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Found 364 results

  1. Totally An Admirer

    Sad The Broken

    This is a short story I wrote. This is about Pinkie's greatest fears. [I've tried my best to reduce grammar errors.]
  2. vivishy

    The girl who cried too much

    This is a poem I wrote because I needed a good cry. She would cry when things didn't go her way. She would cry when she didn't have the heart to talk to his face. She would cry by herself. She never wanted someone see her cry for help. She didn't want to be seen as weak. She just cried and never turned the other cheek. She cried instead of solving her problems. She cried when no one would read her stories. She cried because she felt so lonely. She cried because she felt she had pushed everyone away She cried because for her that was like any other day. She cried because that wasn't uncommon. She cried because she felt like she couldn't acknowledge that someone somewhere actually cared and wanted to reach out. She cried because she always felt left out. She cried because she never learned how to fully express herself. She's crying right now because she's hurting. Can't you tell? She cried and cried but her tears still haven't dried. She cries because if she doesn't she feels dead inside. She cries for all the friends she lost. She cries because she feels it was her fault but at what cost? She cries because it's so frustrating. She cries because her heart is breaking.
  3. BlueBrony

    The Banishment of Luna [Orchestral]

    New month, new track! This is an orchestral piece I made on the emotional turmoil following luna's banishment: track:
  4. HorrorshowMania

    Has Anypony been sad lately?

    Hello everypony... lately I've been thinking, and this really makes me sad and nearly made me cry a river earlier today. I was thinking about the future, like how I will drift after i leave school, and so will my friends... that and MLP FiM how long will it last? i want it to last forever but i have no clue if it will. i guess you could say... I don't want to grow up, i wanna be young forever because I'm afraid everything around me will no longer be around... thanks for those of you who read this, it feels good to let this out.
  5. Thorgir the Mighty

    Is this sad to anypony else?

    Hey guys I just saw this and it was surprisingly very sad. I don’t know why but don’t get mad at Hasbro,let’s just watch the video and share our thoughts on our beloved Derpy. #SaveDerpy Rules: no perverted pictures no getting mad at Hasbro love derpy Forgot to add,how silly of me
  6. Laina Charm

    Adventure My story.

    The story of Laina Charm and the suffering of her mother. This is basically my OC's story and my OC is an Alicorn. So if that angers you in any way, feel free to leave. Queen Allura ruled the Kingdom of Orberia to the West of Equestria. Her mother was Queen Serena, the sister of Queen Galaxia. Therefore, Queen Allura was Celestia and Luna's cousin. One day, Allura was walking through her kingdom and witnessing the delight of her citizens due to the Festival of Starlight. A festival that celebrated the coming of the North Stars, flying to the South. Thus, they create a purple and blue aura in the sky at night. One day, the Queen of Cloudsdale, Aurora, arrived in Orberia to talk with Allura and brought her Royal Guard with her. The General of the Royal Guard was named Gale Drasten and was always by Aurora's side. "Allura, the darkness in the East is spreading. The Changeling kingdom is increasing in number and size everyday. King Zeros is ready to strike at any moment. A war will soon rise and the Alicorn rulers refuse to let any of their citizens lose their lives for it. Your generation will not fight." Allura was shocked, "but why?" "If we all die then at least there will be someone to rule afterwards. We know they will lose. What we don't know is if we will remain alive. Also, when was the last time you courted?" "WHAT?!" "What? You need to. I saw you looking at my General. It was a look saying that you don't even know when was the last time you felt the touch of a stallion. You must try. A child may be exactly what you need." "I can't. That was Lorelai's line of expertise." "Don't be silly. It's easy. Just try." "Fine." After the discussion, Allura bumped into Gale Drasten. His eyes were shimmering pools of water and air. "I'm so sorry, your Majesty!" "It's fine, General." Afterwoods, they met in secret many times. Some, in the Royal Gardens and Allura's chambers. Their love began to come to light and the citizens smiled at the match. But not all were happy with their love. One pony, a Unicorn named Sultry, wanted the Queen's hand in marriage. He knew he had to get Gale out of the way. But unaware to the kingdom, the Queen was secretly expecting a child. Only Gale, Aurora, Lorelai and Allura knew of the pregnancy. Allura was not leaving the castle as often and Lady Lorelai came all the way from Saddle Arabia just to step in for her sister. As soon as the Queen had her little filly, she could not enjoy the fleeting moment. Lorelai had to take the baby to Saddle Arabia to hide it from the Royal Advisors and Sultry. Queen Allura knew that her time with Gale had already upset the Royal Advisors enough. They met on the night of their daughter's birth one last time. When he left, he was kidnapped by a group of thugs. They brought him to Sultry. It was then that Gale drew his last breath. The next day, the news of a "cult" killing Gale was public. The news of a General soon became wide spread across Equestria. Allura was distraught. Her Royal Advisors urged her to marry Sultry. A rich, nobleman with great power. He was perfect. Their forced marriage occurred the next day. The Kingdom knew that Allura did not want this union to happen. In an act of defiance, the citizens wore black for the whole day and had great mourning sessions which would only occur when a member of the Royal Family dies. Just a few days later, the War between the Changeling army and the Alicorn rulers broke out. No Alicorn survived, even losing the greatest Wizard known to Pony kind. When the war ended, the eldest child of every Alicorn ruler that fought, ascended the throne. The whole of Equestria was silent. Celestia was know Queen, yet chose to remain a princess in fear of being treated more or different to any other pony. Eros (Cadence's father) took the Crystal throne. Princess Lapis took the throne of Cloudsdale. At this very moment, every Alicorn lived in fear of what creature would lurk out of the shadows and claim Equestria for themselves. Without their parents, they believed themselves to be weak and unfit to rule. Decades had pasted and the Original wielders of the Elements of Harmony were destroyed. Chrysalis was corrupted. Eros is dead. Discord was frozen in stone. Sombra was destroyed. Luna was banished too the Moon. Celestia was the only remaining wielder. Cloudsdale no longer has a ruler and the Crystal Empire has faded into legend. All the Alicorn rulers fled Equestria and went into the North. All but Celestia and Allura. With no other ruler in Equestria to take charge of the kingdoms, Celestia took the rule over Equestria in it's entirety. Cadence now lives in Canterlot with no title to show. Queen Allura remained in Orberia. The desolate kingdom is no more. The subjects went to live in Canterlot, Cloudsdale and Ponyville ever since Stormcrow was born. Her vain son was a disgrace. His egotistical ways were undignified. He showed no respect for his mother, only seeing her as a common whore (something he pleasures himself with). Allura lives in the torment of a marriage without love. Lady Lorelai lives in Saddle Arabia with her niece, Laina Charm. Everyday is a day without friendship for Laina. Living in secrecy is a cruel punishment. She dreams of the day she will return to her mother and rid her of Sultry and Stormcrow. Her anger towards her half-brother stemmed from his arrogant and racist attitude. He believes himself to be superior to even all non-Alicorns, be it Pegasi, Unicorn, Dragon or Griffin. Life in Saddle Arabia is repetitive and tedious. Wake up, fetch the water, go to the market for food, clean the house, prepare dinner, go to sleep. One long list. She loves her Aunt and praises her for her kindness. She knows that she is risking her whole authority and reputation. Laina lives in a small cottage just off the border of the city. It's beauty was breathtaking. Everyday, before dinner, Lorelai would arrive from the Palace of the Sultana Yasmin. She would teach Laina the most advanced practises of magic. Lorelai's expertise in Necromancy was unmatched. Her teachings lasted an hour. Laina wished to once again practise her flying lessons when she was a filly. The fun they had. They stopped when Luna was banished to the Moon. Lorelai wanted to visit Celestia but she wasn't allowed. Her duties in Saddle Arabia were too great. It was Laina's 20th birthday. Lorelai came back home at the usual time. They talked over dinner. "Happy Birthday, my darling." "Thank you, Aunt Lorelai." They resumed their eating. Laina looked up nervously at Lorelai eating her dinner. "What is it, child?" "Nothing. It's just, I was wondering...if I could leave Saddle Arabia." "What?" "Auntie, I'm 20 years old. I should have left home by now." "And where would you go?" "I don't know. To Canterlot? I want to explore this world." "Hmmm." "Please, Aunt Lorelai, Cadence is a year younger then me and she lives in Canterlot, on her own." "Cadence lives with Celestia. As you do with me." "Please, Aunt Lor..." "No! I will hear no more about it." Laina looks down at her food, fighting back tears. "Laina, please. I wish it didn't have to go this way. I wish you could be out there exploring the world. But you can't. Your existence is a secret that cannot be shown to the world. Cadence moved to Canterlot to be under constant supervision by Celestia. There are creatures in this world who want to take Cadence. Her powers as an Alicorn are valuable and she would be much easier to defeat and kidnap then Celestia or i." "I wish someone would kidnap Stormcrow," Laina mutters. Lorelai pauses before whispering, "As do I." They are almost at the end of their dinner when Lorelai speaks once again. "Celestia has decided to send her best pupil to Ponyville, tomorrow." Laina was puzzled by this information. "Why would she do that?" "It is unknown to many. But I fear that it has something to do with Nightmare Moon's return." "Luna is to return!" "Nightmare Moon! It's name is Nightmare Moon. Luna is not a monster." "But why would Celestia allow that to happen?" "She's not. She is powerless to stop it. One can only be banished for so long before they find a way back. It is said that the Stars will aid in her escape." "If Nightmare Moon is to return, what will Celestia do?" "I don't know. The pupil may be involved with or without it's knowledge of what is to come." A day past and Ponyville was preparing for the Summer Sun Celebration. Laina would always watch out of her window, awaiting the radiant Sun to rise forth and claim the sky. It was the closest she had ever gotten to meeting her mother's cousin. Hours had past and Laina realised that not only had the Sun not risen on time but her aunt had not yet arrived home for magic practise. Laina began to worry. She walked to the door and looked out the window beside it. The city was quiet and the lights were dimmed. Not a sound was uttered. A blurred figure soon became visible from the distance. It was running and fast. It was running towards the cottage. Laina backed away from the window and prepared for the door to be struck down. Nothing. Still nothing. Quiet. BANG! Lorelai came through the door with a worried expression and was breathing heavily. "Princess Celestia has been captured!" "What?!" "Nightmare Moon is back!" Laina took in the information before questioning, "What are you going to do?" Lorelai looked up with utter confusion. "What do you mean?" "Surely, you and my mother would do something. You are the only other Alicorn adults besides Celestia and Luna. Cadence and I would do what we ca..." "Enough! Your mother cannot do anything. She is already weakened. Cadence and you will not be shown to Equestria so blatantly as if to shown off your powers. It would seem to be putting out a challenge against all the evil in this world. And I must stay in Saddle Arabia. My duty lies here. Alicorns no longer take president. To Equestria, one Alicorn is enough. I don't know what i could do. The ponies might see it as a threat. To see another Alicorn using her power. It is scary and might compel them to rebel." "No! Surely, with great power comes great responsibility. As Alicorns, it is our duty to die for the ponies of Equestria. Even if it means killing our own to protect them." "You may be right but you must underst..." "NO! I'VE HAD ENOUGH! My whole life, I spent locked up in this cottage. I want a life that's true. My grandparents all died for Equestria and kept it from evil. Now, Equestria see fit to be against Alicorns. What justice is this? I will not have it. I'm leaving." "What? No. You cannot leave. Where will you go?" "Orberia." Laina's P.O.V: The last thing I saw was my aunt crying out my name from the cottage. With all her powerful magic, not even she could stop me from leaving. I have to meet my mother. I will save her. It was a two day journey. All I had was my satchel, filled with a loaf of bread, a pouch of water, and ten gold pieces. I was able to hide my wings. Aunt Lorelai taught me how. It took days but eventually I got the hang of it. Aunt Lorelai taught me almost everything I know. I missed her. I passed a strange market. It was filled with trinkets from across Equestria and beyond. Yak horns, Dragon claws, Phoenix feathers, Hippogriff tails. It was so cruel. The creatures running the stalls were unlike any I had seen in my textbooks before. They were horribly deformed with tentacles for ears and mud for a face. They all differed in someway. I went to a stall selling food but it was not what I expected. They sold octupi and squid livers and dog feet. Eventually, I found some bread and Flash Bee honey. It is said to give an extra zing! It cost 5 gold bits. Far too much if you ask me. You could get the same stuff for 2 gold bits in Saddle Arabian bazaar (market). I finally left with no trouble befalling me. But I did feel the presence of eyes trained on me the whole time I was at the market. I trod through a sea of shipwrecks covered in thick ice. The cold bit at my hooves and I felt my mane turn rigid. I cast a warming spell but it only did so much. I knew what I had to do. I would have to light myself on fire. It was the only way, I joked sarcastically in my head. As I past a red and black ship, I heard a rumble. I stopped. If there was any trouble, I could dispel it. Aunt Lorelai taught me magic in combat. With my knowledge of it, I say I could fight off two or three ponies. No more and nothing bigger. Another rumble. The ship beside me began to move. Is that possible? No. Is it? No, of course not. Nope, it moved again. It's moving. How is it moving? The ship began to settle the way a ship normally would on water. It had caused cracks in the ice to allowed the water through. A sweeping of purple magic turned the ship into a beautiful violet and black ship with fine wood and beautiful sails. It was renewed. A figure clutched onto the mast, dangling from the mast. It was a light blue mare with a bright, violet mane. Was she friend or foe? Her horn was longer then most Unicorns, like that of an Alicorn. She called down to me. "Alright?" "What?" "I said: ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" "Yes." "What's your name?" "What?" "Oh bugger me, this one's bloody deaf. WHAT'S YOUR NA-You know what?" With that, the mysterious mare jumped down from the mast and I looked up in shock as she was about to hit the ground. Just before she hit the hard ice, she cast a spell to levitate herself in the air and slowly bring her to my level. "My name is Sapphire. I'm a Unicorn from Canterlot. I'm 20 years old. I'm a pirate looking for a ship. And I found one. What about you?" What should I say? My spell to hide my wings were still in effect. What would she do? If she wanted to fight me, she could. She seems powerful enough. And a pirate. I might be a good trophy or something to sell at the market. "My name is Laina Charm. I'm 20 years old. I'm from Saddle Arabia. My father is from Cloudsdale but he's dead. My mother is still alive and from a forgotten kingdom called Orberia. And I am an Alicorn." Idiot. "No you ain't. I don't think you noticed but you..." Her eyes widened as she looked to see my wings which I now revealed. Fool. "Is your mother or father royalty by any chance?" "My mother is." "Nice. My grandma was Royalty. A Royal pain in the arse. Luckily, she's dead now. Old bat. Her name was Grammy Granite. She loved rocks. She used to eat them. Until she lost her teeth. Then she would just suck them. Do you need a ride?" "The whole sea is frozen." "Not when you have magic. I am quite advanced in fire and water spells. But, I wouldn't mind the help?" "Of course!" "Great, where you headed?" "Oh. I was going to meet my mother for the first time." "First time?" "I had to leave the kingdom when I was born. She wasn't married to my father. I was born in secret. Then my aunt took me away for my safety and raised me in Saddle Arabia." "Who's your aunt?" "Lady Lorelai." "Oh, bugger a Dragon. That woman is your aunt? Cheese and crackers, that woman is scary. The whole Mistress of Death thing. So cool. I would love to meet her one day. I do admire her so." "You do?" "Yeah. She's amazing. Her magical power can't be matched. I wish I had her magic. Anyways, let's get to work." We got on board the ship and prepared our spell. Sapphire counted to three and on the third, we let out an inferno of fire and ember. The ice began to thaw until nothing remained but water. We set sail. Soon, i would meet my mother. I would rid her of Sultry and Stormcrow forever. But who knows how powerful Stormcrow is? "Who's Stormcrow?" I turn around, suprised by the intrusion. "What?" "Oh sorry, you were thinking aloud weren't you." "Stormcrow is my half-brother. A vain, racist Alicorn." "Another Alicorn? Gosh, I tHought there would be a shortage of Alicorns ever since they left Equestria and traveled to the Haven Lands." "The what?" "The Haven Lands. It is said to be a mysterious island that only Alicorns can travel to. When an Alicorn dies, they go to the Haven Lands." "I see. I never knew about that." "However, I did hear a rumour that when Chrysalis took the role of Queen of the Changelings, King Otis, Queen Lapis and the others tried to kill her. A bit foolish, since she can't die unless she says so." "Yeah. How did you become a pirate? You must have been a dignified pony since you came from Canterlot." Sapphire looked to the ground. "When I was 15, I fell in love with an Earth pony named Oakwood. My parents hated our love, deeming him unfit as he wasn't a Unicorn. A bunch of bull crap if you ask me. We ran away together. We found a ship and sent sail for the Unknown. We were going to explore everything. One day out at sea and our trouble began. We came across Charybdis. She was the great whirlpool monster. Oakwood told me to steer the ship away. I did it too fast. He fell off the ship and was eaten by that sea-bitch. I lost everything that day. It was only a few days later when I crashed from not knowing how to sail. I ended upon an Island named the Isle De Muerta. There, I met a witch. She looked like a zebra but with a curved horn and tribal tattoos. Her name was Calypso. She was so beautiful, like a Mermare. She taught me the most advanced magic and how to be a pirate. I owe her everything. Now, I'm here." "I'm sorry for your loss." "Oh, it ain't anything, doll! He is in a better place." "You are the first friend I have ever had." Sapphire paused and looked at me with kindness in her eyes. "That's the greatest princess." "Haha! Stop it. I'm not a princess. Well I am but that's not the point..." "Shhh." I stop and look into her eyes. She is scouting the waters. She walks close to the rails. As I follow, I begin to hear a quiet humming. It soon turns to a melody. "Do you hear that? That is the song of the Mermares. We're safe. Mermares only eat stallions. With mares, they let out a beautiful song." This is how I imagine the song of the Mermares. I personally love it. You can listen to it while reading if you want. pirates_of_the_caribbean_4_soundtrack_hd_8_mermaids_hans_zimmer_mp3_1866.mp3 As i watch the moving waters, i begin to see silhouettes of unicorns with fish tails. Their voice is so soothing. I moving backwards, away from the water. My eyes began to droop close as my body sways from side to side until...THUD! The last thing i hear is Sapphire's voice shouting my name. My eyes begin to open and i squint at the blinding light. Dozens of crystals hang from the ceiling and as i look around, i soon realise that i'm in a cave. I can smell the scent of the salty sea and i see a unicorn walking towards me. Sapphire? No. It's a zebra...with a horn? A curved horn! How strange. She was beautiful with red, tribal tattoos covering her body and a sea-blue ragged dress. She begins to talk in an accent as beautiful as her appearance. "Rest, child. You are weary." "What happened?" "Your immune system was weak. It seems to me that you have rarely left the safety of your home." "I see. Can you help me?" "Do not fret, my dear. I will fix you with a simple elixir. Drink this." I took the bottle with my magic and drank all the contents of the elixir. It tasted like sweet milk, sprinkled with honey and butter. "Where is Sapphire?" "She is waiting outside." I look to the opening that lead out to a beautiful view of the sea and all its glory.I turn back to see the zebra hunched over a table of potions and scrolls. I walk slowly towards her. "You're Calypso, aren't you?" She turns her head to the side. "Yes." "The great sorceress who taught Sapphire everything she knows." "I taught her nothing. It is the pupil who allows themselves to be taught and therefore absorbs all the knowledge on their own. You. You are the lost princess." "I was wondering, how do you teach someone both fire and water yet they are so opposite?" "Ah...look upon my dress and my tattoos. Both red and blue. They mix, countering each other in perfect harmony." "But i don't understand, how can you find harmony or peace in something so different? Surely, they repel each other." "On the contrary, my dear. You must have both water and fire to have balance and balance is peace. Darkness and Darkness cannot make Light. It simply makes for Darkness. You need two different things to make something new and wonderful." "I see." "My dear, above all, you should know the most. You are the granddaughter of the great Water Queen, Serena and the Fire King, Solaris. You have Water running through your veins and Fire surging through your heart. Your body is in peace with itself." I couldn't believe what i was hearing. I have never heard of my grandparents. My aunt never gave me textbooks on the Alicorns. She thought it would make me rebel. "You wish to reunite yourself with your mother. I will help you." "Why?" "You are a friend of my adopted daughter and...i was once a mother. But my daughter was taken from me by the cruel, untamed seas. I can get you to Orberia. I will find the potion but it may take some time to prepare." "That's fine. Thank you." I leave Calypso to search for the potion and i walk out of the entrance. As i leave, i am gifted with a great gush of salty wind. To my left, Sapphire is setting the sails in her boat. I travel down to meet her. "Sapphire!" "Laina! You're okay! Good. I trust Calypso kept you good company." "Yes. She is going to send us to Orberia." "I know. Laina, there is someone i would like you to meet." "Who?" "Gabriella. She is a great friend of mine. She is also Griffin." "A Griffin! This is fantastic. I have never a met a Griffin before." "Really? You don't mind?" "Why would i mind?" "Urh...don't worry. Gabriella!" A great beast came swooping down from the mast. It's wings were enormous and a wondrous shade of light blue. Her eyes were deep pools of water. She was magnificent. "I think I'm about to faint again." "Haha! The name's Gabriella." "The name's Laina. You are so majestic. I think i love you." "Woah there, Laina! You just met her." "Haha, i don't think i am looking to get into a relationship yet as well." "Oh goodness! I'm so sorry. I didn't meant but you are so amazing." "It's fine." "I have never seen a Griffin before. I was not disappointed." "Haha! Thanks. Now, are we going to kill this Stormcrow fella or not?" "What?" "Sorry, Laina but i got Gabriella to help us kill your half-brother." "Who says i want to kill him?" "Fine, we don't have to kill him. But we will help you save your mother." "Thanks." "My little ponies! I have found it!" We race to the cave's entrance. I was beyond excitement. I flew to the hole and was greeted by Calypso holding a phial with a sea blue liquid. She gave it to me and i held it within my aura. Sapphire was next, followed by Gabriella. Gabriella eyed the phial quizzically. "So this will get us to your homeland?" I turned to Calypso, expecting her to answer. "It shall, with it's magic it can teleport you to the place you desire. Once Laina drinks it, you both must grab on to her." I looked at Calypso with grateful eyes. "Thank you, Calypso." She smiled and gestured me to drink it. "Now hurry. You do not know how much time we have to save your mother." I nodded and drank the contents of the phial. As soon as i had finished, i felt a claw on my right wing and a hoof on my left. A great magical wave began to swirl around us until it engulfed all of us. A bright flash was the last thing i saw until the water evaporated and we stood on sandy ground. I took in my surroundings and my eyes fell on a decrepit gate. It was as big as full grown Dragon and had two statues on either side. One depicted a beautiful female Alicorn with a swirling mane and tail of crystal water while the other was a dashing male Alicorn with a mane and tail of burning, ember fire. I walked closer until a was breath away from the gate. I opened it with a nudge and walked through. Gabriella and Sapphire followed close behind, weary of anything strange. Not that anything was not strange. We walked past hundreds of house, brought down through time and reduced to mere bricks stacked together. We continued to walk until we were faced with the full splendor of an ancient castle. No guards? No anypony? The whole area was desolate. Gabriella walked up beside me. "What happened to this place?" I replied, "My aunt told me that once Stormcrow, my half-brother, was born the ponies of Orberia were fed up of the reign of Sultry. They loved my mother but they betrayed her most dire time of need." "I'm sorry. My parents are both dead. They were killed by Nightmare Moon. She was on a killing spree when there were those who openly defied her. Princess Celestia was terrified for days until she banished her." "What? But Princes Celestia immediately banished her on the day Luna turned into Nightmare Moon." "Yeah, that's not true. The Moon was up for days. She terrorized the villages and killed those who opposed her. Celestia hid in Castle Cosmos in the Everfree Forest until she knew it was time. She had to banish her sister." "I see." I can't believe it. The pain it must have caused her to banish her own sister. I wish i could swap places with her and i could banish Stormcrow. We walked up to the doors of the castle. They were wide open. We stepped inside and were suddenly greeted with a gush of colour and gold. It was beautiful. The mix or red and blue with clashes of gold and silver. We walked to the centre of the vast room. I set my eyes on the throne. It was beautiful, with red velvet cushions, gold trim, blue art and silver decor. As i reached the throne, hooves sounded from outside. We all turned in unison and prepared ourselves for the attack. A purple hoof came first until a beautiful mare walked through the door. "Aunt Lorelai!" Lorelai turned to me and was overjoyed. "My dear Laina! I'm so happy to have found you...with a Griffin and a Unicorn?" "They are my friends." "I see. My child, we must leave." "What? No, my mother is here and i am going to see her." "Please, Lai..." "NO! I will find my mother and i will free her from the grasp of Sultry." "Fine. What is your plan?" "Well, you and me shall head this way and Sapphire and Gabriella? You head the opposite way." Sapphire finally speaks up. "Let's go then." Lorelai and i began to walk to the right. The corridors were long and covered by numerous portraits of famous rulers, wizards, witches and Nobility. One picture caught my eye. It showed Lorelai and Allura laying the ground with Celestia as fillies. My grandparents and Celestia's parents sat on cushions. Queen Galaxia held Luna in her hooves. They were beautiful creatures. So majestic and omniscient-looking. Lorelai noticed me eyeing the wonderful portrait. "They painted that on the day Luna was born. We were only a few years old. That was over a thousand years ago." I looked at her, shocked. I knew that Alicorns have prolonged lives but i never truly thought about my aunt's age. We continued to walk down the corridor until we heard a soft humming coming from a room. We peeked our heads around the door to see two mares in a giant, lavish bed. There was a male unicorn looking into the mirror and humming to himself. I looked away from the room to my aunt. She was frozen in her tracks, looking at the stallion. "Aunt Lorelai?" She looked at me with sad eyes, almost brimming with tears. I had never seen my aunt cry. "Who is that stallion?" "That filthy Unicorn is your step-father." "What!" As soon as i said that, i realised my mistake. He had heard me. "Who's there? Show yourself!" Lorelai and i came forth from the door. Now the two mares had woken up and attempted to cover themselves with the sticky, bed sheets. I looked upon the stallion with contempt. He looked quite young. Perhaps in his late 30s. I ned to Lorelai and saw the hatred in her eyes. She spoke in a voice that i had never heard before. It took on the form of the darkness and evil in this world, chilling me to the bone. "How dare you! Who are you to perform such acts against my sister! Sleeping with these common whores while my sister lays in an eternal torment everyday! Your kind do not get to show such disrespect to us!" I realised now what Lorelai was doing. She was a regal Alicorn who cared for all ponies. But she believed that Alicorns deserve the utmost respect. They are infinitely powerful in her eyes and use their powers to protect ponies. "Ponies like you don't deserve our protection! You should give us your full devotion but we are kinder than that so we only ask for your kindness in return. We die for you and you ponies seem to think nothing of it! I shall show you true power! I shall show you death!" As she said that, she let out a dark, bolt of smoke. Before it could pierce his heart, i deflected it with a forcefield. "Laina? What are you doing?" "This man is evil, yes. But i will not let you stoop to his level. You killed my father. Go and take your sluts before i kill you myself!" Sultry ran leaving the defenseless mares by themselves. Typical. The mares got out of bed and bolted for the door. "Well done, Laina. Your mother would be proud. She cherished life, only harming a soul when it threatened her kingdom or when absolutely necessary. The powers of Death did not allow me the same thoughts." "Aunt Lorelai, do not mistake your element to be you. The element is a reflection of your power. We are not our power. There is good in everyone. Come on, let's find the others." We exited the room and headed back the way we came. I think of what life would have been like if my father had never died. If my parents married and i lived as a princess. Constantly, i think of my favourite witch, Pandora the Hippogriff. I remember her story like the back of my hoof. She lost both of her parents as a child to a dark plague. Ever since, she devoted her life to the brewing of elixirs and potions to aid others. She helped stop the plague from wiping out the whole of Terabithia. She was gifted with a necklace that held the powers of the Wind and Sky. Perhaps, though losing your parents is a horrible thing, it doesn't have to remain that way. Good can come from terrible things, if one only wishes to seek it. However, later, Pandora was murdered by the townsfolk after they accused her of leading the Changelings to them. A crime that she didn't do. The Changelings never came and there was no evidence to claim. But tell a big enough lie and soon it will turn even the most sane ponies to believing in silly superstitions. Finally, we arrived at a ballroom with Sapphire and Gabriella. "Sapphire, did you find anything?" "No. We passed a few rooms but they were destroyed." "I see. Aunt Lorelai, have you ever been here? Don't you know where my mother would be?" "I lived here as a child but it is very different. That was over 600 hundred years ago. It has changed since then." "What about upstairs? We might find your mother's bedroom there.", Gabriella added. "Brilliant." We teleported to the top of the stairs with Lorelai's magic. We walked on and on until we found the Royal Chambers. I opened the door and saw a bright pink stallion with his wings spread out and using his horn to hold something. His eyes were closed as he lay in bed and moaned loudly. Sapphire destroyed our silence. "Oh, sweet Celestia." Stormcrow covered himself with his blankets and looked at us with a mixed expression of anger and surprise. "Who are you! And why are you in my room! "I am your aunt! Now stand up straight and present yourself with some dignity. What kind of Alicorn are you?" As Lorelai said that, she spread out her wings in a threatening gesture to assert her dominance. So cool! "My aunt?" "Did i stutter? STAND UP!" Stormcrow immediately got up with a terrified face. Thankfully, his little, little, little friend had disappeared. "Why are you here?" At this point, i decided to make myself known. "I ask the questions here. I am your half-sister, Laina. I have spared your father but he has fled and you will never see him again. I can't imagine why you would care though. Anyways, i am going to kill you. Ponies like you need to die. Racist, arrogant, ignorant, rude, vain, selfish and much, much more. You don't get to redeem yourself. You blew that chance when you were rude to my mother. Common whore? You're one to talk. You probably sleep with every mare you meet." "Kill me? I'd like to see you try." As he said that, i let a out a stream of blue magic race towards him. He flew to the ceiling and i met him there. Then, a great battle ensued. Lorelai let a black bolt head straight to him but he dodged it. I told her not to fight. He was mine. I conjured a ball of fire and it hit his tail, burning it completely. He was enraged.He began to lose control and missed almost every attack. Finally, I struck him down. He fell in a heap, too pained by the injuries to get up. I walked over to my friends and aunt. "Go find my mother. I will finish him." "LAINA!" As i heard Sapphire scream, I saw her leap infront of me before be blasted with a pink bolt sent from Stormcrow. I screamed, "Sapphire! NO!" I sent one last bolt for his head, delivering a final blow to a disgusting creature. I fell down to Sapphire's side. She smiled up at me as I wept. Gabriella had now come to the floor next to me. "Go. Find your mum. And tell my mum that I love her." "Which one?" I asked. "The one who cared for me." I cried uncontrollably as her eyes began to drift close. Gabriella held tight to me and sobbed silently. Aunt Lorelai used her magic to levitate her off the ground. "She will meet your mother with us. Then she will have the funeral of a Queen." I smiled up at my aunt, with eyes blurred by my tears. We got up and walked out of the room. We entered a room with a female Alicorn, as beautiful as daylight, laying in a small bed. Tear marks covered her cheeks and were red from rubbing them. I turned to Lorelai and Gabriella. "I will go in alone alone first and will take the form of a unicorn. Then, when I show her who I truly am, you will both enter with Sapphire." They both nodded and I used my magic to hide my wings and change my coat colour to grey. I walked in as if I lived here. My mother heard the hoofsteps and looked up. She was puzzled. I guess the only other mare she ever saw were was a whore. "Good evening. Your husband had fled the kingdom and your son has been killed." Rather then look upset, she looked even more confused then ever. "Who are you? And what happened to them." "Your husband was scared by your sister, Lorelai. Your son was killed by your daughter when he killed her friend." Her eyes began to water once more. "My sister and daughter are here?" As I said yes, I removed the spell and displayed my wings in full view. Lorelai and Gabriella came in with Sapphire. My mother was crying without end now. My sister carried Sapphire and placed her on a sofa. I ran to my mother with my aunt and we hugged her with all our might. Her tears fell to our shoulders. "My beautiful girls." "I'm older than you," Lorelai said as she pulled herself away. "By twenty years. Hardly a difference. Who's that? A Griffin?" "She's my best friend." "Last time I met a Griffin, he tried to marry me," My mother recalls. "I remember. But then I got you out of there." My aunt retorts. They laugh and my heart is overjoyed. I interrupt them both. "Her name is Gabriella. She was friends with my friend, Sapphire, who was killed by Stormcrow." "That pony was a disgrace of my flesh and blood. I assure you that your friend will have a funeral fit for Royalty." With that, we left the room as I carried Sapphire. I stood next to Gabriella. "I'm sorry. I understand that you knew her far better then I ever did." "Heh, it's fine. She died like she wanted. Protecting those she loved. Did she tell you how we met?" "No." "I ran away from Griffon Stone when my parents tried to force me into marrying this pompous brat. I flew away and ended up in Horseshoe Bay. She docked there and brought me with her. She taught me swordfighting and how to sail. I lived with her and Calypso for a few years until I left and got my own boat. She's called the Navy Mast. She never let's me down. From then, I pillaged the ships of rich, noble stallions with enough money. We are the greatest pirates of the sea. My crew are currently sailing across the seas." "You trust your crew to keep your beloved ship safe?" "Of course. Many of them are Griffins who abandoned their lives. Others are creatures from across Equestria. Four Ponies, a Yak and a Dragon. My first mate, Gillian, sails the Navy Mast to Marina Harbour in Saddle Arabia and near the Arimaspi Stalactites." My mother called upon me. I trotted to her as Aunt Lorelai went to talk with Gabriella. "You are so beautiful. Your wings are gorgeous. Your aunt has told me that you are brighter than most Alicorns we knew at our age." "I doubt that." "Don't be so modest." After a short pause, my mother's smile saddened. "Mother?" i asked. "I am so sorry. I should never have let you go. I should kept you here with me." "No. If you did, i would have constantly been under scrutiny by Stormcrow and Sultry. It was i who have failed. I should have helped you sooner." My mother turned to me with a stern face. "No! You could not have helped me. I can handle them. You have done nothing wrong. You freed me now and I am grateful for that." I smiled at her and she returned it to me. We continued to walk until we reached the decrepit statues of two Alicorns. "Those are your grandparents." My mother said, "The Alicorns of Fire and..." "Water." I replied. She looked at me with a surprised look and smiled. "Well somebody is a know-it-all!" My mother laughed. We walked through the desolate villages. The old houses gathered dust. Cracks formed in the windows and webs engulfed the roofs and doors. The Sun had disappeared with the radiant glow of the Crescent Moon taking it's place.
  7. Lonely Fanboy48

    Sad Forgiveness Is Friendship

    It was a great day to spend time at the beach. The breeze was cool, the water was warm, and the sun shine brightly in the sky. However, things had not been completely warm and sunny for one Sunset Shimmer. Somehow, someway, she had been magically erased from the memories of her friends, and subsequently kicked out of the Rainbooms. After conducting an investigation to get to the bottom of the issue, Sunset’s search led her back to Equestria, and an artifact known as the memory stone. It was this stone, she found, that was sucking up all of her friends’ memories, and eliminating her from their lives. Now, she had a way of convincing her friends that they were once close. With the stone in hand, and a number of photographs of happier times, Sunset rushed back to the beach to try and talk with her friends once more. It was later in the day, but her friends were just where they had been when she left earlier. Looking to the photographs in her hand, she knew that this was the all or nothing shot. If this didn’t work, then nothing would. With the desire to keep her friends firmly in her mind, Sunset quickly approached them. “Guys! Guys, over here!” Sunset called. “Oh, great. It’s her again,” Dash groaned, holding the beach ball she had just caught. The others all gathered around, when Sunset was near enough. “Great news, guys! I figured it out,” Sunset said, “Someone’s erased your memory with Equestrian magic! You don’t remember, but we’re still friends!” She presented them with the magic in question. “This is the Memory Stone. Do you recognize it?” The others all looked at the drawing of the stone, each one of them eying it carefully. They could tell that this girl was trying her hardest to convince them of something, but they couldn’t see anything at all familiar about the drawing. “Ugh. Right. Guess not,” Sunset said, “But look. See? This is proof! We are friends!” She then took out her phone and showed them the photos of her and all the others. “Oh Please. You’re the same girl who made all of those fake photos of Twilight destroying the gym,” Rarity said. “And is this supposed to be me making that ridiculous face?” PInkie said, grabbing Sunset’s phone to look at the picture. “Well yes, sometimes you do to make people laugh. That’s what you do,” Sunset said, hoping that Pinkie would see reason and remember who she once was. Her heart sank when she saw Pinkie grimace at her. “You know what? I’m not talking to you anymore!” Pinkie said. “Pinkie!” Sunset tried to stop her, but was intercepted by Applejack. “You leave us alone you bully!” She shouted. “But-- Wait! Give me another chance!” Sunset begged, but to no avail. The others all walked away. All but Fluttershy, who stood glaring. “Fluttershy?” Sunset asked. Surely, of all the people she knew, kindhearted Fluttershy would hear her out. “You don’t deserve another chance,” Fluttershy said. “What…?” “I’m sorry, but you threatened us. You disrespected us. Please, do us all a favor and leave us alone!” “Fluttershy….” Fluttershy turned and walked away. She didn’t even turn to look at Sunset as she walked off. Her final plan had failed. For Sunset, there was nothing left for her to do but give up. With her head hung, she turned to walk away from the girls who were once her friends. Taking refuge underneath the pier, Sunset sulked in the shadows. Tears streamed down her face, as she lamented the loss of everyone she cared about. Without them, her life would be as empty as it had been before. Then, an idea came to her. It was a longshot that she doubted would work, but it was the only thing she had left. With a sigh, she wiped her tears away and walked back toward her friends. “Wait a second,” she called to her friends. Not one of the others turned to look. “What is it now?” Rarity groaned. “I know this is hard to believe but, can I tell you about all the events that happen in the past? The Battle Of The Bands. The Friendship Games. Camp Everfree.” The Rainbooms still had their backs turned, but were listening intently. Until Twilight glanced over her shoulder. A glimmer of hope kindled in Sunset’s mind, and she nearly smiled when Twilight turned around. “Fine.” Twilight replied, “Start talking.” Finally, Sunset had gotten through to them. She chose her words carefully and presented her phone again. “Yes, I admit I was a bully a long time ago. And all of you have every right to go against me. But what about the times we went through?” Sunset showed them another photo of the time when they attended Camp Everfree. “Rarity: do you really think this geode around my neck is a cheap knockoff?” “Yes!” Rarity asserted. “There’s no doubt you had it made so you could try to trick us!” “If this is fake then how did you girls get those? Me and Twilight went to the Crystal Cave together and we found out that Gloriosa was behind all the problems.” “I was by myself when that happened!” Twilight said. “You’re right. But how did you solve it by yourself?” Twilight simply glared at Sunset. “I’m smart enough to invent a selfie-sensing drone,” Twilight said. “Figuring out who was behind the strange things at Camp Everfree wasn’t a challenge for me.” “But even if you did succeed, you still wouldn’t be on that field trip.” The others all slowly turned around, intrigued by what they heard. “Rarity if you really know my photos were fake then how would I do that on my phone? It’s impossible,” Sunset said. Rarity took a closer look at the photo. Everyone was smiling, as if they were having the happiest time of their lives. “Alright. I’ll admit it does look like it’s real. I mean, I see your shadow on there, but you probably edited them on a computer and downloaded them onto your phone.” “But look at the dates they were taken!” Sunset pointed at the screen. “Give me your phone for a second.” Rainbow Dash demanded. Sunset compiled and handed her phone to Rainbow Dash to see all the photos. Dash scrolled through every picture on the phone, her face growing less and less skeptical with every passing second. After looking through all of them, the realization came to her. With her eyes wide, she passed the phone to her friends bringing them to the same understanding. “What about the bands tournament?” Sunset asked. “Even if all of you needed to get along as a band, you still couldn’t beat the Sirens without me.” “How do you know all of this?” Applejack asked. “Because I’m always there with you, even in the Friendship Games. And during the whole time, where have I been? If you only remember me as a bully then you don’t know what I’ve been doing.” Everyone but Twilight walks up to her with Rainbow giving her phone back. “Tell us what you feel about us.” Twilight said. This was it. Sunset knew she had swayed them. Now, she needed to solidify their trust in her. And she knew exactly the way. “Rainbow Dash,” she began, placing her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “At times you seem kind of self-centered. Dash scoffed indignantly, but she and the others knew that Sunset had her pegged. “But when it comes to your friends, you’re always the one that they can count on to be there.” She then looked at Applejack to tell her about her feelings. “Applejack, I may be the one who said awful things about you, but that was before I learned what a valuable gift honesty is. You’re the only person who’s opinion I trust about anything.” She was about to go talk Fluttershy but Fluttershy backed away from her. “No no. Don’t be scared.” Fluttershy then tripped on her back on the sand. She was too scared to even stand back up, but felt her anxiety ease when Sunset Shimmer took her by the hand and carefully lifted her back up. “First, I want to apologize for threatening you back then, but you shouldn’t bring yourself down. You’re really a sweet, caring girl. Without you, the world’s a much darker place.” She gently hugged Fluttershy to prove how deeply she felt about what she said. Fluttershy smiled as she hugged Sunset back. Once they both broke the hug, Sunset turned her attention to Rarity. “Rarity, you’re the only person I know who would stop every project she’s working on to offer what she has to a friend. And all at a cost to yourself.” “I guess some of those dresses I made wouldn’t have happened without you. Tell me, did I make you a swimsuit you were just wearing an hour ago?” “Yes. I know you couldn’t remember but you always know what my style is. Your mojo is the best thing about you.” Sunset said. Rarity happily clasped her hands together after hearing those generous feelings from Sunset. “And Pinkie Pie.” Sunset walked up to her. “Your not only the funniest, but also the best friend anyone could ever have.” Pinkie Pie gasped with her hands covering her mouth. She immediately hugs her tightly. “Ohhh! That’s the greatest thing that anyone has ever told me!” “Okay can you please let go of me!? You’re crushing me!” Sunset gagged. Pinkie let go of her while Sunset caught her breath. All she had left was Twilight, who still kept her distance. Sunset walk up to her and reached out to take Twilight’s hands in her own. “And you, Twilight. The whole reason why you transferred to Canterlot High was because of me.” She wrapped her arm around her shoulder. Twilight was scared since she still remembered Sunset yelling at her in the games. “I didn’t mean to yell at you at the games because we were in the wrong this whole time. I’m really sorry for being angry at you.” Twilight smiled, silently accepting the apology, but she still had a question. “What do you feel about me?” “I’m always there for you, like any best friend should be. That’s the reason why you’re here. I’m always there for you and you’re not afraid to embrace your magic.” A sunny smile crossed onto Twilight’s face. “I guess without you, I wouldn’t be friends with the Rainbooms.” She said. She and Sunset hugged one another. A friendship had been rekindled, and this time, they wouldn’t let it end. “I forgive you Sunset Shimmer.” “And so do I,” Rarity said. “Me too,” Fluttershy added. “We all do,” Pinkie said, initiating a group hug. Sunset allowed a single happy tear to roll out of her eye. It seemed she had succeeded, but had to make sure. “So does this mean-” “You’re our friend!” They all said together. “You girls are the best. Thanks for forgiving me.” Sunset said, holding everyone closer. They broke the hug and faced one another, never to part again.. “So the Memory Stone has all of our memories of you?” Applejack asked. “Yes, but we will find it later,” Sunset said. At the moment, she took off her shirt and skirt, revealing the swimsuit Rarity had made for her earlier. “But, for right now: let’s enjoy ourselves on the beach.” “Big time!” Rainbow shouted. They all splashed into the water, enjoying their moments together. As for Sunset Shimmer, she had never been so happy that her friends forgave her. She now had a new lesson to report to Princess Twilight on what she learned that day. Forgiveness is Friendship.
  8. Futurama - Seymor Waits (Jurassic Bark) Futurama - Grave Scene (Luck Of The Fryish) Futurama - Who is Inspector 5? (Lethal Inspection) (MASSIVE SPOILERS) Futurama - Fry and His Mother (Game Of Tones) Adventure Time - The entirety of "I Remember You" Adventure Time - Simon Loses Himself (Simon & Marcy) Adventure Time - The Future Of Ooo (Lemonhope) Adventure Time - Johnnie disappears (Bad Timing) Adventure Time - Being Grown (The More You Moe, The More You Moe) Batman The Animated Series - Baby Doll's breakdown (Baby Doll) Batman Beyond - Mr Freeze's Final Moments (Meltdown) We Bare Bears - Burrito Justice League - Sitting With Ace (Epilogue) Avatar The Last Airbender - Leaves From the Vine (Tales of Ba Sing Se) Samurai Jack - Grand Finale (CI) Regular Show - The Ultimate Sacrifice (A Regular Epic Final Battle) (Massive spoilers) Courage The Cowardly Dog - Courage's backstory (Remembrance Of Courage's Past) Kung Fu Panda 2 - What Really Happened to the Pandas? Transformers Beast Wars - The Rest Is Silence (Code Of Hero) Transformers Beast Wars - Transmutate's Final Moments (Transmutate) Steven Universe - I Think Your're Pretty Great (Rose's Scabbard) Steven Universe - Amethyst takes Steven To the Kindergarten (On The Run) My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Find A Way (Magical Mystery Cure) My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - The Perfect Pear
  9. Woohoo

    What's Wrong With Me?

    I couldn't really think of a good title -_- *sigh* There's no easy way of saying this, but lately, I have not been feeling myself. I've been contemplating on talking about this for a while, but after being inspired by Jeric's recent blog, I feel it is time for me to really open up and tell you what is wrong with me. First off, and I'm going to be pretty frank here, but behind my upbeat sounding username and cheerful avatars and signatures lies a somewhat ugly truth: I am not happy. I haven't felt truly happy for a long time. Now you're probably wondering 'Why are you unhappy?' Well, a lot of things, but I'm only going to focus on the three biggest. Loneliness Loneliness is a bitch... and I think that's an understatement. Most of my life, I've struggled with loneliness. Even though I enjoy the occasional "alone time," it's growing less enjoyable and more unbearable. I want to have more friends and possibly even a girlfriend. One of my resolutions this year is to be more social... and I'm failing miserably at it. Every time I try to be social, loneliness keeps me chained up. Whenever I'm with friends, family, or anyone I know, I just lock up mentally with a bored expression on my face... just like Maud Pie. I think my inability to be social stems from the fact that I have Asperger's Syndrome (or whatever it's called now), which is a "mild" form of Autism. I also have a difficult with eye-contact and maintaining a conversation because of ASD. Most of the time, I just stay silent, fearing I might put my foot in my mouth. No matter how hard I try to be social, loneliness always has me by the throat. Disappointment This is something I've been bottling up for a while now but I can't handle disappointment as well as I thought. Disappointment for me is like a nuke going off and everyone I'm near gets caught in the blast and fallout. There are countless times where I've been disappointed with myself and others. Usually I'm disappointed with myself. It's probably because I'm a 26 year old single adult who still lives with his mother and still works a minimum wage job. It just feels like I can't accomplish anything in my life... at least not without help. There are also times I've been disappointed with others, even when it was no big deal. For example, the Season 5 finale "The Cutie Remark" disappointed me so much that killed my interest in MLP for an entire year! Eventually I gained the interest back, but I still fear I'll get that one episode or moment that'll disappoint me beyond repair. It's no wonder I still haven't seen the movie. I try my best to keep expectations as low as possible, but even then, I still find a way to get disappointed. I don't know why I feel this way. It feels like I'm still a kid... Stagnation A couple months ago, I turned 26. Then something dawned on me: my life is in a rut. In fact, 2017 was probably my most stagnant year in a while. It feels like all I do is wake up, eat, drink, shower, work, sit on the Internet, gym, and sleep every day and year. Occasionally, there's some exciting event like a vacation or a concert, but those are very few and fond. I think the reason for my life stagnating is my lack of ambition and having no goals. Thinking about the future always overwhelms me. Hell, when I was in third grade, my teacher asked me what's my goal in life and I said "my goal is to not have goals." Looks like that statement has bit me in the butt. Also, whenever I try to pursue a hobby or any interest of mine, thinking that maybe this might be my career, I always burn out on it. Looks like I'll be a busboy for the next 40 some years. However, if there's one thing I want to accomplish, it's a relationship... which, of course, I'm also failing miserably at. Maybe I should just embrace my loneliness... no, I can't give in loneliness! I actually did start a new hobby last year in the form of Musical Manslaughter, in which I rant on music. However, I don't think that'll last long as my other hobbies... There are a lot of other things wrong with me, but I don't feel like explaining every single one. These include: Bad communicating Bad (or selective) memory Laziness Sensory issues (don't tickle me) Addicted to the Internet (especially here at MLPForums) Difficulty feeling empathetic/sympathetic Easily frustrated and overwhelmed Low Self-esteem So that's wrong with me. This is something I've wanted to get off my chest for a while now and I'm glad I did. I can breathe again. This is not the lowest I've been in my life, that was 2010-2014. Now before you ask, no, I don't need your help. It's not like you can come to my house and hug me (though that would be nice.) These are things I should deal with on my own. Sorry for my incessant rambling but I felt like I needed get this out of the way. Woohoo out.
  10. Fixer the 7yo philly unicorn foal is in Intensive care in a medically induced coma with suspect brain damage after coming off his go-cart at 50mph and cracking his head off the road surface then the wall and not wakeing up since the accident. Police ponys and Canterlot gards are working together questioning officals as to why the 7yo foal was alowed to race without a helmet on even tho he was strapped in at the time, The go-kart in question has been taken away for examination after rumors that it looked tampered with in some discription but firther speculation is unclear at this time as this story is still developing.
  11. twilightsparkle3562

    Sad Wrath of an Angry Prince

    After Lord Tirek's defeat, Shining Armor angrily confronts Discord for allowing Cadence and Twilight to be put at the mercy of Lord Tirek.
  12. twilightsparkle3562

    Sad Tears of a Hearbroken Princess

    Twilight Sparkle wanted nothing more than to see the Northern Stars on the Zeppelin Cruise with her family. But thanks to Iron Will, who was running the cruise, her dreams are smashed into pieces. Saddened by seeing Twilight's heart broken, her family does everything they can to try and console her. Author’s Note: This story is to serve as how Twilight’s family SHOULD have approached the situation when Twilight started sobbing after missing out on the Northern Lights.
  13. Well... Taking a stab at romance writing. Figured it was high time I threw myself to the wolves. Feel free to take a bite. Seriously though. I am posting this due to the sudden nature of this story becoming one of my favorite that I have worked on. I have another story, but it is slated to cap out at 800k, this one is a one chapter a day write based on OC's who are brought together, seemingly by fate, to help comfort one another throughout their lives. It is my first real crack at a love story and has so far been getting pretty good feedback in my dm's. But you know what they say, the more crit you get, the better you get over time! ^^^Link to da sauce!^^^
  14. “Wow! Nice Spread!” Spike exclaimed happily as Pinkie Pie presented him a whole plate of gems. Of course, it made the dragon crave for them, and creatures like them can chomp on them faster than any pony would say a phrase regarding diamonds or jewels. As for Pinkie Pie, she had something in mind as she walked by him. Suddenly, she then rapidly took out and set up a desk light, and her toothless alligator, Gummy, bit Spike’s tail. “It’s all yours, Spike. All you have to do is... talk.” “That’s it? Oh, you got it.” Spike couldn't find anything to say at the least, but decided to go with it. “Okay… uh, beautiful weather we’re having, eh? I love a sunny day, don’t you? The birds chirpin’ and the flowers bloomin’... I mean-” “No, no, no. Talk about our friends.” Pinkie corrected. Spike nodded. “Oh, okay Let’s see, there’s Twilight Sparkle - She’s a unicorn. Good with Magic, A real brainiac... And then you got Rarity - Total knockout. I mean, Twilight seems to think I don’t even have a chance with her, but… eh, what does she know? Anyway, There’s… there’s Fluttershy, a Pegasus who’s afraid of heights. Heh, what’s up with that?” Pinkie became more annoyed and furious at Spike’s random details. She impatiently approached to Spike’s face with her eyes looking straight to his. “Grr! No! You’re not understanding me! I want you to confess!” “Confess?” Spike tilted her head. “Confess!” Pinkie yelled. “Okay! Okay! I’m the one who spilled juice all over Twilight’s copy of “Magical Mysteries and Practical Potions!” “And?” Pinkie expected more from her. “...And I used up all the hot water in Ponyville yesterday when I took a seven-hour bubble bath!” “Aaand?” “...And sometimes… when no one’s around… I do this” He took out a mirror and stood in front of it to flex his muscles. “Lookin’ good, Spike! Lookin’ real good!” Pinkie Pie felt awkward and confused at Spike’s personal secret, and pushed the mirror away from Spike. “No! No! No! No!” “W- Well, What do you wanna hear? Tell me what you want me to say, and I’ll say it!” Spike boasted in concern. He couldn’t take the stress he was getting from Pinkie Pie, but things get worse when she came close to him. “Are my friends are all lying to me? Are they avoiding me because they don’t like my parties? Are they saying they don’t want to be my friends anymore?!” Pinkie shouted uncontrollably at Spike, panting in anger. Spike grew light tears, but he still managed to say what she wants him to say. The problem is whether or not she would believe him. “Okay! Your friends are all lying to you, avoiding you ‘cause they don’t like your parties, and they don’t want to be your friends anymore!” he sobbed as he got off the chair and ran downstairs, traumatized after getting yelled at when leaving Pinkie Pie’s house in a hurry. As soon as he entered Twilight’s house, he zoomed upstairs and cried by his bed. “I don’t deserve this! I didn’t do anything to her!” he continued to sob, refusing to leave an inch away while Pinkie went back to her normal self two hours later. Indeed, her friends did throw a party for her, as far as she was concerned, but she wouldn't understand the aftermath of why her parties were hated. While everyone was enjoying the party, Twilight noticed that Spike wasn’t with them. “Hey Fluttershy. Do you know where Spike is? I haven’t seen him in hours.” Twilight asked her friend. “I don’t know… I'm not sure where, in fact…” Fluttershy replied until Twilight walked up to Pinkie Pie for an answer. “I don’t know. Maybe he’s at home taking a bubble bath...” she said happily. “Do you remember the last time you saw him?” Twilight interrogated. “Well, you girls were keeping this party a secret from me, so I needed to interrogate him for some answers.” “What did you tell him?” “That you were avoiding me and don’t like my parties.” Pinkie blurred out. Twilight considered it preposterous. “Are you nuts? We never avoided you, and we do like your parties. We were busy throwing this surprise party for you.” “Really?” Pinkie sid in I just needed to find someone who’s siding with you.” But this made Twilight confused. “But Spike wasn’t helping me all this time he was just in my house.” “Wait, he wasn’t helping you at all?” She said as she stood in place. “Yes I mean he was in my house doing some chores for me. Do you know what happened to him?” This made Pinkie speechless about the situation. “I kind of yelled at him because I needed to find out where you and your friends were doing.” Twilight became shock of what Pinkie said. “Pinkie why you have to be so aggressive towards him?” “I gave him a plate of gems.” “Did you know he eat any gems?” “I don’t think he did because he ran downstairs for something.” Pinkie replied with a shrug, which made Twilight give concern, and warn her friend. “He must of got traumatized because you yelled at him, Pinkie. Spike didn’t deserve this. You do know he’s a baby dragon, and he would never go against you.” Pinkie had no idea. “But, I gave him a place of gems! He should’ve been happy about that.” “Just because you gave him something he loves doesn't mean he’s going to forgive you after yelling at him.” Twilight corrected. “He’s probably crying at my place.” Pinkie lowered her head, feeling guilty of what she did to Spike. “Do you think I have to talk to him?” Twilight placed her hoof on Pinkie's shoulder. “He would probably come to this party if you do.” *** Pinkie walked out of the barn and headed to Ponyville as quick as she could. By the time she approached Twilight’s house, she opened the door saw darkness. She tried calling out to Spike, but there was no answer. It was then she heard sobbing in the distance that was not too far. She walked up the stairs, and saw that Spike was in Twilight’s bedroom, covering herself with his blanket on the bed. “Spike? Are you okay?” she walked up to him. Spike slowly lifted up his head and turned to her in light shock. “Leave me alone! I didn’t do anything to you!” Spike yelled. “Wait! I’m sorry that I shouted at you. I thought you were siding with my friends.” “Why would I ever avoid you? I said I did nothing!” He sobbed. “Look... I know what I did was wrong, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't come to the party.” Pinkie confessed. She then sat by Spike and bit his blanket to move it aside, seeing that Spike was still filled with tears in bed, looking away from her with his arms to block his eyes in fear. “Awww. Come on, Spikey Wikey.” She used her hoof to move his arm out of his view. Her face gave off an ounce of cuteness, hoping that it would cheer him up a little. “This may look a little personal, but there's something I like about you...” Pinkie added. Spike got his head off the pillow and paid attention to what Pinkie had to say. Pinkie began, hoping he'd never turn again. “When you and Twilight came to Ponyville, it was bizarre because you came from Canterlot - A place I never went to. And, it was surprising that I never met someone who never had any friends, even after they arrived to Ponyville.” “Why is it bizarre? Twilight isn’t weird.” Spike retorted. It was then Pinkie put her hoof around him. “It’s because you're a dragon and not a pony. I mean, I felt off when I saw you since we never had an animal who can talk and so friendly. Also, remember the times we hung out, like the commentary we did during the race?” “Oh yeah. The Running of the Leaves...” Spike recalled. “And remember we had a fun time calling it?” “Yeah, it felt awkward, but it was fun.” Spike smiled, wiping his eyes. He was starting to feel better after talking to Pinkie in a calm way. In fact, things started to feel a little calm for him. “Why is it awkward?” “I was disappointed that I couldn't do commentary, but when you added me in, I was happy. But during the whole time, you made jokes about food. Not that it was a bad thing, but it felt really off...” “It’s my thing to entertain and make people laugh. Some commentaries can be funny when someone wants it to be, even if it's kind of off.” Pinkie explained. “Well I guess I wasn’t prepared for a commentary team after all...” Spike laughed nervously. “It’s okay. My point is that I like you; You're very cute and helpful.” Pinkie smiled, making Spike feel a little more better. As a result, Spike got on his feet and tried to think about what to say to her. “Well…. I say that you're very….” He paused multiple times. “Yes?” Pinkie waited with a slight grin. “...A very… great friend.” He finished. Pinkie gasped after hearing his words before hugging him tightly, making Spike breathless. “Awwww! Spikey…. I don’t know what to say… you're the best dragon I have ever met!” Pinkie cheered. “Okay! Can you let go of me!?” Spike uttered in a choking tone, closely turning to a different color. Pinkie let go of him, still putting her hoof around him. “You know, I was kind of regretful when I yelled at you so I should probably be more kind to my friends who don’t betrayed me.” Pinkie said. Spike felt absolutely better after the talk he had with Pinkie. He still was a little traumatized but she has an idea to get it off his head. “So, do you want to come with me to Sweet Apple Acres to my party? I’ll give you some ice cream, to make the bad times go away.” Pinkie offered. “Okay. I will come with you.” Spike accepted. “Yay!” Pinkie Pie grabbed Spike and placed him on her back. “Ready for a ride?” Spike gulped as Pinkie hopped her way out of Twilight’s Treehouse, making their way to Sweet Apple Acres. Spike and Pinkie’s friendship may be improving, and would become stronger, despite any consequence come what may. After getting yelled at, Pinkie still apologized to Spike after the misunderstanding the two had. They may never hang out that often, but when they're together, they always make a great team on making people happy, anywhere they go.
  15. Purple sky

    Sad The days as Tempest-Remorse

    The days as Tempest - Remorse Credits for the picture:neonkitty17(DA) My name is tempest, my name is tempest, my name is... The though risp and slash its way in to my pure being. I stand over one of Stormkings soldiers. My metalhoof clamed against his chest. This one happen to be not so loyal, this one is a traitor. As part of my training and a perfect chance to show the Stormking that Im not a cute little pony anymore, I will make him scream. When I look back at this day it becomes clear that my mind was somewhat clouded. I so dreadfully wanted to show the world and not at the least my self that I was bigger and better, faster and stronger than anyone else except...the Stormking. I longed for the day that the Stormking would take me in as his apprentice. With his knowledge in combat I would soon become a fearsome leader myself. It almost brings out a laugh now days, the naive though that the Stormking was my key to becoming something in the world,to belong somwhere. Now in my new life ,which I describe in this diary as the quite days,I try to visit the makeshift graveyard I built as often as I can. Its just a block of stone really, yet tough and raw around the edges, just like the person it belong to. The stone visual only one symbole, three blue shapes and a red diagonale line. Everytime I visit this place I try to remmber the fallen traitor, trying to guess what he did wrong, why he was not allowed back in to the pack that day like me an the others. I was never told, nor did any of my research find why he was meet with this terrible fate. I often curse myself for the event that day. Back then I was driven by hate and fury then after the Stormkings my selfcentered ignorance become totally visible and like whise my guilt. Today I honor that man for standing up against something greater than himself. Even through his death, his act of defiance spread a messeage to me, a message of clarity, that one day... One day could I become something different.
  16. C. Thunder Dash

    Sad If I Could Go Back...

    If I could go back... To that one day... Where all was carefree and gay Where no one or nopony hesitated to offer a snack... What would I do...? What would I say...? Would the hurt go away? Would they see me as somepony brand new? Would somepony be against me? Would they hold a grudge? Would they see the new me? Would the image of the old me in their mind not even budge? I am scared I am afraid With the impression I've already made... I don't think I'm even prepared... I am a beggar inside... Always wanting and needing But with my selfish gain and pride...*sniffle* How could I...fess up and...say what I...really need...? I know s-she was there... ...and left chase her dreams... I...*sniffle*...can't undo it all This biggest...*sniffle*...fall... If...I could go back...I would *starts sobbing lightly* Heal all the wounds that I...inflicted... I know it's never too late...but... All my guilt is making me feel so...constricted...*still sobbing* I'm strong... I-I'm brave...*sniffles trying to recover from her sobbing* But...I feel so...weak... Like...I'm...all alone in a cave... Please... If you can hear me... I-I wanna start this over...*stands up and wipes her face with a talon* And make it right... Because now I see it...and understand... What is now...but our future...will be brighter than the brightest all of the land... ~Gilda A freewrite I did one day when I was thinking. Hope you guys like it.
  17. Made a song for Luna, took 2 days to make, I think it turned out ok. Fear of Eternity style again cuz he's friggin awesome. Lots of looping, cuz I’m lazy. This was also my first time using SFX, which was a ton of fun. I totally didn’t reuse those drums from Fields of Somber Fear though, nope. Bonus points for noticing that Luna’s Theme I threw in there. Made this in February btw, totally fergot to post this here though, whoops. Program: FL Studio 12 BPM: 124.97
  18. Hey, I actually posted this topic back in early April. I've been working on and brainstorming ideas for a fanfic that I hope to have out in July. Its an alternate ending to Lesson Zero where somepony dies during the events and Celestia has to hold Twilight accountable. Celestia Incarcerates Twilight in a northern prison that is hundreds of miles away from ponyville, where she is cut off from her friends and family. As she serves her time, her character begins to change as she becomes less of a nerdy bookworm and more aggressive, before being visited by the res of the mane 6 and realizing that she had turned into a monster. I've already greenlighted the project and I'm shooting for July 11th as my launch date complete with the first 5 chapters and coverart. That being said, I am looking for editors who can revise and edit my work. If you're interested in applying as an editor, please PM me or contact me through deviantart.
  19. NomadSpellbrush

    Her First Night

    As she lies down on her stained, stinking mat which barely cushioned her against the cold ground, Twilight exhaled heavily as tears began to fall down her face as thoughts began again to race through her mind. She began think about things she had already thought about. She knows that the Want-it-Need-It Spell she casted was a Class 3 Banned spell, and that Mr. Cake had died in the scuffle that followed. Twilight knew that she would be held accountable for her reckless actions and lack of judgement. Nevertheless, she kept wondering about several things; How long was Princess Celestia going to put her away? Will her friends and family still love her when she gets out? Will her life return to normal after she had served her sentence? What will happen to Spike while she's incarcerated? What will happen to her in prison? Just the thought of having to spend years in a dingy, cold prison cell far away from her friends and family and surrounded by criminals sent chills down her spine. All of these questions and more would be answered tomorrow, when she goes to court to be judged and sentenced. "Get a hold of yourself Twilight." She said to herself. "You'll make it out of this. You can get through." To alleviate stress and to take her mind off her predicament Twilight thought back on the days when she was a little girl. She was a lonely little filly, with no friends and was socially awkward throughout most of her childhood. But despite her anxiety, she always had Princess Celestia to comfort her. She had always looked up to the Princess as something of a second mother who guided her when she needed her the most. But has her heart began to warm up from her sweet fillyhood memories, it fell back into a state of cold sadness and fear, because that same Princess that she loved her whole life was now going to put her away in prison to live with other criminals. Tears flooded down Twilight's face with hard and heavy sobbing. Eventually her tears began to form a puddle on the cold, dusty, concrete floor. Truly, her heart was broken. For those of you who do not know what is going on here, this is part of a Fanfic that I have been working on for some time now. If you want more info on it; click here: Tell me what you think, let me know in the comments.
  20. Vainamoinen

    Depression and Coping

    I have confession to make.......... when I get really depressed, I hurt myself.... I will sometimes lock myself up in my room and just..... mess legs up..... with blade..... even though I've had good times recently, it always comes back... feeling of worthlessness..... I feel like I have no place......... why does this happen so much?
  21. Lunarpalette

    When you miss your Best Friend...

    This my not be a real memory but it is a representation of the fun we'd have in the past. This picture is dedicated to my best and he knows who he is (and maybe you too if you can tell who it is). I am so glad for this guy and blessed to have him in my life! It is wonderful to have even one good friend
  22. Lenny

    Sad a

    Removed due to sch sez
  23. Lunarpalette

    The Rain of Expectations

    When your best isn't enough. When situations are out of your control. That's what I feel. How can I be so drol?
  24. Week 3: A Start Of New Madness Location: Equestria (Now A Ghost Town) Temperature: 20*F Mean While in Equestria. Unovas saw that Deathmare's army inslaved all the casualties in cages. They stood still in fear of what is going to happen next to them. Unovas glided down towards them. Their eyes were big and some were closed as they cover their heads with their hooves. Unovas smiled evilly at them and said to a young defenseless boy "My what a cute face you have. Ha ha. Too bad your mom won't recognize you after a little experiment we will conduct on you." He then reach out at him. Attempting to grab him and the mother pulled her son away. The mother shouted at him crying "You leave him alone! He is just a child! I'll go! Just don't hurt him! Please!!" She then begged at him. Unovas then laughed hard and said "How pathetic! A mother protecting her weak waste of life son! Hey Deathmare come and take her away!" Deathmare came and saw the pain in her eyes and he ignored it then forced her out of the cage. The son try to grab her by the hooves, but failed to do so. As the cage slams shut. He then recognized Deathmare and pointed at him then said while crying "Why are you doing this? Didn't your mom and dad teach you anything? Let me say goodbye to her one last time please." Deathmare thought about it and then let him say his goodbyes to his mother. Deathmare saw this and in his mind was thinking "......What have they teach me....yeah right. They are full of lies..Besides they made me suffer. Now its their turn and that pony will be last." He then pull her away and ventured into the cave where the people are stored for experiments. Deathmare entered the cave and the woman was looking at him crying still. She muttered "Just why? We didn't do nothing to you. If we did then we are so deeply sorry. Well accept you, just don't do this please!" Deathmare looked at her annoyed and went the cave. He then put her in a pod that is made out of unbreakable glass. He said to her "Just quit crying. It was your people's fault is why I am like this. Just shut up or I'll make you." Right before he left she then said "I knew your parents. They were never there for you weren't they?" Deathmare replied to her "Why should I care? They were already dead and good that they were. Now shut up or your son goes too." She didn't say another word to him. Deathmare then left the room and the cave. He then rejoined with Unovas and he was upset at him. Unovas said "What took you so long? I was busy trying to shut this kid up!" Deathmare replied "She wouldn't stop crying either and had to do the same thing. Lets get started then, I have the sample of the zombie virus." *Extracts it from his body on to his hands* *Gives it to Unovas* "Good! Now then my little children are you ready now for a new makeover. Ha ha ha ha. Lets see here." Unovas pointed at them and laughed. "Who to chose, who to chose. Is it you, nah. How about you! Or you!" Unovas then flew up and combined the virus with a sample of his power. "This new virus shall make you people my mutated soldiers of destruction! Now then!" Just as he was about to drop the virus on everyone. Deathmare said "Wait the boy! Let me get him. We can do more with him and make the virus even more stronger. He will be our little servant." Unovas said "That a good idea! Fine, get the boy!" Deathmare glided towards the kid and got him out of his cage. He didn't cry this time. The kid could only just watch in horror and tries to look away, but Deathmare turned his head to face them. He then said to the kid "Look at them! They are sad aren't they. Aw don't cry I will make sure that this will be quick and painful!" Unovas then raised his arms with the new virus then drops it on everyone. In horror the kid watched them mutate into something that is non existent. Their arm were twisted and had their skin stretched out. They were screaming in agony. Some of the had no eyes or mouth. They sounded like they were happy with their looks and bowed in front of Unovas. Their faces looked stretched down and some were unnoticeable. The rest grew in size and shapes that they were distorted. Some could even fly for a while then crash down. Unovas laughed smiling "There we go! My new army! Now then my people! We will go forth towards to sanctuary to infect the rest of the beings that dare defy me! My army! Go!!!!" As he pointed towards the direction of the path that leads to their sanctuary. His army started marching forward in a weird fashion. Some even fled that way to. "Now for the boy and his mother. What shall I do with you now hmm?" Unovas turn to face the kid smiling wide. The kid gathered the courage and said "I know how t get there.The force field cannot allow you guys in there can it." Deathmare said to Unovas "This kid has a point you know. We can't enter there, not even this army can't through it." The kid said to them "Just please don't hurt my mom. She is all I got. You can torture me as long as you like. Just please don't do anything to her." Unovas laughed "Ahh, such bravery as a son will offer up himself to me. How touching! Not! Well use you for now and we do have something special planned for your mother! Oh don't worry she won't be harmed. Heh heh heh. Yet! Lets go!!" The kid didn't say a word just arguing would make it worse on him and his mother. His tears ran down his cheeks and think in his mind "Mom I am so sorry, please be safe and will always be with you.." Deathmare and Unovas headed towards the sanctuary with the kid at hand. The army made a lot of groaning sounds and some made screaming sounds in a scary fashion. What will the people do at the sanctuary to protect themselves? How will this army be stopped and more importantly Unovas himself? Find out more in the next part soon. End of part 3.