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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 195 results

  1. I will be making a Flash cartoon of my own fan made story I came up with about Sweetie Belle and it will be about meeting her Favorite singing Idol. At time we all know Sweetie Belle has a sweet voice and she loves to sing but she doesn't show it off as much or sings in public as much but in her own time she sings when she wants to or when she is alone most the time. That is when she puts on her favorite music to sing along with and the singer she most adores when Sweetie feels she wants to sing of what in her heart. Her name is Jaming Gina (a well talented Pony that could sing to her heart of everypony and all Ponies adore her amazing voice and beauty. ) and she will be performing at PonyVile. Finally Sweetie Belle get the chance to meet Jaming Gina on stage live! How will Sweetie Belle react. How will she get there. Tune in as soon I will get done with this flash. I will be posting an animatic video soon to see how that comes out first then an animation to finish it all. So stay tune For JAMING GINA's Performance. By the way if you a Kpop fan Jaming Gina is Singing Idol GNA! If you want to see more of Jamming Gina or other works I ve done check out my DA Valentine flash Card Featuring Jamming Gina I also have a video blog I have done and I did show a little preview of the animatic of the Animation I am doing for this so check out my youtube. 7:45 what I meant to say is that I won't have voice actors for this animation but the sing for Jamming Gina which is just using a music for Gina's album. So pretty much face expression silent voice movie. In time I am seeing how many views I can get to see this animation happening. If you would like this to see this little flash I gonna make comment below and tell me what you think about. Put a like on this post. It really helps me out among making it happen. Because I m not just making it for myself. I want to make sure its gonna be great to watch for you all!

    Sweetie Belle cosplays as water.

    Yeah, I know the file is huge as ass, but I don't care. Forever. Anyway, on kind of a MST3K/Rifftrax kick lately, and this image popped up in my head. Have no idea what those are? Educate yourself. Have a deviantART link. Also, in case you're wondering...
  3. ~Silver Essence~

    Are you a fan of cult classics?

    So, if you don't know what this is, don't worry, it's not that dark anti type of religion, so don't worry. Cult classics are movies, T.V. shows, video games, and anything in general that wasn't considered good or funny, but rather boring or not entertaining. However, as time passes, if something from back then is popular as of now, then it's considered a cult classic. And I gotta ask, are you a fan of it? And if so, what cult classics have you seen or heard of? I always tend to go for the underrated and cult classics. To get an idea, here are two cult classics. For movies, we got napoleon dynamite, a cult classic movie that got low box office scores at the theaters and was considered boring at the time, but as time went on, it was a big hit and a sleeper hit with it's comedy. For Cartoons, we got invader zim. This is of course funny and weird in a good way if your into that stuff, but back then, it was forgotten and frowned upon because of it's dark humor and characters. Now, it's a big hit as well, and considered one of the funniest cartoons in my opinion.
  4. Spitfire22

    CMC drawing

    This is my first attempt at the CMC I apper to be better at drawing fillies as a posed to drawing regular ponys no idea why hope you guys like it please give feedback
  5. True Rarity

    Ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders

    Pretty much what the name implies. Ask one or all of the CMC a question and they'll answer!
  6. Just finished my second sculpture. By far, my favorite. Hope she's not too saucy. I know, I know, I forgot the horn. I'm stupid... Source:
  7. OM NOM NOM NOM!!! And I have 100 characters to fill to make this post, so I'll use it to ask the pertinent question: WHAT did Sweetie Belle do that would make AJ want to feed her to Pinkie Pie? Or was AJ so desperate to stop her from talking that she just reached for the nearest object?
  8. While I was making this, I think I almost killed myself by cuteness overload. This is a little simple wallpaper I made of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I hope you enjoy it! If you'd like to download this wallpaper, go to my deviantArt! -> Thank you for reading! ~TPSB.
  9. ~SadisticFluttershy~

    The Wish Chapter 1 is on there Chapter 2 coming soon! Being worked on currently. Let me know what you guys think by commenting here or on the story page:)
  10. Bugplayer

    Cmc in a box!

    Hi there! So this is a drawing I just finished. The original was fluttershy in a box, and I wanted a cmc version, because I can So I redrew everything, while still maintaining the original concept, so there it is! Came out pretty well, but still the flutter one is my favorite ^.^ Let me know your thoughs! About what could be approved, so that I can do better next time Source:
  11. pinkiefan1287

    Cutie Mark Crusaders break up

    So I was wondering what people would think if the CMC broke up in one episode? Not for the whole season, just for one episode. This came to me when I thought about all the times they have failed at getting their cutie marks. They tried backer, performers, news writers, sky divers, pet groomers, etc. They tried for so long it feels like at some point they should get mad at one another for all of these failed attempts. Now I'm not a huge CMC fan, but it could just be that they never got to mad at one another. When they fail it just an, ok this did not work, lets try something new. I'm sure a lot of us have been in projects with are friends and sometimes it works out and another times one friend does not do his/her work, or one did not bring this, or one did not finish anything up. This could be a really good lesson to teach. I can see it happening in a few ways. The first one is that they try and get their cutie marks in some kinda of way and it does not work out, so they start blaming each other for why it went wrong. Then they just mad at each other and none of them want to talk to each other. Then at the end they just make up. Not sure how the episode would play out, but it could teach that your friends can make you mad at times, but if life can also be hard with out friends. The lesson still needs work, but it just an idea. The next one is Scootaloo is not showing up for any CMC meet up's to get their cutie mark because she is spending more time with Rainbow Dash. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle understand at first, but when they see she is not gaining anything from her, like ways to get a cutie mark they get mad at her and just leave her out. So an episode that kinda has a backfire to the Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash sister thing. The last one is kinda the weakest one I came up with. The CMC try and get their cutie marks by doing something a little to dangerous and they end up getting really hurt. Then the parents think that they should stop doing CMC activities together. They still try and meet up, but the parents just get more mad at them. This episode is more being don't be so overprotective of your kids. That they should choose who their friends should be. Some of the ideas I have aren't worked out all the way, but are just ideas to get things going. So what do you all think if there was a CMC break up episode?
  12. Trixie the Greatest

    So when the CMC grow up...

    There has been many speculations and artist renditions of how the CMC probably would look like when they grow up, complete with their Marks in tangem. So far, the most that gets Applebloom is that she could become a Carpenter, as odd of achoice as it seems, and Sweetie Belle a singer, with musical notes prominent in any kind of mark created. Scootaloo is stil la wild card, but some choose that her mark would probably be similar to Rainbow Dash's in one way or another: Seems Bloom may also get a hat of her own in some renditions: And a rare instance that point to their on stage performance when they were younger: Will Scootaloo be able to fly? Since Babs Seed was added to the CMC later on, it makes sens to also show what she may be able to be like when she gets mark and as an grown up. Here is another rendition with Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon as a bonus: So what is anyone else's expectations when they do indeed reach adulthood?
  13. DarligPegasi

    The Perfect Stallion Cover

    So this is me singing The Perfect Stallion. A little late on my part but back then I wasn't willing to make a fool of myself on camera Comments would be appreciated! Please ignore my scarf, I was having a bad hair day.
  14. So I decided to a quick sketch of the CMC, and by quick sketch, I mean this took over a friggin hour, mostly because I made the foolish decision to be more "dynamic" with the posing and to attempt the difficult task of making all the body proportions equal between all of them. Personally, they're a bit meh. I think the Apple Bloom one turned the best. Scootaloo's face is weird and Sweetie is just overall disturbing me. What do you guys think?
  15. Trixie the Greatest

    Some Fanart I had around

    Had some drawings stocked at my DA account, so I want to share them with you all. Fluttershy: Pinkamena 1 Pinkamena 2 Sweetie Belle sucks at the game About the "No Fate" thing, was watching Terminator 2 which I bought (the Extreme edition of it), if anyone watched it, its where Sarah Connor carves it on a table meaning there's no fate which what we make. About the last drawing, that's Archer Bodkin "Scootablue", who was an earth pony colorswap of Scootaloo and was replaced by her later after call of the cutey episode. She came back as a cameo in hearts and hooves day playing at the arcade in the background, this is why I chose it to be my canon t hat she loves videogames and is quoting an arcade phrase to Sweetie Belle, which you could guess was doing badly at a game they were playing.
  16. Ihei

    Ask Scootaloo

    Hey everypony! I'm ready for your questions! Let's try to get a bajillion (is that a number?) questions!! SCOOTER AWAY!!! I wuv all of youuuu!!
  17. So I was just going trough the internet seeing what I can find on the fandom that I could have possibly missed when then suddenly I stumbled upon this. and I was hooked beyond belief. I can only Imagine the other MLP songs if they're like this. what do you guys think? English or Japanese? more or neigh?
  18. Why does Apple Bloom act so surprised when she found out (in Call of the Cutie) that she wasn't the only one without a Cutie Mark (Blank Flank)? Apple Bloom-*GASP* You don't have your Cutie Marks either?!?, I thought I was the only one? Scootaloo-We thought WE were the only TWO. In the first episode Friendship Is Magic, Part 1 They are clearly shown right next to each other huddling under what seems like a curtain/drapes... right? Did they randomly get amnesia right after Nightmare Moon's introduction? Were they all traumatized that they erased it from their minds? Are not all episodes canon with each other or when they want to be? How is it possible that they wouldn't notice something that "important" before Nightmare Moon showed up?
  19. DwarfEmo13

    Sweetie Bot

    Had a Sweetie Belle sketch on my computer so I decided to make this. I mean obviously it isn't nearly as good as the one I did of Scootaloo.... Just to let you know I'll probably do more of this, believe it or not I do take your feedback into account P.S Let me know of any changes/improvements I can make. Oh and by the way, I did this in the early hours of the morning My tiredness probably had an adverse effect on my motor skills....
  20. A little picture I did tonight. Drawn and inked by hand, Transferred to the Computer where I colorized i and slapped it over An Everfree Forest Background. I think it came out okay let me know what you think
  21. TailsIsNotAlone

    Sweetie Bot vs. the Marines: WHO WINS

    On one side: a ruthless, unstoppable automaton pony with a heart. The greatest thing to come out of Friendship is Witchcraft, perhaps the best headcanon interpretation of Sweetie Belle. She has so much power inside of her, you don't even KNOW what she can do. On the other side: the Marines. The few, the proud. The elite brotherhood of the U.S. military. Trained to weather unforseeable extremes to defend their nation. Unfortunately, not cartoons. But I imagine a few of them are pony fans. Who shall come out victorious?
  22. Eureka

    Sweetie Belle

    Ello! So I Made this Sweetie Belle drawing and I wanted to know what you think! For next time I draw! Hope you like it!
  23. Eureka

    Sweetie Belle

    Ello! So I Made this Sweetie Belle drawing and I wanted to know what you think! For next time I draw! Hope you like it!
  24. John Cena in a brutal Gauntlet match against the Cutie Mark Crusaders: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo! Don't forget to like/fave/share, and give suggestions for future exhibition matches.
  25. Arcus (Silver Lining) Wind

    Best CMC episode

    What do you consider to be the best Cutie Mark Crusader episode? I was just rewatching some episodes and found that I really enjoyed the CMC episodes I watched, but I can't decide which is my favorite. What is your favorite CMC episode?