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  1. Life in Canterlot Castle is rather unpredictable. There are guards, servants, cooks, two of the princess, and many more. Some ponies view it as a serious and professional place, but that is way far from the truth. In this slice of life style RP, you will play as a character of your choice. Character Limits: Guards: Unlimited Servants: Unlimited Cooks: One for now. Visitors: Unlimited Canon Characters: Talk to me if you want to be one. Currently only need Celestia and Luna. Canon Characters: Celestia: No one yet Luna: No one yet RULES: 1. No killing main RP characters unless it was planned in OOC. 2. No nsfw 3. Keep OOC in the OOC area and RP in the RP area. 4. No ghosting. (If want out of the RP, please post that in OOC and write yourself out in the RP area.) 5. Follow the guidelines for the Forums. (I'm sure you know that though.) 6. Ask permission and give description of your character before joining the RP. 7. Ask before jumping into someone's roleplay. Jumping in for ONE post to ask a character for directions or something is fine, but anything after will be ignored unless permission was granted to jump in. All people in that party must agree.
  2. Update: As of today, November 18'th 2018, this thread is still open for anypony. I'll try to edit in monthly about this, but be assured that unless anything else is written, I'm never gonna bar or abandon this thread. For anypony looking: This thread is never getting closed for new joiners, veteran, regular or fresh faces alike. If you want in, there is room for your OC. There is also room for those wishing to play the cannon characters such as the mane six, the princesses and so forth. Claimed cannons are: Twilight Sparkle. Played by @Seamore Sandwich and @EQ_Theta. Princess Luna. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Princess Celestia. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Derpy. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Fluttershy. Played by @EQ_Theta. Pinkie Pie. Played by @Storm Shine. Rarity. Played by @Widdershins. Sphinx. Played by @BloodDrops. To gain exclusive control of a canon character, contact me about it, and we'll take it from there. Take notice: This isn't a thread focused around my pony, it's meant as a place where anypony can start off, or join in for some fun. Consider it a newcomers intro cauldron into roleplay, with added spice of whoever else wants to come around. With that being said, on to the writing. Further notice: Even if it seems like everypony here have their own and it's impossible to join anything, don't be discouraged to join. If you want to interact with the current groups going at their random thing, just write yourself in and we'll take it from there. If you want to start your own angle, begin something, and in case you haven't gotten a response in about 24 hours, I will then make an NPC or see if some of my OC's are free and make sure you're not alone. TImelines: In case you prefer an evening setting or want to write with somepony as in *The next day* It is allowed, though not further than a day ahead of everypony else. The timelines can fit easy into eachother if it's in a span of 24 hours. Less easy when we talk weeks apart or something like that. The thread link: Hello everypony. Been about 4 days since I've joined the forums now and everything here have been good so far. Except that I can't find a good place to start some role play, as the existing ones seem to be focused on very out there ideas that I, as a new member, can't really just jump into since I haven't even gotten a feel for the roleplaying aspect of my character yet. It made me think though, with all the other new people I've seen join over the last few days, perhaps I'm not the only one who could use a place to quietly ease into this? As such, I present an idear here that I hope that somepony - newcomers or not - would also think could be a good thing to join in on. A simple, no-focused thread going on around/in Ponyville that can let everypony have their say in things. There will be no directions for this, just a begining, and then we'll see where the plot will takes us. If you would like to join this, and/or if you might have an idear added, then go ahead and post it. After a few days I'll see if there's enough here to start something, and then make an open thread in the actual roleplay section if there's enough interest. My character Blitz Boom is living in the Everfree Forest, but she makes trips to Ponyville once in awhile, so any place around the town is basically a good place to start. As for rules, I only have a few. No graphic murder/overly strong violence: A fight or something may be fine enough, and a death can be acceptable if done right, but there's no need to make a casual thread into Friday the 13'th. No rushing/godmodding: No-one finds it fun when somepony just takes off with things without their consent. Give people a bit of time to breathe in between posts, and don't have them be dragged off by force unless it's been cleared with the person here in there OOC section. If you stop in the thread, let us know here, and write your character out in the IC part: I can't imagine anypony else wanting to wait around for someone that just upped and left without a word, so be respectful of others if you leave, okay? I can write you out in a small section if you have trouble doing so yourself, but a self-addressed solution is preferred. That's pretty much it. The rest is covered by the roleplaying rules (such as no explicit things etc) and other than that, I'd like to think I can trust you all to make the right decisions. Alicorns etc. is allowed, and everypony can decide for themselves afterwards if they want to take some of this as canon, but in case of alicorn join ups, consider it non-canon in general. ^^ If there's any questions or anything, feel free to pop it into this thread. I'll be checking with regularity. ((If you need some info on Blitz Boom, there is a link to her bios in my signature))
  3. I am looking for people interested in an AU ponyverse RP. In this universe, after the return of the Crystal Kingdom, another kingdom appears with the defeat of King Sombra. This kingdom is the Kingdome of Seasons. The rulers were two alicorns Fate and Chronos. But in order to undo the wicked magic that enveloped their kingdom they have sacrificed themselves into magical objects that now control the elements of time and fate in their stead. The new rulers are their children Thanos and Arete the aspects of death and potential. The two young Alicorns are heading to Canterlot to pay their respects to Celestia and Luna and recommit their kingdom to the rule of the two sisters. From there we will be having all sorts of adventures of getting to know Equestria after so long and various problems that arise in any of the known ponyverse locations. I am looking for people who want to play any known pony including Celestia and Luna as well as OOC characters. ( If no one takes the sisters before we get kicked off I will play them and they can be side characters rarely used until someone takes them ) RP Thread For those using an OC please post the following Name: Age (Must at least a teen): Hometown: (A place in Equestria) Species: (Pony, Dragon, Hippogriff, etc.) If pony, which race? (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony. No Alicorns.) Appearance: (skip if you have an image) Personality: If the character has cutiemark: What is the cutiemark?: What does it mean?: Relevant backstory
  4. I have this idea for anypoony interested. It's an RP that takes place during and after the events of Rainbow Rocks. Basically it's an off screen romantic side story between Adagio and an OC who she sees could be useful for tasks they can't do themselves. At first, it's just Adagio being the manipulator and temptress that she is, but eventually, her emotions toward him start to become real despite herself. This doesn't interfere with the canon in the least bit, but it does add an extra dimension to the story. Plus, as the now permanently de-powered Sirens weren't seen being arrested or some such, who's to say they didn't have somewhere to go afterwards?
  5. So i am searching for someone to play someone who begins to have interest in my OC Tender Cotton. Things may and well get a bit awkward at first, due to his shyness and anxiety. How, when and where they meet can be discussed further, and either gender and any race/species is fine by me. Rules: 1. General Site Rules apply 2. No Mary-Sue/Gary-Lu Ocs 3. Canon Characters are alright 4. Keep it PG 13+ please 5. Please try to respond as often as possible 6. Please try to respond with at least a paragraph 7. If unsure about something, please discuss it with me 8. Above all else, have fun
  6. I got inspired by Fallout Equestria to write my own large scale crossover fanfiction, and since I really love BattleTech, I decided to make one based on the BattleTech universe. (If you don't know, BattleTech involves outer space and BattleMechs, aka giant stompy robots). I guess we'll see if my motivation holds up to that, but in the meantime, I figured a roleplay based off of the crossover would be cool. So that's what I'm going to do. I've got like three pages for the history written on Google Drive (you can read it if you want. It's at the bottom of the post along with some other stuff in the spoiler), and I'm going to try and keep it as short as possible so I can put most of the meat into the actual fanfictions. I think I'll set this roleplay during the Clan Civil War. It's necessary to know the history for this, but most people aren't going to want to read all three pages that I've written, so I've put the shortest version of the history that I can muster here. I made it as entertaining to read as I could. This all leads up to the point where the roleplay starts. All the characters and storylines in the roleplay are going to be put into the fanfiction I'm writing for the Clan Civil War. If you don't want your character to be included, just let me know in the character form, and I'll replace your character with somepony else in the fanfiction. So let's get this rp started, shall we? Let's start with some basic rules. 1. Follow the Forum guidelines. They're near the top of the webpage for desktop, or in that little dropdown thingy on mobile. 2. Don't godmod. This is having a character that is basically unstoppable. I'll ask you to change it an maybe suggest a few alterations. Gotta keep thinks balanced, you know? I'm looking at you, Riot Games. 3. Don't rush. Roleplaying involves other people, so consult the involved party/parties before posting something that affects their character in a meaningful way. Preferably in the OOC. It's here for a reason. 4. Post here if you want to leave the roleplay, and there will be no hard feelings, no questions asked. If you were roleplaying an important character someone else will take over, and if you were roleplaying a side character we'll work them out of the storyline some way. Unless you specify you don't want them killed, they'll probably die honorably, or at least to progress the story line. If you're roleplaying as an important character and you go on an extended break, me or someone else is going to take over. All for the greater good. 5. I really don't want to control the roleplay. One great thing about roleplays is the different perspectives of everyone involved. However, I'm going to be pretty picky about what flies and what doesn't. I'm putting a lot of work into creating this world (or galaxy I guess, haha), and I want it to turn out in a way I'm happy with. That being said, I'm not going to be a dictator. You'll still have plenty of freedom, just a basic storyline to follow, and I'll nudge you politely if you stray too far. Here's the form for creating a character. If you don't want to be in a specific Clan or House of the Star League, just pick Clan or Star League and I'll assign you to one. Name: Age: Race (Pegasus, Bat Pony, etc.): Physical Description (a picture can suffice): Personality: Affiliation (Clan / Star League): Rank (civilian, Mech pilot, jet/VTOL pilot, tank pilot, etc.): Background (optional): Other (optional): I think that's everything. Here's the links for the Google Docs. You don't have to read these if you don't want. The summary above should be enough information to get by in the roleplay.
  7. Okay guys, i play a LOT of TF2 but have a hard time finding people to play with. My Steam name is kaiser5578, same as my username here. If you are new to the game or haven't played much, i would be happy to teach you and help you along. so send me a request and i'll be sure to accept.
  8. Annalise, a rather beautiful snowshoe ragdoll cat was lost. She was once a happy and content kitty pet, enjoying plenty of lap cuddles, sleeping next to her human on the bed and enjoying plenty of wet and dry food. But as time had passed, Annalise had felt an urge to explore the outdoors, managing to slip out the door at one point. At first, she was content to just explore the backyard and sit on the fence, looking into the woods that was beyond her fence, always going back inside when her human called. But one time, she had felt an even stronger urge to explore, how-ever she was cautious. She loved her human, and if she were to go into the wilderness, she would need a good reason to.. -This is where your OC comes into effect- Some time had passed since Annalise had begun going outside, and one day, as she was sitting on her fence, she spots a new cat, one she didn't know, and she knew all the kitty pets and street cats. The wild cat, smelling a new and different scent, goes to investigate, knowing it was that of a kitty pet. What happens (whether the clan cat greets the kitty pet with enthusiasm or the clan cat is cautious, leaving, leading Annalise to follow, or even something else) is up to the flow of the RP. My OC: Name: Annalise Gender: Female Age: 1 year old Clan: Kitty Pet Personality: Annalise is a very relaxed and friendly feline. She is very curious though, and sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her, landing her in trouble. She is a cat that loves to snuggle and will purr a lot. History: Annalise was bought as a kitty pet by her human, the moment she was old enough to leave her mother. She had spent almost a entire year, growing up inside of her human's house, loving her human and enjoying the peace she felt of being a kitty pet. It was around her 1st birthday, that she had escaped the confines of her backyard. Appearance:
  9. I am looking for 1 x 1 and group roleplays. I'd like to start a roleplay or join an existing one. Here is the character I'll be using: Thank you! Have a great day!
  10. The Elements have not been used in ages. Equestria has been in peace for the longest time. Twilight moved to the Crystal Empire and she and her friends have all started families. However, danger arises when an old foe returns. Now, the children of our old heroes must rise to the challenge of the dark self-proclaimed ruler of the Crystal Empire. The fate of Equestria lies in the hooves of the Next Generation. You must fill this form: Name: Parents: Age: Species: Special talent: Occupation: Residence: Examples: Name: Paradox Parents: Doctor Whooves and Derpy Hooves Age: 17 Species: Pegasus+, more specifically Pegasus+ Time-Lord. Special talent: Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey...stuff Occupation: Clock fixer, Time Traveler on occasion Residence: Ponyville Name: Ribbon Ripple Parents: Heart Star(OC), father unknown, Auntie Spectrum helped raise her. Age: 16 Species: Unicorn, possibly something else Special talent: Unknown as of now Occupation: Star Warrior in training Residence: Ponyville
  11. Hello! I'm a pretty regular rper, but I haven't roleplayed ponies in quite a long time. To get back into the swing of things, I would love a 1X1 rp with someone! I can do canon, OCs, AUs, etc! I'm open to any SFW genre as well(I'm okay with gore and such so long as it adheres to forum rules). I only roleplay semi-literate to literate paragraph-form as well. Any other necessities can be discussed with people who offer!
  12. The Village We Love A Pokemon Gijinka Mystery Dungeon Roleplay Links to the other Threads! Main Roleplay Thread OOC Chat Thread Genre Adventure Casual* The Premise You will be roleplaying as one of the many villagers of Hoja, a large port village located on the south face of the island. Whether you choose to play as a shopkeeper, a merchant, a guild member or maybe just a teen or child yet to find their special role in Hoja. The Village We Love is a casual roleplay with adventure aspects built into it. Instead of one overall goal, the roleplay will be set up around a series of ‘Quest’ storylines that is similar to how a RPG game might be played. Each character will share a common goal, and once said goal is complete a new ‘Quest’ will be opened and so on and so forth. RulesMost of these rules can be found in greater detail in the thread: Rules of Roleplay, so please give them a read if some points are unclear to you. They will be enforced and all participants MUST follow them to keep the Roleplay Orderly and Fun for everybody. All interested roleplayers must post their profile applications to the OOC/Discussion thread of The Village We Love OOC.) Please keep content of the Roleplay to PG-13. No Blood and gore, Absolute MINIMUM of any vulgar language, and romance is alright but nothing NSFW at all. Please be sensitive of your content as well. Racism, sexism, or profanity of any kind will not be tolerated. Please respect the decisions and wishes of the DMs of the Roleplay. Our words are LAW...or something close to that...we just want people to have fun! The Dms Reserve any right to turn down an application if found to be too obscene, or does not meet the requirements stated. Applicants will follow a “Three strikes, you’re out” Protocol, unless the DM finds the situation need to be dealt with otherwise. Three Infringements on the rules will result in the Applicant/Roleplayer being kicked from the Roleplay. This also applies to applicants that do not meet the requirements stated in the application itself. Of course; No GodModding, Powerplay, or Metagaming! No Mary Sues or Gary Stues. Lastly, depending on the number of Roleplayers we might receive, please wait for about 2 other posts after you had posted your roleplaying post before posting another. This keeps the thread from going too quickly from just 2 other people roleplaying by themselves. There will be exceptions to this rule however depending on the activity in the Roleplay. For us to make sure youve read all the rules, out the emoji OuOb under the extras tab in your application. So have common courtesy and respect for one another and we’ll all get along great and have a fantastic time! And if there are any other questions about the Roleplay whether it’d be the rules or story, ask any of us in the OOC Chat Thread. Thanks! -Sleepless & Trump List of NPCs Tortuga (....): The Gentlehearted Mayor. Was a proud warrior who showed much prowess during the War dating back two or so centuries. Sees the villagers as his children. Does not like to be called by his name. Spinda (Pastel): Owns the General Store. Sweet but gullible and abit airheaded. Audino (Dashi): Runs a little clinic near the town square and makes regular stops over at the guild to ensure the health of the guild members. Also makes house calls! List of Accepted Applicants and Roleplayers (See applications folder for more details) Bonnie - Wigglytuff - Mayor-in-training - Trumpcard Dusk - Dusknoir - Guild Master/Teacher - SleeplessSketch Arden - Axew - Guild Member - SleeplessSketch ApplicationRoleplayer: (Your Username) Name: (First name is required, Last and Middle are optional) Nickname: (Optional) Pokemon Type: (all pokemon are applicable except for Extreme Legendaries like Mewtwo, Dialga, Zekrom, Arceus, etc.) Age: (10yrs- 40yrs) Gender: (if Applicable) Appearance: (Your character must have physical pokemon traits that represent them, not just in their clothing. ex: An Ampharos has both a yellow jacket and the tail of an ACTUAL Ampharos.) Personality: (Give a quick summary of who they’re like, what are their Pros and Cons?) Job: (What is your role here in The Village? There will be a list of available Shops/Businesses that you may choose from. Keep in mind, depending on your character you may not necessarily have a job, such as a child or being new to/visiting town.) Origin Story: (Tell us how they came to live in the village, how they grew up, and please...nothing gruesome..) Relationships: (not necessarily romantic[it could be though] , but this is a summary of whom your character knows like neighbors or guild mates or friends. Just make sure you have the other Roleplayer’s consent before committing to said relationship. ) Extras: (Extra tidbits or facts that don’t necessarily fit in Origin or Personality. Such as any notable fears, interest, or quirks. ex: Tamira has a fear of spiders. Tommy has a stutter.) List Of Available Jobs (Please add a small piece in the Origin section as to how you obtained said job! Some jobs have a limited amount of slots, such as shopkeepers and the teacher.) Shop Owners- Congratulations! You are the owner of your very own, fine establishment! What kind of goods or services do you provide? I provide fresh flowers and herbs to my customers, in hoped of brighten their day! (You run the Flower Shop.) What kind of Store would you run? Employees- You are the employee of one fine establishment. What kind of work do you do? Sort, grow, cut, and find various kinds of flowers and plants or herbs!gish) (You work at the Flower Shop.) You work under Pastel, selling a variety of goods, and goods accessories.(You work at the General Store.) You deliver packages, messages, and telegrams to the villagers of Hoja! (You work at the Post Office.) Guild Members You are one fine adventurer! You explore the world in search for glory and treasure, or perhaps you got pulled along by a friend… (You get jobs at the Guildhall) Fisherman/Miners/Coral Farmers- You are one of the many hardworking villages that help keep Hoja on it’s legs as you provide food, minerals, and other luxuries and necessities! You’re a Fisherman! You use wood carved canoes and boats to go out into the bay or open seas to catch sustenance for the Village. (You work at the Docks and use Canoes!) You’re a Miner! This doesn’t mean you’re not allowed in clubs mind you. You work hard to brings ores and other minerals to the population of Hoja so that life goes on smoothly and in comfort! (You work at the Hoja Mines and occasionally at Tuscan Mountain for those tough orders.) You’re a Coral Farmer! You work to provide the village with luscious ocean produce and luxurious items like the coral itself, but responsibly of course! (You work at the Reefside of Hoja Village, just below the cliff of the Guild) Craftsmen- You are one of the many craftsmen that grace the shores of Hoja! You create works of sleek, glass artwork for the villagers and tourist.(You are a Glassworker.) You carve/craft jewelry, statuettes and other art pieces from the coral, ores, and minerals cultivated around Hoja. (You are a Craftsmen.) You work with ores and metal and are well gifted in the art of metallurgy. (You are a Blacksmith.) Entertainers You feel most at home up on stage, dazzling the crowd with your outstanding performances during times of festival and entertainment, or even rituals for the shrine! (You’re a Performer.) You paint sceneries, denizens, and events of your choosing and live off the satisfaction of your creative and artistic creation. (You’re an Artist.) You fill the air with your wonders of music and inspiration as you professionally handle your prized instrument of choice. Or maybe you’d rather prefer to sing to the masses with your soothing voice! (You’re a Musician/Singer.) Student You are one of the many tykes of Hoja village, and one with a thirst for knowledge at that! So grab that water bottle of learning and get to class! (You are one of the Students in a small class led by Dusk. Classes are held at the Guild Hall whenever it is held!) Nurse You help out at the clinic and make sure Doctor Dashi doesn’t overwork themselves into an exhausted state. You learn quite well from her and are certain you can also help take care of others in need! (You work at the Clinic and sometimes the Guild!) So basically use this thread to read the rules and post your Roleplayer Applications. We hope to welcome you to our village! Arden Application Roleplayer: SleeplessSketch Name: Arden Kardjvr Nickname: Ardy by friends Pokemon Type: Axew Age: 19 Gender: Male Appearance: [LINK] Arden is a short ginger boy that is about 5’1” in height. His most notable features are his dark red eyes and his almost hilarious bucked teeth. He’s darker than most ginger-skinned people due to inate sense of adventure and gets out often. His face, shoulders, and knees are littered with freckles. He has a dark-orange curly hair that seems too untamed to even be dealt with. Arden sports a hooded poncho and a simple tank top underneath while wearing worn adventuring shorts while also keeping his feet bare without any foot attires. Job: Guild Member, he’s always dreamed of exploring every inch of this large island since birth and was well influenced by his own Mother Anzel the Haxorus who use to be a fine seasoned explorer herself. As soon as he turned 10 he signed up as an apprentice in the Guild and undertook their jobs ever since. Personality: Arden is a ball of energetic mass in a short package. He’s always out and about doing what he can for the Guild, he’s a little famous for accepting jobs quite quickly but also able to finish them reasonably. He’s an overall nice guy to most folks who deserve it, but he’s also quite quick to blow a fuse when provoked. He’s a tad sensitive about other’s underestimating his abilities, especially when it comes to his height for his age. But all in all in a time of crisis, that’s when his true abilities of perseverance and resourcefulness come into play, though there are some accounts of his own doubt about his own abilities come into play as well, but a quick pep talk of encouragement is all he needs to gain confidence and see through any situation no matter how dire, even though he may not have all the solutions thought out through... Origin Story: Arden has been living in Hoja village for as long as anyone can remember. His mother Anzel the Haxorus was a great explorer from parts unknown that decided to settle down in Hoja village. With great influence from his mother’s exciting stories of her adventures, he was more than determined to become a great explorer himself! And thus a legacy was kept alive through the actions of this young Axew. Extras: Arden has a slight lisp that comes through his talking whenever he gets flustered or hot-boiled.He also has a small passion to sketch out all the locations he’s discovered as well as the local fauna and wildlife in his secret sketchpad. OuOb Dusk Application Roleplayer: SleeplessSketch Name: Dusk Nickname: THAT SPOOKY LOOKING NICE GUY THAT RUNS THE GUILD. Pokemon Type: Dusknoir Age: 30 Gender: Male Appearance: [LINK] Dusk is a fairly tall and rather built figure with pale skin and faded black messy hair that sticks out from under his hood. Dusk sports a large cloak over a duster that usually drags beneath him as he floats about. His cloak is actually a reaper cloth tailored to look more wearable than a raggedy old cloth that it usually is, this also goes all the way up covering his neck and at most times his mouth. Dusk also wears a comfy ushanka as well as a couple of soft and sleek white feathers on the top of head and is usually one of the most recognizable feature on him, though not as recognizable as his extremely off-putting as his eyes. They appear to be hollowed out and replaced with a complete darkness when you gaze into them, though the only representation of a gaze is the floating red-pinkish orb that travels side-to-side from one eye to another as he looks around. Job: Guildmaster. Personality: Despite his spooky appearance, Dusk is actually one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever come to know. With a passion for the pursuit of knowledge and passing said knowledge and experience to the new generation, he took on the role of Guildmaster without hesitation. Dusk is a huge bookworm and reveres in the art of reading and learning any and all things. He’s very soft-spoken and understanding to other’s well-being, though he is quite clumsy at times and tends to get deeply lost into his own thoughts when he’s thinking about something. Thanks to years of experience under his belt, he’s no slouch either when it comes to tough situations as his cool-headed demeanor shines through as he is able to calculate and think of the best way to solve any problem, preferably without the need for violence, but don’t underestimate his strength either...he’s quite the powerhouse. When no one seems to be paying attention to him.. he can be seen fidgeting and twirling these two white feathers that sit comfortably on the top of his hat...wonder what kind of value they hold to him...and who or what they belonged to... Origin Story: Dusk was a stranger that happened upon this island during a personal journey he embarked on several years after he was young and fresh out of classes located far beyond the seas of this region. Seeing this new place as an opportunity to learn more about other Pokemon and the world, he decided to settle here for an unspecified amount of time. Over a span of time he had constantly proved himself to be responsible and well fitted as the role of Guildmaster in aiding young adventurers and students in learning about the world and themselves in the process. As a Dusknoir on a spiritual journey to learn more about this mysteriously vast world, his stay may not be permanent here at all, though he makes the best of it and treats it like his genuine home more than anything thus earning his welcome into the hearts of many denizens. Extras: Dusk is usually an insomniac and can be seen hovering about the Guild Halls acting as sentry or just passing his sleepless nights with a good book he can sink his teeth into...HAH SLEEPLESS. OuOb
  13. Welcome to The Waluigipocolypse, ponies. Waluigi has taken over Equestria due to his rejection, and it's up to 3 groups of ponies to stop Waluigi. Led by the United Stickman Force's leader (That's me!), you will work together as a team to try and take down Waluigi's rejection beams, then take down Waluigi himself. Will you rise up to the call? (NOTE FROM AUTHOR) I know it's been a while since I've posted on these forums, but it's time I start using these forums again. I'm looking for people to RP this huge event with. Will you rise to the call? Below is a list of the groups, and who their led by. Group 1 Safe Haven: Sugarcube Corner Led by: Stickman and Jewel Members: @Will Guide Group 2 Safe Haven: Fluttershy's Cottage Led by: Supermarioglitchy4 (Blue Capped White Overall-wearing Mario.) Members: @Quinch Group 3 Safe Haven: Friendship Academy Led by: Princess Skystar Members: @Zephyr / Karou (Will be using both characters, so it's a double package.) Rules: Each group will have contact with each other. You must not godmod, or else I will kick you out of the RP. You can rp as more than one pony. You will listen to your leads. Each one will have their specific set of instructions for your group. I will RP as the leads, unless there is a Skystar account here. Please be respectful of one's decision. Be interacting, please! We don't need anyone idling by. Also, if you need some catching up, I suggest going to Smg4's channel and watching all of The Waluigi Arc. Other than that, everything is by ear. Here is the link to the RP forum! Teams are still open for those who want to hop in, so feel free to hop in!
  14. Anypony want to help rebuild the country? I explain what happened.... The country was under a heavy attack from overpowered OC's... What caused the attack? Afiq Lanz the creator of the storyline was doing a Anti-pony missile for defense purposes against terrorism, and evil OC's. During the test some OC's saw the missile as a treat as the missile wasn't lock on any OC's during at that time, the missile was lock on a dummy target as a test. First missile released was the Aspide - ESPM (electric shock pony missile) the missile function as a fast version of tazer. A OC that saw the missile decided to interfere and punch the missile as the missile lost the dummy target, the missile locks on the pony instead thus causing the test to become a failure and lead to other OC's to come and destroying the country slowly... One by one every building falls and caught on fire... Military and anti air has no effect on them of these overpowered OC's as a final result Afiq Lanz ordered his storyline management machine to protect the country while he evacuation the country to get some backup eventually the help arrived too late and the country has fallen, the OC's retreat as they saw the storyline management comes in and puts shield around the country to prevent any other attacks. What did Afiq Lanz do while on Equestria? The country has fall, all is left is to repair the buildings and recover the country back to its normal condition. So he picks some magic tools to fix the buildings but fixing all of them is not enough, and decided to call for assistance from other friendly OC's. County name :- Marelaysia (Malaysia) Causes the country got destroyed :- Anti-Pony missile test was distrubted by OC's and other OC's join the fights
  15. Due to a whole bunch of players becoming inactive and being non-committal to staying or leaving, despite having played key parts in the story, myself and the remaining active players of Mechquestria are rebooting the game. This will still be co-managed by Mystelf & @Emerald Bolt, We'll be using the same setting and characters. It's the future. Humans and ponies have made contact. Technology was introduced to ponies. Ponies used magic to further technological advances light years ahead, creating the worlds first technomagical devices, machines and programs. They made advanced cyborg parts that could be equipped and controlled from a distance. Eventually, entire robot bodies were built and controlled from home. A living mind could be digitized and permanently installed into a robot body. Eventually, Equestria developed the first self aware machines. Thinking, feeling, robots. A century later, Equestria has become a futuristic utopia. Princess Twilight now presides over the nation from within her own metallic chassis. Robotic ponies and cyborgs of all shapes, sizes and makes, now go about their lives among towering skylines. As far as I can tell, this RP will be the first to feature the option for robotic or cyborg characters. Though it isn't required. You can still play a regular pony or other creature in a futuristic world. Just about anything within reason is acceptable. The RP will be mostly slice of life, but will have a bit of an adventurous start. The game for the most part will be taking place in a college campus. All I'll need from you guys are: Name: Status: -Are you a living being? -Are you a cyborg? -Are you a robot? If so, were you built, or were transferred to a robot body? Race: Age/Years of Operation: Occupation: Cutie mark (if applicable) (yes, robots can get those too): Appearance: Or just post a character link Also, if you do intend to join, we ask that you be committed to the part. The original had to be scrapped to do key players up and quitting. So if your in, be in for the long haul, and if you do have to live, then work with us to write your character out so as not to grind things to a halt for the other players. Edit: Restart complete. RP is a go!
  16. Oki doki, let's get this going. My name here is Gainsborough, I'm comfortable playing canons and/or OCs, I would prefer it if you were too. I like MLP, I like EQG, I like crossovers, I like original ideas, I highly prefer FxF romance pairings but I can do others if the story is good, I'm pretty new here and I'm not used to checking often, but I'm mostly on Discord a lot of the time, if you want to contact me there instead of here, my Discord is Gpizano#2882. I feel you can see if you're compatible with an rp partner through discussion rather than just browsing through highly detailed search threads, so if you want to see if we can jam and come up with something awesome, feel free to contact.
  17. Long ago, the world of Equestria became widely inhabited by mysterious creatures called Pokémon. Pokémon have mysterious powers. The come in many shapes and live in many different places. We ponies live happily with Pokémon! Living and working together, we complement each other. We help each other out to accomplish difficult tasks. Having Pokémon battle one another is particularly popular, and it deepens the bonds between ponies and Pokémon. And that's why I research Pokémon. Well, that's enough from me. Could you tell me about yourself? Welcome to a Pokémon x My Little Pony RP. I don't have too much of an idea for a story yet, but I know that Acreus and the creation trio is gonna be involved somehow. Just follow the template, ok? Name: Age (Must older than 10): Hometown: (A place in Equestria) Species: (Pony, Dragon, Hippogriff, etc.) If pony, which race? (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony. No Alicorns.) Appearance: (skip if you have an image) Personality(Natures are called Personalities in Equestria, BTW): If character has cutiemark: What is the cutiemark?: What does it mean?: The cutiemark story is the only background required, but you can add more if you feel it's necessary. There is no need to write down a list of Pokémon your character has. This RP takes place supposing you're starting your journey. You will have full control over your characters and their Pokémon, especially if your character is a unicorn; they learn a spell early in their lives which lets them communicate with their Pokémon. EXAMPLE: Name: Heart Star Age: 16 Hometown: Ponyville Species: Pony If pony, which race? Unicorn Personality: Timid, Often Lost in Thought. Hates herself and often insults herself, calling her worthless and ugly, but is otherwise a beautiful cinnamon roll; must be protected. If character has cutiemark: What is the cutiemark?: A heart and two Warp Stars from Kirby. What does it mean?: She got the heart part of the cutie mark by doing some generally nice thing (not sure exactly what, though.) The Warp Stars were added one night when Heart went stargazing and she found a fallen star. There was some glowy magic stuff and then Heart had cutie mark Warp Stars.
  18. PREMISE: It is a sunny afternoon in Canterlot, when a matte black Lamborghini Aventador with pink and purple pixelated splotches over the body pulls into town, "Forever Darkness" being blasted from the stereo. When it pulls up to the Diamond Stable Hotel and Bistro, and into the parking lot, where a young looking female wolf with long deep blue hair, li and in gothic clothing, Scarlet Rose, steps out of the driver side. After a while, Scarlet Rose leaves the hotel, but as she begins to wonder around Canterlot, it is clear that she is lost, and so she decides to make a stop at the cafe for a bite to eat and something to drink. Your Character: Your character, sees her in the cafe, and not having seen a creature like her in Equestria before (or in a long time, up to you), decides to approach her and start striking up a conversation with her. Where Things Go From There: Well, that's the fun part of the roleplay. Where things go from there and what happens, happens as time goes by, maybe your character offers her to live with them, or they go on a tour of Canterlot, or even on a date. Romance will happen at whatever pace the roleplay goes at. My Character: Bio can be found HERE Rules: 1. Keep it PG 13+ 3. No mary sue or garry lu ocs (So no OP Ocs thanks) 3. Regular forum rules apply 4. If unsure about something, feel free to pm me with a question about it 5. What I say goes 6. Above all else, have fun How to Apply: Simply PM me with a description of your OC/sona and interest in the RP, or Post a link to your OC/Sona in the comments with your interest in the RP.
  19. Hello everyone im Afiqlanz, I'm 18 years old and my currently oc is the yellow pony named Afiq, say hi bruh. Afiq : hewo o.o And to be honest im the owner of my oc usually i keep on eye on him in case of danger... Oh about me? Well here ya go :- Name :- AfiqLanz Age :- 18 Relationship :- Single County :- Malaysia And also hi... Any other oc's out there who like to meet me and my oc?
  20. Have a link to the OG thread for context on how to duel. Original Thread There is a tournament taking place in the magical land of Equestria, hosted by Earth's Seto Kaiba. Ponies from all across the land come together and duel to their hearts' content to claim an absolutely gorgeous prize... The Egyptian God Cards: Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, and The Winged Dragon of Ra. However, evil gathers around the tournament, wanting their hands on the Egyptian Gods. What will it take to stop those evil-doers? I'm mainly looking for participants who are interested in playing the card game. Also this will be attempted to be converted into a story for all viewing pleasure. Now, I'm going to leave a link to download YGO Pro. This is required when facing off with OCs against OCs.!0uBViArC!IlArObfQ5dDWwDrJW1RovgAoOQbUmk6S4cSWGSO1uYk You need to save your replays, and show what you're doing in the duel. In fact, you can have one person in your PMs tell the entire duel if you want, or you can split it up between turns. So who's ready to duel?
  21. So Im really into FNAF nowadays. I really enjoy roleplaying, so why not? Unlike me and roleplaying on normal condition however, I have a few things planned already. The character I will portray as mostly will be a reformed version of Purple Guy named “Vincent”. His real name is William Afton, but he refuses to say so, stating “Thats not my name.” The setting in the beginning will be in the office, where Vincent is working night shift. He gets attacked by an animatronic and like in the games, Vincent starts to see static. However, when he wakes up he is in EQUESTRIA as a pony. You can be another nightguard that got attacked alongside him (Mike Schmidt, Fritz Smith, Jeremy Fitzgerald, or Scott aka Phone Guy.) or you can be a good animatronic that somehow went alongside him (Freddy Chica Bonnie Foxy and their respective Toy versions. Golden Freddy aka Fredbear is a good one as well). You can also be bad animatronic (the Withered, Phantom, and Nightmare animatronics as well as Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie along with Mangle and Marionette, which those two are more neutral than bad..). If you are a “bad animatronic” you can still be good, just remember to have some sort of corrupted quality at least. Withered ones arent broken as often as Phantom, and Phantom ones arent as broken as the Nightmare ones, so remember that. You can also be a pony that either helps or goes against Vincent in his journey. OCs and canon ponies are allowed and you can be more than one main character. If you do want to use an OC, please post a link to it in your comment so I can approve of it. Edit: Oh, and heres Vincent as a pony:
  22. Hey everyone I been thinking of doing this rp for a while and I thought that in the spirit of halloween now might be a good time to try and start it. summary: When the inhabitants of an Island off the coast of Manehatten vanish, wanting to figure out what happened Celestia forms a team to find out what happened. but when the team arrives they become targets of things that now roam the island. Ok so if it wasnt obvious it is an Island overrun by monsters(varying kinds). it has three goals(though they are extremely vague so they can be rather flexible) 1.Survive(easy enough right) 2.figure out what happened to the Inhabitants(optional it is not necessary unless you want it to be) 3. Leave the Island RP rules ok so the basic rules apply here as any other rp.(this rp despite its premise is not gonna be a gore fest at most pg13 gore even that is a stretch) other than the basics there are little rules of interaction between characters in rp but keep it realistic please. now onto the joining phase of this is rather simple. this is gonna be a massive survival rp so limit on number of Players is nonexistant at the moment. ok so the players joining at first will be a part of the team Celestia sends to the Island, everyone after that is a survivor. next regarding characters, they cannot have any special powers(i know there are a few out there) if your character does they are just ordinary in this rp ok. also don't be afraid to ask if you have a question or even a suggestion this is supposed to be fun so if there is a problem let me know ok. now I am gonna list the types of monsters here when they appear:
  23. Angels, surely one of the more majestic races to exist. What do we know about angels? We know that they carry immense power in them and that they can perform heroic feats as easily as we ponies breathe. What is more impressive, though, is their lore. Countless tales of celestial mothers have been told and even more rumors are spread about their dos and don'ts. Sometimes these angels would carry with them items of great value, swords, books of power, even amulets that have their inherent soul bound to it. You are a treasure hunter and have gotten wind of most of these rumors, so what you resolved to do is verify the rumors and see if you can be as legendary as the pony Daring Do herself! Do your research in different cities and face the adventure to find the relics that will put your name down in history... This adventure will have 3 different levels of difficulty and is HEAVILY focussed on resource management, the higher the difficulty gets, the less room you have to work with, but the better the rewards will be that await you. Easy~ The adventure is totally laid out for you and changes, depending on which choices you make. You start with a good inventory, neutral stance with tribes and a good amount of food. Medium~ You will have choices to take branching paths and a bit of a good starting setup, however, some abilities are always available to you and won't be prompted, so you could easily miss a lot of treasure and prestige. There will also be other treasure hunters and not all tribes are as friendly as you think. Hard~ All your actions are unprompted and you need to write what you are doing for an action, yourself, getting back the consequences as a reaction. Your start is rationed and you're literally setting yourself up to leave the safety of your village to find treasure in a world at war. Tribes have ALL gotten wind of treasures and many common to rare artifacts have already been found, but in this version there's a one-of-a-kind LEGENDARY treasure to be found. Can you keep your cool and get home safely with fortunes and riches? This RP is a repeatable 1 on 1 and people who want to sign up will have to wait their turn. If you register, please also tell me the difficulty you wish to have. l will keep a list of who's turn it is to get up next and please know that all RPs started will end on 1 of 3 conditions, namely: 1) All 5 Celestial relics have been recovered (minor artifacts can be missed if you are not careful) 2) When you die in any way 3) When a real-time week has passed (which auto-defaults you to going home with all the treasure you have) please note: RELICS THAT HAVE BEEN FOUND BY PEOPLE BEFORE YOU WILL BE UNAVAILABLE ONCE BROUGHT HOME (except for the celestial relics, or relics dropped by people who died, which will respawn in random locations), also, new RPs start every monday at 9AM GMT+1 (By invitation) and end saturday at 8PM GMT+1 Signups: (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, NO EXCEPTIONS!) Currently playing: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. *This thread will be checked at least once per day and RP/OOC-links will be refreshed when new RPs start* *this thread is only meant for signing up, questions can be asked, but don't use this as an OOC-thread, thanks* RP-link: Will be created upon the start of the RP OOC-link: Will be created upon the start of the RP
  24. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a thread based on Starbound. For those who aren't familiar with the game, it's a 2D spacey sandbox with a bunch of different species and the PC plays what's essentially a space adventurer - you tool around from planet to planet, mining, fighting interesting wildlife, building settlements or just places for yourself, raiding ancient dungeons in order to take their furniture and so on. It's generally pretty casual and doesn't take itself excessively seriously, and that's the overall theme I have in mind. I do have some ideas to make the whole thing more accessible, though, and I'm also interested in everyone's take on it. 1} It takes place five minutes into Equestrian future - a starship showed up, introduced the pony civilization to the cosmos, taught them how to build other spaceships and, using magic and industry, there's now the possibility for ponies, as well as other MLP species, to go into space. Overall, there wasn't much of a cultural upheaval caused by the first contact other than opening of new frontiers. 2} There's no reason you have to play as a pony, obviously - you can be a dragon, hippogriff, yak, breezie or a buffalo if you wanted to, as well as any Starbound vanilla, modded or any other race, up to an including penguins, really. We're not really sticking to canon more than we have to here. 3} Likewise, you don't even have to be the captain of a ship. You can play a crewmember, settler, stowaway, pirate - whatever suits your fancy. 4} The RP takes place after the plot events of the main game - i.e. Earth has been destroyed and so has the Ruin. You might hear about these events, but they've come and gone. 5} I might hijack some elements of the Frackin' Universe mod, especially in terms of the lore, as well as implementing bits of the pre-release lore - after all, it's a big universe and each of the races has multiple sides to it, and there's nothing to prove that either can be wrong - or right - in their interpretation of things. Plus, I'm thinking of implementing a bit of headcanon for various things as well. What do you think?
  25. Hello! Thank you for checking this out, I'll do my best to make it at least seem intriguing lol. However, I would like to start by mentioning that I can likely post once a day but my life offline gets hectic sometimes and I might find myself too busy to be very active but I will do my best to let you know if I ever need longer than a day to post! :3 I prefer to be very communicative. Just as well, to get started, I'll be categorizing! Feel free to ask me anything based on what I'll be writing here if you need/want any clarifications :3 What I Am Looking For In A RP Partner Communication is key- just as I will notify you of anything important, I hope that you will offer the same courtesy (though I understand life happens!) High level literacy - someone who is comfortable and capable of writing in full sentences, paragraphs, and 500+ words at times. Ability to simplify writing - branching off from the latter point, I am looking for someone who is still capable of writing short responses, especially when the scene is mainly dialogue driven. I really don't mind short replies within reason. Ability to play multiple characters - while I understand I'm looking for a 1x1 RP, this also ties in to the second point. I am looking for someone who can obviously handle their main playable OC but there will come a time when our characters will be interacting with the world around them and it would be nice to have someone else who is comfortable throwing in a random OC-NPC out of the blue to accommodate the situation. For example, while walking into a tavern, our characters may want to order something. Depending on the flow of the game either you or myself will (without the need for prompting) generate a character to act as the wait staff or bartender; potentially requiring a cannon character may come up as well but I'm personally not expecting it. Capable of managing a long-term RP - this one is self explanatory lol I M A G I N A T I O N - I like a partner who is able and willing to go with the flow and try new things No meta-gaming - I believe this is in the rules but I would like to reiterate that anything mentioned in the OOC is never information that a character knows. For example, if you were to clue me in on something your character does/can do, I would not write Moon Glow to understand or expect what would/could happen. The Setting Equestria - 25yrs after Twilight opens her friendship school. The start of the game will be in Ponyville simply for the sake of ease. It's a simple town with a well-known layout and locations! However, we certainly don't have to stay here. The Plot With the new inclusion policies bringing the creatures of Equestria closer than before, many scientific and magical communities are taking advantage of the opportunities to study and learn all they could about former taboo topics (or topics consisting of incomplete or no data) such as cultures, relics, flora, fauna, and even the various spells and local folk lore that were once not even considered viable intellectual topics, to name a few. While there are still some who fear the blending of societies, they are more and more often the exception. Moon Glow, a young ambitious unicorn with a penchant for the supernatural, arrives in Ponyville by train after hearing rumors of a haunting taking place in a residential home and deciding that she would try to investigate. After all, it wouldn't be her first time luring a lost soul into the afterlife. >>>>> My Character can be found here! <<<<< So! A lot of this is super vague for the purpose of being workable. The plot itself is simply just a reason for my character to be out of the made-up town I designed for her initial character arch in something else, though it still works as a home-base! :3 Feel free to comment any questions and such! If you would like to apply, please provide your character reference as well as an example of your writing; minimum 150 words or a 3 sentence paragraph :3 just so I have an idea~ I would like to note, as well, I am open for more than one game. If you have any other ideas or would like to work something out, I'm definitely open!