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Found 201 results

  1. Okay, now is time for a second try. I'm sprite artist and I can draw faces on my base. And I can draw it for RPG Maker faceset type. Original size - 48x48 VX / VX Ace size - 96x96 MV size - 144x144 Now I made that bases: And I can draw your ponies (from show or your OC): About emotions: You can choose eye state: and mouth state: And you can combine it Eye types: And for finale I'll show you completed faces:
  2. I heard "Sicko Mode" by Travis Scott for the first time recently (because I don't really have my finger on the pulse of popular music that much) and I honestly fell in love with the beat and the flow...and I started thinking about how great it would be to make a brony parody version of it, replacing lyrics with pony references and brony "posturing" a la "Pony Swag" by Swagberg. You know...the good 'ol days of Brony rap. I have previous experience with pony rap (I'm the first guy rapping on this track) though I have largely given that up in favor for doing YouTube, but I was particularly inspired to do this one so I guess I'm coming out of retirement for just this once. I want the song to sound very similar to the original by Travis Scott with the only real change being some of the lyrics. I would like the flow and melody to remain as close to the original as possible. I was thinking about taking all of Travis Scott's verses but I will still need someone to fill in for Swae Lee's parts, Big Hawk's parts and Drake's parts. A Blue Yeti mic or quality equivalent is the minimum mic quality I expect everyone to have. It would be helpful if people sent me their verses in .wav format with VOCALS ONLY along with a text document of some kind containing lyrics. Being explicit is fully allowed but any kind of hate speech or excessively violent lyrics will not be. This is not horrorcore. This is traditional trap rap. If anyone is interested in helping I will provide resources below: Original Song: Instrumental Version: Original Lyrics: Edit: I have gone through the liberty of ponifying all the lyrics myself. I still need others to hop on the recording and finalize it but you won't have to come up with your own lyrics. Lyrics are here:
  3. Here is Hollow Bastion from Kingdom Hearts on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for this request and for supporting me on Patreon (the first-ever request from there). Join him here:
  4. Hi there, this is my casting call for My Little Pony and Equestria Girls: I would really like to have some good canon mlp voice impressions of Sunset, Starlight, Twilight, Applejack, Spike and Sunburst soon. These character roles close on February 10th, 2019. You might be able to get an understudy role if you come as the second winner. Skills and other voice/singing auditions are welcome too, just send them in the right roles. A couple of important roles close on the same date. Requirements: An email (to contact me. Must be sent like this: someoneexample@ (with the space in a private message.) A high quality microphone with no background noise. Good MLP and Custom Voice Impressions. Goodluck!
  5. Hello, everypony! Can any of you draw several vectors of my OC, Millennium Shadow, with difference facial expressions and in different poses, please? I want to do some YouTube vids, and I want to use Millennium for them. Here's what he looks like: His Cutie Mark: Don't do the crown or the Alicorn Amulet. Instead, draw him with a black hoodie, black beanie (use the beanie in my avatar as a reference), and this necklace. (It's the Millennium Ring but in a gunmetal color.) Also, he's lightly taller than Celesatia and his magic aura color is purple. If you need any other details, let me know. Don't use the Millennium Ring image, draw it, please. And please show me the WIP pics so I can check for any errors. Thank you!
  6. Rather short she is around 5'6" tall, blue eyed and with blond hair that ends with a red tint. Her hair is sort of messy but not really, although it goes right to the back with some of it over her chest. It's somewhat long but not too long and ends in somewhat of an even manner. She wears a sort of vest with a sweater underneath it, the sweater is not hooded and a light pink in color, the vest is of a brown color with various swirling designs on it. She wears light brown shoes, with white laces. She has grey pants, not baggy but not tight against her legs. Her name is Karen and I'd be thankful if someone could draw her.
  7. Stanpai

    Request OC Signature

    Hey Everypony! I am in need of a signature of my OC Sugar Snap! I have added a picture for reference if anyone would be able to do this i would love them forever!! Thank You!!
  8. SithsShadoW

    Request pony oc...with socks ?!

    So i was wondering if someone can draw some socks on a certain ponies oc for me ? ^^ also here is a reference for a pose :3 on the sock color, purple and white look. .-. and here is my oc
  9. Hi there, I'm looking for some people that could help me with a couple of projects. One of them is for some short audio stories and the other is for a short pony sfm style animation, two of the short animations will be the same but with different text. The animation will be very short and will have basic details. You will be given 100% credit for the animation. I'd like it if I can please have two oc characters for it too. Here are the characters I'll need for the audio stories: . Narrator (male or female) . Spike . Rumble . Flash Sentry . Timber Spruce . The Princesses (Celestia, Luna and Cadance.) . Sunset Shimmer . Twilight Sparkle . Starlight Glimmer . Sunburst . Scootaloo You will be given 100% credit for the voices too when the final product gets released. Please sound close to the characters as much as possible and avoid having a accent that'd be hard to understand (no offense to anyone that'd have that.) I would like the roles (besides the narrator) to have some singing entries too. If you'd like to audition for these characters please send me a pm and I'll lend you my email so that you can contact me. You must have a microphone and use it to record without having some disturbance in the background and please avoid fidgeting with the mic. I'd like to have some age changes for the characters so have some ability to sound either like a young child, old teen or slightly older then a young adult (without pitching the voices too much.) You should be able to accept what goes into the final product. I would like different accents for a couple of specific male characters too. Goodluck!
  10. SkyPie

    Request Half Buffalo Pony Foals

    I've recently decided to make the ocs I based off my little half sister and brother half buffalo, since they are half Native American in real life. The thing is I am having trouble envisioning the perfect blend of unicorn and buffalo. I can't even draw a stick figure good, much less a detailed picture depicting these unique creatures. So I was wondering if any artists could help me out. Here's my idea of what they would look like. My sister is 11, so you can decide how big she would be at that age. She has a bit of a hump from the buffalo but it's not very noticeable. She has the general build of a pony. She still has a hint of an orange brown in her thick, light brown buffalo coat because she had that shade when she was born, as other young buffalo did. Her legs are pony legs but at the end of each one is a buffalo hoof. Her muzzle is a pony muzzle and her only horn is a buffalo horn, but it sprouts from her forehead in the shape of a unicorn horn. It still has a sharp end. She has buffalo ears and is a bit bigger than foals her age. She has sky blue pony eyes. She has a straight, long pony tail the same shade of her coat but doesn't have a mane. My 10 year old brother is twice his older sister's size, with a thick, sunset orange buffalo coat, a bit of a curly, ruby red mane on top of his head, and a ruby red buffalo tail. He has sort of a mix of a buffalo and pony build and has a more noticeable hump than his sister, but it's only half as large as a full buffalo. He has pony ears, legs, and a buffalo muzzle. He has two unicorn horns on the sides of his head, in the shape of buffalo horns with blunt ends like unicorns. He also has sky blue pony eyes.
  11. Altastrofae

    Request Need Ponysona Drawn

    Okay, so, I would draw him myself, but there's one problem I can draw anything that at least somewhat resembles something real. So yeah, American cartoons are a no-go. I've tried, I can't draw ponies at all. Like, I can't even base them on real ponies, they don't look anything like real ponies. I have no reference other than the show which is drawn in a style I'm not quite used to! So, here's a description of him: Name - Altastrofae, sometimes called Astro by close friends Coat Colour - white Mane Colour - Midnight Blue with Silver highlights Mane Style - He likes his mane below his muzzle, at least Eye Colour - a Dark Blue that matches his mane Race - Unicorn Fashion - likes decorative scarves, and sometimes sweatervests, but if not anything else, has a favorite silken cloak with a ruby clasp Likes - Vegan Cuisine, the arts, poetry, philosophy, studying magick, and strawberries (Mmm... Strawberries...) Cutie Mark - An indigo/purplish orb inside the purplish outline of a butterfly. He's frail, but people often forget theres a whole pony waiting to break free Special Talent - Inspiring ponies from all walks of life, helping them break through their frail shells Other - He's Bisexual, and he wears glasses K, so that should be all you need. If you have any questions, you need not be hesitant upon asking
  12. Venomous

    Request I Need Some Signatures

    Hello! I need some signatures... 600x200 please Number 1 Vector (Third image down. Both characters are holding roses): Wallpaper: Number 2 Vector: Wallpaper: Number 3 Vector (To the immediate right): Wallpaper: Number 4 Vector: Wallpaper:
  13. Lucid_Nightlight

    Request Christmas design for OC

    Looking for a Christmas design for my OC. He is a very good horse.
  14. greetings everypony! This is Cast, Executive Director and Producer of Equestrian tales. We have come to the point in production where we are starting to build assets and move towards main production of the pilot epissodes of Equestrian tales. At this time I would like to ask for help in filling the backgrounds of our scene with character! We are looking for anyone willing to help and join the backgrounds and settings. Our pilots have many scenes that will require ponies, but our main goal is to fill the city thats being presented in the pilot episode, and opening scenes. Some characters will get more screen time then others, and some might include speaking lines down the road. As we are building this pilot to represent and maintain the lore and integrity of the brand we are asking for only Earth, Unicorn, or Pegasi OC ponies at this time, as Alicorns or other races will not be featured in the show at this point in time. If you'd like like to help and get your OC into the show, please post an image of your OC pony to this forum, or if you want to keep it hidden please pm me. Any kind of image will do, but please make sure they are PG, we will not accept from anyone that breaks this rule, as we are a child friendly production. MLP forums will be the first to see the progress of the pilots as they are built, and will get to see your pony on screen in some form as soon as we get the rigging and scene built. As part of this, you will also be credited in the pilot for the use of your character. As production moves on we may have to adjust a color here or there to make sure a character doesn't disappear into backgrounds, and items such as headphones, and other modern gadgets will also be removed, as we are over 1000 years in the past of FiM. Also note that your OC pony will not belong to hasbro or anyone else, we simply have a lot of space to cover, and building ponies with a general design already made is alot faster then from the ground up, and are hoping to give a little something back to the forums that helped start this journey. If you'd like to learn more about Equestrian tales, please follow these links. Thank you every pony, and hope to get your help in building these scenes, Happy Nightmare Night, and pony on!
  15. Yo, so like I'm doing a small cool thing at the beginning of my next D&D session (you may have seen it in below request, but just forget about all that), and I was wondering if any of you beautiful fillies and colts who like voice acting or acting in general would like to do a voice clip that my friends will be hearing at the beginning of the session. The clip does not have to specifically be a male or female, as I can twist the character around regardless of what you're shooting for. Only requirement is it has to seem mysterious, yet urgent. In this voice clip, I need somebody to say "No! You can't fall here.... Wake up... my Empire needs you..."
  16. Hi, I'm designing my first OC, but I'm denied drawing and making decisions, so I'd like some advice and maybe some sketchs/drawings from some of you. I found this name on a name generator, then there's a character on it. But I don't know, I'm not very convinced, at first I wanted to make a unicorn that used a lot of magic, but I found it trivial, something I've already seen, so the idea of a pony that goes by sea and goes home between one trip and another is much more unique, but then the questions start, what does it do at sea? How could the magic at sea help him? Name: Ocean Zephyr (or Ocean Wave) Age: 22 Gender: Male Species: Unicorn Appearance: I don't know, any advice? I was thinking of colors reminiscent of the ocean and wave, with a mane and tail between the Shining Armor and Big McIntosh, body size more like Big Macintosh than the Shining Armor, a short cut that is not unkempt but not even too nice. Cutie Mark: I don't know, any advice? I thought that the cutie mark could be the one that does at sea, but if I don't decide that first, you can't do it, if not, you could make a more generic one, maybe related to magic and the sea? I don't know... Personality: Sincere, straightforward, he loves peace, a calm and relaxed guy, but when he gets angry, probably something will be broken. He doesn't talk much, he prefers to listen, but if he finds a topic he likes, he becomes a logorrhoeic pony. He has the ability to become friends with everypony. Backstory: Born in Canterlot, he always imagined to become a great magician, failing to do so, moved to Ponyville in adulthood, where he spends his free time studying magic, relaxing and having fun with his friends. Work in progress I think I said everything that could be useful, making an OC is more complicated than I imagined. I apologize for my English.
  17. Hey everyone, I've always wanted a nice avatar to use for all my online stuff but I just don't have the skills and everytime I try to make one it turns out terrible, if anybody has some free time and wants a challenge i'd love it if you could draw a pony version of me or even just a normal drawing of me just so I can have a picture to use <3 I would really appreciate it, ill put a picture of me down below, theres no real guidelines, go crazy with it if it helps I'll say a little about myself, I've got blue eyes, lightish brown hair and twilight is best pony If youre willing to do this for me, here is an album with pictures of me - and below is just one picture of me
  18. I am looking for someone to do a digital drawing for a cover of a Fallout Equestria novel of mine
  19. I am here seeking help from my brony friends. I host a YouTube racing league called the SCRL(Stock Car Racing League) and in honor of the best pony, Rainbow Dash, I named my third highest series, the truck series, in honor of her, the SCRL Rainbow Dash Truck Series. I already have a great friend making thumbnails for my races and he made a awesome logo for the series which will be shown below, but in order to go all out, I was thinking of either having a small animation as like an intro video of Dash talking and putting over the series and maybe a custom song in her voice. So hopefully someone here can do her voice, and/or, knows of someone in the community that can help me out in any way possible. Thanks Brohoof /)
  20. As you all know, Christmas is right around the corner. Being a Wiccan in a Christian family myself, that also means a Yule Celebration for the Winter Solstice. So, what I thought would be cute-or-whatever is an art piece of my OC, Astro Soulshine, that is both Yule and Christmas related. I have some ideas, but do with it what you like: - There should be a Christmas tree and presents, maybe Astro is opening them? - I want him to be wearing a mixed outfit, like a crown of stag horns with a Christmas sweater, or a black cloak with a red-crystal clasp and a Christmas-y hat (you know the hat i'm talking about), or maybe the stag horns could be peeking out from under the Christmas hat. If he isn't wearing a cloak, feel free to have him wear a festive scarf. He likes scarves - There could be a fireplace, it could be snowing outside a window, get creative - Overall, it should be festive and Christmas-esque, as well as mystical, spiritual, and Yule-esque Here are some references of Astro Soulshine:
  21. [potentially related to: ] So, pretty sure I'm in the right place: I am on the lookout for an RPG Maker sprite set of the Mane 6, various background ponies (and/or a generator for use in RPG Maker). This may be a bit of an out-of-the-ordinary request, but I haven't been able to find a decent sprite set for ponies (that is being offered by the actual creator, at any rate). If you have info on an artist who does game visuals / pixel art, I'd be interested in their site / contact info, or if you know of a generator which is already primed for RPG Maker. Thanks in advance for reading
  22. Hello, I am looking for people that are willing to do some voice acting (character impressions) for my creepypasta MLP game called Dreamy Rainbow 3D. The game is still in development so not all the characters are final yet. If you are interested to voice act for this game, please let me and we'll discuss about it. Conditions: - No male characters - Microphone quality must be decent If you want to learn more about the game itself, here's a link to it on Gamejolt: Thank you very much!
  23. Hi, I finally drew something again, and without further ado, here's Metus Efficio,one of @Scare Effect's OCs. It was fun to draw, I forgot to add shadow on part of the mane but whatever, that happens.
  24. Hey all! A couple of years ago, I was really active in the herd. Slowly, however, my interests led me elsewhere. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I just began to "come to" in a way, remembering how much I like this show. Since I was a hardcore participator in the herd, I have gotten married and my wife is allowing me to show her ONE episode. She doesn't think I'm crazy or anything for liking the show, she just doesn't get it. She is dead set on remaining firm and not "falling" for the ponies. I'm trying to think of the best episode to start my wife off on. Normally, I would just start her off on the first episode, however, since she has agreed to only one episode (it took A LOT to get her to agree to even that), I would like to pick the best possible "hook" episode. Before I show her an episode, I plan on watching Season 7 (which I haven't seen yet) and what has come out of Season 8, so feel free to mention any of those episodes should you desire. My main goal is to get her to a point where at least she is like, "Okay, I get why people would like this now.", but if I get her to actually like the show herself, that would be awesome! Any suggestions are awesome! Edit: Just thought I'd add this little bit of information. I'm trying to find least stereotypically "girly" episode, or what one would consider as such. My wife is a tomboy and the reason she is so hesitant is the fact that she has that very common perspective of "MLP is a show for little girls."
  25. Lord Valtasar

    Ebony Breeze

    decided to take a quick request Ebony breeze belongs to @TheDragonflyArtShop