside from this being noteworthy as being the first Rarity and technically CMC episode this season, there's not much else to say prior to getting into the review proper, so without further ado, let's begin. This is "Forever Filly." So for the most part almost everything in this episode worked, but in the end I found myself simply thinking of it as good, not great. This isn't on account of any kind of infuriating, obvious flaw, but rather something a little less noticeable and more subtle: the conflict set-up. Not the conflict itself, mind you, in fact this conflict is actually a fairly common one in movies and television. All we're dealing with here, in multiple plot arcs no less, is the "such and such loved one has gotten older and changed quite a bit and I haven't even noticed, and not only do I still want to treat them like I did when they were younger, but I'm also not ready to accept that they're older and have changed." It's a super common story trope, especially in long-running shows where characters have presumably gotten older (you've probably seen such an episode in more than one family sitcom before, usually involving some staple child character in the show getting older, graduating, heading off to college, getting married, etc., or even say a wedding movie where the focus is on the parents of the groom or bride). Heck, really this kind of story even falls into the broader category of the "coming of age" story, and is just one particular way of telling it, namely from the perspective not of the character who is coming of age, but of someone close to them watching them come of age. Here's the problem. It's not that the conflict in and of itself was a bad one in its premise, it's that it wasn't executed properly, and I think I know why. Poor pacing made certain character decisions seem impulsive and poorly thought out. Rarity went from being perfectly level-headed in her business dealings in the very opening of the episode to being an emotional wreck all in a span of five seconds, and then spent the rest of the episode acting as though she hadn't seen Sweetie Belle in years. Likewise, Zipporwhill (voiced again by, of course, Tabith St. Germain, because I swear if there's a character who needs a hilariously over-the-top or unusual voice, Tabitha is their go-to gal to voice her) seemed to be confronted with a problem that really shouldn't be a problem for her. I mean, her cutie mark is presumably because she has some kind of talent at connecting with dogs, so one has to ask why such a pony wouldn't understand the notion of dogs growing up and their behavior changing as they get older? I mean, don't get me wrong, I liked how her subplot tied into the final lesson, but more so because of how things wrapped up, not because of the conflict itself. That conflict too was poor in its set-up because it just didn't seem like Zipporwhill, even if she is still a filly, even if this is her own pet we're talking about whom she has an emotional connection to, should have a problem figuring out what her dog wants when that is presumably her talent and she knows this already because she has her cutie mark. And I mean seriously, it's a dog, plenty of dogs play with toys that they had as puppies if it's one of their favorites, and not to be mean to dogs or anything, but they're pretty simple in their wants and needs, they're nowhere near as picky as cats can be. But the bigger problem with this subplot is that ultimately its presence forced the main conflict to be rushed in its own execution, which is why Rarity came across as being so impulsive and irrational in some of her decision-making. If they'd simply removed the subplot, then they could have had a more basic but also more properly executed episode where Rarity had more time to set the conflict up and get it resolved. She could have set up spending a day with her sister but not so frantically in the show's opening minutes, not as such an emotional wreck, and everything would have come across as feeling a bit more real in execution. The ideas they were dealing with here are very realistic and relatable, I think everyone at some point (or multiple points) will realize that time has gone by quicker than they thought and that someone or something in their life has gotten far older than they used to be or changed a lot. But again, the problem is that because they jammed a plot and a sub-plot together in order to teach the lesson, the conflict set-up in both plot and sub-plot felt rushed, forced, and a bit unrealistic. The conflict set-up and pacing problems didn't ruin the episode or anything, they just kept an episode that was good to very good from being great, and that's just a bit of a shame. OK Jeric, this question is for you in particular; can't you just see Tabitha making this actual face in the recording booth? I mean, seriously, I'm picturing it and it just makes so much sense for her. I wouldn't be surprised if they animated it around whatever face she was making as she read the line. So what did I like here? Oh, a whole lot, believe me, I liked a ton. I did enjoy that they picked Rarity to have this conflict rather than Applejack; at first I thought AJ would be a better pick, but then I realized that AJ had to grow up from an early age (assuming her parents are dead) and would probably be more prepared for Apple Bloom getting older than Rarity was with Sweetie Belle. Her problem is over-protectiveness, not coddling, when it comes to being a big sister. Rarity, on the other hoof, moved out of the house at a pretty early age it seems, and didn't really grow closer to Sweetie Belle until Season 2 after the Sister Hooves Social. Unlike Applejack, who sees family all the time, Rarity is a character who it would be easy for time to get away from between her adventures with the Mane 6 and all of her business ventures, even after she's gotten closer to Sweetie Belle. So both the conflict makes sense for her, as do the emotional bouts; I just thought they happened too quickly, but really I have no problem with how emotional Rarity got over all of this because that does fit her character. I just wish such emotion had been more built up and better paced, like the episode would have been better served starting with Rarity worriedly realizing she hadn't spent enough time with Sweetie Belle lately, but getting more emotional when she realized there was so much about Sweetie growing up that she'd missed. But nonetheless, I like seeing focus placed on Rarity and Sweetie Belle's sisterhood, I liked this particular conflict, I liked that Rarity was put into this position both because it makes sense for her and for whatever reason seeing a character who in her own life (despite having a flamboyant personality) is usually so put-together and in control realize that there was so much she didn't know about someone so important to her, it just felt right. It resonated, it made this message all the more powerful because it helped further illustrate that life can get away from all of us, even those of us who think we've got everything figured out (contrasting the lesson she learned with how put together Rarity is in running the Canterlot Boutique in the opening scene is a perfect example of this). So aside from what I already highlighted as things that didn't work, I thought that Rarity was great here on the whole and loved that she was chosen for this particular type of episode. Sweetie Belle was another highlight, mostly in how she helped resolve the episode in the end but also because it was nice seeing the show recognize that there has been quite a passage of time since the start of the show and that characters have gotten older. Now it would be nice if her actual body got bigger, or if they didn't make things confusing by making it seem as though Rarity hasn't seen Sweetie Belle in years, but still, I liked what we got here all the same. The recognition of this passage of time was nice (which might have been further reinforced by how big Ripley, Zipporwhill's dog, now is as well as how much lower Zipporwhill's voice is than it was in her first episode back in Season 4), and I'd love to see more of it, especially in relation to the CMC. It was nice too that Sweetie Belle didn't really get unduly mad at Rarity; sure she got mad, but not in a "Sister Hooves Social you're not my sister anymore, I hate you" kind of way, but more in a "we're sisters and you're frustrating me right now as only a sister could, so while I'll forgive you later, sorry but we're having a beef right now" kind of way. She still helped Rarity learn her lesson indirectly (while learning it herself as well) by showing Zipporwhill what to do about Ripley, and even before getting mad she appreciated what Rarity was trying to do, just not how she was doing it. Overall, this was just a very good example of how to show that a young character has gotten older in a show without being too flagrant about it; granted, I still argue that her body needs to get bigger because hearing things like Sweetie Belle is into experimental theater while still being as small as she ever has been is just a bit ridiculous and makes it harder to accept, but this was a very nice start and it works with how Claire Corlett's voice has changed over the years as well (though as a quick aside, I must say that Michelle Creber's voice sounds even older now than Claire's does, good Lord writers, PLEASE make the CMC bigger already!). This shot is seriously cute, and while it initially may seem a bit OOC for Rarity, c'mon, she's bonding with her sister, siblings do things they don't typically do with each other all the time. Speaking as an older brother, I can totally buy it. Besides our two main characters, it was cool seeing the CMC finding new ways to assist ponies, namely in helping a pony like Zipporwhill who already has her cutie mark but felt disconnected from her special talent. Granted it was imperfectly executed, but I like the idea because it makes sense that they won't always be showing ponies what to do to get their cutie marks (though I guess they already kinda did this with Bulk Biceps). Zipporwhill's return was completely unexpected and, aside from the problems I already cited with her subplot, worked entirely for me, especially her lower voice; whether this was because she's older now or because the writer's decided the original pitch her voice was at in Season 4 was just ridiculous, doesn't matter to me, because it was a far better sounding voice than her original one and Tabitha did a great job with her accent. Finally, Sassy Saddles for the little she was in the episode at the beginning was fantastic. Her rapport with Rarity is great and I loved the little we got to see of the two of them working together, two ponies simultaneously very similar and very different in their talents and abilities and who when they're at the top of their game can equally appreciate what the other does in their establishment. Some of Rarity's failed attempts to bond with Sweetie Belle were pretty funny, particularly the photo shoot, but others felt a tad ridiculous and forced, like the puppet show or the balloon-making scene. I did seriously love this scene I must also note that it's bizarre, now that we've seen Ripley age, that other pets like Winona have not visibly aged. Still, the recognition of the passage of time in this episode, as well as its lesson of appreciating different stages of life while you have them (including for people in your life) because before you know it, they're gone, but when they are gone all you can do is appreciate what you have now rather than bemoan not having what was in the past anymore, that was all great and I appreciate it very much. It leaves me slightly hopeful that at some point the show might just be willing to tackle the subject of death and loss on that level, possibly in relation to the Apples, but at the same time I know realistically that that remains a long shot. All in all, this is a good to very good episode held back by a few very particular but not very maddening flaws, but important flaws nonetheless. I'm sure I'll enjoy rewatching it, but it certainly won't be an instant classic in my book either. That's all I've got for you this week everypony, thank you for your patience in waiting for my review, and I'll see you next week (probably late again as well since I might have work on Saturday). Till next time, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* But it's OK, cause they're Best Sisters Friends Forever!!! But yeah, seriously, diabetes for sure...
  24. Redhatbrony

    Review: On second look Forever Filly

    I've finished my latest review of My little Pony, Season 7. Enjoy if you want, comment, subscribe and recommend. every little viewer counts. Today by on second look: Forever Filly.