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Found 33 results

  1. first of all I don't want to look menacing but I asked NewCalamity for persmission to post this, so please mods, don't try to lock or delete my thread if you think it is too much to handle. ok back to topic, I always wanted to do a sexy drawing of Rarity so this is kind of a sketch thing because I'm still learning how to properly paint....made in SAI, like 1:30 hours. I hope you guys like it
  2. So yeah, here's another vector I made of Velvet Remedy in a bout of boredom/spare time. No wonder why she barters for the group. You can't say no to that face.
  3. Hello Everypony, I've been working with many signatures and avatars I thought I'd head over into making some wallpapers for the community. These are the wallpapers I've created, I'll try to keep this page updated with new and fresh wallpapers every week! Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Applejack Twilight Sparkle Rarity Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Crusaders Princess Celestia Princess Luna Princess Candace Vinyl Scratch Octavia Bon Bon Lyra Discord Nightmare Moon Queen Chrysalis Shining Armor Spitfire Trixie Feel free to use the wallpapers as long as you give me credit but don't claim them as yours. If I get enough replies, views and brohoofs on this thread I will create a tutorial on how to do it and it'll encourage me into making more. Anypony got any questions?
  4. In real life, colts are castrated at a young age. This decreases their aggressiveness towards mares, and generally breaks their spirits, making them easier to break. MLP doesn't necessarily have an abundance of male characters, (which is fine by me, because, you know, plenty girrrrrrlllsss to go around, amirite fellas? girrrrrrllllssss.) I've also noticed most stallions mostly do physical labor, and many don't take wives. There also isn't much sexual abuse in equestria, so maybe all the colts could be neutered at a young age? Maybe long ago, equestria was ridden with crime and they thought if they castrated the colts there wouldn't be so much. It may have worked, but they also doomed their entire race. Maybe they are simply paying so much attention to friendship between the mares because the entire species is in denial that because of their foolish act, all ponies are doomed to be extinct in the next few years? Or maybe only the most handsome and well 'Endowed' stallions are allowed to mate. (What a life that must be! Fucking mares all day!) well you cant determine how genetically fit a being is to mate a young age, so maybe they just use male chastity belts. Or maybe there are pony abortions. Maybe there is aone-child policy in act, I DONT KNOW! ITS JUST A KIDS SHOW SEXUALITY SHOULD BE A PROBLEM! But anyway, how does the population is equestria get controlled?
  5. Yep, looks like I reincarnated myself in pencil . It took longer than it needed to make this pic, but then again, I've never drawn a person holding a gun . Looks at me with mah F2000, and FEAR ME Opinion's please ?
  6. So if you don't know this, Twilight Sparkle's voice actor is Tara Strong, well here's Tara Strong working on a different thing, and could you see Twilight Sparkle saying something like this?
  7. WE SHALL BE TALKING IN THE ROYAL ADDRESSING IN ORDER TOO SHOW OUR LOVE FOR YOU KURTISS. Unless, you know you would like us to maybe be like Fluttershy, I-if that is okay with you... But in all fare, everypony on mlpforums would like too state how awesome you are Kurtiss! Also notice how this is topic "669". :megusta: