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Found 1762 results

  1. There have been many a fanfiction about Sonic and friends travelling to Equestria and helping the Mane Six save said land from Dr. Eggman. But what if it's in a roleplay? In this Equestrian Empire-style roleplay, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow have to follow Eggman to Equestria and help Equestria's heroes save their land from him, and possibly the world. Since I'm the resident Sonic fan bearing the closest knowledge to the five characters mentioned above, I'll take control of them for this roleplay to ensure everyone has a fair lineage. The Mane Six and the are required in this roleplay, but if you have an OC you can join in as well, however once the roleplay starts no other characters will be accepted. Also Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armo(u)r are optional characters as well. EDIT: Thanks Reader for reminding me of rules. 1) No god-modding. 2) Any OC, as long as they're not overpowered, are accepted. 3) Only I can control Sonic and his friends, as stated above. Characters: Feeder Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow Silver(Samurai Equine) Dr. Eggman Metal Sonic Streak the hybrid Renee the alien Lektra Flamestreak Musical Strokes Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Fluttershy Princess Celestia
  2. This rp will contain my OC Winter Bolt. He arrives in Ponyville seeking to find his place. I am searching for people to help guide the rest of the RP after the following plot points are met. Winter Bolt making a mess of the fall/winter preparations due to his enthusiasm A small crisis in Ponyville due to some foul magic ( we can decide on the character together here when the time comes) An adventure to Canterlot that is a developing moment for my OC and overcoming his insecurities. ( The factors that generate this can flow organically or be decided here later. Rules Keep the rules of magic and other factors similar to the MLP universe. Clearly no mary sue or stu behavior ( Unless you are Twi or Celestia ) Try to post at least a paragraph ( Four to five sentences) occasionally shorter posts are ok Characters Mane cast: People can play members of the Mane cast I will update as I get people OC characters are very welcome Setting The Equestrian Empire though mainly in Ponyville and the Everfree Forest. Manehatten is somewhere my OC will be hesitant to go due to issues with his parents. But it might be a good adventure to push him to fix this via a trip to his colthood home. Other: I am open for suggestions to other adventures, other characters, and really anything that fits the spirit of what I posted above. Id love people to pick up at least one or two of the Mane six and have no current designs on taking any of the normal cast myself The IC post: My OC:
  3. So the general idea is that Cupid comes too ponyville and starts shooting arrows at everyone. People start falling crazy in love, with other ponies, trees, anything they stare at. And even members of the mane six are affected. Which memebrs I will have too decide. So at least three members of the mane six are affected. And Spike and Starlight are also okay. Any oc is fine, even alicorn oc's. I kind of want this too be fun. But I don't want more than five people. But I will see if anybody actually looks at this. Here is the oc I would probaly play as along with maybe Spike and another oc: Here is the link to the IC Thread:
  4. This is an RP that follows the lives of ponies in the service...Fire Fighters, Police, or even Medical. The main location is Manehattan, but there may be sub-locations, not to mention there could be other occupations added later on. Otherwise follow basic RP and Forum guidelines, but I do have a rule or 2. Yes this is related to Chicago Fire, but only the premise. Rules: Keep things nice, unless you and the other person want to get in an argument for rp purposes, discuss it here, these jobs mean anybody that is working with you are family and friends. Perfectly fine with Romance, but nothing sexual. Finally if you don't reply after a certain number of days, your character will be on vacation, just so we can keep this going. Maximum of three characters. Now on to occupations, which NPCs are in charge and other things. FIREFIGHTERS: Chief: Waterstream (female, unicorn, more details given later) Sub Occupations: Paramedic Truck Rescue Squad POLICE: Chief: Blue Siren (male, Earth pony) Sub Occupations: Patrol Detective Dispatcher MEDICAL Chief (can't remember the actual name): Lightheart (female Pegasus) Sub Occupations: Serguion Doctor Nurse That's it for now...on to application Name: Silvermoon Gender: male Age: 27 Occupation: Police, detective Appearance: in sig, Backstory: in sig, Personality: in Aug Other: N/A Alright that is it for now, feel free to join...spots are always open, its infinite, hopefully this rp doesn't die, otherwise this is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT.
  5. Hi. I would like to RP with one of (or both of) my OCs that are yet to be RP'd as. My Ponysona, he will be named MH in the RPs. Speechless Night I'm open for any kind of RP and can play 1x1 or 1x2
  6. Looking to just do a basic slice of life type of role play. I would like to do anthro with either one of my OC's Kitsune, or Stardust. Both are in my signature and I am willing to use the one that will best fit with your OC. I think it would be fun to have a bit of mystery in the story, keep everyone on their toes a bit. Let me know if you are interested. :]
  7. Hey, everypony! Right now, I'm searching for anyone who wants to do a 1x1 RP with me. I will be using my character, Cinnamon Eggroll (info here). This character is perfect for comedy RPs.
  8. Astral Flame is a ten year old batpony filly who has spent half a year searching for her missing parents, as such she has decided to settle down in a dark area of the Everfree Forest near the Ponyville central park. There she has the privacy to live in peace without the xenophobia of the other races and she has the privacy and space to train so that she can achieve her dream of one day getting accepted into the night Guard and serving under Luna... However, there comes a time when she gets found out...but the pony (Your OC or a canon character of your choice) who finds her out, isn't xenophobic or superstitious like most others, instead he or she will take her in, help her in any way they can to search for her parents and to even help her train and achieve her dream. This is primarily going to be a mixture of slice of life and adventure, but perhaps as Astral gets older, a romance is possible. Rules: 1. Obviously both the RP section and the Forum rules apply, so please keep everything to a maximum of PG 13+ (meaning coarse language, violence (if any), romantic sort of things...) 2. No Mary Sue or Gary Stu OCs 3. All races/species allowed, but Alicorns must have limitations 4. If unsure about anything, ask me about it 5. Please try to post as often as possible 6. Also please try to type at least one paragraph per reply, but no fillers 7. Above all else, have fun!
  9. The year is 2045 in Equestria, after a war between good and evil, good had won, but with many sacrifices. Ponyville and many other towns and cities were destroyed during the war. Equestria is now in a depression, but it is also in a state of reconstruction. Hello everypony, this is the premise of a slice if life RP that I thought of long ago, there will be a plot added in soon but for now you are to go about your lives after a devastating war. All I want for applications is A) your character And what role you played in the war (soldier, civilian, law enforcement etc.) Rules: No alicorns or any species that are considered OP Guns and technology are allowed but will not be used as much (this specifies towards guns) Otherwise have fun and I will he posting my character soon.
  10. So I am doing this as a searching because I want to see if anyone is interested in it but here is the plot. When the Elements of Harmony are too busy with other world destroying issues a terrorist attack takes place injuring and killing hundreds, so after the problem was solved Celestia, Luna, and the Elements themselves created a special task force to stop certain attacks from happening, especially when the elements are too busy. This special task force is known as the Equestrian Catastrophe Defense Force or ECDF for short. This team is a secret team and the members are chosen for their uniques skills or just certain skills that can be considered valuable. I am looking for at the most 6 at the moment but that may change. I do want this to be an rp where your actions could screw up a mission or even a relationship with another character npc or pc, more details will be revealed if this works out. Otherwise that's all for now.
  11. this is an RP about egyptian gods. it is just that here are the character sheets: names: gender: personality: appearances: realationships: here is my charater: names: jehuutint gender: female personality: wise, calm, makes good jokes. appearances: jaws of a crocodile, teeth of a hippo, eyes of a set animal, cow horns, goat horns, lion mane, human body, golden wings on arms, lazuli peacock train, snake tail, double crown, sundisk, winged scarab behind sundisk, library of spell scrolls under scarab's elytra./ hovering, indestructable scroll case contaning magic scroll. realationships: has two children, who are feathered cobras with yi chi style wings, and she carries them in her mouth.
  12. Premise: After refusing his offer to a friendly game of Dungeons and Dragons, Discord reluctantly accepts Twilight's invitation to a game of Chess. :. RP where Discord and Twilight play chess. Discord reveals that her moves in the game have been altering reality. Things to Note: > You don't have to move a piece every post. > Simultaneous Control of characters are allowed and encouraged.
  13. this is an RP about dragons. character sheet: name: gender: species: personality: powers: appearance: other: my character: name: Gar gender: female species: dragon personality: likes spying, trickster powers: fire breath, ice breath, cloud breath, lightning powers, halokinesis, pyrokinesis, flight, time travel, water breath, dimesion hop, etheriality, water sensing appearance: upright stance, slimy skin, muddy colours, long neck, handlike, fringed wings, 8 toes per foot, inward pointing teeth, hooked jaw, ear fins, finned tail, crocodilelike head.
  14. I seem to have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, so I want to rp to pass the time. Comment/message me and we'll decide the rest
  15. I'm looking for a dark/ beytral roleplay for my changeling OC Lady. Something to keep me on my toes when replying, something with suspense and mystery in it. Maybe a dash of horror? I don't have much ideas but if others do then please message me or post here. I can do groups or 1x1s I just need something for my gritty role-playing fix.
  16. [RP:] Hello everyone I'm Chaotic Overlord for a I'm part of a group known as EVT on Fimfiction that group is dedicated to stories about a group known as Isfet you guys may have seen me mention them in previous threads Isfet is a group of anti heroes and villains from both MLP and not who in their world are the spirits of disharmony and yes it includes Discord too. Isfet is in short the closest thing you can get to evil without actually being evil. Theyte selfish, rude, egotistical, sadistic, greedy, mocking psychopaths and megalomaniacs but do have some capacity to care for others now that they're semi reformed. Theyte ultimate goal other than to feed eternity on negative emotions which they thrive on but also to return their rule to the entire multiverse anyone wants more history on them I'll give it but now straight to the point i'm going to need members for Celestia, Luna, each of mane six, Simba and Nala from the lion King, Chrysalis and IJ aka isfet's kids who I'll explain the personality of when someone applies First tell me which character you're wishing to apply for and I'll tell you their general relationship with Isfet to get you ready for your role
  17. The business of death is a little more complicated than most mortals think. After death, the soul of the deceased requires guidance to reach the Afterlife, or else it will simply wander aimlessly. Luckily, there's an agency dedicated to doing just that: the Reaper Corps. Headed by Death himself, the Reaper Corps is dedicated to guiding souls of the dead to the Afterlife. This is usually a simple process, but sometimes things can be difficult, whether it's a powerful soul that doesn't want to leave this world, or individuals who want to take the power of souls for themselves. To deal with these situations, the Reaper Corps employs a specialized unit known as Echo Squad. This elite team is made up of the resurrected souls of some of the most skilled warriors, soldiers, adventurers, etc., and is tasked with the most difficult jobs in the Reaper Corps. You might be wondering where you come into this. You've just met your untimely end, but the Grim Reaper's had his eye on you for some time, but he's got a job offer for you... Are you up to the task? This is a neat little 1x1 idea that I've been thinking of for a bit. Drop a comment if you're interested, and I'll shoot you a pm.
  18. (Image made by @Randimaxis) Main RP link: You've landed yourself in the Equestrian Prison. We here don't care what crime or how many you have committed, just that you are here, and we won't let you leave until your sentence is over, or at least until you get parole. Yes I have already made this before, but that RP died, I'll be sure to keep this rebooted version alive and different in at least a few ways. Any ideas for some changes are welcome. Keep in mind this is about life in prison, not about escaping it. Rules for the RP: Every rule for the RP section counts, find them here: Such as: No NSFW No Godmodding, consult players here in the OOC before trying anything with their OCs. If you're OC is a unicorn or can use magic (of any form) they will have a magic suppressor when they enter the prison. This will be to prevent people from just having their OC teleport/walk out of the prison. You're OC can still be a unicorn despite this, just remember this rule. If you want to control a guard for a post, ask me first. You can leave this rp by escaping the prison to have an epic exit, or your character gets a parole, or their sentence ends. All of these options have to be discussed with me so I can make sure the guards won't try too hard to stop you from leaving. If you want to just escape the prison without leaving the RP, you can't. This is an RP about being a prisoner in a prison, escaping without leaving the RP would ruin that purpose. So here is the layout really basic design, but it's pretty much all I could think to add: If anyone has ideas for what should be changed or added to the layout, or if you can make a cooler design, just mention it below. Make sure you use this submission sheet to enter as a prisoner; If you want to be a guard, use this submission sheet:
  19. As the name implies im looking to do some 1 on1 roleplay with someone I do have expierence in it and have been doing it for years so if you like to roleplay please pm me I don't really do Romance RP's I prefer more Fantasy,ADventure or Mystery ones.
  20. Hey there, I'm looking for someone to do a 1x1 rp with. I don't have any particular ideas at the moment, and I was planning on figuing out the details with whoever's interested. I can be flexible with most genres, and I'm always open to ideas. Drop a comment if you're interested and I'll shoot you a pm.
  21. you wake up in a cell with no idea how you ended up their or why The bed is cramped the light flickers and its not the best smelling place you've woken up in. How did you get here, can you escape, and what answers lie before you? This rp is a ruff idea been kicking around in my head,trying my hoof at running an advanced RP it could get dark and bloody (obviously no gore) or it could turn into a comedy of sorts but the question is can you get out? I'm leaving 3-5 spots open for this and it will begin when you feel like jumping in. OC stuff: non pony's are welcome along with regular ponys, no humans but I'm keeping things lax for getting in. just have a link to your oc before I give the ok rules: pg13 levels of violence and dialog other then that have at it and enjoy RP link
  22. ~Character list~ Welcome to Pokemon Academy! (2.0!) Welcomed to an advanced world of pokemon. In this world, humans never existed! Therefor, pokemon of all kinds cater to their own needs, mostly by sending their kits, cubs and children to the famous pokemon academy! Here the students will learn what it means to be a pokemon, including battle training and type education!! THE RULES!! Like all roleplays, no mary/gary sues and op characters! All pokemon EXCEPT legendaries are allowed! I will only accept ONE of each pokemon, this doesnt count evolutions Teachers are expected to be played- dont make all characters students!! I would like at least a pharagraph (3-5 sentences) per character you play! No one liners or replies just above the 20 character limit. You can play as many characters as you can handle, but limit yourself please More rules will be added as time goes on <3 THE CHARACTER RULES!! Students are expected to be an unevolved pokemon, with various exceptions. (Example: A student CAN be a Eevee, but CANT be any of the evolved forms) Teachers can be any stage of evolution, but mostly fully evolved or a middle stage. Students, when first made- can only know two moves (1st years), 3 moves (2-3 years) and finally 4 moves (4th years). As the roleplay moves on they will learn more. Teachers can known any learnable move (do not give a fire type water pulse I will have a heart attack) under level 30. Legendaries are NOT allowed Regarding rule 3 of the normal rules- I will NOT accept 2 haunters, but I WILL accept a haunter and a gengar- as an example. Only two teachers per class ~Forms below~
  23. Hey everypony. I was wondering if anyone was interested in a roleplay. I don't have a specific preference for what the role play would be about but if anyone is willing to do a role play with me I would be most grateful! Sincerely, Lunarpalette
  24. Hello everyone I'm Chaotic Overlord and welcome to another Isfet verse RP of mine. In this RP however Isfet is not the main focus no their children IJ are IJ which includes twisted versions of dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls are much like their parents sadistic, egomanic, psychopathic chaos gods. But unlike them their childish immaturity and lack of understanding of the limits of power make them even more dangerous. This is based on Bad End Friends so their corrupted hero gang fill include Beast Wurt (over the garden wall) Ice Fiin (adventure time) Steaven Diamond (Steven universe ) Evil Morty (rick and Marty Demoic Star and Marco (star vs the forces of evil ) the elements of disharmony (MLP of course) the plot is basically this the main heroes of these shows fall into isfet's twisted little world and must fight to survive I'll handle IJ but if you wish to apply for a main or corrupted hero tell me here also if you want more info on isfet's world
  25. 3 years have passed since Sombra won the great war, but only a year after, a rebellion rose from the ashes. They were greatly outnumbered and were eventually forced into hiding. A message soon came to the rebellion leaders, one made by the elements of harmony. They had found sanctuary in the Everfree forest, and wanted to assemble a small group to destroy Sombra and his army. You are the selected few, unfortunately you are all stuck in the crystal empire and will have to escape into the forest as a team and save Equestria. That is where your journey begins. Rules: Guns and swords allowed This is a pony rp This is a teen rated rp so light cursing allowed. Have fun and try to make it to the forest. There are 6 spots left just leave a link to your character and I will see if your character makes the cut. Anyways here is the list of characters involved so far. 1)Silvermoon (played by myself) link in signature. 2)Steady hoof (played by lovebug) 3)War (played by ponyofwar) 4)Mysterious soul (played by Queen Chrysalis) 5) 6) 7) P.S. no killing off playable characters without my consent and the owner of said character. Anyways come join the fun