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Found 151 results

  1. Alright, so this is my first major post. I don't think this has been brought up as a topic before (I searched for it and found no results), so I figured this was as good as any a reason to create my first forum discussion. Plus, it's pretty long, so I thought it probably deserved it's own topic (as opposed to a wall-of-text reply). ________________________________________________________________ A while back, one of my brony friends and I came up with this theory (which I realized later some other people had thought of as well). We were contemplating Celestia's backstory, trying to figure out if the writers had snuck anything into the show relating to her, or coming up with our own ideas about where she came from. After we started discussing Hearth's Warming Eve (the only episode that seems to provide real backstory on the founding of Equestria), we started questioning why Celestia wasn't even mentioned in the episode. You'd think that an episode about the founding of Equestria would have a reference to Celestia, since she is the ruler of the land? Not only that, but we know she's been alive for hundreds if not thousands of years, so shouldn't she have been alive even in those times? Then my friend came up with a theory. What if Celestia is, in fact, Clover the Clever? Now, before you dismiss the idea, think of the awesome mythological similarities this would have, more specifically related to the legends of Camelot. We already know that there are some similarities between MLP and the Arthurian legends, specifically the inclusion of the city of Canterlot (a pun off of "Camelot"), and that Star Swirl the Bearded is in fact Equestria's Merlin (confirmed at the writers panel). Now, I am by no means an expert in the stories of King Arthur and Merlin, but what little I do know is that Merlin was King Arthur's personal advisor and mentor. And since the Canterlot Castle is ruled by Celestia, and also since we already know she's presumably a thousand years old, it seems very possible that Clover the Clever is in fact Celestia before her ascension to Alicornhood. On top of that, there seems to be a certain significance to having Twilight play Clover in the story. I, like i'm sure many others have, once watched the Disney interpretation of King Arthur, called The Sword in the Stone. In this movie, Arthur is portrayed as a servant (similar to how Clover is portrayed to the ruler of the time, Princess Platinum), and Merlin as his mentor. Merlin trains and teaches him for a while before he proves himself by removing the legendary Excalibur from the stone, and is crowned king. How is this similar to Clover the Clever? Well, Clover was a servant to the Princess before Equestria's founding. When she, along with the three other members of the pony races met up with eachother, she was successful in banishing the Windigoes using the magic of friendship. Not only that, but she also displayed a powerful ability in magic, very similar to Twilight's. The significance of having Twilight play Clover's part, is because we know that Twilight ascended to become an Alicorn. We also know that Clover was a very powerful wielder of magic, similar to Twilight, and that she was monumental to the founding of Equestria. Who would be better to be crowned the ruler of the new-found Equestria, than Clover the Clever? And if for some strange reason Clover the Clever was not in fact Celestia, then how come this is the first we've ever heard of her, and she's never mentioned in the show again? One last thing to note, based on the way Celestia and Luna have spoken about Star Swirl, it almost seems like they knew him personally. But we know that he was in fact mentioned in Hearth's Warming Eve and they weren't. So the question is this, is there some giant lapse of continuity, or is it in fact true that Clover the Clever is actually Celestia? (and one more quick thing, it is worth noting that the sun and moon are specifically mentioned to be controlled by a group of unicorns, and NOT Celestia and Luna in this time. So that would mean that they hadn't always controlled the rotation of the sun and moon) What are your thoughts? Does it seem likely they would go this far in the mythology of the show? Will Season 4 delve into this at all? Are my friend and I simply conspiracy nuts? Please, discuss.
  2. With the release of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ manga chapter nine, more information has been revealed about the Universe 6 vs. Universe 7 tournament. Assuming that you are already aware of the events that transpired in the most recent chapter, I will be discussing my predictions for the tournament itself, and how it could possibly lead into future story arcs of Dragon Ball Super. Before we begin, I do believe that Goku transformed into a SSGSS against Frost. I know that this is a highly debated topic in the Dragon Ball community at the moment, but even without the proper shading, I do not see a feasible way that Goku could once again access his regular SSJ form. SSGSS is literally the same transformation as SSJ, the only difference being that the SSGSS utilizes God Ki (which is an integral part of Goku’s and Vegeta’s bodies now). That is simply my thoughts, though I could be wrong. I wouldn’t put it past Toei to whip another plot hole out of their ass. I mention this above because it could cause the battle between Goku and Frost to go two different ways depending on the situation. If in the case that Goku is a regular SSJ, I predict that the fight will be a bit of a homage to the original Goku vs. Frieza battle, in which case Goku gains the upper hand over Frost in his “final” form. Frost, realizing that he will need to ascend to a higher level, will obtain an “ultimate evolution”, similar to Golden Frieza. This will force Goku to transform into a SSGSS, and battle evenly with Frost. With three years of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (or the RoSaT for you purists), Goku will be able to match Frost evenly in this form. Frost, who to me seems like an intelligent fighter, will most likely outsmart Goku, causing him to ring out and lose the match. If Goku is a SSGSS from the beginning, it’s still a possibility that Frost may have to tap into this ultimate evolution. It’s more unlikely, as it would make more sense for Frost to go to this form once he senses the power of SSGSS Goku. That being said, Goku will still lose to Frost. The next fight brings us to Piccolo vs. Frost. A lot of people have been wondering how Piccolo will even be able to stand a chance against Frost, but there are several ways that this could become possible. First, I’m hoping that they’ll give Piccolo a significant power upgrade. It was implied that they would train before the start of the tournament, possibly allowing him to gain a bit of power. At this point he’s been shown to be weaker than base form Gohan (who, keep in mind, is still a lot stronger than Goku and Vegeta in their base forms (before God Ki)). He’s definitely going to need to reach levels that are higher than Majin Buu to stand a good chance in this tournament. There are several scenarios that could occur in this match. The first being that Frost, the polite guy he is, may revert into one of his lower forms to give Piccolo a much more fair fight. Either way, I still think that Frost will outclass Piccolo, forcing Piccolo to rely on his strategy rather than his own power. By the episode title, we know that Piccolo is going to betting it all on the Makankōsappō (Special Beam Cannon). What exactly he will do with it, we can only guess. In one scenario, I picture that the power gap between Piccolo and Frost will be so great that the SBC will not be powerful enough to pierce Frost’s. Rather, it will knock him out of thing, leading to Piccolo winning the match. The other route is that the SBC does pierce Frost and leaves him too injured to continue to fight. Killing is against that rules, but if Frieza can survive with his body cut in half, than Frost can survive a hole in the chest. I honestly think that Piccolo will win either way. I believe the next round will be Piccolo vs. Maggeta. We really don’t know what to expect out of this robotic alien, but I believe he has a few tricks up his sleeves that will put Piccolo at a severe disadvantage. Initially, I believe that Piccolo will already be worn down from using the SBC, while Maggeta is starting fresh into the match. Some abilities that come to mind are energy absorption, heavy endurance, and possibly the ability to release toxic gases (taken from the fact that he appeared to be filled with some type of fluid). In any case, I don’t think Piccolo will make it past this round, and the fight will be handed over to Vegeta. Already aware of Magetta’s special abilities, Vegeta will waste no time in making quick work of him; most likely not even needing to use SSGSS. Next, we have Vegeta vs. Cabba. From the chapter nine, Cabba hints that he is able to transform. But what will this transformation be? Will it be a regular SSJ or SSGSS? I’m going to put my bets towards SSGSS, but it Goku was SSGSS in his fight with Frost, Vados’s statement would imply that SSGSS is not the typical Saiyan transformation in Universe 6. Either way, it probably won’t resemble any of the SSJ transformations that we’ve seen before. I secretly hoping that it looks similar to SSJ4 (best transformation), but that’s unlikely. Either way, Vegeta and Cabba will most likely begin by fighting in their base forms, and ascending into their super forms later into the fight. I fill like this will be a long and brutal battle, but the Prince of Saiyans will come out on top. Vegeta will go on to face Hit, the mysterious purple guy who’s giving off some bad vibes. I see Hit being a no nonsense type of character, and taking Vegeta out with ease. I feel that even as an SSGSS, Vegeta will not be able to match up to Hit’s level of power. This leads into our final round, which is Monaca vs. Hit. There could be three potential outcomes of this battle. The first one is a tournament interruption. A rule of thumb in Dragon Ball is that a tournament never ends the way it’s supposed to, usually introducing the next major villain. I will talk more about this in the next installment. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toriyama pulled a complete 360 and had the tournament end with a definitive winner. I believe that Monaca will most likely pull out some type of ability (probably involving his nipples) or pull off a powerful transformation (also probably involving his nipples), giving Hit a hard fight. Monaca will either win, or lose due to Hit committing some type of foul play. Really, it could go either way. Well, that’s how I think the tournament will play out. Tell me what you think in the comments. If you liked this blog, then I’ve got some more coming in the future.
  3. Every since the premier of friendship is magic, there has been something a little bit odd about villain reformations. The best example would probably be Luna's reformation. It is often said that Luna was "freed" from Nightmare Moon and it is implied in the comics that the Nightmare was a separate entity to Luna. We don't know enough about Nightmare Moon and Luna to say much, but the idea of an instant reforming spell is still a little bit creepy. Same with Cadence's love magic. What do you all think?
  4. The series is back in a new season with a continuing theme about the out-of-control PC culture. Some spoilers (if necessary). And about the recent "Naughty Ninjas": I bet this season is getting a huge plot twist. How do you think this will end? Which real-life events will come in the show? I shall update the poll after the new episodes go online.
  5. If EQG hasn't already made it obvious with their world building(however small it may be) it's that a spin-off is at least in the works and with how well EQG is being received by fans and newcomers alike it seems like now more than ever that we could have EQG as more than just a movie spin off but a complete TV show spin off cause think of it this way. When MLP FiM goes on Hiatus you want more MLP content right? And yes I know the natural argument: "EQG sucks cause humans aren't ponies blah blah blah rada rada" But if you watch EQG...You'll see its literally just like the pony world just with humans instead of pony's which isn't a bad thing and gives us something new to experience. That being said how would an EQG spin off series work? Well it'd work the same way MLP does A slice of life/action & Adventure story about 7 high school girls who have to deal with magic running a muck in their world as well as just the everyday life they lead as teenagers with magic being a side conflict but a big one though because as stated by Fluttershy in Friendship Games and I quote "Not everything has to be magical to be important" As seen in all 3 movies, situations started out as normal high school events that slowly got crossed with a magical element Fall formal (Stop Sunset Shimmer and get back Twilight's crown) Rainbow Rocks (Stop the Dazzlings and free the school) Friendship Games (Defeat Crystal Prep and Midnight Sparkle) Now that being said the best way for a spin off to truly work is find a way to make magic a threat the girls can and will face whenever it shows up and thats where I think Twilight's pendant comes in as well as the countless other magic situations that have happened over the course of the 3 movies and here is what I mean Twilight's pendant can detect, track and pull in magical energy right? What if there is a lot more magical energy in the world than we think? Cause remember in the first EQG when they made Sunset taste the rainbow and the magic of friendship? Remember when happened right after they blasted her? a massive beam of energy shot into the sky and the same is true in Rainbow Rocks when they beat the Sirens. Point I am making here is...Where did all that energy/magic go? Did it just vanish? I don't think so because they'd acknowledged that some of her crowns magic stayed behind and remember when Midnight Sparkle was blasting holes in dimensions? Whose to say that didn't have any lasting effects even if Sunset patched them up. However thats just my personal head-canon for how the movies could use scenes from its past to set things up but lets take a different apporch to this. The human world is a "direct mirror" of Equestria right? And Starswirl the breaded has already banished one group of villains there, whose to say he didn't do it to others? Hell whose to say Celestia and Luna didn't do this? So they could have possibly sent many villains there for the humans the deal with. Another thing could be that old villains from the series could go to the human world in an attempt to rule it seeing as how they'd think there are no elements of harmony there to stop them. Though my best theory on this would be that in the 4th movie something happens that releases a BUNCH of rouge magic into the human world probably at the fault of Human world Sunset Shimmer whom after helping defeat the threat of the movie dedicates herself to redeeming her mistake and joins the human 6 as a replacement for Sunset Shimmer who goes back to the pony world. Really due to the lack of info its hard to craft theories on this but I tried. what do you all think? Is a spin off show possible? How do you think it could work? Are there any villains you'd like to see come to the human world or what new villains would you maybe like to see? Post your comments below and as always TASTE THE RAINBOW!
  6. So is it just me or is Rarity a bit more shallow and fashion-diva-y than what I was used to from the past seasons? I mean, she's pretty much just talked about appearances and dresses, not to mention in Episode 6 she was a complete slavedriver to Sweetie Bell. Of course I'm well aware of it being mostly for comedic effect, but the degree to which she was fussy kind of surprised me. I do like that she's a bit more sisterly with Sweetie, something I'm glad we can see grow and develop. Maybe I'm just weird and she's acting like usual and it's more me than her. I don't know. Does anyone else think she's being a bit too.. prissy? A little bit is fine, that's her character, I just think maybe the writers are really laying it on a little thick. I did like her camping outfit though. On another note, did anypony else get diabetes from Sweetie's super sad face near the beginning?
  7. Shes a unicorn that can match twilight sparkle a alicorn whose element is magic twilight said she cant beat her. There coul be more complains.
  8. So what are your theories on starlight glimmer for the season finale? It seems to be established she will return and it will involve time travel. It seems the fact that she came from the future and is cadence's daughter has been debunked as she does not know who twilight or the mane 6 are.. but what if.. she is not from the future, but from the PAST? or an alternate dimension where cutie marks don't exist? or is from a place where she needed more power and thus collected cutie marks to bolster her own skills, kind of like tireks absorbing magic to get stronger, but starlight taking cutie marks to absorb their abilities? What if she is actually a protagonist and is using this as a way to fight some threat? and she clearly was aware of twilight, when she was spying on her in the restaurant.. so perhaps she was sent to find a way to absorb alicorn magic - using the other ponies as bait, knowing twilight would eventually come to the village? Also can we take the wormholes made during the third movie to observe anything about the season finale? It seems to be hinted that that "issue" twilight was dealing with happened during this time at the end of the movie.. and we do see twilight flying by in one of the wormholes..
  9. This episode was awesome! Of course, I had to watch a commentary on YouTube of it but it was so cute! I loved the costumes the main 6 had! And Spike, his costume was just... weird... I love the lesson in the meaning that, you don't have to like everything your friends do, but give it a try and if you still don't like it, you don't have to do it. Fluttershy did a great job in scaring the main 6 (and Spike) I have to say, I was shocked when ever I saw the Granny Smith skeleton and her head fell off. Kinda really dark for a kid show. Now, I honestly don't think it's in character to literally take the second head of of Spikes costume. I mean, the poor guy had to of worked hard on that costume! Her animal friends were adorable to, but can you tell me why the ghost were glowing? I mean, they were just sheets on top of birds. When they took the costume off it wasn't glowing anymore, so do the birds glow? Also, Derpy was Princess Twilight, and it was adorable! *whispers* Applejack is best lion horse! I kinda wish we could of seen Princess Luna there because we know how much she likes to talk to her subjects, and she doesn't talk like, well like that. I don't know how much she could serve as a purpose to the plot but she could have at least been seen in the background. All in all I think this was a cute episode with a good moral and nice visuals. I just wish I knew how the ghost bird things were glowing... What was your thoughts on the episode and what do you think could have been a bit better. See you guys next time! *whispers* ~Love you guys. (If I ever get to start my YouTube channel this will be a script for an episode, but it would be slightly edited)
  10. What are your thoughts on this "Midnight Sparkle" character do you think it's a dark and evil Nightmare Moon like version of Human world Twilight or something completely different? She's apparently going to have a roll in Equestria Girls 3: Friendship Games. This is her doll art: Now lets discuss!
  11. WARNING: SPOILERS On July 18th of this year, the official Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTube channel uploaded a teaser trailer for their upcoming movie: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. Movie information: Teaser trailer:
  12. Wow, Big Mac .... I'm really impressed by this episode. I'm not actually sure if this is going to be topic that has a lot of discussion, But, can I get a minute to actually praise Big Mac in all of this? I'm really actually impressed and delighted at how Big Mac's character was written throughout this episode and I'm quite surpirsed that I would actually say that. Up until Brotherhooves social I pretty much thought that Big Mac was only going to remain as a gag character for the series. I've long accepted his shtick of being the strong silent type, a stallion of few words (haha, not even three, more like two words at best some times). I never really thought of Big Mac going beyond his trope since he was going to be a minor character after all. What I find most delightful about brotherhooves social is that, it felt like a well written and well-excuted episode. Yes, I know its obvious that up until this point, Big Mac was almost like a blank slate character that one could work with well. He was never really meant to be a main character and he was genuinely going to be a minor support character throughout the series. And that meant that you could have a lot of wiggle room on writing BIg Mac's character for this episode. But it just felt like it was welll excuted and that's why I want to praise it. Okay maybe I should just focus on this one basic element about the episode to make it clear. I'm not going to go through a detailed analysis of this epsiode but I think what I want to talk about is about the pay-off. Big Mac's confession, which was really the thing I was hoping for as the episode approached its ending. I know Big Mac has spoken more than his two token words before, but he's never spoken like this before. And that's being able to actually talk about his feelings and his motives, his understanding of his relationship between him and Applebloom and Applejack and even his position within the Apple family and pony life in general. It was a really detailed explanation for why he did the things in Brotherhooves social (I know it seems un-extrodinary, but it seems so much more considering that his gag trope, almost, up until this point, seemed like it definined his whole personality and character altogether). I just felt that honest explanation about himself was ... well rather beautiful. I almost can imagine that Big Mac probably has a lot more to say on things but (as previously shown) he is either cut-off (as a gag) or his character and thoughts were never meant to matter in the first place considering his position in the series as a character. Hmm, I think I'm crossing into different things whether I'm taking the work of fiction to mean something so real or if I'm trying to make it feel like its real. Maybe we could use this thread as the, "what you thought of Big Mac, and insert rant about this aspect from the Brotherhooves Social" ? (congrats to Peter New, Dave Polsky, Michelle Creber and everyone involved in this episode; it felt really well written to me.) Now if only they could get a certain small dragon to as well written as BM was here. Thoughts on Big Mac from this episode?
  13. If you watched Friendship Games yesterday, you saw at the very end where pony universe Twilight pops through the portal and explains she couldn't help them because she was caught in a time loop. First of all, kind of weird to have put Friendship Games on TV this soon when it seems like it was supposed to air the same day as the S5 finale, and reveal such major spoilers. Hiatus issues, I suppose... In any case, although I had heard about the possibility of time travel being used in the S5 finale, this is the first I've ever heard it involves a time loop! So, the thing about time loops is, if you've ever seen Groundhog Day or read any MLP time loop fanfics, the only way to reset the loop is to die. So does this mean we're going to see Twilight or other Mane 6 characters getting offed as the story progresses in order to reset the loop each time? Are there any other common ways to reset a time loop to the beginning? Naturally time loop death is never permanent, and once they are free of the loop at the end of the episode everyone is fine again. Do you think Hasbro's rules against character deaths apply to non-permanent deaths? I was wondering how they could make the S5 finale more epic than the S5 finale with Tirek, and I suppose having the characters get killed over and over until they get it right to escape the loop might do it...
  14. Usually I over think things in the MLP universe but don't really call on them, but in the new movie this one just got to me. Now, in the new Equestria Girls when Twilight becomes the demon, Sunset Shimmer gives the mane si- the five their magic back. Now, when she does that, she's using the power of friendship, or the Elements of Harmony, as they did countless times, to defeat their enemies. In this case, the demon Twilight. But in this there is only one element of magic, and that would be Twilight. The twilight from the other school. As the other Twilight is in Equestria. The other Twilight is in Equestria, so there's no way to get her element of magic. In the first movie they used all of their powers to defeat Sunset Shimmer. Laughter, Generosity, Kindness, Loyalty, Magic, Honesty. But in the new movie, they only had five of the six. Meaning they couldn't have used the powers to transform Sunset and have her defeat Twilight. So, they could never have used the powers to defeat the demon Twilight, as Sunset is not an element. There are only six elements, and if there were seven, which there most likely aren't, they still only have six out of seven needed. However, in the scene where the demon Twilight is making rips in the world to see Equestria, we see Rainbow Dash and Twilight flying. AND, when Sunset is feeding the magic into the thingy that EG Twilight had made, there is a purple strand. This signifies the Element of Magic, the one they are missing. This is either Twilight somehow giving her magic through the rip to Sunset, so the ponies had noticed it, or simply an error. Or they were just stealing magic from the demon Twilight without her knowing. Or was there friendship just so powerful that they had enough magic from it? I mean, if that's the case, then wouldn't that mean ANY pony in Equestria with a close friend could harness the power of friendship, the most powerful thing they have? Or maybe I'm just over thinking things. Thoughts?
  15. So I wanna talk about this because something I keep seeing mentioned in reference to "Party Pooped" is that the Yaks and their declaration of war did not actually pose a serious threat. Personally, I think that that analysis is all wrong and--based on the information the show has thus far provided us--should a war between yaks and ponies break out, the yaks would ultimately win. The comments to which I'm referring to may be wrong, or I may be wrong, or there may be no way to tell, but that's the fun part about forums. So, let's have a discussion about it. First, I wanna talk about this assumption that Celestia, Luna, and alicorns in general have some godlike or incredible power and they alone would be enough to defend Equestria from almost any foe. I think this assumption is incredibly incorrect and that alicorns aren't as powerful as everyone thinks they are. To start, let me bring up the point that in this history of the show, the alicorns have successfully defended Equestria twice, and failed to defend it every other time danger has presented itself. The first of these two times in particular are when Celestia defeated Nightmare Moon after her initial transformation, which was an occurrence of alicorn vs. alicorn and not something from which we can gauge relative alicorn power. The second time was when Cadance, combined with Shining Armor, defeated Chrysalis, a foe who had previously ousted Celestia. Cadance didn't even defeat her alone, she required help. Ultimately, the Alicorns have been defeated more times than not; Chrysalis defeated Celestia in a matter of seconds, Twilight, wielding the power of all four alicorns, only stalemated Tirek, and Twilight couldn't stop a normal unicorn from escaping. The princesses were both take out by plants, for pony's sake. Ultimately, despite the fandom seeming to believe that the princesses have godlike power, they've failed to consistently utilize any power they have to defend Equestria, and historically have relied on the Elements of Harmony, a resource which would not have been available at the time of the Yak-Pony War. To paraphrase Rainbow Dash in "Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2", "Without the Elements of Harmony, how are we supposed to defend Equestria?" "But what about the Rainbow Power they used to defeat Tirek?" Well, I'll admit it's a possibility they could use that, but I find it to be an unreliable assumption to make seeing as they haven't displayed any ability to call upon that power again, despite situations arising where it could be used (i.e. The Bugbear attack or when Pinkie came face-to-face with that arctic beast). The second thing I'd like to argue is that the fandom seems to assume that the average pony would be more valuable than the average yak as a soldier, considering the flight and magic. What the fandom seems to be forgetting is that this is not the human world, and those skills are considerably more common-place. Unicorns would barely have any magic at all applicable in a war environment, as Twilight said herself that the average unicorn can only use a little bit of magic relevant to their Cutie Mark. Additionally, we have no reason to believe that yaks DON'T have magic, they simply never displayed the use of any. While I don't have any reason flight wouldn't be useful for war (it very much would) the yaks live in a world inhabited by Pegasus, Griffons, Changelings, etc. They must be used to dealing with flying enemies and have developed anti-air weapons, considering they are historically warmongers. "What about ponies that are especially adept at magic, like Twilight, Trixie, and Starlight?" They would probably be the biggest opposition to the yaks, alongside the alicorn princesses (who I would weigh to be generally their equals in terms of offensive strength, give or take). But they alone cannot fight an entire army. They would put up a good fight, but they would ultimately just be flat-out outnumbered. Heck, Twilight plus five friends took their sweet time dealing with a flying bear. An army of weathered soldiers would destroy any small line of spellcasters. Which brings me to my third point: YAKS ARE HISTORICALLY WARMONGERS. This was stated by Applejack in the recent episode. I mentioned the comparison of the average yak to the average pony earlier in the context of soldiering, but that's just it: the average yak IS a soldier, while the average pony isn't. Yaks have much more experience (as far as we know) waging war than ponies. While it is true that the pegasi were originally a militaristic society (as displayed in "Hearth's Warming Eve") that was a long time ago and based on what we have seen of modern pony society, that nature has been abandoned. While it is also true that the Royal Guard exists, we have only seen them engage in war-like activity once, during the Changeling invasion of Canterlot. They lost big-time. While I'm not saying it would be a one-sided slaughter, I'm saying I'd place my bets on the yaks to ultimately beat the Royal Guard. Those are the three main points I wanted to make. In summary: I think the yaks would beat the ponies in a war, and I've based my argument on the information we can take from the show so far. This is a forum thread, of course, and I'm completely open to discussion and friendly argument, so let's talk about it. Who do you think would win, and why?
  16. This will be quite a spoilerific thread, obviously. So, enter at your own risk. That being said, what are some sad moments you experienced in games? The moments which made you shed a tear and feel for the characters in the story. I recently completed Tales of Xillia 2. And my god, it has some tragic moments. I think the saddest moment for me is where Elle finally sees her father again, and you end up killing him right before her very eyes. Afterwards, she becomes severely depressed.
  17. As the 100th MLP episode is just around the corner, I've decided to make my Top 5 Favorite Background Ponies list. But Photon? Why top 5 instead of top 10? Well, to be honest, I did not want to think too hard so I kept the list plain and simple. One thing I need to mention though is that this list may contain spoiler so you've been warned. Without further ado, let the list begin! #5 - Octavia First up on the list is Octavia. Oh's such a shame that she didn't get enough role time nowadays. Still, there's no denying she became a fan favorite. I do like Octavia because she's the only bass guitar player I know that plays in style. It's like she's calmly focused on playing her music while acting posh. I dunno but there's something about her that made us adore her. Maybe we can find out in the 100th episode? I'm sure of it. Looking forward to what role she would play. I think I know, do you? #4 - Bulk Biceps YEAH! Bulk Biceps in my opinion is a funny character and to our surprise, looks different than the others. There should be more be more ponies that have different body appearances in Equestria. Good thing we got to see more of him later on since we enjoyed his appearance. Wouldn't it be awesome when Bulk Biceps crashes through a wall shouting "YEAH!" out of thin air just like what the Kool-Aid Man does? Oh wait, I think he already did that. #3 - Doctor Whooves Ah yes, Doctor Whooves. Who else saw this pony and immediately thought of Doctor Who? it Time Turner? Oh, whatever. Even though I did not see much on what he does (except turning an hourglass over), I put him on number 3 for a reason. The reason is there are many fan made stuff of Doctor Whooves and all those great projects got my attention about this character. Heck, I even got some Doctor Whooves stuff. It's quite amazing how a reference can really work in the world of MLP. It's like the Doctor regenerated into a pony. I might see that happening which of course I don't think so. All in all, Doctor Whooves is great and we'll see what he'll do in the upcoming episode. Onwards and upwards Doctor. Onwards and upwards. #2 - Derpy Hooves Wuzzat!? Derpy is number 2 on the list!? Let's not get the pitchforks and torches out because I have an explanation on why Derpy is not number 1 on the list. Don't get me wrong. I love Derpy to bits but she was close to being my number 1. For me, her main role is to be hidden in certain MLP episodes just like Wally from...well, Where's Wally. Oh, don't worry about those episode that show her in the spotlight because I remember. In fact, I even remember posting a reaction video about that scene when she actually SPOKE! We bronies wanted to know what she sounded like and we found out. Ahh...good times. It was such a shame that she got the pinch after that. It's unfair that she got censored when there are other lunatics in cartoons. So why she did get the punishment. I have no idea but that all changed when she struck back like greased lightning in Season 4! I was gonna put her in the number 1 spot but there's this other pony who took a shine to me. Sorry Derpy but you're still awesome and adorable. So, who is number 1 on my list? I'll tell you. My personal favorite background pony iiiiiis... *cues The Legend of Zelda Treasure music* #1 - DJ Pon-3 Aww yeah! DJ Pon-3's in da house! This background character is just too cool and stylish for all us bronies. At first, I only saw her once in the first season and that's about it. However, as time went on, she became one of the background character all stars! Why? Because there were many fan made stuff that feature her and she even got herself an Equestria Girls short AND actually helped the Mane Six in Rainbow Rocks! No kidding. That's what I call a great background character. When I saw that video and the Rainbow Rocks movie, that showed my supreme love for her. She doesn't even need words to describe what she is. She's...oooh! I can't think of anything else to say! Oh, sorry for being carried away there but she's just awesome. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Awesome. Totally can't wait to see her again and I bet many other DJ Pon-3 fans agree with me. Especially Nowacking. So, there you have it! That's my top 5 favorite background ponies! Which background pony is your favorite out of the lot? I'm sure we have plenty of things to discuss before the episode arrives. Until then, stay pony my friends. I've got some music to listen to! (Having trouble with the images so I may need to edit this list slightly.)
  18. I see there's a topic on favourite episodes, however there hasn't been a thread on favourite moments on the show yet. I decided to create this thread because there have been a lot of amazing moments in the show. Which has been your favourite moments in the show, and why? Let me start off with mine: Nightmare Moon getting a friendship beam to turn into Princess Luna (Season 1). This set the quotient the show started with. The Rainboom heard 'round the world (Season 1). I enjoyed it because of the bravery Rainbow Dash pulls to save her friend, Rarity, and makes an effect out of it. The Gala (Season 1). I enjoyed the gala there because of little moments that made it entertaining. Discord petrified once more (Season 2). When a mad god just doesn't learn that friendship is magic, what do you do? Get your friends that were corrupted and have them exact revenge! Uniting for a Cause (Season 2). When Windigos are causing problems, the three pony races unite to defeat the Windigos. Queen Chrysalis defeating Princess Celestia (Season 2). You know a villain is powerful enough when she cripples a Princess single-handedly.
  19. Took me 3 tries but I think I got Sugarbelle down
  20. OK, this has been bugging the crap out of me. In the S5E1 episode when the mane six first reach the town Pinkie says "Stay behind me everypony, I'm on it." and then Applejack says "Careful Pinkie!" What the heck was up with Applejack's voice? Someone please tell me that was supposed to be a joke/reference to something because I can't believe they would let such a bad line of dialogue slip past quality control.
  21. A new theme song was made to reflect various changes and match the new format of the season has been leaked online. Some spoilers, but nothing too major.
  22. In case you didn't figure it our from the title, this forum contains spoilers!!! So don't blame me for giving so much away. That is your own fault for looking at such delicious intel. To sum up this episode, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are in the new castle that Twilight got when she defeated Tirek. The castle all of a sudden forms a map of Equestria in the center of the castle, where the ponies thrones are located. The mane 6's cuite marks start to glow and vibrate. Why? Because the map is reflecting their cutie marks on a specific part of the map. Twilight Sparkle assumes that the 6 ponies must go there, for the place that the map located contains some information about why Twilight got her castle. When the ponies arrive at this place, the ponies within this little town are... off. They have (what is assumed to be) "fake" smiles. But that is the least of which stands out! Each and every cutie mark of every pony there has the same cutie mark! Each cutie mark is an equal sign. ( = ) The ponies want to find out why, so they go to the "ruler" of this town to find out. Starlight Glimmer is the one who is behind this. She thinks that friendship means that all ponies must be equal, in order to live together in harmony. Starlight then finds that Twilight is a princess, so she says this: "When everypony finds that a princess is giving up her cutie mark, they will soon find out what we are trying to accomplish..." The mane 6 don't know what Starlight has planned for the world... the ponies in this town end up trying to trap the ponies and steal their cutie marks. (Hate to say it, but these ponies are INSANE.) Mind you, I don't know how this episode ends, but I will add another forum when I get more intel. p.s. If you know this already, please keep that to yourself. Don't be hurtful and smart talk me. Some ponies still don't know this, so respect them, too. Have a fanddilytastic day! ~Lunar Glow
  23. OK, well, I saw it... finally. Just last night, on YouTube. Um, spoilers ahead, but I think that's irrelevant at this point. So, before I get into the review proper... let's go back to late winter/early spring, when Season 3 ended and we first heard about... this, in order to fully understand how all of this happened. So just as Season 3 was ending (I mean, just days before "Magical Mystery Cure" aired), certain art started circulating the Internet. Humanized art of the Mane 6. This would generally be unremarkable, especially seeing as the art was generally considered subpar at best, except for one thing; it was heavily rumored that this was concept art for a humanized pony project. So what did the fans do? WE FREAKED!!! And, as it turns out, for good reason. The coming months we were served one of the most atrocious marketing campaigns I've ever seen. For most of it, all we had was poor concept art; next, we got even worse concept art. It was only until about a month before the movie released that we were FINALLY given a 1 minute trailer. Said trailer split the fans a lot more. Some remained convinced it wouldn't be good, others thought it would be awful, many remained indifferent, but about, I want to say, two-thirds of the fans at that point became optimistic that EQG would actually turn out decently. "Trust the writers" became the most common-heard phrase once again, and that was reinforced by the second trailer's release. Myself? I remained skeptical throughout this whole thing, and somewhat cynical. But, at the same time, I was not willing to pass final judgment until it came out. So, marketing covered, let's look at my theory on how this thing got made, I mean, what the process exactly was. Here's what I think happened; going back to Season 3, we know that DHX partially designed it the way it did because they were uncertain as to whether or not they'd be renewed for a fourth season. "Magical Mystery Cure" is at its heart supposed to work as a series finale, if it came down to that. We know from what writers like Meghan McCarthy have said that DHX did not learn they'd been renewed for a fourth season until very shortly before the season finale of Season 3. My theory is that it was JUST around when they learned they'd be renewed that DHX was simultaneously handed Equestria Girls by the suits at Hasbro, hence the reason it took so long to get a trailer out. So, let's take the circumstances under which they were given Equestria Girls all into account: (1) they were given at best about a 4-5 month time span to develop this movie, (2) this was a HORRIBLE concept to begin with, in my opinion, and even if you don't think it was a bad premise, it certainly could not have been one that DHX was planning on working on anytime soon, (3) the sole purpose that Hasbro had for bringing this concept to the big screen was painfully obviously for marketing reasons, to open up a whole new market of toys (although I still can't imagine who they think is going to buy those dolls considering they look quite hideous), (4) DHX had to develop something they probably didn't even want to work on while simultaneously beginning development of Season 4, something I'm sure they were far more motivated to delve into. Basically, what I'm getting at is, looking at all of these theoretical factors, from the start EQG was being developed under the worst circumstances possible. The only upside it had going for it was that it had a very good studio and voice actresses working on it, but that's it. So then, it got released... and I watched it... and what did I think? Well... it was far more entertaining and likable than it had any right to be. So, let's get the pros out of the way first. The voice acting was great as usual. The best I've ever heard from the girls? Probably not. But they just own these roles at this point, they slip into them SO naturally that they don't even really have to try, and you could tell they were trying their darnedest!!! All of them were in character as far as tone and expressions go, and some really shone. Highlights for me include Twilight (which is good, considering so much focus was put on her), Spike (who probably had his best role since "The Crystal Empire"), Principal Celestia (who struck a nice balance between similar and different enough from her Equestrian counterpart), and... PINKIE PIE. Oh my gosh, did I love Pinkie Pie!!! Pinkie Pie... just never stop being you! She was hands down the best human counterpart of all of the HuMane Six, she was completely random and unpredictable, but at the same time actually felt like a character, something I could not say for the rest of the HuMane Six. Next, animation. The pony animation was hands down the most gorgeous in the movie, DHX has simply mastered it at this point. As for the human world, the environment was colorful enough, I certainly liked that. The human models could've been worse, and for what they were, they weren't terrible, but ultimately I didn't like them that much. Will talk more about them later. Music. I despise teen pop, but Daniel Ingram and William Anderson somehow managed to pull off a strange hybrid of the show's usual musical feel with a more urban, poppy feel that, musically at least, was very enjoyable. The "Equestria Girls" song was insanely catchy and hands down the best song of the movie, but all of them sounded pleasant enough. That said, I will have more to say about the music later. Finally, the plot. Well... no, not much good to say about the plot. I will say that, if this were a longer feature with less subplots, or even just the same length and less subplots as it was, it could've been executed FAR better. But, it's time for the cons. Well, might as well talk about the big one first. The plot. Oh me, oh my, this story was a mess. The overall story was straightforward enough. Twilight's crown gets stolen, she needs to get it back for the sake of both Equestria and the human world. But the execution was... shoddy at best. My favorite part (besides anything in Equestria of course) was honestly when Twilight first showed up, because not too much was happening, and so the movie felt like it had a nice pace going. She and Spike had some fun interactions, and some of the jokes during that section really worked. In fact, the movie frequently made me laugh plenty, and kept me plenty entertained. The problems came in wrapping it all up, for two big reasons: (1) pacing, and (2) subplots. Oh my gosh, were there A LOT of subplots!!! But first, the pacing. In hindsight, for a 70 minute feature with as many subplots as this, that aforementioned section when Twilight first shows up should've been much shorter, or at least featured the rest of the HuMane Six much more. The second half was a complete and utter mess! Events building up to the fall formal and showing Twilight getting to know and befriend the HuMane Six happened WAYYYYYY too quickly, and the pacing of the overall story was constantly thrown off by the subplots, some of which were completely unnecessary. So yeah, no point in avoiding it, let's talk about those subplots. All told, I want to say there were about... seven subplots total? Some of them got far too little attention, and so didn't really feel like they even got resolved, like the cliques at the high school or Sunsent Shimmer's motivations. Others got FAR MORE attention than they should have even though they were simultaneously really short, and so felt both completely unnecessary and pointless and also blown out of proportion (i.e. Flash Sentry, actually, buck that, I'm calling him Brad Pony subplot and the STUPID AS BUCK Vice Principal Luna subplot which was a conflict for about 30 seconds, not even joking!). What we got as a result was this: lots of plot holes, poor pacing, unnecessary plot points, and a BUTT TON OF PLOT CONTRIVANCES!!! So that leads me to my next con: the characters. Dark Qiviut put this really well in his excellent review of EQG when he said that just because the girls were in character DOES NOT mean that the HuMane Six were 3-dimensional characters. The only ones who really felt like that for me were (1) Twilight and Spike (but that's only because I knew they were the established Equestrian characters), and (2) Pinkie Pie, who as I said earlier they wrote fantastically!!! The rest, if it weren't for the fact that they were technically NOT the Mane Six, would've felt soooooo OOC. At the best of times, they did things that we'd expect of their Equestrian counterparts, but the reasoning/personal motivations behind such behavior remained elusive. At their worst, they were stereotypes of their Equestrian counterparts (again, like DQ said, and please don't hate me for this DF, RD said awesome at least one too many times) and really behaved, for lack of a better word, just really, really DUMB. There was absolutely no good reason that they had fallen for Sunset's messing with their friendship, and they seriously never thought of asking their friends of many years about one-time alleged betrayals?!?! THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS DO!! No wait, scratch that, THAT'S JUST WHAT ANYONE WITH HALF-A-BRAIN DOES!!!!!!! It was so contrived and so unbelievable that it just felt like they were wasting our time with creating any conflict between this group in the first place. Instead, they should have introduced them far earlier on and had them help Twilight adjust, instead of force Twilight to bring them back together as friends in order to give them a reason to befriend her, because it all just felt so forced and contrived!!! Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity were pretty much all in character, aside from being dumb there just wasn't anything to their characters, but Rainbow Dash? Rainbow Dash was... *braces for RD fan hate* KIND OF A DOUCHE! She didn't show up that much, she felt like more of a stereotype of her character than any of the other HuMane Six, and that soccer subplot was COMPLETELY IDIOTIC AND DOUCHEY!!!!!!! Even though she didn't know that Twilight wasn't used to walking on two legs, she could easily infer that she wouldn't be any good at soccer. Twilight had already helped bring her and AJ back together as friends, so really, it's BS what she said about Twilight having to prove she was worth befriending/helping out. Plus, she didn't even explain that until AFTER she'd schooled Twilight! So it really came across the whole time (which was thankfully only about two minutes) as just a really mean-spirited, petty, and utterly useless and unnecessary bit of ego stroking that's arrogant and bombastic even by RD's standards!!! Next, supporting/background characters from the show. Snips and Snails were HORRIBLY written and portrayed. I honestly think the only reason they were even used here was because DHX loves the two voice actors who voice them, and I don't blame them for that, I like those voice actors as well and I think those two characters can be really funny. These guys... they weren't funny. They were bullies and evil and very OOC. It just wasn't the two dimwitted colt residents of Ponyville that I love and I have no idea why they went with that portrayal beyond "oh, Sunset needs some cronies!". Principal Celestia as I said earlier was pretty bearable, but Vice Principal Luna? OH MY GOSH, SHE WAS A MORON!!!!!!! As I mentioned earlier, her 30 second subplot, tied with the soccer subplot, was probably the most useless subplot of the entire movie!!! She seriously thought that Twilight trashed the gym after being given pictures of a paper cutout of Twilight glued onto another picture?????????? Seriously, A FIVE YEAR OLD COULD FIGURE THAT OUT!!!!!!! And it doesn't matter anyway, because the "subplot" gets resolved about 10 seconds later, not even joking. It was completely and utterly pointless, and it made human Luna look like an idiot!!! As for any other background ponies that showed up, their cameos were cute enough. I spotted Cloud Kicker, Photo Finish, Vinyl, Derpy (which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! ), the CMC, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Twist, maybe Pipsqueak, Big Mac, Granny Smith, and Trixie, and all of their appearances were harmless enough. Some of them, like Derpy, Trixie, and the CMC were absolutely hilarious, and even though not all of them made sense, like taking Vinyl's glasses off in the EQG song for no apparent reason other than, "Hey bronies, look, her eyes!!!", they were harmless and didn't feel too much like pandering. And yeah, if I'm gonna be honest, that Trixie cameo may have been so dumb, but it was SO AMAZING!!!!!!!! Finally, the new characters. *sigh* The new characters... where do I begin? Guess we'll start with Sunset. Sunset Shimmer was... absolutely wasted. Hands down, she's the worst villain the show's had yet. Every other villain thus far has had (1) clear motivations and (2) come across as a real and dangerous threat. Sunset had neither. Her motivations were not revealed until the VERY end of the movie, and since her background was very poorly explained as well, we just got a villain who I had no bucking idea why she was doing ANY of what she was doing other than to be a jerk, which DOES NOT make for a threatening villain. All we got was a bully, and a really cliche bully at that. On top of that, she has one of the worst plans I've ever heard of!!! She basically planned on taking over Equestria with, if I'm being really generous, 50-100 zombified minions, who wouldn't have even been that much of a threat even if they were turned into hellspawn like Snips and Snails. Here's exactly what she said: "I want Equestria! And with my own little teenage army behind me, I'm going to get it!!!" ... ... ... "My own little teenage army..." "TEENAGE ARMY!!!!!!!" That's the stupidest, most unthreatening line and plan I've EVER heard!!!!!!!!!! Sombra was more threatening with his crystal fetish!!!!!! And it's such a shame, because I absolutely LOVED Sunset's pony design!!! It was very different from what we'd gotten in the past with villains, and she as a whole had a lot of potential to be a good villain. Two students of Celestia face off, that should've been AWESOME!!! Instead, she was LAME!!!!!! Just utterly lame, stupid, and cliche. Her rushed redemption at the end, which made Trixie's look like it was balanced and drawn out, did not help, since it was too fast and poorly explained. Overall, I'm very disappointed in how Sunset turned out. Next, Brad Pony (no, I refuse to call him Flash Sentry, that's a cool name, something he is not!). I'm not as mad about how he turned out just because I always had low expectations about him, but that doesn't mean I'm happy he exists. He was... worthless. He literally contributed nothing to the plot or helping Twilight out EXCEPT for resolving the aforementioned STUPIDEST SUBPLOT EVER with Vice Principal Luna, which was basically thrown in just to get him 30 seconds more screen time with Twilight. He was cliche, there was no character to him whatsoever, his being Sunset's ex-boyfriend didn't affect the plot in the slightest, and most importantly, the romantic subplot was both unnecessary, poorly developed, and made NO SENSE! He and Twilight probably share at most 5 minutes of screen time together. For only 3 minutes of that screen time do they even engage in conversation, if it can be called that. The rest was blushing, awkwardness, blushing, dancing, more blushing, and more awkwardness. Did I mention the blushing? Yeah, there was no good reason that he and Twilight had any chemistry at all!!! If anything, the fact that he dated Sunset Shimmer raised the uncomfortable possibility that he's just a really shallow guy who dates girls because they're hot, seeing as Sunset had no magical powers without the crown and so I doubt influenced him at all (plus maybe this was just me but I thought that, uh, "flirty" look he kept shooting at Twilight was creepy as heck!!!). Whatever the case, there was just no justification for the romance (especially considering Twilight should not really be finding any humans attractive when she's only in their world for three days and has no prior experience with them and so no real reason to even find any of them attractive by her equine standards) or even his existence, and I pray that DHX doesn't retain him for Season 4. There could be romance in MLP, I've never been opposed to that, but THAT'S not the way it should be pulled off! Well that wraps up characters, so let's tackle a last few tidbits. Things about animation I didn't like: the humans. They were pulled off far better than they could've been (especially judging by the early concept art), but still, they felt very mechanical compared to the pony models, and there just wasn't any personality from any of the BG characters like there was with the ponies. They all looked too similar, they all wore the same clothes, had very similar designs, and just didn't really jump off the screen. For what they were, they were fine, but nothing exemplary. Oh yeah, and the useless equine/human transformation at the end was POINTLESS (and also kinda terrifying)!!!!!!!! Nothing, I mean, NOTHING came as a result of the girls getting wings and... pony ears, I think, EXCEPT Rainbow Dash flying with Scoots on her back and THAT... WAS... IT!!!!!!!!!!! That happened for one reason, and one reason only... BECAUSE HASBRO WANTS TO MAKE TOYS!!!! Ughhh... and seriously, those designs when they transformed were kinda terrifying, and NO ONE WAS FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE MAGIC OR THE TRANSFORMATIONS AT ALL!!!!!!!! Really, best line of the movie might've been Spike going, "The talking dog is the weird thing about all this?!?!" just because it was so delightfully meta! Oh yeah, and boots... EVERYONE WEARS BOOTS IN THIS MOVIE, EVEN DEMON HELLSPAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the music, the only thing I didn't like about it was, well, the lyrics. Aside from "Equestria Girls" the other songs had really forgettable and repetitive lyrics, and I could tell that Daniel Ingram wasn't giving his all in that department (which further reinforces my theory that he and the rest of DHX were not looking forward to doing this and just trying to get it over with, or just short on time). Besides that, no other real complaints; like I said earlier, I liked the sound of the music, it's just the lyrics usually didn't work (but seriously, "Equestria Girls" is catchy as heck!!!). So time for final thoughts. For many, this was a project that had a lot of potential from the beginning. Me, I'm more of a realist/cynic; I was always skeptical because from the start the circumstances seemed to be really bad. Little time to develop this, a bad concept to begin with, really cliched, and... it basically turned out like I thought it would. Is it fandom ending or going to destroy MLP, of course not, it's just a little bump in the road is all. To its credit, DHX and the VAs made it FAR more entertaining and likable than I thought it would be. I was plenty engaged, laughed plenty, and just loved, loved, LOVED the voice work!!! BUT overall, the story and characters were poorly handled and executed, the animation and music in some respects were subpar compared to their MLP counterparts, and ultimately this was just a bad movie, not even average, but pretty bad objectively. That doesn't mean I didn't like things about it, because I did, and that's to DHX's credit, but there's no denying there was A LOT of bad in this thing, and that's all on Hasbro. I think the biggest thing we can all take away from this is that, no matter how good the studio and the team, even the best of teams cannot overcome the worst of circumstances if they're dealt a very, very bad hand, and that's what I think happened here. So no, I'm not worried about the quality of Season 4 as a result of this. I'm quite optimistic about Season 4 and excited for it, and if anything I think DHX is excited to get back to focusing solely on ponies as well. Plus, they have already been working on it and will overall have at least twice as much time to develop it as they did EQG, so really, I think we've got a great season ahead of us. So, with nothing further to say, those are my thoughts on EQG. Final Score: 5/10
  24. Possible spoilers, so tread lightly! Ok, so S5 is coming out this year....what do you guys think that they'll start it off with? We know that they find a small village where girls & guys have all the same basic hairstyle, plus they all have the '=' Cutie Mark and very creepy smiles to go along with it. We also know that in one of the trailers, at least Rainbow gets her Mark changed to the same thing. Plus, there's some other stuff in the trailers that eludes to the Mane 6 being captured before Twi blasts some Magic at them. My theory is that the village is a representation of where everyone's exactly the same, like in many horror movies or novels. But it's not where they'll eat you alive or they're murderers, they just want everyone to be like them and live in the same li'l paradise of boring same-ness. Of course, this leads them to becoming very controlling and one-sided as they'll do anything to remain in their paradise. So, the Mane 6 (except Twi) must have their Marks changed at some point and Twi has to learn that even though we are the same we should accept our differences for what they are. This allows the other 5 to return to normal, and then they try to fix the village....but who knows, maybe they will change or not. Again, this reminds me of movies like the 'Stepford Wives' or even the MLP fan game 'Story of the Blanks'. I do like it that they're doing this though, and I wonder what will unfold in S5. Here's a brohoof to S5 everypony!