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Found 736 results

  1. a certain somebody, my only work around is to find an older thread within the PM and start a new message from that point
  2. Sometimes when I open the forums website my whole computer starts to crash? Especially at night time. Is this normal? Am I the only one?
  3. Not that it bothers me personally, but I thought I better just report it.
  4. I notice that lately, whenever I reload the page or go to a new one, the 502 Gateway error appears most of the time. Is this something that can be fixed or is it just something on my end?
  5. In an effort to update the community on current technical issues, and help the tech pones that keep the gears oiled for us, we are making this topic stand as a list of known issues. You will find statuses of where we are in fixing them within. I'm going to keep this topic locked, so if you see a new issue or an old issue pop back up again please make a new thread, and once verified and tech is informed this will be updated in this OP and with a new post. (Note: I'll pretty up the formatting later and will be adding older unresolved issues tomorrow). Feel free to follow this topic for updates. Recently Reported Issues 5/29/18 - Status update replies are not formatted correctly initially and requires refresh to properly merge them - Verified / IP.B Issue Recently Fixed Issues 5/29/2018 - Cover Photos not showing, and not updating. (IPB support ticket filed). - 5/29/2018 - Search Quick bar ends in server timeout - Resolved 06/01/18 - MLPF will log members out due to inactivity - Resolved 6/6/2018- Some members cannot log in and are being forced to try and create new accounts - Resolved 5/30/18 - Formatting issues with post date stamp persists - Resolved 2/19/19 - Email notification server outage - Resolved 5/30/18 - Cover Photos cannot be repositioned in default theme, but can in IPS theme - Resolved 6/18/19 - Status updates are blank again and various plugins are going to be non-functional due to an update - Resolved
  6. There seems to be a minor glitch in the system - I want to type a status, but when I click the "What's on your mind?" space, it isn't opening up.
  7. I just posted a character sheet. However, it seems like formatting is broken? Did I mess up or is it just me seeing the HTML all over the post? ty.
  8. For the last while, I've had a recurring issue with the Spoiler boxes where when I post it there's just a wall of empty space before the actual content,
  9. Is anyone else having issues where they can't move the text cursor with their keyboards arrow keys lately? As far as I can tell it's not my keyboard or PC, cuz it works just fine on any other site or text editor program, it's just the textboxes here, but it seems not to happen immediately...there's something that causes it to stop and I can't figure out what, or how to get it working again once it's stopped besides going to a new page and writing a new comment/post/message (eg. just before I posted this, I was commenting on a friend's status, worked fine initially, had problems start at some point in the middle of writing the comment, and now it's working fine again as I write this post).
  10. I tried sending my trivia solutions to Discord, but get the following message: @Jeric and @PathfinderCS, can you please fix this? Thank you.
  11. Started supporting the site again as I have the spare scratch now. The member title I selected was cringe when I initially went with it and it seems to feel more cringe as the days go by. That was a long while ago. I can't remember how I changed it in the first place and I can't seem to figure it out now. I feel a deep shame that I get worse and worse at navigating websites as I age. The 30 year old boomer meme is real.
  12. Just a announcement that the email server that supports notifications is currently down and we will let you all know when it is back up and running.
  13. So, I have been having an issue for a while now where the text box at the forums stops reacting to me pressing Enter or the Arrow keys. It seems random, as the length or content of the post that's being written doesn't seem to matter, though with Enter-key it seems to be more frequent with longer posts. I first guessed that my well used keyboard is just starting to die, but I doubt that being the case since it happens only here. (Though it seems to happen 100% of times when I'm writing a PM, but I write them so rarely that it doesn't necessary mean anything.) Refreshing the page always fixes it.
  14. i have been trying to remove [@ mentions] from my mlpf account. but it can't delete the mentions at all
  15. I can't see the "What's on your mind?" banner above the updates unless if I refresh enough, and when I click it and get redirected to my profile, I can't write down anything. i can see other people's updates and reply to them no problem, but it doesn't seem to be working on just my profile
  16. Can't make status updates or reply to them, not sure what's up .
  17. There seems to be a weird technical issue at the moment. The topics on the testing forum are only supposed to be visible to the user who posted them, but at the moment, it's showing a thread created by another user instead. The thread I created myself is gone – not that this bothers me particularly, as I haven't used that topic in a while. At least one other user on the forums has reported the same issue. The thread is only accessible through the main page of the forums, the Testing Forum itself shows no threads.
  18. Every so often while clicking around... I get one of these errors. D: Is there something wrong to cause them? Is anyone else getting these? They go away after I refresh the page, and it's really super weird.
  19. The Poniverse section is usually at the top right under the Canterlot section, but now it's just above the Beyond Equestria section?
  20. Excuse me,may I ask that how do I delete characters?I accidentally post two posts for a character.
  21. I recently changed the email affiliated with my account on here. Even tho its says that my new email is the one saved to this account. The emails still go to my old one and on part of my profile, it says the old email is still affiliated with my account.
  22. I tried to follow Pathfinder's example of putting a gif of my "Pokemonsona" Zoroark on as my avatar, but every one gif I tried using says it's too big to be used. How does one go about getting a working Gif for one's avatar? Some advice would be appreciated.
  23. When browsing the status updates on the page with them (), it's not always possible to submit a reply, because it simply stops responding. Things tend to glitch on the older statuses; Basically the more I scroll down, the bigger the chance, that something wrong will happen. For now though, let's focus on the most common issue I keep experiencing: As you can see, I can click [ Submit Reply ] over and over again and it doesn't do anything. And the problem is, that it's not just them not appearing there - these literally aren't posted, because there's nothing after refreshing. At that point the best solution is to click on the timestamp of the status or any reply, which will take me to the user profile with that status update, from where I'll be able to reply properly. It happens quite often - almost every single time I browse & reply to statuses from there. First few replies to ones at the top will work fine, then at some point it's no longer stable. ..And it always was like this since V4 upgrade I believe.