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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 3 results

  1. I got a new challenge for myself: I call it The Pokemon Fusion Challenge. I'm bored with no ideas to draw so I'm doing a new challenge to give myself something to draw.. The rules are simple. I'll provide a link to the pokemon fusion site I found. I contains most of the recent generations so you aren't confined to just the original 151. You're allowed to either do a random fusion or choose whatever two pokemon you want to see fused together. Warning: You might get a pop up for beta testing or something for Gen 7 which isn't implemented in the fusion site yet; just X it out; your fusion will still be there. I've tested it several times and it's been fine. A few things to note: - Only one entry per person. - Please send me a screenshot Please include the name of the fusion if possible - Post an entry on this thread or pm me. I'll also be posting it to my twitter, deviantart, and tumblr art blog. You can find links to those in most of my recent pictures and on my 'About me' section of my user page and down below as well. - As of the day I post this, I be going on vacation in a few weeks, so many of them probably won't be done until August, so posting pictures might be slow, and commissions come first before these. I will get them done when I can though. I'll be keeping this free offer open until Tuesday July 23, 2019. You have until then to send me an entry. After that day this offer will close and I won't accent any new entries. Link to Pokemon Fusion site: Pokemon Fusion Generator My Deviantart: My Twitter: My Tumblr (mod/art blog):
  2. Hi Everypony! I am currently on summer vacation and with my summer courses still a ways off I'm am starting to suffer from undeniable boredom. So if there is anyone out there who would like me to draw your pony it would be my pleasure! I will be drawing ponies in the order that they are requested. Anywho, I'll be happy to lend a hoof to help bring ponies to life!
  3. Greetings folks! I decided to open up a thread to make free simple art, you see, my goal now is to make people and myself more happy, a mutual relationship is what i seek, what i'm offering is to make free vector art and custom reusable bases for your liking, i can draw max 2 ponies per request for now since i'm just starting. The reason why I decided to open this thread is to get your support and trust, you want to recreate a scene in a RP and need the characters? No problem, I can do that, You want a special base so you can reuse it with all your OC and share it to the web? I can do that too. The more support i get, the better quality I make, simple. If you consider supporting me and show your love to my art I can even make GIFs and such in the future. Nobody is forced though, let me tell you the rules of this thread: 1.- I do fillies and colts, ponies, sea ponies, zebras and large ponies like Celestia for now. Dragons, Changelings, vamponies, crystal, Discord and villains will be added in the future. 2.- The Free bases i create will have a discret watermark of mine, just to let people know where to find me, I would greatly appreciate if you do not delete it. 3.- Obviously I won't draw NSFW, you can imagine what can be considered as NSFW. 4.- All draws I'll do will have no background, that feature will be add later on. 5.- While i won't do backgrounds for now, i can add items like food, clothing, magic, and things the ponies can interact with 6.- Be respectful, this is a campaign to have a cool, fresh breeze after all stress in life. 7.- Every 10th requester will earn a GIF request so keep your requests comming! 8- Max 2 requests per user for now, Let the others to participate! I will constantly updating and edit this post to keep a control of my requests, i will have a list of max 10 requests, if you see a vacant, that means you can take a request. 1.- Shimmer_Joy 2.- WindySprinkles 3.- Emerald<3 4.- LeafFerret 5.- Bakugou Is My Man ❤ 6.- Califorum 7.- Emerald<3 (2nd request) 8.- Lucky Bolt 9.- Rushing cash 10.- Califorum (2nd request) Winner of the GIF Thank you and have a nice day!