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Found 1558 results

  1. Theanimationfanatic

    Spoiler Season 9 Wishlist

    So, now that Season 8 is winding down (or over for those of us who've seen the early releases) and Season 9 is all but confirmed to be the last, what are your hopes and desires for Season 9. Warning: There may be spoilers from the Season 8 finale. Here's my Wishlist: At least one more episode written by Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco, who were in my opinion, the best writers on the show. One more sister centric episode for Rarity and Sweetie Belle and/or Applejack and Apple Bloom. An episode with Spike, Smolder, and Princess Ember What about you guys?
  2. Title: The Washouts Release Dates: September 8, 2018 (official US Discovery Family airdate) Writer: Nick Confalone (my mane man) Synopsis: "When Scootaloo becomes enamored with The Washouts, a touring group of stunt ponies, Rainbow Dash is concerned for her safety and worries that Scoot's days as her number one fan are over." Could be alot of feels in this episode, I presume! This is the only episode where Discovery Family hasn't released any sneak peek sketch footage, so we're probably in for a real treat! Episode Link
  3. So during The Best Gift Ever Special, there's gonna be a Secret Santa thing going on between the Mane Six, Spike, and maybe Starlight, so in this blog we're gonna try to guess who is gonna be who's Secret Santa? Here's mine as an example: * Twilight Sparkle --> Pinkie Pie * Pinkie Pie --> Fluttershy * Fluttershy --> Rarity * Rarity --> Rainbow Dash * Rainbow Dash --> Spike * Spike --> Applejack * Applejack --> Twilight Sparkle If adding Starlight in it then: * Rarity --> Starlight Glimmer * Starlight Glimmer --> Rainbow Dash So this is my guess! It's not very likely to all of them right, but let's see if we could get some of them right! So what's your guesses? Try to keep it random! Try to do pairings that don't interact alot because that's more likely to happen!
  4. Title: What Lies Beneath Release Dates: September 22, 2018 (official US Discovery Family airdate) Writer: Mike Vogel Synopsis: "The students at Twilight's School are cramming for a History of Magic in Equestria exam in the school library when they discover a part of the school that no pony else knows about. When they decide to do some exploring, they end up learning much more than they bargained for." I got the feeling we'll be getting some intense stuff here! Maybe some backstory for the Student 6 that even they don't know about! We shall see! Weeeeeeee shalllllllllllll seeeeeeeeee! Episode link:
  5. Dark Qiviut

    S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    Note: This is discussion for the S8 premiere, and as of late, some content originally leaked (e.g., the School Six's names) have been officially revealed. But as always, please keep all leaked content not officially revealed yet — and/or if you're unsure if you're revealing too much — under the "spoiler" tag. (Hit the eye icon to trigger it and type within it.) Title: School Daze, Parts 1 & 2 Air Date (U.S./Disc. Family): March 24th at 11:30am (Pt. 1) & 12 noon (Pt. 2) Writer(s): Michael Vogel & Nicole Dubuc Summaries: Part 1: "When the Friendship Map grows bigger to reflect the world beyond Equestria, the Mane 6 realizes they'll need a way to spread the message of friendship far and wide. Luckily, Twilight Sparkle knows just what to do -- open a School of Friendship!" Part 2: "When the School of Friendship is closed by Chancellor Neighsay of the Equine Educational Association, Twilight Sparkle must reunite her students, inspire her friends and buck the rules to stand up for what she knows is right for everycreature, pony or not." Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on! DailyMotion: Part 1: Part 2: Hey, Season 8, bring it on!
  6. Dark Qiviut

    Spoiler S08:E18 - Yakity-Sax

    Note: Some content from Season 8 was leaked near the end of last year. While much of it is officially revealed, much isn't. So, please keep leaked content under the tag and don't post or link leaked assets. Zap2It first announced the episode's title and date, and Hasbro released their August lineup on July 20. Title: Yakity-Sax Airtime (DF/U.S.): Summertime Shorts: July 20 (according to @PinkiePie97's guide screenshot, 2pm EST) Canonical Airdate: August 25, 11:30am EST. Writers: Michael P. Fox, Wil Fox Synopsis: DF Press: Pinkie Pie has a new hobby that she absolutely loves - playing the Zenithrash. But when herfriends discourage her from playing due to her lack of skill, it causes a series of events leading to Pinkie Pie possibly leaving Ponyville forever! Zap2It: Pinkie Pie has a new hobby that she absolutely loves - playing the Zenithrash; when her friends discourage her from playing due to her lack of skill, it causes a series of events leading to Pinkie Pie possibly leaving Ponyville forever. Extra notes:  This episode is part of DF's "Summer Surprises," which airs every Friday at 2pm. Its canonical airdate is August 25, S8's 18th episode. Episode links: SendVid: DM:
  7. Judging from the emails and recent info from Equestria daily. MLP Gen 5 will Be the most ambitious for the entire series. Inspirations for Gen 5 seem to be, Stargate, Sliders, Gravity Falls, Star vs The Forces of Evil ect. One of the plot heavy concepts in this might be "dimensional fusion" a way to combine the dimensional plains together. Something the villains would want.
  8. After Rollercoaster of Friendship finishes uploading by the end of this month, only these remain for Equestria Girls: "New shorts, CYOA, songs, and possibly another movie planned." That "possibly another movie" -- I think it's the one where they all turn into ponies -- might very likely be the last one ever, since G4 is coming to an end after all.
  9. Note: Please keep all content and discussion not officially published by Hasbro under the "spoiler" tag, and don't link to or paste leaked assets. The episode was first announced on Sweden's Nickelodeon (and will air in Denmark and Norway that same day), but will air in Australia in September and the U.S. in October. More to come in the coming weeks. Title: School Raze, Parts 1 & 2 Air Dates: Nickelodeon (Sweden, Denmark, Norway): August 28 (6:25pm EST, Part 1) August 29 (6:25pm EST, Part 2) Boomerang (Australia): September 7 (6:30pm EST, Part 1) September 8 (6:30pm EST, Part 2) Disc. Family (U.S.): October 13. Part 1: 11am EST Part 2: 11:30am EST Writers: Part 1: Nicole Dubuc Part 2: Josh Haber Synopsis: Part 1: When the magic of Equestria mysteriously begins to fail, Twilight leads her friends on a quest for answers, leaving the School of Friendship open to attack from a dangerous mastermind. Part 2: While Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six try to escape Tartarus, Cozy Glow furthers her plot to take over the School of Friendship with only Twilight's students and the CMC's to stop her! Extra Note: This is the Season 8 finale! A user on EQD, Kuco, is planning to stream the event. Also, from @Jeric: Video links (SendVid): Part 1: Part 2:
  10. Dunno if this has been posted yet, but apparently a trailer was released at San Diego Comic Con for the second half of the current season (videotaped quality, but it's the best so far I can find) Looks pretty exciting with the return of the villains (including Storm King, my favorite Rafiki-Yeti dude XD) The Mane Cast also seems to be headed to Tartarus to check on Tirek, and we even get to say Chancellor Neighsay return. And it looks like he's an outright villain at this point, locking up the students (and declaring "The Reign of Twilight Sparkle is Over")? My thoughts? To be honest, I feel like the season premiere wasn't too well done and Neighsay's motivations and actions were simultaneously kinda understandable and confusing. So I don't know, I think it'd be better to make him an outright villain, since it may actually provide a decent ulterior motive to not wanting to open the friendship school. My guess is he's actually a disguise for some long-time villain of the Princesses and/or ponies? In a hurry now so sorry if I sound a little incoherent with that last paragraph; I may update when I have time. Thoughts?
  11. Note: Some content from Season 8 was leaked near the end of last year. While much of it is officially revealed, much isn't. So, please keep leaked content under the tag and don't post or link leaked assets. Zap2It first announced the episode's title and date, and Hasbro released their August lineup on July 20. Episode synopsis C&P'd from the linked PDF. Title: Friendship University Airtime: Boomerang/Australia: August 5, 8:30am AU Time. Disc. Fam./U.S.: August 11, 11:30am EST Writers: Chris "Doc" Wyatt & Kevin Burke Synopsis: When Twilight Sparkle discovers there's another School of Friendship, she and Rarity go to investigate and are shocked to discover that Twilight's idol and Pillar of Old Equestria, Starswirl the Bearded, is enrolled at the school. Episode Link:
  12. Note: Do not post anything that is from a leak if a leak has been discovered. Wait until it airs officially either in Australia, Sweden, or the USA. Title: A Rockhoof and a Hard Place Synopsis: "When Rockhoof, heroic Pillar of the past, is having trouble fitting into the modern world, Twilight Sparkle and her friends strive to help him find a new purpose." Airtime: This episode is scheduled to air on August 22, 2018, on Nickelodeon in Sweden,twenty-four days ahead of its scheduled premiere on Discovery Family and on Boomerang in Australia on August 25, 2018. Episode link:
  13. After watching School Raze, i think i get why the Royal Guard has been useless up until now. A majority of the fandom seems to prefer the action-based episodes like the premieres and finales. Let's face it, if the Royal Guard did their job correctly before School Raze, the way i see it, it would put the Mane 6 out of a job. Thoughts?
  14. Early in the movie, if Twilight didn't stop petrified Luna from falling, Luna would have died and Storm King couldn't take her power. And he couldn't have all four alicorn princesses's power. That's just a bad job Tempest is doing.
  15. Note: Please keep all content and discussion not officially published by Hasbro under the "spoiler" tag, and don't link to or paste leaked assets. The episode was first announced on Zap2It. More to come as September approaches. Title: Road to Friendship (aka, On the Road to Friendship) Airtimes: Disc. Family/U.S.: September 1, 11:30am EST Boomerang/AU: August 17, 6:30pm EST Writer(s): Josh Haber Synopsis: When Trixie is invited to bring her magic show to the far off land of Saddle Arabia, she can think of nopony better to bring along than her great and powerful assistant, Starlight. But not all friends are meant to travel together. How about an animatic? Episode link: SendVid (SD):
  16. Ginger Ale

    Somnambula Fan Club

    -WELCOME TO SOMNAMBULA FAN CLUB- Long ago, the once-unnamed village fell under siege by an evil Sphinx that demanded most of their crops as the tribute. To keep the poor villagers from giving up hope, Somnambula used what little she had to give them food. Prince Hisan, the son of the pharaoh, was so moved by Somnambula's compassion that he stood up to the sphinx to free the villagers from her tyranny. However, the sphinx captured Hisan and told the pharaoh that she would only set him free if someone solved her riddle. Somnambula volunteered to try and solve the Sphinx's riddle: "I shine brightest in the dark. I am there but cannot be seen. To have me costs you nothing. To be without me costs you everything." Somnambula correctly answers "hope", enraging the sphinx. Fearing that the sphinx would go back on her promise to release Hisan, Somnambula asks for another challenge and tells the sphinx to leave the kingdom forever if she completes it. The Sphinx challenges Somnambula to walk across a bridge to Hisan—blindfolded and without the use of her wings. Guided by Hisan's voice and the power of hope, Somnambula succeeds, and the sphinx flies off into a rage. The pharaoh replaces Somnambula's pearls with a string of glowpaz as thanks for saving his son, and glowpaz became the village's symbol of hope from then on. RULES Rules of this thread;-Do not post pictures of other ponies in this thread (except the images with other ponies including Somnambula). They belong in their respective fan club threads.-Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting "Apple Bloom is better!" in the Princess Luna thread.-The global forum rules still apply, of course, so no NSFW pics. Shipping is fine, but keep it appropriate.This is the Somnambula thread, please only post here about her.
  17. How do ponies in Equestria hold things? I heard a popular theory that Pony fur is made out of a substance called something like Alicorn, that allows it to stick to things. The problem with that though, is when Sunset Shimmer returned to Equestria she tried to pick something up with her hooves and failed. This also asks the question, how would a non-Unicicorn pony pick something up laying flat on the ground, like Sunset tried to?
  18. PurpleWonderPower

    Why I Hate MLP Season 8

    Why I Hate MLP Season 8 I'm a fifteen-year-old pegasister, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is my favourite show. I love it more than anything, which was why I was so utterly furious how Season 8 just completely ruined the show for me. Get ready for a good, long vent here, because I've been yearning to write this all down for ages. The School of Friendship For starters, the School of Friendship. Just about the worst idea in all the history of worst ideas. You can't teach friendship in a school! Friendship cannot be taught, it can only be learned. I mean, Twilight didn't learn friendship in a classroom, neither did Starlight, or any of the other ponies. Friendship is something you have to experience and discover for yourself and learn from it as you go. It isn't something you can just teach in a classroom. I mean, Princess Celestia didn't teach Twilight friendship in a classroom! She set her off on the right path and gave her all the space she needed to live her life and learn all her friendship lessons in her own time. That is the only way to learn about friendship! Not in some school! It's ridiculous! You can't TEACH friendship! Twilight, of all ponies should know that. Plus, how the heck do the Mane 6 have time to teach at the School? Applejack has a farm to work on, Rarity has three boutiques in Equestria to run, Fluttershy has an animal sanctuary to take care of, Pinkie Pie has Sugarcube Corner to work at and parties to throw, Rainbow Dash is a Wonderbolt and also has weather to clear, and Twilight has her royal duties. Plus, what about the Cutie Map? It just sends ponies off to random places at random times, which means the teachers have no idea when they'll have to suddenly run off and leave the school! The Young Six The Mane 6 seem to have been replaced with Yona, Sandbar, Gallus, Silverstream, Smoulder and Ocellus. Sure, they're pretty great characters—or at least Yona, Smoulder, Ocellus and Gallus are. I don't care much for Sandbar, he is pretty boring, and as for Silverstream, she is obviously just an exact copy of Pinkie Pie. And although (most of) the Young Six are great characters, the show seems to revolve around them now, instead of Twilight and the others! It was bad enough in Season 7, when the show became from Starlight Glimmer's point of view instead of Twilight's, but at least there were still some great episodes about the rest of the Mane 6. In Season 8, everything seems to be about the Young Six and the School of Friendship. They've completely taken over everything. I have barely seen a single episode that has a plot about the Mane 6, even less, a plot about the Mane 6 that doesn't revolve around the School of Friendship. The show is supposed to be about Twilight Sparkle and her friends, not some school and students! Episodes OOC Characters One of my biggest moans about Season 8 is how outrageously out of character so many characters are. They don't act like themselves, they don't sound like themselves, their vocabulary ranges are off, they do things that the real characters would never do, and it's basically like they've been replaced with changelings. Also, all the OOCness seems to happen to the best characters in the show! Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle has, in Season 8, developed a nasty habit of making wild accusations at ponies, blaming them and punishing them for things they never did (e.g. the CMCs, the Young Six), and not even apologizing for it afterwards. Granted, this isn't the first time she's done it, given her appalling behaviour in What About Discord?, but that was a one-off, and in Season 8, Twilight seems to have become the What About Discord? Twilight permanently. She also seems to have forgotten practically all the friendship lessons she has learned in the series, such as: "Trust your friends over logical explanations, even if it's something you can't explain." Or "It's not good to jump to conclusions. You could end up blaming somepony for something they never did." In fact, she was the one who taught Pinkie Pie that lesson in MMMystery on the Friendship Express. She also seems to doubt and belittle and misjudge her friends a lot, seeing "could" over "would". Such as Marks For Effort. She actually thought the CMCs would pull a prank like that on Cozy Glow, even though they would never even dream of doing something like that. And the CMCs said they didn't do it. That should have been good enough for Twilight. Princess Celestia Don't get me started on what Celestia has become. To be fair, it didn't start in Season 8, it started in A Royal Problem, and then became permanent in Season 8, just like Twilight's. Celestia has turned from a wise, regal princess into an immature little kid. I'll complain about A Royal Problem first, how she would bicker with Luna like they are a pair of spoiled brats, and even do the whole "Hah! I was right and she was wrong!" thing, and all the mock surprise like "And yet you know exactly what it's like to be me?! Oh, please!" And let's not forget that cringeworthy and disgusting abomination of an episode Horse Play. What was the point of it, anyway? To see Celestia become some dumb schoolkid who can't tell she's a bad actress and just likes to make a fool of herself in front of everypony? I felt like I had to wash my eyeballs after watching it. That definitely isn't Celestia. Bickering and gloating and acting like an immature little brat! Celestia is a princess for pony's sake! I mean, let's just take a look at who Celestia used to be: "I saw the signs of Nightmare Moon's return, and I knew it was you who had the magic inside to defeat her. But you could not unleash it until you let true friendship into your heart." "I know it must have been difficult to see your friends leave for Ponyville without you. You may no longer be my student, Princess Twilight. But I hope you know that I will always be there if you need me. Just as I hope that you will always be there when I need you." "I loved having you as a student. You challenged me and taught me just as much as I taught you. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I was afraid if you made wouldn't need me anymore." THAT is Princess Celestia. Sure, Celestia has always had two sides, one a wise, regal princess and teacher, and the other a more informal, fun-loving side, but no matter which side she is on, she still acts like the same PERSON. She acts like a spoiled, arrogant little brat these days. Like how Discord has a mischevious, annoying, showman side and also a caring, sentimental side. No matter which side he is on, he still acts like the same person. Celestia does not act like herself in Season 8 or A Royal Problem. Discord Discord is my favourite character, and I can't stand what the makers have done to him. He has had not just one, but two different colours of OOC. The first one showed a little in Dungeons and Discords, then again, a great deal more, in The Break Up Breakdown. He just seems to be a pessimist who doesn't care about anyone else. I mean, we all know Discord. Discord is a hilarious, enthusiastic lover of showmanship, who also has a sentimental side and a deep caring for friendship. But in those two episodes, he acts like a sulky teenager, showing nothing but negativity and disinterest, and finding disgust in friendship and anything sentimental. Plus, since when does Discord's vocabulary range revolve around slang words like "cool" or "sappy"? Just compare his behaviour in those two episodes to his normal self in, say, Keep Calm And Flutter On, or Twilight's Kingdom, or To Where And Back Again. Do they really seem like the same draconequus to you? His second OOC colour occurred in A Matter of Principals. Unlike The Break Up Breakdown, he does act like Discord, but was OOC in a different way. He doesn't act like he is supposed to these days. Pulling all those horrid pranks on Starlight and terrifying all the students and making everything impossible? Discord would never do anything of the likes of that! Discord is a nice guy these days! OK, sending Twilight or Applejack or Rainbow Dash on a fake Map mission does kind of sound like exactly the sort of thing Discord would still do, but the rest just isn't. He would never do that to Fluttershy, let alone any of that other stuff. That is something the Old Discord would do. NOT the Reformed Discord! And to Starlight Glimmer, of all ponies! Discord really really really likes Starlight Glimmer! Why would he do that to her? Why would he do that to anypony? Discord is a nice guy these days! He only uses his chaos magic for good these days, and the worst he ever does is pull a few pranks and occasionally be a little annoying. He isn't mean or nasty or intentionally try to make ponies miserable. Totally OOC. Flim & Flam Flim and Flam are my second favourite characters in the show, and nopony was as shockingly out of character as they were in Friendship University. It was just so not the Flim and Flam we know! They don't act like themselves in the slightest. What with treating Twilight so cruelly, and blackmailing her and threatening to destroy her reputation. Flim and Flam may be conponies, but they would never do something like that!And don't get me started on their bad attitudes. Flim and Flam would never be so nasty to anypony. Flim and Flam are positive, enthusiastic showponies who, despite their deception, are actually really nice and good-natured. They would never be so mean and nasty and grumpy and bad-natured, and would never do something like blackmail! I mean, sure, deception is their thing, but blackmail is just cruel, and Flim and Flam would never do that to anypony. And does anybody notice how tacky their speech is!? Flim and Flam are professional showponies with elaborate speech and high-standard vocabulary range, always speaking using long professional words like "Indispensable" or "Hypothetically" or "Unimpeachable". In Friendship University, their speech is just so messy! They say stuff like "I guess" and "Sure" and "Nah" and "Yeah". Flim and Flam don't talk like that! They don't say "Yeah", they say "Precisely" or "Indubitably" or "Unquestionably", or at the very least, "Indeed". And it's not just their vocabulary that's been ruined. What happened to the bounce in their voices!? They just talk like flat, regular ponies in Friendship University! Plus, they don't say anything simultaneously, they don't talk super-fast like they're supposed to, and to top it off, they don't even finish a single one of each others' sentences! Ruined! And Flim and Flam running a School of Friendship!? Really!? That is just the most twisted, ridiculous, terrible idea ever! A School of Friendship in itself is the Sistine Chapel of worst ideas ever, but FLIM AND FLAM RUNNING ONE!? Seriously!? Flim and Flam are deceptive salesponies who cheat the bits out of ponies with genius marketing scams, not friendship teachers! And just take a look at their pathetic scam! Flim and Flam are genius mastermind tricksters! The scam in Friendship University just seems so petty and simple, compared to the elaborate schemes they have previously performed. And to seal it all off, they even fell for the classic "gloating" ruse! Flim and Flam are masterminds! They would never fall for something they practically invented! And that part when they were selling their papers and they were just being total grumps to the buyers (which is also something Flim and Flam would never do), Flim says: "Come back for the rest when you can afford it." And, I mean, he's just so cold! That's definitely not the Flim OR Flam we know! The real Flim and Flam would have said something like: "Come back tomorrow, my good sir, where my brother and I shall very gladly grant you these fine and, might I add, quite superlatively remarkable scriptures, for the right price, naturally!" THAT is the kind of thing Flim and Flam would say. Their vocabulary is completely off, as are their attitudes. Lightning Dust Lightning Dust wasn't quite as OOC as some of the other characters, but she still didn't act quite like the Lightning Dust we used to know. Lightning Dust is an egotistical and often careless pony, certainly, but in The Washouts, she went from a pony who wants to be the best and sometimes puts ponies in danger, to a pony who tries to put other ponies in danger, and wants them to ignore safety and get hurt, and encourages ponies to leap before you look, and plus, she is just downright mean. That's going too far. She was a really nice pony in the first half of Wonderbolts Academy. Spitfire Don't even get me started on Spitfire. That whole scene in The Washouts with her screaming her face off at Scootaloo just totally freaked me out, because she was SO out of character. Sure, we all know Spitfire likes shouting, but she likes shouting in a professional, superior, "I'm the boss" way. She acts like she's got a screw loose in The Washouts, what with all the "whoop-de-doodle-doo"s, and screaming the same sentence three times. It was just absolutely insane. Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie wasn't exactly OOC, but a lot of her Pinkie Pie jokes are getting utterly weak. Let's look at her normal Pinkie Pie talk, shall we? "I let my imagination run away from me all the time. And then it comes back. With cake!" "I'm gonna love it five-ever! That's even longer than four-ever!" "What if somepony else gets the package by accident and then she remembers us instead of Rainbow Dash and then she becomes our new friend? And then the real Rainbow Dash won't ever know that she used to have friends and she forgot them!" Those are classic Pinkie Pie jokes. A lot of her Season 8 ones are weak. For example: Twilight Sparkle: Section one-forty-seven, paragraph two states that teamwork is a key part of friendship. And section two-two-nine, paragraph nine says outdoor activity reinforces learning. Add that together, and what do you get? Pinkie Pie: Ooh, ooh! Okay, let me see. One-forty-seven, two-twenty-nine, carry the two... Three hundred and eighty-seven? That's just so weak! And not Pinkie Pie in the slightest. If anything, the characters would be the other way round. Songs The songs have gotten considerably tackier in Season 8. MLP songs used to have the most incredible tunes and absolutely amazing lyrics. Just take a look at some of the previous songs's lyrics. For example, The Pony I Want To Be. If I'm a diamond Then why do I feel so rough? I'm as strong as a stone Even that's not enough There's something jagged in me And I've made such mistakes I thought that diamonds were hard Though I feel I could break Would you believe That I've always wished I could be somepony else? Yet I can't see What I need to do to be the pony I want to be I've been told my whole life What to do, what to say Nopony showed me that There might be some better way And now I feel like I'm lost I don't know what to do The ground is sinking away I'm about to fall through Those are incredible, high-quality lyrics that fit perfectly with the tune, and also add loads of feeling into Diamond Tiara's problems. They use word play and metaphors and loads of thought. In Season 8, the lyrics of tons of songs are just so unbelievably tacky. For instance, Friendship Always Wins. This school of friendship is for all of us A place where we belong Where we all learn to share and trust The only rule here is to find your way And friendship always wins at the end of the day The lyrics are just so blunt and bland, not to mention unadventurous. They don't put any feeling into the words like they did in previous songs. And about tune, I've come across several songs that absolutely fail at it, the principal one being Friendship U. The song writers really lost their touch with that one. Like I've said about Flim and Flam above, their speech is tacky and messy and common, as were the lyrics of their song, and don't even get me started on the tune. OK, I'll admit that the tune of the three choruses was pretty terrific, but the rest just had absolutely no rhythm, beat or timing, and just sounded like someone had cut up a bunch of totally random song clips and stuck them together badly. I'm honest when I say it was painful to listen to. I'll admit the one Season 8 song I did love was A Kirin Tale. The tune was terrific, and the lyrics were really, really interesting. It sounded and felt like a MLP song. But that was the only one. All the rest have really tacky lyrics, and a lot of them are out of rhythm, except maybe Your Heart Is In Two Places and the chorus of Friendship U. But those were just for tune, the lyrics and style are still pathetic. Reformation One of the reasons I've always loved MLP so much is because they reform villains. In every TV show you watch, there are always villains you want to be good guys. In MLP, it actually happens. And I think the makers did a perfect job of reforming villains: they reformed all the villains who should be reformed: Nightmare Moon, Discord, Gilda, Trixie, Starlight Glimmer, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, changelings, etc, but you wouldn't want to see Queen Chrysalis or Lord Tirek or King Sombra to turn nice and friendly, would you? The makers did a perfect job of who should be reformed....until Season 8. There were certain previously featured antagonists that should definitely have been reformed in their next appearance, and, as usual, Season 8 ruined everything. Flim & Flam I've mentioned Flim and Flam are way out of character in Friendship University, and yet another thing that really bugged me about the episode was that Flim and Flam didn't even reform, even after they made friends with Applejack and Fluttershy in Viva Las Pegasus. I always hoped Flim and Flam would return again in Season 8, but my expectations were crushed. Their fourth episode should have been about Flim and Flam's reformation, not some stupid University of Friendship, not to mention they're suddenly bad guys again. Not only does it not tally with the timeline in the slightest, but it's just getting old. In The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, I had absolutely no idea what they would do, since they were new characters. In Leap of Faith, I had a suspicion they were up to no good, but couldn't be sure, since I didn't know them too well, and since their tonic did seem to work. Then in Viva Las Pegasus, Flim and Flam were having a friendship problem and arguing, so I didn't think they would be antagonists, then their teaming up with the goodies was also brand new, but in Friendship University, their school being a scam was just too predictable. Friendship University was their fourth episode, and they weren't antagonists in their third episode. They can't be antagonists, then turn allies, then just be antagonists again as if it never even happened. That just doesn't work. Sure, to have two episodes with ingenious scams, then a "team-up-with-the-goodies" episode for a third is fine, but a fourth episode with the same old hackneyed scam plot as before, and it's just too predictable, and also doesn't tally with the timeline. They've gone too long without reforming. Their fourth episode should either have been about their full reformation, or Viva Las Pegasus have been their last episode. Lightning Dust Ever since Wonderbolts Academy, I've been wishing and wishing that Lightning Dust would one day return. She was just one of the coolest characters of all time, and I especially loved her friendship with Rainbow Dash until she started being reckless. The thing is, Lightning and Rainbow were close friends, then broke up, and MLP is a show about making friends, not losing friends. All the broken friendships in the series have been resolved, (e.g. Gilda, Sunburst, Stygian, Luna) and Lightning Dust's should have too. When I found out Lightning Dust was returning in The Washouts, I was ecstatic. Then when she didn't reform, I just thought "Oh, COME ON! After all these years, Lightning Dust FINALLY returns, and she doesn't even reform!? Wasted! Utterly wasted!" Specific Episode Complaints Fluttershy's Characters - Fake It 'Til You Make It I thought the plot of Fake It 'Til You Make It was quite ridiculous. Adopting different outfits and personas somehow consumes your mind and splits you into different characters? Really? That is just ridiculous. That sounds more like something that would happen in Teen Titans Go. Personally I LOVE Teen Titans Go, it's one of my favourite shows, mostly because of all the bad jokes and silliness, but My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic doesn't revolve around silliness like Teen Titans Go does. It just doesn't fit. The CMCs - Surf and/or Turf The CMCs getting called by the Cutie Map really bugged me. I loved how the CMCs were a subplot, with their own little adventures and problems and goals revolving around cutie marks, that had absolutely no involvement with the main plot. But now they have been brought into the main plot, with the Cutie Map and the friendship quests, and all the saving Equestria business. I don't like that. They are just junior school students who devoted their lives to helping ponies get cutie marks. They shouldn't be involved in all that. The Cutie Map - Surf and/or Turf The Cutie Map shouldn't call Starlight, Sunburst or the CMCs. The Map is connected to the Tree of Harmony, the Tree is connected to the Elements of Harmony, and the Elements are connected to the Mane 6. They should be the only ones sent off on friendship missions. Also, the Map had literally NO purpose to send the CMCs to Mount Aris/Seaquestria. The CMCs never even did anything to solve the problem. Twilight was the one who solved the problem by saying Terramar didn't have to choose, and if you remember, the Map specifically only ever sends who is needed and nopony else is allowed to go, because between each other, they would have everything they need, whethers if Twilight hadn't come to supervise them, the problem would never have been solved. That's not how the Cutie Map works. In fact, the CMCs didn't even DO anything to solve the problem. Twilight just told them the answer, and she did all the work and solve the problem. The CMCs had literally no involvement whatsoever. Then their cutie marks glow at the end, even though they didn't even do anything to solve the problem. Starlight's Parents - The Parent Map I detest the idea of Starlight Glimmer still having parents. If you remember, this is the same pony who was once a supervillain who stripped ponies' cutie marks and brainwashed them into believing that special talents lead to bitterness and misery. Can you really picture the supervillain Starlight from The Cutie Map and The Cutie Re-Mark going back to visit her parents and being called "pumpkie-wumpkie" by her dad? I doubt she was still in touch with them while she was being downright evil, so I don't get why she would suddenly be in touch with them now. She would have stayed away because they had cutie marks. Do they even know what she's been up to and what's been happening? Sure, Sunburst still having parents is fine, because Sunburst is an ordinary pony with an ordinary life story, whethers Starlight is an ex-supervillain. I mean, you wouldn't want Discord to still have parents, or Trixie, or Flim and Flam. Spike's Wings - Molt Down This is just more of a personal opinion, rather than a complaint about Season 8's bad quality, but I didn't like the idea of Spike getting wings. I like how he's Twilight's little innocent sidekick who skips at her side and rides on her back, and getting wings kind of ruined that for me. I also don't think his wings really suited him. Injustice - The Mean 6 Injustice and wrong accusations are something I. Will. Not. Stand. For. There has never been an ounce of injustice in MLP. When there is a wrong accusation, it is always sorted out in the end, and the real culprit is found, e.g. A Canterlot Wedding, Rarity Investigates, Marks For Effort. But in The Mean 6, Chrysalis and the duplicates were never discovered, leaving each of the Mane 6 still thinking it was each other that said and did all those horrid things. That is not OK. Princess Twilight Is Treated Like Crap - Friendship University It makes me so furious to see how Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea Twilight is treated in Friendship University, and, come to think of it, several other episodes. Celestia, Luna and Cadance are always treated with bows and utmost respect, so why is Twilight treated like some dumb everyday pony? Ponies scowl at her as she comes through the crowd, and just plainly insult her! "You'd think the Princess of Friendship would be friendlier." How DARE they say something like that!? That's absolutely outrageous! You do NOT say something like that in front of royalty! That's like saying: "You'd think the Princess of the Sun would be prettier," in front of Celestia! That's just insulting royalty! That shouldn't be allowed! And would the Princess of Friendship really try and sabotage a school out of jealousy? Really? And would a princess of Equestria really make accusations at a pair of con artists unless she knew what she was talking about!? Seriously! Why is Twilight treated like Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea, when she should be treated with the utmost trust and respect!? Sans-Applejack - Friendship University Yet another complaint I have about Friendship University: Where the heck is Applejack!? Flim and Flam have always been Applejack's personal nemesis! Since when are they anypony else's problem!? And since when do they appear without her!? Plus, not only is Twilight the one who takes them on instead of Applejack, but Twilight and the FlimFlam Brothers somehow seem to know each other perfectly, even though they've only ever seen each other once, at the cider event years ago, and they never even met each other or even spoke to each other! They act like they know each other personally, which they certainly don't! When Flim and Flam first jump through the paper, Twilight says: "Flim and Flam. Of course!" It's like she knows them perfectly, and she "should have known". Twilight hasn't seen Flim and Flam for years, and doesn't even know them! A much more appropriate sentence would be: "No way! It can't be! Is that....the FlimFlam Brothers?" Starswirl the Bearded - Friendship University I've loathed Starswirl ever since Shadow Play, first because of his dismission of friendship and "Once a villain, always a villain." Although he wasn't any better after he reformed. Starswirl always seems to have a twisted mindset. Twilight Sparkle clearly states that Flim and Flam are obviously up to something, and Starswirl just dismisses it, saying she taught him to "look for the best" in a previous enemy. I must say, Starswirl, that is just dense! There is a big, big difference between "seeing the best in somepony", and just being stupidly trusting and completely ignorant to the fact that they are up to no good! Plus, he actually believes Flim and Flam over Twilight! Twilight tells him point straight that she is not envious and that Flim and Flam are obviously up to something, and she is just trying to find out what, and Starswirl just jumps to the conclusion she is lying and Flim and Flam aren't, just because of some picture of Twilight searching their office! There are, like, a million reasons that Twilight could have been searching through their papers, and two notorious con artists are likely to lie about it! Starswirl actually trusts them over Twilight! That's just appalling! Zero Privacy - End In Friend In End In Friend, Rarity and Rainbow Dash are planning a whole day of fun together, but then Twilight just says she is going to lead all her students to observe it too? No! That's just not OK! This was supposed to be Rarity and Rainbow Dash's day of fun! How do you reckon someone would feel if they planned out a day of quality bonding time, and then suddenly you had an audience watching your every move? Plus, what about the lesson Twilight learned in What About Discord?? That moments of friendship cannot be manufactured so others can see them. It's just crazy. Why should Rarity and Rainbow Dash have to sacrifice their day of fun for that? I mean, do the Mane 6 not even have lives outside the School of Friendship anymore? In a nutshell, Season 8 bites beyond compare.
  19. With permission, I was allowed to open the discussion topic for this episode early. Note: Please don't link to or paste leaked assets. The episode was first announced on Zap2It. More to come as September approaches. Title: Sounds of Silence Airtime: September 29, 11:30am EST (United States) Writer(s): Gregory BonSignore Synopsis: Fluttershy and Applejack journey to the edge of the map on a Friendship Quest to help a group of ponies named Kirin -- who are so afraid of hurting each other’s feelings, they've taken a potion of silence. Video in English Audio Now
  20. Greetings, hello, and what iz, peeps? You know, if there's one thing I admire about The FNDM (the name for the RWBY fandom), it's that out of all the fandoms I'm apart of, this one included, they are the only ones to actually put any effort into their shipping names. When they ship people, that pairing has a name, if not multiple, that has more meaning attached to those characters than their names mushed together. For example, the ship between Penny (a robot) and Sun (someone who can be overly simplified as half human, half monkey) is called 'Optimus Primate'. Another ship, between Weiss (is often associated with "cold") and Pyrrha (has polarity/magnetism) is called 'North Pole'. And the names don't stop at 1-on-1 ships. If you wanna see how far they go with their creativity for ships, They have an entire Google Spreadsheet dedicated to keeping track of them. And quite frankly, out of all the other fandoms I'm apart of, this one saddens me the most in hindsight to RWBY being the only one creative enough to do this. So I ask all y'all: What FNDM-esque shipping name can you come up with for MLP? I don't expect anything to truly stick or to change anything, but I know we can do better than "follow the crowd" with our ship names. -------------------- I've been a fan of the name I made up for Flutterlight: Golden Oaks. Considering the jokes about Fluttershy being a tree, and Twilight's ex-home being a tree with a name, I feel this fits quite nicely for a ship name for them.
  21. This game is simple one person creates there own episode title while the next person has to come up with an better title for an episode than the last person. Ready let’s go Princess starlight glimmer- Starlight glimmer turns into a princess while casting a spell.
  22. I feel like there was something between them. Rarity called him charming at one point and Capper called her "such a dazzling beauty" in his song. I really love these two together. What do you think of this ship?
  23. I may have spoiled the Season 8 finale for myself, but... Is anyone worried that Twilight and the others will be vilified for sending a filly to Tartarus? Edit: Once the finale is officially aired in the U.S. (and other countries it hasn't aired in, yet), someone should ask the writers about this.
  24. Ever since School Raze, it was confirmed that Cozy Glow is penpals with Tirek of all villains. But the way I see it, it's more than that. Tirek is more of a surrogate Father towards Cozy Glow. In some cases, that could be true ether because a) Cozy Glow's parents neglected her and caused her to run away b) Cozy Glow's parents were stupid enough to lose her, and Tirek found her c) Cozy Glow lost her parents. But that connection can be a double-edged sword towards Tirek's status as a villain. We'll see more of that connection between Tirek and Cozy Glow in Season 9. In fact, I forsee the following event happen that will lead to Tirek's(And Cozy Glow's) redemption. Tirek and Cozy Glow team up with a big shot villain like Queen Chrysalis and/or King Sombra. Together, they cause mayhem across Equestria and leave the heroes beaten. But as they celebrated, one of the villains declares Cozy Glow as the weakest link(In terms of power) and swat her aside. That would be a grave mistake as it would trigger Tirek's Papa Wolf status, turning him against the very villains who struck down Cozy Glow. That's where, deep on the inside, Tirek realized that Scorpan was right about the magic of friendship. For many of you, you imagine how Tirek would wind up reforming and atoning for what he did in the past(Along with Cozy Glow). But it seems Tirek's bond with Cozy Glow may end up being the very element that could push a HeelFaceTurn on Tirek. What are your thoughts on this theory?