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Found 741 results

  1. To the people who run this website, this is the SECOND time in as many days that I have had to reset my password just to log in - and no, I DID NOT TYPE MY PASSWORDS WRONG EITHER TIME. Yesterday I had to make up a new password, today the site emailed me a new password (which went on about like this "fhasdkfhasjkfhkljfhlskfhklsjhksjfhskldjfhsklajhskljfhskjfh;kfjhskdjh" to give you an example), I imagine tomorrow when I attempt to log in that I will no longer have the option to reset my password at all, and my account here will be effectively terminated. Now, this may seem somewhat 'inconvenient' to you, but to me, this is devastating as this site is the ONLY place that I have ANY friends in the world so losing access to this site means I lose access to ALL of my friends. When I joined this site some months ago I was in a pretty dark place and this place helped me get through it and I know that I'll be right back in that dark place without my friends, so I'm really hoping that this is just a glitch and it will be fixed in a few days...that's what I'm hoping, but it wouldn't be the first time I was ostracized from a group or something like this for one reason or another so in the event that this isn't a glitch or the 'ofical' story is 'its on your end, deal with it yourself', I just want to know why? Did I complain too much, did I post something I shouldn't have? In all honesty, I doubt anyone with the authority will ever read this or care enough to help so fine, do what you must. I guess this is goodbye.
  2. I was still able to see and access every FAQ article just a few days ago, but when I checked on the FAQs again today, almost all the articles seem to have just... disappeared. Is it just on my side or is anyone else also experiencing the same issue? I even went back to my browsing history to click on one of the questions that I viewed a few days ago, but now it just leads me to an error message shown in the spoiler. I remember that there used to be FAQ entries under both of these, but as you can see on the right, it says that there haven't been any answers here. So I'm not sure if you have removed them or something went wrong in the updates, just double-checking. Thank you for your time!
  3. I logged on this morning and I saw some issues here. Posted a reply to a status update without a refresh. Why are the times over to the right?
  4. I think there's a bad ad. I just got redirected to a scam page saying my computer has a virus.I don't know if there's anything you can do about it, but I thought I should point this out. This was on Safari on Mac. If an admin wants a screenshot and/or the URL, PM me. My IP is in them, so I don't want to post either publicly.
  5. For some odd reason, the Roleplay Character pages have been broken for quite a while. Is there a reason for this?
  6. Alright, first off I want to make this as clear as I can before proceeding, I love this sit I really do and it's important to me, but I've got some issues with how it functions (and for the record, I don't know if these are bugs or if they're supposed to be 'features' hints the tags). 1. Why do my posts keep combining, and is there a way to disable it? It's becoming downright obnoxious, I get that it may be some attempt to prevent people from spamming on a topic, but there has to be a better way. 2. Can we get some more notification options so we don't have to get all the things we're tracking notified the exact same way? 3. Trying to type on here is kinda badly broken. I've actually had to retype this on something else, then copy and past it onto here, which is ridiculous. 4. If these have already been covered elsewhere on here, you'll have to forgive me, as trying to look up anything via the on-site search bar served only to randomize the topics already listed, and no one should have to look through 100+ topics just to check that sort of thing out when that's what the search bar is supposed to be for. Sorry if I'm coming off as harsh I don't mean to be, it's just that I've been dealing with these problems for a while now, and a response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I believe many ponies will do the "CTRL+Z" after they discover they do some mistakes, so do type article here. But after I do that, the whole thing disappeared, even worse, the "CTRL+Y" is disabled. I don't want to do the whole thing again, that's waste of time, please fix this. BTW, don't tell me to type the article in my own text editor then paste here after completed, though that's another solution it makes the editor here stupid
  8. Wasn't able to find anything on it, so... 1st: Is it possible to have a non-mobile view of the site on a mobile? I could have sworn there was an option for this a long time ago at the bottom to switch from mobile to regular view. Mobile does not provide all the elements I sometimes need (like signatures) for obvious reasons. First one fixed, guess I was just blind. Or rather, ignoring the settings button due to Chrome nagging me about an update I do not want to install... 2nd: When I edit a post that had a spoiler tag in it, I seem to be unable to edit the text which is outside the spoilered thing. Afterwards, multiple editions seems to turn off additional parts of text and render it unable for editing, unless they were added to the block which was edited recently. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Does anyone know how I can add flag counters for my user page, if possible? I'm interested in the many fans from different areas and countries all over the world, and I have an interest in geography and flags.
  10. I've often made a topic and it would turn into 2 or 3 of the same thing, thus spamming the forums a bit.
  11. What happened to all the choices we had for "Bro-Hoofs"? Since it appeared, I only gave Teacups. Now they are gone. (Back on an edit) Never mind. It just came back by itself.
  12. Welp, looks like I'm an idiot- didn't realize there was an easily usable button right up there^ Gone are the days of having to type
  13. Hey there, staff! It appears there's a bit of an issue with the search - any time I search up random content - either in All or other fields - it takes a long time to load and then states a server error. Using Google Chrome, Guest Mode browsing.
  14. Now I'm not sure if this is roblem with my email notifications or not, but before a few days ago I used to get emails when someone would respond to a topic of mine, or if somepony reacted to one of my comments. Do pretty much I would get a notification through my email and through these forums on the notifications tab. But now I don't get emails anymore. I went to the notification settings and changed a few things, but still no emails.
  15. I just recently joined Poniverse, brought in by the promising look of, well, everything about it. However, when I attempted to go to Canterlot Avenue and 'PV Connect' it brought me to page that said Canterlot Avenue needed to and had sent me a verification email. I went to my email and looked for it, but it was nowhere to be found not even in spam, trash, etc. I tried to resend it multiple times, but with the same result. I had this problem with the Poniverse verification email, however an older blog about the same thing fixed that problem. Does anyone know why I'm not receiving it? I would appreciate any help.
  16. If I add a user to my ignore list and check the box next to "Messages," would that prevent me from receiving PMs from the ignored users? Because I tried that, and it doesn't seem to be working. Thanks.
  17. Servus! I am trying to get a notification whenever someone replies to one of my posts or topics, but NOT get an email every time someone does (or in general). Currently, I tried to use the last option @ following (=Do not send me any notifications), but it looks like that after some time it stops sending me messages on-site for the replies.
  18. Hey there, I was wondering if there were a way to change the email address associated with this account, the one I have now is my old one that I no longer use and for some reason all of my email notifications go to there instead of my current one that I changed at Poniverse, even though I change my email over there, I can't change it over here as it is locked right now, I was hoping if anyone can help me on this?
  19. To whoever can help~ I recently tried updating my signature with a gif. I have used the gif before in my signature but for some reason this time it sits there trying to update for like 2 minutes then crashes and sends me to the two ponies looking at the computer on fire (cute picture xD). I have tried several times in the past couple days with no luck. Just wondering if its a problem on my end or is the site having an issue? Tanx to whoever can help ^-^
  20. I've been getting notifications that people 'reacted to a comment in (so-and-so)'s status update', but when I check my comments, nothing shows up under my name. No brohooves, no teacups, no nothing. It would be kinda weird for them not to have seen my comment though, as all the other similar comments around mine have usually been reacted to. It's kinda annoying me since I'm unsure whether people saw my comment or not. Maybe I'm just making a big deal out of nothing though. Anyone else having this issue?
  21. So I have noticed that whenever I click on the popup notification or the one on the top right corner for a PM, it will bring me to the first page of the PMs if it is a multipage PM. Is this going to be fixed soon? Also, mutiple spoilers don't seem to want to work either
  22. here is the link I cant see my images in the Apperence section and the spoiler black bar in the personality, other sections.
  23. Okay, so Trotteur Sauvage have made a public status update toward me. We go back and forth, all is well. But then, whenever I go to see the reactions I was notified about him giving me, the bottom of my posts are blank as if I was never given a reaction. What seems to be the cause?
  24. @PathfinderCS Was helping me on how to make a single status update but am still confused on how to do one, I click on create but am confused by the drop down menu, Do I click on topic or Article in news blog, And when I click on Article in news blog there's another drop down menu with equestrian lore and it's all ghosted like I can't click on any of them ?
  25. Sometimes when I go to reply, a spoiler tag appears in the post, even if I don't click the button to add one.