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Found 202 results

  1. ​Once Upon a Moon, There were two very special someponies, or should I say zebras, who were just two of the many zebras who lived in the ever free forrest. The girl was named Zebriana and the other was named Zecoro. That night, their baby girl was born. They named her Zecora. And then they smiled, for their family was complete. As the years went on and Zecora got older, trouble started to break out for the zebras. Ponies were stealing their land and hurting them. Zecora was only four when it started, but she could sense her parents sadness, forcing her to be sad too. The following year, the zebras had enough of the ponies treating them badly, and war broke out. Zecora's parents tucked her away in a camouflaged tree, which Zecora grew up in by herself for the next few following years. One year, when Zecora was celebrating her 15th birthday in fear, all noise just seemed to stop. She quietly walked outside, and stopped in shock. Dead zebras everywhere she looked, and the once oh so beautiful Evergreen forrest, was so ugly and horrid she could barely even stand to look at it. But, one zebra was coughing, and coughing meant breathing! She ran over to the zebra and brought him inside her tree. She gathered a bunch of plants she had seen her parents use before and made a mixture with them all. then, she nervously fed it to the zebra, and he sat up, instantly better! From that day forward, she vowed to help anypony/zebra in need of her help. She painted on a cutie mark, and continues for the rest of the day to make more potions. THE END! Love the Logic, Lullaby Skout <3
  2. This is a story about my OC "Scratch Gizmo" and his life moving to Ponyville. I only have the Prologue done, But feel free to check it out and write your thoughts below Click here to check it out! Here
  3. Here's my first ever story on fimfiction: Fear and Loathing in Las Pegasus -OR- How Derpy Got her Cutie Mark and Learned to Love the Bubbles I set myself the task of writing a cute flash fiction outlining an alternative headcanon for Derpy - perhaps she's not "a few sandwiches short of a picnic" like we all thought! WARNING: There will be muffins ahead!
  4. The Crusaders have been driven over the edge with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's constant harassment. Can they figure out a way to stop it? ~~~ "I can't take it any longer!" cried Sweetie Belle, slamming her hoof on the floor of the Cutie Mark Crusaders' clubhouse. "If those meanies throw one more insult at us..." "Calm down, Sweetie Belle," said Scootaloo. "I'm sure we can figure out a way to stop this. Start brainstorming, team!" Sweetie began thinking up ideas. "We could all move somewhere else!" "Nah, too much work," said Scootaloo. "Gals, how about-" began Apple Bloom, but was then promptly cut off. "Well, to another school, then?" suggested Sweetie. "Still too much work," replied Scootaloo. Apple Bloom continued trying to speak. "What if-" "I could teleport them far away?" suggested Sweetie. "Sweetie, you can't even teleport a feather one inch forward. How do you plan to teleport two ponies however far away it is you have in mind?" replied Scootaloo. "Would y'all..." Apple Bloom was disregarded yet again. "Let's have somepony else do it for us." "Good luck with that one." "May ah just..." "Let's give them cupcakes from Sugarcube Corner in exchange for not picking on us ever again!" "They'll probably just scoff them and then keep acting like pains in the flank." "GALS!" The Unicorn and Pegasus turned their heads to look at the Earth Pony. "Why don't we just keep our distance?" suggested Apple Bloom. "This entire time, we've just stood and watched them spew names. How can they call us names if we're not near them?" Her two companions blinked. "That... sounds like it could work," said Scootaloo. So that's exactly what they did. They stayed away from Diamond and Silver and were never bullied ever again. THE BUCKIN' END
  5. Trying to upload a new chapter daily. A digestible little story about an awkward, cynical human living in a world full of weird monster people. Would love you to read but would love Love LOVE you to follow. Safe for work. Any relationships will leave things to the imagination. Love you all!
  6. Wrote this a little while ago. Short and slightly amusing, especially if your having a 'bleh' day. --- Hi there, I'm Pinkie Pie and while I usually try to be totally cool and friendly to all my friends sometimes I have "bleh" days. You know, the kind of days where you feel like a saggy marshmallow, or a sock that may or may not be clean. Anyway I know some of you humans totally look up to me so I thought I'd share with you a dramatized Pinkie Pie story abou how I sometimes turn a mehehbleh day into a not terrible bleh day. -Have fun! ---
  7. Chapter 1 - An Unwanted Guest. It was a dark and stormy Nightmare Night , the perfect night for telling horror stories , eat candies and make Tricks ! Or rather , it was the perfect night for almost everyone . In his Cottage , Fluttershy had closed every door and window, so that nothing dangerous could get inside. Although the most dangerous he could be is a big mosquito. " don’t you forget something ? " said Discord while floating above Fluttershy. " No , I don’ t think , ” Fluttershy answered, wondering if she had forgotten something. " Not even a certain party ? " Said Discord. “ A party ? ” Fluttershy asked, when she suddenly gasped and said, " Oh no, Twilight Special Nightmare Night Party ! " " Hallelujah ! " exclaimed Discord, making confetti appear out of nowhere, " and tell me are you planning to stay here ? No, seriously, because it is a bit that I don’t go to a party of us beloved ... Princess ... Twilight. " Fluttershy sighed and began to turn around, thinking and mumbling. Shortly after, she sat down, looked at Discord, and said , " if you want, you can go" " Will I remember you last year ? " Said Discord with very serious tone, " when you come to the library crying, soaking wet and cooled after the storm has turned off the lights in the house ? " " Oh, right, " said Fluttershy disconsolate, "if only I had a way to call you, how does spike when it sends messages to Princess Celestia" Discord sighed and began to think. "So ," he said , " you need something that can contact me wherever I am. Possibly something small and manageable. Hmmm" A few seconds passed in silence, punctuated only by the pouring rain and howling wind. "AHA, EUREKA ! " exclaimed happy discord. With a snap of his fingers, he materialized a small necklace with a blue diamond hanging. "If you needed my help," he said, as he closed the necklace around the Fluttershy' s neck, " think of me intensely and I will arrive here in a blink of an eye" Fluttershy smiled, then stood up and hugged Discord. "Thanks ," she said happily, " and say hello to the other !" " Obviously , my dear, " Discord said happily. Then , in a flash , he teleported. Meanwhile, at the library ... The others were just arriving and, punctually, they wondered where it was Fluttershy. " perhaps she remained at home, you know how she is " Twilight said. " what a shame ," said Applejack. "Oh no, now what ? Now that I had brought some delicious pastries with pumpkin ! " exclaimed wincing Rarity. "Ah , don’t worry , " said Discord , " I will eat someone for her". "Oh , Discord , " said Twilight cheerfully , " I'm happy that you were able to come , but ..." " Where's Fluttershy ? " Asked Rainbow Dash. "Oh , well , you know how , " Discord said with his usual tone, " storm , a moonless night , the fact that it is Nightmare night ... " " ugh , okay , we get it " said again Rainbow Dash . " I don’t ," said Pinkie Pie, " I missed at " moonless night " , could you repeat everything ? " There was a moment of silence . " uh , we' ll talk later , okay ? " said ironically Discord . And so they began to party! They went on to dance, to tell horror stories and also read some stories too . Until ... " Hey , what have you to your hoof ? " Asked Applejack while pointing Discord’s hoof , who continued to beat on the floor . "Oh , oh , it's like my twitchy tail ? ” Pinkie Pie asked anxiously. “ Actually , ” said Discord , “ it is rather difficult to explain the " why " , let's just say that Fluttershy is calling me ” The hoof continued to beat harder and harder, so he begin to break the floor . " Oh , damn , " Discord said worriedly , " I'd better go now , it looks she is pretty worried . " So saying , discord re - snapped his fingers and disappeared . The 5 , meanwhile , wondered why Fluttershy could be so nervous. Rainbow Dash suggested that it could be for the same event the year before , while Rarity said that maybe it was something serious ... this time. While the 5 spoke , spike came down from upstairs with a letter in his hand. It was signed with a " D " . Twilight took it , and began to read : " Twilight , We have a small problem from Fluttershy , may you ... just ONLY come you ? Discord. “ " It must be serious , " said Rarity " Discord wrote something seriously ! " The other four looked at her with a scornful look . " ... what ? " asked embarassed Rarity . " All right , girls ," said Twilight , " I see what the problem is and come back immediately " And in an instant , Twilight teleported to the cottage . " Oh , thank Celestia you came , " Discord said with a strange worried tone . " What is it , where Fluttershy ? " Twilight asked . Discord brought twilight to Fluttershy room and recommended she to not worry or get nervous.. With all this tension , twilight was already preparing for the worst . Arrived in front of Fluttershy’ s room , Discord knocked on the door and said that there was twilight . Fluttershy came out , he looked exhausted, trembling and his eyes were full of tears . " Twilight ," she said sobbing , " Please , you must help me ! " " Fluttershy , what happens ? " asked worried Twilight . Fluttershy hesitated and glanced at Discord . " P - please , Twilight ," he began to say Fluttershy , " don’t get mad , he ... he is not like the others , I - I'm sure ! " " What are you talking about ? " Twilight asked in a tone somewhat grim . Fluttershy left twilight enter in the room. She stopped when she saw what was in the bed . It was one of them. " Fluttershy , " twilight said with a shocked tone , " You know what is that ... thing ? " Fluttershy not answer. "Do you remember what they did to my brother ? " For a few seconds , Fluttershy stood in silence. " I'm sorry " She said. Twilight sighed and , still shaken , she replied " okay , I’ll heal him , but I want to know every detail of why you brought a changeling in your house "
  8. Paralyzed Rainbow Dash By Vinyl_the_lost_pony Prologue: Rainbow Dash severs her spinal cord, paralyzing her from the neck down. Now, she must cope with the hard, depressing reality of being disabled. But she figures out a way.. I hope so anyways let's start this story... Rainbow Dash grinned in sheer ecstasy as she soared through the air at blistering speeds, the wind whipping behind her and crackling for all on the ground to hear. They gazed up into the air and saw her, but only for a fraction of a second. She would break the all-time speed record from Manehattan to Ponyville, for sure! Rainbow Dash always loved to fly. She loved everything about it, from the feeling of complete and total freedom, to the weightlessness when dive bombing towards the earth, to the slight terror and sheer elation from pulling up at the last minute before hitting the ground. She checked her stopwatch, which was on her hoof. She was making decent time, but was about two seconds behind the record. Maybe she could speed up just a little bit more and beat Fleetwing Frank, the fastest pegasus to ever have lived. “Not for long, Frank!” she cried, her wings straining and aching under the pressure. But she didn’t care; she even enjoyed the pain of exertion and pushing herself farther than she thought she could. Rainbow Dash glanced down at her stopwatch and looked at the time. She was now a second ahead! As long as she kept up this speed, she’d break the record for-- She collided into the side of a house while she wasn’t looking, just on the outskirts of Ponyville. “I’m afraid that I have some bad news, Rainbow Dash,” said the caramel-coated unicorn doctor. He levitated some X-rays in front of Rainbow Dash. “It appears that you have fractured your spinal column just below the neck. I am sorry to say this, Rainbow Dash, but you will never walk, fly, or use your hooves again.” Rainbow’s mouth gaped open in shock. “Is there anything that you can do to help me? Is there a procedure? A magic spell?” asked Rainbow Dash. The doctor shook his head. “We’ve been doing research on how to help quadra- and paraplegics for years, but, unfortunately, haven’t come up with anything. Of course, if there are any promising developments, you’ll be the first to know.” “W-w-what comes next?” asked Rainbow Dash. Doctor Stable sighed and shook his head. “There’s no easy way to tell a patient this, particularly one who is as physical as you. You will require constant care for the rest of your life. You will need help moving, eating, drinking, and using the bathroom. The medical bills may be high, and we can try to work something out with your insurance provider, but you may have to take money out of your savings and ask your family for what will likely be hundreds of thousands of bits over the rest of your life.” Rainbow Dash didn’t say a word. Instead, she just sat with her eyes staring off into space. “I know that it’s a lot to process, Miss Dash,” said Doctor Stable, putting his hand on her chest consolingly. A week had passed. Rainbow Dash would often fall asleep and dream of the crash into the house, of her last ever flight, and wake up, and attempt to jump out of bed and avoid the house, only to realize that she couldn’t. Her wings and her hooves were as unresponsive to her desires as the hospital curtain or the shades. The nurse couldn’t be in the room all the time, and Rainbow realized how much she needed her for. Every time she needed her pillow adjusted, or the shades of her room opened or closed, or even had an itch that she needed to scratch, she might or might not get it. Her friends all came to visit her one by one. Pinkie baked her a cake. Fluttershy sang her lullabies. Rarity made her a hat. None of it helped. Nothing could help Rainbow Dash's cold, hard realization that she would never fly again. Every day she would gaze restlessly outside of the window, watching the other pegasi fly around, change the weather, play air tennis, and do any number of things that she would never be able to do again. She spent many hours a day crying her eyes out. She spent the rest of her time reading, but every time that she picked up a Daring Do book and read about the brave adventurer flying away from danger or swinging on a rope, it simply reminded Rainbow Dash of that which she had once known, but now knew no more. Twilight Sparkle researched every magical spell that she could find. A lot of the books had been destroyed in her library when Tirek attacked, but that didn’t stop the princess, who was determined to help her good friend. She went to Canterlot every single day and researched every spell in the Canterlot Archives. After a few months, though, Twilight simply gave up. She arrived in the long-term care facility where Rainbow Dash was now living and delivered the bad news. “I’m sorry, Rainbow Dash, but not even magic can restore a broken spinal cord. It’s one of the few things that magic can’t do.” Rainbow Dash shook her head. “It’s okay, Twilight. You did your best.” “But there’s always science, Rainbow Dash. They’re making great strides in stem cell research, and in brain-computer interfaces. And, of course, I’m always discovering new magic spells. I’m sure that somehow, you’ll walk again someday. You might even someday fly again, and--” Rainbow Dash frowned. “No, I know. It’s really unlikely. I’ll never be back to normal. The doctors have all told me.” Twilight blushed sheepishly as she sat down in the chair in Rainbow’s room. She tried to make small talk with her friend, but Rainbow Dash just wasn’t interested. Finally, Twilight left. Over the next few months, Rainbow’s friends visited her less and less. Her normally rambunctious demeanor had been replaced by a melancholy depression, and try as they might to cheer her up, they simply couldn’t. Even Pinkie Pie eventually gave up. Two years passed, and Rainbow Dash sat in her bed, reading a book. She had burned through all of her life savings. She didn’t know how she would stay here. Who would take care of her? Would her friends even want to? They hadn’t been to see her in six months. She didn’t blame them. She was a worthless pile of bones and fur that could never amount to anything anymore. The best days of her young life were behind her. She didn’t cry anymore. She didn’t scream. She didn’t even shrug. She did the one thing that she still could do, and could do rather well. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep, to dream of soaring through the sky once again.
  9. So this is the first chapter to me story. The first four will consist of showing the four main characters personalities separately as well as bringing them together for the plot, so expect 3 more chapters. Here is the link for the story on fimfiction: I'm not going to post the password, but if you're interested in the story then I'll gladly PM it. (It's easier to read on fimfiction because its punctuated correctly, and I'm just too lazy to fix it for this post) I do not mind criticism as long as it is constructive. I'm fairly new to writing, so if there is anything wrong please don't hesitate. Two days before the Heist "So, where we headed now sis?" "Canterlot. Didn't I tell you that, like an hour ago?" Reloaded Dice and his sister Swift Shift packed their bags, and prepared themselves to leave Manehattan. It was around 11:00 p.m. All the street lights were on and anypony with common sense was off the street. Manehattan was a whole other world at night. "Think I got time to go hustle a few more bits out of somepony?", Dice said with a smirk. "There's a bar right around the corner." "No," Swift sighed, "we need to get out of town ASAP. Besides, I don't think there's a single pony left in town you haven't cheated." "Yeah well, it's there own fault for challenging me in the first place.", Dice looked out the window noticing how empty the city felt at night, while Swift finished packing the last of her things. Swift levitated her bags onto herself, "We should head out now, while it's still dark. You ready?" "Yeah, I've been ready.", Dice walked to the door, "Lets go." The two shady figures headed out from their apartment. It was cold outside and the wind was strong. Dice had on his favorite jacket, while Swift had her cozy sweater. They walked down the sidewalk toward the edge of the city. There was an old dirt road that led into a forest. Nature was beginning to take it back, but the path was clear for most part. They began down the road, when Dice asked, "So how did that last job go?" "A bit too easy.", Swift boasted, "I doubt that the museum has even realized that I switched the bust. I almost wish that they would; it's been awfully boring lately." Dice chuckled at her, "You think this next one will be any fun?" "I hope so.", she replied happily. They continued their walk through the woods for a few hours, until they were both exhausted."So how long you think it'll take us to get there?", Dice asked. "About a day, give or take.", Swift answered. "Lets go a bit further. I see a nice spot up ahead." Dice looked at the ground as they walked and began to think, "I wonder what it's like in Canterlot. I'm sure there will be plenty of rich old guys to hustle in the local pub. Maybe I can even get a fancy monocle off one of them.", Dice smiled just at the thought of that. They both continued a bit farther out; far enough to make sure nopony followed them, and began to setup camp. Once the tents were up, they both got in their sleeping bags and quickly went to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dice found himself standing back in the apartment room. It was poorly lit. He could barely see in front of his own hoof. "Hey, Dice you there?", an easily recognizable voice called for him. "Yeah Swift, I'm right here", he called back. "What's going on?" Instantly a blinding light shot through the window. The only thing Dice could make out was a pair of huge feathery wings. The light subsided just as fast as it came, leaving Dice dazed for a moment. "Swift you there? SWIFT?!", Dice yelled, but there was no answer. He was all alone in a pitch black room. A small blue flame appeared in front of him. It almost seemed alive as it trailed outside down the pavement, "Wait!", the fire stopped. It went back to Dice who had stepped outside. The flame circled around Dice leaving a small blue trail. It slowly closed in on him, but it didn't burn, it stung like ice. It crawled up his hooves at slow pace, making its way over his jacket up to his head. Leaving his eyes for last, it covered them in an instant. Dice's head shot up. He was breathing hard and even broke a sweat. "I'm right here. Are you okay, Dice?", she asked. One day before the Heist "Yeah... It was just a dream.", after a few deep breaths Dice calmed down. "Well go ahead and get something to eat. We need to get going soon. There's some soup over the fire. And Dice," Swift looked over at him worried, "if you wanna talk about it, I'm all ears." Dice looked down for a second and chuckled, "Nah, it was just a stupid dream." He didn't really think that, but he just didn't want to think about it. "Okay," she put on a forced smile. "Go ahead and get moving. We got a long trip ahead of us." After getting a quick bowl of soup down; Dice packed up his tent and walked over to his sister. She took a quick glance at him and started toward Canterlot. They spent the next few hours in silence. After all that time in the city, they really enjoyed seeing nature. It suddenly dawned on Dice. He had no idea what Swift was after in Canterlot; he had to ask. "So what exactly is your next job?" Swift continued walking, "Sun essence" she answered. "Sun essence?", Dice questioned. "What does it do?" "That's not my business," Swift continued. "I was told that it's being delivered tomorrow. Apparently it'll be guarded, but I'm sure I can nab it." Canterlot was visible in the horizon. The sun was high, but the air was cool. It was a nice Autumn day. The two ate a quick lunch of flowers and hay, that they had packed, then got back on their way toward the grand city. They arrived at the base of the mountain near sundown. Swift smiled and said, "Right on schedule". There was an entrance into the mountain, with a spiraling staircase leading the way up. Dice look straight up and sighed, "You got to be kidding me. How long will this take us?" "Quit your whining. Its only around a thousand steps." When they reached the top, they could hear a waterfall. After looking through the exit, they realized they were right under one. There was a thin ledge to walk across, but it looked a bit sketchy to get across with their bags. "Well, lets get going!" Swift said cheerily as she trotted across with ease. Dumbfounded, Dice carefully went across, not wanting to get his jacket wet. "Where do we go from here? I don't see an entrance.", Dice said looking confused. "We're going through the front door, duh." "You know they aren't going to just let us in, right?", Dice said wittingly as looked over at the two guards at the front gate. They stared off into the distance emotionlessly, it was rather creepy. "Don't you know who you're talking to?", Swift's horn began to glow and a flash of light was released. The guards didn't seem to notice. When Dice opened his eyes his sister was gone. Instead there was a grey mare with a collar and bow-tie. "I am the world renowned cello player, Octavia! And you are my lackey that will carry the bags.", Swift said with a sense pride in her voice. Dice just smirked at her and picked up the bags. The two walked up to the guards while trying to remain as subtle as possible, "Octavia? There isn't an event going on anytime soon. What are you doing here?" the guard questioned. The other guard was staring down Dice with no remorse. "I'm here on personal business. This is my friend One Trick.", the fake Octavia explained. She whispered into the guard's ear, "Vinyl introduced us." The guard smiled, happy to see a familiar face. "Well that's quite the lucky stallion. I'm sure you're tired. Go ahead in." The guards stood aside letting them pass. "Also", the guard whispered to Swift, "tell your friend to not look so dull. Makes him seem a bit sketchy.". The second guard was still staring down Dice as they entered. They walked down the street and took the first turn as soon as they found it. Both of them looked around to make sure nopony else was watching. Swift went down a small alley, while Dice kept a look out for any guards. The same flash as before shined past Dice. Swift walked out as nonchalant as ever, "C'mon, we still gotta find a place to stay." After an hour of searching, they finally found a small inn on the side of town. It was small and cozy; just how they liked it. Dice fell face first into his pillow, while Swift stared out the window. "So what's the plan tomorrow? You haven't exactly given me any details yet.", Dice explained. "The sun essence is being delivered from a pegasus from Cloudsdale. I was told that they're getting a special escort from a powerful family. They use a special fire. Apparently "It doesn't simply burn you." So not only will we have to deal with guards, but also them.", Swift seemed nervous, but excited. "Well then, what do you need me for?" "They'll most likely have some unicorns using a shield spell. I need you to dispel it." "Sure, but how will you deal with that special escort?" "Easy. They can't hit me with fire, if I'm too close to the cargo. I'll just dance around them and make it a quick nab." "So we're winging it for the most part?" Dice sighed, "Should've seen that coming." Swift turned to him, "Don't worry. Once this is over, we can finally have a home of our own." "Do you really want that?" Swift turned back to the window and paused for a few seconds, "I'm not sure, but it's a nice thought, right?", said Swift warmingly. "Yeah. I suppose.", Dice turned his head to the other side. "We should get some sleep. I don't wanna be tired trying to break shields." Swift agreed. Two days of walking had done them in. They deserved a quick break. Day of the Heist Dice awoke after a pleasant dream of hustling bullies at his old school. His mane was a wreck and he was still a bit drowsy, but he decided to get up anyway. The shower was on in the bathroom, so Swift must have beat him to it... again. Dice looked out the window. It was a bit warmer today, but some clouds were being set in by the pegasus. It was still pretty early; most of the city wasn't even up yet. The bathroom door opened, "Hey, the bathroom's free. Go ahead and get ready. We might be able to get some breakfast before we setup. I found a nice spot we can steak-out at." Dice took a short shower. He wanted that breakfast more than anything right now. "I'm sure we can find a diner somewhere around here. Even the most stuck-up ponies need a cup of coffee.", Swift said. They found their diner. Dice had a fluffy biscuit and some eggs. Swift just stuck with her coffee. Strangely enough they blended in well with background, even in Canterlot. They would get a few looks here and there, but nothing that they weren't used to. After breakfast was over they headed back to their steak-out spot. "How do we even know if they're gonna come through this way?", Dice asked. "Well Cloudsdale is right over there, so there aren't very many other options. Unless they knew that we would be here, then I doubt they would go around.", Swift seemed quite confident even with her lack a plans. They waited for two long boring hours. Two hours of absolutely nothing. Dice just stared at the castle. There was a window-washer cleaning the fancy stained glass windows. "Get down Dice, the escort is here." Dice brought his head down. There were only three ponies there. Two royal guards and pony with a white coat and light blue hair. It didn't look like Shining Armor though, also he seems a bit too cautious with all the looking around and hoof-tapping. Swift covered her mouth doing her best not to laugh. She calmed down after a bit. "Only three guards. This is gonna be to easy." "I dunno sis. That pony down there. He's not normal.", Dice was staring at the strange white and blue pony. Twenty or so minutes past. Dice was absolutely mesmerized by the strange pony. Still as cautious as ever, he seemed like the kind of pony to do their best to never ever fail. Even if that meant hurting himself or others. That kind of attitude scared Dice, because deep down he knew that this wouldn't be a cake walk. "Hey sis, maybe we should rethi-" "Shhh. No time. The package has arrived.", four ponies flew into Canterlot. Two of which were guards. The pony with the small iron box on her back was clearly the target. But there was another pony. A colt around the age of 15, maybe. Dice thought to himself, "O buck. There's a kid. This could go south fast. We need a plan B. Argh, no time.". The unicorn guards put up their shield. The job had begun. "Hey Dice, you okay? You look like you're about to be sick." "Yeah, I'm fine.", Dice was breathing a bit harder. The thoughts of failing this job clouded everything in his mind. "Just tell me when." Swift's horn lit with its magic aura. Dice watched as her body began to blur. She wasn't invisible, but it was like there was piece of her left behind when she moved. "Huh, that's a new one." Dice commented. "Yeah. This happened to me, while trying to use the invisibility spell. Figured it would have to do.", Swift tried to smile, but Dice couldn't make it out. "Alright. Let's do this." The escort had started heading toward the castle right over where Dice and Swift were hiding. "K'. Here we go." A green die appeared right on top of the magic shield the guards conjured. Instantly it shocked the shield and the ponies creating it, bringing it down in mere seconds. The few ponies on the street cleared out fast. "Good job, Dicey." Swift dropped a smoke pellet, let it pop, and jumped down herself. All Dice could hear was the sound of guards yelling. The smoke kept him from seeing anything, all except the blinking of a small blue light. A chill ran down his spine. Something bad was about to happen. "It's been fifteen seconds, she should be out by now.", the blue light had reappeared, but it was getting brighter. Swift came out of the smoke with the box dashing toward her exit. The light exploded into a flame scorching everypony, even the guards. The blue-haired stallion was trailing behind her with... a halberd. The blade and point was ignited with a light blue fire. He had to help his sister and besides, Dice never had a better reason to jump off a three-story building. "Hey shiny ponyta, I wanna play too.", Dice hoped down right in front of angry stallion. "Let's play a guessing game.", Dice had preconjured 5 illusions of himself, all of them circling the white stallion, "If you guess the real me then you win.", the first clone said, "But if you're wrong", the one next to him said, "then I'll drop this little die. Just so you know it's not a normal die.", the green die was floating over the already agitated pony. Dice had an ace up his sleeve though. He can change places with his illusions. ******Very Small Time Gap****** Dice was getting nervous. It had been a full thirty seconds since the game started and neither of them had moved. His throat was getting dry and the air had gotten thinner. The pony across from him was staring dead at him as if he had already figured out which one was the real him. Not that it mattered really. Dice went ahead and switched places with the clone directly behind him. The pony smirked and spun his halberd in a circle around himself. That blue fire began to swirl around into something similar of a tornado. Dice put up a barrier to stop the fire from reaching him, but his enemy already got what he wanted. The die he created had disappeared along with his illusions. The next thing Dice saw was a halberd flying toward him. He strengthened his barrier for impact. The halberd struck perfectly in the middle of the shield. Green lightning and blue fire were being spewed around them. The sound of guards could be heard coming toward them. There wasn't much time left. He couldn't help but think, "Did she make it to the drop-off? Is she safe?", his barrier began to crack. Dice focused back on the fight, trying to fix his broken barrier. But the more he tried the more it seemed to break. "Well time to bail.", the alleyway his sister took was right in front of him, he just needed to get around this guy. Dice created a new illusion, and had it walk around toward the alleyway. "Do you really think you can fool me with that trick now?", said the soon-to-be fooled pony. "I figured it was worth a shot.", Dice grinned slightly. The barrier broke and the confident pony raised his halberd up to the fake Dice's muzzle, "Stand down criminal.", he raised an eyebrow to this and faded away. The furious pony turned his head around to the alleyway, catching a glimpse of Dice's tail. The guards arrived immediately after, "He's in the alleyway. Block all the exits. I'll go after him.", the guards dispersed into different directions. Dice was exhausted after that. He used a lot of his magic creating the clones and making barriers, but he couldn't stop now. Where did his sister even go? He wasn't told of the drop-off location. His sister told him to stay on the rooftops, but it's to late for that, "Stop right there.", that blasted pony had caught up to him. "How did he catch up so quickly?", Dice continued running down the corridors, trying to find a way out, but all the turns just lead to dead-ends. There was an opening to the left. Dice took his chance to get out; only to be met with two guards. He turned around to see that flaming pony had boxed him in. There wasn't enough magic in him to create a new barrier or illusion jump, so he decided to bring the fight to the guards, trying to push through to escape. The guards pushed him back. Dice got back up preparing to go again, but was met with a swift blow to the back of his head by the bar of a halberd. Blackout. Dice awoke, "Ugh, where am I?, the room was spinning a bit still. The ground was cold. The room was dimly lit. And there were metal bars in front of him, "Great, I'm in prison." "Ah. Good to see you're awake. The princess would like to speak with us.", that obnoxiously confident voice was back, "Come on get up. The princess doesn't have all day." Dice stood up. The of the screeching bars ringing in his ears. He walked out with his captor up the spiral stairs and out through the castle garden. Many of the castle residents and servants were watching them as they made their way to throne room. Once they got there the guards opened the doors and let them in. There were two other ponies already inside. Somepony Dice had never seen before and the colt that was caught up in this mess. The four of them were a distance apart from one another. All of them seemed a bit nervous about this meeting. "Good evening everpony. I'm sure you all know why you're here.", Celestia sounded serious, "Now I don't want to do this, but the authority of this matter rests on me to punish you.", Dice gritted his teeth hearing this. The others seemed confused as to why they were also being punished. "Princess, why am I being punished along with this deviant?", if it weren't for the lack of endurance Dice would have punched him just now. "Blue Pyre, you lack control over your strength. It's time you learn how to.", so Blue Pyre was his name, "This colt's mother was injured due to your incompetence." "Excuse me princess, but why am I here?", the colt spoke up, "Your mother requested that you stay here in Canterlot, until her wounds heal, also I think this exercise will be good for you. She already agreed to the idea." "I hate to ask, but what exactly did I do to deserve to be punished?", the large pony asked. He seemed strangely passive. The literal being of a gentle giant. "Well you forgot to finish cleaning the windows. Now they're all dusty.", Everypony just looked at Celestia after that, but she just played it off with a smile, "Now that all the details are taken care of we can move on to the punishment.", The four ponies stared at Celestia either from fear or anger of what was about to become of them. "I, Princess Celestia, decree that these four ponies from this day fourth, shall be... friends.
  10. A cute story of how Pinkie Pie came to live with the Cakes. Pinkie uses all her charm to help save Sugarcube Corner from shutting down. May your heart's explode with adorableness.
  11. Here, a story I wrote up about Trixie. Here's the desc and the link. Since deciding to try her hoof at performing for the residents of Saddlearabia one more time at the insistence of her new friend, Twilight Sparkle, after the alicorn amulet incident she figured it would be a walk in the park. To woo the crowd before her, the Great and Powerful Trixie attempted something so magnificent and so dangerous. Something she would regret for the rest of her life, or would she?
  12. Hello, my name's Astral. Recently, my life has been put me in a bit of a bind. I'm not one to let anything keep me down for long though, no matter what it is. So, in order to take my mind off things. Going to be writing a short, little story between Astral and my favorite character from the show, Spike. Don't write stories all that well but I hope this is good enough for an enjoyable read. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ It was midnight. Luna's moon high in the sky and usually everypony would be asleep, resting for the day tomorrow. All except two lonely souls in Ponyville. While one of the residents was well known, not just in Ponyville but Crystal Empire as well. That's right, everypony's favorite dragon, Spike. Twilight's number one assistant and savior of the Crystal Empire. He was awake, packing some things to visit his friend who just now came back into town, Astral Legend. Now this stallion was certainly a character indeed. Almost nopony knew that he actually lived in town because he only came out at night when everypony was asleep and slept during the day. He lived in the house that was near Sugarcube Corner. So far, everypony thought that home was just vacant yet nopony decided to take a look inside just to see if somepony was living in it. Astral mostly spent his time outside of Ponyville much like his parents are currently doing right this moment. Spike packed his small pack with much as he possibly could which mainly consisted of comic books and gems. He would be staying up all night, after all. It would be good to have something to snack on and show Astral what he had been missing out on his childhood. He already gotten the consent from Twilight which she was more than happy to let him do so and was proud that he finally gotten another friend who was a stallion other than Big Mac. While Twilight wanted to meet Astral, Spike said that she'd meet him in due time and it was because Astral was terribly awkward meeting new ponies especially how Twilight's curiosity would get the better of her and might end up frightening Astral a little. Spike was very considerate of Astral's problems and being the gentledragon that he was, he was going to help him get over that little problem but for now, they were going to have a quiet night together and hopefully learn a few things about each other on the way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (To Be Continued)
  13. My story idea is as simple as this. I have always thought about turning my mlp daydreams about me going to equestria into a story. One problem, however, is that I have had many, many, MANY, alternate scenes for all kinds of different things. So, if I write this, I would have my audience vote on the one key aspect that would have the most effect on the story. Also, since daydreams never end, then this would be a never ending book series. So, I ask you this: Should I, or should I not write this? P.S: here is my account: EDIT: I started the story, finished the first chapter, I think, and got an outline for the second chapter: If you want to help proof read it, follow me, and I will send you the code needed.
  14. this is som stories I wrote down last year I believe, so they are old, but new here on this website, Hope you enjoy it Narr Adore: Hello fellow readers, I am myself the Narrator of these Stories, my name is Narr Adore, but many call me Narrow, you may, now, like I said, I shall be telling, the stories of Mr. E.Guess and Company as they face tremendous adventures, listen carefully, for this story shall began at E.Guess home, where the little ones prepare to sleep tightly, let us begin E.Guess: Alright you three foals, is time for bed or the Goblins will complain, come now, off to sleep Goldielucks: aww but aren’t sleepy uncle ^^, we are more awaken than an Owl Parler Chat: Affirmative, my system founds no sign of slumber in System Parler Chat Omi: tell us a story E.Guess, and we promise we will go to sleep Goldielucks: ooo tell us the story of. . .BIG MOUTH MALUSA! E.Guess: oh but that tale is long forgotten by many Omi: isn’t Big Mouth Malusa the one who takes foals to who knows where? Parler Chat: define User Big Mouth Malusa E.Guess: oh Parler, Big Mouth Malusa is hardly a pony; he’s a despicable being who threatens those who stand against him, and you three mischief minds are making me telling you the story aren’t you? *the three Foals nod so E.Guess continues telling the story* E.Guess: oh alright, here goes. Long time ago, a hideous and gruesome Ogre once live in Ponyville, whose magic powers were weak and useless, but he was smarter, for he grew his powers by Humiliating the Ville’s folks, he used cruelty in his words, used the truth that bitters telling to the villagers how lame and pathetic they were, he really was a real jerk as many might say, despicable, heartless and very, very greedy on power and control, you see Malusa knew his powers were weak, but as soon as he discovered he could grow that power, it wasn’t enough for him, but his greed only took him to waste, the princesses Luna and Celestia shorten his powers and made him weaker that he was already and to make sure he never cause trouble once more, both princesses sealed him away in a cage specially for him, only Luna or Celestia could unseal this cage, but somehow, Malusa escaped, and to make his revenge, it is said that he will take away foals who misbehave, and within, rise once again to finish, what he was started Goldielucks: I don’t get something Uncle, what does Malusa has to do with taking foals and his story you told of him? Parler Chat: agreed, my system cannot compute connection between 2 storylines E.Guess: oh no one certainly knows, but I might say we should take Big Mouth Malusa as a joke Goldielucks: oh uncle, you won’t be telling us that Big Mouth Malusa exist E.Guess: as a mere of a fact niece of mine, many ponies believe Malusa did exist, and if he could possibly rise once more, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with him Omi: real or not he sounds Scary, why do ogres always have to be the bad guys from stories?, why cannot be butterflies or-or a harmless worm? Parler Chat: Butterflies are considerate as beauty insects, they show now scare or fear, Worms would not do anything and would not be found as threat, Ogres have both scare and threats, fits in stories of horror Omi: you had to say that. . . E.Guess: well enough of stories, go to sleep now, tomorrow we shall visit ponyville’s library for a book I had forgotten before I left the house, sleep well now, come on, say good night Goldielucks: oh alright, good night Uncle Omi: Good night Goldie, Parler, E.Guesszzzz. . . Parler Chat: system is now shutting down. . . E.Guess: and good night day, I could use some good sleep too *leaves their room and enters his to sleep* Narr Adore: well, didn’t I told you, this would be an interesting story? No? well I just said it then, any who, what E.Guess said about Big Mouth Malusa, that certain ponies do believe his existence, well to tell the truth, Malusa does Exist, but like told in the story, he is not silly Ogre, he is waiting for the opportunity to strike back, and his whereabouts, are unknown, but thanks to the story telling, is possible to find him and see what he is up to *Somewhere deep inside a dark cave, a voice can be heard* Diamond Dog 1: we have news master; we had found some very, very interesting news, did we not? Diamond dog 2: yes sire, news that might be of your interest ????: is that so? Well what are you waiting for crystal canines, off with the news? Diamond Dog 3: its Diamond dogs sire ????: SCILENCE! You incompetent fools! What do I care how you are called, now, the news you said Diamond dog 1: *to the other dogs* do not make the master angry, or we shall face the rolled paper of 100 sheets *to the “Master”* is about someone sire, someone who had taken your place long time ago, the same one who made you look more *an arm grabbed the dog tightly before it could finish the sentence* ????: your blabbery is far too long to have an end! Who is this someone who you speak took my place long time ago? Diamond dog 3: he is known as Discord master, rumors say that he has gone completely mad than he was before, he is now with the ponies, he is with the goods now master Diamond Dog 2: he has reformed now master, he is good now sire! ????: good you say? Discord has gone good? HA! Now that’s funny HA!-AH! *throws the Diamond dog he held to the others* YOU PACK OF USELESS TWITS! You think I shall fall for such tomfoolery?! Save those lies for someone who really will fell from your words! Diamond dog 1: b-but is true sire! Diamond dog 3 saw it himself! When the plunder vines attacked Ponyville, Discord appeared there, but he did absolutely nothing, when he uses to do tricks to get his way nasty! ????: Hrmm why do I have the feeling this is another of you silly lies to make yourselves with the gemstones again, but oh what’s the use, this sounds kind of interesting, especially for you three to say it, come up with a lie like this would never had passed your puny minds, alright, I believe you *the shadow of this huge pig appears with a sinister smile on his face* Big Mouth Malusa: if this turns out to be true, then it should be time for me to make my comeback and reclaim what is rightfully mine, hm! Hm! Hm! This should be such an interesting change of events, I waited this long, I do believe it deserves a see for yourself to believe, and if it does, oh-hohoho! That is only something I and only shall know ha hahahaha-ha!! Narr Adore: brrrr! That hoggers sure is a very spooky lad, but alas! That shall be all for this story, end of part 1, if you are willing to read more, wait until next part is out, until now, good reddens to you!
  15. 1.Welcome To the Academy I slowly opened my eyes and stretched, feeling a few pops in my back and let out a sigh then I stood up and went over to my brown bag and opened it to grab a map. When I found it I pulled it out and spread it out to look it over again. “Hmm…lets see…I should be near Manehattan now…I should be able to get to the academy by midday” I mumbled to myself and then I put my map back into my backpack and slung it over my shoulder and picked up my bow and my quiver of arrows and started to run to my destination. I finally burst through the trees and looked over the trail that soon ended at a bridge and entered Manehattan. I let out a sigh as I realized that I was in for a long walk and so I pulled out a pouch and untied it before pulling out a ruby and took a large bite out of it and I put the pouch away while eating the ruby. --- An hour…it took an HOUR to walk all the way to the bridge and I was almost out of breath while I panted. When I finally caught my breath I started to walk across the bridge and got a lot of looks, most of them being glares. When I entered the city I was surprised at how large the buildings were and all the other species that were here. I saw minotaurs, griffons and a few bat ponies walking around some talking to a stand owner. When I finished looking around I started to ask others for directions to the academy and they pointed me towards a large gate with other’s walking there and so I thanked them before I started to walk to the academy and I smiled when I realized I had finally made it here. When I entered I looked around and noticed I was walking into a park of sorts which was good sense that meant I could actually walk around outside when lunch came around. I soon walked into the academy, or more specifically the gymnasium, and started to look around at all the other students that had taken their seats and I soon joined them and closed my eyes. As I waited for the presentation to start I felt someone poke my shoulder and I opened one of my eyes and looked at who had poked me to see a minotaur looking down at me with a some what shy look. He looked like all the other minotaur’s I had seen but his upper body was a dark brown and his tail was a darker brown. He was wearing a simple gray t-shirt and light blue jeans and on his back was a red book bag. He then spoke in a surprisingly soft voice “Umm if you don’t mind c-could I have this s-seat” he asked while pointing to the empty seat next to me. I just nodded, not showing any emotion, and he smiled while thanking me. He then looked over at me and extended his hand. “It’s n-nice to meet you. My name is Bull Rush but you can call me Rush. Whats your name?” he said all of this with a bit of a smile. I couldn’t help but smile and I wrapped my paw around his hand shook it. “Hello my name is Slack Jaw.” I greeted. “Nice you meet you Jaw” he said and I was about to say something else but the lights dimmed and everyone stopped talking so I took that as a sign to shut up. Soon a light shot down and landed on three figures, one was a white furred alicorn with a rainbow like mane that moved on its own and was wearing a white dress with a sun emblem in the middle and golden high heels. The next was a bit smaller than the white one, she had midnight fur with a mane like the night sky with a few white specks like stars and she was wearing a black dress with a crescent moon emblem in the middle and she wore black high heels. The last figure was actually taller than the white one, he had a bunch of random clothing on and in the middle of his jacket slash t-shirt was the top of a skull colored gray with two ruby red eyes and two brown antlers. The white one cleared her throat and everyone’s eyes locked onto her. “Greetings young ones to Hydra Academy where you will learn everything you need from using magic to enchanting. We three are your head masters, I am headmaster Celestia, this is my sister headmistress Luna” she said the next part pointing at the blue alicorn then she sneered when she pointed to the guy “and he is Headmaster Discord” Discord grinned when she said his name and gave a bow, then with a snap of his yellow gloved hand the microphone was in his hand. “I am so glad to see so many students here to learn but I would like to say one thing” everyone leaned in a bit “NO CAKE ALOUD SENSE TIA WILL EAT IT FIRST” he yelled then with a snap of his finger he was gone. Everyone, including me, laughed at that and Celestia just let out a growl while Luna picked up the microphone. “SILENCE” Luna’s voice boomed and everyone stopped instantly “anyway we are going to be sending you all to dorms and each dorm will have three classes and in the dorms will be a test to see what you will study and which of the three houses you will be placed in…DISMISSED.” everyone started to gather their things and walked out of the doors, grabbing a notebook that had their dorm number. I looked at my number and saw I was in 409. I then walked over to Rush and tapped his shoulder. “So what room did you get?” I asked him. He looked at his paper then back at me. “409” I smiled and showed him mine which made him smile “YES we are roommates.” he cheered causing me to smile. We then started to walk down a simple brick path that lead to a large pearl white building and when we entered we started looking for our room. “Found it!” Rush called out and I walked over to him to see our door number and I grinned. “Nice going Rush” I said then I opened the door and we both walked in. The room was had a lot of space with brown walls and red carpeting with a living room area with a black couch and glass table with a 70 inch plasma screen TV, movie player and cable box. On the other side of the room was a kitchen area with a oven, fridge and counter with a sink and other appliances and finally there were three doors which I guessed lead to our rooms. “So who do you think is our third roommate.” Rush asked and I just shrugged. Suddenly the door opened and in walked a earth pony mare with dull gray coat and a dark blue trench coat with a black belt and a dull purple mane and tail but the most noticeable part of her…was her blank look. “Hello my name is Maud Pie” _________________________________________________________________________________
  16. This is the first fic of mine to be featured on the front page of FIMfiction. As time went on, I made some creative mistakes in the story and lost a lot of audience. I'd like you guys to read through it and tell me what you think. Please tell me what you think on the forums and not on FIMfiction.
  17. The sun was high in the summer sky. One farm pony sat on the train looking out the window of the train. Applejack was on her way to Appleloosa to attend the fair that was being held there. She knew it was a great opportunity to see her cousin, Braeburn, as well as see how much progress they had made. She wanted to be with her friends, but they were busy with other things. The train arrived in Appleloosa, and she got off, along with a crowd of other ponies. The town was decorated with green ribbons adorned with apples. Booths for caramel apples, apple cider, apple pie, apple bobbing, and other apple related things filled the town. The sight of all the apples made Applejack start to feel hungry. She walked around looking for Braeburn. She expected him to be helping out with the town hall, but she scanned the whole town, just in case he was somewhere else. As she made her way to the town hall, ponies and buffalo were seen conversing with each other. She knew that the relationships between the buffalo and the ponies had improved greatly. She found herself in front of the town hall. Her predictions were right. Braeburn was on the left holding a ladder while another pony tied the end of a banner to the side of the town hall. After he was done, he got off the ladder. Braeburn let go of the ladder and turned looking for other ponies who needed any help. That was when he saw Applejack. He galloped to her and greeted her, “Howdy, AJ! We’re almost done preparing for the Appleloosa fair. I’m mighty glad ya joined!” Applejack chuckled, “I wouldn’t want ta miss your first official fair. I’m surprised you didn’t say ‘Aaaaappleloooosaaa!’ though.” “It got a bit annoyin’,” Braeburn admitted. Applejack smiled, “Yeah. It did get tiring after the first few times of hearin’ it.” Braeburn chuckled and shook his head, “You’re definitely honest like they say,” “Ah take it ponies here ain’t too honest,” Applejack assumed. “They have their moments. Ah don’t lie at least,” Braeburn said looking towards the sky. “You are a terrible liar, and that is something considerin’ I’m a terrible liar myself,” Applejack accused. Braeburn smiled, “You got me. Truthfully though, even though I may not always be honest, I ain’t a liar,” “Ya mean you don’t have a habit of lyin’, right?” Applejack asked giving him a serious look. “I only lie when the situation calls for it,” Braeburn admitted. “I ain’t ever seen a situation where I had to lie. I’ve been in situations where it was hard to tell the truth, and sometimes I made the wrong choice, but I didn’t have to lie.” Applejack decided to change the subject, “So, when’s the fair starting?” “In a couple hours,” Braeburn informed. “It looks like you’re ahead of schedule lookin’ at the decorations,” Applejack complimented. “It’s our first fair. We started setting up early so we weren’t late. Better safe than sorry, they say,” Braeburn admitted. “Yeah,” Applejack agreed. Applejack and Braeburn helped set up the last of the decorations, then they walked to Braeburn’s house. The house was more decorated than Applejack last remembered. Pictures were framed and hung on the walls. The furniture was polished. She could smell apple pie coming from the kitchen. “Do ya want some apple pie? It’s fresh,” Braeburn offered. “Yeah!” Applejack accepted enthusiastically. Applejack and Braeburn walked to the kitchen. Braeburn pulled a chair out for Applejack who sat down, and the stallion put a slice of apple pie on two plates. He put one plate in front of Applejack and one in front of himself. Applejack took a bite and was amazed, “This is good! We need this recipe!” “Family recipe,” Braeburn said, smirking. “I’m family,” Applejack stated. Braeburn smiled but went no further with the conversation. They finished their slices of pie and sat in the living room with nothing better to do. They were bored, but there was nothing that needed to be done, and the fair was coming up. Two hours later, their patience paid off. The fair was open, and they joined the large crowd of ponies. Applejack and Braeburn were split up, and they went to different activities. Applejack decided to try bobbing for apples. After a successful attempt at bobbing, Applejack saw something that caught her eye. A sign read, “The Mechanical Buffalo.” She galloped over there pushing passed a few ponies to get a closer look. Sure enough, there was a mechanical buffalo and a slot for bits. A colt was getting on as she walked forward. She found a stallion who was watching the machine carefully and walked up to him. “Excuse me, do ya know who came up with this idea?” She had an angry look on her face. “Braeburn. He came up with lots of events here,” the stallion replied. Applejack thanked him and left. She had nothing else to do. She knew that the mechanical buffalo was offensive portraying buffalo as violent animals, but she had a strong feeling Braeburn didn’t realize that. She knew she had to confront him, but she didn’t want to hurt him. She didn’t like hurting anypony. She was still uncertain whether she should confront Braeburn or not, but she searched for him. If she wasn’t going to confront him, she could at least talk to him some more. As she searched for Braeburn, she continued arguing with herself. Part of her wanted to confront Braeburn, but the other part didn't want to hurt him. She found Braeburn, and the thought of the possibility of the buffalo being offended by the mechanical buffalo caused her to make up her mind. She walked to Braeburn and got his attention. Then she asked to speak to him in private. They walked to an empty area and made sure no one was eavesdropping. “I’m sorry ta say, but your mechanical buffalo thing can be seen as offensive to buffalo. I know you worked hard on that, but you are portrayin’ buffalo as violent and aggressive animals. It ain’t right,” Applejack told him. His ears flattened, “Ah’m sorry, cousin. I heard some buffalo talkin’ about somethin’ being offensive, but I wasn't sure what it was. I had no intentions on hurtin’ anyone.” “I know, Braeburn. I didn’t want to hurt ya, but I had to say somethin’ or there may be some anger among the buffalo. I don’t want ya gettin’ hurt,” Applejack said. “Thanks. I honestly had no intentions on hurtin’ anyone,” He said again. “I’m gonna go put it away right away. I’m awfully sorry about that.” “It’s alright. I care about you. You’re my cousin. I knew tellin’ you would hurt, but I had to,” Applejack replied. Braeburn nodded and left to put up the mechanical buffalo. Applejack’s ears were flat, but she knew she did the right thing. She never wanted to hurt her cousin, but she felt as if she had no other choice. She played games and bought food to her heart’s content until the fair closed. Ponies started leaving with wagons. As soon as the majority of the ponies were off the streets, Braeburn galloped to her and hugged her. “Thanks, Applejack. Ya did the right thing by confrontin’ me. I will make extra sure not to offend anyone. Again, I’m sorry,” Braeburn apologized. “Don’t worry about it. I gotta get home, I hope to see ya ‘round,” Applejack replied smiling. She galloped to the train station just in time to get on it. She waved to Braeburn as Appleloosa grew smaller and the train got further away. When she couldn't see the small town anymore, she turned in her seat and sat patiently until the train arrived in Ponyville. Disclaimer: All characters and settings as well as other canon elements belong to Hasbro. Edited by ZeekOfTheFreaks.
  18. Flash stood and cautiously surveyed the statue. It was thirty moons ago that a girl named Twilight Sparkle had arrived through the statue in order to retrieve a crown from Sunset Shimmer, Flash's ex. The minds of students and teachers all over the school had been blown upon learning that Twilight was actually a pony princess from a universe on the other side of the portal. Twilight and Flash had bumped into each other a few times, and the moment that Twilight agreed to dance with Flash was when Twilight had her very first crush. After she had returned to Equestria through the statue, it sealed itself closed for thirty moons. Flash had waited throughout that time, and now, the statue was open once more - but it was going to close in mere minutes. Flash entered deep thought. If he went through the portal to see Twilight, he would not be able to return to his homeworld for thirty moons. But if he didn't take the chance to step through, those two and a half years of waiting would have been for nothing. With a determined look on his face, Flash made his decision. He took slow steps closer to the statue, put his hand through... And then the portal closed, with Flash's hand still submerged.
  19. Hello everypony. It is I "bathroomstahl"! And with me today I have a story to share with you guys. Now, note that this is based on a true story and a really good friend of mine is going through the basics of the situation inside of the story. I hope you guys like it; I'm putting quite a bit of work into this story, since it means so much to me. Please comment and leave reviews on if you like it or not. You can find it here: -bathroomstahl
  20. Silver Spoon watched her parents pack for their business trip. They already told her that she couldn't go along with them, and held their ground after constant begging. This experience was new to her. She had never been left alone in her entire life. Her parents didn't even have time to prepare food, so she had to learn how to cook or starve.The latter obviously wasn’t acceptable. "I'm going to go to Diamond Tiara's house," she announced before leaving. Her parents didn't say anything as they were too busy, and Diamond Tiara's house was only three houses down the street. Silver Spoon knocked on a fancy looking door three times. On the third knock, Filthy Rich answered the door. "Hello, Silver Spoon," He greeted with a smile. "Hello, Mr. Rich. Is Diamond Tiara here?" She asked. "She is, but I'm afraid you cannot speak to her. She has the Pony Pox." He explained. "I hope she gets well soon!" Silver Spoon responded feeling bad for her friend. She then returned to her house. "Was Diamond Tiara not home?" Her mother, Parfait Spoon, asked. Silver Spoon shook her head. "She was home, but she had the Pony Pox. This week is going to be so boring!" "Don't say that," her mother responded while smiling "I know you can survive a week alone." "I've never been alone in my entire life!" Silver Spoon complained. "I wish you could come with us, but the boss says he doesn't want any children on the trip. I wish it wasn't so sudden so I could at least get you a babysitter, but I know you’re old enough to be home alone." Her mother explained. "Honey! It's time to leave!" Her father, Caviar Spoon called to her mother. Her mother kissed her on the cheek and rushed out the door giving Silver Spoon a small wave of her hoof before mounting the chariot. Silver Spoon looked out a window, watching the chariot drive away, leaving her alone. She sat on her bed, not wanting the face the challenges of being alone. School would start in thirty minutes, but she didn't feel like going to school without Diamond Tiara to walk with her. She was about to go to sleep, but a thought came to her: 'School would be interesting even without Diamond Tiara, there are other ponies I can talk to.' She got up and made sure she looked perfect, before leaving for school. A lot of ponies stared at her, and she wasn't sure if they were admiring her beauty or shocked because she was alone. Silver Spoon had a strong feeling it was the latter. When she reached the school, the doors were still locked, so she took a seat on a bench. The bells rang, and Silver Spoon, along with all of the other school fillies, galloped into the building. A few minutes later, a second bell rang signalling that class was starting. Miss Cheerilee trotted up to the front of the class and began speaking to them. "Good morning, class! Today, we’re going to be talking about colors! Can any of you tell me the colors of the rainbow?" "Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet!" Sweetie Belle shouted without raising her hoof. 'Just my luck...' Silver Spoon thought to herself. She knew that Sweetie Belle's older sister, Rarity, was a fashion designer, so it was no surprise that Sweetie Belle would have good knowledge of colors. "That is correct!" Cheerilee announced at the same time as Silver Spoon was thinking. "Next question. What are the three primary colors?" Again, Sweetie Belle answered, "Red, Yellow, Blue!" "Correct!" Cheerilee announced again, "Now somepony else! What would I get if I mix red with yellow?" "Orange." Silver Spoon muttered quietly. "Silver Spoon, can you repeat that?" Cheerilee asked. "Orange." Silver Spoon repeated louder. "That is correct! Last question. What is white light?" "Light that is white!" Snips exclaimed laughing. "Not quite." Cheerilee said. "Light that contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum at equal intensity." Silver Spoon answered when no one else would. The bell rang, and the little colts and fillies left the building knowing it was recess. Silver Spoon sat on her bench expecting peace and quiet, but a filly ruined it, Sweetie Belle to be exact. "How do you know so much about color?" "Leave me alone!" Silver Spoon shouted irritated. "My sister is a fashion designer, so she taught me a lot about colors, but how do you know so much?" Sweetie Belle asked. Silver Spoon rolled her eyes. She knew there was no way of getting Sweetie Belle to leave her alone except to answer. She took a deep breath and replied, "When Rarity was making a dress for me, she explained the importance of colors to me. At first, I didn't care, but she made it sound so interesting, so I was paid as much attention as I could to what she told me. She made me love colors so much that I wanted to be a painter. I wanted my cutie mark to be something to do with painting, but my cutie mark is useless. What is my special talent? Nothing! My cutie mark just means I get things hoofed to me. That's no talent!" Sweetie Belle noticed Silver Spoon's irritation, so she replied nicely, "You don't have to let your cutie mark control you. If you want to paint, then you can paint. Rarity's special talent isn't singing, but she sings sometimes." Silver Spoon giggled a bit before switching back to her irritated expression. She wasn’t about to let Sweetie Belle win, there was just no way. She didn't even have her cutie mark! Then she realized something. She didn't have to be mean to her, it wasn't like Diamond Tiara was around. She looked at the Crusader's flank and had an idea, "What if your special talent was being invisible, and you didn’t notice it because your cutie mark is invisible?" Sweetie Belle was confused, "Do you mean my special talent is being unnoticed?" Silver Spoon shook her head, "No, I mean the ability to become invisible. Just like Invisible Mare!" "You read comics?" Sweetie Belle asked surprised. "Um... promise you won't tell anypony!" Silver Spoon begged. Sweetie Belle nodded and said, "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." While doing the hoof gestures. Then she said, "Do you want to come over to the Boutique? Rarity is the Element of Generosity. I think I can get her to make you a new dress for free." "Element of Generosity?" Silver Spoon asked confused, she never heard of that. She knew Rarity had a reputation of being generous, just like Apple Bloom's older sister, Applejack, had a reputation of being honest. She had no idea there was an element for being generous though. School ended, and Silver Spoon followed Sweetie Belle to the Carousel Boutique. Rarity, who was wearing her red glasses, was drawing in a sketch pad and talking to a mare who appeared to be a high standing Canterlot Pony. Sweetie Belle led Silver Spoon into the kitchen, "There is plenty of food here, feel free to eat anything." "I want a cheese sandwich." Silver Spoon requested. "Then make it yourself!" Sweetie Belle said giggling. Silver Spoon looked down embarrassed, "I don't know how." Sweetie Belle laughed then said, "Really? You don't know how? It's easy! Take two slices of bread and put cheese in the middle!" Silver Spoon grabbed the bread and tried to open it to no avail, "How do you untie the bag?" "You just pull it." Sweetie Belle explained laughing. Silver Spoon pulled it and was surprised how the knot disappeared. She then went to the fridge to get some cheese. "How many of slices of cheese do you use?" Silver Spoon asked. "Two" Sweetie Belle answered. Silver Spoon opened the fridge and grabbed two slices of cheese, before placing them on the top slice of bread. She knew what a sandwich looked like enough to know that the cheese is supposed to be in the middle. She swapped the slices of bread, making the cheese in the middle. Then she took a bite. "How is it?" Sweetie Belle asked. "This is really good!" Silver Spoon exclaimed after she swallowed. "That's because you made it all by yourself!" Sweetie Belle said. "I did!" Silver Spoon realized. She had never made anything by herself, and she just made a cheese sandwich. Sure, she had trouble, but she knew with a little bit of practice, that she would be able to do things on her own. She looked at her flank and thought, 'If I can do things on my own, then my cutie mark would be useless, no! I can still have things given to me, but not all the time. I can do things on my own, but if somepony wants to give something to me, I will be grateful!' Sweetie Belle, who couldn’t read Silver Spoon's mind, sat in silence. She got up and told Silver Spoon, "I'm going to see if Rarity is finished with her customer." Rarity was sitting down disappointed. Sweetie Belle knew that Rarity had lost a customer, and she wasn't sure if it was the best time to request a dress. Luckily, she didn’t have to ask. Rarity saw her and said, "Silver Spoon wants a dress, doesn't she?" as if reading her mind. "Can you read minds?" Sweetie Belle asked. Then she remembered that her older sister asked a question, "Yeah, she wants a dress." "No. It wasn't too hard to figure out, she was looking at all of my dress designs. I know when somepony is planning to buy or when somepony is lurking." Rarity explained. "Can you please get her?" Sweetie Belle galloped quickly into the kitchen where Silver Spoon sat. Silver Spoon took the cue and trotted to the main room with Sweetie Belle. Rarity told Silver Spoon to stand on a platform before she measured her sizes. "Definitely not a warm color." Rarity muttered to herself while designing Silver Spoon's dress, "A lavender would go perfect." Rarity then asked Silver Spoon, "I am thinking light lavender. What do you think?" Rarity then levitated the dress design in front of her. "I love it!" Silver Spoon exclaimed happily. "Why don't you get the lavender fabric that you want for me?" Rarity requested, before explaining, "I wouldn’t recommend the ones in the back, I put the fabrics that are out of season there. The weather is getting warm, besides, the design is best with a thinner fabric, but not see through." Silver Spoon trotted to the fabrics and found the lavender ones. She felt each fabric until she found the one that was perfect. She then picked up the bolt and carried it to Rarity who cut out shapes in the fabric, and sewed them together with her magic. Silver Spoon watched in awe while Rarity made dresses as if it was nothing. "I would not recommend a warm color because it doesn't go well with anything. A dark color would also ruin your appearance. Grey would not accent you at all, but lavender will accent your eyes quite wonderfully," Rarity explained to her. Silver Spoon listened to the dress maker while watching her work. At last, the dress was complete. “Go ahead, try it on!” Rarity told Silver Spoon. She did as she was told and looked in a mirror, she looked absolutely stunning! Sweetie Belle planned on it being free, but she wasn't going to leave without paying for the dress. It was far too beautiful to be given freely. Silver Spoon grabbed a lot of bits out of her saddlebag and hoofed it to Rarity who was confused. "Sweetie Belle probably wanted you to make it for free, but it's far too beautiful." She explained. "Thank you, dear!" Rarity exclaimed smiling. She happily took the money and told her, “Have a nice day. Silver Spoon smiled kindly, "I will, I learned something today." Sweetie Belle heard that and told Silver Spoon, "Rarity keeps a diary where she writes down things she learned about friendship! Maybe you should do that, too!" Silver Spoon loved the idea. Rarity told her to wait and galloped to the back. A few minutes later, she returned with an empty book, "You can use this for your diary." She explained. Silver Spoon gladly accept and wrote in it. Dear Diary, This morning, I thought today would be terrible. My parents were gone, and Diamond Tiara was sick. However, today was one of the greatest days of my life. I learned that I should not expect things to be given to me. Things are much better when you do them yourself. I learned that by making a sandwich, it was the best cheese sandwich I had ever tasted! I also learned to be grateful when things are given to you, and you should never take anything for granted. Sweetie Belle has taught me more in one day than Diamond Tiara has taught me in an entire year. Until today, I never knew that it was better to work for something than to have it given to you. Silver Spoon. Author's Note:Disclaimer: I do not own the My Little Pony franchise. This fan fic is not canon and should not be taken as such. Edited by: Radical Prescott
  21. It was like any other day at Sweet Apple Acres. The sun was high noon, and the clouds were busted clean. Apple Jack was in the middle of her daily bucking when, out of the corner of her eye she spotted an apple laying on the ground. Being alone, and not having bucked the tree that it was under confused Applejack. However, not being one to be startled by such trivial things, she picked up the apple and put it in her basket and went on bucking the tree she was working on. About thirty minutes passed, and the thought of an apple just laying on the ground during harvesting was starting to get to her. So she thought logically. Perhaps it fell due to the tree branch it was on getting too heavy of the weight of other apples, she reasoned that apples fall from trees all the time. Which is why she wondered why this one was perplexing her. It was just an apple after all. Apple Jack decided to examine the apple closely but when she went to get it out of the basket, it was gone. Looking around and still knowing she was alone, the probability of her being pranked was increasing in her steadily growing worried mind. Immediately Pinkie Pie jumped into her head, she loves a good joke. But usually when Pinkie Pie is around there is quite a sense of cake in the air. And today the cake was not there. So then where did the apple go? Putting her head up from the basket, she was astounded to see the apple right in front of it. The odd part was she looked around the entire basket beforehand. Then she thought that Twilight may of been using magic tricks on her to mess with her but quickly dismissed the idea since Twilight would never do that to a true friend. A bit scared with sweat slowly trickling down her neck, Apple Jack decided enough was enough! She immediately got away from the apple, not knowing if it had some arcane dark magic in it. Then she looked at it. For a good couple minutes. Nothing happened. Fluttershy was in the distance singing to her animal friends and Apple Jack heard this. Loving the voice of her friend, she went and turned around and yelled howdy. This scared Fluttershy, and she ran off. Turning her head back, the apple was not gone, but instead broken into a bunch of little apples. The colors were all that of a rainbow and she not only panicked but was completely shocked at this point. They then began to float. Being brave but still quite nervous, Apple Jack decided that since nothing else was making sense that she'd try and talk to the apples. "Uh, Howdy there apples, what uh...types are you?" said Apple Jack. No response. Perhaps a different, more direct approach. "Now listen here you voodoo fruit, I demand to know where you came from and why you interrupted my work day!" Still nothing. A thought crossed her mind. Discord. No one loves being a jerk to others than him, but being in stone jail as a result of too much mischief recently made this theory vanish. The apples then ascended towards the sky and multiplied by the dozens. They started moving in formation and Apple Jack didn't really know what to do at this point so she watched as what was happening continued. After thirty seconds, the floating apples had rearranged themselves into a rainbow formation and started shining like golden cider waterfalls. The sight was beautiful but confusing the same. It was at this point Ponyville noticed the apple rainbow in the sky and gathered around to witness the spectacle. Ponies started asking her questions, of which she knew none of the answers. Twilight and the others showed up with mouths flat dropped. As the glowing started to dim on the apples in the sky, Celestia came to wonder what exactly happened. Not knowing, everyone just stared. They exploded into rainbow firecrackers and make it rain rainbow cider. Pinkie Pie screamed party, and Rainbow Dash just thought it was awesome! Where did the first appear, and how did it all happen? No one knows for sure. To this day it remains a mystery, in the Ponyville lore.
  22. Here is the fan fic that me and my sister wrote if you haven't read it yet. So, tell me what you think.
  23. I've posted pictures of these characters before, but I am just now posting the story. The Children of Harmony Book 1. Co-written by Chikorita Brony []who is in fact my brother....plot twist. OR Or I suppose Deviantart works too but there you go. Summary When Twilight adopts a troubled unicorn, Moonless Night, after seeing herself in him, she believes that she may be filling the role that Celestia played in her life. What she finds though is that no matter how far you go in life, there will always be new lessons to learn- and new friends to make. Moonless Night just wants to prove to everypony that he isn't evil in spite of the uncanny tendency of almost everyone to be afraid of him. When he comes to Ponyville though, he finds answers to his dilemma that he didn't expect through his new friends. Patchwork, daugter of Rainbowdash and the fastest (and most uncertain) flyer in the little flyers circuit, Persnickety Pants II, son of Rarity and aspiring adventurer, Rhubarb "Ruby" Pie, daughter of Pinkie Pie, delightful eccentric and connoisseur of edibles, Newton, son of Applejack and definitely not boring thank you very much, and Honeycrip, daughter of Fluttershy who just wants to fly... now if only she had wings . With this hodgepodge of loyal ponies beside him, perhaps he might have a destiny of goodness in store for him afterall.
  24. Blurb The Three Little Fillies Cafe is one of this little Venetian-style town's best kept secrets. Its namesake three little fillies, Lulu, Cadie, and Lia are the most adorable trio of filly sisters ever. And it's not just because they are a thestral, a changeling and a wheelchair-bound unicorn respectively, because they are raised by a simple human baker, nor is it because they can often be seen cheerfully helping out their daddy around the cafe. Rather, it is because of the joy and smiles they bring to anyone and everyone around them with their boundless energy, unquenchable curiosity and indomitable cheer. This is the story of their simple but happy everyday lives. Setting In the not-so-distant future, many intelligent equines, collectively called 'the ponies', live amongst humanity on earth. Rising sea levels have caused borders to shift and arable land to become scarce. As a result new aquatic Venetian-style canal cities began to emerge. In these cities gondolas and gondoliers have once again become a common sight. In one such town, interestingly named Neo Veneighzia, there lived three little fillies in a humble bakery cafe, known around their neighbourhood as the Little Busters Brigade. Together with their rivals and close allies, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they are the bane of any and all bullies in the area. Expect to see other familiar faces including the members of the main cast in and around their neighbourhood. Cover Art Would you believe this began as me doodling a bowl of sugar? Author's Notes: This is my first fanfic on this site. Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. What is this? This is just an episodic slice of life series focusing on the lives of 3 adopted little fillies. I'll be the first to admit there will be little to no real plot, but, who knows? The setting was heavily influenced by Kozue Amano's Aria series. While it isn't a crossover it does draw upon a lot of the Venetian influence. You don't need to have read/seen Aria but I do recommend it. It's quite a masterpiece of storytelling. Disclaimer: My Little Pony is the property of the awesomeriffic Faust and Hasbro. I'm just a guy who tap dances on keyboards and enjoys every moment of it. 1st Serving - Welcome to the Three Fillies Cafe! A soft jingle filled the sunlit cafe as the wide windowed door swung open with an aged but gentle creak. Warm sunlight danced across the bright white curtains billowing in the cool salty sea breeze. The sweet aroma of freshly baked delights mixed with the musk of the ocean-aged wood that made up most of the bakery. The wide open parquet floor was punctuated by counters laden by mouth-watering temptations of every colour and shape. The light tippy-tap of a set of little hooves against the wooden counter by the window punctuated the tranquil silence. "Welcome to the Three Little Fillies Cafe! Where the cakes are sweetie, the tea's milky and the smiles cheery, always!" A cheerful little voice squeaked. A tiny pair of lilac leathery bat wings flared excitedly as its little owner pranced up to meet her guests. She tossed her lovingly groomed silky violet mane about her fluffy ears to reveal her big golden harlequin eyes. "I am your wait-rest today, Lulu!" She raised a forehoof to gesture at the frilly white apron she wore over her miniature pistachio-green sweater and white skirt. "And these are my temp-tay-shuns for the day!" The little filly gestured at the wide selection of colourful cakes and sweets stacked on the counter around her. "Psst, the mango fruit tarts are mine. I made the bat-ter myself. I'll bat you my allowance they're the best in town, always. But don't tell anypony else. The whole town would bat-tle over them. It's our little secret." She said in a low whisper, giving a big bat of an eyelid conspiringly. The soft whir of a well-oiled pair of wheels came from the till counter across the cafe. A small voice cleared is throat carefully before speaking out. "Lulu, I told you to please keep your bat puns out of the cafe." It sighed as its owner pushed her tiny pair of glasses up her little muzzle allowing it to glint in the soft sunlight. "Please excuse my younger sister, dear guest. She goes batty over bat puns." The little filly pulled herself onto a little platform overlooking the till, waving a hoof at her customers over her bright wavy apple-russet mane. "Welcome, I am your barista, Tia. Hmmm, yes, today is your lucky day, dear guests. You're our 70th customer today which means you get a cup of coffee on the house for every cake you purchase. Isn't that simply grand?" "Allow me to show you our selection of cakes. We have a lot of the Old World delights such as the Cloudsdale cloud cake, the Ponyville apple pie and even the Gryphonian tiramisu." She pushed herself out from behind the till onto a platform overlooking the formidable buffet of tasty sweets by the till. She glided over the platform on a little red wheelchair upon which her rearhooves rested. Little bells jingled on her forehooves as they propelled her forwards. Her creamy marshmallow coat shone as it caught the sun behind the counter. "I would personally suggest the pride of our bakery, our apple cheesecakes. Made with your lucky colours of the day, apple red and creamy yellow." She said, pointing down at a selection of cheesecakes. "Made by me, of course, so they're extra lucky." She added with a proud smile as she whipped out a pencil from behind one ear with a hoof. "Please take your time and let me know when you're ready to order." She leaned in and gave a little whisper, "Your lucky number today is four, by the way. So I suggest you take four of every order." A little plastic cup on a string dropped down from the ceiling. "Um, hello?" An uncertain little voice came from within. "Oh, hello, w-welcome. Cadie's your chef today, sort of." The string led up to a dark little blob clinging onto the ceiling. A pair of bright sapphire eyes gleamed down from underneath a bouquet of bright ocean-blue mane topped by a big wooly kitty-eared cap. A cute little changeling badge pinned into the cap identified her as a changeling filly. But even without the badge it was quite apparent from the heart-shaped horn protruding from her wooly cap and the little heart and star-shaped recesses in her hooves, reminiscent of cookie cutters. Her armoured carapace and wings, however, were obscured by a white sundress under her frilly white apron, both of which somehow defied gravity. She gave a nervous upside down smile as she whispered into the little white cup in her hooves, "Um, the cookies are really nice. They're all sorts of cute shapes. Please try some if you like. C-Cadie made them. *Squee*" She gave a bashful little ponysquee as her cheeks burned a bright red. "Oh, aren't they simply adorable, ma'am?" The first guest, a human lady in a smart white business dress and blazer, said, looking absolutely smitten. "Lucky you decided to stop by on the way to the meeting." "I cannot help but agree, yes. On both accounts." The other guest, a tall, majestic white unicorn in a similar white business dress, nodded in agreement, her brilliant violet eyes twinkling with obvious pleasure. Her lustrous mane and tail gleamed in the colours of the sunrise, sky blue and light pink, billowing gently in the gentle breeze inside the cafe. "Lulu, was it?" She beamed down at the little thestral filly standing atop the counter next to her. "You're a thestral, are you not?" "Yep! The strongest, fastest fes-chal ever, always! Daddy says so, so it's true!" Lulu said proudly, prancing about in a little circle in demonstration. The little bells clasped to the sash about her withers jingled merrily as she did. "I'm so strong and fast that I've already been accepted by the Earth All-eye-ants Dee-Fence Force's Wonderbolts Team!" "Visiting the airbase to deliver cakes doesn't mean you've been accepted, Lulu." Tia sighed. "Please excuse my little sister. She has a very overactive imagination." "You're just jealous cause I'm going to defend daddy's beloved Earth from Night-Falls one day." Lulu nodded sagely to herself. This earned her an eye-roll from Tia. "You wouldn't rather do what you're doing now? You're really good at it." The woman said. "First rule of the Filly Scout Code, love your family, always." Lulu said, verbatim. "Looking after daddy is my duty. Of course I'm good at it, always." She crossed her forehooves and nodded proudly. "You sure are." The unicorn nodded with a genuine smile. "It's Cadie's duty too." A little voice from the plastic cup in the woman's hand said. "Cadie loves daddy more than anything, even cookies. But don't tell the cookies, please? They're big softies, sometimes." She whispered. The unicorn gave a light giggle at this. "Since your sister has already told us her dream, what would you like to do when you grow up, Cadie?" She asked, beaming with interest. "Um, it's nothing special. Nothing as exciting as protecting earth." Cadie said, fidgeting uneasily where she clung to the ceiling, the bells clasped to the ribbon about her neck jingling lightly. "It's a wonderful dream, Cadie." Tia said, almost reproachfully. "Go on, tell them." "Yeah, best dream ever!" Lulu had somehow trotted upside down onto the ceiling, joining her sister. Cadie, shrinking a little under all the attention, gave a little squeak, "Well, um, Cadie wants to be a gondolier." She twiddled her hooves together. "So Cadie can one day give daddy free rides around town, maybe." "And the best gondola Aria singer ever, always. Can't forget that." Lulu pointed out. "Cadie's the best singer in town, hooves down." She declared, proudly, causing her sister to blush profusely. "She works at it really hard. She's even an apprentice to the local gondolier's guild." Tia said, sharing her sister's pride. "That is a perfect dream." The unicorn said with a nod of approval. "I am sure you will be the best gondolier ever." She turned her attention to Tia who had resumed her place behind the till. "And you, young one?" "Nothing special." Tia said, pushing her glasses up her muzzle, "As fortune would have it I'm the eldest. Looking after those two will always be my job." She huffed. "And daddy too." She added with a quirk of an eyebrow. "I've worked out my fortunes. I can't join the Forces, obviously." She gestured at her wheelchair. "But I can certainly run a gondolier company. That's my dream." She nodded to herself. "Tia's a worry-wart. She just can't help herself." Lulu giggled, dropping down from the ceiling with a flutter of her wings, landing in a snuggle on Tia's back. Tia gave a little yelp, aiming a fierce glare at her younger sister, but otherwise did not complain. "W-we worry about Tia too." Cadie said, dropping down from the ceiling behind Lulu on, of all things, a bright green miniature parachute fashioned out of a little changeling cocoon she had shot out from her forehooves. She drifted down gently before adding herself to the snuggle pile forming behind the till. "Because Tia doesn't worry enough about herself. But don't tell Tia that." She whispered. "I heard that, you know." Tia sighed, rolling her eyes. "Sorry for the display, dear guests." She cleared her throat before straightening up as best as she can under her sisters' snuggle pile. "What can I get you?" She asked, struggling to dislodge her giggling sisters. "Oh, right, I almost forgot why we were even here." The woman giggled cheerfully. "It's so sweet I feel like I already ate half the store." "Indeed. One could argue that simply walking in here soothes all aching sweet tooths." The unicorn smiled, "But I may have room for a banana muffin." She added. The sudden downcast expression on all three fillies prompted her to backpedal quickly, "Oh, uh, and four of each of your suggestions, seeing as four is my lucky number today. And four coffees. To go, please." All three fillies smiled brightly again, ears perking up excitedly as they got to work gathering the orders. "So, your daddy is the baker here?" The woman asked, curiously, as she watched the three sisters bustle about their respective treats. "Yep, the bestest baker ever, always!" Lulu grinned, catapulting the cakes across the cafe with a skilful whip of her cake spatula. "It's Neo Veneighzia's little secret." Cadie said, folding up cake boxes before catching the flying cakes in them with expert precision. "Worst kept secret." She giggled. "Also a bit of a mad tinkerer." Tia said, expertly wrangling the rather old coffee-making monstrosity at the back of the cafe, turning dials and knobs while eyeing the thermometer carefully. "No coffee machine in the world will make you better coffee. At least while I'm behind the wheel." She gave it an expert punch with a forehoof in a corner, making it give an obedient little rattle. "And he made our clothes too." Lulu planted her cake spatula on the counter and twirled herself about it to show off her frilly apron and clothes. "Aren't they pretty?" "They're gorgeous. All of them." The unicorn said, earning herself beaming smiles from all three fillies. "So, he looks after you three quite well, does he?" "Yes. Officially." Tia said, a little smirk playing across her face as she pushed the coffees across to the till. "Um, we're sort of the ones looking after him." Cadie whispered, "But, um, please don't tell him that." She gave a soft giggle at the thought. "Yes, we kind of adopted Daddy." Tia said, bells on her forehooves jingling as she ran them quickly across an abacus before she tapped the buttons on the till. "That'll be 12 dollars, please." "He's helpless by himself so we took him in." Lulu grinned, gliding over to the till to drop off some napkins. There was a loud muffled crash somewhere inside the store. A few clangs and light tinkling sounds followed, trailed by a few random tinks and plings. A can of mangoes rolled out of an open door, rolling gently across the cafe floor, before coming to a stop against the woman's foot. "Uh, Girls? Help?" A muffled voice called from somewhere deep inside the cafe. "Daddy's locked himself in the storeroom again." The voice said pleadingly. "Speaking of." Tia sighed, shaking her head. "Hang in there, daddy! We're on our way!" Lulu called out. "How are we going to get him out today?" Cadie asked, "Cadie would rather we don't try the flour cannon again, if that's alright?" "We'll wing it!" Lulu declared, leaping off the counter with a flutter of her wings. "Fillies! It's time to bring out the Little Busters Bat-tering ram!" Tia could only face-hoof at the barrage of horrible bat puns as she wheeled herself after her excitable sister. "Please excuse us. Duty calls. Thank you for coming, dear guests. Have a lucky day." "Y-yes, please come again." Cadie said, waving a hoof at the guests, before running after her sisters. "W-wait for me!" The two customers were left alone in the cafe. They looked at one another before stifling little giggles of amusement. With a burst of golden magic the unicorn levitated their purchases and turned to leave. They paused to listen curiously as a chorus of voices came from deep inside the store. "Cadie, the sugar goes this way up. I think 1200 newtons of force should do the trick." "Um, okay. How long should the fuse be?" "Fire in the hoooole!" "Girls, w-what are you all d-doing?" "Nothing, daddy. I've always wanted to say that, that's all." "Girls, what did I tell you about playing with that thing in the house?" "Not without you around, Daddy. Well, you're here, so...." "W-wait! At least let me get clear of the door first! Whoah!" There was a loud WHOOOOMPH. A big cloud of what was hopefully only flour burst forth from the door leading into the interiors of the cafe. What looked like glitter and possibly confetti seemed to be mixed in too. The two guests shared a look, silently agreeing to pretend they didn't see anything, before quickly making their way out. The two walked out into the bright afternoon sunlight just in time to be greeted by a pleasant gust of sea air. The caws of a passing flock of seagulls punctuated the otherwise tranquil sound of the waves in the distance. Their footsteps creaked across the sea-aged wood as they stepped off the stonework sidewalk and onto the little wooden jetty in front of the bakery. There, waiting for them, was a sleek blue gondola bearing two other pony passengers and its pony gondolier. "Thou tooketh thy sweet time in yonder sweets parlour." One passenger, a royal blue unicorn wearing a smart black business suit, said, crossing her forehooves impatiently. "Doth thou not pity thy poor pudgy flanks, Tia sister?" She demanded, tossing her billowing starlit midnight blue mane over her shoulder. "I'm afraid our gondolier's suggestion was frightfully spot on, Lulu dear." The white unicorn said, nodding over at the azure unicorn standing at the aft end of the gondola. "As Ms. Colgate rightly said, there are more sweets in this bakery beyond the cakes and pastries themselves." "Did you find the inspiration you needed, your highness?" The gondolier, Colgate, asked with a knowing smile as she lit up her horn. Her trusty gondola paddle, bathed in her sea-blue magic, rose up to her side. "Very much so." The white unicorn nodded as she took her seat opposite the midnight blue unicorn. "I am now reminded of what it is we are fighting to protect." "The earth?" The midnight blue unicorn raised an eyebrow dryly. "The future, dear sister." The white unicorn smiled up at the sky. Above a flight of weather pegasi flew by towards the pegasus weather station cloud tethered by anchoring cables over the little town. "A very beautiful, sweet little future. And what I've seen makes me believe all the more that change is possible." "It sounds like thou had quite the experience then, Tia." The midnight blue unicorn perked up with interest. "Considering what we hath seen in our lives, I am surprised anything could be so new and profound as to move thee so." "I saw something we would never have imagined possible in the Old World." The white unicorn said. "Unification of the three tribes alone was already quite difficult. But I just witnessed a unicorn, a thestral and a changeling call each other sister." "Ho, almost sounds like the opening to a jest. A unicorn, a thestral and a changeling walking into a bakery and so on." The midnight blue unicorn chuckled lightly. "Yes. I would have been accused of jesting if I told anypony in the Old World. But here they are, brought together by their human father." The white unicorn seemed thoughtful for a moment. "Such is the power of humanity. Their ability to bring about change, for better or worse, is almost...frightening." She said, watching a pegasus mail mare fly by, stopping to hand a parcel to an eldery fisherman sitting on a nearby jetty. "Hear hear, sister. But thy story doth give me faith in that power." The midnight blue unicorn said. watching as an earth pony and a human skilfully maneuvered a two-man gondola past them. "Perhaps we may learn more from them after all, that we may secure a better future together." "More importantly, I hope the future involves lunch. Hopefully not all bananas or derivatives thereof." The other passenger, a pink unicorn dressed all in smart dark velvety purple, finally spoke up. "It's still a long way to the airbase." "Forsooth, thou did insist on the gondola ride." The midnight blue unicorn muttered. "Ms. Colgate, if you please? Let us make a move." The gondolier happily obliged as she pushed the gondola off into the cool shimmering waters. "Yes on both accounts. I was threatened at tear point to purchase everything in the store." The white unicorn chuckled, setting out her sizeable haul. "By Starswirl's beard. How frightful these weaponized tears are to force the great Tia to forsake the sanctity of her flabby flanks!" The midnight blue unicorn gasped, eyes widening at the sight of the sprawl before her. "It's true. You should've seen it. Their faces could move entire mountains with diabetes." The human woman said. "And the frightful part is, I cannot wait to return." "Neither can I." The white unicorn said. "I wish nothing more than to see more of this little miracle." "Then you're in luck." The pink unicorn said, pointing at a sign hung next to the bakery's door. 'Bed and Breakfast available. Please inquire inside.' It said. "Something to consider, certainly." The white unicorn said, tapping her chin with a hoof thoughtfully. "And for that you get the favourable share of our loot today. Enjoy...Cadie." "Cadie?" The pink unicorn broke into a little giggle. "Now, where in the Old World did that come from?"
  25. Despite taking place in a fantasy world, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has mostly been known for its slice of life episodes. But Season 4, and Season 3 to a lesser extent have ramped up the Action/Adventure aspects of the show considerably. Some fans insist that slice of life episodes should always be dominant. I however, always believed in a balance, a mix of slice of life episodes, and a mix of mystical element/action/adventure episodes. Kind of like what Adventure Time does, there are just as many episodes of Finn and Jake going on adventures as there are about them goofing off. I sometimes put Adventure Time and My Little Pony in the same sentence, but I feel MLP can learn a lot from Adventure Time without trying to copy it, and vice versa. With that being said, which would you rather have? Almost all Slice of life with the occasional adventure, almost all adventure with the occasional slice of life, or an equal balance of both, even have adventure elements blend with slice of life elements.