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Found 1768 results

  1. Update: As of today, November 3'th 2019, this thread is still open for anypony. I'll try to edit in monthly about this, but my memory is bad, so just be assured that unless anything else is written, I'm never gonna bar or abandon this thread. For anypony looking: This thread is never getting closed for new joiners, veteran, regular or fresh faces alike. If you want in, there is room for your OC. There is also room for those wishing to play the cannon characters such as the mane six, the princesses and so forth. Claimed cannons are: Twilight Sparkle. Played by @Seamore Sandwich and @EQ_Theta. Princess Luna. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Princess Celestia. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Derpy. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Fluttershy. Played by @EQ_Theta. Pinkie Pie. Played by @Storm Shine. Rarity. Played by @Widdershins. Sphinx. Played by @BloodDrops. To gain exclusive control of a canon character, contact me about it, and we'll take it from there. Take notice: This isn't a thread focused around my pony, it's meant as a place where anypony can start off, or join in for some fun. Consider it a newcomers intro cauldron into roleplay, with added spice of whoever else wants to come around. With that being said, on to the writing. Further notice: Even if it seems like everypony here have their own and it's impossible to join anything, don't be discouraged to join. If you want to interact with the current groups going at their random thing, just write yourself in and we'll take it from there. If you want to start your own angle, begin something, and in case you haven't gotten a response in about 24 hours, I will then make an NPC or see if some of my OC's are free and make sure you're not alone. TImelines: In case you prefer an evening setting or want to write with somepony as in *The next day* It is allowed, though not further than a day ahead of everypony else. The timelines can fit easy into eachother if it's in a span of 24 hours. Less easy when we talk weeks apart or something like that. The thread link: Hello everypony. Been about 4 days since I've joined the forums now and everything here have been good so far. Except that I can't find a good place to start some role play, as the existing ones seem to be focused on very out there ideas that I, as a new member, can't really just jump into since I haven't even gotten a feel for the roleplaying aspect of my character yet. It made me think though, with all the other new people I've seen join over the last few days, perhaps I'm not the only one who could use a place to quietly ease into this? As such, I present an idear here that I hope that somepony - newcomers or not - would also think could be a good thing to join in on. A simple, no-focused thread going on around/in Ponyville that can let everypony have their say in things. There will be no directions for this, just a begining, and then we'll see where the plot will takes us. If you would like to join this, and/or if you might have an idear added, then go ahead and post it. After a few days I'll see if there's enough here to start something, and then make an open thread in the actual roleplay section if there's enough interest. My character Blitz Boom is living in the Everfree Forest, but she makes trips to Ponyville once in awhile, so any place around the town is basically a good place to start. As for rules, I only have a few. No graphic murder/overly strong violence: A fight or something may be fine enough, and a death can be acceptable if done right, but there's no need to make a casual thread into Friday the 13'th. No rushing/godmodding: No-one finds it fun when somepony just takes off with things without their consent. Give people a bit of time to breathe in between posts, and don't have them be dragged off by force unless it's been cleared with the person here in there OOC section. If you stop in the thread, let us know here, and write your character out in the IC part: I can't imagine anypony else wanting to wait around for someone that just upped and left without a word, so be respectful of others if you leave, okay? I can write you out in a small section if you have trouble doing so yourself, but a self-addressed solution is preferred. That's pretty much it. The rest is covered by the roleplaying rules (such as no explicit things etc) and other than that, I'd like to think I can trust you all to make the right decisions. Alicorns etc. is allowed, and everypony can decide for themselves afterwards if they want to take some of this as canon, but in case of alicorn join ups, consider it non-canon in general. ^^ If there's any questions or anything, feel free to pop it into this thread. I'll be checking with regularity. ((If you need some info on Blitz Boom, there is a link to her bios in my signature))
  2. Knowledge of the series is required, though I will be happy to answer any questions. OOC: I am looking for a group of seven other users with RWBY OCs who might want to participate in such a role play. The start point itself will be the day before the entrance exam for both simplicity and to give our characters a chance to bond before things go down the tubes. I will also try to avoid the majority of the canon cast and reiterating already explored plot points. Some events may still happen, but the circumstances will be vastly different. If you are interested, simply fill out the template below, though I would implore that no one has a character that is too overpowered at the start. That just wouldn’t be fun. Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Appearance: Weapon Semblance: Extra Details: My RWBY OC Name: Albin Wolfram Age: 17 Gender: Male Personality: Overall, Albin is a rather reserved individual, preferring the quiet tranquility of nature rather than the chaos of city life, though that might just be a result of his semblance. He tends to observe others from a distance before initiating any interaction, which could certainly lead to an awkward situation for him if he is unprepared. Honestly, the teen has no friends, only family that isn’t related by blood and those that are, and any that might threaten either often find themselves on the business end of his blade. While his skills in academics aren’t great, he does enjoy drawing, especially when accompanied by music. Appearance: Standing at a height of six feet three inches, Albin is a human with a rather lean build that was forged from work at a smithy within his home-village along with training by his father. Short to medium length dark blonde hair that is normally brushed to the side and dark blue eyes are also notable characteristics of his appearance. Stubble is also a common sight along the sides and lower jawline of his face, though whether or not such a thing will turn into a full beard has yet to be determined. For clothes, he typically wears a plain blue shirt and black pants when not expecting any combat or in the Beacon uniform. His combat attire consists of a set of green and brown leather armor that offers him mobility, protection, and some degree of stealth. A loose fitting hood also takes the place of any helm, though this is more from personal preference than anything else. Weapon: While he does not use any firearms, that does not mean Albin is any less dangerous to his opponents. As a main weapon, he uses a handmade longsword that he dubbed as Requiem in combination with a heater shield by the name of Solace. The shield itself is a shiny black in coloration with a gold trim. A stylized depiction of two white ravens circling a golden octagram can also be seen. Semblance: While it might not seem like much, Albin’s semblance, Flock, gives most birds an affinity for him and allows the teen to hold a decent conversation with them. The range of its influence varies depending on environmental factors, his emotional state, and the amount of aura he puts into it, though the average distance seems to be around twenty meters. Extra Details: He has a combat trained raven that has an unlocked aura and will be accompanying him to Beacon.
  3. I am looking for people interested in an AU ponyverse RP. In this universe, after the return of the Crystal Kingdom, another kingdom appears with the defeat of King Sombra. This kingdom is the Kingdome of Seasons. The rulers were two alicorns Fate and Chronos. But in order to undo the wicked magic that enveloped their kingdom they have sacrificed themselves into magical objects that now control the elements of time and fate in their stead. The new rulers are their children Thanos and Arete the aspects of death and potential. The two young Alicorns are heading to Canterlot to pay their respects to Celestia and Luna and recommit their kingdom to the rule of the two sisters. From there we will be having all sorts of adventures of getting to know Equestria after so long and various problems that arise in any of the known ponyverse locations. I am looking for people who want to play any known pony including Celestia and Luna as well as OOC characters. ( If no one takes the sisters before we get kicked off I will play them and they can be side characters rarely used until someone takes them ) RP Thread For those using an OC please post the following Name: Age (Must at least a teen): Hometown: (A place in Equestria) Species: (Pony, Dragon, Hippogriff, etc.) If pony, which race? (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony. No Alicorns.) Appearance: (skip if you have an image) Personality: If the character has cutiemark: What is the cutiemark?: What does it mean?: Relevant backstory
  4. *Knowledge for the show may not necessary needed but know the basics.Need about 7-10 participants* I just finished the whole series about a month ago, I love it. Although I was planning on starting a RP while back ago but hesitated since not so many people know or have watched it. So I’d be lenient and will accept anyone who is interested whether or not you don’t know JBA. Since technically their story are always different and it would make sense if we can start our own just as long it’s within JBA universe. Although in order to join for those of you who don’t know JBA, you must understand the basics. 1) you must know what a stand is. 2) be bizarre in other words, be creative as you wish but keep it consistent to the story. Do watch the trailers or this to gain some ideas what’s JBA. If you still have any question regarding the show PM me. So let’s get down to the plot here. I personally like the Golden wind with the whole Mafia business and decided to have this plot based on the aftermath after Giorno become the new boss in running the whole mafias organizations. For those who don’t know, Giorno is a basically the good guy who wanted to run over the mafia business just to stop it from it’s drugs dealing and crimes. After Giorno took over, two different group benched off; one group of mafia organizations wishes to stayed loyal to Girorno and honor his ideals and beliefs, but to what extend? (protagonists) Another group of the mafia organizations are those who disapproved his ideals and wants to continue to gain control in Italy though drug dealing and crimes. These group will be associated with the Irish mafias since they shared the same interests and want to form allies. (antagonists). This lead to a potential “Mafia war”. Reference: This is the basic plot, if anyone wish to contribute please do so but make sure to @me or PM so I don’t have anyone going rouge. Rules: No canon characters. I won’t create my own character since I will be narrating the whole RP just to get the story running smoothly. Instead, I’ll be creating CPU/background characters, for the sake of the plot to run. I might create one official character, if needed. You can only allow to mention them but not Rping them. Absolutely no OP! Take turns. Every participant will have at least two day to reply. If not, they will be skipped. No fighting or arguing how the RP or the story should go! I will be the one to determine that. Keep in mind we might have some participates who haven’t seen the show, so be respectful. This is a whole different story as long we are keeping within JBA universe the it’s A-okay for me. If I see one incident, I will let you on a warning. Second time, I’m going to lock this and we’re going to take a break. No Jostar OC! This is a spinoff. Character sheet layout (I need at least ONE main protagonist (capo:leader) and ONE main antagonist.(capo: leader) Noted your characters must choose what side they want to join. Unless you want yours to stand neutral that’s fine too. Also a little reminder JBA won’t be exciting without anime death, so if you wish to kill off your character let me know. You’re welcome to create another. (Although I’d prefer if you create another antagonist.) Character Name: Gender: Age: Nationality: Occupation: (Anything you want! your character can either start off as a Mafia or not but keep in mind, if you character is not a mobster at first, you have to at least make them go into progress in becoming one OR getting involved.) Appearance: Personality: Goal: Stand name: (it can be what you made up entirely or a band/song references since most stands have songs/ band references) Stand’s type: Stand’s appearances: (if you want to) Stand battle cry: Stand’s Abilities/weakness: Stand’s ranking:A-E (A being the highest and E being the lowest Speed: Destructive power: Range: Persistence: Precision: Development potential: Well I think that’s all I have for now! If anyone have a questions PM me!
  5. Twilight Sparkle has just been coronated. She has ascended to alicornhood. Flight, magic, fortitude, power, prestige, they are all the fruits of her labor. Labor is something you have though, so what gives? Ah, but she had guidance. Guidance from Princess Celestia herself. That sounds pretty open and shut, right? The requirement for divine intervention explains why there aren't more alicorns flying around. But, what if I told you that there was a mare out there that has the same vision that this Princess Celestia has and that she is willing to give out that same guidance at no cost? Well, this mare does exist, and your character has made their way to a secluded building to meet this mare. Ascension is within your grasp. At least that's what the invitation says as you look it over one more time. RULES! (They can be broken if there is a good reason, but I'll be the one deciding what is and isn't a good reason. Be warned.) - One character per person! Chose wisely. - If your character leaves the RP, you can submit another one. - Alicorn OC's can get in so long as they have a good reason. - Canon characters are allowed and welcome if they have a good reason to be here. - No God Modding. This goes without saying but deserves restating. I have final say over the NPC's and the environment. If you want to surprise someone, PM me first and we can discuss whether you succeed in what you want to do. Note: When submitting a character, keep in mind that more information will give me a better idea of your character, but if you want us to learn more about your character as we go along, you can PM me all the details and I can approve you without you having to give away too much about your character to the rest of the RP. Just make sure you are descriptive when the RP starts if you decide to do this. General Guidelines: - Don't be afraid to end your post with investigating. I like telling exploitative players what they found. - Don't be alarmed if you see a PM from me, usually, I'm telling you information I don't want the rest of the RP to see until later. - Try to be approachable. Nopony likes a brushoff! - Don't be afraid to do some approaching of your own. Ponies don't always need a reason to find out more about the ponies around them. A lot of times discovery is the reason. - Don't be afraid to be a little grandiose. This premise invites a lot of ambitious ponies. I don't mind working with a subplot here or there so long as it's related to the RP. - Have fun! This is a hobby, not a job. Accepted Characters/Players: - Trixie Lulamoon (Derpy Pon-3)
  6. Tartarus. Not exactly the place I planned on spending the rest of eternity. I'm sure that there are others who feel the same. I mean, it's not as tho I did anything that wrong; just tried to take over Equestria and destroy life as we know it, enslave an entire population and sit on a gold throne. Not that bad, by a long chalk. But now, I think that I may have discovered a way out... and I plan to take a few others out with me. Basically, that's the premis. Your character has been put in Tartarus for committing terrible crimes and now is going to join forces with Jinx to take revenge. Jinx is a powerful dark magic mage yearning for vengeance on Equestria and she's not going to rest til she gets it. Facts about her. 1. She loves classical music. 2. She is immortal, as she performed a spell to make it so. Unfortunately, her body can be killed, but if that happens, her spirit can possess another pony until she is able to recreate her body again. 3. She is bi-sexual, but isn't currently in a relationship. 4. She has a cut glass Canterlot accent. 5. She still holds a grudge against her mother for ruining her life and killing her father, even tho she killed her mother years ago. 6. Her secret wish is to become an alicorn. 7. She is an incredibly skilled mage, and can perform many spells after just one reading. 8. Her talent is for dark magic. (Btw, no character sheet as of yet, due to new database. If you have the same issue, just post a pic and give me eight facts, along with the reason why they are in Tartarus.)
  7. All good things must come to an end. Shows, movies, they all come and go, living on in the memories made by their fans who stuck by till the final credits roll. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was no different, garnering fans the world over, but that too had ended not long ago. The credits roll one final time, the friendship lessons through, and everyone’s favorite pastel equines at last get their final least that’s what people assumed. ... Twilight’s coronation was a complete disaster and yet everything seemed to have worked out in the end. She was now in charge of Equestria, her friends were by her side, and the the greatest villains Equestria had ever known were sealed away. With the creatures of many different lands now becoming regular sights in Equestria a new dawn of prosperity was upon them! Yet even in their brightest hours, ancient threats of all kinds still brew under the surface of Equestria. As the first year of her reign began to come to a close the eve of the first official “Festival of the Two Sisters” was upon them. To make a strong first impression she and the Mane Six sought to plan the most extravagant event that Canterlot had seen in a century! Everyone who is anyone in Equestria was sure to attend - and even from beyond. For once everything seemed to be going without a hitch, no invasions from airship armadas or suped-up magical threats, but it wasn’t to last. Just as the celebration had begun to commence with the retired Princesses Luna and Celestia taking the stage the terrifying trio of Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow spring upon the crowd - freed from their prison of stone and seeking revenge! Just before the ponies could rally their forces and make a counter attack a lone unicorn saunters on the stage, a total stranger to all, but as their horn becomes alight in a sinister swirl of black and yellow magic strange rifts in space open up all across Canterlot and begin sucking in anypony who gets too close - pony, alicorn and villain alike! Those who are left to stand and fight immediately demand an explanation, engaging in a quick skirmish with the unknown assailant, the foe pulling drawing up various portals to ensnare those who would get too close! Yet before the enclosing ponies can get in a decisive blow the unicorn opens one last portal and flings themselves inside, but not before at last declaring their name - Ambient Antique! Leaving no recourse but to either follow in after or stay behind to pick up the pieces. ————— Life doesn’t present too much variation for the average person. Go to work, do your job, return home and sleep to start it over again the next day. Human lives are defined by repetition and keeping to schedules, dealing with mundane troubles without monsters or magic. When the day had started out it seemed like it was going to be the same as the last but without warning - all over the world - freak storms swept across various regions. Torrential winds tore down branches and strange lightning flickered in the sky, but as quickly as they came the clouds vanished from sight. In their stead however the storms had left strange people in their wake, with oddly colored hair and complete unfamiliarity with their surroundings. To those who find these individuals it becomes clear that these strange characters are a bit more than meets the eye... These people claim to be Equestrians, people from a completely different world sent here by a new villain who’s motives remain unclear. Intent to reunite and find a way back to Equestria, it’s up to both the Equestrians and their human allies to team up and find a way home! ————————- Welcome one and all to a revitalization of an older concept - a pony in the human world! I’m very excited to announce this, as I do think there is a need for more large scale RP events on the forum! Hopefully the intro happened to catch your eye and you’re up to giving this a shot. The premise of this is primarily to reunite with your fellow Equestrians and have various slice of life scenarios with the humans you encounter along the way, but that's elaborated on in part below. Be sure to read onward for the rules, as those are rather important! Rules for all participants!: Notes on Character Creation: Equestrian Application Guidelines Equestrian Race Distinctions Human Application Guidelines Additional Notes: Application Forms Cast List Mane Six: Princesses: Princess Celestia - @Limestone-Pie Villains: Ambient Antique - @Limestone-Pie Misc. Canon Equestrians Tempest Shadow - @Limestone-Pie Ember - @Limestone-Pie Equestrian OCs: Humans: Faris Ritter - @Limestone-Pie Samuel Lehmann - @Limestone-Pie Example Applications: Note: No need to go into as much detail as mine, write as much as you're able/comfortable with. I just really like to fill out the particulars. Edit: There are some spoiler format issues with the applications, they shall be fixed soon! Just beware, there is a lot of scrolling. Equestrian Applications Tempest Shadow Dragon Lord Ember Princess Celestia Ambient Antique Human Applications Faris Ritter Samuel Lahmann
  8. I'm looking for someone to play Thor and his extended cast in a crossover with another Marvel superhero, the Immortal Iron Fist. The overall plot idea is there's a fighting tournament of various realms but up to this point Asgard has never been invited. So being Asgard, they storm in (almost literally) and demand participation. So Iron Fist and Thor fight the other's respective supporting characters and eventually each other. In Thor's case, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, and Lady Sif. Meanwhile Loki is conspiring with another villain to claim the tournament's ultimate prize, control of all the realms competing in it. So Thor and Iron Fist team up to stop the bad guys. It should be noted that this is meant to be the comics, not the MCU. If you know only the movie's that's not a problem because the character's are largely the same in both versions. Just the tone and certain plot elements are a little different. Biggest of all, in the comics, Thor and the other's status as the genuine figures of myth isn't in question. And if you don't know anything about Iron Fist and his mythos, good. Makes the surprise and clash more authentic.
  9. One day somewhere in Equestria, creature is going somewhere like they usually would, when suddenly hear a sound of falling rocks followed by what sounds like animal's cry of pain. When they go investigate, they will find ocean blue dragon, not much bigger than a pony (mostly just longer), seemingly different species to Equestria's own dragons, whimpering as it tries to move its wing and leg that have gotten stuck under a pile of rocks too big to be moved by the dragon itself. When they try to get close to the dragon to possibly help it, they will be met with rather hostile reaction, but it is clear that this hostility is most likely due to fear. It soon will become apparent that though this dragon can talk, it speaks an unknown language, and can't speak or understand any Equestrian language. How will the creature solve the situation, can they calm the dragon down enough to help it without using words? if they can, what happens next? You are the creature, it doesn't need to be a pony, just something that lives in Equestria and can talk and such. That is the general plan of the RP, a smaller than usual (for its kind) dragon from far away land has arrived to Equestria from lands where it has only seen its own kind and prey, and where the survival of the fittest is in full action. It gets itself hurt and stuck, and your character comes to help. From there it goes like any other friendship/relationship, they interact and become closer, they learn from each other, etc. i'm okay with romance, but it isn't necessary. I don't have a sheet or picture for my character, but here's everything you need to know in advantage. Height wise he/she is around the same as a pony, maybe a bit taller, but due to shape, they're longer than a pony. He/she is ocean blue like stated, and for shape/build, this but blue and with shorter legs He/she is carnivore He/she doesn't speak or understand any Equestrian language, but is capable of learning it. Can breathe fire. Though he/she doesn't eat gems, they like anything that shines. That's all that comes to mind at the moment. The location of where in Equestria this happens depends on your character, but if there isn't any canon forest or other terrain where my character could possibly get crushed by rocks, we make one up. The canon characters exist in the RP, but they are NPCs at best.
  10. Calling All Urban Explorers and Paranormal Investigators! Are you interested in exploring places long abandoned and forgotten? Game enough to see if the rumors of such places being haunted are true? Brave enough to follow leads on sightings of cryptids or possible SCPs? Then Enigma's Paranormal Investigations needs you! If you believe you have the right stuff to help in our investigations and explorations, then come to my office in Canterlot, it's easy to find!
  11. The Fallen Force A MLP/Star Wars A dark fog hangs over the Equestrian Galaxy. War has decimated the ranks of the galaxy’s jedi protectors. Once numbered in the thousand, only a few hundred reman. Now a new threat will emerge that may end them all together. With a Galactic Senate now the ruling body of the Galaxy, the two sisters have retired from ruling and now focusing on protecting the galaxy through the Magic of Friendship and the Force. Recently promoted Knight Midnight Oil has been assigned to a secret mission to a planet long forgotten by his old master, as well as another surprise for the young Jedi Knight. Join the mission as ether a Padawan, Youngling, or Jedi Night, or perhaps as a trooper or hired help (Smuggler) Roster Midnight Oil, Jedi Knight, Bat Pony, Blue Lightsaber Rose Beast, Midnight's Padawan, Pegasus, Unknown Lightsaber
  12. Idea I have that I didn’t think the game proper service to. I play as a pandaren fresh from the Wandering Isle having joined the Alliance or Horde, while you play an adventurer of any race or class that, for one reason or another, interacts with. The emphasis ideally is focusing on culture clash and to an extent genre clash. After all, even though the Tolkien-esque Night Elves are just as divergent from the dieselpunk Goblins as they are from the Wuxia martial arts Pandaren, all the other fantasy races and cultures have had time, wars, and truces to get used to one another. The Pandaren have experienced none of that by the time they first arrive, likewise the only people at a stretch that would even possibly know the Pandaren would be the no longer immortal Night Elves. So how do both sides react to yet another ingredient being thrown into the fantasy gumbo? What does your race’s culture think of unarmed fighters with exotic combat philosophies that joined both sides? We both decide. Particularly I’m looking for something other than humans since I’ve already done that, maybe something on the Horde side. Being that I’m staunchly Alliance it would be refreshing to meet among the Orcs, Tauren, Blood Elves, etc. Back on the Alliance side though, meeting with the Dwarves, Gnomes, Draenei, or Worgen might also be cool. Obviously there can be action, fighting, and adventure. This is intended as a one on one since it just flows better back and forth. Thank you.
  13. Set after the events in 1874 when Alice defeats the Red Queen of Hearts, thus freeing Wonderland from her tyranny, and after the events of 1875 where she was released from the Asylum and was given room and work at Houndstitch Home for Wayward Youth, where she was drawn back into Wonderland to save it from the new ruler who was threatening her sanity. Alice finds herself in a totally new world, this world being Equestria. She has the appearance of Pinkamena Diane Pie, and has taken the moniker of Pinkamena Pie, but she makes it a habit to tell people her actual name is Alice Lidell. What happens now, is that this is not like her other Wonderlands. For one, every resident is either a pony or some mythical creature (Dragon, Griffon, Hypogriff, etc), but due to her adventures in Wonderland, she does not find it odd or strange. How-ever, she is totally lost, and has no idea where to go or how to make friends (something that is apparently what she needs to do to be able to survive in this new Wonderland). How do you come into the picture? Well that's easy, your OC will be the one to befriend Alice and to show her around Equestria, helping her to settle in. For more information on Alice, this is her profile HERE An example of what she would look like anthro would be akin to this picture (only anthro):
  14. The Plot (NOTE: Redo of an old RP that went nowhere) Food ran out a week ago. Water just ran out - the water covering the planet is gone; dried up. In desperation to keep the pony race alive, you make a rash decision - and sell your soul to Scorched Forest, the ruler of Tartarus. In other words, the devil She strikes a deal with you: complete the tasks she sets for you, she will keep you from malnourishment and dehydration deaths. One goal in particular she sets for you - kill Celestia and Luna. If you succeed, she has promised to revert the apocalyptic events that occurred a decade ago and restore the world to its former glory. If you fall out of line, you will either be severely punished (with debuffs) or eliminated entirely. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are two possible endings: 1. You complete the missions and restore peace. 2. The party dies in failure, and the planet as you knew it will never return to its glory. The Rules Inform us before you take a hiatus! Example: From June 9-16(or 18) I will be on vacation and a week or so hiatus. Only an example. This is a text-based RP. No complaining! If you fight with other members, I won't hesitate to kick you out. (Thus killing your character) Tying in with Rule 1, we won't pause the game for you. As for interacting with Scorched, it will mostly only be after task completion. All dice rolls are done by me. When they are necessary and I haven't seen that yet, PM me! Speaking of hiatus. If you badger someone to participate during a hiatus we were aware of, I WILL kick you out. As for post length...i have a lenient minimum of 3-5 sentences. This is a cross-website RP. So my friend from tumblr will give me their posts and I'll post them here! Have Fun! If you're beefing with others here, do let go of your argument ASAP. How To Enter! I will only accept 6-8 people. If you want in, please follow the below steps! 1. Comment on this post, linking your posted OC on this site and PM me. 2. If you post after i get 8 people, you ill beon a waiting lis 3. You will receive a message back telling you you're in! List of people currently registered: 1. @asksparklingcider (tumblr) - Lavender Spectrum 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  15. Hazel O'Hare has been working with Fluttershy, helping her to care for the animals and critters that needed help and care for about 4 years now, and has enjoyed every moment of it. For some time now, she has started to develop feelings for the friendly and shy, animal loving, buttercup colored mare that was kind enough to give her a job and so many critter friends. The problem is, she is unsure if Fluttershy feels the same way towards her, but in the end, she finally confesses..what happens from there is up to the RP to determine.. So what am I looking for? I'm looking for a person to play as Fluttershy for me. It's as simple as that.
  16. Life in Canterlot Castle is rather unpredictable. There are guards, servants, cooks, two of the princess, and many more. Some ponies view it as a serious and professional place, but that is way far from the truth. In this RP, you will play as a character of your choice. Needed Characters: Celestia: No one yet Luna: No one yet RULES: 1. No killing main RP characters unless it was planned in OOC. 2. No nsfw 3. Keep OOC in the OOC area and RP in the RP area. 4. No ghosting. (If want out of the RP, please post that in OOC and write yourself out in the RP area.) 5. Follow the guidelines for the Forums. (I'm sure you know that though.) 6. Ask permission before joining the roleplay. 7. Ask before jumping into someone's roleplay. Jumping in for ONE post to ask a character for directions or something is fine, but anything after will be ignored unless permission was granted to jump in. All people in that party must agree.
  17. I would love to start up a fun slice of life and romance anthro Pokemon in Equestria type of Roleplay with someone. The premice is my Pokesona (A mega Absol) Harmony, has found her way in Equestria, And she meets your Pokesona/Ponysona/OC somehow and they become friends and then we see where things go. Because I can't be bothered typing stuff up right now, here's a link to her info:
  18. In short, I am looking for someone to play as Sunset Shimmer in a Anthro Sol/Action/Romance and Adventure setting. The setting is my Oc Fire Burst, has a secret crush on her, that in time comes to light, and Sunset finds out, making it known to him she has feelings for him as well. The RP will mostly be Romance and Slice of Life, where the Action and Adventure would be related to him being called out to hunt an SCP or something the Foundation wants him to eliminate or capture. Fire's Profile HERE
  19. Plot: A girl with wolf's ears and a wolf's tail has arrived in Equestria somehow, maybe it was due to some magical mishap, who knows.. What is known, is that the girl, who goes by the name of Nikita 'Gray' Wolf. She is in a new environment and is in need of some guidance around the city, and possibly somewhere to stay. This is where your Fursona/Ponysona/OC comes into play, Your Fursona/Ponysona/OC will be showing her around town, perhaps either telling her a good place to stay, or offering your place to her. Nikita 'Gray' Wolf:
  20. Luna visits ponyville but coincidentally so does discord. This rp is a random one as it has no set goal or story just discord messing with everyone.
  21. Due to a whole bunch of players becoming inactive and being non-committal to staying or leaving, despite having played key parts in the story, myself and the remaining active players of Mechquestria are rebooting the game. This will still be co-managed by Mystelf & @Emerald Bolt, We'll be using the same setting and characters. It's the future. Humans and ponies have made contact. Technology was introduced to ponies. Ponies used magic to further technological advances light years ahead, creating the worlds first technomagical devices, machines and programs. They made advanced cyborg parts that could be equipped and controlled from a distance. Eventually, entire robot bodies were built and controlled from home. A living mind could be digitized and permanently installed into a robot body. Eventually, Equestria developed the first self aware machines. Thinking, feeling, robots. A century later, Equestria has become a futuristic utopia. Princess Twilight now presides over the nation from within her own metallic chassis. Robotic ponies and cyborgs of all shapes, sizes and makes, now go about their lives among towering skylines. As far as I can tell, this RP will be the first to feature the option for robotic or cyborg characters. Though it isn't required. You can still play a regular pony or other creature in a futuristic world. Just about anything within reason is acceptable. The RP will be mostly slice of life, but will have a bit of an adventurous start. The game for the most part will be taking place in a college campus. All I'll need from you guys are: Name: Status: -Are you a living being? -Are you a cyborg? -Are you a robot? If so, were you built, or were transferred to a robot body? Race: Age/Years of Operation: Occupation: Cutie mark (if applicable) (yes, robots can get those too): Appearance: Or just post a character link Also, if you do intend to join, we ask that you be committed to the part. The original had to be scrapped to do key players up and quitting. So if your in, be in for the long haul, and if you do have to live, then work with us to write your character out so as not to grind things to a halt for the other players. Edit: Restart complete. RP is a go!
  22. I'll try to be as detailed as I can while not over-complicating my explanations and overwhelming you! Okay, that's easier said than done... The Plot Food ran out a week ago. Water just ran out - the water covering the planet is gone; dried up. In desperation to keep the pony race alive, you make a rash decision - and sell your soul to Scorched Forest, the ruler of Tartarus. In other words, the devil She strikes a deal with you: complete the tasks she sets for you, she will keep you from malnourishment and dehydration deaths. One goal in particular she sets for you - kill Celestia and Luna. If you succeed, she has promised to revert the apocalyptic events that occurred a decade ago and restore the world to its former glory. If you fall out of line, you will either be severely punished (with debuffs) or eliminated entirely. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are two possible endings: 1. You complete the missions and restore peace. 2. The party dies in failure, and the planet as you knew it will never return to its glory. The Rules Inform us before you take a hiatus! Example: From June 9-16(or 18) I will be on vacation and a week or so hiatus. This is a stat-based RP. If you don't like RNG, this isn't for you. No complaining! If you fight with other members, I won't hesitate to kick you out. (Thus killing your character) Tying in with Rule 1, we won't pause the game for you. All that happens is your character will be protected from debuffs and damage. As for interacting with Scorched, it only be only after each respective task. Please do NOT try to speak to her outside of those instances! All dice rolls are done by me. When they are necessary and I haven't seen that yet, PM me! (Not while I'm on hiatus) Speaking of hiatus. If you badger someone to participate during a hiatus we were aware of, I WILL kick you out. As for post length...i have a lenient minimum of 3-5 sentences. Mechanics - Stats There are eight different stat types, listed below: Melee ATK Melee DEF Ranged ATK Ranged DEF Stamina Speed Health Points Smarts Each stat can have a value of 1-20(except HP which is 10-200), which is calculated by the roll of a d20. Each stat has corresponding skills whose percentage chance of getting used varies depending on the stat level you have. Stats go up by random amounts(decided with a 3-sided die) every level you gain, more on levels below. Offensive/Defensive stats are used namely for Targets or Bosses. Stamina, Speed, and Smarts are mostly for navigating. Skills, Levels, and Passive Abilities are described below. Mechanics - Levels You begin at Level 1 and can advance up to Level 100. You gain Levels after each Task given to you. Not much to say except Levels increase your stats. Mechanics - Classes There are 4 different classes to choose, each with different stat boosts, stat penalties, and Skills. They are described and listed below. NOTE: Skills are listed in another section immediately preceding this one! Hacker Boosts: +4 Smarts, +2 Speed. Penalties: -4 Melee ATK, -2 Ranged ATK 2. Dancer Boosts: +4 Speed, +2 Ranged ATK Penalties: -4 Ranged DEF, -20 HP 3. Brute Boosts: +4 Melee ATK, +20 HP Penalties: -4 Smarts, -2 Melee DEF 4. Farmer (Credit to my friend @asksparklingcider on tumblr!) Boosts: +4 Stamina, +20 HP Penalties: -4 Ranged DEF, -2 Smarts Mechanics - Skills There are 2 Skills for every class. Each Skill has a 10% chance to activate at a halfway point of 10 stat points, and goes up 5% for each extra point. It caps at 65%. However, if you fail a Skill, you get a Debuff. Now, I shall list the Skills that go with each: Hacker Skills: - Analyze: Find the best way to navigate a terrain. On Fail: -40 HP for this task. - Infiltrate: Hack a security system, On Fail: -4 Smarts for this task. Dancer Skills: - Allure: Distract the opponent. On Fail: -4 Stamina for this task. - Sacred Salsa: +4 to all stats for the party for this task. On Fail: -4 all stats for the party for this task. Brute Skills: - Ravage: Deal 200 Damage. On Fail: -100 HP. - Wreck: Deal 500 Damage. On Fail: -500 HP. Farmer Skills: - Forage: Find wild vegetables and recover 40 HP. On Fail: -40 HP for this task. - Produce: Grow food and recover 60 HP to everyone. On Fail: -60 HP for everyone because you grew poisonous mushrooms. Mechanics - Passive Abilities There are 4 Passive Abilities that activate randomly at the start of each battle. When one activates, the d20 is rolled. If the roll is a 1 or 20, the effects take place. Otherwise, nothing happens. Each character only gets one and cannot change, so choose wisely! 1. Scan - Tells you what class the boss/target is weak to. 2. Quick Thinker - Gives you an extra attack before the boss/target attacks. 3. Like A Rock - Gives you +50 HP for this fight. 4. Body Shield - You can take an attack that would kill an ally once this fight. Mechanics - Weapons Again, akin to Abilities, you may choose one, and only one, weapon! They each have a damage rate based on your stats, so pick strategically! There are three kinds of weapons: 1. Ranged 2. Melee 3. Long In each category there are two weapons. Each has varying stregths, so I'll repeat, choose carefully! Ranged - 1. Longbow. 30 Damage +10 per Ranged ATK point above 10, 2. Crossbow. 50 Damage +20 per Ranged ATK point above 15. Melee - 1. Broadsword. 40 Damage +10 per Melee ATK point above 10. 2. Claymore. 80 Damage +20 per Melee ATK point above 15. Long - 1. Spear. 20 Damage +10 per Melee ATK point above 10. 30 Damage +10 per Ranged ATK point above 10. 2. Javelin. 30 Damage +20 per Melee ATK point above 15. 50 Damage +20 per Ranged ATK point above 15. Mechanics - Fights Almost done! Now I just need to explain fights. They are turn-based; I control the target. (I will always tell you HP, their stats, class, and weapon.) Party always goes first. Every boss/target has a class, and a class weakness. Party members get class weakness too. Here is the system: Farmer > Dancer > Brute > Hacker > Farmer. This is when you will make small posts dictating a single, short attack. No need for much banter here. Fights are pretty simple! How To Enter! I will only accept 6 people. If you want in, please follow the below steps! 1. Comment on this post, linking your posted OC on this site and PM me. I will determine your stats. Keeping track is on YOU! 2. Allow me time to consider you. If I get over 6 people wanting in, this may take time, especially due to my planned hiatus. 3. You will receive a message back with your stats and confirmation you get to play if I choose you! (If I don't get 6+ it's highly likely you'll get picked anyhow) List of people currently registered: 1. @asksparklingcider (tumblr) - Lavender Spectrum (Hacker, Scan) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Stats of the party: 1. Lavender Spectrum MATK: 2 (-2) MDEF: 10 RANGATK: 20 (18) RANGDEF: 10 SPD:5 (7) STMNA: 15 HP: 110 SMRT: 11 (15) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Please ask any and all questions! This can change as I receive constructive criticism!
  23. As the title suggests, yes, this is very much going to be a play off of Dr. Who. Stardust, who has been living on Ponyville for quite some time as an astronomer has a secret. She is a Time Lord who has been watching over her little community making sure that things are okay. However, it has come to a time when she has to make a move, there is an imminent threat to Ponyville. She must team up with somepony who she feels can handle the soon to be chaos and quite possibly, continue with her on her adventure to keep the world safe. Searching for a pony(s)/creature(s) who is adventurous, witty, can handle the pressure and be the mind of reason from time to time. What do you say? Want to come along on the adventure? Depending on the interest in the RP, I would be willing to open it up for a group as well. :]
  24. What I am looking for: I am looking for someone to play as Marble Pie for me.Premise:The story is set shortly after Marble sees Big Mac with Sugar Belle and feels her heart break. She then runs away from the scene, finding herself in a dark alleyway of Ponyville, and outside a shop called "Moonspell's Desires", and thinking that she could maybe get a love spell or potion from there, she decides to try, how-ever she finds herself entranced by the beauty of the store's owner and the tempting offer that she offers.Rules: I simply ask that we communicate about things if things start to get..dicey.. And of course, have fun.
  25. That's right, I'm hosting another one. This one's going to be a crossover with the game FTL, if you don't know what that is... Then you'd be perfect for this RP I'm looking for players who'll take on the role of those sent by Celestia to investigate something that fell from the sky into the mild west, I have a few character types in mind, but this is not an exclusive list: Any or all of the mane six. The new guard captain who wants to please Celestia. The excited diplomat who's always believed in aliens. The disgruntled lieutenant who was passed up for promotion, and thus wants to undermine the captain. Again, not an exclusive list, but the archetypes above are fairly open, anyone Celestia would reasonably send out is invited. Now the premise: The mane six are in Dodge JCT for whatever reason, it's importance rendered irrelevant by the giant fireball in the night sky which seems to be headed right for the town, soon all the inhabitants are awoken by the roaring sound it makes, those that are not fleeing in every direction stand in mute horror of the thing that falls. However, the course of the fireball shifts, with a great groaning sound it starts to angle to the east, and as the fire dissipates from the glowing metal it becomes more visible, a shape, one with hard straight lines, it cuts through the air like a sword as the ground starts to rumble, passing over the town faster than anything they'd seen before. As quick as it had appeared, it began to shrink into the horizon, a resounding crash their first indication that it had landed, the second being the slowly growing pillar of smoke in the distance. Player start: Twilight rounds up the others to go investigate immediately, setting off into the mild west, unknowingly accompanied by the cmc. Luna alerted Celestia as soon as the craft entered the atmosphere, Celestia then immediately roused the local guard to investigate, and included the rest of the players via urgent message in the middle of the night to travel immediately to investigate. This is still in planning, so any feedback is appreciated. Good luck!