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Found 197 results

  1. ($5 says this has already been made or something similar has been made. If so, then sorry 'bout that.) Title says it all. Mine is Sweetie Belle because I like unicorns and I think she is cutest and the coolest out of the CMC. I would say hello and all, but I would be a bit more happy because I just got the fine opportune chance to meet one of my favorite ponies.
  2. what do u guys think about these new CMC toys ? i got the Applebloom one randomly at Argos which one of the CMC is your favorite ?
  3. Cutie Mark Crusader, I tried My Bast in this drawn... My New Style of Drawn xD
  4. I hope it's not too bad or if this is way overdone and annoying now. (Sweetie Belle) Okay, get a grip, get a hang of these apples It's like carrying fabrics but this time its apples These ones are good, which ones are bad? OH, now I will have to look through my saddle bag Oh, so these are rotten. No problem. I can't believe I can do this and more To sort the apples like I open a door Out of my shell, not closed up like a clam Look out, this is me, here I am For a moment all of me Is alive and sure sight to see I'm singing and dancing, watching ponies train No one prissy getting into my mane For a moment I am warm I'm a seed in the world's biggest farm This is more than my thoughts ever thought it could be For a moment, just a moment, lucky me (Rarity) If only for one moment I hadn't been so mad at you A bond wouldn't be a mystery How will I ever get through? (Sweetie Belle) Applejack's awesome and better and cooler A sister like no one before Bored no more! For a moment I can shine Got two awesome sisters who are fine My forehead and sweaty, and I really don't care If rocks and dirt are tangled in my hair For a moment I can feel All the dreams I've been dreaming are real Wish Rarity could see it, a sister is fun For a moment, just a moment, wish she'd learn (Rarity) I will find you my darling And the moment that I do I'll hold you close, my Sweetie Belle And we will find something fun to do And we will find something fun to do (Sweetie Belle) For a moment, just a moment, I belong
  5. For EveryPony , My New Drawn... Based in My New Style of Drawn
  6. So, after looking back, I realized that I've seen many cartoons in my life. Whether it's animated, CGI, or flash, I've been impressed by it. Many were well done in terms of animation, writing, characters, and more! However, after looking at MLP FIM, I was impressed all the way with all of it's qualities! And it made me realize something, would I consider it my all time favorite? I personally still don't have an all time favorite cartoon, but MLP FIM might be the one. What about you guys? I need opinions and ideas to make up my decision. PS: Would you say this is your all time favorite due to the fandom? Some people have agreed on that.
  7. Glike

    Ask A CMC

    Ah'm Applebloom. My name is Sweetie Belle! And I'm Scootaloo! AND WE'RE THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS! We're here to answer every question you ask. Well most of them at least. *chuckles uncomfortably* And tell 'em why we're doing this, Scoots! ... *coughs* Ah said... And tell 'em why we're doing this, Scoots! Oh yeah, r-right, my bad. We're going to get our Cutie Marks in being interviewed! CUTIE MARK CRUSADER INTERVIEWEES, YAY!!!
  8. This is a Drawing for Someone project. I prob should have finished it a long time ago well only 3 more to go
  9. Silver Spoon watched her parents pack for their business trip. They already told her that she couldn't go along with them, and held their ground after constant begging. This experience was new to her. She had never been left alone in her entire life. Her parents didn't even have time to prepare food, so she had to learn how to cook or starve.The latter obviously wasn’t acceptable. "I'm going to go to Diamond Tiara's house," she announced before leaving. Her parents didn't say anything as they were too busy, and Diamond Tiara's house was only three houses down the street. Silver Spoon knocked on a fancy looking door three times. On the third knock, Filthy Rich answered the door. "Hello, Silver Spoon," He greeted with a smile. "Hello, Mr. Rich. Is Diamond Tiara here?" She asked. "She is, but I'm afraid you cannot speak to her. She has the Pony Pox." He explained. "I hope she gets well soon!" Silver Spoon responded feeling bad for her friend. She then returned to her house. "Was Diamond Tiara not home?" Her mother, Parfait Spoon, asked. Silver Spoon shook her head. "She was home, but she had the Pony Pox. This week is going to be so boring!" "Don't say that," her mother responded while smiling "I know you can survive a week alone." "I've never been alone in my entire life!" Silver Spoon complained. "I wish you could come with us, but the boss says he doesn't want any children on the trip. I wish it wasn't so sudden so I could at least get you a babysitter, but I know you’re old enough to be home alone." Her mother explained. "Honey! It's time to leave!" Her father, Caviar Spoon called to her mother. Her mother kissed her on the cheek and rushed out the door giving Silver Spoon a small wave of her hoof before mounting the chariot. Silver Spoon looked out a window, watching the chariot drive away, leaving her alone. She sat on her bed, not wanting the face the challenges of being alone. School would start in thirty minutes, but she didn't feel like going to school without Diamond Tiara to walk with her. She was about to go to sleep, but a thought came to her: 'School would be interesting even without Diamond Tiara, there are other ponies I can talk to.' She got up and made sure she looked perfect, before leaving for school. A lot of ponies stared at her, and she wasn't sure if they were admiring her beauty or shocked because she was alone. Silver Spoon had a strong feeling it was the latter. When she reached the school, the doors were still locked, so she took a seat on a bench. The bells rang, and Silver Spoon, along with all of the other school fillies, galloped into the building. A few minutes later, a second bell rang signalling that class was starting. Miss Cheerilee trotted up to the front of the class and began speaking to them. "Good morning, class! Today, we’re going to be talking about colors! Can any of you tell me the colors of the rainbow?" "Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet!" Sweetie Belle shouted without raising her hoof. 'Just my luck...' Silver Spoon thought to herself. She knew that Sweetie Belle's older sister, Rarity, was a fashion designer, so it was no surprise that Sweetie Belle would have good knowledge of colors. "That is correct!" Cheerilee announced at the same time as Silver Spoon was thinking. "Next question. What are the three primary colors?" Again, Sweetie Belle answered, "Red, Yellow, Blue!" "Correct!" Cheerilee announced again, "Now somepony else! What would I get if I mix red with yellow?" "Orange." Silver Spoon muttered quietly. "Silver Spoon, can you repeat that?" Cheerilee asked. "Orange." Silver Spoon repeated louder. "That is correct! Last question. What is white light?" "Light that is white!" Snips exclaimed laughing. "Not quite." Cheerilee said. "Light that contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum at equal intensity." Silver Spoon answered when no one else would. The bell rang, and the little colts and fillies left the building knowing it was recess. Silver Spoon sat on her bench expecting peace and quiet, but a filly ruined it, Sweetie Belle to be exact. "How do you know so much about color?" "Leave me alone!" Silver Spoon shouted irritated. "My sister is a fashion designer, so she taught me a lot about colors, but how do you know so much?" Sweetie Belle asked. Silver Spoon rolled her eyes. She knew there was no way of getting Sweetie Belle to leave her alone except to answer. She took a deep breath and replied, "When Rarity was making a dress for me, she explained the importance of colors to me. At first, I didn't care, but she made it sound so interesting, so I was paid as much attention as I could to what she told me. She made me love colors so much that I wanted to be a painter. I wanted my cutie mark to be something to do with painting, but my cutie mark is useless. What is my special talent? Nothing! My cutie mark just means I get things hoofed to me. That's no talent!" Sweetie Belle noticed Silver Spoon's irritation, so she replied nicely, "You don't have to let your cutie mark control you. If you want to paint, then you can paint. Rarity's special talent isn't singing, but she sings sometimes." Silver Spoon giggled a bit before switching back to her irritated expression. She wasn’t about to let Sweetie Belle win, there was just no way. She didn't even have her cutie mark! Then she realized something. She didn't have to be mean to her, it wasn't like Diamond Tiara was around. She looked at the Crusader's flank and had an idea, "What if your special talent was being invisible, and you didn’t notice it because your cutie mark is invisible?" Sweetie Belle was confused, "Do you mean my special talent is being unnoticed?" Silver Spoon shook her head, "No, I mean the ability to become invisible. Just like Invisible Mare!" "You read comics?" Sweetie Belle asked surprised. "Um... promise you won't tell anypony!" Silver Spoon begged. Sweetie Belle nodded and said, "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." While doing the hoof gestures. Then she said, "Do you want to come over to the Boutique? Rarity is the Element of Generosity. I think I can get her to make you a new dress for free." "Element of Generosity?" Silver Spoon asked confused, she never heard of that. She knew Rarity had a reputation of being generous, just like Apple Bloom's older sister, Applejack, had a reputation of being honest. She had no idea there was an element for being generous though. School ended, and Silver Spoon followed Sweetie Belle to the Carousel Boutique. Rarity, who was wearing her red glasses, was drawing in a sketch pad and talking to a mare who appeared to be a high standing Canterlot Pony. Sweetie Belle led Silver Spoon into the kitchen, "There is plenty of food here, feel free to eat anything." "I want a cheese sandwich." Silver Spoon requested. "Then make it yourself!" Sweetie Belle said giggling. Silver Spoon looked down embarrassed, "I don't know how." Sweetie Belle laughed then said, "Really? You don't know how? It's easy! Take two slices of bread and put cheese in the middle!" Silver Spoon grabbed the bread and tried to open it to no avail, "How do you untie the bag?" "You just pull it." Sweetie Belle explained laughing. Silver Spoon pulled it and was surprised how the knot disappeared. She then went to the fridge to get some cheese. "How many of slices of cheese do you use?" Silver Spoon asked. "Two" Sweetie Belle answered. Silver Spoon opened the fridge and grabbed two slices of cheese, before placing them on the top slice of bread. She knew what a sandwich looked like enough to know that the cheese is supposed to be in the middle. She swapped the slices of bread, making the cheese in the middle. Then she took a bite. "How is it?" Sweetie Belle asked. "This is really good!" Silver Spoon exclaimed after she swallowed. "That's because you made it all by yourself!" Sweetie Belle said. "I did!" Silver Spoon realized. She had never made anything by herself, and she just made a cheese sandwich. Sure, she had trouble, but she knew with a little bit of practice, that she would be able to do things on her own. She looked at her flank and thought, 'If I can do things on my own, then my cutie mark would be useless, no! I can still have things given to me, but not all the time. I can do things on my own, but if somepony wants to give something to me, I will be grateful!' Sweetie Belle, who couldn’t read Silver Spoon's mind, sat in silence. She got up and told Silver Spoon, "I'm going to see if Rarity is finished with her customer." Rarity was sitting down disappointed. Sweetie Belle knew that Rarity had lost a customer, and she wasn't sure if it was the best time to request a dress. Luckily, she didn’t have to ask. Rarity saw her and said, "Silver Spoon wants a dress, doesn't she?" as if reading her mind. "Can you read minds?" Sweetie Belle asked. Then she remembered that her older sister asked a question, "Yeah, she wants a dress." "No. It wasn't too hard to figure out, she was looking at all of my dress designs. I know when somepony is planning to buy or when somepony is lurking." Rarity explained. "Can you please get her?" Sweetie Belle galloped quickly into the kitchen where Silver Spoon sat. Silver Spoon took the cue and trotted to the main room with Sweetie Belle. Rarity told Silver Spoon to stand on a platform before she measured her sizes. "Definitely not a warm color." Rarity muttered to herself while designing Silver Spoon's dress, "A lavender would go perfect." Rarity then asked Silver Spoon, "I am thinking light lavender. What do you think?" Rarity then levitated the dress design in front of her. "I love it!" Silver Spoon exclaimed happily. "Why don't you get the lavender fabric that you want for me?" Rarity requested, before explaining, "I wouldn’t recommend the ones in the back, I put the fabrics that are out of season there. The weather is getting warm, besides, the design is best with a thinner fabric, but not see through." Silver Spoon trotted to the fabrics and found the lavender ones. She felt each fabric until she found the one that was perfect. She then picked up the bolt and carried it to Rarity who cut out shapes in the fabric, and sewed them together with her magic. Silver Spoon watched in awe while Rarity made dresses as if it was nothing. "I would not recommend a warm color because it doesn't go well with anything. A dark color would also ruin your appearance. Grey would not accent you at all, but lavender will accent your eyes quite wonderfully," Rarity explained to her. Silver Spoon listened to the dress maker while watching her work. At last, the dress was complete. “Go ahead, try it on!” Rarity told Silver Spoon. She did as she was told and looked in a mirror, she looked absolutely stunning! Sweetie Belle planned on it being free, but she wasn't going to leave without paying for the dress. It was far too beautiful to be given freely. Silver Spoon grabbed a lot of bits out of her saddlebag and hoofed it to Rarity who was confused. "Sweetie Belle probably wanted you to make it for free, but it's far too beautiful." She explained. "Thank you, dear!" Rarity exclaimed smiling. She happily took the money and told her, “Have a nice day. Silver Spoon smiled kindly, "I will, I learned something today." Sweetie Belle heard that and told Silver Spoon, "Rarity keeps a diary where she writes down things she learned about friendship! Maybe you should do that, too!" Silver Spoon loved the idea. Rarity told her to wait and galloped to the back. A few minutes later, she returned with an empty book, "You can use this for your diary." She explained. Silver Spoon gladly accept and wrote in it. Dear Diary, This morning, I thought today would be terrible. My parents were gone, and Diamond Tiara was sick. However, today was one of the greatest days of my life. I learned that I should not expect things to be given to me. Things are much better when you do them yourself. I learned that by making a sandwich, it was the best cheese sandwich I had ever tasted! I also learned to be grateful when things are given to you, and you should never take anything for granted. Sweetie Belle has taught me more in one day than Diamond Tiara has taught me in an entire year. Until today, I never knew that it was better to work for something than to have it given to you. Silver Spoon. Author's Note:Disclaimer: I do not own the My Little Pony franchise. This fan fic is not canon and should not be taken as such. Edited by: Radical Prescott
  10. I'd had this idea for weeks now and had only just recently decided to write it. I want to know if it's a good premise for a story or not What do you think? Does it need more work? Is it even worth the time?
  11. To be honest.....I don't care much....but i had to choose I would choose to SAVE DERPY!
  12. What's going on here? What is sweetie belle reaching for? What's pinkie pie thinking? That, my friends, is up to you!!
  13. I have three questions regarding the creepy, yet adorable, Sweetieboos. They have a tendency to haunt Cheerilee (and occasionally Derpy Hooves) 1. If I adopt one, how should I treat it? 2. What is the average behaviour of a "Sweetiboo"? 3. Is this a sign, showing that Sweetie Belle's favourite teacher is Cheerilee? Source: fruitymilk (a NSFW blog)
  14. How did you feel about cheerilee turning off the song before it could get to "pony"? I really wanted to see what it would say! How about you? Did you wanna find out? Or did you not care? Answer below!
  15. Here is a new song I made after the airing of "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils". It's a good episode and the information about the episode was how this song is now existent. BPM: 172 TIME SPENT: 4 hours
  16. At long last, after some pressure and some messing around, I've finally gotten around to create my first digital piece! This is only a bust of Sweetie Belle, but I certainly plan on creating more. The hair maybe a tad too large, and the outline of her hair isn't the right color, but I didn't feel that it mattered to correct it at this point.
  17. This was a bit of a minor thing that bothered me, of Sweetie Belle calling Luna without her title with the exception of when she first appeared. I guess it just bugs me because in Hearts and Hooves day they call their teacher MISS Cheerilee, so you'd think she'd be more respectful to someone of a much higher position of power. I
  18. Hey. I've decided to make one of these blogs just to get my perspective out there and see if people like it. Being the first entry any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I have not written anything like this in a long while and sadly I waited too long to do it so many of the ways I wanted to present these ideas were forgotten so any advice would be welcome. At this point I don't think reviewing the episode traditionally is at all necessary. Many other people have done that, and better than I could. The pacing was perfect, the visuals were great and the episode was able to pull off being lighthearted or serious whenever it needed to be either. Instead I am going to focus on one aspect of the episode that I feel could be expanded upon: how this episode developed and explored both Sweetie Belle's and Rarity's characters. Fair warning: this is off the cuff. Let's start with Sweetie. The obvious is that it added a new facet to her character, jealousy towards her sister and anger towards feeling overshadowed. The main pitfalls of an episode like this are: having this flaw come across as contrived and making the character unsympathetic. Polsky avoided both through the 5th birthday Subplot. Wherein Sweetie wants to make a grand entrance like the "belle at the ball." Wait... I've heard that line before. Showing Sweetie's desire to shine here helped the episode immensely. The indirect rejection made the audience feel sorry for her, and the existence of the subplot made the conflict seem more organic to her character. With both pitfalls avoided one could appreciate how the episode played out. But rather than focus on that (as other reviewers have) let's look at how this affects Sweetie's character retroactively, particularly how she responds to her sister. It makes her desire to help Rarity into a desire to have a hand in her sister's success and catch her radiant glory as well as casting a new dimension on her... loose conception of personal property. I am referring to a few moments in Season 1 when Sweetie would "borrow" supplies from Rarity. Again, not unreasonable to assume she's trying to shine here. However, the episode is not just about Sweetie. It is about her relationship with Rarity. And this is where the episode truly shined in my opinion. Through this, it was able to develop not just Sweetie Belle but Rarity as well. Referencing the "Belle of the Ball" earlier, this was of course, a line from the song Becoming Popular. Sung by Rarity. This suggests parallelism between Rarity's and Sweetie's desires to shine and be noticed. Both are innocent desires to be adored and appreciated by others for who they are and what they can do. This, after all, was what Becoming Popular was about. Rarity finally makes it into the circle she always wanted and revels in the attention lavished on her. Some have confused this as some kind of egomania or narcissism on her part. But I will leave that for another blog where I go into more depth about Sweet & Elite in general as I have seen many people misunderstand what Rarity was doing in that episode. And as a result, disparage either her or the episode itself. In addition to this, there is the obvious character development for Rarity as we are shown her being a conscientious sister (which makes sense as her takes a sisterly role with many of her friends, particularly Fluttershy and Twilight) but also she is far more patient with Sweetie in this episode that in Sisterhooves. Some may argue that she is too saintly in this episode (presumably to discredit her or the episode). I disagree. Even though Rarity is more patient with Sweetie Belle, she is not an infinitely understanding saint. At the end Rarity still becomes frustrated by Sweetie. Not to mention that Rarity seems out of her depth when confronted by Sweetie's admittedly petty concerns. I enjoyed this a lot as well as their relationship still has the same realistic depth to it as before. They're never perfect but also never dysfunctional (aside from that lame gag in Sleepless, which was temporary as they were very close in that episode as well). So there's no cause for alarm there. But really, this is what always made Sweetie and Rarity's relationship resonate with me more than Applejack and Applebloom's. They have this kind chemistry and a deeper relationship. Despite being different people, they mirror one another in a way that siblings often do. Which makes their relationship a lot more interesting, and more touching in my opinion. Kindly leave your thoughts below, I would love to hear them.
  19. As some of you are aware, there was a bit of a twitter insult war between Tabitha St Germain and Claire Corlett(Which they did just for fun). So being the opportunist, I sketched in this drawing of Sweetie Belle and Rarity insulting each other just for fun. Note: This is actually the first time I used Adobe Illustrator(CS4 version sadly. I don't have CS5 or higher ) to draw this image.
  20. Oh my I think some just joined team bad guy? What do you think? I think she looked better (worse) than diamond tiara. The alternative being rarity fowled up, I'm kinda hopping it's not. I'd like to see sweetie bell shine as the antagonist. It's a big role. I mean what if sweetie bell grows into a spoiled brat? I like her the way she is, but i don't fear change. Change is good.
  21. When I got home today, I found a Build-A-Bear ad in my mail and had this page dedicated to four ponies. While Fluttershy is already out, we finally get news of the newest additions to Build-A-Bear Workshop. I won't lie, I'm pretty darn excited, but I just want a darn Applebloom plush already! xP Either way, Rarity and the CMCs are to be released on April 4th. Check it! If you have trouble reading, here are the prices for everything pictured: -Fluttershy - $25 -Fluttershy Gala Cape 3 pc. - $13.50 -White Sequin Flats - $7.50 (per pair) -Rarity - $25 -Rarity Gala Cape 2 pc. - $13.50 -Hair Extensions 4 pc. (includes four different colors) - $4 -Rainbow Flats - $7.50 (per pair) -Sweetie Belle - $15 -Build-A-Bear Buddies Rainbow Tutu - $5 -Scootaloo - $15 -Build-A-Bear Buddies Rainbow Tutu - $5 -Optional My Little Pony Theme song added in to the plush - $7
  22. Seriously this fic get's hilarious, and It is completely innocent, It's a ship between Sweetie Belle and Button Mash, where Button joins the crusaders. And yes the author takes full advantage of that. By Justice4243
  23. Here's my theory about next Saturday's episode of the MLP show. Technically, "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" will focus on dealing with difficult people. Sweetie Belle will eventually learn from Luna, in her dreams, about dealing with difficult ponies, especially her sister Rarity, but in the right way. At the end, Sweetie would have to confess her feelings to Rarity about the latter being somewhat of a jerk to the former, so that Rarity herself could learn a valuable lesson as well. But, because it will be written by Dave Polsky, who's better with sight-gags than story and character-development, there are a million ways that episode could go wrong. One of those ways is that Sweetie Belle learns about apologizing to Rarity, instead of dealing with difficult ponies the right way. As a result, Rarity won't learn a valuable lesson about respecting her sister, because only Sweetie Belle learned a lesson but doesn't teach her older sister anything about respecting loved ones. But I hope "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" is less about apologizing, and more about teaching others valuable lessons without stooping to their levels. When you apologize for getting back at somepony for being a jerk to you, you're the one learning a lesson, but not the jerk him/herself. However, when you confess your feelings about why that person/pony/whatever was a jerk to you and why you became a jerk back, eventually that other person/pony/etc., will also learn the errors of their ways, and work to improve themselves. After all, if Sweetie Belle is going to learn a lesson, Rarity might as well learn a lesson as well.
  24. I felt like drawing something adorable, so I drew Sweetie Belle.