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Found 1579 results

  1. i have some free time so why not share it? any projects be it musical fan-fiction video-games etc. I may be a bit picky about the requests i accept(you have been warned) here's an example of my work: )
  2. iceestarz

    Request Shop Drop your ponies below

    I am looking through the forums for OC’s to draw. I cannot guarantee your OC will be picked, but I figured opening this shop would be a good way to gather OC’s to pool from along with my own efforts of looking myself. So if you want a shot at your oc being drawn drop it below! It will be at random, I won’t be favoriting one user over another. It will purely be from my interest in the visual scope of your character. Colors, hair and the combination of them will influence me. Thank you for reading this and for stopping by. If your Pony is drawn I will tag you in a separate thread with your drawing.
  3. MarvelMoon

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    Hi Everypony! I am currently on summer vacation and with my summer courses still a ways off I'm am starting to suffer from undeniable boredom. So if there is anyone out there who would like me to draw your pony it would be my pleasure! I will be drawing ponies in the order that they are requested. Anywho, I'll be happy to lend a hoof to help bring ponies to life!
  4. Basically, I make pixel ponies using my own bases. I will be adding new bases all the time. For examples of my work, just check the thread! Rules. 1. Don't get impatient; I will post requests when they are done but I do have a life outside of here. 2. No redos. Sorry. 3. Since I will be handdrawing cutie marks, please try to keep them simple. Also, if you give me a handdrawn pic, supplying colour samples will be nice cuz otherwise I have to guess. 4. This is first come, first served. 5. Please state whether your OC is male or female, and whether you want an adult or a foal pic. ~~~ List. 1. RDash11 - Completed! 2. Tao - Completed! 3. Dark Horse - Completed! 4. Twilight Witch - Completed! 5. Ezerona - Completed! 6. Mint Chaser - Completed! 7. Ichigopai - Completed! 8. Lucky Bolt - Completed! 9. StrawCherry - Completed! 10. Skii - Completed! 11. Vera Veil - WIP 12. NightmareLuna1996 - WIP 13. Storm Shock - Base in progress 14. TwilyFan13 15. Cloggedone 16. Sketchy Tune 17. Squid Kid 18. Princess Lulu <3~ 19. Witch
  5. Fenneko

    Request Shop Requests Open!

    Hi all, I have decided to open up Requests and Art Trades, how-ever, there are a few rules: Please see Art Trades! for the Art Trades section 1. I have the right to refuse a request or art trade 2. Patience is a virtue, while I will do my best to get your request or my half of the Art Trade done in a timely matter, there will be times where time will be scarce for me. 3. For Art Trades, I do not mind if you use a base/lineart as I use them myself, but please do make sure to do a good job 4. Please be as descriptive as possible with your request/what you want for my half of the trade, if you do not have a reference 5. As mentioned before, I do use bases but can and will start from my own hand drawn (though they are not as good as it would be if I use a base/lineart) 6. Politneness is also a virture and much appreciated. I do not appreciate being demanded to do something and/or being rushed, as mentioned before, patience is a virtue. 7. Credit me if you post it (and the base/lineart artist should I use one) Tehre are currently five slots open: 1. MLP Pairing Request by kTd1993 (on DA) (Completed) 2. Pony OC Art Trade by Turbo-Draws (on DA) (Completed - Posted in Art Trades) 3. Penny (from Super Secret Secret Squirrel) by Prentis-65 (on DA) (Completed) 4. Pony OC request by @SharpWit (Completed) 5. Pony Oc request by @KrazyDashie (Completed)
  6. TheDragonflyArtShop

    Request Shop The Dragonfly Art Shop Open

    Hello one and all! I come to you with a request. I am needing a handful of ocs to make sculptures of in various forms (bottle cap keychains/necklaces, busts, and full body). They will only be used as examples. I will of course post pictures of them through their progress and fully finished. I will only do animals and fantasy creatures (not so great at humans or human like forms yet). Requirements: Detailed description and/or reference picture(s) Name. personality, and a little bit of the background. Patience (I do work a full time job and have a small life. Open Slots: Califorum - Glacier Ray Salty French Unicorn - Blues Harper - Erin Sky Gamer - Sky Gamer Chrysalis14 - Teal Feather Ezerona - Ezzy Waiting List: Sample pictures:
  7. Hi! Did you know I can make pony sprites for RPG Maker VX/Ace? Well, that happens to be my specialty (and, for that matter, my preference)!! Here's an example of my work: It's my best work: My ponified versions of the Monkees, done in VX/Ace style. That said: I'm open for requests! I can make your OC pony into an RPG Maker VX/Ace sprite and post it both here and on my Deviant Art page for your enjoyment. All you have to do is send me a picture of your OC pony with your request, and and I can make it into a sprite. I could even add it to my next game project if you'd like, with full credit going to you. Have fun, and I'll get creating!!
  8. Hello!! I feel like doodling some freebies! Have my pony-sona as an example (ꈍᴗꈍ) ♡ post your ocs and I'll draw the ones I like! (written descriptions are okay too!) just a warning, some of them might only be sketches! it'll depend on how I feel <3
  9. Script Chime

    Request Shop Cutie Marks (Open)

    Hey Everyone so I've wanted to do this for a while but I'm offering to do people's cutie marks.1. I need a general idea of what you want. You can not tell me "I want a cutie mark that represents gardening" and then get upset if its what you imagined. A better way would be to say "I want a cutie mark that represent gardening. My vision has something to do with flowers and hearts. If you want to leave it completely up to my interpretation then it might seem a bit more out there than others so I very much suggest that you tell me an idea of what you want. If you want something specific or want something to look a certain way I highly suggest sending a few references for me to work off of2. Please give me some time. I have complications at home that may hinder my ability to send it. I do pride myself on same day service and if its not sent the day you requested expect it either the next day or Monday if you requested it over the weekend3. If you want a change or have something else you want to add tell me as soon as you can. Once I'm deep in the process or even nearly done it'll take a very long time to change and readjust. If you want a change once you see it I'll happily fix it but I might not do that immediately.That is all the rules for now. You have the choice between a vector or a digital drawing I'm working on my vectors but making vectors has become much easier to do and will be done much faster Here is a few things I've done If you do get a cutie mark from please I ask you to please credit me
  10. Ok, I saw this and I really wanted to do it! I want to draw your ocs! It could be already made, or you need help getting an official look! I will try to get them to you as fast as I could! When I Brohoof, that means I accept ^^
  11. -Juniper-

    Request Shop Juniper's Salon (OPEN)

    Welcome to JUNIPER'S SALON! Here you can sit back and relax while we give you a new look! We can dye hair/fur, style your hair, do makeup, and even have accessories. We do Ponies, Griffons, Humans, Seaponies, Breezies, Changelings, Hippogriffs, And More! If you are not sure, just ask! examples of my art: Basically, this is an OC re-design Shop. It's 100% Risk-Free. If you don't like the re-design, by no means do you have to use it, but you can if you want. Plus, it's free! I just want some practice. To get your OC redesigned, Reply with: 1. An image of your OC (the more the better) 2. Your favorite thing about your OC design currently. 3. A description of your OC (Explain their cutie mark if they have one, explain their personality etc.) -Since this is free, your OC will be a flat color, with little to no shading and no background- Wait List: 1. lord swinton 2. Dust Shot 3. Beryl Emyr 4. Star Sproket 5. Strawberry 6. Sinfalair 7. Berry Bliss Sundae 8. Blue Thorn 9. lunar glow 10. rosebud 11. sav
  12. Do you want a character but can't draw or afford an adopts? Well, sometimes I make little characters with bases that I end up never using, so I'll be giving them away! To get the characters, please state which one you are wanting, what you would name them, and what their talent might be! (you can always change it later ofc) Pony Adopt #1 Base is by toastiebuns Pony Adopt #2 Made on my own base. (You can see it here if you'd like, its f2u) Pony Adopt #3 Made on my own base. (You can see it here if you'd like, its f2u)
  13. CherryAcorn

    Request Shop Free OCs!

    Hiya!~ Before you ask FOR THE oc, READY THE RULES I BEG U: If i reply to someone something like: ''Enjoy the OC'' it means I DID DONATE IT, soo DO NOT ask the SAME OC DO NOT BE RUDE! '~' If you did say you want it first than other people then just WAIT i reply you DO NOT BEG! Like, im gonna post lot of OCs later if its over soo please, stop beg Have fun! You can pick ANY OC that i didnt donate Follow the rules pls, ty you :3 Im NOT checking your rank, soo please, do not bully! OF COURSE you can edit it and change/put a cutiemark, since i gave it to you, its now YOUR OC :3 Here are the OCs:
  14. Need more practice with headshots and angling and expressions! Rules : It's pencil only so I just need any reference you have Ponies only, please. Any pony race welcome. Don't rush me, these are for my practice. Unlike last thread I will actually do them , didn't do the last one because sketching clothes on the paper I had was a nightmare because of excessive smudges and I don't like overly dirty work done by my own hands. 5 slots only, I'll choose the first 5. First come first server! 1 : Lunar Glow 2 : Strawcherry 3 : Snow Frostflame 4 : Salty French Unicorn 5 : Caliform
  15. Please note this is for the show My Little Pony: Friendship is magic! I will be using free to use, or pay to use bases that I have purchased to be creating these next gen characters. I might possibly also make completely custom art if I can't find a base I feel fits.My only requirement is that at least one cannon character is involved in the ship, and that one cannon character can be any pony at all. Other then that, it doesn't matter to me much! M/M, F/F, any kind of paring is allowed, I don't care if the characters in question have no relationship in the show, or have even talked to one another in it.If you have any specific request (mane style, scars, cutie marks, gender, ect) just let me know!Here are a few examples of previously make next gen characters, thought I have more on my old account @T1AonlyEC; Shinning Star - Cadence X Shinning Armor. (100% Drawn by me) Dawns Eclipse - Luna x Sunburst. (Base by KimyoWolf) Moons Glow - Luna x Sunburst. (Base by KimyoWolf) Racing Gleam - Twilight x Flash Sentry (100% Drawn by me)
  16. THIS IS CLOSED UNTIL I'M FREE FROM THE FINALES AND RANDOM VACATIONS. You can still post your OC and I'll do them later, expect long delays. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi! I'm creating OCs on SFM! /!\ READ BEFORE POSTING YOUR OC /!\ The process can be tricky sometimes, but I'll not accept hard manes/tails or very hard stuff, the limit is on the source files I have and my own limitations. Requirements : -A picture of your OC -Your cutie mark (I can make the background transparent, don't worry) -The pose you want (only if you want) -The background you want, include transparent background. (still limited on the map I have and still searching for a forest map) List of tails and manes (the uncolored ones are not tested, pretty sure I can not texture them, I'll see what I can do) : If your mane/tail isn't in this list, I'm sorry, I can't do it, I can't create manes and tails Example of my work : I can take anybody, as long as I'm not flooded by request (that never happen) If I do not accept you, it's because I can't do that level of detail, or personal/software problem.
  17. TEMPORARILY CLOSED The already taken requests will be completed, of course. Hello and welcome to my request shop! I'm looking for new challenges to meet in order to expand my abilities and understanding of mediums I chose. But let's break it down into nice bullet points: I. In this thread, you are encouraged to request stuff for me to draw. At this point of time, I do traditional art in ink, on A4 sheets. Keep in mind that the purpose of this thread is to learn through practice, and I can't vouch that your request will turn out perfect, but I will do my best to produce quality art. II. You can request an inked outline image (with texture and shading as my skill allows) - I am OK with someone coloring my inks, BTW, as long as they credit me. III. In this thread, you may request MLP art of canon and fanon species, in following classes of pictures: Headshot with simple background (like a patch of ground and something behind or near them, or a contrasting shape), Partial Body with simple background (like a patch of ground and something behind or near them, or a contrasting shape), Full body with simple background (like a patch of ground and something behind or near them, or a contrasting shape). When making a request, inform me which type you want, and then add some reference and description of the desired result. I can do multiple characters, but I won't do "full scenes" anymore, since they require too much time to complete, and often turn out unsatisfaying. Still, a character in a chair or standing next to a bookshelf is OK. Note on shading: Please inform me if you want your drawing to be shaded. Normally, I put black in areas of core shade, like under the chin, but if you want some more shading, I can offer pen marks (hatching, crosshatching, stippling etc) and/or ink wash for this effect. same applies to showing different tones on the character's body. NEW: I draw anthros! Or try at least. Currently available are simple poses, preferably partial body. Keep in lind that is an experimental offer, as I am just starting to learn to draw them, so they probably won't turn out perfect. The examples of my work can be seen below. Since I am learning as I work, I highly recommend to look at the bottom ones. On a closing note, please keep in mind that, due to other responsibilities, I may be rather slow on finishing the requests. To-do list (3 slots at once): 1. Voltwrecker Finished requests:
  18. AzureDreams

    Request Shop I want to draw your OC!

    Hey guys! I'm running out of inspiration and I miss drawing ponies. Can I draw your characters? I believe that creating OCs is all about having fun, so don't worry about your pony being 'too op' or whatever some people might say. Pegasus, unicorn, earth pony, alicorn, or something in between, I can draw it! Just ask me and send a reference or describe your character. Here's a picture of an OC I've drawn for a person on Deviantart so you can see if my style is tolerable. I do like to experiment tough, and I've been improving since this drawing. I don't need anything in return, but if you decide to use the image for something, I'd appreciate getting credit. Just a warning: I'm not very good at this! Edit: I'll mostly get to the requests in order except for if I have a sudden inspiration to work on a specific OC immediately. Thanks for being patient!
  19. Okay so I made a deerpony and bought a nice pegasus, but I realized I really have an oc hoarding problem and she didn't sell here we go! Rules : Please tell me why you want them, I dont want them used for nothing.... Please tell me if you rehome them, you cannot sell them, you can only rehome for free! You can change anything you want about them after you get them! I have a right to deny you if I dont see you fit for their ownership. YOU CAN ONLY CLAIM ONE 1 : Grace (Deer Pony oc) TAKEN 2 : Sky High TAKEN
  20. So I'm bored and kinda in the mood to draw. I've decided to put up this request shop thing so that I can get to know some of you ponies and cure my boredom. I'll leave examples of my art in the spoiler. Yes, I do base edits. If there is any specific base you want me to use, just post it along with a picture of your oc. I also do some furry art ^^; Not much though. As well as designing characters. To all who are waiting on some art, here's my to-do list so you can keep track of your picture!
  21. jorge123esp

    Request Shop Jorge's Request Shop (Art)

    (provisional logo ) Welcome to my request shop. Here, you can request anything: from OCs (mainly) to original characters from the TV Series, I will draw it. I will start doing requests as a training for me . Here are some notes/rules: -Please, no NSFW requests -Be patient: sometimes I can take a really long time for just making a single drawing. I will try to do them as fast as possible -Don't be rude, please. -I can draw from ponies to gryphons, humans, hippogriffs, and much more. -I will not draw backgrounds (or, at least, detailed backgrounds), due to I'm not very good at it. -For an OC, please tell me about it if is possible (personality, passion, likes/dislikes, story, etc). Here's some example of my art (pony and non-pony artwork). You can find more artwork of mine on Deviantart (link in my signature) and on Tumblr Wait List -Chrysalis14 (OC: Teal Feather) -Twilight Sparkle is best (OC) -SharpWit (OC: Vera Fervor) -Tao (OC: Soul) -dsc (OC) -Sky Gamer (OC) -megisawsm417 (OC)
  22. I can't help but notice that hand-drawn art hasn't been so popular lately. I'm here to say "fuck that!" Request hand-drawn art here. I will draw anything for your request. If it gets too clogged up, I may close the shop for a bit to get orders filled. Just something to keep me busy ¦D
  23. sciencewill98

    Request Shop Lineless Pony Headshots

    I am relatively new to this style, so they may not be of the best quality, but I'd like to improve and I will always try to draw what you ask to the best of my ability. Anyone who wants to request one is welcome, however, speed may vary as real life gets in the way sometimes. I will always try to do as you ask, but if I am unable to then I may change the design. Please post a picture of the pony you would like and I'll try and get it done ASAP, but please be patient. Examples:
  24. Same rules as my pony shop, but instead, gonna do Equestria Girls bases. All bases are my own, so don't request outside bases please. My bases can be found here: If you want a particular base, you can choose one from the folder or I can pick one for you. Just make sure that you say so in your request, along with any clothing choices you want. If you don't mind, then I will pick them. At the moment, there aren't any anthro bases but watch this space as I will be adding new bases to the folder all the time. Finally, when you make your request, please include a picture reference of your OC and state whether your OC is male or female, if it's not obvious. Please be patient; requests do take a long time to complete as I have to draw everything from scratch. List 2. 1. djdashie3 2. Twilight Witch 3. Yumekai 4. RDFan89 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  25. 1 : Taken by Califorum 2: Taken by Denim&Venom Bought all these, but I just won't ever use them, so I'm rehoming them to someone who will!