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Found 727 results

  1. I just recently joined Poniverse, brought in by the promising look of, well, everything about it. However, when I attempted to go to Canterlot Avenue and 'PV Connect' it brought me to page that said Canterlot Avenue needed to and had sent me a verification email. I went to my email and looked for it, but it was nowhere to be found not even in spam, trash, etc. I tried to resend it multiple times, but with the same result. I had this problem with the Poniverse verification email, however an older blog about the same thing fixed that problem. Does anyone know why I'm not receiving it? I would appreciate any help.
  2. If I add a user to my ignore list and check the box next to "Messages," would that prevent me from receiving PMs from the ignored users? Because I tried that, and it doesn't seem to be working. Thanks.
  3. Servus! I am trying to get a notification whenever someone replies to one of my posts or topics, but NOT get an email every time someone does (or in general). Currently, I tried to use the last option @ following (=Do not send me any notifications), but it looks like that after some time it stops sending me messages on-site for the replies.
  4. Hey there, I was wondering if there were a way to change the email address associated with this account, the one I have now is my old one that I no longer use and for some reason all of my email notifications go to there instead of my current one that I changed at Poniverse, even though I change my email over there, I can't change it over here as it is locked right now, I was hoping if anyone can help me on this?
  5. To whoever can help~ I recently tried updating my signature with a gif. I have used the gif before in my signature but for some reason this time it sits there trying to update for like 2 minutes then crashes and sends me to the two ponies looking at the computer on fire (cute picture xD). I have tried several times in the past couple days with no luck. Just wondering if its a problem on my end or is the site having an issue? Tanx to whoever can help ^-^
  6. I've been getting notifications that people 'reacted to a comment in (so-and-so)'s status update', but when I check my comments, nothing shows up under my name. No brohooves, no teacups, no nothing. It would be kinda weird for them not to have seen my comment though, as all the other similar comments around mine have usually been reacted to. It's kinda annoying me since I'm unsure whether people saw my comment or not. Maybe I'm just making a big deal out of nothing though. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. So I have noticed that whenever I click on the popup notification or the one on the top right corner for a PM, it will bring me to the first page of the PMs if it is a multipage PM. Is this going to be fixed soon? Also, mutiple spoilers don't seem to want to work either
  8. here is the link I cant see my images in the Apperence section and the spoiler black bar in the personality, other sections.
  9. Okay, so Trotteur Sauvage have made a public status update toward me. We go back and forth, all is well. But then, whenever I go to see the reactions I was notified about him giving me, the bottom of my posts are blank as if I was never given a reaction. What seems to be the cause?
  10. @PathfinderCS Was helping me on how to make a single status update but am still confused on how to do one, I click on create but am confused by the drop down menu, Do I click on topic or Article in news blog, And when I click on Article in news blog there's another drop down menu with equestrian lore and it's all ghosted like I can't click on any of them ?
  11. Sometimes when I go to reply, a spoiler tag appears in the post, even if I don't click the button to add one.
  12. Whenever I attempt to edit my signature, it throws an error when trying to save changes. To be more specific, it starts to load--- loads--- loads--- loads---- and throws the famous 504 gateway error in the end. --- Or if you're lucky, you'll get this cute image instead: *tried to copy the link and paste it here, but it's soooo long, that it froze this editor* Wow, didn't expect to get a wall of random letters from an image link.. - downloading image... - uploading image... - pasting its link... There, much better. Further investigation has shown, that trying to put an image causes the problem, because when I've removed it from signature, it worked. The image itself is not a problem - I'm sure it's "legit". Besides, I had that image in my signature here for ages, but now I can't put it back, nor any other image I've tried. I'm hosting my images on Imgur, so their links are correct; properly ended with .png etc., that is. I tried changing my signature few days ago; I tried doing this today. It still doesn't work. By the way, there's a thread in this section titled: Unable to add image in signature? READ THIS Buuuuuuut it seems to be corrupted.
  13. Not SURE this is just since the site upgrade, but notifications for posts with spoilers have just SPOILER then the content (rather than concealing the content) which sorta defeats the purpose. Example attached
  14. I can't find the signature option. I know it's a stupid question, but is this a technical issue?
  15. I don’t understand why I have an orange banner saying that My content needs to be approved by a moderator? can someone explain before I am possibly banished? thank you mlppotterwhoovian
  16. so.. im not sure if this was the correct place to get help for canterlot avenue.. but.. I made an account, entered everything correctly, verified my email, but had problems signing in, I put my password in and kept getting the invalid password error, so I tried doing it a couple of times, then I thought I should try reseting my password in case I did something wrong when I signed up, I got my new password everything seemed fine, until the new password wasn't working either.. so im not sure what exactly im doing wrong, or if something broke
  17. In the wake of the latest update, a most peculiar issue has popped up. I can still brohoof/react to people's posts, and I see their brohoof count. But for some bizarre reason, I cannot see any brohoofs or other reactions to my own posts/status updates (I get notified when they happen, I simply can't see them). Any advice or solutions for rectifying this?
  18. I signed on today and the site looks weird. I don't know if it's my extensions (I have the site whitelisted on uBlock Origin, and I don't think Privacy Badger would do this), but it seems to look like the CSS is messing up. Any ideas on why it's doing this?
  19. I don't know if it's allowed to post about the site here, but it's easier for me. There seem to be two problems with the gender that I can see: 1. When registering you must pick one? Why can't I choose to not say? Rather keep people guessing unless they've met me elsewhere. At least Not Telling would be nice 2. Everyone is Female? Lovely and easy! Even the boys and nonbinary though? In all seriousness, Male and others do not seem to exist as a choice. I am using mobile and trying to register. Maybe it exists afterwards Thanks!
  20. So I'm searching for the past threads related to Poniverse's secret santa event last year. I find a thread from the person I gave to. I click, but then get an error message saying I did not have permission to view that topic. Fair enough, it's somepony else's topic. But then I find my own topic on the event, and when I click that, I get this same error message as the last: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/K So why am I being locked out of my own thread as well as those of others?
  21. I'm currently using Windows 7 and getting the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR error message. I found a similar topic here: But those solutions couldn't help me to fix this error at all. I'm unable to make the question there, so I open a new topic to ask about this error. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Is there any solution to bypass or remove this error? Updated: I found this from Google after several days of searching, apply one of those methods and the problem is gone.
  22. An old thread I started that is still active for me and I'm still using, was moved to the wrong convention and only just now noticed.
  23. I've already checked that it's not the browser; the site is slow across firefox and chrome. Takes in excess of 2 minutes to load in some cases, frequent 504 time-out errors. All other sites load in seconds. Windows 10.
  24. Usually, I just stay signed in on all devices, but that doesn’t seem to be happening lately. When go on the computer, I have to sign in, then when I move to my iPad, I’m signed out on it. This afternoon, I signed in on my phone to see if it would sign me out on my iPad, and it didn’t at first, but when I came back just now, it happened again. I’m guessing this isn’t affecting all of Poniverse as I don’t have to enter my login info. Just MLP Forums.
  25. Since some hours I don't receiving e-mails about content which I follow. I didn't make any changes in my settings. I don't know what's happened.