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Found 11 results

  1. I know this question may come across alittle silly as they are fictional characters but if they were real which Dazzling would you most likely want to date out of the three? Adagio, Sonata or Aria? I would probably choose Sonata Dusk due to her being totally adorable and "aww" worthy. Explain why you would date that Dazzling in your post. =)
  2. I really liked the Dazzlings, even though they were a bit cliché in my opinion, but I just liked the idea of them. The fact that they were based off of the mythological Sirens struck me for some reason, so did their character design, but what villain that originated from the EQG movies is your favorite?
  3. Rainbow Rocks it´s my favourite movie, i love the sirens (even if they are really a chliché) and i have a kinda weird theory about them: During Welcome to the Show, they sing "We will be adored Tell us that you want us We won't be ignored It's time for our reward" I may overanalyzed this, but i think the Dazzlings are just humans: they made a deal with the sirens so they can hide themselves and pretend to be normal teenagers. In reward, they will be adored, probably beacuse before the deal, they were ignored, and probably bullied. That would explain the fact that thedazzlings didn´t turn into mermaids, the sirens went out of the necklaces, where they were hiding. I may be a genius or freaking insane, but lemme know what you think. Btw, I´m uruguayian, so if i have some grammatical mistakes, tell me.
  4. The results for the Dazzlings in "Rainbow Rocks" has already been shown, which they still live without their pendants, although their singing has became more poor as a result. But seeing that every Siren appears to have a gem on their torso, I wonder what would happen to a Siren (as a Siren, and not as a human like the Dazzlings are) if someone cuts it off, and/or destroyed it, would it harm or kill the Siren? Or would the removal or destruction of the gem on their chest affect them the say way it affected the human Siren Dazzlings? (Image by StacySolitude)
  5. While elaborating on the subject, please keep in mind that someone can view your choice in a different light, and so can you. Also, you don't have to choose your favourite antagonist. You can like a particular villain just because they speak to you, while thinking that other one is more complex. Even though I know that most people will probably go with Discord, I came up with an idea of this post thinking about Queen Chrysalis. Besides being my favourite villain, she impressed me with her role in Canterlot Wedding, the same role many fans viewed as series of horrible decisions. I'll try to explain my choice. Starting at the begining, the operation of kidnapping Cadance and getting in her place. While we don't really know anything about how was it executed, the act alone is interesting. Although she surely made a good research of Canterlot, ponies she was to meet and dangers that awaited her, she was destined to arouse suspicions on Twilight's side, because she couldn't know about that little fact being Cadance and Twilight's special greeting. From this point on, she acted in a way that everyone, not knowing her personally, viewed as 100% normal, while further infuriating Twilight, leading to her being left alone by her friends and mentor. After getting rid of the most obvious problem, she continued striving to accomplish her goal with Elements of Harmony not being a problem anymore as the Mane6 wasn't complete. Then we get to the point, when she revealed herself and started this monologue, which was often critisized for showing everyone her plans. However, if we look at it knowing, that her whole army was nearly ready to begin invasion on Canterlot, she was probably buying time. After excellently securing the Elements with most of her subjects while buying more time and tiring Mane6 with a small unit, she was in a position in which her taking over Canterlot and probably Equestria was so real, the writers had to deus ex machina her out of the episode. That wall of text was about Chrysalis being an excellent tactician. But what makes her more likeable and deep? The thing that differs her from villains like Tirek, King Sombra and (please don't kill me) Discord is her motivation to do evil things. All Tirek wanted was power and destroying the world of ponies because he was evil. King Sombra wanted power and control over others. Discord, while being really complex in other aspects, did all the evil things because he was born into it. His nature as a spirit of chaos made him doing chaos things. Queen Chrysalis on the other hand, had to invade ponies to provide living for her beloved subjects. In my favourite song in the show, This Day Aria, she doesn't sing she has a cold heart or no heart. She singed "in my heart there is no room". That leaves us with a tip that she considers herself mostly a mother, and cares mostly about her children. Did you have the patience to go through all of my scribble? Leave your explanations of the most complex villain below.
  6. Wow that what do you think happened to the Dazzling's after their humiliating defeat at the hands of the RainBooms? Do you think we will ever see them again? What's your opinion? ps....their true forms are nasty don't get fooled by their pretty human appearance... :okiedokielokie:
  7. Is Rainbow Rocks REALLY better than the first Equestria Girls? In the new non-brony review of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, we'll see. Subscribe for more:
  8. Is Rainbow Rocks REALLY better than the first Equestria Girls? In the new non-brony review of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, we'll see. Subscribe for more:
  9. After re-watching Equestria Girls 2, I was inspired to do a track inspired by the musical style of the Dazzlings. Hope you all enjoy. ^^
  10. These groups are awful singers, but one may be even worse. Which is it?
  11. Go ahead pony peeps! Ask me anything, I will get back to you as soon as I can! *munches on taco* Don't be a stranger!