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Found 1776 results

  1. The Dark Tournament. Once legal in Equestria, this tournament was banned nearly a decade ago for its brutal nature and reputation for attracting gamblers from the criminal underworld, but now, thanks to an influx of wealthy criminal investors, the tournament has been brought back on a remote island outside of Equestria's jurisdiction. This brutal game pins thirty-two of the lands deadliest fighters to fight to the death for entertainment and gambling, all for the purpose of becoming the grand champion and getting one wish granted by the corrupt tournament committee. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Okay, I just checked my watch and it's been about two and a half years since I've roleplayed on this site, so I'm guessing no one around here remembers me or the dark tournament anymore. Basically, I hosted three RP's a couple years ago with varying success that were about a roster of sixteen characters fighting in a tournament in the Everfree forest. Each participant in the RP was one of the contestants, and winners were decided either by ooc discussion or coin toss if that didn't work. I'm looking to do one of those again, but since it's been a quarter of a decade since I've hosted one, I figured it would be better to just restart the whole series with new players (hopefully.) The rules to the tournament were really simple. Two characters entered a raised concrete fighting ring and could use whatever weapons or techniques they wanted to defeat their opponent. Victory comes when an opponent forfeits, is down or out of the ring for a ten count, or dies (Which doesn't happen very often.) There was a story to the whole thing too of course. You had a corrupt tournament committee that might be working for or against you, and the winner of the tournament could get one wish for anything money or magic could create. I'm putting this post up to search for players who might be interested and answer any questions you might have. It's been a while, but I have experience hosting RPs and I know I can make this fun. Here's a link to the first one so you can see what this looked like in the past: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ :Tournament Roster:
  2. Setting: Lilac Lightning is a newly transferred student from Crystal Prep High to Canterlot High, and despite her transfer, she is still having trouble with making and keeping friends.This is where your OC comes in: Your oc, be it a mare, stallion, student or teacher, comes across Lilac during one of her alone times, most likely in the music room, art room, or wood/metal shop room, and they start talking, and soon become friends, and then of course, over time that friendship blossoms into a romance.Rules:1. Try to keep posts to at least one paragraph, I'm not too fond of one liners, I need something to work off of for my own replies.2. Have fun 3. If unsure about anything, feel free to ask Sign ups here, choice of either EQ or Anthro is up to you
  3. Its been several years since Equestria was invaded with a virus that turned more than 3/4 of the population into flesh eating zombies. An island filled with survivors is all that remains of civilization, that the princesses know of. With most of the magic gone, nopony even knows what Equestria looks like, so the princesses gathered up what was left of the Equestria Defense Force (EDF) and asked for six volunteers to go back to the mainland and find out what was happening. A unicorn wearing an armored police uniform stands in front of you, his navy blue fur matching the uniform. His amver eyes stare daggers into each of you, "You are all brave to be joining me on this mission, I honestly thought I would be going alone, but you all have proved me wrong. I am Seargent Silvermoon of the EDF, and I will be your commanding officer, what we are tasked with is a recon mission. We are to scope out as much as possible while engaging hostile targets, if we manage to find a non-hostile we will either avoid or engage in conversation. Each of you will be equipped with a standard SPARK-L Assault Rifle, a side arm, a knife, and a weapon of your choosing, you may customize your rifle and side arm with what you want. You will also be caring for supplies such as water, food, and ammunition, oh and one more device, a watch, but it holds a radar, ammo count, and a map. Your uniform will be made of armor that can block one bite from these things, minus the neck and joints, it will also have a built in flash light that automatically clicks on in dark areas, you can manually shut it off. Finally you will be given medical supplies and an ear piece used for communication. We leave in a day, get anything you need done and rendezvous at the helicopter at 6500 AM...understood, then move out!" I need five members Slot 1: @Superwholock Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Here is your application/file. Name: Race: (only canon races please, no alicorns) Gender: Age: Appearance: (pic or no pic) Personality: (either brand new or an OC page) Specialty: (sniper, hoof-to-hoof, demolitions) Attachments for SPARK-L: Side arm: (pistol, smg) Attachments for side arm: Special weapon: (katana, grenade launcher, just something the character carries, if not add another primary or side arm) Other: (any further information) Finally the SPARK-L can be switched between auto or select fire. Otherwise hope you decide to join. Thanks for checking this RP out.
  4. Hello there! Would anyone be interested in participating in a 1x1 romantic RP between two canon or non-canon female characters? (Specifically, they would either be ponies, or humans of the Equestria Girls universe.) I have already selected my OC - her name is Feather Scribbles. (Original, isn't it? Lol) I am looking for a long-term RP and my RP partner must have at least decent grammar and a fair/good vocabulary. In addition, no one-liners please! We can discuss a plot via PM. So, is anyone interested?
  5. I wanted to do a Warriors RP but I'm very bad at planning so is anyone up to creating a WCRP? I'd definitely join. Thanks!
  6. ACHTUNG - spoilers from the movie! I'm looking for a single player, willing to play as Tempest (and, potentially, her crew. Especially Grubber, as he seems to be the most friend-like person for her). I envision it as an advanced, slow-paced RP, where Tempest would slowly repair her airship, take care of crew... and, of course, have a few small-talks with king Sombra. Why was she sent there? To destroy him once for all? Reform? Or maybe it was a mistake on Map's side, and she will once again end on the side of evil? I'll also probably craft a different backstory for king Sombra, to create something for Tempest to discover and learn. I imagine that she could not know too much about him at the beginning, and only learn more after repairing communication. Well, I hope I've written everything clearly and didn't make any obvious mistake/oversight. Cheers! Synopsis:
  7. So. I've been craving some roleplay for a while these days! And given I got a few lots I would love to flush out and also never done anything to do in an MLP, well why not just do both! Mostly I'm just looking to do a few one/ones or if anyone thinks's one of my OC's could work in a group to planning to roleplay group. Well just post away in the thread or do the message thing for both! I tend to post twice a week in pace, given I work two jobs and trying to write my own books outside fandoms. Leaning on word count depends on what is needed to keep things moving and not dull out for both of us! So mostly around 600-1000 words in my main goal! If you want to dash or stop, just let me know! Please, lets keep things about the PG-16! So these are my ocs to pick from:
  8. Which forum is best for me to post if I have an roleplay idea I would like to request or try out?
  9. YOU ARE STUDENTS WHO HAS EXTRAORDINARY ABILITIES AND ARE THE ULTIMATE IN SOMETHING. WHETHER YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE GAMBLER, ULTIMATE POP SENSATION, ULTIMATE BASEBALL STAR ETC.. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVING THE CHANCE TO ATTEND HOPE'S PEAK HIGH SCHOOL, THE HIGH SCHOOL WHERE GRADUATES ARE GUARANTEED SUCCESS FOR LIFE! HOW-EVER, NOTHING AS IT SEEMS... Premise: As you are the ultimate whatever (baseball star, pop sensation, gambler etc..) you have been given the chance to attend Hope's Peak High School, where graduates are guaranteed success for life. How-ever, nothing as it seems, the moment you go to the main hall to meet with everyone else, you find yourself getting dizzy and then you find yourself in a class room by yourself, your head resting on a desk. When you leave the classroom, you find out that it wasn't just you that it happened to, but to all the other 14 students that were invited to attend. You are then all called to the gymnasium, where you meet Headmaster Monokuma, where he gives you the low down of what has happened, and then tells you, the only way to graduate is to kill someone else and not be caught. So, the question is.. Can you all survive in a communal life in this warped version of the academy, will you become friends and team up to try and find a way out without killing, or will you succumb to the pressure and kill a fellow student and friend in the hopes you won't get caught and graduate to freedom? Only time will tell Rules: 1. this is a murder/horror mystery, but even then, I still wish to stay on here, so keep everything to PG 13+ only (that means swearing, violence, level of gore, stuff like that)| 2. Obviously both RP section and Forum rules applies here 3. While this will be ultimately based in Equestria, it will be following the storyline of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, so it is best you brush up on your knowledge of the game and anime 4. I will be playing as my own OC, but from time to time will also act as the Headmaster Monokuma 5. Above all else have fun! Sign ups: (maximum of 14) 1. @driz has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Lorianne "Lory" Vox (as the Ultimate voice actor) 2. @Acnologia has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Clayton (as the Ultimate Smith) and Orion (as the Ultimate Strongman) 3. @Techno Universal has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Techno Universal and Glitch Universal (as the Ultimate Computer Program Designers) 4. @Drago Ryder has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Maia (as the Ultimate Musician) and Gale (as the Ultimate Companion)
  10. I really wanna do a version of SAO with ponies, but I obviously don't wanna do so if no one on here would be interested. So, interested?
  11. This is my very first time RPing ever and I was wondering, is there any darker tone magically oriented themed RPs going on right now? Think like hellblazer or Constantine in style. If not I could create one, im not a good dm though.
  12. I really wanna do a 1x1 rp with someone, though it doesn't have to be mlp based. I'll leave that up to you. If you are interested in a mlp rp, here's my OC, Arctica.
  13. (Well, being new here, I'm having trouble finding RPs to roll in... so... the next possible option... also, if I've missed any details that might be important, please let me know! That way I don't look like too much of a fool for too long... XP) With the sudden and recent opening of additional portals into Tartarus, it dawns on the Equestrian community, that not many know much about the broader realm that is Tartarus. Sure, most are aware of the 'prison' aspect of it, but there is a far greater world outside the towers of terror. Now, enterprising folks find themselves taking advantage of this new world. One such area of possible exploitation, is tourism... No marry sues I'm afraid Equestrain type races only (those that do or could exist naturally in the world of MLP) 3rd person preferably. 1-4ish players, order and time limits will be worked out later as needed. Book Your Tartarian Tours Today! Experience the endless darkness of the abyssal sea... ...or the burning fields of hot ice... Learn about and interact with unique cultures and ponies, Like the Chaos Cults and Changeling Republics! Discover lands no Equestrian has ever set hoof on before And explore a world bursting with opportunities and adventure!
  14. A lot of the group RPs I have tried fall through due to people being busy at differing times. So is anyone up for doing a fairly well constructed one v one rp? Im open to style and story ideas and even making a new OC for it.
  15. Does anyone want to 1x1 rp with me? My basic character appearance is my avatar, and I can change some stuff if you need it to be changed.
  16. There have been many a fanfiction about Sonic and friends travelling to Equestria and helping the Mane Six save said land from Dr. Eggman. But what if it's in a roleplay? In this Equestrian Empire-style roleplay, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow have to follow Eggman to Equestria and help Equestria's heroes save their land from him, and possibly the world. Since I'm the resident Sonic fan bearing the closest knowledge to the five characters mentioned above, I'll take control of them for this roleplay to ensure everyone has a fair lineage. The Mane Six and the are required in this roleplay, but if you have an OC you can join in as well, however once the roleplay starts no other characters will be accepted. Also Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armo(u)r are optional characters as well. EDIT: Thanks Reader for reminding me of rules. 1) No god-modding. 2) Any OC, as long as they're not overpowered, are accepted. 3) Only I can control Sonic and his friends, as stated above. Characters: Feeder Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow Silver(Samurai Equine) Dr. Eggman Metal Sonic Streak the hybrid Renee the alien Lektra Flamestreak Musical Strokes Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Fluttershy Princess Celestia
  17. This rp will contain my OC Winter Bolt. He arrives in Ponyville seeking to find his place. I am searching for people to help guide the rest of the RP after the following plot points are met. Winter Bolt making a mess of the fall/winter preparations due to his enthusiasm A small crisis in Ponyville due to some foul magic ( we can decide on the character together here when the time comes) An adventure to Canterlot that is a developing moment for my OC and overcoming his insecurities. ( The factors that generate this can flow organically or be decided here later. Rules Keep the rules of magic and other factors similar to the MLP universe. Clearly no mary sue or stu behavior ( Unless you are Twi or Celestia ) Try to post at least a paragraph ( Four to five sentences) occasionally shorter posts are ok Characters Mane cast: People can play members of the Mane cast I will update as I get people OC characters are very welcome Setting The Equestrian Empire though mainly in Ponyville and the Everfree Forest. Manehatten is somewhere my OC will be hesitant to go due to issues with his parents. But it might be a good adventure to push him to fix this via a trip to his colthood home. Other: I am open for suggestions to other adventures, other characters, and really anything that fits the spirit of what I posted above. Id love people to pick up at least one or two of the Mane six and have no current designs on taking any of the normal cast myself The IC post: My OC:
  18. So the general idea is that Cupid comes too ponyville and starts shooting arrows at everyone. People start falling crazy in love, with other ponies, trees, anything they stare at. And even members of the mane six are affected. Which memebrs I will have too decide. So at least three members of the mane six are affected. And Spike and Starlight are also okay. Any oc is fine, even alicorn oc's. I kind of want this too be fun. But I don't want more than five people. But I will see if anybody actually looks at this. Here is the oc I would probaly play as along with maybe Spike and another oc: Here is the link to the IC Thread:
  19. This is an RP that follows the lives of ponies in the service...Fire Fighters, Police, or even Medical. The main location is Manehattan, but there may be sub-locations, not to mention there could be other occupations added later on. Otherwise follow basic RP and Forum guidelines, but I do have a rule or 2. Yes this is related to Chicago Fire, but only the premise. Rules: Keep things nice, unless you and the other person want to get in an argument for rp purposes, discuss it here, these jobs mean anybody that is working with you are family and friends. Perfectly fine with Romance, but nothing sexual. Finally if you don't reply after a certain number of days, your character will be on vacation, just so we can keep this going. Maximum of three characters. Now on to occupations, which NPCs are in charge and other things. FIREFIGHTERS: Chief: Waterstream (female, unicorn, more details given later) Sub Occupations: Paramedic Truck Rescue Squad POLICE: Chief: Blue Siren (male, Earth pony) Sub Occupations: Patrol Detective Dispatcher MEDICAL Chief (can't remember the actual name): Lightheart (female Pegasus) Sub Occupations: Serguion Doctor Nurse That's it for now...on to application Name: Silvermoon Gender: male Age: 27 Occupation: Police, detective Appearance: in sig, Backstory: in sig, Personality: in Aug Other: N/A Alright that is it for now, feel free to join...spots are always open, its infinite, hopefully this rp doesn't die, otherwise this is Silvermoon signing off...PEACE OUT.
  20. Hi. I would like to RP with one of (or both of) my OCs that are yet to be RP'd as. My Ponysona, he will be named MH in the RPs. Speechless Night I'm open for any kind of RP and can play 1x1 or 1x2
  21. Looking to just do a basic slice of life type of role play. I would like to do anthro with either one of my OC's Kitsune, or Stardust. Both are in my signature and I am willing to use the one that will best fit with your OC. I think it would be fun to have a bit of mystery in the story, keep everyone on their toes a bit. Let me know if you are interested. :]
  22. Hey, everypony! Right now, I'm searching for anyone who wants to do a 1x1 RP with me. I will be using my character, Cinnamon Eggroll (info here). This character is perfect for comedy RPs.
  23. Astral Flame is a ten year old batpony filly who has spent half a year searching for her missing parents, as such she has decided to settle down in a dark area of the Everfree Forest near the Ponyville central park. There she has the privacy to live in peace without the xenophobia of the other races and she has the privacy and space to train so that she can achieve her dream of one day getting accepted into the night Guard and serving under Luna... However, there comes a time when she gets found out...but the pony (Your OC or a canon character of your choice) who finds her out, isn't xenophobic or superstitious like most others, instead he or she will take her in, help her in any way they can to search for her parents and to even help her train and achieve her dream. This is primarily going to be a mixture of slice of life and adventure, but perhaps as Astral gets older, a romance is possible. Rules: 1. Obviously both the RP section and the Forum rules apply, so please keep everything to a maximum of PG 13+ (meaning coarse language, violence (if any), romantic sort of things...) 2. No Mary Sue or Gary Stu OCs 3. All races/species allowed, but Alicorns must have limitations 4. If unsure about anything, ask me about it 5. Please try to post as often as possible 6. Also please try to type at least one paragraph per reply, but no fillers 7. Above all else, have fun!
  24. The year is 2045 in Equestria, after a war between good and evil, good had won, but with many sacrifices. Ponyville and many other towns and cities were destroyed during the war. Equestria is now in a depression, but it is also in a state of reconstruction. Hello everypony, this is the premise of a slice if life RP that I thought of long ago, there will be a plot added in soon but for now you are to go about your lives after a devastating war. All I want for applications is A) your character And what role you played in the war (soldier, civilian, law enforcement etc.) Rules: No alicorns or any species that are considered OP Guns and technology are allowed but will not be used as much (this specifies towards guns) Otherwise have fun and I will he posting my character soon.
  25. So I am doing this as a searching because I want to see if anyone is interested in it but here is the plot. When the Elements of Harmony are too busy with other world destroying issues a terrorist attack takes place injuring and killing hundreds, so after the problem was solved Celestia, Luna, and the Elements themselves created a special task force to stop certain attacks from happening, especially when the elements are too busy. This special task force is known as the Equestrian Catastrophe Defense Force or ECDF for short. This team is a secret team and the members are chosen for their uniques skills or just certain skills that can be considered valuable. I am looking for at the most 6 at the moment but that may change. I do want this to be an rp where your actions could screw up a mission or even a relationship with another character npc or pc, more details will be revealed if this works out. Otherwise that's all for now.