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Found 1738 results

  1. Update: As of today, November 18'th 2018, this thread is still open for anypony. I'll try to edit in monthly about this, but be assured that unless anything else is written, I'm never gonna bar or abandon this thread. For anypony looking: This thread is never getting closed for new joiners, veteran, regular or fresh faces alike. If you want in, there is room for your OC. There is also room for those wishing to play the cannon characters such as the mane six, the princesses and so forth. Claimed cannons are: Twilight Sparkle. Played by @Seamore Sandwich and @EQ_Theta. Princess Luna. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Princess Celestia. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Derpy. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Fluttershy. Played by @EQ_Theta. Pinkie Pie. Played by @Storm Shine. Rarity. Played by @Widdershins. Sphinx. Played by @BloodDrops. To gain exclusive control of a canon character, contact me about it, and we'll take it from there. Take notice: This isn't a thread focused around my pony, it's meant as a place where anypony can start off, or join in for some fun. Consider it a newcomers intro cauldron into roleplay, with added spice of whoever else wants to come around. With that being said, on to the writing. Further notice: Even if it seems like everypony here have their own and it's impossible to join anything, don't be discouraged to join. If you want to interact with the current groups going at their random thing, just write yourself in and we'll take it from there. If you want to start your own angle, begin something, and in case you haven't gotten a response in about 24 hours, I will then make an NPC or see if some of my OC's are free and make sure you're not alone. TImelines: In case you prefer an evening setting or want to write with somepony as in *The next day* It is allowed, though not further than a day ahead of everypony else. The timelines can fit easy into eachother if it's in a span of 24 hours. Less easy when we talk weeks apart or something like that. The thread link: Hello everypony. Been about 4 days since I've joined the forums now and everything here have been good so far. Except that I can't find a good place to start some role play, as the existing ones seem to be focused on very out there ideas that I, as a new member, can't really just jump into since I haven't even gotten a feel for the roleplaying aspect of my character yet. It made me think though, with all the other new people I've seen join over the last few days, perhaps I'm not the only one who could use a place to quietly ease into this? As such, I present an idear here that I hope that somepony - newcomers or not - would also think could be a good thing to join in on. A simple, no-focused thread going on around/in Ponyville that can let everypony have their say in things. There will be no directions for this, just a begining, and then we'll see where the plot will takes us. If you would like to join this, and/or if you might have an idear added, then go ahead and post it. After a few days I'll see if there's enough here to start something, and then make an open thread in the actual roleplay section if there's enough interest. My character Blitz Boom is living in the Everfree Forest, but she makes trips to Ponyville once in awhile, so any place around the town is basically a good place to start. As for rules, I only have a few. No graphic murder/overly strong violence: A fight or something may be fine enough, and a death can be acceptable if done right, but there's no need to make a casual thread into Friday the 13'th. No rushing/godmodding: No-one finds it fun when somepony just takes off with things without their consent. Give people a bit of time to breathe in between posts, and don't have them be dragged off by force unless it's been cleared with the person here in there OOC section. If you stop in the thread, let us know here, and write your character out in the IC part: I can't imagine anypony else wanting to wait around for someone that just upped and left without a word, so be respectful of others if you leave, okay? I can write you out in a small section if you have trouble doing so yourself, but a self-addressed solution is preferred. That's pretty much it. The rest is covered by the roleplaying rules (such as no explicit things etc) and other than that, I'd like to think I can trust you all to make the right decisions. Alicorns etc. is allowed, and everypony can decide for themselves afterwards if they want to take some of this as canon, but in case of alicorn join ups, consider it non-canon in general. ^^ If there's any questions or anything, feel free to pop it into this thread. I'll be checking with regularity. ((If you need some info on Blitz Boom, there is a link to her bios in my signature))
  2. I am looking for people interested in an AU ponyverse RP. In this universe, after the return of the Crystal Kingdom, another kingdom appears with the defeat of King Sombra. This kingdom is the Kingdome of Seasons. The rulers were two alicorns Fate and Chronos. But in order to undo the wicked magic that enveloped their kingdom they have sacrificed themselves into magical objects that now control the elements of time and fate in their stead. The new rulers are their children Thanos and Arete the aspects of death and potential. The two young Alicorns are heading to Canterlot to pay their respects to Celestia and Luna and recommit their kingdom to the rule of the two sisters. From there we will be having all sorts of adventures of getting to know Equestria after so long and various problems that arise in any of the known ponyverse locations. I am looking for people who want to play any known pony including Celestia and Luna as well as OOC characters. ( If no one takes the sisters before we get kicked off I will play them and they can be side characters rarely used until someone takes them ) RP Thread For those using an OC please post the following Name: Age (Must at least a teen): Hometown: (A place in Equestria) Species: (Pony, Dragon, Hippogriff, etc.) If pony, which race? (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony. No Alicorns.) Appearance: (skip if you have an image) Personality: If the character has cutiemark: What is the cutiemark?: What does it mean?: Relevant backstory
  3. Life in Canterlot Castle is rather unpredictable. There are guards, servants, cooks, two of the princess, and many more. Some ponies view it as a serious and professional place, but that is way far from the truth. In this slice of life style RP, you will play as a character of your choice. Character Limits: Guards: Unlimited Servants: Unlimited Cooks: One for now. Visitors: Unlimited Canon Characters: Talk to me if you want to be one. Currently only need Celestia and Luna. Canon Characters: Celestia: No one yet Luna: No one yet RULES: 1. No killing main RP characters unless it was planned in OOC. 2. No nsfw 3. Keep OOC in the OOC area and RP in the RP area. 4. No ghosting. (If want out of the RP, please post that in OOC and write yourself out in the RP area.) 5. Follow the guidelines for the Forums. (I'm sure you know that though.) 6. Ask permission and give description of your character before joining the RP. 7. Ask before jumping into someone's roleplay. Jumping in for ONE post to ask a character for directions or something is fine, but anything after will be ignored unless permission was granted to jump in. All people in that party must agree.
  4. PREMISE: It is a sunny afternoon in Canterlot, when a matte black Lamborghini Aventador with pink and purple pixelated splotches over the body pulls into town, "Forever Darkness" being blasted from the stereo. When it pulls up to the Diamond Stable Hotel and Bistro, and into the parking lot, where a young looking female wolf with long deep blue hair, li and in gothic clothing, Scarlet Rose, steps out of the driver side. After a while, Scarlet Rose leaves the hotel, but as she begins to wonder around Canterlot, it is clear that she is lost, and so she decides to make a stop at the cafe for a bite to eat and something to drink. Your Character: Your character, sees her in the cafe, and not having seen a creature like her in Equestria before (or in a long time, up to you), decides to approach her and start striking up a conversation with her. Where Things Go From There: Well, that's the fun part of the roleplay. Where things go from there and what happens, happens as time goes by, maybe your character offers her to live with them, or they go on a tour of Canterlot, or even on a date. Romance will happen at whatever pace the roleplay goes at. My Character: Bio can be found HERE Rules: 1. Keep it PG 13+ 3. No mary sue or garry lu ocs (So no OP Ocs thanks) 3. Regular forum rules apply 4. If unsure about something, feel free to pm me with a question about it 5. What I say goes 6. Above all else, have fun How to Apply: Simply PM me with a description of your OC/sona and interest in the RP, or Post a link to your OC/Sona in the comments with your interest in the RP.
  5. I have this idea for anypoony interested. It's an RP that takes place during and after the events of Rainbow Rocks. Basically it's an off screen romantic side story between Adagio and an OC who she sees could be useful for tasks they can't do themselves. At first, it's just Adagio being the manipulator and temptress that she is, but eventually, her emotions toward him start to become real despite herself. This doesn't interfere with the canon in the least bit, but it does add an extra dimension to the story. Plus, as the now permanently de-powered Sirens weren't seen being arrested or some such, who's to say they didn't have somewhere to go afterwards?
  6. So i am searching for someone to play someone who begins to have interest in my OC Tender Cotton. Things may and well get a bit awkward at first, due to his shyness and anxiety. How, when and where they meet can be discussed further, and either gender and any race/species is fine by me. Rules: 1. General Site Rules apply 2. No Mary-Sue/Gary-Lu Ocs 3. Canon Characters are alright 4. Keep it PG 13+ please 5. Please try to respond as often as possible 6. Please try to respond with at least a paragraph 7. If unsure about something, please discuss it with me 8. Above all else, have fun
  7. Hello everyone im Afiqlanz, I'm 18 years old and my currently oc is the yellow pony named Afiq, say hi bruh. Afiq : hewo o.o And to be honest im the owner of my oc usually i keep on eye on him in case of danger... Oh about me? Well here ya go :- Name :- AfiqLanz Age :- 18 Relationship :- Single County :- Malaysia And also hi... Any other oc's out there who like to meet me and my oc?
  8. Have a link to the OG thread for context on how to duel. Original Thread There is a tournament taking place in the magical land of Equestria, hosted by Earth's Seto Kaiba. Ponies from all across the land come together and duel to their hearts' content to claim an absolutely gorgeous prize... The Egyptian God Cards: Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, and The Winged Dragon of Ra. However, evil gathers around the tournament, wanting their hands on the Egyptian Gods. What will it take to stop those evil-doers? I'm mainly looking for participants who are interested in playing the card game. Also this will be attempted to be converted into a story for all viewing pleasure. Now, I'm going to leave a link to download YGO Pro. This is required when facing off with OCs against OCs.!0uBViArC!IlArObfQ5dDWwDrJW1RovgAoOQbUmk6S4cSWGSO1uYk You need to save your replays, and show what you're doing in the duel. In fact, you can have one person in your PMs tell the entire duel if you want, or you can split it up between turns. So who's ready to duel?
  9. So Im really into FNAF nowadays. I really enjoy roleplaying, so why not? Unlike me and roleplaying on normal condition however, I have a few things planned already. The character I will portray as mostly will be a reformed version of Purple Guy named “Vincent”. His real name is William Afton, but he refuses to say so, stating “Thats not my name.” The setting in the beginning will be in the office, where Vincent is working night shift. He gets attacked by an animatronic and like in the games, Vincent starts to see static. However, when he wakes up he is in EQUESTRIA as a pony. You can be another nightguard that got attacked alongside him (Mike Schmidt, Fritz Smith, Jeremy Fitzgerald, or Scott aka Phone Guy.) or you can be a good animatronic that somehow went alongside him (Freddy Chica Bonnie Foxy and their respective Toy versions. Golden Freddy aka Fredbear is a good one as well). You can also be bad animatronic (the Withered, Phantom, and Nightmare animatronics as well as Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie along with Mangle and Marionette, which those two are more neutral than bad..). If you are a “bad animatronic” you can still be good, just remember to have some sort of corrupted quality at least. Withered ones arent broken as often as Phantom, and Phantom ones arent as broken as the Nightmare ones, so remember that. You can also be a pony that either helps or goes against Vincent in his journey. OCs and canon ponies are allowed and you can be more than one main character. If you do want to use an OC, please post a link to it in your comment so I can approve of it. Edit: Oh, and heres Vincent as a pony:
  10. Hey everyone I been thinking of doing this rp for a while and I thought that in the spirit of halloween now might be a good time to try and start it. summary: When the inhabitants of an Island off the coast of Manehatten vanish, wanting to figure out what happened Celestia forms a team to find out what happened. but when the team arrives they become targets of things that now roam the island. Ok so if it wasnt obvious it is an Island overrun by monsters(varying kinds). it has three goals(though they are extremely vague so they can be rather flexible) 1.Survive(easy enough right) 2.figure out what happened to the Inhabitants(optional it is not necessary unless you want it to be) 3. Leave the Island RP rules ok so the basic rules apply here as any other rp.(this rp despite its premise is not gonna be a gore fest at most pg13 gore even that is a stretch) other than the basics there are little rules of interaction between characters in rp but keep it realistic please. now onto the joining phase of this is rather simple. this is gonna be a massive survival rp so limit on number of Players is nonexistant at the moment. ok so the players joining at first will be a part of the team Celestia sends to the Island, everyone after that is a survivor. next regarding characters, they cannot have any special powers(i know there are a few out there) if your character does they are just ordinary in this rp ok. also don't be afraid to ask if you have a question or even a suggestion this is supposed to be fun so if there is a problem let me know ok. now I am gonna list the types of monsters here when they appear:
  11. Due to a whole bunch of players becoming inactive and being non-committal to staying or leaving, despite having played key parts in the story, myself and the remaining active players of Mechquestria are rebooting the game. This will still be co-managed by Mystelf & @Emerald Bolt, We'll be using the same setting and characters. It's the future. Humans and ponies have made contact. Technology was introduced to ponies. Ponies used magic to further technological advances light years ahead, creating the worlds first technomagical devices, machines and programs. They made advanced cyborg parts that could be equipped and controlled from a distance. Eventually, entire robot bodies were built and controlled from home. A living mind could be digitized and permanently installed into a robot body. Eventually, Equestria developed the first self aware machines. Thinking, feeling, robots. A century later, Equestria has become a futuristic utopia. Princess Twilight now presides over the nation from within her own metallic chassis. Robotic ponies and cyborgs of all shapes, sizes and makes, now go about their lives among towering skylines. As far as I can tell, this RP will be the first to feature the option for robotic or cyborg characters. Though it isn't required. You can still play a regular pony or other creature in a futuristic world. Just about anything within reason is acceptable. The RP will be mostly slice of life, but will have a bit of an adventurous start. The game for the most part will be taking place in a college campus. All I'll need from you guys are: Name: Status: -Are you a living being? -Are you a cyborg? -Are you a robot? If so, were you built, or were transferred to a robot body? Race: Age/Years of Operation: Occupation: Cutie mark (if applicable) (yes, robots can get those too): Appearance: Or just post a character link Also, if you do intend to join, we ask that you be committed to the part. The original had to be scrapped to do key players up and quitting. So if your in, be in for the long haul, and if you do have to live, then work with us to write your character out so as not to grind things to a halt for the other players. Edit: Restart complete. RP is a go!
  12. Angels, surely one of the more majestic races to exist. What do we know about angels? We know that they carry immense power in them and that they can perform heroic feats as easily as we ponies breathe. What is more impressive, though, is their lore. Countless tales of celestial mothers have been told and even more rumors are spread about their dos and don'ts. Sometimes these angels would carry with them items of great value, swords, books of power, even amulets that have their inherent soul bound to it. You are a treasure hunter and have gotten wind of most of these rumors, so what you resolved to do is verify the rumors and see if you can be as legendary as the pony Daring Do herself! Do your research in different cities and face the adventure to find the relics that will put your name down in history... This adventure will have 3 different levels of difficulty and is HEAVILY focussed on resource management, the higher the difficulty gets, the less room you have to work with, but the better the rewards will be that await you. Easy~ The adventure is totally laid out for you and changes, depending on which choices you make. You start with a good inventory, neutral stance with tribes and a good amount of food. Medium~ You will have choices to take branching paths and a bit of a good starting setup, however, some abilities are always available to you and won't be prompted, so you could easily miss a lot of treasure and prestige. There will also be other treasure hunters and not all tribes are as friendly as you think. Hard~ All your actions are unprompted and you need to write what you are doing for an action, yourself, getting back the consequences as a reaction. Your start is rationed and you're literally setting yourself up to leave the safety of your village to find treasure in a world at war. Tribes have ALL gotten wind of treasures and many common to rare artifacts have already been found, but in this version there's a one-of-a-kind LEGENDARY treasure to be found. Can you keep your cool and get home safely with fortunes and riches? This RP is a repeatable 1 on 1 and people who want to sign up will have to wait their turn. If you register, please also tell me the difficulty you wish to have. l will keep a list of who's turn it is to get up next and please know that all RPs started will end on 1 of 3 conditions, namely: 1) All 5 Celestial relics have been recovered (minor artifacts can be missed if you are not careful) 2) When you die in any way 3) When a real-time week has passed (which auto-defaults you to going home with all the treasure you have) please note: RELICS THAT HAVE BEEN FOUND BY PEOPLE BEFORE YOU WILL BE UNAVAILABLE ONCE BROUGHT HOME (except for the celestial relics, or relics dropped by people who died, which will respawn in random locations), also, new RPs start every monday at 9AM GMT+1 (By invitation) and end saturday at 8PM GMT+1 Signups: (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, NO EXCEPTIONS!) Currently playing: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. *This thread will be checked at least once per day and RP/OOC-links will be refreshed when new RPs start* *this thread is only meant for signing up, questions can be asked, but don't use this as an OOC-thread, thanks* RP-link: Will be created upon the start of the RP OOC-link: Will be created upon the start of the RP
  13. Oki doki, let's get this going. My name here is Gainsborough, I'm comfortable playing canons and/or OCs, I would prefer it if you were too. I like MLP, I like EQG, I like crossovers, I like original ideas, I highly prefer FxF romance pairings but I can do others if the story is good, I'm pretty new here and I'm not used to checking often, but I'm mostly on Discord a lot of the time, if you want to contact me there instead of here, my Discord is Gpizano#2882. I feel you can see if you're compatible with an rp partner through discussion rather than just browsing through highly detailed search threads, so if you want to see if we can jam and come up with something awesome, feel free to contact.
  14. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a thread based on Starbound. For those who aren't familiar with the game, it's a 2D spacey sandbox with a bunch of different species and the PC plays what's essentially a space adventurer - you tool around from planet to planet, mining, fighting interesting wildlife, building settlements or just places for yourself, raiding ancient dungeons in order to take their furniture and so on. It's generally pretty casual and doesn't take itself excessively seriously, and that's the overall theme I have in mind. I do have some ideas to make the whole thing more accessible, though, and I'm also interested in everyone's take on it. 1} It takes place five minutes into Equestrian future - a starship showed up, introduced the pony civilization to the cosmos, taught them how to build other spaceships and, using magic and industry, there's now the possibility for ponies, as well as other MLP species, to go into space. Overall, there wasn't much of a cultural upheaval caused by the first contact other than opening of new frontiers. 2} There's no reason you have to play as a pony, obviously - you can be a dragon, hippogriff, yak, breezie or a buffalo if you wanted to, as well as any Starbound vanilla, modded or any other race, up to an including penguins, really. We're not really sticking to canon more than we have to here. 3} Likewise, you don't even have to be the captain of a ship. You can play a crewmember, settler, stowaway, pirate - whatever suits your fancy. 4} The RP takes place after the plot events of the main game - i.e. Earth has been destroyed and so has the Ruin. You might hear about these events, but they've come and gone. 5} I might hijack some elements of the Frackin' Universe mod, especially in terms of the lore, as well as implementing bits of the pre-release lore - after all, it's a big universe and each of the races has multiple sides to it, and there's nothing to prove that either can be wrong - or right - in their interpretation of things. Plus, I'm thinking of implementing a bit of headcanon for various things as well. What do you think?
  15. Hello! Thank you for checking this out, I'll do my best to make it at least seem intriguing lol. However, I would like to start by mentioning that I can likely post once a day but my life offline gets hectic sometimes and I might find myself too busy to be very active but I will do my best to let you know if I ever need longer than a day to post! :3 I prefer to be very communicative. Just as well, to get started, I'll be categorizing! Feel free to ask me anything based on what I'll be writing here if you need/want any clarifications :3 What I Am Looking For In A RP Partner Communication is key- just as I will notify you of anything important, I hope that you will offer the same courtesy (though I understand life happens!) High level literacy - someone who is comfortable and capable of writing in full sentences, paragraphs, and 500+ words at times. Ability to simplify writing - branching off from the latter point, I am looking for someone who is still capable of writing short responses, especially when the scene is mainly dialogue driven. I really don't mind short replies within reason. Ability to play multiple characters - while I understand I'm looking for a 1x1 RP, this also ties in to the second point. I am looking for someone who can obviously handle their main playable OC but there will come a time when our characters will be interacting with the world around them and it would be nice to have someone else who is comfortable throwing in a random OC-NPC out of the blue to accommodate the situation. For example, while walking into a tavern, our characters may want to order something. Depending on the flow of the game either you or myself will (without the need for prompting) generate a character to act as the wait staff or bartender; potentially requiring a cannon character may come up as well but I'm personally not expecting it. Capable of managing a long-term RP - this one is self explanatory lol I M A G I N A T I O N - I like a partner who is able and willing to go with the flow and try new things No meta-gaming - I believe this is in the rules but I would like to reiterate that anything mentioned in the OOC is never information that a character knows. For example, if you were to clue me in on something your character does/can do, I would not write Moon Glow to understand or expect what would/could happen. The Setting Equestria - 25yrs after Twilight opens her friendship school. The start of the game will be in Ponyville simply for the sake of ease. It's a simple town with a well-known layout and locations! However, we certainly don't have to stay here. The Plot With the new inclusion policies bringing the creatures of Equestria closer than before, many scientific and magical communities are taking advantage of the opportunities to study and learn all they could about former taboo topics (or topics consisting of incomplete or no data) such as cultures, relics, flora, fauna, and even the various spells and local folk lore that were once not even considered viable intellectual topics, to name a few. While there are still some who fear the blending of societies, they are more and more often the exception. Moon Glow, a young ambitious unicorn with a penchant for the supernatural, arrives in Ponyville by train after hearing rumors of a haunting taking place in a residential home and deciding that she would try to investigate. After all, it wouldn't be her first time luring a lost soul into the afterlife. >>>>> My Character can be found here! <<<<< So! A lot of this is super vague for the purpose of being workable. The plot itself is simply just a reason for my character to be out of the made-up town I designed for her initial character arch in something else, though it still works as a home-base! :3 Feel free to comment any questions and such! If you would like to apply, please provide your character reference as well as an example of your writing; minimum 150 words or a 3 sentence paragraph :3 just so I have an idea~ I would like to note, as well, I am open for more than one game. If you have any other ideas or would like to work something out, I'm definitely open!
  16. Hey everyone! So, this is an idea I've had for a REALLY long time, months at this point. I just never really got around to really putting it out there. The basic premise is that a huge sinkhole in Ponyville reveals a humongous, underground labyrinth/tomb that had gone unnoticed in the many years that had passed since the town was built. However, after this happens, strange things begin to happen all around the town. Ponies going missing, sounds in the night, typical horror cliches and eventually, ponies are sent into the catacombs to try and discover the secrets that lay within it, as well as figure out what's exactly causing all the strange happenings around Ponyville. IE, those poor unlucky sods are the ponies we play in the RP. I don't really have any sort of limit on how many people can join the RP, other than until I'm satisfied. Canon characters ARE allowed, excluding the princesses, though it's a first-come-first-serve basis. If anyone's interested in this idea, or have any questions, hit me up! I really hope to try and get this idea off the ground, it's an idea I've been wanting to do for the longest time. Canon Character Availability List Twilight Sparkle: Available Fluttershy: Available Applejack: Available Rainbow Dash: Available Rarity: Available Scootaloo: Available Sweetie Belle: Available Apple Bloom: Available Spike: Taken by me Other Canon Characters: PM me, I'll let you know if the one you have in mind is available or not.
  17. Almost two decades ago, the city of Cambraya sat tall and proud against the glittering expanse of the Frozen North. It was situated on the farthest side of Mount Everhoof, at what many considered to be the very border of the known world. Beyond it lay a vast expanse of lands untouched and unexplored. Cambraya was a small and humble city, hewn from cold, grey stone as rough and rugged as the landscape around it. There were only a few residential homes, clustered together at the city's heart, but besides those, Cambraya was absolutely dominated by sprawling research buildings, each capped with towering, imposing spires that acted as beacons on the horizon. The population was even more sparse, at less than three hundred individuals. It was far from idyllic or homey, and was never meant to be so. Cambraya was a city of research and discovery, though to this day, no pony knows what exactly it was that they studied. It wasn't such a problem at first. Most if the important details of the city were public record, and it wasn't uncommon for scientists to jealousy hide their research until completed. No pony minded much. But as far as any pony knows, Cambraya’s research was never completed. Twenty years ago to the day, couriers from the Crystal Empire, Cambraya’s nearest neighbor, received multiple and consecutive distress signals from within the city. They were choppy and barely legible, but it was obvious that something terrible was happening. Princess Cadence was quick to respond, and sent a contingent of her soldiers to their aid. As they trekked their way over Mount Everhoof, faces bent against the icy wind, the soldiers reported seeing a bright, green light in the distance, emanating from what they assumed to be a spire from one of Cambraya’s research facilities. The light pulsed and flickered unnaturally, and each pulse sent out a wave of energy that the soldiers could feel, even from such a distance. But within a matter of seconds, the light had sputtered and died, almost as quickly as it had appeared. And so the soldiers pressed onward into Cambraya. But what they found upon arriving was the complete disappearance of every mare, stallion, and foal in the city. No bodies. No blood. No signs of any struggle. Cambraya was at rest. Quiet and peaceful. The only sounds around were the whistles of the wind, weaving through the buildings, and the metallic, clanking footsteps of the armored soldiers. What followed was an entire year of exhaustive investigation into the Cambraya Disaster. Pillars from each of Equestria’s largest communities contributed what they could to solve what had quickly become one of the most unsettling mysteries in pony history. Anyone and everyone, from Yakyakistan to Mount Aris, all wanted to know the same thing: What happened to the ponies of Cambraya? Unfortunately, they would find no answer. And after months upon months of searching, the hopes of the public faded, until the story of Cambraya was set adrift on the annals of history. In the twenty long years since the incident, no new clues as to what went on that night have ever been located. No new evidence as to who might be responsible has come to light and, most distressingly, no survivors have ever been found. On this, the twentieth anniversary of the tragic Cambraya Disaster, billionaire philanthropist Maronargo looks you in the eye and asks that same question. What happened to the ponies of Cambraya? And, more importantly: Would you like to find out? --------------------------- Hiiii there c: This is my first roleplay on this site,,,, But! I’ve hosted RPs on plenty of other forums, so uh Rest assured I do know what I’m doing,,,, So with that in mind, welcome to Invictus!!! This is a revamp of a roleplay I did ages ago on another fantasy based forum, now pony-fied for your enjoyment. The premise is based around a 1 x 1 roleplay I did years ago with and old friend, as well as several podcasts that I enjoy listening to, namely Limetown and Lore. Both of which are delightfully spooky and exciting- atmospheres that I hope to emulate here! Now I bet you’re wondering about that big old “Act One” slapped onto the title Invictus is a fairly massive story, split into two parts that I will just label as “Before” and “After” so as to avoid some hefty spoilers. Just, rest assured there is a reason. Act Two is called “After” because it is vastly, vastly different from Act One, and I will even be opening up the floor for new participants when we get there. For Reasons,, Hopefully, that only serves to get you hyped for the story though, because I promise if you hang in there, it’s going to be so much fun! That said, allow me to explain the setting of Invictus-verse, so we’re all on the same page. It takes place a good thirty years after the canon events of Friendship is Magic. The world hasn’t changed too much, except the characters we all know and love are a great deal older, and technology and magic have been pushed a little farther. Technically the less said about the state of Equestria, the better. Because Act One takes place far beyond any territory we are familiar with, specifically towards the northeast, beyond Mount Everhoof and Bug Bear Territory. Your character is contacted by one Phoebus Maronargo, a mysterious philanthropist from the far reaches of Abyssinia. The mystery of the Cambraya Disaster has fascinated him since childhood, and for one reason or another he has chartered you and your companions to look into the situation for him. He has offered to provide you with all the tools and supplies you may need, as well as a hefty sum of cash to compensate you for your services. All you need to do is decide whether or not you will accept his offer. ---------- Rules and Guidelines!! Please be sure to read them carefully! All established forum rules apply always. You may use any race within the MLP-verse for your character. When submitting your character, please highlight for me why Marenargo would have seen fit to contact them. Give me a reason why they should be in the party. When submitting your character, please include the codeword “purple” at the top of your post, to signify that you have read and understand all the rules and guidelines. While the main focus of Invictus will always be the story told, feel free to develop your own side-plots for your characters. Used correctly, they can really flesh out the universe. Invictus is going to be on the more mature side. So while you should take care to still follow forum rules, you can afford to let loose with your character. Participants: Standard Deviation
  18. Hi! I suppose i could risk saying something along the lines of "I'm back, [REDACTED]!" In case anyone remembers my roleplayes in the first place. So, I've decided to take one more try with something I was pondering over as of late. A hard sci-fi, 1x1 rp set in some distant pony future. Not necessarily a crossover, although there may be some elements seen in other works. The story is as such - a couple centuries after the show timeline, science finally catches up with magic, and makes possible things that were thought a mare's dream. Like ponies living on the Moon in a permament colony. Now it's time for the next big leap: colonising a planet. Luckily enough, there is one in Equestria's solar system that seems awfully like the ponies own one! The probes confirmed the presence of an atmosphere, albeit barely breathable, liquid water, rock surface... even life! There are pockets of micro ecosystems inside what looks like impact craters and other hollows, with arid wasteland everywhere else. No signs of intelligent life though, just plants and animals. Our 2 ponies are part of a large scale colonising mission, employed as scouts and pathfinders to look for places to settle, and investigate enything that sparks interest before the science types get there. I intend to roll with Crystal Clear, with required backstory changes of course, so she ends up more of a mechanic kind of person. My idea revolves around action/adventure in a cool ship (a bigger shuttle to fly from the mothership to the mission sites and back, with cargo space and extra seats), but I am not against romance elements if the other party would become interested in going that way too. One thing though - I would prefer to run this as an anthro roleplay, simply because hooves aren't ideal for piloting ships and firing guns. Yes, I am aware of Fallout: Equestria and how it handled firearms. This is supposed to he a hard sci-fi, but magic makes it "softer" by default, so there is room for cool magitech and gadgetry. After all, this is supposed to be fun to play, as long as the characters aren't OP against anything the alien world can toss at them. And of course, I am willing to make adjustments, or maybe reshape the idea for a better one if it's proposed by the would-be player 2's. Just keep in mind that Iwant to stay within the boundaries of belevable and scientifically possible, OK? So don't bring a mecha suit to the club fight.
  19. Mika Greymist is the lead vocalist and guitarist of metal band "Nuclear Shadows" and he and his band have been staying at the Diamond Stable Hotel in Ponyville, while they had started their tour of Equestria, but have also been looking for somewhere to live. Onyx Rose (The drummer who is a large wolf dog), Night Shadow (A Pegasus who was born and raised in Volkhaven and rhythm guitarist) and Rhythm Beats (The bassist and a large snow leopard) have all found places of their own, leaving their lead vocalist and guitarist, Mika Greymist to find his own place. This is where your OC (Or chosen canon character) comes into play. Either your OC can have posted a add for a new room/housemate, bump into Mika at a cafe, or be a huge fan of the music they play (A range from music like Blood Bound, Orden Ogan, Dream Evil, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ra, Egypt Central and some lighter stuff like Ghost), and has a VIP pass to their first concert, where he/she gets a backstage pass. Rules: 1. What I say goes 2. No godmodding 3. No Mary Sue/Garry Lu's 4. Have Fun
  20. -Overview- For many years, Equestria and its neighbors have enjoyed relative peace and prosperity. However, exploration of new worlds has never really been a priority. Recently, this has changed with the arrival of an airship sailing from across the western ocean. A great Empire, one which claims to be all powerful, has arrived to invite an Equestrian envoy to their shores. There, they hope to explain their national ambitions while creating a strong ally of Equestria. Little is known about the Eldeer, merely that they hail from a continent surrounded by ocean in the middle of the great expanse to the west. From there, they've spread to much of the lands further westward in sprawling colonies. At least, that's what they claim. They 'prove' such claims by offering strange trinkets carved into the shapes of giant lizards, seas monsters, and some simpler tribal designs formed from exotic materials. Despite the bragging, they seem genuine in their desires to make 'friends' with Equestria and their neighbors. You, along with a select few and your retinue, have been chosen to accompany the Eldeer back to their Empire for an initial diplomatic mission. It has been concluded that you will no doubt have the best interest of Equestria at heart, and will therefore be permitted to draft initial deal with this new empire relating to trade, travel, and the establishment of embassies. -So Basically- This is essentially an RP regarding your character, and any characters you bring with you, and their 'diplomatic' adventure in the homeland of the Eldeer... high elves, in other words XP It is there you will encounter diplomats, assassins, and manipulators trying to deceive and manipulate the talks in order to destroy any possible positive relationship with Equestria. -My Terms...- Sorry... I have a few rules in my RP... 1x1 preferably, but if you have a friend who you know will post reliably 1x2 is cool! Well... posting reliably. Hopefully at least once a day, once every two is okay since... well... life! I'll be the dungeon master/game moderator etc., whatever you want to call it. I try to be fair, I will decide the final outcomes of all actions! Success or failures! Of course, if you don't like those outcomes or think they're unfair, feel free to bring it up to me in OOC! Equestrian species only! Griffons, changelings, changed-lings, ponies, bat ponies, etc. cannon characters welcome! I... am open to negotiations. PM me or post here if interested!!! Any questions ask them here so others can know the answer!!
  21. Story: Two sisters, Georgie (A lovely fashionista Cabbit) and Charlie (Georgie's older half sister and a bunny who is really into cheerleading and soccer) have recently moved to Canterlot from their homeland. While Georgie is doing her internship at Rairty's Boutique and Charlie spends most of her time checking out the Soccer Games or at the bar, they are still very new and are having a little trouble settling in and making new friends. This is where your OC (or chosen Canon Character) comes in to befriend them and help them to settle in and make more friends. My Characters: Charlie: Georgie:
  22. Long ago, the world of Equestria became widely inhabited by mysterious creatures called Pokémon. Pokémon have mysterious powers. The come in many shapes and live in many different places. We ponies live happily with Pokémon! Living and working together, we complement each other. We help each other out to accomplish difficult tasks. Having Pokémon battle one another is particularly popular, and it deepens the bonds between ponies and Pokémon. And that's why I research Pokémon. Well, that's enough from me. Could you tell me about yourself? Welcome to a Pokémon x My Little Pony RP. I don't have too much of an idea for a story yet, but I know that Acreus and the creation trio is gonna be involved somehow. Just follow the template, ok? Name: Age (Must older than 10): Hometown: (A place in Equestria) Species: (Pony, Dragon, Hippogriff, etc.) If pony, which race? (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony. No Alicorns.) Appearance: (skip if you have an image) Personality(Natures are called Personalities in Equestria, BTW): If character has cutiemark: What is the cutiemark?: What does it mean?: The cutiemark story is the only background required, but you can add more if you feel it's necessary. There is no need to write down a list of Pokémon your character has. This RP takes place supposing you're starting your journey. You will have full control over your characters and their Pokémon, especially if your character is a unicorn; they learn a spell early in their lives which lets them communicate with their Pokémon. EXAMPLE: Name: Heart Star Age: 16 Hometown: Ponyville Species: Pony If pony, which race? Unicorn Personality: Timid, Often Lost in Thought. Hates herself and often insults herself, calling her worthless and ugly, but is otherwise a beautiful cinnamon roll; must be protected. If character has cutiemark: What is the cutiemark?: A heart and two Warp Stars from Kirby. What does it mean?: She got the heart part of the cutie mark by doing some generally nice thing (not sure exactly what, though.) The Warp Stars were added one night when Heart went stargazing and she found a fallen star. There was some glowy magic stuff and then Heart had cutie mark Warp Stars.
  23. [ I would suggest making a new character count thing. ]
  24. Before I begin explaining this rp let me Specify something You do not have to have prior knowledge of Fire emblem to join. Everything should be explained below Introduction *Minor* spoilers for Fire emblem fates revelations ahead Alright so I had an idea for a roleplay based off of the popular Japanese strategy game Fire emblem, FE Fates to be more precise So In Fire Emblem units (AKA you guys) start off as a basic class such as archer or knight and can advance to like a sniper or paladin (If you dont know what class you'll be I'll help get you assigned one) (Also some ponies may need special classes to fit their bio like mine are going to be a special class I'll get to how that works later) However the RP will attempt to function off of the game play however that's very stat and luck based so I'll attempt to fix that up so we can use it, but I love the concept of classes and skills and stuff like that so that'll stay In fire emblem Fates there are 2 countries at war Nohr and Hoshido or in the case of this role play The Lunar republic or the Solar empire Characters such Luna and Celestia are leaders in thier respective country and the mane six are split between them (refered to as royals), each of these charters are going to have 2 "retainers" or servants who protect them during battle with their lives They start avanced classes, others are just troops in the battle and will need to use a master seal to rank up Here's the cast so far. And in the spoiler a reference if you haven't played fire emblem so you can learn about all the skills and such Solar Empire Specializes in Skill, Speed, and Magic "Royals" and retainers Celestia: Hoshido Noble (Special) (Played by :Myself (For story reasons)) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Magic: Fireball, Seraphim Staff: Recover, Physic Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Hosidan unity, Alicorn(Dragon) ward, Sol(No Hp Cost) S-rank: Celestia's Retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Twilight sparkle: Sorcerer Weapons: Magic Spells: Fireball, Lightning Personality: Devoted partner (Only affects Celestia) Skills: Heartseaker, Malefic aura, Ignis (Cost 5 Hp), Rally spectrum S-rank: Twilight's retainers Trixie: Sorcerer Weapon: Magic Spells: Fireball, Excalibur Personality: Fierce rival Skills: Magic+2, Seal Magic, Tome Breaker, Rally Magic Shady Deceit: Butler Weapon: Flame Shuriken Spells: Recover Personality: Heartful Soul: Shady cannot initiate attacks, and can only counterattack, however, when attacked, takes 80% less damage for any attacks after the first. (So if he were being doubled, the second attack would do a ton less) Skills: Miracle, Gentillehomme and Live to Serve Rarity: Songstress (Special) Weapon: Spears Personality: Singer (units can move again if she sings to them) Skills: Luck+4, Inspiring song, Voice of peace, Foreign pony. S-rank: None Rarity's retainers Spike: Dragon (Special)) Weapons: Breath attacks Personality: Prodigy Skills: Profiteer, Grizzly wounded, Beast bane, Spendthrift (retainer 2) Pinkie Pie: Maid Weapons: Knifes, Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Fortify Personality: Sweet tooth Skills: Live to serve, Future sight, Rend heaven, Dancing Blade S-rank: Pinkie's retainers Cheese Sandwich: Spear master Personality: Pride Weapon: Spears Skills: Seal Defence, Spearfaire, Salvage Blow, Swap (retainer 2) Solar Empire army: (Open slots) Lunar Rebublic: Specializes in Strength, Defense, Resistance "Royals" and retainers Luna: Nohr Noble (Special) (Played By: Star48955) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Spells: Fireball, Nosferatu(Drains Hp) Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Nohrian Trust, Alicorn(Dragon) Hex, Luna(Cost 4 HP) S-Rank: None Luna's Retainers Maple Bat: Vampire Archer (Special)(Played By: Myself) Weapons: Fangs(Drains Hp), Bow Personality: Optimistic Pessimist (see Below) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle, Galeforce Healthlife: Sorcerer Spells: Fireball, Lightning, Aura (Given by Staff) Skills: Renewal, Amaterasu, Replicate(Halfs Hp and gives it to the replica.) and Countermagic Personality: Healing Descant Weapons: A light-purple crystal staff. Fluttershy: Priestess (Played by: MoTusNua) Weapons: Bows and Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Rescue, Fortify. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Miracle, Bowfaire, Renewal, Rally Luck S-Rank: Discord, Child: Maple Bat Fluttershy's Retainers Discord: Dark Falcon Weapons: Spears, Tomes Spells: Aura, Ragnarok Personality: Playthings Skills: Relief, Galeforce, Speed +2, Rally movement Silga Singawald: Merchant Weapons: Bows and spears Personality: Fiery Blood Skills: Aptitude, Underdog, Profiteer, and Spendthrift. Rainbow Dash: Falcon knight Weapons: Spears and Healing staffs Personality: Competitive Skills: Pass, Astra(Cost 10 Hp), Counter, Inspiration S-rank: None RD's retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Applejack: Berzerker Weapon: Axe Personality: In extremis Skills: Skill+2,HP+2,Savage blow,Axefaire S-rank: None AJ's Retainers BigMac: General Weapon: Spears Personality: Chivalry Skills: Wary fighter, HP+5, Resist +2, Defense +2 (retainer 2) Lunar Rebulic Army: Silens Solis: Troubadour Weapons: Staffs Staffs:Recover, Physic. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Resistance +2, Demoiselle Ajax: Outlaw Weapons: Bows Personality: Fearsome Blow Skills: Movement +1, Lunge While the mane focus of this roleplay may seem like a Celestia vs Luna thing, however, I'm going to follow the Revelations mane quest line where there's a 3rd group which both Nohr and Hoshido work together to beat. So while which team isn't the most important thing still there are advantages in both and the differences will cause infighting during the quest Story Beginning This third party seems almost not real to any pony who goes up against it. They can feel a presence and see the enemy in their mind but there is no physical appearance, however, seeing it in your mind basically means that it is visable but to only you. They have been attacking equestria for some time now, The Lunar Republic and the Solar Empire have stopped fighting to search for the sorce of these "Invaders" As they where called Joining in Are you joining with one (or more) of your Amazing Ocs? Things I'll need Name of character: Race: Slot you want if any are available: Character page link (or description on this OOC) Preferred classes: 2 possible per OC, One you are and one you can become with a Heart seal Help on classes If your character needs to be a special class tell me and, If your not sure a class at all I'll gladly help out And I'll need your 2 skills (4 for advanced characters)(Skill aren't class specific like in the game just make it fit you Oc) plus a personality skill (which you can make up or use one that exist) And weapons that your unit will use. PS: only pegasi can be Flying units and Unicorns can only be Mages, in addition, you're class doesn't determine which side you're on Is Your character another character's child? If the answer is yes then you can still join however you must wait until your characters mother S-ranks with somepony else (cannon or non-cannon) (Father needs to be flexible) then you can be added in via a quest Things about child units: 1. They can be Any class like normal but can heart seal change to what their parents are (So they can be 3 classes) 2. At least 2 of their skills need to be from the father and mother of the unit (one for each parent) 3. Siblings are allowed 4. Children units can't have children (to avoid confusion) (look at my example for details) OR Do you want to be one of the Cannon characters? Well If positions are open then just post who you want to play as however I'm limiting Cannon characters to one per person for the sake of fairness but you can play a cannon character and have an OC in it too If you want to be Fluttershy or Discord, you have to be able to roleplay the Fluttercord ship meaning that you must refer to each other being married and no NSFW please and thanks. That's currently the only S-rank(or marriage) but there can more as the story progresses, just introduce me to the character and I'll see what I can do Special Classes Theses classes are mostly meant to be classes that are not obtainable by the general army only 3 or 4 ponies normally, these can include classes that aren't officially in Fire emblem Offical special classes. These classes include both of the Nobles, Wolfskin and wolfssengner, Kitsune and Ninetails and any class categorized as other The Nobles: Luna, Celestia and their kids only Wolfskins and Wolfssengner: (Open slots) Kitsune and Ninetails: (Open slots) Songstress: Rarity and her kids only Non-official Special classes The non-official special classes I will provide a brief summery on each of them Vampire Archer (Flying) (Advanced): Maple Bat only. Weapons: Fangs and Bows Dragons (Advanced)(Open): Spike Weapons: Breath attacks More up for debate just mention it what it is it's weapons (3 max)and skills (2 max) and I'll see if I like it. Example of an Oc application My Oc Name: Maple Bat Race: Vampire fruit bat pony Slot: Luna's retainer 1 Character Page: Classes: Vampire Archer (Heart seal: Priestess, Dark falcon) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle(Fluttershy) and Galeforce(Discord) Personality Skill: Optimistic Pessimist, Maple when helping others attack will deal 10 damage but may attack the assisted pony (Chance= 50% -resist) Weapons: Bat Fangs and Her bow the Heart's Eclipse (A Crescent bow) The part you where all waiting for Combat system. So I finally decided on how it'll work. It will work by you declare you attack and the enemy may strike you back. All damage calculation is done manually on my end. Spellcasters may do more with certain spells than capable with certain weapons however it costs them hp. There are 3 things that are important to know weapon range, Crit rate, and multiple hits Weapon range: is if you will or will not get attacked back when you attack an enemy which is determined by your weapon: Melee weapons (Swords, Axes, Spears): Can only counterattack other melee weapons. Thrown Weapons: (Special Spears and Axes) Can counter attack Melee and Magic attacks Bows: Can counterattack Magic and thrown Weapons. Magic: Can counterattack thrown and Melee weapons. Staffs: Cannot attack or counterattack. Critical hits: When a player attacks an enemy there will a chance of them landing a critical hit dealing 3x as much damage as normal or with Killer weapons 4x as much damage. Whether or not you crit is determined on 3 dice you must get 3 6's that I will roll for each hit in combat. 2 dice if you use a Killer weapon. Multiple hits: Players can gain the upper hand by hitting twice due to them having more speed (Max hits 4). This is determined on your class and works on a class by class basis. SO that's something you just need to look at logically. Like a Dragon wouldn't go faster than a pegasus knight. Rough speed chart < means will hit twice. Armored < Mages < Hero type classes < Archers < Flying classes RP Link: We started meaning for now all uncontrolled characters will be played by me (Only when necessary). HOWEVER, If you are reading this and want to join as a cannon I can just put here that you control them now and let you take over. Plus we will always be accepting new members And I think that's it Questions are welcome, recommendations for cannon characters to be added are requested, and feel free to join.
  25. Ok guys/gals I want to start a RP with you people! But I need some players to start,I’d say about 4-8 committed players to start off. This will be a serious RP with humor (not too much mind you) so I’ll need help making the setting,so far I think... Something like WOW Star Wars Western Medevil era Something like Darksouls maybe even Borderlands like (all can be ponies or humanoids) but lets take a vote on those! But you must be 100% committed to whatever RP we do,so I’d say Check back every 1or2 hours a day so you can keep up with us! Also,you must be serious,we will allow humor but no toilet humor and stuff like that. Have a great day.