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Found 135 results

  1. Since hurricanes Harvey and Irma had hit the US and the Leeward Islands, including Puerto Rico, now Maria is forming to hit the Leeward Islands, including Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic again. It seems that no matter how nice we are to Mother Nature, seems all she cares about is senseless destruction to many normal lives, even giving them nothing but pain and misery, not to mention the endless suffering. You can try and contribute to nature, but nature itself will never return the favor and resort to causing as much destruction as possible so that many people will suffer from food shortages and electricity being knocked down, as are their infrastructures as well. It seems that this year, mother nature's bringing hell on the weaker islands, no matter how well-prepared they are just so many people (myself included) will be suffering a lot. Not to mention having nowhere to evacuate due to inadequate funds. Anyone else realizing that Mother Nature is just not nice in general, no matter how much we try and improve?
  2. Now, since I’m in a country in which winter is non-existent here, I’m kinda wondering how is winter and snow like in your place, the Western World. I’ve only seen winter about 4 times, and actual snow only one time. So, snow is kinda like a foreign object to me. You guys see it almost all the time, so how is it like? Is it nice, or is it cold and blocks roads?
  3. I was watching some storm-chasing vids on YouTube when this question popped into my head, have any of you guys been through, or at least seen a tornado? I haven't but there was one time a tornado passed within a few miles of my grandparents house, it was dark though so we never actually were able to see it, only the damage done by it in the morning when we went driving around the country side.
  4. So, I was watching one of the episodes in MLP, and I though: Are ponies way overpowered compared to humans? I mean, sure, we have access to nukes, missiles, jets, tanks, warships, and explosives, and intelligence. However, in one scene in MLP, Starlight Glimmer and most unicorns showed the ability to teleport from one location to another at light speed, something which humans haven’t even invented yet. And, Twilight Sparkle and other unicorns have showed the ability to spawn and transform items from cups to birds, out of thin air. Pegasi, on the other hoof, have the ability to control the weather and create natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning storms, and typhoons. They also have the ability to create rainbow nukes, as seen from Rainbow Dash in one episode, and the ability to summon lightning from the sky. Also, there are ponies like Princess Celestia and Luna who are capable of moving the sun and moon with a bit of power. Besides, in a fanfic, Fallout: Equestria, the main pony, Littlepip, who is a unicorn, showed the ability to lift stuff like train cars, which weigh 30 tons, while the most strongest man in the world, only managed to lift close to 6 tons. She also is capable of lifting stuff like huge rocks, bookshelves , and wagons, and has shown the ability to create weapons out of blood, which apparently is impossible on Earth. The other characters, have also shown to create magic shields, and have the ability to fly. Soooo, what do you guys think? Are ponies really wayyy powerful than humans, or are humans more powerful than ponies? Tell me below!
  5. Space is endlessly fascinating. In our galaxy alone there are hundreds of millions of stars, many most likely containing their own planetary systems, with those plans potentially having their own systems as well. With so much potential wonder and mystery, it makes me think of what it would be like to visit at least one of these far away places. Even somewhere in our solar system would be pretty far. So my question to you all is this: Out of what we know about space, what one place would you love to visit? Provided we had the technology to do so safely of course. I 'would' pick Jupiter's closest 'famous' moon Io, particularly because it just sounds quite alien compared to most moons or even planets, but also because it is the closest of the more famous moons to Jupiter, potentially allowed us to see that behemoth of a planet at a fairly close distance. The only problem? Io is absolutely littered with tons of volcanic activity. However, if I could I would definitely go there. If not there, then Pluto.
  6. Ever heard the phrase "if you eat a block of cheese you're 1% cheese?" What if you eat a chunk of meat from a real pony? Are you 1% pony? You are what you eat????
  7. I wonder why there are so many gay romance material targeted towards the opposite sex consumer? (gay fiction for women, lesbian pornography for men) Come to think of this, even I consume those material or fantasize about them, but I don't know exactly why. I could easily presume the reason behind a heterosexual person fantasizing themselves being with the other sex, or a homosexual person being with the same sex. Those are pretty much self explanatory. But why would someone fantasize about two homosexual people that has no business with the person imagining? (maybe some people does fantasize about those couple also having a business with themselves, I don't know.) Can someone give me some reasonable explanations and thoughts about this? I came up with some hypothesis. A satisfaction from observing two people who are both attractive to you. A tendency of excluding any presence of the same sex person in the fantasy. An expectation of having both of them (they are bisexual). "I'd like to have an orgy but I'm not gay." "I can empathize with both of them, and whatever happens between them, the effect is double." A countermeasure for the case when your harem turns into a battleground, and you are too fainthearted to handle it.
  8. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but what are your thoughts? If we had the budget, could we use surgery to mend one's bones and limbs to look like the mlp show accurate ponies? Warning: Some may find the following a bit weird Of course we shouldn't replace limbs as for nerves can't regenerate. The only limbs we would remove are the fingers and toes and rounding of the hands and feet to make them look more like hooves. Rotating the knees and elbows would be needed. We would also shorten the Femur, Tibia and Fibula as well as the the Radius, Ulna and Humerus and find a way to make walking on four comfortable. If we shorten the bone there would be some extra skin and meat which would mean we would have to shorten that too. This was we can make the human-pony 3-4 feet tall. Elongating the neck might be a good idea but we might not want to mess with the spine since it contains vital nerves. There have been many facial surgeries in the past so I imagine we could add a snout too as well as creating the ears. If we could genetically add growing fur that would amazing or if not full body tattoos of a desired shade of color would do fine. We just have to do this a few billion times and change some of the everyday environment to adapt to our life style. Lastly we can rename Earth to Equestria. IF WE CAN'T GO TO EQUESTRIA WE SHALL BRING EQUESTRIA TO US! So what are your thoughts on the subject? How would the eyes be done? Would this be a good fanfic? Would this be good real life situation? How would the new borns look? we would still have the same DNA and chromosomes Here is my other forum similar to this topic
  9. Just a question I am thinking about lately. Do you believe in the existence of aliens? Do you think there maybe any intelligent life-forms like us humans or maybe higher? If higher then how do you define higher? What about their physical appearance and abilities? Do you believe they'd also have religions and beliefs like we do? What's your general opinion about them?
  10. i was wondering this and thought i'd try to get your opinion
  11. Heres the deal… As a fun way to say thank you to this awesome community.I have come up with something I think will be kinda fun to do! So as you all may know, I have a saltwater reef tank..thats never been named and is about to get a huge facelift, in-fact phase 1 starts this Friday.. Anyway, heres where you all come in, I want you guys to come up with a name for it, as it will now be the community tank! Heres how this works… you guys come up with names, submit them in the comments and i’ll add them to the list, then after I get enough, I'll let you all vote. Now the fun part! The winning name will be engraved on a glass plaque and added to the tank which will be in all the upcoming videos I've been asked to make for it. Now the one who comes up with the winning name will get a commission of there OC done by @Trix or Treat?, paid for by me, and ill also be making a donation to the Gallery of Goodwill. Just a small way I wanted to say thank you to you all. Official name is Aquastria!!
  12. Everyone knows how wonderful and amazing this blue planet of ours is, but which of the other 8 (Yes, I am including Pluto) planets is your favorite? Saturn is my favorite planet in the solar system!
  13. When I was a kid, a year seemed to go by very slow. But as an adult now, a year seems to go by very fast. Why is that?
  14. Some people still believe the earth is flat. I know it's total bullshit, but what is your opinion on the matter, and what do you think of people who still believe this?
  15. Scientists, astrophysicians and other people who are interested in our universe have discussed this subject many times throughout the last few decades. What lies beyond our known expanding universe. that has been expanding for the last 13.7 billion years? Our universe is extremly big, we talk about (atleast) 92 billion lightyears. But what is beyond that? Just more universe? Nothing? A Multiverse with billions of other universes? Or something else entirely? What do you think?
  16. I have seen and watched some dumb stuff in my life. People charming snakes and chimpanzees for entertainment, lying on bed nails, and Filthy Frank. But this? This might take the cake for being the most dumbest thing ever concocted by the human mind. So my vote is fake since the term ‘Dehydrated Water’ is an oxymoron. The whole point of water is to hydrate yourself from the thirst. Why dehydrate that which is built for the sole purpose of hydration? Is there anything more dumb than this? I’m curious to know.
  17. Say, if humans (or a race of humans/mutants) had a mutation that caused their blood to be flammable, how would it affect their society and their daily life (e.g. in ancient, medieval, and modern times)? And how do you think it would affect relations between firebloods and non-firebloods?
  18. So ran across this article and story again recently, hearing about it originally back in 2016. Reviving the Brain Dead Bioquark (very mad scientist like name for a company BTW) is looking to use stem cell research and injections to possibly bring the clinically brain dead back to life. To specify, brain dead is for those who are still "alive" physically, but with no actual brain activity, and in most cases no hope for it ever happening, thus in many of those cases, just keeping them hooked to machines keeping them alive due to hope that they make regain consciousness at some point. In many of these cases the victims of such a predicament are already declared deceased by the state.... although this can very across different areas. In many cases death is only declared in the absence of heart and lung functions, but for some complete loss of brain activity is enough. There are very mixed opinions about this, with some feeling it may be possible, while others consider it is a flight of fantasy with no hope for success. Still, many families cling to the possibility that a loved one could be revived and whether or not this will succeed, it is still a small sliver of hope I am sure for many with the end result of having someone they love and cherish returned to them. For many scientists there is not enough evidence this has any hope of working, and is indeed really just built on a foundation of false hopes and is only tormenting families already dealing with a nightmare situation... and is in truth a cruel joke being played upon those holding out for some form of recovery. It opens up several doors into the future of course if this does end up becoming a success... since it could reverse many of the horrible situations families now go through who lose a loved one partially, condemning them to a sort of undead state neither fully alive, nor truly dead, trapped in a prison they cannot escape. There have been some tests in the past that have shown some improvements in patients dealing with comas, stroke, cerebral palsy and brain injuries... but brain death is a completely different beast altogether. Then there is the topic of laser therapy, which has had little if any effect on patients since its start. The biggest difference being argued is that in the cases of those showing improvements, they all have injured brains, but still very much active and responsive... where as those suffering brain death are completely unresponsive and have no activity at all. There are also some problems in that there are situations with patients that are declared brain dead, who are not truly brain dead, and as such recovery leaves much of the treatment suspect as to the true ability and potential. What do you think? Is this something we will see an advancement of in the future? Will people suffering from this be brought back, able to regain their lives.. or is it just medical quackery backed by desperate families and the dreams of doctors that truly want to help others, but are doomed to failure? Should we accept those suffering from this fate as deceased and let them go, or fight for their survival and possible recovery? I am always thrilled with the possibility of advances that can help people and treat those suffering from ailments most of us could never imagine. Sure it can sound very Frankenstein or outlandish... but many things in the early pioneering stages of certain medical treatments and recovery often are. We have to start somewhere in exploring such a concept, as it will never just magically manifest on its own without someone to start taking those early steps to what may or may not be possible. I hate the thought of families dealing with this scenario, and would love to see a future where it is no longer a reality. And yes, I know someone will be DYING to use the following joke so I am doing it for you to rob you of the satisfaction. "If this works, we can use it on Trump! (And a whole host of assorted politicians and world leaders)
  19. I have some light pollution towards the eastern horizon, but it's nice and dark overhead and everywhere else. I can see the Andromeda Galaxy, countless stars and the Milky Way stretching across the sky with the naked eye. The clouds at night are generally dark and can sneak up on me when observing thru a telescope.
  20. Women are the primary caregiver of children, and they have a maternal instinct that children respond to. And let's be honest here, who would you rather watch and babysit your children, a male or a female? There's a reason why most babysitters and nannies are females.
  21. Even though fathers don't want to admit it, women are usually considered the primary caregiver of children, and are more likely to be closer to them than the father is.
  22. What is your favorite school subject? Mine personal is art and creative writing.
  23. If technology would allow you to make your life significantly longer or immortal by enhancing your body mechanically or replacing it completely would you do it?