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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 2 results

  1. This is a call for everyone who might be interested, but I'm also pinging @Shiki, @Meson Bolt, @Renegade the Unicorn, @SparklingCaps, @TheRockARooster, @DripMoondrop and @Xeltor from the Show Us Your Voice thread. that's what you get for stepping out in the open with your voices and talent and all that stupid stuff Basically, I'm working on a fic reading and I would love it if I could get folks to help out. While the story's mostly a split of drab questioning and internal monologues, there's a lot of small parts that would benefit from, well, vocal variety. SparklingCaps has already chipped in with some of the character roles, but I say the more the merrier! The fic in question is Pony, Please, an extremely loose crossover with the Papers Please game that leans heavily away from being depressing and runs straightforward into outright satire. And I bet at least some of you are thinking "bluh bluh, I have no talent" or "my microphone sucks" and yeah, you sound great. I'm just sayin'. Here's a list of roles in the story that haven't been recorded yet - again, most of those are small ones with barely {or less than, really} a handful of lines if anyone's worried about the scope of the roles. You're more than welcome to grab more than one character, too and I'll fill in anyone that ends up unclaimed. Abdul Raj - Male, speaks in poor/broken English. Two lines total. Maybe Arabic accent, but all the countries are fictional so... Mia Romero - Female, sounds like Spanish, given a couple of words? About half a dozen lines. Caramel - Male. Nondescript voice. A few lines. Arbery Jack - Male, nondescript voice. A loudmouth schnook. Bunch of small lines. Conspiracy Dude - Male, wheezy voice. Three lines in total. Unnamed Roslian Dude - Nondescript voice. I'm pegging Roslia as American-ish, but it's open to interpretation. Four lines total. Two CMCs, not named, one line each. Johnny - Male, nondescript voice. Single short line. A. K. Yearling - About a dozen lines. Likk Ay - [Emerald <3] Female, enthusiastic, about half a dozen short lines. Twinkleshine - Female. Voice is kinda squeaky maybe? Really, she has like two lines in the whole show. Nuirn Hert - Male, nondescript, Roslian. Two lines total. Mrs Hert - Female, nondescript, Roslian. Two lines total. Sinv Looper - Male, freaked-out paranoid {or IS HE?}, Roslian. Bunch of lines. Kilana Mutt - Female. Totally not Chrysalis, what are you talking about? About three lines. Sunh Loonh - Male, Slavic accent. Handful of lines. Sapphire Rose - Female, Crystal Pony. Bunch of lines. Luna - Second-Best Princess. Bunch of lines. Bob - Male, nondescript. Single short line. Guard 1: Male, Slavic accent. A few lines. Guard 2: Male {maybe? The story doesn't actually specify...}, Slavic accent. A few lines. Aaand that's it. Here's also a handy-dandy color-coded PDF of the story with highlights of various characters' dialogues for easier picking-out. Pony, Please.pdf Would anyone be interested in chipping in? Again, please do not worry about quality, either of your own voices or your microphone - this isn't a professional production, just a little project for fun {although I'd also love more help with future ones too... just sayin' and why is there no picture of Vegeta in a judge wig anywhere on the internet?} Cheers!
  2. so ive been binge watching star wars lately and i got to thinking if anyone here that does star wars art themes ? :3 the lightsaber : my oc :3 but if you can in a rob cloak ? :3 Magic Color : Purple :3