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Found 198 results

  1. Well not in character, but by voice~ I hope this isn't old news. I was watching a show on Hulu and saw this ad. Upon hearing the girl's voice I started thinking 'Is that Sweetie Belle?!' Perhaps it isn't her voice actor but you have to admit they sound mighty similar, yes?
  2. I was bored tonight so I decided to try my hand at some pony art. It's not very good, but I think it wasn't bad for my very first. The Cutie Mark Crusaders meeting each other all grown up and with their cutie marks.
  3. I need help understanding something with Scootaloo. Every time I read something about her cutie mark, everyone says that her mark well be dancing. So this is my question, why is it dancing? Scootaloo shows zero signs that she is a dancer. In one episode she did a dance, but it did not turn out well for her and after that episode she has done zero dancing things. Now Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle have shown signs that they are good at what they do. Apple Bloom has built 2 things in the show and Sweetie has sung many times. I think Scootaloo is going to be some kind of stunt pony and not a dancer. Maybe I just don't get it because Scootaloo is my least favorite charter of the show, but I just want to understand.
  4. The Psilocybience Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 This story, at 3800 words, is not finished. Sweet Apple Acres is being swarmed by mushrooms! Twilight Sparkle is missing! Dis nonsense is up to AJ and Sweetie Belle to fix. Rated Teen. http://www.fimfictio...e-Psilocybience Look at some cool art while you're at it! Awesome Sweetie Belle sorta relevant to the story here: http://browse.devian...set=72#/d4ty10m
  5. Here is an IRL pony photo while I was at this wedding. It just came to me when I first heard that I'm invited to it. :3 Is everypony ready for practing? The wedding starts in half an hour!
  6. Here's the cmc! And I can't believe how adorable Sweetie Belle turned out, she is just SO DAMN CUTE! I don't really like how Scootaloo turned out. Again with the colors - Scootaloo's hair looks pink because the only violet colored pencil I have is pinkish-violet...So yeah.
  7. Is this in the right section? Well, this is bucking hilarious, and I just stumbled upon it on DeviantART while searching for scooting ponies. If this topic has been made I did not see it in search, so yeah. Enjoy breaking your space bar, as you go on a SweetieQuest. Press Space to SweetieScoot
  8. Here's one more while I was away, It took me 20 minutes to get this all together. :3 Maybe the best one (kinda) I have made so far.
  9. Here's something I made while I managed to stay in a hotel. Hope you like it.
  10. This is my first time making something like this. I controlled the lighting for effect. I can make another one somewhat this saturday, but I don't know which pony/ponies to use next.
  11. Alright I promised no more love drawings because it felt more like a shipfic to me... But I feel like doing one more cause I'm in a happy mood. Scootaloo's cutie mark is revealed as well. :3 In the spoiler is the Scootaloo version: I hope you bronies and pegasisters like it.
  12. This here is my first story. I'd abandoned completely the field of fanfiction until coming into FiM territory, and I just had to do it. Twilight is given a very special gift by the Princesses which will allow her to boost her magical capacity even more. But when the Crusaders come knocking at her door, everything gets turned on its head. Hope you like it, comments are apreciated, and if somepony wants to act as proofreader for future (or past) chapters, I'd be thankful http://www.fimfictio.../16610/The-Gift
  13. As you may or may not know, the voice of sweetie belle is played by Claire Corlett, who is a 11-12 year old girl, and although this makes her voice more believable, it does make me worry about how long she can keep that role. also here is a clip of her a few months ago in her normal voice (unrelated to ponies, but does throw in sweetie belle voice at times) she seems like her voice will be the same for a while, but i wonder how long and what they will do after.... I guess this also goes for Michelle Creber (the VA of applebloom and singing voice of sweetie belle) I just found out she is around the same age as Claire
  14. I mean, go for silver.... I guess? Are you guys feeling this at all?
  15. How can I make it better? Looking for suggestions! DA: Link
  16. Here's another piece of art. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom have cutie marks as well. What do you think?
  17. So, I've been extra bored today, so I made vectors second one done today, this time Sweetie Belle
  18. I dunno...Thursday's thread I think: Sorry this one is late, life and work come first after all...but you can have 2 drawings today instead! First is Sweetie Belle in her talent show costume. Try this... http-~~-// Second drawing is my OC because...why not. Here is the Sweetie Belle in case that youtube thing doesn't work. Critique or comment or whatever. Again, sorry this was late. Request for tomorrow?
  19. This is like the 2nd or 3rd time I've ever drawn a pony. With the help of a "Step By Step" drawing video, this is what I got. I'll be honest, I did NOT like the way this came out. I need a critique please.
  20. I was looking at My Little Investigations and Ithought I saw a link to the download demo. I clicked it and it led me here: Apparently they are working on a game there. Here is how the game looks: http-~~-// You can download the demonstration here: http://www.manestrea...nload-the-demo/ I was getting ready to download but I am a little busy with something, so with that said, enjoy. (NOTE: There's a forum there and I joined.)
  21. Here's a little remix of the CMC Song. BPM: 132.25, LENGTH: 2:28 ORIGINALS USED: Cutie Mark Crusaders Song Lapis by Shiki [bOF2008] from Lunatic Rave: 2