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Found 1488 results

  1. With "Rollercoaster of Friendship" recently airing, the redemption at the end of Vignette Valencia, has gotten everyone talking again about how redemption should be utilized in both shows, when it comes to redeeming certain characters. And apparently Vignette's didn't sit well with a majority of the fans. And from what I understand, is for good reason, 1. the way she was portrayed throughout most of the special, seem to not really warrant a redemption or for fans to feel sympathy for her. And 2. Her actions spoke and showed that she's a character that needs more development before a proper redemption. But here's the thing, the writers/creative staff, they may write a good to great story for an episode/Special/Movie for EQG or FIM, but at the end of the day, they don't have the final say on how it's presented, Those above them at Hasbro, and DHX have the final say. Don't believe me, ask M.A Larson, he discussed this during a panel last year, when it came to how "Fame and Misfortune" was presented. For example, if it's decided that Cozy Glow gets redeemed at the end of this current season, despite what she has and will do, that's going to happen. If it's decided that Principal Cinch or Finch in Friendship Games gets redeemed in a future EQG Movie/Special, despite what she's done, it's going to happen. Same can be said for Cryissy, Triek, Lighting Dust, Wynn Rider, etc.... The point is, wither we as fans or the creative staff themselves feel a redemption should happen or not, in the end, it's the heads at Hasbro and DHX that have the final say on that decision. A good outside example of this, is WWE, and how despite everyone telling them otherwise, Roman Reigns is still getting pushed down all the fans throats, and getting a possibly rematch at the upcoming WWE SummerSlam event against Brock Lesnar for their Universal Title. And why is this happening, despite everyone outside and inside WWE saying otherwise, because at the end of the day, despite being able to book and write a good show, the creative staff don't have the final say on who should be pushed, Vince McMahon does. And in a strange way, the same can be said here. Because again, even if the fans and even the creative staff believe a redemption is needed or not, they don't have the last word, those above them at Hasbro and DHX have the final say. Anyway, that's all I have to say about that, let me know what you think about what I had to say here. Take Care and God Bless.
  2. Today while I was browsing through EQD, I came across this post of a new movie. It will air on July 7th on the Discovery Family channel during the Indepedence Day weekend at 11:30AM. Clearly a-fill-in for the current hiatus of Season 8. Feel free to discuss anything regarding this movie. I think there's a chance human Twilight may return to have a big role in the film.
  3. How do you feel about the Mane 6 not being the Main characters in Generation 5?
  4. Zap2it has since removed this supposed Summer Surprise airing from their listing however, and there's no mention of it anywhere else, so it's most likely an error on their part,
  5. Sup brahs? 'Nother year, 'nother season! Season 7 was pretty cool, wasn't it? Can we expect the same this season, or even better? Any predictions of what might happen? Episode ideas? Which characters might return, or what's going to happen with the main cast? Let's talk about it here!
  6. rainbowdashacademy


    Everypony , excited this Friday a new crossover episode of Adventure Time Minecraft should be rainboom awesome! Not sure if this is new thing they are doing to this cartoon or just a one shot deal?
  7. The World Cup Returns Back in 2014 a member here launched a poll tournament (here) which was inspired by the FIFA 2014 World Cup. A tournament that would pit 64 characters against each other in poll based matches until just one champion remained. The MLPF inaugural World Cup started in December 2013 and didn't concluded until July 2014 with a Final Match between Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. Twilight was crowned the ultimate winner in grand fashion. Unlike character popularity polls that happened before and since, this one felt more like an event in its own right. The team behind the event created images of flags, jerseys, and anthems for the top 32 characters. There were 'interviews with characters by characters' in each match, provided by Batbrony. What started as a normal pony popularity poll grew to a 300+ page thread of character analysis and adoration. Some members created several amusing RP centric posts describing their characters in epic stories that rival Greek Mythology. Most of my first personal interactions on this forum started in that thread, and it was around this time that I became a die hard Rarity fan. This was all championed and run solely by the membership, showcasing that fantastic events do not always come from staffers. As 2014 drew to a close, I wondered at the end of this match if we would ever see it again. Welp, looks like the answer is yes. Starting this month, The World Cup returns again, but updated to reflect the changing nature of the show. Before you go into how this works I want to thank @Batbrony, @PathfinderCS, @Randimaxis, Frostilicious*, for their advice and help with this whole shibang. Thanks for being on Team World Cup! Wild Card Round FAQ and Results General FAQ Qualification Round FAQ and Final Results WORLD CUP POSTING RULES All Forum Rules apply here! I'm not staff, but that guy over there watching you ... he is! That said, remember to heed this general wisdom: Try not to walk in here motivated to antagonize fans of a specific character. This isn't generally the best platform for debates on how Starlight Glimmer ruined your childhood, or how anyone who is a fan of Diamond Tiara is bad and should feel bad. Basically, don't be a jerk and overdo it. It is one thing to poke fun at a character's tendency to react a certain way. That can be great fun and is in line with the gentle ribbing one should expect. It's another to be all, "Ermahgerd, Twilight is werst pon1 5ever!" Now, on the flip side, please don't get all hot and bothered if someone cracks a joke about a character. Don't be oversensitive. We all love our favorites, but sportsman like ribbing is not a personal attack. Great. Now I want ribs. Mmmm. Barbecue. Bacon. THIS IS OUR MASCOT. THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT BUT THIS ONE IS OURS! PYRALIS, PHOENIX MASCOT OF THE MLPF WORLD CUP.
  8. Ginger Ale

    Somnambula Fan Club

    -WELCOME TO SOMNAMBULA FAN CLUB- Long ago, the once-unnamed village fell under siege by an evil Sphinx that demanded most of their crops as the tribute. To keep the poor villagers from giving up hope, Somnambula used what little she had to give them food. Prince Hisan, the son of the pharaoh, was so moved by Somnambula's compassion that he stood up to the sphinx to free the villagers from her tyranny. However, the sphinx captured Hisan and told the pharaoh that she would only set him free if someone solved her riddle. Somnambula volunteered to try and solve the Sphinx's riddle: "I shine brightest in the dark. I am there but cannot be seen. To have me costs you nothing. To be without me costs you everything." Somnambula correctly answers "hope", enraging the sphinx. Fearing that the sphinx would go back on her promise to release Hisan, Somnambula asks for another challenge and tells the sphinx to leave the kingdom forever if she completes it. The Sphinx challenges Somnambula to walk across a bridge to Hisan—blindfolded and without the use of her wings. Guided by Hisan's voice and the power of hope, Somnambula succeeds, and the sphinx flies off into a rage. The pharaoh replaces Somnambula's pearls with a string of glowpaz as thanks for saving his son, and glowpaz became the village's symbol of hope from then on. RULES Rules of this thread;-Do not post pictures of other ponies in this thread (except the images with other ponies including Somnambula). They belong in their respective fan club threads.-Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting "Apple Bloom is better!" in the Princess Luna thread.-The global forum rules still apply, of course, so no NSFW pics. Shipping is fine, but keep it appropriate.This is the Somnambula thread, please only post here about her.
  9. First we had the Pillars of Harmony: * Star Swirl (Sorcery) * Rockhoof (Strength) * Mistmane (Beauty) * Flash Magnus (Bravery) * Somnambula (Hope) * Mage Meadowbrook (Healing) And then came the Elements of Harmony: * Twilight (Magic) * Applejack (Honesty) * Rarity (Generosity) * Rainbow (Loyalty) * Pinkie (Laughter) * Fluttershy (Kindness) Who's to say the Elements will last forever? Think about it! At first, the map was only summoning the Mane Six to friendship missions because of how they're connected to the Elements of Harmony! After a while though, in came Starlight, then Spike, then the CMCs, and then Sunburst being summoned by the map! That's SIX non-Mane 6 characters that got summoned by the map! Think this could be a coincidence? It most likely is, but if the Pillars created the Tree of Harmony which made the Elements, what if the Elements created a next-gen set of tools of Harmony? Season 9 spoiler: So if 6 characters have been summoned by the map, and they aren't connected to the elements, AND they've played important roles in the Mane Six's lives, this could mean Starlight, Spike, Sunburst, and the CMCs could be the next-generation of Elements of Harmony if the developers are taking this course! What do you think of this? Here's my idea for the next-gen elements known as the Generations of Harmony: * Spike (Acceptance) * Starlight (Empathy) * Sunburst (Knowledge) * Apple Bloom (Unity) * Sweetie Belle (Playfulness) * Scootaloo (Courage)
  10. @Shimmering Sparkler was the first of us to see the film. He deserves credit for this general review. His thread was locked so I can't quote it easily. But these are his thoughts. There. This community thread will exist to give your own impressions of the film, post third party reviews, and discuss general elements of the film and each other's ideas. Just as we have done for years with the Equestria Girls Series.
  11. Wholly Windcharger

    episode discussion S08:E11 - Molt Down

    Note #1: This is one of the episodes leaked near the end of 2017. If you watched the episode already, keep all discussion under the spoiler tag until after it finishes officially airing. (Hit the eye icon to trigger it and type within it.) DO NOT LINK OR POST THE LEAKED MATERIAL! Note #2: Over the last few months, some content originally leaked (e.g., the Student Six's names, episode titles, some summaries) have been officially revealed, and chances are more will, too. But as always, please keep all leaked content not officially revealed yet — and/or if you're unsure if you're revealing too much — under the "spoiler" tag. Title: Molt Down Air Date (U.S./Disc. Family): May 26th, 11:30am EST Writer(s): Josh Haber Summary: Spike struggles with a series of Bizarre symptoms that Smolder explains is something all dragons go through in adolescence-- "the molt." To Spike's horror, Smolder also reveals an unfortunate "molt side-effect," that compels a molter's family to kick them out of the house! I know it's well over a month before the official airing, but I'm so excited for this one. I will say the leaked version
  12. Shadow Nightwing

    Spoiler Gen 5 quiz

    So I recently heard about gen 5, and I was shocked. I had known there were last generations, but I never thought of this one ending. I have set up a poll, asking your opinion. Feel free to explain your answer, and share any other thoughts of concern you might have about the next generation.
  13. Hey, you remember the two Tempest's unicorn ex friends in her back story? They are Glitter Drops (the green), and Spring Rain (the blue). You may have seen the paper cut retelling of Tempest during her song "Open Your Eyes", where they where playing ball and it bounced to the ursa minor's cave, where Tempest subsequently lost her horn and earned a scar. Then, next time they where playing the ball, her unstable and explosive magic scared both of her friends and was replaced by an unnamed yellow unicorn, painting them in a really negative light. If you read the book Stormy Road of Canterlot, it retells many of that background, like Tempest's broken horn being the catalyst of her leaving Equestria, but both of her exes are portrayed in a FAR MORE positive light. Spoilers if you haven't read Stormy Road to Canterlot book:
  14. Totally An Admirer

    Spoiler Ask Scorpan

    Greeting Ponies! I am Scorpan. Most of you might not knew of me but you do know about my power crazy brother Tirek. *sigh* I know he was a fool to refuse my advise, and go on with his madness. But I am glad I decided to back off on time. I only wish my brother could do the same. I am here now, so if you wanna ask me anything, then go ahead...
  15. So, I saw this somewhere on another forum a while back and it just came to mind. The aim is like the title says: describe the last movie you watched in a terrible or boring way possible. For example: Titanic "some poor bloke met some rich lass and fall in love then the ship sinks." Mary Poppins "some woman comes out of nowhere and does some crazy magic stuff and the kids copy her while singing some songs." It can be short or long, just keep it in a bad format.
  16. Here's how this works: You look at the episode in the previous comment. You say your favorite thing about that episode. If you haven't seen it, don't comment. After that, name a different episode! Have fun! I'll start. My favorite part of "Slice of Life" is Dr. Whooves. New episode? One Bad Apple
  17. Since season 9 is the final season, from what I've seen in the leaked concept art and vectors, it looks like things are not looking good for..
  18. Metraking192

    Spoiler Season 9 Leaks

    Hello i know this was revealed in February but I’m only finding out about this now, and with the source of the leaks down, I need some help, did anybody here, either download, or save some or all of the photos from the leaks. If so, PM me ASAP
  19. So which pony of the mane 6 has the most cuddly tail
  20. heavens-champion

    Spoiler School Raze's plot

    Do you think the writers will be able to handle it, especially after The Crystalling, which also had two plot points?
  21. Is JackJack more powerful than Flurry Heart? More powerful than Poof from the Fairly OddParents?
  22. PathfinderCS

    S07:E23 - Secrets and Pies

    Title: Secrets and Pies Air Date: October 14, 2017 Written by: Josh Hamilton Synopsis: When Pinkie Pie thinks she sees Rainbow Dash throw away one of her pies, she suspects the worst. Pinkie Pie attempts to catch Rainbow Dash in her web of lies...using pies. Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on!
  23. Wholly Windcharger

    Spoiler Cozy Glow Fan Club

    So, it seems Cozy Glow's a new friend to the CMC. She seems unusual, but that's why I want to know what would happen to her next. As usual, no hate posts. This is a fan club, not a hate club. Warning: Any posts about her possible role in the 2nd half of Season 8 are not allowed to be seen until the official airings. Use the spoiler box if you must.
  24. MLP Equestria Girls 2 Rainbow Rocks,or simply know as Rainbow Rocks,is an upcoming MLP big theather release,centered again on the Equestria Girls universe,like its predecesor. Reactions from the original Equestria Girls movie were extremelly divided.Some people praised the characters's designs,based on the MLP universe,other people critiquized his poor plot,and the appearing of Flash Sentry,who,apparently,Twilight had a crush on at the ending of the same movie. Will this movie receive a better reception?Or it will fall into the darkness,and be panned by the critics? Here you can discuss the movie,his trailers,fan theories,etc... Have fun!!!
  25. How did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself to save Twilight from turning into a statue? All things that happened was unexpected for me. First Princess Cadance, then Princess Celestia Princess and Luna and finally Twilig-nope Derpy with her horn hat. She sure fooled Grubber though. I felt both honored and sad when Derpy was the one that turned into a statue. At the same time, I was also in quite a shock and had chills all over my body when that quick chaos happened. I knew if Discord was here (not the balloon version that Pinkie Pie made), he would snap all the villains but what Derpy did, was amazing. Finally, MLP movie gave a very special role to Derpy, although she is not from mane 6. I, myself do not love Derpy the most but I was too emotional on that part. Also, I was sad when we only see cutie mark crusaders only in one scene with no dialogue. Fluttershy's dialogues were so few too and she was my favorite out of mane six. Afterall, I loved the movie, it was more than I expected and it was sure surprising and amazing. So, how did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself?