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Found 117 results

  1. Phosphor270

    Science Do You own a Telescope?

    Does anypony here own a telescope? If so, what kind and how big? I own several telescopes. Each one has it's own purpose. 90mm Achromat refractor (astrophotography telescope) Celestron C90 - 90mm diameter (My travel telescope) Celestron C8 - 8 inch diameter (planetary imaging telescope) Skywatcher 16 - 16 inch diameter (High resolution planetary imaging)
  2. So what's ypur favorite type of science? I've always liked science, but my favorites are: Astronomy: I've always been fasinated with Outer Space Meteorology: storms, lightning, tornados, hurricanes, and any thing else weather related has always been something I've loved. And finally, Biology: the scientific study of animals, and life in general has been another one of my favorites.
  3. I have some light pollution towards the eastern horizon, but it's nice and dark overhead and everywhere else. I can see the Andromeda Galaxy, countless stars and the Milky Way stretching across the sky with the naked eye. The clouds at night are generally dark and can sneak up on me when observing thru a telescope.
  4. I was just wondering if there was any others out there that had a saltwater tank or reef tank?if so list your specs Size? Fish? Coral? Center piece? Equipment?
  5. Well do you ? I do , for too long sometimes .
  6. Just a question I am thinking about lately. Do you believe in the existence of aliens? Do you think there maybe any intelligent life-forms like us humans or maybe higher? If higher then how do you define higher? What about their physical appearance and abilities? Do you believe they'd also have religions and beliefs like we do? What's your general opinion about them?
  7. Scientists, astrophysicians and other people who are interested in our universe have discussed this subject many times throughout the last few decades. What lies beyond our known expanding universe. that has been expanding for the last 13.7 billion years? Our universe is extremly big, we talk about (atleast) 92 billion lightyears. But what is beyond that? Just more universe? Nothing? A Multiverse with billions of other universes? Or something else entirely? What do you think?
  8. Posted here because horse-related.
  9. Feel free to debate. Express your opinions. I belive in the Bible and creation. And the earth is 6000 or 7000 years old.
  10. The Celestial Conjecture Abstract: In this article, we explore a question as old as MLP itself, one that traces back to the very first episode: How does Celestia and Luna raise the sun and the moon? We attempted this question using evidences from MLP episodes along with some of the most fundamental laws in physics such as Einstein's theory of relativity. Working with the assumption that the Equestria sun has similar propeties as the our sun, we made the argument that the Equestria sun has similar size and positioned at a similar distance away from Earth as the moon. We further propose the three celestial bodies, Sun, Moon and Earth are not in orbits with each other but stationary relative to each other. Finally, we conclude that Celestia and Luna raises the Sun and the Moon with their magic in the most literal way by positioning them above the land of Equestria during day and night respectively. Quantum Pony 1 1 Theoretical Pony Science, Pony Department The Institute of Pony Studies SW8 3AZ Equestria Introduction: (contains extremely minor spoilers from S02E11: Hearth Warming eve) Day and night in Equestria are brought magically by Celestia and Luna, and before that, by group of unicorns as shown in [1]. On the otherhand, in the world we are familiar with, magic is not required to bring forth day and night as it is achieved by the earth's orbit around the sun. Several questions are raised from this: Does the Equestria solar system follow the same heliocentric (earth around the sun) model as our solar system or does it follow a geocentric model (with sun around earth). Interesting and detailed discussions of this can be found in [2]. But a more important question is the role of Luna and Celestia. Is the whole "Celestia raising the sun" simply a huge lie to keep them in power and ensure no pony would overthrow them as it would endanger equestria itself? It is therefore the purpose of this article to investigate just how does Celestia and Luna raise the sun and the moon. Some Physics prelude: As stated in Axiom 2 of the previous entry, we will be assuming the laws of physics that works in our world works in Equestria universe as well. Although this does not mean there isn't new physics concepts in Equestria as well (which I am sure there are plenty). Luminosity: To investigate the question laid out in Introduction, we need to know the role played by the sun in order to sustain life on earth. As outlined in [1], the Earth ponies needs the alteration of day and night provided by the unicorns in order to grow food. It can be computed using the surface temperature of the sun, its radius and distance from earth the amount of power (per unit area) we receive here on earth. In our universe, this adds up to about 1380Wm-2 (where W is Watts, the unit of power). So the distance, d, the size, R, and the temperature, T, of the sun needs to be appropriate in order to provide that much power. Although the ponies may not need exactly 1380Wm-2 we will strive for something at a similar order of magnitude. The equation for the luminosity L (defined as the power per unit area) is: L = (some constant) x T 4 x R 2 x d -2 From this we can see the role played by inverse square law, basically, the closer the sun is to Earth, the greater the luminosity. So to have a large sun very far away is similar to having a small sun very near Earth (assuming they have the same surface tempreature T). Special Relativity: Now we turn our attention to the next topic: Special Relativity. Special relativity, formulated by Einstein, is one of the greatest achievements in the 20th century. It gives rise to what is arguably the most well know equation: E=mc2 . But there is another consequence of special relativity, one that is even more important and controversial in the old days: Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. This is arguably one of the most firmly established and tested law in physics and we must assume it to hold in the Equestria universe as well. Otherwise, we will not be able proceed at all with any form of physical theories after Newton, and assuming faster-than light travel causes a lot of problems with causality as well. Hence, we propose the following: Theorem 1: Magic is a fundamental force of nature. Corollary: As any other fundamental forces of nature, Magic cannot travel faster than the speed of light (300,000km/s). The Equestria Solar system: Position of the Sun, Moon and Earth: In our universe, the moon is positioned dmoon=4x108 m away from earth with a radius of Rmoon=1.7x106 m. On the otherhand, the sun is positioned dsun=1.5x1011 m away from earth with a radius of Rsun=7x108 m. The position and size of the sun gives the correct luminosity to sustain life on earth. One interesting property is that the ratio Rsun / dsun is approximately equal to the ratio Rmoon / dmoon . Infact, this is the reason why the moon and the sun looks the same size in the sky! The importance of this in our investigation will be obvious soon. In [3-4] there are several incidences where the sun is raised by Celestia. One of the most important thing to notice is that as Celestia raises the sun (the moment her unicorn shines bright with her magic), the sun immediately moves as well. But if the sun is at a distance 1.5x1011 m we know it takes about 8 minutes for light to reach the earth. Hence, her action of immediately moving the sun (which if counting her magic reaching the sun and the light from the sun to reach us, should take 16 minutes) would violate Theorem 1 as stated above. To ensure special relativity and hence causality to hold, we need a sun much closer to earth for what happened in [3-4] to make sense. From [5], we can directly compare the size of the sun and the moon in the sky and it shows they are approximately equal, similar to our universe. So we have two conditions to meet: Condition 1: The sun must be near enough to almost immediately react to Celestia's magic Condition 2: Its luminosity must be such that it can sustain life on earth and appear as the same size as the moon. Miraculously, both of these conditions can be met! Proposition 1: The sun is just as bright as ours but has the same size of the moon and placed at approximately the same distance away from the earth as the moon. This is near enough for Celestia's magic to cause an immediate reaction of the sun (with about a 2.5 second delay) and bright enough (~1380Wm-2) to support life on earth. Hence explaining the scenes in [3-4] as well as not violating special relativity. Of course, we can place a slightly larger sun slightly further away as well and still meet Condition 2, however, we need it as close as possible in order for Condition 1 to hold. Furthermore, due to the possiblity of an eclipse, the lower boundary on the distance is that it still needs to be further away than the moon. The actual movements of the Sun, Moon and Earth: When two celestial objects such as the sun and earth comes near each other, they will be caught in each others' gravitational pull. As a result, they orbit around each other, with the heavier body appear more still and the lighter one appear to move around it. This is how planets orbits the stars and moons orbits planets in our solar system. However, one of the reason this works is that out of all the fundamental forces, only gravity is significant in this situation. Equestria on the otherhand, has another significant force which is Magic. The ability of Celestia and Luna to move the sun and the moon shows this long range force is significant enough to combat gravity. Hence, it wouldn't be a surprise that the even though planets might orbit around each other before the time of ponies, when the unicorns came they stopped the orbit with their magic. As a result, one can make an educated guess that the sun, moon and earth are stationary relative to each other. Now lets get into some more detail. There are times in [5-6] where there is no one to perform the duties of raising the sun and the moon. If we consider the above theory that unicorn magic is the force that repels the gravitational attraction of the three celestial objects, wouldn't they collide into each other during its absence? The answer is yes. However, due to their distance apart, it would take a significant amount of time for this to occur such that in the time frame of [5-6] there wouldn't be a significant difference in their positions in the sky. This can be computed using Kepler's laws and the result is about 5 days. For more information see [7]. With these features established, the act of Celestia and Luna raising the sun and the moon is exactly what it is. They used their magic to position the sun and moon above equestria to create day and light. At night, the sun would be rotated to the otherside of earth and similarly for the moon during the day. Questions yet to be addressed: The propositions above solves some of the questions but also raised some more questions. For a star to be the same size of our moon is unheard of in our universe and seems even more difficult for it to be just as bright as our sun (since it needs to be at a certain size to sustain the fusion reactions in its core). Furthermore, the mean density of the moon is lower than that of the sun, hence for them to be the same size, the moon would probably have been heavier thus contradicting the comments made by Celestia in [8]. However, the above calculations maintains that the sun merely have to be approximately the size and distance of the moon. We can place it slightly further away, with a larger volume and lower surface temperature and still allows the same luminosity to sustain life on earth and keeping laws of relativity intact. Although the exact computations needs to be worked out. There are also questions about whether the Earth is flat or spherical. My personal view point is for Earth to be spherical and such arguments were already made in [9]. However, a flat earth Equestria would not significantly hurt the arguments above as gravity still works the same way. Celestia simply needs to take the sun to the 'backside' of earth. See [10] for a visualization of this process in a different universe. Conclusion: The position of the sun can be chosen to be approximately the same distance away from earth and with the same size as the moon. This allows a luminosity that can sustain life on earth as well as not violating the laws of relativity when Celestia uses magic to move it. Furthermore, the sun, moon and earth are stationary relative to each other instead of being in orbit. As a result, Celestia and Luna raises and lower the sun and the moon by using their magic to resposition them above the sky of Equestria and thus bringing forth day and night. Future work can include doing some more computations so that the numbers adds up and considering other effects that a smaller and closer sun could do to Equestria. Acknolwedgements: Quantum Pony is grateful of all the insightful and stimulating discussions in mlpforum and fimfiction. Quantum Pony is supported by the Equestria Potato Grant. References: [1] Williams, M et al. (2011) S02E11 MLP:FIM [2] Batbrony et al (2013) The Solar System of MLP: Ptolemaic or Copernican? mlpforum [3] McCarthy, M et al. (2013) S04E02 MLP:FIM [4] McCarthy, M et al. (2014) S04E26 MLP:FIM [5] McCarthy, M et al. (2013) S04E01 MLP:FIM [6] Haber, J et al (2016) S06E25 MLP:FIM [7] Scileander et al (2017) If you were to fall the the distance that the Moon is from Earth, how long would you fall? [8] Lewis, J et al (2017) S07E10 MLP:FIM [9] Ponitten et al (2016) A theory that could prove that Celestia doesn't raise the Sun after all, mlpforum [10] Summit Entertainment (2016) Gods of Egypt
  11. Tell us your thoughts on how you guess the future is going to be like. I'm hoping we can start colonizing the solar system in my lifetime, wouldn't that be awesome? I don't know how many people like me are out there, but I just absolutely love the idea of colonizing other worlds. I would really like it if every planet in our solar system had humans living on them or in orbit around them. Do you think humanity will ever do that? How about teraforming planets like Mars, or colonizing other solar systems? I sure hope so. On earth there are potential technologies that can save our planet's environment and ecosystems and other amazing things. Fusion is the technology they are working on that you should keep your ears on, because if it ever becomes a reality it's going to be a huge change.
  12. Say, if humans (or a race of humans/mutants) had a mutation that caused their blood to be flammable, how would it affect their society and their daily life (e.g. in ancient, medieval, and modern times)? And how do you think it would affect relations between firebloods and non-firebloods?
  13. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Science How Do Crystal Ponies Work?

    How do crystal ponies work? They are completely see through, how do they work? How they eat? Is everything they do inside there body seen, like eating? It just seems very odd and I don't understand.
  14. I looked around and was surprised I didn't see a thread discussing space and stuff. So here we go. Discuss the universe, the endless reaches of it, different bodies, matter, all that fascinating stuff. Post new findings from NASA, Hubble, Kepler, you name it. Name what you find the most interesting about it, favorite planet, whatever I think it would be better to discuss new findings in space, too, like new planet discoveries, New Horizons' Pluto flyby in a thread like this, than to make separate threads on them. The possibilities for discussion and debate are endless, so, discuss away!
  15. Today, the world has lost a great mind, and an even greater human being. Groundbreaking physicist Stephen Hawking passed away earlier today. Known as much for his work in regards to the study of space, time and black holes as much as his ability to accomplish it all persevering through ALS. Though not quite as well known is his sense of humor and the ability to light up whatever conversation he is having. May his legacy live on.
  16. GuerrierCosmique

    Science Esperanto

    Saluton "ponefratoj"! Does somebody here speak Esperanto? Currently I learn it. That's an artificial language created in the 1880s by Dr. Ludwik Zamenhof to serve as world language. He lived in a city with Poles, Russians, Germans and Jews and thought that many conflicts arose due to the language barrier, so he got the idea for an international auxiallary language. It's created to be as simply as possible to learn, while still having the precision and subleties of complex natural languages. It's special point are the same endings for all words of a grammatical category, for example, nouns all end in -o and adjectives in -a. With those endings and certain a-, in- and suffixes one can create neccessary words from word stems, so the number of words you actually have to learn is quite low. "Poneo" means "pony" and "frato" is "brother". They can easily be melted into a compound noun, like in Greek and German. The -j is the plural marker, like -s is in English and French, while "fratino" (the suffix -in is for the female gender, as it's used in German) means sister (literally "female brother"). The word Esperanto itself means "the one who hopes", esper- is the word stem for hope (it's taken from several Romanic languages), while the suffix -ant (from French) is for "people that do something", and then comes the -o to make it a noun. "La espero" (la is the definite article, just like "the" in English) means just "the hope" while "espera" is "hopeful". You can create whatever words you want, like "spacbatalanto", my ponysona's name Space Warrior (spaco = space, batalo = fight, -ant = the one who does something, -o = ending for nouns) or "planedestrino" for "female ruler of a planet" (planedo = planet, -estr = boss of something, -in = female gender, -o = 'cause it's a noun). "Doktoro Esperanto" was the pseudonym under which Dr Zamenhof published the first Esperanto book (Unua Libro aka The First Book). He called the language just "La Internacia Lingvo" (The International Language), but since that's a bit long and generic, the name of the book's author became a synonym for the language. He choose that name because he hoped that his creation would one day become the global lingua franca. "Global" means that all people on the planet learn Esperanto, to use it in international situations, like as a foreign ex-change student, on a vacation or when reading a translated novel. Dr Zamenhof never thought of Esperanto to replace other languages. It's a point of critic that modern-day English is used in non-English speaking countries in situations where it isn't neccessary and many fear that a world language would totally destroy diversity. But Esperanto wouldn't. Esperanto gained a lot of attention shortly after it was published. Millions of people in all of Europe started to learn it. There were congresses and clubs all over the continent. It could have become a world language. Unfortunately, this changed because World War Two. The Nazis hated Esperanto because Dr Zamenhof was a Jew. Adolf Hitler called it a Jewish secret-language for world domination in Mein Kampf. The Nazis banned Esperanto, closed all clubs and murdered many Esperantists. Dr Zamenhof's family was targeted for extermination. After the Second World War the rise of the United States as global superpower lead to English as de facto functional world language. But English is not international - just like Latin isn't Vaticanian - , it's imperial, since it's only so popular because the British Empire once ruled the seas and the United States are so dominant in politics, economy and culture of the Western world since World War II. But who knows what's going to happen in the future. Another constructed world language (that never became one) was Volapük, created by the German Catholic priest Johann Martin Schleyer after the had a dream where God told him to create a world language. It's name means "world speak", vol means world and pük is speak, both where taken from those English words, in fact nearly all words where derived from German, French and English. Volapük was a bit popular after it's publication, too, but Esperanto replaced it. Menade bal, püki bal - Eine Menschheit, eine Sprache - One humanity, one language Interlingua was an international auxiallary language that was used for diplomacy during the Interwar period. It has an extremely simplified grammar and takes all words from Latin and Romance languages. The most recent project for a real world language is Lingwa de Planeta. People at a Russian university work on it since 2010, it's based on the most wide-spread languages in the world. There are also lots of artistic languages that belletristic writers create for fictional worlds. The Elvish tongues Quenya and Sindarin from J.R.R. Tolkien's Legendarium (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion) and Klingon from the Star Trek TV series are the best-known examples. Those three can be used, but most others have only fractual grammar and a restricted vocabulary, so they can't be spoken. But that doesn't bother somebody, since it'd be useless except at SciFi/Fantasy cons.^^
  17. I have seen and watched some dumb stuff in my life. People charming snakes and chimpanzees for entertainment, lying on bed nails, and Filthy Frank. But this? This might take the cake for being the most dumbest thing ever concocted by the human mind. So my vote is fake since the term ‘Dehydrated Water’ is an oxymoron. The whole point of water is to hydrate yourself from the thirst. Why dehydrate that which is built for the sole purpose of hydration? Is there anything more dumb than this? I’m curious to know.
  18. Hello, dear Bronies! Could you please help me? I'm a psychology student from Poland and my professor gave me an interesting task, I need to conduct a survey about some unique hobby. As 'My Little Pony' is a subject close to my heart, I've decided to use it. I thought that maybe here I'll find some kind people who could take a moment and fill it out for me. Thank you!
  19. Blizzard Wind

    Weather/Meteorology talk thread

    Since I've not seen any weather related topics here, I might as well be the one that makes it. Here, we can talk about what's going on in the world weather wise.
  20. King of Canterlot

    Science Ever been through a tornado?

    I was watching some storm-chasing vids on YouTube when this question popped into my head, have any of you guys been through, or at least seen a tornado? I haven't but there was one time a tornado passed within a few miles of my grandparents house, it was dark though so we never actually were able to see it, only the damage done by it in the morning when we went driving around the country side.
  21. Hello everyone! I hope it is allowed to post this. I need as many responses as I can get for my anonymous servey for my research project for college. It is regarding prescription medicine and sleep. This is the survey: Prescription Medicine and Sleep ! It is completely anonymous. I will use the responses for my large scale research project for my college class. Thank you for reading this and considering to help me. Have a great day!
  22. Janelle Shane, a research scientist, recently trained an artificial neural network (artificial brain, if you wish) on the data of over 1500 pony names of ponies from the MLP Wiki to see if it will be able to generate new pony names. She shows the result of this experiment on her Tumblr. Some of the names are really crazy but most of them are really funny (My personal favourite was Raspberry Turd ) She brought some of the ponies from the list to life by using GeneralZoi's Pony Creator, and she shows some of them in her Twitter post here: as well as on her Tumblr page. At first I thought that she trained her neural network to generate ponies so I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that it was just the names. But then I had an idea: why don't we try to train the artificial brain to actually generate the pictures of ponies? You think that it's impossible? Well, not at all! Because, in case you didn't know it, the Pony Creator has an interesting feature in the Advanced tab: it generates a special string of letters and digits, so called ponycode, that succintly stores all the information needed to recreate that pony design again by copy-pasting it into the text field in Pony Generator :> Here's an example pony code that I came up with: 313W000100FE7ABA9E9EFE1010137BC3BN3183700H200020213FCCC7FF7FFF06107F3FCC004CB2 When you copy this ponycode and paste it into the text area in the Pony Creator, you should see a crazy pink Unicorn pony with short cyan mane Now, neural networks are good at pattern recognition and fiddling with numerical data, so the ponycode is a great representation they can work with. But the neural network requires a lot of training data with example ponycodes to learn how to make good-looking OCs. And here's where you can help the Science :> I already contacted Janelle on Twitter and asked about the ponycode trick, and here's what she replied: So are you ready to help the Science? What you need to do is to come up with a cool design of a pony in Pony Creator, and then copy its ponycode from the Advanced tab and post it in this thread, along with its name (if you named it) If you already have your OC ready along with its ponycode and you don't mind it participating in the experiment – even better If you can post multiple designs in one post – better still! I'll tell Janelle about this thread so that she could collect the data on the go and feed it into the NN. Just please, make sure your OC will keep up with the standards of the show. If it looks like other ponies you could see around trotting in Equestria, then it's fine. But if it is some crazy design with eye-hurting colour combinations – add an according annotation! (e.g. "BAD OC" or "CRAZY") Perhaps such data could be useful too, for a separate experiment (e.g. training a neural network to come up with terrible OCs that might be interesting too – how terrible it could be ). But for the main part of the experiment, we better don't let the artificial brain to train on these :q
  23. Since hurricanes Harvey and Irma had hit the US and the Leeward Islands, including Puerto Rico, now Maria is forming to hit the Leeward Islands, including Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic again. It seems that no matter how nice we are to Mother Nature, seems all she cares about is senseless destruction to many normal lives, even giving them nothing but pain and misery, not to mention the endless suffering. You can try and contribute to nature, but nature itself will never return the favor and resort to causing as much destruction as possible so that many people will suffer from food shortages and electricity being knocked down, as are their infrastructures as well. It seems that this year, mother nature's bringing hell on the weaker islands, no matter how well-prepared they are just so many people (myself included) will be suffering a lot. Not to mention having nowhere to evacuate due to inadequate funds. Anyone else realizing that Mother Nature is just not nice in general, no matter how much we try and improve?
  24. Hi. If anypony interested, I made a list of all words appearing in every single episode of MLP aired to this day (September 4th, 2017), grouped and sorted by frequency of appearance (that is, how often it appears in the show). Here's the link to the text file with the list: I'll try keeping the list up to date with upcoming episodes (if I'll have enough time), or at least after every season. "What's the use of such a list", you may ask? Well, beside knowing what English words appear the most often, one can also check how many times a certain pony is mentioned by name, or how many times something else is mentioned, or if it is mentioned at all. One can also see what words are the least frequent and try to find out why (maybe there are some scientific reasons behind it? who knows...). The file is automatically generated through a bit of Bash scripting voo-doo magic (don't worry, I'm not that crazy to do it by hand! ), so maybe I'll try to make some comparisons later about how the word distribution changed from season to season (I predict that there might be a big change of the frequency for the word "elements" and "harmony" after Season 4 premiere, we'll see if I'm right... ;-J ), or maybe which characters had some more spotlight than the others. For example, the word "twilight" appears 846 times and it is 65th most frequent. The word "pony" appears 665 (almost satan, heheh :q ) and it is 88th most frequent. The word "princess" is just three positions lower (91st), being used 652 times. The word "friends" appear 650 times, and it's 93rd most frequent. "Friend" appears 376 times. "Friendship": 337 times. "Rainbow" is 95th and appears 625 times. Next one is "Pinkie", 624 times. "Spike" closes the first hundred, being 98th most frequent and appearing 610 times. "Rarity" is 115th, appearing 502 times. "Applejack" is 125th, being called by her name 459 times. The last pony from the main six is Fluttershy: 439 times. Celestia is 218th, mentioned 204 times. Luna is 299th, mentioned 101 times. Starlight is 233th, appearing 180 times. "Ponyville" is mentioned 451 times. "Equestria" 370 times. Canterlot: 164 times. Manehattan only 65 times though :q The word "cutie" appears 499 times. The word "everypony" appears 491 times. The word "apple" is used 473 times, being 122nd on the list. Interestingly enough, Rainbow Dash's favourite word "awesome" appears the same number of times as Twilight's favourite word "spell": 175 times :q So why is it that when Rainbow Dash says her favourite word, pretty much everyone picks it up and finds boring/repetitive/overused, while nobody is complaining about the word "spell" when Twilight (or anypony else) uses it? :q Psychology is weird... There's one more reason I made that list: I wanted to know which words appear most often in the show, so that I knew what words should I make first in my Unicorn Language I have a little problem with it, though, so if anypony has some ideas about how to solve it, I'm all ears The problem is that at the end of the file (well, not just there, but the end of the file is cluttered with them the most) there's a lot of words that aren't exactly words, but some onomatopoeic strings of letters, like "aaaah", "woo-hoooo", "mmhmm" etc., or things like "omigoshomigoshomigosh" or "yesyesyesyesyes" etc. – things that I'd like to get rid of. But it seems that it's not that easy to get rid of them Sure, the easiest thing would be to remove words that have any letter repeated more than twice. But that would remove only the most obvious crap. Things like "mmhmm" still follow a "correct" pattern of English words – if it accepts things like "commemorate", it will also accept "mmhmm" :-/ No idea about the "yesyesyes..." stuff, though I can remove them by hand, of course, but that would be veeeery time-consuming and a waste of time anyway, since after a new episode comes out, I would have to repeat that process again after regenerating the files One idea that comes to my mind is to use some kind of a black list and add all problematic words to it by hand. I would have to do that only once, and then just make another script that would remove every blacklisted word automatically every time the list would have to be refreshed. But maybe there's a better way I haven't thought of?
  25. In this short entry, I will try to list of the Axioms or fundamental principles that we should follow in order to investigate the scientific laws in Equestria. Most of the science we encounter have two main branches, Theoretical and Experimental (there is also computational but not sure how we can investigate that in Equestria given computers doesn't really exist there...) . Since we cant really carry out experiments (as we do not live in Equestria), we can only investigate evidences that are presented in MLP episodes. And our job is try to explain these phenomenons and formulate a complete picture of science in Equestria. Axioms: Axiom 1: Anything in the Equestria universe displayed in an episode / movie are considered to be Facts. Note on Axiom 1: We should not assume all scientific theorems that works in Equestria universe works in Equestria Girls universe. But this does not mean they don't overlap at all given that they can travel from one universe to the other. Axiom 2: Scientific theorems and laws that are true in our universe is also true in Equestria universe. Note on Axiom 2: For example, we can assume Newton's laws of motion to be true in Equestria universe as well. Although there can be scientific laws in Equestria that are absent in our universe. So to be more exact, the laws of nature in our universe forms a subset of the laws of nature in the Equestria universe. This is the least number of axioms I could think of in order for us to proceed. Hopefully we won't need more in the future but we shall see . Next entry: Lets test things out