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Found 157 results

  1. I have seen girls wrestle boys and win. So as long as they meet the requirements, I see no problem with females playing in male sports.
  2. I was thinking back to my days as a kid when I took karate classes at the local mall. I was influenced to do it by my being a fan of Power Rangers and Street Fighter. I really had fun with it and made it to blue belt. The school was very well structured, and the instructors were very good. It had classes based on belt level. I didn't partake in the tournaments. I did it just for fun. Although I never made it to black belt, I'm pretty proud of how I did there. Have you ever taken karate or any other martial arts? If so, what were some of your experiences doing it?
  3. One of the most ferocious competitors in all of baseball, Bob Gibson was a force throughout his 17-year career, all with the Cardinals. The accolades he achieved are stunning. 9-time All-Star, including in 1962 when they played two All-Star Games. Despite his long windup and follow-through, he was an excellent defender, racking up nine Gold Gloves. Finished with a career 89.2 Baseball-Reference WAR, including three consecutive seasons (1968-'70) of a bWAR of 10 or above, a Hall-of-Fame peak. In those three years, he accumulated a Wins Above Replacement of 11.9, 11.3, and 10.1, respectively. At the time of retirement, for pitchers with 200 or more wins, he was among the last to finish with more complete games (255) than career wins (251). Finished his career with a 2.91 ERA, good for a career 127 Adjusted ERA+. Pitched more than 275 regular-season innings in a season seven straight times. Pitched more than 300 regular-season innings in a season twice (1968 & '69). In 1968 (The Year of the Pitcher), Gibson had, arguably, the greatest season ever for a pitcher. NL-high 268 K's, Won 22 games, Completed 28 games, Allowed one (earned) run or fewer in 24 of his 34 starts, Pitched at least 7 innings in all of them, Threw 9 or more innings in all but eight of his 34 starts that year, Pitched into the tenth five times (completing four of them), At the end of the year, finished with a 1.12 ERA, the lowest for any starter in the live-ball era, Won the Cy Young and MVP, the last NL pitcher to win the latter award until Clayton Kershaw in 2014. Was always a proficient hitter for a pitcher, hitting 24 career homers in the regular season and two in the World Series. When the lights shone the brightest, Gibson was at his best. Pitched eight complete games in his nine career World Series starts. Threw seven consecutive complete-game victories (a record considered unbreakable in today's climate), including two Game-7 CG's in 1964 and '67, earning World Series MVP in both. Game 1 of the 1968 World Series against the Tigers was the best start in his career. Allowed 5 hits, pitched a shutout, struck out a current-record 17 batters, finished with an elite Game Score of 93. In 1923, Walter Johnson became the first man to strike out 3,000 batters, finishing with 3,508 in 1927. No one else would join the 3,000-K club until Bob Gibson in 1974, 51 years later. Gibson finished his career with 3,117, retiring after the 1975 season. At the time of retirement, his 251 career wins were the most ever by a Black Major-League pitcher. His number would be eclipsed by eventual HoFer Fergie Jenkins (the first Canadian elected into Cooperstown), who won 284. His 251-win total is tied for first among African-American pitchers; CC Sabathia matched him last year. Holds the franchise record in wins, strikeouts, and complete games and is the greatest Cardinal pitcher of all time. Elected into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 1981 and voted into Baseball's All-Century Team in 1999. He was a giant on the mound. Thoughts to his friends, family, and Cardinal fanbase.
  4. Good day to you. What are your favorite eSport games? I have been playing fortnight for two years. I have a good experience in this game.
  5. Now that the Stanley Cup Finals are here, both teams with one Stanley Cup each, Which team are you going to root for in the finals? The Tampa Bay Lightning, or the Dallas Stars?
  6. After 7 months of waiting, football is finally back. So what do we got? Everyone's favorite GOAT Tom Brady is not with the Patriots anymore. He's traded that red, white and blue to join some Florida pirates. And that team's city and initials are TB Drew Brees is gonna have to deal with Tom Brady twice. Sorry Saints fans, this is your worst nightmare Cam Newton left the Panthers and went to the Patriots, he's now pals with coach Bill Belichick and WR Julian Edelman. That should be nice The other pirates THE RAIDERS ran away from Oakland again and got a big beefy stadium in Vegas. Rams and Chargers have to share some weird place called SoFi. Dem Cowboys got a new coach, but it's the same laidback guy from Green Bay. And speaking of Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers has to teach a new QB the ropes. Nick Foles, the hero in Super Bowl LII, hit a new low, he's the backup to a wimpy QB in Chicago. Eli Manning retired, the old Cowboys coach is doing some work for the Giants. When in doubt Derp like usual. Where did Phillip Rivers go? Oh yes he's QB for the Colts Que that Super Bowl XLIX commercial with the MLP cameo! As for the Broncos, please say you'll get it right this time you've got the Titans to deal with. Jets crash and burn You Eagles still gonna fly Load that popcorn for Days of Our Steelers Jags turn to tank, Washington Bargain Bins Whoa Texans, what happened to you guys? The only reason you couldn't win the opener against the Chiefs is because your baseball team banged dirty trash cans in 2017.
  7. Lou Brock spent the bulk of his career with the Cardinals, but began with the Cubs. In 1964, they needed a starting pitcher, so they traded Brock to St. Louis for Ernie Broglio on the June 15th deadline. At the time, the trade angered the Cardinal clubhouse, because Broglio was really good and really well-liked in the clubhouse. As it turned out, manager Johnny Keane wanted Brock because he thought his presence could improve their lineup after Musial retired and wanted him to run on the basepaths. The trade is one of the most lopsided of all time and the worst in Cub history. Brock was a force on the basepaths. While he never walked all that much over his career (his .343 OBP is one reason why he has a 45.4 WAR), he picked up a ton of hits, notching 3,023 over his 19-year career. From 1966-1974, he led the NL or Majors in stolen bases in eight out of nine seasons. His best year, 1974 at age 35, he hit a milestone, breaking the all-time single-season stolen base record with 118 (Maury Wills had 104 in 1962, the NL's first 162-game season). At the time of retirement, his 938 stolen bases (out of 1,245 attempts, a 75.34% success rate) were the most of all time. Where he shone brightest, though, was the World Series. His home run in Game 7 began a 5th-inning rally to help propel the Cardinals to their first World Series since '46. Three years later (the first 20-homer, 50-steal season in history), he stole seven bases (three of them in Game 7), hit .414, and started a large chunk of their rallies. The following WS, he stole seven again and hit .464. In his three World Series (21 games), he had 34 hits, good for a .391 average. But his accomplishments don't stop there. While still an active player, the National League created the Lou Brock Award, which awards the player in that league with the most stolen bases. 1979 was his last year, and he won the NL Comeback Player of the Year, was an All-Star, recorded his 3,000th career hit during the season, and had his jersey number retired. Six years later, the BBWAA elected him to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot. RIP, Lou Brock. P.S.: Earlier this week, Tom Seaver passed away, and Seaver and Brock faced each other more times than anyone else (157 plate appearances). They died within a week of each other. P.P.S.: On the day he turned 81, he was serenaded with a loud "Happy Birthday to You!" My eyes are welling.
  8. The greatest Met of all time, and first player to have his number retired by the team, died at the age of 75. One of baseball's all-time greats. RIP, Tom Terrific.
  9. Given there are few teams we care about so much, how’s about we talk kindly about them with gentle regard when things fall flat. I’ll start with one such team. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team that strikes me as menacing Given their name Steelers, which makes me think of the Terminator. They keep falling short to the New England Patriots in the playoffs. Not only that, but they haven’t added more Lombardi Trophies to their collection after winning Super Bowl XLIII against Kurt Warner’s Arizona Cardinals. If I could pity them, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell (google them) weren’t the right people to play for the Steelers. We all know their two Super Bowl loses to Troy Aikman’s Dallas Cowboys and Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers. If success to acquire 7 or more Super Bowl championships is ever going to come for them, it’s not going to happen with Ben Roethlisberger or Mike Tomlin.
  10. The championship season kicked off yesterday with its first match and today it is our turn! The summer break has gone so quickly.. Today Brighton face Sheffield Wednesday at home. Very excited to see what we are made of this season! Who does your team have on the first day?
  11. nope. I hate sports, it is too tiring, except dancing.
  12. A lot of talk has been made about concussions in sports. Players and families of players are suing leagues over it. What do you think should be done about it? Is putting more money into research enough, or do we need to make sports safer? Or, should we not do anything about it, since athletes know the risks when they play, and for some of them, it's the only way for them to make a decent living?
  13. How does everyone feel about this sport? Frankly, i find it horrible and brutal. Guys beating the crap out of each other for sport and entertainment? Really speaks about what's wrong with the human race, for peope to enjoy this kind of thing.
  14. Hey everypony. I love the game of Golf. You know, the Scottish game where you hit a small stone with a curvy stick and whack at it as many times as it takes to get into that gopher hole at the end of the sheep grazing field (true story...that was the origins). I know I can't be the only one here who likes this wonderful game, that is best experienced first hand, but is fun(!) to watch on TV when the course and drama takes it. I'm writing this during Masters' week, which I spend watching pregame on Golf channel all week and watch every minute of the tournament itself, as I believe there no golf tournament that is better, nor many sporting events in the year that come close. (my ranking #1 Masters, #2 Super Bowl, #3 tied with NBA Championship and World Series). Yes, that's what the Masters mean to me. I also watch Feherty and think he's great. I don't like the new format at the bar and grill though. Unfortunately, I am horrible at golf. I have a maximum handicap, despite growing up where my dad had free access to a golf course and I played often, but I spent a couple summers at a golf camp. Maybe the golf camp sucked so bad that wrecked me for life...or I just only get to golf once a year or so (until I move to Texas, then cheap golf and great weather is everywhere...) So: Any golfers? What's your handicap? Where do you play? Do you watch? that's okay. Silly Twilight - she knows every rule, but didn't remove the flag. She might get a two stroke penalty if she hits the pole.
  15. Some people love to watch sports, we all know this. Many here probably love sports and watch them a lot. Me, I don't watch sports much, but, strangely enough, I do sometimes like having a sport on in the background, whatever kind of sport game is on, I may have it playing in the background while I am doing other things. It is actually relaxing. So it makes me think, what is a relaxing sport to watch or listen to for you? Could be any kind of sport at all. For me, it would be GT racing. Yeah, the constant sound of the cars, the constant movement, for some reason listening to these kinds of videos is relaxing to me.
  16. Who of you cubes? For how long have you been cubing? What's your main event? What are your PBs? I just wanna find cubers and talk cubing. I've been cubing for about 10 years, maybe 11, but I've gone through several long hiatuses and was held back financially for a long time at the beginning (and even now really) so my times don't seem like those of someone who has been cubing for that long. I've tried being an all-rounder for a while but then realized I was never gonna get as far as I want that way so I pretty much dropped most events and just pick them up casually from time to time. My main events are 3x3, 4x4, 5x5. OH, and megaminx. My PB singles for those events are: 3x3 - 8.33, 4x4 - 48.343, 5x5 - 1:50.504, OH - 17.69, megaminx - 1:03.539.
  17. For about more than a year, I've been following this trick shot channel on YouTube known as Dude Perfect. Does anypony else watch Dude Perfect? Fell free to share thoughts. Edit: Didn’t think they’d actually come as far as they are now with Overtime
  18. I've been a hockey fan since I was 10, and with the new season starting. I would like to know who everyone's favorite NHL team is.
  19. As if E3 and many conventions being cancelled in light of the Coronavirus becoming a world crisis, the National Basketball Association has announced that they are going to suspend the current season This was announced in reaction to Utah Jazz all-star center Rudy Gobert testing positive for Coronavirus just before they were about to begin play the Oklahoma City Thunder in Chesapeake Energy Arena. The infected player was not in the facility, however Thunder medical staff came onto the court to meet with the officials to report his positive testing, resulting in both teams leaving the court. They were quarantined in the locker rooms in Oklahoma City for no less than an hour The NBA stated in the official announcement that the main purpose of the hiatus is to determine the next steps for moving forward in regard to the pandemic. There is currently no timetable for the league to resume play
  20. Is anyone here into the awesome sport off mountain biking
  21. While there is a great number of fantastic artists, musicians and advisors on the forums, it seems that there is a distinct lack of sports related threads that discuss what us fans do to keep ourselves both entertained and fighting fit. So what kind of sport do you participate in? Do you even like sport? This is where people can discuss what positions they play in on their Sunday football (soccer) team, how far can you hit a golf ball with a 3 iron and how many times you've accidentally hit somebody in the face with a basketball while trying to pass it to them. Enlighten us with your sporting experience! It doesn't matter if you do it regularly or not, if you're professional or you just kick the ball around with a few mates at the local part. As a good host I shall start! I go to a kickboxing class about 3 times a week. I absolutely adore it, it keeps me fit and I love going to events and competing. I'm not brilliant at it but I've won many fights with my clubs own fight shows and a few county tournaments. Now you go...
  22. who here is a good basketball player? i myself have played basketball since 4th grade and currently on my high school b squad,tell me how good you are!
  23. Any Skaters out there? How good are you? Ever thought of tricking your board out with pony? Pics, if so.
  24. Considering the two teams involved in this year's Super Bowl, the scene is going to have as much red as Big Macintosh with piles of bucked apples in front of the Sweet Apple Acres barn. Joke aside, Which team are you going for, Kansas City Chiefs, or San Francisco 49ers? I've been a Chiefs fan for many years. So I'm rooting for them. Though I do have family in the Bay Area.