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Found 123 results

  1. I have a few questions about submitting an OC application in the Equestria Empire. 1. Am I supposed to simply submit my OC in the "Unapproved Characters" section to apply? If not what do I do? 2. What does the WIP mean? 3. Approximately how long does it take to be approved/denied after application? 4. What happens in both instances?(do I get a PM or something?) 5. What is the "Pending Second Approval" section for? I'm clueless Please help! Thank you in advance.
  2. Flitterheart was in a blind bag, as well as having her own doll released: They didn't really give her a personality though, so I thought perhaps I could make her my own for RP purposes? Is this allowed? I'm new.
  3. I have had my entire RP career through chat sites, and am rather well experienced in chatroom-based RP. These forums are very alien to me, and I have to confess, I have no idea where to even start. I'm looking for certain points of orientation that just don't exist here. Is there an RP guide I could follow for Forum-based RP? Could someone hold my hoof through a few RPs?
  4. Okay, so I just got done with my backstroy for my O.C. Blackbird, and now I want to pictures to show what he used to look like and the other ponies in his backstory but it won't let me copy and paste any of them! So does any[ony know how to stop this issue? I do the whole thing, I copy the image, come back here, click paste, then it asks to press CTRL+V, I do this and nothing happens! Why? WHY!? SOMEPONY HELP ME! I even pasted a picture of Blackbird on another topic I made and now I can't do it anymore, and I can't remember what I did! SO MUCH FRUSTRATION!
  5. I started a roleplay and it has a 800 Word limit. How do i change it?
  6. Alright, I'm sure a lot of you that post regularly in the RP world at this point have already realized that the post count incrementation has been turned back on in the Roleplay parts of the section. With that in mind, all posts that are now made in any of the Equestrian Empire Roleplay boards, or the Roleplays section of the forums will now increase your post count. Post count incrementation will not be turned on for the either of the OOC Sections. I am trusting everypony in the Roleplay forums to not turn this into a spamfest to rank up. I expect the quality of each roleplay to be maintained and for everything to continue as if this change hadn't occurred. If this gets abused this time and the Roleplay world turns into a spamfest, the post incrementation will get turned off again and will stay off permanently. You ability to increase your post counts, from this point on, lies on your shoulders. ___ One other change that I would like to mention, is that there will now be a second screening of all Characters that are being applied for in the Equestrian Empire RP section. The reason for this is the fact that we are all people, and we all make mistakes and miss something. A second set of eyes can easily find things that have been overlooked by one of the other staff on accident. With that in mind. We have enough staff members on the Equestrian Empire project that this should provide absolutely no hindrance to the approval process at all. ___ For those of you who aren't already aware. Cast Character applications are now being accepted. There was a topic posted on this here in the Equestrian Empire OOC section. In this topic it explains the procedure to apply for for them and what characters from the show are still available to be played, as well as the closing dates for characters that have already received applications. ____ Finally, There are currently a lot of applications that are in the Equestrian Empire Database that are still marked as being work in progress and haven't been worked on or updated since their creation. For those of you who have characters that are in this state, if you could be so kind as to post a comment on the character to let the staff know the status of that character and how it is coming along, we would be grateful. We want to see everyone being able to enjoy the world that we have provided for you, and we encourage that all applications be completed so that all users may be able to do so.
  7. Hey Everypony! I just wanted to ask some questions: 1. What exactly is the roleplaying forum section? 2. How can I start "roleplaying"? 3. Do you roleplay? 4. How active do I need to be on the forum? I just got acess to the forums, so these were the questions I wanted most answered. If you don't know a answer to one, leave it blank and I'll assume you didn't know. Thank you for your time everypony! Sincerely, ~Z-Monii
  8. I was just curious if a original character is in the approved character section of Equestrian Empire can the character be used only in the Equestrian Empire rp's or can they be used in the regular rp section as well? Do you need to copy the character information to do a 2nd copy of the character in the roleplay character database section. Does the above also fit for if one has a Feature Character for the show?
  9. how do I role play??? i cannot figure it out. how do i start a new thread? do i just jump into a thread? how???? i needs help please
  10. Does anyone know how to make/input an RP code in a roleplay? You know, where you make your avatar/display name the same as the character you are playing and others as well..?
  11. Ok... so I realized that the Character Archives here are not used anymore. But it's always bothered me on why they still exist if they're not being used anymore. Why don't they all get transferred to the more recent character archives section? This link's what I'm talking about.
  12. I generally get you're realistic show-based Roleplays people partake in on these forums but there's these ones that make no sense to me. In particular the Grimdark ones and the ones that you take a completely other franchise but just puke ponies all over it. Grimdark - I can kind-of see why these show up, but I don't get how someone would commit there time to just Roleplaying out some violent RP/creepy RP and completely ditch the message of the show. Other franchises - I like the artwork/parodies some people do of franchises with Ponies, but if you just swap out the normal protagonists and put ponies in there place it looks rather dumb and plays out rather dumb. Why not just RP the normal universe not pony affected. I don't hate our Forum Rpers... I play Pen and Paper games like every weekend with my friends and family. I am even considering putting together a pony one if I can find people. It's just some of these Roleplays on the forum ditch the shows nice-spirit or put it in places that make it and the franchise it's in laughable.
  13. Someone help? I don't know how to make one/where to go, and I need one to show a friend for a story!
  14. I followed a roleplay topic, so I would recieve notifications when somebody posted on it. It's been working fine, but today it just stopped sending me the mail notifications, even though I was still following the topic.
  15. How exactly do you roleplay? I see and read the OC discussions and what not, but it just all seems confusing to me. You know, the rules, the topics. Like, how do you even set up a roleplay or participate in one? Now, I don't know if I may or may not attend roleplay, but this topic is just in case later in the furture I want to try it. So, if you could atleast give the basics, then the hardish stuff, that would be great. Thanks everypony, I appreciate!
  16. Just a couple weeks ago I’ve released a teaser trailer stating that something big was going to be coming to the Roleplay World soon. That it was going to be a complete new section to add to the roleplaying experience that so many already love here. Well, with that in mind it is my great honor and privilege to announce that The MLP Forums Equestrian Empire Canon Roleplay Is now Open to the Public. It is at this time, that I would also like to announce the Equestrian Empire staff that will be helping me in the character approval process, and keeping the forums need and organized. I Introduce to you, @Iron Wing @MyLittlePonyTales @Mikestar I thank all of you that have applied for the position and it was a tough selection through the hiring process. Everyone who applied is more than welcome to do so again in the future should the need arise. That being said, Equestrian Empire is now officially open for play! See you there!
  17. This wasn't asked.. but.. can Rainbow Factory roleplays occur? And if not, do you know of an off-site place to roleplay such?
  18. The OOC Section for the new Equestrian Empire Roleplay section is now open so that all of your planning can be done and any character adjustment you need to make for your characters you'd like to place in the new world as needed. All of the Rules and everything you need to know is already there! Or Alternatively, you can just follow these links and they will tell you exactly how everything in the new section will operate. Equestrian Empire General Roleplay Rules Original Character Rules Cast Character Rules NOTE: Cast Characters will NOT be available to play until August 12th, 2013. This is to let any new members that we pick up from our panel presentation at Bronycon a chance too look over the Cast list and see who they want to apply for. I look forward to seeing everypony in the new section!
  19. After some long thought on the matter, I've decided to remove the Character Minimum from the RP Worlds OOC section. With the Exception of the original plot posts, or unless there is an issue, there isn't a whole lot do discuss in an OOC topic. Most of the time, they are for people joining or quick status updates regarding the Roleplay. It was with that in mind that I've decided to remove it. It does however still apply to the actual Roleplay section. This only affects the OOC forum.
  20. Are we allowed to make non-pony RPs? (Like ones concerning humans) It's a simple question and I should probably already know the answer, but I'd rather ask (and probably have this question answered for future users) than make a topic and feel like an idiot if someone were to take it down.
  21. When I try to post in the RP section, I get this message. I'm not quite sure if any other member gets this.