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Found 741 results

  1. I cannot post to Life Advice. There is no 'Start new topic' button. How to post there?
  2. Hello, there Whenever I use the search function to seek out a particular thread, member, etc., I am only met with a page that reads either: "504 GatewayTime-out nginx" or the MLP Forums's version: "We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later". These pages are accompanied with an extensive loading time right before. This happens when I use my desktop & tablet. I first thought that this was an issue with my own, home wifi but this also occurs when I use desktops elswhere (at school, at another home, etc.) as well with using different browsers.
  3. NOTE: Though it may look like a thread with just a silly comic, it actually is tech support related. I believe you all are bored of threads related to that character count box, due to amount of these, so this time I'll try to make it at least a tiny little bit entertaining. (hopefully) Now getting to the point- When editing posts, there are two character counters displayed at the top. Due to recent changes, that box is moved to the center and it adds a header of some sort below the toolbar, where that box is drawn, so that the real first line, where we can type, is below that counter. While it works as intended, there are two of these when editing posts. As a result, it draws two headers, which still works as intended, but unnecessarily takes more space and looks kiiiinda bad. It's not a big issue of course- from my perspective it's just purely cosmetic, as I'm a desktop user, so I still have tons of free space in my view. I'm just letting you know, that's all. How does that look in a non-comic version: That's all, thanks.
  4. @Ken I'm curious if you are currently trying to update the avatar sizes for specific groups? I haven't checked on my laptop but on the mobile viewport size we see this Screen shot of highlighted area to show how big it is relative to a smaller viewport. You may have already mentioned this elsewhere, but I've missed a lot in 10 days. The tell-tale border radius size is what leads me to believe it's an avatar adjustment project in the works. Awesome if so. @GrimGrimoire and @Mesme Rize won't know who they are soon! That's how it works right? Also, I just realized ... you can't even see my name!
  5. I came across a strange little bug using this forum on my iPhone 5c and the safari browser. For certain users, part of the username was blotted out on posts by part of an ellipse. Holding down on the ellipse revealed that it linked to the user's profile. This bug only occurred on some accounts, but it occurred across threads for users who did have the bug. I have images documenting the bug below. This is a very minor issue, as it doesn't really interfere with using the forum, but I thought I'd point it out. I refreshed the page multiple times and the bug persisted.
  6. The title explains it mostly. Text of any kind will not show up in my signature if I use a donor size image. Judging by other signatures I see, it works fine with standard size. It is a very odd bug. Not sure if it can be resolved.
  7. Just a few days ago, i posted a poll for what others think i should put into a new fan fiction im currently writing. For some reason, literally the day after i posted it, i can no longer find it and i even put a link to it in my status update and cant even access it through there. I just want to know what's wrong with my topic and whether or not i can still access it. Thanks.
  8. Hello everypony! I wanted to create a thread in the Feedback Section, but I seem to have a problem with that. When I'll click the 'Start new topic' button, I'm getting the following error: and I'm redirected to: where it should be: And basically that's it. I can't do anything. ...Unless you want me to create a feedback thread in Welcoming Plaza.
  9. Yup, This looks to be your average ban appeal, I was in the right on this one, any punishment is totally unjust and so I contest. *chuckle* Well, You may have already seen it and the titles should have given it away as well:
  10. I'm experiencing issues with this site from time to time and I'd like to bring that to attention to seek for advice. What's The Problem? Generally the site runs well, but sometimes it gets extremely slow (loading takes more than 10 seconds) and eventually ends up throwing the following error when requesting a page: 504 Gateway Time-out nginx I have this problem for a long time now (it will be few months by now) and it really makes the site difficult to navigate when the performance suddenly drops like this. Troubleshooting I've tried few things, starting from waiting patiently, but I think there actually is a 'legit' issue. /!\ Slow Internet Connection I've read a FAQ article mentioning this, but I'm preeeeeetty sure it's not my internet connection. Why? Because other sites work perfectly. Youtube manages to buffer multiple HD videos at once very fast (fast enough to watch all of them at the same time without waiting for buffering); other sites work fine, even these working on IPB software (read: other forums); online games work perfectly with low ping - I think it's safe to say, that it's not that. ...Unless there's a super-special exception for that specific server these forums are hosted on. But then - If I remember correctly - it all worked fine before the upgrade to v4... /!\ Too Many Muffins Cookies I've cleaned browser's history, cache, muffins cookies etc. etc. as well as cleaned temporary files from PC and whatsoever (multiple times) - after months the issue still persists. And again, all other sites work fine. Technical Information Browser: Google Chrome (Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Version) (64-bit)) Is there anything I can do or is it coming from 'your' side? Thank you!
  11. Images aren't appearing, whether I paste them, or use the attachment uploader, they just show up as code Html paragraph tags show up in each text section, can't be removed by editor
  12. I have created this thread for those who are seeking advice on anything Technical in their life. Need help fixing a computer issue? Need advice on a new PC build? Can't choose between a battery only electronic car or a hybrid car? Need help fixing that ipod? Ask it all here! If I can't help you, then someone here sure will! My background and expertise I offer... Bachelors of Science MBA (Masters of Businesses Administration) with the concentration of Information Systems. (Bah Long name.) COMPTIA A+ Certified COMPTIA Network + Certified COMPTIA Security + Certified Anyone can join in and help out as well, So what Technical issues are you having today?
  13. I'm curious if anyone has any tips for a good profile layout for this site, i'm not too familiar with theirs.
  14. Hey, um, I don't know if this is an actual problem but I can't seem to find a way around it. Considering that my account is quite old, created in 2013, there was an option when creating one, named "How'd you find us?" and that question seems to be taken out in the settings cause I can't find it anywhere. Can you guys remove it for me? Nobody else seems to have it, and it's written in well broken english.
  15. I'm no longer able to access the poniverse login through my blackberry 10. Poniverse (not MLPforums) is listed as a security risk and I am not granted accsess. Not even the ability to say that I accept and undertand the risks. Just straight out denial. I used to be able to login prior. Has something changed about poniverse recently? And if not, is there another way for me to access the login screen?
  16. So, for the past few days, whenever I pull up the site on my phone, it's on the full version and reverts to mobile as usual. However, whenever I try to go back to full, it just brings me back to the top of the page. I look on the URL and there's a "#" at the end of the link. So it goes from to which doesn't do anything. Is this a coding issue or an issue with the platform overall? It's a real nuisance because before this, I could go to the full site just by pressing the button once.
  17. The forums I know I can't post in are the RP forum, and the topic so far I am unable to look at is the Roleplay World System post (it literally tells me I do not have permission to look at it) Any help?
  18. Hi! I recently joined this site and I was trying to put a .gif file on my About Me but it wouldn't let me edit it when I tried to do it myself. Would it be possible for someone to add it in for me? This is the .gif by the way... Thanks to anyone who can help me!!
  19. I got my letter from Buffy when I joined today, and the link to the Global Rules generated an error page. The link address in the letter is when it should be
  20. First of all i would like to thank everyone who read this post. Dear staff members. I have been struggling about a technical problem. There is no increment about my profile view count and it has stucked at 13571 for two months and it could be around 14000 maybe more until now. I dont know the reason and i want this problem to be resolved as soon as possible. Thank you..
  21. Apparently, this is the first time in four years the notification isn't loading up as it used to be. It either takes too long to load or doesn't load up at all, resulting me to open up a new tab just to see who quoted/brohoofed me. Anyone else finding this issue or is it just me?
  22. It's very possible I'm doing it wrong since I haven't been here for awhile, but I got an error saying the name SCS was in use when I tried to change my display name back to that as it was my original username. Thanks in advance for the help
  23. Hello again! It's not too much of a problem, so please don't go out of the way just for me, but when I joined, the welcome message seemed to have some code in it. is what I mean) So yeah, don't mean to be a bother; just wanted to let you know!
  24. When i intend to use one of the wonderful provided pony emoji's: in my profile about me page it is displayed at first but later changes to a much less lovable: I have changed it multiple times but always turns back into the the yellow one eventually and i am thus far unable to find some kind of solution. it is by no means a major problem but one i wish to address anyway because i don't like the yellow one.
  25. I guess I should ask this here... I am trying to log in to, and it says I have too many accounts. But in reality I only have 1 account, which is this one. As far as I know anyways... Here is the message