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Found 1768 results

  1. so you will have a set of challenges you will have to face as a brother-sister, sister-sister or brother-brother, (kinda like the sisterhoof social) this game will be hosted by Jdor11, and midnightive (both of us will also be participating) if you don't have a friend or actual relative you can call on, we will pair you with somepony else, once you have been paired, you must rely on each other to make it through the tests! we will be looking for a total of 4-6 groups (not including over selves!) groups: 1. Storm Comet 2. Paige Turner 3. 4. 5. 6.
  2. Roleplay Thread: ___________________ This is how the roleplay works. Pick from one of these characters, Twi, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy. Yes, I realize I didn't include Pinkie Pie. I am her. Ok, so, here's the storyline. Ponies discover the technology to travel to the human world, disquised as humans. (as for outfits, pants and background of shirt is the color that they are example, Pinkie Pie's pants and shirt are pink. Cutie mark is printed on shirt. Hair is mane and tail color) They soon send too many ponies for their new discovery, and the government gets suspicios. The thing is, pegasi and unicorns still have their wings and horns! (so do Alicorns) The government send people to go to their school and hunt down anyone with wings or a horn. You may build up the storyline, once we get there. Characters chosen so far: Twi (No.1) Rainbow Dash (rainbowzoom) Rarity(Swit Swat) Fluttershy (ravedashie) Apple Jack (GingerSpice) and Pinkie Pie (me) Oh... It looks like we're out of the mane six. Ok, then just choose random ponies and I will accept it.
  3. Hello, everyone. I was wondering how many of you would like to play D&D. This is an interest check to see if anyone does.
  4. *mails letter to everypony in pony vile* it says come to the first ever pony vile martial arts team battles. from, rainbow zoom
  5. I need someone to replace an uncooperative member of my Ponystuck RP. We run over Skype, not forum. We use the Homestuck RPG rules from the MSPA forum. Contact if interested.
  6. Prince Lightning and Ivy, seeing their own relationship go so well, try their hoofs at matchmaking and their first two customers are.... Steel quill and Sugar Rush! What happens between these 4 ponies is quite a sight and can't be explained without a tale of love and adventure, especially when there is a changling on the loose and hungry for one thing that every pony in this take has...... Love. This'll be a adventure romance based on the settings given above. If you want to have your match made than don't feel shy to sign up! Already Signed up: TagTeamCast - Prince Lightning Midnightive - Ivy Pinkazoid - Sugar Rush Steel Accord - Steel Quill Shankveld - Lovely Midnight Moon - himself aswell Btw we are looking for a Fluttershy. Please signup if you think you can do her. This RP has launched! Two couples and two matchmakers. Topic:
  7. a blue light streaked across the night sky towards ponyvile. it had an electric blue tail snaping behind it as it fell. It crashed into the middle of the town with a loud explosion waking everypony. It reduced the fountan to a pile of smoldering stone and... white fur?!
  8. Rp linky im in cahoots with the creator of the RP, so yeah X3, lucky fire is the creator, im just the maker of the OOC we need lots of people so yeah X3 Rules so far: (ill keep posting them when she makes them, so i believe just general RP rules) 1. Keep the swearing down to a minimum. There are young people here from what I've seen in other posts. 2: no godmodding, please, even if your an alicorn, just keep the magic to a believeable level Players so far: Midnight Moon: midnight Lucky Fire: lucky Love4shadow: incogneto discord Jador11: striker Gilda the griffin: Weiss Blackcat: Olivebranch Narutardedscum: flow Dashing blossom: dashing blossom
  9. you are vikingponys searching the land for gold and silver but you were caught in a huge storm and your ship broke you and your teammates were thrown all across the land it is now your job to find all your group members and head home, you will face hard obstacles as a group, some may be left behind or killed by some of the other group members. Because you are Vikingponys you Will start the game with a steel dagger and shield if you use your shield it is not all impenetrable you will be able to block 1 attack per every 2 turns so you dont just keep blocking the same dagger every time! click my signature if you want to get to know me first. Rules: 1. pretty much common RP rules 2. you must!!! have a reason for killing another teammate even on a presumption, you then need to send me a reason for trying to kill that other ponie to me for approval. 3. flying in this game is not avaliable becuase you as vikingponys, you wear to much armor, you can use magic but it can only be used to lift or drop (NOT THROW) objects around NEW RULE MAKE SURE YOU READ 4. you will have noticed by now (hopefully) that you are all put in to a leadership, such as Nord Chieftain, Nord second command, Ect... you may have the right to overthrow the pony in charge if he or she does a bad (or crappy to your perspective) job at following his or her dutys, YOU CAN NOT overthrow Nord god as he is admin if you plan to overthrow a pony Same rule as #2 you must give me a exceptional reason why. lastly you do not have to kill pony you are overthrowing you can challenge said pony to a duel of wit which the admin will look over please adhere to said rules and the game will go smoothly thank you and HAVE FUN These are the people i will pick to play this game there will be limited slots so ask to join fast! 1. Striker (administrator of game) / Nord god 2. Midnightive (first ponie to sign up so automatically nord chieftain) 3. QueenChrysalis (nord second in command) 4.cluelessllama13 (war commander) 5. nearpaw lightz (solider) 6. snails (blind passenger) 7. 8.
  10. (This RP is gonna be a bit comedic so don't take it too seriously) Feld0 the most amazing leader of our Feldian Community has gone missing, oh noes!, while the Mods fight over the spot for the new leader of the wonderful (yet soon to be Chaotic) community, fellow Feldian memebers of the forums go on a search for Feld0, They have lived their lives in this community, and they don't wan't to see the community to get into the same chaotic April Foals Day, where the members themselves spinned out of control, the Mods & Mailmare (Feld0's robot to deliver us bronies news) had taken over, and our great Leader Feld0 was kidnapped, even as a prank, it scared some of the MLPforums residents, and now, that he's been kidnapped by some strange force, these members are determined that they will rescue him in a possibly long and really awkward adventure... In this RP you will rp as yourself , all of the members are ponies, based on themselves, you can either post an OC that represents you, and change their name into your username, or you can make a new OC based on you. Rules: 1. No multiple characters (I'm sad about this one, but really? Who are you gonna rp as? Besides yourself) 2. Only 3 to 8 people in the rp (I don't like over crowded rp's, you can PM and maybe I can make an exception..) 3. Only RP as yourself (don't rp as another member) 4. Be like youself, don&'t try to change your character xD Characters: 1. Pinkazoid 2. Ice storm (waiting for link...) 3. Evilshy 4. Arylett Dawsborough (waiting for link...) 5. Page Turner 6. DylanKLJ (waiting for link...) 7. Rterwa 8. Crystal Sparkle 9. King of Magicarps Spots are closed sowwy
  11. I'm thinking of making a Series of Role Plays with my OC Splinter...Here's Number 1.If its successful I will make more Role Plays Starring Splinter.Here is the Back Story of Splinter:What Matters... BACK STORY: Splinter the pony,A Stallion at age 24.Has one of the hardest lives anyone could even think of.5 days after his birthday he is Kidnapped and taken into Ultra Super Solider Training to Fend off a Threat to The entire Nation of Equestria Called The Darkening.Splinter is Joined by 4 other Ponies who were Kidnapped and sent their.All Splinter wants to know is What matters.Saving Equestria,Or Friends and Family. Parts in the Role Play: Splinter : Calirolls Pencil J.Doodle (Insert Soldier Name Here): Available (Insert Soldier Name Here): Available (Insert Soldier Name Here): Available The Tiny Note (Of Sad Fun Facts :c): None of Calirolls's Role Plays have NEVER,EVER,EVER,EVER Succeeded...No one likes Cyborg Ponies and Law Ponies?
  12. RP Thread ok so this is my idea, this is kind of a slice of life RP, everypony lives their daily lifes, but a few random players will be changelings how it will work is i will PM a few characters and tell them they are changelings, no one will no who the changelings are, not even the other changelings if you are a changeling and have found your self in postion to strike and absorb some ponies love, PM me your target, and ill inform him/her and send them a message of their demise winning conditions are either all the ponies are defeated, or all the changelings are delt with if you are a pony and you suspect somepony is a changeling, you can confront them, if you guess right, ill PM the changeling of the results, unless the changeling can conveince the pony that he/she has the wrong pony anyone interested?
  13. this idea came to me while I was in the shower. Damn, I need to drink more soda if ideas like this pop up often when I do... This will be a romance RP between my OC, Princess Luna, and Princess Celestia. I will be Storm Spark. The two of them may ONLY communicate with each other in the form of letters. ASK ME if your going to go outside of letter form. Remember, No Bullshitting! RP Location: Storm Spark: rterwa Celestia: pinkieluna Luna: MasterCadence *NEW CHARACTER*: OPEN *NEW CHARACTER*: OPEN *NEW CHARACTER*: OPEN EDIT: Got some new rules: 1) Each letter MUST be edited before you post. 2) Each letter must be 1 semi-Paragraph. 3) Ask me if you have any questions.
  14. ATTENTION: RECRUITING IS NOW CLOSED @Members: What should our name be? If I don't hear anything I'm making my own so shoot some ideas! Main Plot Ideas: A group of musicians join together in an attempt to reach superstar status.Beginning Ideas: Band has just gotten together but must learn to trust each other. Band has been together for awhile and have already started to work. I don't know! Im not sure about the rest of you but I'm ready to jump right on in soon! Know Characters so far... Krooked (Nel) Bass - Vocals/Rap/DJ Steady Beat - Vocals/Rap Ticks Beet - Percussion Six Strings - Acoustic Guitar Overdrive (Brass Tacks) - Vocals/Electric Guitar ??Chess Queen?? - I'm not sure if this is meant for the RP? ????
  15. I need an idea. The story needs to be romantic and action packed. Just a little Idea... Location:
  16. Main Story:Splinter has a hard life,He's bullied at school,the love of his life hates him,and he is failing High School.Everyday he always says the Saying ''When life gives you lemons,make lemonade'' 5 days later it became ''Life is a big sour lemon'' Can he fix all his problems before College? Genre:Comedy,Drama,Romance. Here are the parts of the RP. Taken=(X) Available=(O) Splinter:(X) Calirolls Angel (Splinters Love): Brutus (Bully 1 out of 2): (O) Carver (Bully 2 out of 2): (O) More parts to come...
  17. I am taking sign ups...Here are the available people to play as Phoenix Colt:Taken by calirolls Pinkie Pie (Phoenix Colts Assistant):Marco23p The Great and powerful trixie (Prosecutor):Available Judge: Dissonance Witness Applejack:Available Witness Twilight Sparkle: Twi Rubix Suspect (Rainbow Dash):Available Here is a Picture of the hero,Phoenix Colt.Good luck!There are still rules that will be carried.But that wont be announced until further Notice.
  18. SO i had a idea for a rp, it is a pony version of Doctor who the end of time part one and two (even though the name isnt) we can branch off the original story but try to keep to it. i will start it as son as we have enough people. i will start as the master. the master-Jeff the killer