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Found 206 results

  1. I will allow multiple artists to draw him at the same time, so don't be discouraged if someone else takes this opportunity before you. He is the OC in my avatar. The yellow triangle is his beard (his beard is a neater, slightly smaller, blond version of Sunburst's beard). His cutie mark is the Toki Pona symbol: I hope that's enough info.
  2. I have a pony oc I'd love to be drawn, but I can't afford commissions.
  3. Would anyone be willing to draw a picture of Wolf Tracks and Gallus? I would like Wolf Tracks to have a serious expression in her face while Gallus looks at her with a smug smirk (preferably in mid air). Thank you! Wolf Tracks: Gallus:
  4. This for me is a massive oof because I hate asking for anything free, I never want to burden anyone without them being compensated for it. The only reason I am making this request as is, is because this month has already been a tad rough. With this coronavirus thing going on, I've tried to stock up on more than usual and I usually stock up a lot anyways. Me being on a fixed income, I am already doing bad for money this month. It is bothering me a lot... Enough about my woes though. What I had in mind was a digital art of Kyoshi and I can tell you the exact details in a PM, assuming you are okay with what might seem weird being included. If anyone is up for that, please let me know. If you instead know of an artist that would be willing to do this for me, guide my way to them.
  5. So i was wondering if anyone can do a wolf pony in favor of furry and brony ? :3 ill try to give the best examples i can give ^^ Style:2D art Style Name : Loona Eclipse Sex: Stallion Age: 29 Oc : Reference: to the pony wolf style (what i can find lol) Cutie MArk : Paw with maroon red and purple with the claw marks out i done this in paint so please excuse being terrible for drawing a quick paw XD Facial Expression Example: happy. umm not sure what else i can think of but if i need to add something to help out let me know ^^ and i am patient which we all are now...anyways hope to here back ^^
  6. As much as it pains me to do this, I need some images of Strange Tidings to use in Maradice Isle. Particularly one of his corrupted form. I have below some example images of Strange in his normal form, and his extremely dark, unnerving corrupted form. You can tell which is his corrupted form easily; Just look at his eyes! Some things to keep in mind: Try to keep the image files around 200x350 pixels in size so they will fit in the game window. Ensure Strange Tidings is facing the screen. The Corrupted form can be as scary or intimidating as you please; He needs to send off those "BIG-TIME BAD GUY" vibes somehow! Try to match the TV show's art style as much as possible... although don't overwork yourself if you don't think it's possible. With all that said, good luck with the drawing! I can't wait to see them. PLEASE NOTE: The user who's image(s) of Strange Tidings are picked to be used in the game will be credited at the end of the game during the credits. If you wish to opt out of this, please notify me beforehand.
  7. Hello, this is Rough Patch, also known by a small portion of the "A Hat in Time" community, Bush cat. Rough Patch was an Enemy from Subcon Forest that was cut for an unknown reason. They were originally to hide in plain sight, disguised as a bush, until Hat Kid were to approach them. At this point, they would then jump out and chase after Hat Kid, swiping at her with their claws. There are few art of this little guy, and I though some people are would like to draw him, be creative, you got the character, make his personality! here's a few art made by some people:
  8. I need a set of vector images of my ponysona containing various poses and facial expressions for my YouTube videos. Can anypony help me? If you're up for helping me, I'll message you the details. Thanks. I appreciate it.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm Emerald Heart (obvi) and I am looking for someone who can make me a book cover for a fanfiction I'm writing. Want the characters to look anime, and include these five characters please. Picture should be 352x550. I completely understand if this is a bit much, but am hoping to get some responses anyway. I've included some images below on what the characters look like (I've also zoomed in on stuff that isn't as easy to see): Day Dawn Noon Midnight Dusk QUICK NOTES: Noon doesn't have any whites in her eyes, so that's what that blue is. Each of them has a piece of jewelry on them. Day's is a pearl bracelet on her right wrist, Dawn's is her earrings that are shaped like the sun, Dusk's is the ring on her right hand, Midnight's is her spiked collar, and Noon's is her hairclip. Dusk is the main character Thanks y'all!
  10. Well, it's no surprise right now that the game's development has been going fairly well as of late. The story is looking promising, I got the entire soundtrack ready to be imported, and all the player characters are now implemented. There's just one teeny tiny problem: I CAN'T DRAW THE TILESETS FOR ANY OF THE EQUESTRIA LOCALS!! While I've managed to do the tilesets for all the Maradice Isle locals, and a select few for what Equestria areas have been implemented into the game as of now, I lack the skills and the equipment to do the tilesets for the rest of the Equestria locations, such as the towns and Everfree Forest, to name a handful. While I do have one guy who is going to help out with this regard, he's been snowed under with other things as of late, so work on new tilesets hasn't even started yet. And since I'm running out of things to add and update while I wait on those tilesets, this is a HUGE problem! I gotta get the ball rolling on those tilesets, or the project is going to be stranded where it is! So, I must once again (begrudgingly) come and ask for help to get this game completed. I need volunteers to help put these tilesets together and bring Equestria to life. I have the templates for the tilesets attached down below, along with some examples of how they're supposed to look. Of course, there are a few guidelines to follow: The tilesets must be kept within the squares on every template. The tilesets must be kept within the image size; Any bigger or smaller and RPG Maker VX Ace won't be able to use it. The tiles themselves need to fit with the setting of My Little Pony: FiM. Nothing too hyper-realistic, please. As this game is going to be taking the player through almost every major Equestria town and location seen in the TV show ( and MAYBE the movie, if I ever decide to add DLC to the game ), this is going to be a pretty big order; Too big for any one person to fulfill on their own. It's going to take a good number of people to put this game together. So, if any of you want to take a shot at drawing up the tilesets I need for the game, PLEASE feel free to grab the templates below and go for it. Also, if you want to keep up on the games development and see how it's going so far, please feel free to join the games official Discord server for development updates, and to be able to communicate with the team putting the game together. The invite code is "VabKgSC". Good luck, everyone! Let's bring Equestria to life for our four heroes to explore, battle, and have tons of fun in! Tileset
  11. Hi friends <3 I’m looking for someone who can draw my bunny pony cinnamon with something cute! the polkadotted thing at her hair is a bow. both her eyes got hearts in it. ___________________________ I’m also looking for someone to draw Dew drop but with Wooloo the sheep Pokémon thank you in advance if you consider it
  12. Hello there, everyone! I was hoping if someone could help me with a drawing request. I was thinking of having a picture of my OC, Dynamo Pad and the Pokemon, Vulpix. The picture would be sort of like Ash and Pikachu in the anime, but slightly different. With how Pikachu is on Ash's shoulder. Instead, I was thinking of having Vulpix lying/snuggled atop Dynamo's head. If anyone is able to draw this, then I would greatly appreciate it. Here is a picture of what my OC, Dynamo Pad and Vulpix look like.
  13. I've been wanting to have a new sig featuring my ponysona. Could anyone make one for me? If the sig could include a picture of Lucky and text that reads "Lucky Bolt" that would be awesome! I'd love it if the background of the signature could have a combination of pink, light blue, and yellow colors. Or, if you can only do one single color for the background, just a light pink would work. Thanks! Here is the image you may use...
  14. °˖✧ Deerie's Free OC's ✧˖° I will drop oc's that are free for the taking in this thread but in order to receive.. You must follow the rules that are posted here.. If more than one person want the same OC then I will put your names in a Name picker and the winner from that receives that OC to keep it fair. You may also request custom characters here but beware that I might skip them, I prefer letting my own creativity flow. Rules: 1. Do not take off my watermark 2. Do not sell this character for $ or any other type of currency, Free is Free. You are only allowed to sell a character if you have gotten more art of the character yourself by commissioning an artist. 3. Give credit where it's due, do not take credit - This includes crediting the base artist. To a Mod who sees this: I talked about where i should place this with TheTaZe and I was recommended this folder So if It is not allowed here, I'm very sorry and I'd like to be told.
  15. So i did some thinking on what my cutie mark should be and so i made a sort of a corsair and xbox logo togather as being a xbox/Pc player buut i dont think i dont a good job of so i was wondering if anyone can refined it more well showstyle look i guess ? Also here is my Oc : SailBox is still work in progress but it is what it is for now but anyways on to the oc request Look: umm 2D style look Nose: more of a cross between male and feminine look ? Magic aura :Light Purple Eyes : Dark Purple Pose : Sitting Down with magic glowing holding a controller Fan of : Luna and Twilight Picture / Facial Expression Reference : I think that is all i can provide so if there is anything that i need to add on let me know ^^
  16. The Obligatory Introduction Hello everybody, and welcome to the grand{...ish?} recruiting drive for the Golden Oaks Memorial Library Fanfiction Reading Project, hereafter referred to as just GOL because dang this whole thing is a hassle to read, let alone to write. - A bit of historical context - Get to the point already - That sounds nice and all, but I've never done voice acting in my life. - Okay, let's go with "maaaaaaybe" for now, but I'm not sure I can commit to this thing. - I’d like to help out, but I sound terrible. - What if I don’t have a microphone to record with? - What if I don’t want others to know what I sound like? - What kind of stories are we looking at here anyway? - So I can record a story on my own – or with others – to be posted as part of GOL if I wanted to? - If I’ve never heard of GOL before, what should I be looking at? - So, who are team leads? And that’s more or less it. If you have any questions at all, let us know and I look forward to working with you all. -Quinch
  17. I hope it's not offtopic as it's non pony, I need someone to voice a little meme. Here's what I'm desperately seeking, I know he's texan but any US accent will do really, I kinda know how to do it but I'm no native english speaker so it sucks a lot..I've been trying for a whole hour this morning. The text to be dubbed is a little meme that I have to find back, it's about extinction rebellion. It's like 10 lines long, if you don't mind.
  18. Is this the right forum? Where can I find a mlp android phone theme at? Ringtone? Zedge doesnt have any good ones.
  19. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this. Please let me know if it's not. Anyways, I seen people draw BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING drawings and paint them on their phone or laptop. Any tips? My drawing (not profile picture) is horrible to where i just want to toss my OC'S and quit drawing. it's not as amazing as what i find on pinterest
  20. Lets play a drawing game. You have to draw whatever the person above you wants you to draw. Drawings can be anywhere from a 5 minute doodle on Paint to an actual good drawing. The request can be simple or more complex (but not so complex that it will take them a long time to draw!) Heres an example. Person A: *picture of fluttershy.* The person under me has to draw a changling. Person B: *picture of a changling* The person under me has to draw Rainbow Dash with a ponytail. Person C: *picture of Rainbow Dash with a ponytail* The person under me has to draw a parrot. And so on. Soooo.... The person under me has to draw a pony made of cheese.
  21. Hi everyone! Im Voseerie, formerly mylilpegasister, my Username, and accounts are changing to keep everything separate from eachother. Please call me Vos, Eerie, Vee or Voseerie. I dont like my irl name being used. What I'm looking for are characters that are not being used currently in any story or timeline to be recycled into characters in a graphic novel im creating. I need characters, and its hard to keep creating ones whom are too similar or have the same traits as my own. Therefore im asking for old OCs that are not in use, characters who have been neglected and you wish to see them used or characters who you simply dont want anymore. If the characters are fitting and we both accept, credit and links will be beneath each page in the description, where the page includes or references them. and inside each overview and informational piece about the GN. What id like to make very clear is that if I'm allowed to use your OC in my story, their personality, name, race and some design tweaks might be made. This is just to make them fit better into the story if need be. Ill run any tweaks by you first to see if you are okay with their ' Voseerie AU' Self. However, i will try to keep the character as true to themselves as i can. If any tweaks are hard NOs then i can try to use them elsewhere. When submitting an OC please make YES and NO tweaks clear. PLEASE also include your characters age, gender, pronouns, sexuality, and beliefs, Also include if they are eligible for Romance, children, conflict, and Death. Some characters may die, some in flashbacks others just mentioned. If the direction of the character takes a turn you dislike, please contact me and i can try and change the issue(s) while the pages are still being developed. If the issue goes unnoticed and the page is uploaded or finalized before the issue is resolved i can try and salvage the issue in the next few pages. If the issue is serious and you are completely against the alternative salvaging pages the character will be removed from the story as soon as possible where necessary this can include simple or extreme methods such as character death. A disclaimer will then be made explaining the issue and where the character has gone. If the character takes on an important role in the story then they will remain until they can be either safely removed or until a replacement is made. The replacement will have the same Name, gender, and basic personality traits until they announce their new alias in the story. While this may seem extreme; The same way you are your characters creator; I will be their publisher and i don't wish for my novel to have any loopholes or issues because of poor communication. If you wish to withdraw a character please give me 2 weeks notice and (optional) allow them to remain until the end of the chapter, this allowes me to tie up loose ends and give them a fitting goodbye, You will still be credited unless specified not to for your contribution. Moving on ! The story is about my headcanon of batponies and their society after the Rise and Fall of nightmare moon and then their adaption to lunas return. The story will have talk of racism to the batponies, scenes or war, blood will be a regular occurrence, and mentions of sexual content and reproduction. Nothing explicit will be seen however as i don't feel comfortable in drawing gore and NSFW scenes. All pages will be appropriately tagged. The characters im looking for will be background characters and minor characters, many will be made into my batpony race, and others will remain as they were. As apperance goes, dull and natural tones are preferred. No neon colours will exist among the batponies execpt with eye colour and hair. If your OC is brightly coloured, their coats will be desaturated to fit in better with the society. If they remain their original race, only a few tweaks of colour will be made. If after reading all this and you still would like to submit your character, please include a clear visual, and basic information about them. Include a basic outline of who they are, their goals, likes, dislikes, cutiemark, tect... please also include as stated above; age, gender, pronouns, and sexuality. Having many characters can lead to confusion after all! and i don't want to offend anyone or misinterpret their character in any way! Thanks for reading everyone!! --Voseerie.
  22. Please can somebody do me some art of my OC who I currently can t use as my profile pic as the file is too big, but I'd really appreciate some art and I'll do you some back! It would mean a great deal to me, and here's a rough sketch of her I did this morning: Yup, I made her before Princess Cadence had Flurry Heart and she is supposed to be the daughter of Cadence in my alternate universe!
  23. [potentially related to: ] So, pretty sure I'm in the right place: I am on the lookout for an RPG Maker sprite set of the Mane 6, various background ponies (and/or a generator for use in RPG Maker). This may be a bit of an out-of-the-ordinary request, but I haven't been able to find a decent sprite set for ponies (that is being offered by the actual creator, at any rate). If you have info on an artist who does game visuals / pixel art, I'd be interested in their site / contact info, or if you know of a generator which is already primed for RPG Maker. Thanks in advance for reading
  24. Here is A Cover Is Not The Book from Disney's Mary Poppins Returns on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for this request and for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here: