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Found 34 results

  1. This is a shop where I will take your OC and make them into a Magical Girl, Equestria Girls style. There are a few rules that need to be followed. Rules. 1. Don't get impatient; I will post requests when they are done but I do have a life outside of here. These are totally hand drawn, including clothing and hair, so will take a while to complete. Please don't nag me in either thread or PM about when your request will be ready. No redos for the same reason. Oh, and only female OCs and genderswaps. 2. Please fill in the request form in its entirety cuz missing things out will mean your request gets passed over til you complete it. 3. Since I will be handdrawing cutie marks, please try to keep them simple. Also, if you give me a handdrawn pic, supplying colour samples will be nice cuz otherwise I have to guess. Please refrain from requesting over complicated clothes, accessories too; remember I am hand drawing, not digitally drawing. 4. This is first come, first served. Five requests will be taken first, then the store will be closed til I catch up. Form. The notes in brackets are instructions so delete them and add in your answers. OC: (This is where you put your reference picture, or "In upload" if you are uploading a reference) Base: (The bases I am using are my own, they can be found here: Click Please don't ask me to use other bases. If you don't mind which base I use, then put "Random" here) Other Details: (Clothing preferences ie dress, trousers, etc and colours and accessories go here. Also, remember that these pics are going to be drawn in the Equestria Girls "Magical Girl" style, so naturally will have longer hair) List. 1. Venomous - Complete 2. Tao 3. SincereSpark 4. 5.
  2. It might actually be a challenge, but I don't know so here it is: I call it The Randomizer Challenge. I didn't offer anything for Christmas or make any pictures for it, so consider it a late present from me. The rules are simple. I'll provide a link to the Pony Creator creator made by generalzoi. There's a Randomize button on it after the creator loads up. You just have to click it to get a random pony and send me a screenshot of it and I draw it no matter what it looks like. A few things to note: - Some of the wing and horn designs are similar looking. I'm not really gonna change how I draw my horns and wings. I may not be able to do it for different noses either. - You're free to pose the created pony if you like. - Try not to customize it too much. The point of this is to get a randomized pony, though I won't be able to tell if you have or not. - If you want a cutie mark included, put it on the pony since there's an option on the creator to import a cutie mark, or include a separate image you want on it. - If you want to adopt your randomized creation you're free to. If you want a name included let me know what it is. - Only one entry per person. - Please try and use a screenshot/picture from the pony creator if you can. I suppose I can do ocs too though, so it doesn't explicitly have to be from the creator. - Post an entry on this thread or pm me. I'll also be posting it to my twitter and tumblr. You can find likes to those in most of my recent pictures and on my 'About me' section of my user page. - As of the day I post this, I start work by up on January 7th, so posting pictures will be slow, and commissions come first before these. I will get them done when I can though. I'll be keeping this free offer open until January 12, 2019. You have until then to send me an entry. After that day this offer will close and I won't accent any new entries. Link to generalzoi's Pony Creator: Pony Creator Full Version My Deviantart: My Twitter: My Tumblr (mod/art blog):
  3. MaxAnim

    Request OC Request

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can draw my OC, I don’t have experience drawing (if you can already tell) the reason why I’m asking is because I wanted to change my profile picture because I kinda got tired of it here is the description: Grey Coat Brown Eyes Brown Mane with a Green Stripe (also for the tail) That is the most detailed information I could give, and about the cutie mark, it could be a moon with a sniper scope (the name is Moonlight Hunter). Thank you for the answer (if seen)
  4. I will not be taking any more requests from now on! I'm too busy with commissions atm and paid work comes first. Not to worry, I will still work on the ones that are currently posted. Any new requests will be ignored! I need some pones to draw for warm up sketches so throw me your oc's or canon character that you want. Requesting something will not guarantee that I will draw your request. Requests marked by a teacup are most likely going to be skipped. I decide to draw requests based on design, difficulty and politeness (so don't be rude). I also check the activity of the user, if you are inactive, I will probably skip your request. Thank you for patience. Please resize your ref pics or put them under spoilers to avoid cluttering! Example of my art on the forums HQ files of finished requests:
  5. I'll be trying something new here, so please bear with me. I'll be taking in two random requests as a test of how well my art style can be used to portray others. Please note: Only make a request if you're OK with your character(s) being stripped down to the bare minimum of detail. Visual references are preferred. Text-based references will be subject to personal interpretation (unless that's exactly what you want). No wild body poses please. Also avoid any wild aesthetic features if you can (EG really curly hair, ornate clothing). That's far beyond what I can do right now. Limit your request to one character if you can. Past requests have mostly come with a fitting background (see below); you may also specify having no background at all. I'm an insanely busy person so I have no guarantee that requests can be completed in a timely manner. The selection process is completely random; please do not get upset if you're not selected. Conversely, I may re-open the thread based on demand. I reserve the right to cancel a request based on but not limited to the following reasons: Emergency dental appointments or family emergencies (EG broken teeth, death of a loved one, escorting a family member to the hospital) Anxiety (I'll most likely disappear and be extremely hard to contact) Anyone being rude (self-explanatory) Just being swamped or enthralled by an assignment (also self-explanatory though cancellation is a last resort) I'm not limited to ponies; I can also draw changelings, batponies, and kirins (hippogriffs and griffons to a lesser extent) Past request examples (art style versions 2 to 4): Current art style examples (art style version 5; no requests have been completed using ASV5 yet):
  6. 11/03/2019 I am super busy atm so requests are super slow atm. You can keep commenting though. I will run through everything when I am free Welcome Welcome to my request shop! I decided to open this because taking request everywhere kinda ended up in me forgetting about it or me loosing info, so here we are. I declare all my previously accepted requests as cancelled but you can -of course- request them here again so I can do them eventually. The rules are simple: Drop you OC, tell me what you want and never ever dare to DM me asking for progress. I try to do ALL requests, but some OCs or idea's just dont inspire me or I am busy with school. Some weeks I make 7 drawings, some I dont draw for 2 months. I hope you understand <3 What can I do for you? I do digital art. I either draw head shots, which you can use as icon, or I make pieces with background and everything. Depending on my time. Request whatever you want. I do post the pieces I make on twitter so people take that into account. Always tell me how to credit you overthere. Since this is MLP forum I only handle MLP OCs here. Other stuff, you can ask on twitter and to get my twitter you will have to DM me. I do NOT draw in Lauren Fast style. My style in inspired by it and I use official MLP:FiM art as reference but it will never look 100% like hers. Don't ask me to try. Examples Full drawing with background Simple fullbody Humanoid sketch of my MLP OC How to request? Just tell me what you want, and include a reference of your OC. Preferable a drawn reference and not just a description. Thanks
  7. I've noticed that a lot of the time, when folks make a request they don't have a cutie mark at all, or a decent quality image of their cutie mark. I started to re-make people's cutie marks for them and would like to help other people with this if I can. Examples: All cutie marks will be given in a transparent .PNG Format so artists can use them when you make requests. I can also create custom requests by description if you would like. But if so please make sure to give me an exact description of what you want (including colours)
  8. Hello and welcome all to my request shop! Here you may request art from yours truly. what I will/can do: Ponies (Prefer to do feral rather than anthro) Furries Animals EQG (but preferably not) Humans What I won't/can't do: Anything NSFW or even slightly suggestive Anything with a whole lot of detail Rules: Do not rush me I have the right to refuse a request Please specify if any pose/expression you want Examples: Pony (Feral):
  9. STATUS: OPEN I've recently gotten back into drawing ponies traditionally, so if anyone wants some pencil and paper art done of their OCs, then I'm your guy! A few things first: 1) I am a far better writer than an artist, so do keep in mind that these won't be super amazing, professional drawings. 2) I'll draw anything pony shaped, which includes Earth Ponies, Unicorns, Pegasi, Alicorns, Zebras, Changelings, Kirins and Hippogriffs/Seaponies. No griffons, dragons, draconequus or other such creatures, please. 3) I'll do requests in batches of two, and requests will be done in order of post. Batch 1 - Venomous & Chrysalis14 Status: COMPLETED Batch 2 - CloudMistDragon & Mesmo Bolt Status: COMPLETED Batch 3 - Tao & Kitty_Cat Status: COMPLETED Batch 4 - Rainbows2424 & Pripyat Pony Status: COMPLETED Batch 5 - Dark Horse & Will_Guide Status: COMPLETED If anyone's interested, either post in this topic with a reference of your OC or send me a PM. Examples
  10. Okay, now is time for a second try. I'm sprite artist and I can draw faces on my base. And I can draw it for RPG Maker faceset type. Original size - 48x48 VX / VX Ace size - 96x96 MV size - 144x144 Now I made that bases: And I can draw your ponies (from show or your OC): About emotions: You can choose eye state: and mouth state: And you can combine it Eye types: And for finale I'll show you completed faces:
  11. A French Derpy full of Salt

    Request Shop Creating sprays for TF2/GMOD

    Hello, if you played Team Fortress 2 or Garry's Mod, you realise you can put images as sprays, but only images of specific format, like JPEG but not PNG or GIFs. Well, I got the solution for you! I can convert PNG or GIF to sprays, even have transparent background, even the GIF. Just send the images here and I'll do it! Rules/Specification: -No NSFW, even in Private Message. -GIF less than 6 image, or the game can't take it. -Image are at 512x512, GIF can only be at 256x256. (Blame the game.) -How to install it? The file will be a .VTF, just put it somewhere. Launch the game, Options-> Multiplayer -> Import Image -> go where you put the .VTF and select it -> You have it.
  12. Hey there. I'll draw a decent canon style headshot of your MLP:FiM OC for avatar use (150x150) 1. Please provide a photo reference of your OC. I will not go off of descriptions alone. 2. Please be patient. It may take several days to one week to complete your request. 3. I will not be offended if you decide not to use your request. I am doing this for the sake of putting smiles on some faces. 4. Please provide proper credit should you use them. 5. I am not an expert artist.
  13. MarvelMoon

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    Hi Everypony! I am currently on summer vacation and with my summer courses still a ways off I'm am starting to suffer from undeniable boredom. So if there is anyone out there who would like me to draw your pony it would be my pleasure! I will be drawing ponies in the order that they are requested. Anywho, I'll be happy to lend a hoof to help bring ponies to life!
  14. I need to get back into drawing so show ur a pic or describe your oc and i may draw it. (if you give me a pony creator oc i may change the design slightly to give it some originality) Also if you don't want your oc to be uploaded on DA don't ask for a request please. Art examples: Finished:
  15. Basically, I make pixel ponies using my own bases. I will be adding new bases all the time. For examples of my work, just check the thread! Rules. 1. Don't get impatient; I will post requests when they are done but I do have a life outside of here. 2. No redos. Sorry. 3. Since I will be handdrawing cutie marks, please try to keep them simple. Also, if you give me a handdrawn pic, supplying colour samples will be nice cuz otherwise I have to guess. 4. This is first come, first served. 5. Please state whether your OC is male or female, and whether you want an adult or a foal pic. ~~~ List. 1. RDash11 - Completed! 2. Tao - Completed! 3. Dark Horse - Completed! 4. Twilight Witch - Completed! 5. Ezerona - Completed! 6. Mint Chaser - Completed! 7. Ichigopai - Completed! 8. Lucky Bolt - Completed! 9. StrawCherry - Completed! 10. Skii - Completed! 11. Vera Veil - WIP 12. NightmareLuna1996 - WIP 13. Storm Shock - Base in progress 14. TwilyFan13 15. Cloggedone 16. Sketchy Tune 17. Squid Kid 18. Princess Lulu <3~ 19. Witch
  16. Laina Charm

    Request Shop Free Sketches of your OCs!

    Hi 👋🏻 I’m Laina and I am a bored artist. I will make a sketch of your OCs, free of charge. Just pm me, telling me the following: Their colour scheme. Their race. Their gender. Their cutie mark. A bit of their personality. And any other useful bits of information you may have to offer. I am also a writer and will gladly listen to your OCs’ backstory to provide useful tips or just to listen. Now, these will be simple sketches as I don’t have my apple pen 🍎 🖊. However, I will be getting a new one and if you wish for me to create a proper OC, I would gladly oblige but you will have to wait. Here are some examples of sketches I have done: The Background isn’t mine.
  17. Usager

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    if you want to see progress, you can ask me via DM on discord, normally post some progress in the #user_art on the forum's discord feel free to do critics so i can improve :3!! Sharpwit Skypie NightmareLuna800 Catpone cerverus Krazydashie -progress: Literally snails: pending Moonlit sketch: Sincere spark Scriptchime no more
  18. JinxHasLeveledUp

    Request Shop Free Pony Art!!!

    Post your ponies below and I'll draw them! Pictures are examples!
  19. My thread is currently a disorganized mess due to the forum updates. I will be doing occasional edits to from time to time. All of my signatures and avatars are located in the spoiler below.
  20. The point on this is that I will read any fanfic and I will tell you if you need to add anything and that will help with me writing my fanfics. I just pressed a random prefix because I didn't know what one fits this .
  21. Ezerona

    Ezzy's Trading post!

    Hello! I am Ezzy and I love to sketch, you have no idea, I've decided to open a trade however, I go through allot of supplies in my request shop and I'm starting to want anything in return! Now, it's okay, not mad at anyone, I'm the one that chose to do requests ,but now I need a change of pace, get my practice, make people smile, and also get a silly or an amazing doodle in return! I accept any work of my OC's that are not NSFW My Oc's : Ezzy : Camilla : Symphonia : Iridessa : Namya : Rules : 1 : Give me credit for your drawing and do not claim the art style as your own. 2 : Don't sell any art I make you. 3 : Don't rush me, these are art trades and I'm choosing to do them on my own free time. 4 : I'm trying to learn, so if something doesn't turn out super amazing, I'm sorry, I could always try again. 5 : Nothing too complex, if it does have some questionable complexity we can pm about it in detail to see if I can wiggle in my attempts. 6 : I don't do digital only traditional. I love digital artists, but I'd rather have people who respect traditional to ask for requests, I do them all in pencil, nothing else, please respect this. 7 : No NSFW , Gore, or tons of violence! 8 : You MUST fill out this form so I can do things accordingly and it will help make things easier when sketching things out. Fill this out - Name : Gender : Personality : Interests : Species : Shot : Body, half body, or just head shot? Reference /Description (Must be detailed or pictures) : What do I do ? : Ponies, Gryphons, Pokemon, Dragons, Draconequeses, Seaponies , Changelings, Diamond Dogs, and various cartoon characters (Ask about it in pm) <3 : MY WORK : If you like me work and if you want to ( this is entirely optional) please check out signature my DeviantArt link should be there, I'd love to have your support!!
  22. I need some ideas for some art to show in my visual fan art section. Say your idea. Your idea may or may not get shown it depends
  23. Ezerona

    Art Trades (Open)

    Hello, Not good at much, so you can suggest a pose for me to attempt, but can't promise I'll pull through with the thing, this is good for practice either way, but to help give me their name, reference, and personality! So I decided for practice I should try some art trades, I am practicing only ponies atm, will pick the ones I want, if I don't pick yours it might just be too complex or I'm working on easier ones first. I only do my pencil sketches for now. Here are some examples : Rules : 1 : No NSFW 2 : No Clop 3 : No drug related stuff Slots : 1 : Dusk Nightshroud (Done!) 2 : 3 : 4: 5:
  24. I'm asking this question because I think I've seen people before who have request shop topics which lock whenever the number of requests is maxed out (to prevent people asking for "reservations"). My question is, do request shop topic creators have the ability to manually lock/unlock their topics? Or do they work with a mod to accomplish this?
  25. RealityPublishing

    Trying a New Style (Updated)

    Wow, it's been a while since I've started a topic. Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a comic strip and I've created an art style for the project. As of now, I'm playing around with it, but I was hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Twilight Sprackle Apple Jackie I still regret inking this one. I'm working on the style with the rest of the Mane 6, but please feel free to give me any feedback (something that isn't, "your inking sucks" or "Get a drawing tablet") "The Quick Trigger" Thanks! -RealityPublishing