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Found 741 results

  1. I can't log into mlpforums on my actual anymore because of this error I keep getting when I try to log in. Oops! Something went wrong! [#10118]We could not find the partial registration record, or your member account. Please notify an administrator. (If you're wondering how I'm here without my account. It's because I'm temporarily using this one until I get can log back into mine)
  2. I have accidentally made 2 blog entry paths that link you to the actual blogs and I don't know how to delete them. Here is an example of the blog entries:
  3. Using Chrome, I'm able to horizontally scroll waaaay past the right side of the page's background image, and I know that's not supposed to happen. This does not appear to happen with IE; can't speak for Firefox. Nor does it happen with other sites I frequent, I'm pretty sure it's not Chrome's doing.
  4. Dear staff, I recently donated to the charity and it is something I'd like others to see in hopes it would inspire them to do the same as it was a friend of mine on the site that got me to do it when I saw their badge/title. I donated $10 and the requirement was 5$. Yet mine has not appeared yet. Is there a reason for this?
  5. I have just created a new profile for an OC of mine in the Roleplay Character Database here. But... when I try to hit 'Save', I get a 500 internal server error like this: Using a Windows 10 PC, Firefox browser. I also noticed a similar issue with attaching images earlier when posting in another thread, but I hadn't thought much of it at the time.
  6. ISP/Speed: Charter Communications (former Bright House Networks), 20 down/2 up Connection type: Powerline Ethernet (via TP-LINK powerline adapter) Hi, Is there something going on with the servers? I'm getting constant slowdowns, if not, complete downtimes. I tried pulling the powerline adapter out and putting it back in with no luck. Other sites load fine, and suggested it wasn't just me at the time. What's going on? Thanks!
  7. upon clicking the link i am greeted with a long wait and: 504 Gateway Time-out nginx
  8. So, I add my YouTube name, "Zumbuh" to the page, and it tries to take me to upon clicking. This would be fine, had I not deleted my old channel that DID have a /user/ url ( -ended with 266 subs and 55k views rip- but I do not have /user/ in my YouTube URL for my new channel, I only have a /c/ and a /channel/ url. ( & ( I do not know how to get a /user/ url anymore, but is there any way for me to add youtube to the contact methods on my profile page w/o that url? or, is there any way to get that url? I'm stumped here.
  9. How do I make a support ticket? Please answer this soon, I need to talk to someone high-up regarding someone on the Sugarcube Corner subforum that's silently removing my posts. I have solid proof of this post-removal, too. Looking at moderator logs should tell you who it is, if you have them. If not, just look for the biased anti-trump person that removes any posts I make that have too many facts and links to sources in them.
  10. I found this gorgeous gif right here, but it's too large to go in my signature. So i was wondering; could someone possibly please be so kind as to shrink this gif to the right size for me? I love it so much, i would really appreciate it if someone could do this favour for me. I don't know how to do it myself and the last time i tried, i ended up ruining the gif. URL for the gif: Gif: Thank you so much!
  11. Hello everypony, I've encountered a glitch related to the forum software. From my experience I know, that IPB doesn't handle special characters very well. By special characters I mean various symbols and emojis coming from the depths of the Windows' Character Map etc.. I know, that it's possible to easily corrupt things here and there to make them not view-able anymore. However, I didn't know about this one, because I haven't tried that yet. What's wrong? I can't view messages when clicking the letter icon to open the messenger. It opens, but it gets stuck loading forever and eventually closing back. How does it look like? The conversation's topic looks like this: Basically, these are unsupported by forum characters/symbols. The forum replaces these with <?> symbols, that cause issues later on. Now when I'll click the letter icon on the panel, I can only see that loading.gif : ~And nothing can be loaded. This pony keeps going and going. Is there any workaround? Yes, there is. I can always right-click the letter icon and open it in a new tab. That opens the Messenger Screen, where it shows all conversations: Everything works as it should from there. Solution Deleting this conversation solved the issue, as simply it removed the special characters from the list, so they don't have to be loaded anymore. Sorry for bothering; thanks for reading, ~Rikifive
  12. I can't seem to upload my signature. I used the website Imgur and got my link and then when I tried submitting it, it said error "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Help please!
  13. So, I am using IPad mini for mlpforums, and I have to type in html tags to get emoticons or text adjustments. So I wanna know, is IPad MINI supported for mlpf?
  14. It's been like that since 2-3 days or something. I'm clicking on update but nothing happens. I tried restarting my computer, trying on another device, cleaning my cache and history but nothing seems to be working. It's not like I'm super frustrated, no. I'm rather confused.
  15. 1. Sometimes, whenever I put multiple different pictures in a post, all of the pictures are replaced by one of them. For example: I posted pictures A, B, C, and D. When after couple of minutes I return to the topic, I only see pictures B, B, B, and B. It's like A, C, and D got replaced by copies of picture B. Regardless of number of different pictures I post, there is a possibility that one of them can replace all others with its copies. 2. The Smileys panel (which opens below post writing window by clicking "Smiley" icon) doesn't allow me to scroll smileys. I am clicking on the arrow and nothing happens. Leaves me no choice but to click "Show all". Sorry if the problems explanation is not good enough.
  16. I looked at my posts and I noticed that my signature was not showing, thought maybe it was an issue with mine, but it's not exceeding any limits. I then checked around and noticed no one else has a signature.
  17. Hi, i hope i'm in the good place to ask help, i'v look in a lot of tropics of technical support but i didn't find a tropic who explain how to use a signature ... i don't found the button and i don't find tutorials
  18. i worked really hard on a signature and it wont let me upload it. i used imagur like a previous resolved question said to n tried the link but i think they changed their site since then and the link wont work.
  19. It's the right size and all. But you see it isn't animated. What's going on?
  20. I am having issues linking gifs onto my profile. What I would normally do is visit, upload a gif, copy its direct link, click on the icon of the photo of the tree on the Edit About Me Page box, paste it into the horizontal box provided, and save. For some reason now, however, this process no longer works. When I try using this method, the gif just shows up as an icon... I have been using my PC for this and always have been. I suppose this may be an issue on imgur's part or I am missing a step considering that imgur changed their site layout, but if anyone can assist me, I would truly appreciate it. A few notes: - This is a method I have been using ever since I can remember. - I am trying to post a gif that has been on my profile before it was randomly deleted and it is the same size as it was before. - I have tried a few different image uploading websites as well.
  21. It seems that its still using the old channel link for the linking system, The link for channels is: If I am an error, please let me know. Its just a slight annoyance for me, I don't really mind if its not resolved. Thank you Sincerely, Osaze McCurley Oopes,. Not am I an error, I meant if i'm in the worng lol.
  22. I seen that it says that this bug should be fixed and that Find Content should be working now, but I still can't see my previous posts. I need to go back and find a post from last week, as I'm drawing an OC, but I can't find the post or person who asked for it. When I go to Find Content, Posts, it just shows no results.
  23. Hello everypony! I'm experiencing a small issue with emoticons. The Issue Take a look on this: This is the emoticon bar. -{ Thank you Princess Obvious! ) *shush* Perhaps they didn't know this! Everything works fine except one thing - I can't scroll these emoticons. I've marked the tiny blue arrow with the bigger red one. The tiny blue arrow is supposed to scroll the emoticon bar to the next page and basically show next emoticons. Now the thing is, it doesn't work at all. Clicking on this absolutely doesn't do anything. A Workaround? I was and I'm still always clicking 'Show All' button, which brings the full list of emoticons in a new window. Everything here works, but I'm tired of opening that window over and over again. Anyway, it's not very handy, because since it's in another window, it gets covered up when clicking on the main one to simply type in the text editor. Other Information > I'm using Google Chrome > I'm a member of other forums, that use exactly the same forum software (IP.Board) and they don't have that issue > I like ponies No wait, that's irrelevant Does anybody experience this as well? Is there something I can do? Thank you!
  24. I would just want to report that my Edit About Me Page button in the settings is somewhat broken. And by that I don't mean the button but the actual option as the things I save end up becoming all messy on my profile. For instance I'm trying to have my whole profile page centered and once I save it only the few parts the profile decides to center actually become centered. Or when I try to resize some things exactly the same things happen. Thank you for your attention.
  25. Strange issue. When I go to My Content>Only topics despite me having made other topics since then the last one it shows was one made February 28th. For whatever reason any topics I have made since then won't show up.