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Found 68 results

  1. I have a bunch of oc's people can use for roleplaying, where should I display them/tell people they can use them at?
  2. I've noticed in the Equestrian Empire character database that some characters have ben there for quite a while (Not my own). Because of this, I was wondering about how long it takes for one of those characters to gothrough the approval process and be either approved or denied. This question should not be put at the top of the list, but nevertheless, I'd like it answered as soon as possible.
  3. The Equestrian Empire character database doesn't seem to have a delete button. Is ther a way for me to delete one of my pending OCs? Or do I have to message a mod the name of the OC so they can delete it?
  4. I need help again, How can I delete my roleplay topic, Because... I've might make a mistake once I do it.. And I don't want to get in trouble... I'm just 13 years old... I don't want any trouble ... So, Can you plz tell how to delete RP Topic?
  5. I was not able to find a forum to post where I can possibly find a table top RPG online group that is playing a pony themed campaign. Though it does have the word RP in it its not done over forums. its literally dice rolling and skype calls online. I am sorry if I totally missed it but I tried looking and I hope there are people playing and willing to let a new member in
  6. Can the debs of this forum put a search bar in the Roleplay characters section so we can search for characters? It's kinda hard to look through all the pages in that section.
  7. The hyperlinks to individual rules for cast characters and OCs in the Equestrian Empire sub-forum both lead to an error page stating, "Sorry, we couldn't find that! We could not determine which topic you were attempting to view." Is this because the rules post has been moved, deleted or because of some other problem?
  8. I hate having to look through a huge load of pages just to find my characters, we need this. Because now i have to go through at least 17 or more pages before i find them, which is a hassle.
  9. Sorry if this topic is in the wrong place--I was just wondering what qualifies as an "advanced roleplay"? I tried to find answers amongst the rules but it never said. I'm not sure whether or not my Hearth's Warming eve RP counts as one and I I should change the title for that sake.
  10. Back in April of this year, the Poniverse announced a new website. A website of distraction free role-play, that would allow for better organization of both Mlpforums, and role-play threads. An ambitious project, one that we knew would take a lot of hard work and time to get it up and running. Unfortunately, the original release date was a bit pre-mature. We were hoping to get PonyRoleplay up by BronyCon, in early August. As of now, that date is being pushed back. We don’t want to give an exact date, as often pushing to release by a certain date leads to important parts of the project being sloppy, or not as well-constructed as it would have been if given the proper attention. When first announced, a lot of features were promised. Features that at this point in time will not all be included, particularly an IRC channel. After a lot of discussion amongst the leadership of the project, it was decided that an IRC channel would be counter-productive to what a forums strives to do: create a medium with which people can share well thought out ideas which are published via an open ended readily accessible internet page. So where does the reimagining bit come in? We’ve decided rather than going with the same forum software that Mlpforums has (Invision Power Board, or IPB for short), we’re looking at going with XenForo (xF for short). xF is a much newer platform than IPB, and caters well to role-play needs. It allows for the creation of sub-accounts which will allow users to easily identify which role-play character is being used, among other things. It will be a shift from what we’re currently used to, however the PonyRoleplay moderation team has given a lot of thought, and had a lot of discussion about what will best suit the needs of both the users and the team working on the back end. With all that said, we’re hoping to launch by the end of this year. This is in no way a firm date, because if PonyRoleplay isn’t ready by then, it won’t be launched. While a forum needs to change over time to suit its users, and is never finished, the PonyRoleplay team hopes to have all of the features currently envisioned to be fully capable of being used at the time of release. We still have a lot of work to do. A very lot, but we hope to bring the best possible site for role-players in the pony world that we can. That being said, we could use some more help. We’ve been working on this project a long time, the latest incarnation starting in early January. We lost a lot of our team in May and June due to finals, graduation and summer. We hope to recover some of those lost people in the form of our lore team. The lore team will be in charge of writing and maintaining what we know of Equestria, as well as enhancing and creating what we don’t know. The moderation team will be doing their best to keep the site organized, as much as possible, given how many people there will be, drama free. We need organized, stable, intelligent upstanding members of Mlpforums to help us with both jobs. The current PonyRoleplay team is really excited for this release. As much as it pained us to do it, pushing back the opening date really was our best option for bringing to the role-players the best site we can. We ask that you have patience, because we really are working our butts off to produce this labor of love, and we really can’t wait for the role-playing pony community to see it.
  11. So I finally caved in to the draw of the EqE and that means a new character. So here she is, feel free to judge to your heart's desire. I'll provide a link to her character profile eventually. Also big thanks to @Kay Dreamer for her shading tips, they were incredibly helpful.
  12. So I had this idea for the Roleplay World part of the forums. As a GM I sometimes have a hard time predicting what the roleplayers want. Usually I just have an idea for a roleplay and just post it up on the OOC forums like everyone else, but it would be nice to have some kind of tool to see what KIND of roleplays are currently desired. For instance, if there's a huge amount of adventure roleplays, it would make no sense to make another right? What kind would that be then. What do people feel like roleplaying. Or what if there were still alot of people who wanted an adventure roleplay? As a GM I, and perhaps other's as well, could anticipate on information like this to make sure that their RP's survive for longer and get enough attention. That is where I came up with this: A poll that everyone can post on, and it has all the different genre's of roleplays (SOL, romance, advanture, action, epic, grimdark, horror, whatever you guys can come up with...) which you can vote on. At the end of each week that poll resets. This allows everyone to see what kind of roleplay is most desired! I don't know how the OOC forums work with topics that aren't OOC pages, so I didn't know if I could make this poll myself, that is why I posted it here... If more people agree with me on this perhaps the mods/admins could make it an official sticky topic? Just an idea, and since this is the suggestion's' forum I didn't see a reason not to share these thoughts with everyone.
  13. I have had my entire RP career through chat sites, and am rather well experienced in chatroom-based RP. These forums are very alien to me, and I have to confess, I have no idea where to even start. I'm looking for certain points of orientation that just don't exist here. Is there an RP guide I could follow for Forum-based RP? Could someone hold my hoof through a few RPs?
  14. Alright, I'm sure a lot of you that post regularly in the RP world at this point have already realized that the post count incrementation has been turned back on in the Roleplay parts of the section. With that in mind, all posts that are now made in any of the Equestrian Empire Roleplay boards, or the Roleplays section of the forums will now increase your post count. Post count incrementation will not be turned on for the either of the OOC Sections. I am trusting everypony in the Roleplay forums to not turn this into a spamfest to rank up. I expect the quality of each roleplay to be maintained and for everything to continue as if this change hadn't occurred. If this gets abused this time and the Roleplay world turns into a spamfest, the post incrementation will get turned off again and will stay off permanently. You ability to increase your post counts, from this point on, lies on your shoulders. ___ One other change that I would like to mention, is that there will now be a second screening of all Characters that are being applied for in the Equestrian Empire RP section. The reason for this is the fact that we are all people, and we all make mistakes and miss something. A second set of eyes can easily find things that have been overlooked by one of the other staff on accident. With that in mind. We have enough staff members on the Equestrian Empire project that this should provide absolutely no hindrance to the approval process at all. ___ For those of you who aren't already aware. Cast Character applications are now being accepted. There was a topic posted on this here in the Equestrian Empire OOC section. In this topic it explains the procedure to apply for for them and what characters from the show are still available to be played, as well as the closing dates for characters that have already received applications. ____ Finally, There are currently a lot of applications that are in the Equestrian Empire Database that are still marked as being work in progress and haven't been worked on or updated since their creation. For those of you who have characters that are in this state, if you could be so kind as to post a comment on the character to let the staff know the status of that character and how it is coming along, we would be grateful. We want to see everyone being able to enjoy the world that we have provided for you, and we encourage that all applications be completed so that all users may be able to do so.
  15. I generally get you're realistic show-based Roleplays people partake in on these forums but there's these ones that make no sense to me. In particular the Grimdark ones and the ones that you take a completely other franchise but just puke ponies all over it. Grimdark - I can kind-of see why these show up, but I don't get how someone would commit there time to just Roleplaying out some violent RP/creepy RP and completely ditch the message of the show. Other franchises - I like the artwork/parodies some people do of franchises with Ponies, but if you just swap out the normal protagonists and put ponies in there place it looks rather dumb and plays out rather dumb. Why not just RP the normal universe not pony affected. I don't hate our Forum Rpers... I play Pen and Paper games like every weekend with my friends and family. I am even considering putting together a pony one if I can find people. It's just some of these Roleplays on the forum ditch the shows nice-spirit or put it in places that make it and the franchise it's in laughable.
  16. Just a couple weeks ago I’ve released a teaser trailer stating that something big was going to be coming to the Roleplay World soon. That it was going to be a complete new section to add to the roleplaying experience that so many already love here. Well, with that in mind it is my great honor and privilege to announce that The MLP Forums Equestrian Empire Canon Roleplay Is now Open to the Public. It is at this time, that I would also like to announce the Equestrian Empire staff that will be helping me in the character approval process, and keeping the forums need and organized. I Introduce to you, @Iron Wing @MyLittlePonyTales @Mikestar I thank all of you that have applied for the position and it was a tough selection through the hiring process. Everyone who applied is more than welcome to do so again in the future should the need arise. That being said, Equestrian Empire is now officially open for play! See you there!
  17. The OOC Section for the new Equestrian Empire Roleplay section is now open so that all of your planning can be done and any character adjustment you need to make for your characters you'd like to place in the new world as needed. All of the Rules and everything you need to know is already there! Or Alternatively, you can just follow these links and they will tell you exactly how everything in the new section will operate. Equestrian Empire General Roleplay Rules Original Character Rules Cast Character Rules NOTE: Cast Characters will NOT be available to play until August 12th, 2013. This is to let any new members that we pick up from our panel presentation at Bronycon a chance too look over the Cast list and see who they want to apply for. I look forward to seeing everypony in the new section!
  18. After some long thought on the matter, I've decided to remove the Character Minimum from the RP Worlds OOC section. With the Exception of the original plot posts, or unless there is an issue, there isn't a whole lot do discuss in an OOC topic. Most of the time, they are for people joining or quick status updates regarding the Roleplay. It was with that in mind that I've decided to remove it. It does however still apply to the actual Roleplay section. This only affects the OOC forum.