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Found 178 results

  1. LHfunk


    So I keep seeing things about Supernatural becoming really sad and painful and I'm hoping that happens slowly. Or at least only having occasional spurts of pain like in Doctor Who. Anyway, Supernatural is pretty good show so far. I'm waiting for Cas to show up because now I'm really interested in what he does and his and Dean's supposed gayness.
  2. Anyone remember Ed, Edd N' Eddy? I love it and grew up watching it and still continue to watch it today, it's one of the many classic Cartoon Network shows that aired along with Johnny Bravo, Courage, Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, and others. Feel free to voice your opinions on the show here!!!
  3. Do you think that boomerang sucks now. I think so because all theyve been showing for months is chowder and the Garfield show(God I hate that show) and they had a recent rebrand that is too similar to Cartoon Networks check it look. Also, WHERE ARE ALL THE CLASSIC HANNA BARBERA CARTOONS!!!!!!!!! Tell me what you think.
  4. After having alot of fun with our last Marathon, i thought one month later, we continue to do this again with season 2, of the cult show about paranormal stories. At this point, the show has been taking over, by Star Trek Star Jonathan Frakes. Also, there will be no pony this saturday, so there is nothing that is holding you back. Marathon starts this time at 4 PM CET and 9 AM EST in the Lamia Pit: Come in and watch stories that are just...beyond belief.
  5. Mine will have to be shark tank.. or cake boss, or The voice.... TOO MANY FOR ME TO CHOOSE! What is yours?
  6. I think there's already a topic similar to this regarding all TV show openings, however I decided to create a new one where you can share all of your favourite cartoon songs and tunes. This included opening themes, tunes played often in the background; basically any piece composed/sang purely for the cartoon. My favourite cartoon tunes include the amazing Gravity Falls theme and the opening tune for Star VS The Forces Of Evil. Both songs are cool and catchy, the Gravity Falls tune having a mysterious air to it which obviously suites the show perfectly. I also greatly enjoy watching both shows. I'll also mention my favourite MLP songs, I guess! I love Pinkie Pie's Smile Smile Smile song, and This Day Aria. Pinkie's song is sweet and cheerful, and brightens my mood when I'm feeling down. This Day Aria fits its episode well, and sounds amazing and theatrical.
  7. Not sure what to think of it. Some of it's funny. I'm not into the whole "The Office" shtick. However I love the Muppets too much to skip it. I would really like the show more if it has cameo appearances from past shows. Like Clifford from "The Muppets Tonight". I mean I know he went back to his roots to be a bass guitarist/male model. But... he was my favorite character in that iteration of the show. What about the bit puppets from Muppet Treasure Island? Clueless Morgan would be funny, he would be still calling Kermit Captain Abraham or something. Also what's up with Janice's gummy uvula? Anyway that's my input about the 2015 show, what do you guys think?
  8. What is your favorite Cartoon Network TV Show? Btw, old cartoon network shows can be included as well!
  9. I want to know what's your favorite Tv show openings? I mean- BESIDES ANIME. Anime openings are too good to count. My choices are Kim Possible's opening And the Steven Universe opening (I used the full version because it's so short^) What about you all?
  10. Hello, everyone! The trailer for the new X Files special is out, and I wanted to hear your thoughts on it! Personally, I'm excited.
  11. I freaking adore this anime! So, I figured i'd make a discussion thread for it!
  12. I never had cable TV, so I couldn't watch this show when it was on (1997-2002). I only heard of it a few years ago and got so interested I had to buy the DVD set. So that's how I discovered one of the best cartoons ever. The writing was razor-sharp, I loved almost every character, and it was cool how it went against the grain by having very little action take place. It was a lot like King of the Hill in that way (another great cartoon). Did you guys watch it?
  13. I know I made a similar one already but that was just Eeveelutions,this is favorite Pokemon! Out of all of them which one is you favorite?
  14. Q: You guys think MLP:FiM should air on YTV instead of Treehouse TV due to censoring words like "losers" and "stupid"? Any comments on that?
  15. When Nova attempts to get back at Spider-Man for shrinking him, everything goes wrong If you like the TV Show Ultimate Spider Man, you should check out my story! I hope you enjoy it!
  16. So I'm not sure if someone has already made a thread dedicated to this but I just found out today that the show's ending tonight I found out from Youtube comments so I truly am a pathetic individual I watched this show way more when I was in Houston and hung out with my cousins who had cable, but it's still always had a special place in my heart so although I'm sad to see it go I'm glad it had a good long run and legacy that it left behind How do you guys feel about this? Do you think it's about time Disney finally put the show to rest? Do you wish it could have continued longer? Or maybe you feel it overstayed its welcome? Feel free to leave your thoughts below Oh and this is the video I was watching when I found out about this
  17. The title says it all I guess, what is your favorite TV show apart from MLP for me it would have to be Community Futurama, and The Walking Dead, then a whole bunch of other shows which I don't feel like listing.
  18. Well, the title clearly showcases the main idea here. Post the most embarassing, unbelievably dumb and/or uncalled for exambles of modern propaganda, thereof including anything from political parties, products, and whatever adverticing sins that you can find. Of course, mind explaining an actual reason to the add in question being posted. For example, here are a couple of political advertisements that belong to an argentinean socialist party that will partake in the presidential elections. There's no real need to translate anything, as it only consists in more defamation, it is the bizarre (Somewhat clever, yet very disrespectful) portrayal of the other candidates as The Three Stooges. And this one, that's not even spanish. It's just some song (I'll throw the dice and say that it's from East Asia) with a false translation over it. Needless to say, that's a legit death star overlaped with the peronist symbol. Apologies for not picking anything more recognizable for the common attendance of the forums, but they were too good to be ignored.
  19. I mean, what if? BTW fun fact, popeye the sailor will enter the public domain in 2025
  20. I think it would be really cool if they made a Equestria Girls tv show with Sunset Shimmer as the lead character,she would make a very good lead and she could use her book to write friendship reports to Twilight like Twillight did with Celestia (and she could make appearances in the show too)!. And the possibilities for episodes they could have one were they learn to drive (Fluttershy would drive too slow and Rainbow would drive too fast!). The Dazzlings could be recurring antagonists at the school and The CMC could try getting random jobs around the city! What does Everypony else think?
  21. Hi Everypony, Welcome to the Quantum Leap fan thread, the place to talk about the incredible show! (I guess since pony fans are Bronies or Pegasisters, we can be called Leapers!) Feel free to talk about favorite episodes, moments or what ever you want! Example: What kind of ponies do you think Sam and Al would be? Have fun and be nice to everyone!
  22. Does anypony else like to watch Hallmark Channel movies or tv series? I love watching their Christmas and romantic comedy movies and their tv shows (I love Ceder Cove and Signed, Sealed,Delivered!). What about you?
  23. Have you ever seen yourself on TV, whether it was for your local station, state affiliate, a national broadcast or, god forbid, world television? If so where was it and when? When I was 6, I got onto my city TV station's trick or treat special. I was dressed as Spawn. I looked so cute. What the hell happened? When I was 14, I attended the taping for WWE Friday Night Smackdown! There was speculation that popular wrestler, San Diego's Rey Mysterio Jr. was going to retire due to knee injury. Instead of the "Please don't retire' or "We'll miss you Rey" signs that were in abundance, I went with a sign that said "I'm from San Diego too Rey!" decked out in various "619"s, the local area code and the name of his finishing move. Saw the camera guy focus on me for a little while, and when I caught the airing later that week, I confirmed that I had made international TV. And just last year, I managed to make area news, albeit briefly, and from behind. I'm the guy walking into the building during the very first bit of establishing footage. I know that's me because that's my long hair, that's my trilby on my head, that's my Rainbow Dash bathrobe and that's my WeLoveFine Swag bag that was falling apart at the seams. Oh and it's a rather positive look at Milwaukee's first every pony convention, and by Fox News nonetheless. What about you fine Fillies & Gentlecolts? Any of you manage to get your face on the airwaves?
  24. Hi Everypony! I would like to know what is your favorite Pokemon type? Vote in the poll and tell us why!
  25. Hi, Just wondering what is you favorite Eeveelution? Vote in the poll and tell us who is your favorite and why!