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Found 164 results

  1. Hello everypony! I don't know about you guys but waiting for Season 5 is really talking its toll. I'm sure were all re-watching Season 1-4 over again (I know I am) but I was browsing through YouTube and I was looking through my subscriptions and i stumbled upon 'Inside the Magic' they do Interviews, news and reviews and they were lucky enough to get to check out New York's Toy Fair 2015! They did a video about what Hasbro has in store for us this fall check the video below. Feel free to subscribe to 'Inside the Magic' which i will also leave a link for below. Subscribe to 'Inside the Magic' Video link
  2. So I just bought the new Funko Princess Celestia and I am pretty excited about it, and that got me thinking about a topic to start, so... What do you guys(or girls) think about the new figures? Are they what you expected? Would you want to have one, or two?(or ten) Personally I think they look great and can't wait 'till it gets here.
  3. Hey guys I was wondering what would you guys do if Disney bought my little pony like they have done with naruto and marvel would you still watch the show or will it hurt the show popularity.
  4. Every December Honda has a big advertising campaign and this year Honda has a nostalgic twist. They are airing a series of six commercials featuring toys from decades ago animated using the stop motion method. My personal favorite of the bunch is this one. This article on Honda's website describes the campaign in greater detail. All I can say is this is an improvement over last year's December advertising campaign which featured spots by Michael Bolton. In case you forgot: Who knows...maybe a decade or two from now we'll see Twilight Sparkle in a Honda ad!
  5. Neigh for me. I think for the most part they are lazy and don't look like the show. A lot of them look like they are from older molds that they just reused slapped some "updated" paint on. Oh, and most of them I've seen look creepy (especially the eyes). The actual stranded hair looks weird to me too. My little cousin has a small translucent Gilda thing that I think was a blind bag. It looks pretty decent, so I found and ordered the normal (not sparkly or clear) one off eBay. That's the only thing I've found that Hasbro officially made that I think looks "normal" I guess there was someone who made and was selling good 3D prints a couple years back, but got zapped by Hasbro. Supposedly he's working on some legitimate deal currently and will hopefully be selling them again. This is one of the best I've seen. So what do you guys think? Do you like or not like? Care how accurate/ not accurate they look? Or just buy them anyways- because ponies!
  6. I've been flipping through Cartoon Network and Nick lately and I noticed that outside the occasional Happy Meal or cereal/fruit snack/Go Gurt ad, and Xfinity or car commercial for the parents. Nearly every single product advertised was for a damn toy. I know toy commercials have been a part of kids' advertising for years, but watching old Nick and CN commercial breaks, they were far from the only things advertised. I remember you could advertise Skittles on Nickelodeon, I remember Snickers commercials airing on Cartoon Network. And various other things like games, treats, music, and clothes were advertised on kids networks. And sine kids networks targeted kids up to 14, that ment a few products that appeal to teens like Soda were advertised. And not everything was dumbed down for kids either, McDonald's used to market full menu items like the Big Mac to kids as young as 8. You don't even see Pepsi or coke ads on Nick or CN anymore. What I'm trying to say is, what happened? Why are Cheetos and Kool Aid commercials airing on MTV now? Why is candy now something that can only be marketed to 12-34 year olds? Cereal commercials are now largely extinct, and except for the odd Nintendo commercial, there's hardly any video game commercials on kids networks anymore. Its like advertisers think 2-11 year olds only want toys.
  7. Welcome to Equestria.TV Friday Movie Nights, where your fellow Poniverse community members join together to watch movies and chat, but the fun doesn't stop there! When episodes are airing, you can tune in the next morning, where we’ll all watch a new episode of Friendship is Magic together on a live stream, and you can join us on Wednesday nights for Lounge Night, where we just sit back, relax, and watch whatever we want, whether it be movies, livestreams, or ponies. And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Tonight we will be viewing a trilogy of toy storys! Toy Story Showtimes 6:00 PM EDT 12:00 AM CET Toy Story 2 Showtimes 8:20 PM EDT 2:20 AM CET Toy Story 3 Showtimes 9:45 PM EDT 3:45 AM CET UNSCRIPTED SATURDAYS: Rainbow Rocks 2:00 PM EDT 7:00 PM CET Unscripted saturdays is an event where us staff get together and play some videogames while talking about random topics. Its filled with action, adventure, explosions and romance! Come hop onto the chat and join us in our random antics. Tomorow we will be showing EG2: Rainbow Rocks. FAQ If we have last minute technical difficulties, the movies may be delayed for a short period of time, which will alter both of the movies’ starting times, so stay tuned to this thread for updates. If watching the movies becomes an impossibility for some reason, we will watch ponies instead. Feel free to contact the ETV staff (which will be viewable in the channel’s Message of the Day box) if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. If not... Join in on the party! (All of these events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)
  8. So i'm trying to paint my gundam model to look like its part of the New Lunar Republic any ideas?
  9. I know Hasbro made talking nightmare moon and queen chrysalis toys ! But would it be awesome if they decide to release the power ponies of the mane 6 as toys as well and another surprise we may have in store from Hasbro is we could get our very own Talking discord figure maybe who knows ?
  10. Hi everypony I recently got a Tamagotchi friends digital pet and I think it is adorable. I love the characters the one I have is Furifuritchi. The games are really fun my favourite one is Mimic and I love buying food for my Tamagotchi and trying to collect jewellery. the tamagotchi model I have is the pink hearts one. what do you guys think of this Tamagotchi toy ?
  11. So I FINALLY got around to seeing this movie after weeks of everyone raving about it and now that I've finally seen it, I can honestly say it lives up to my expectations. Now I'm a little late review this since it's been out for weeks, I've just been busy or sick the last few weekends and the weekend is the only time I can ever go to the movies but better late than never. This movie might seem like a turn off at first with how much of a cash grab it might seem, but once you see it, you get hooked. The best way I can describe it is that it's like first disconcerting mlp, you think it looks like a lame cash grab and it turns out to be excellent. I think what made this movie so awesome for me was how much imagination it had. It did so much creative stuff with legos like user sharks and laser sharks, and even made the weapons and water legos. Everything felt so creative that you feel like a child again playing with toys with little worries in the world. The plot might seem convoluted at first and the cameos might seem pointless, but when you get to the end with the live action kid playing with legos, it makes since why the dialogue seemed childish and the plot was convoluted so it actually makes the movie better. I like how there was a connection with President Business and the kid's father how the father wanted his lego set to be the exact way it was and President Business wanted everything in the world to be orderly. The humor was spot on. They didn't resort to what most kids movies would do and just use toilet humor and dated references. They actually used well thought out, clever jokes. It defiantly makes the film appeal to all audiences. So overall, it's a great film that I'd recommend checking out if you haven't already. I give this movie a 10/10. Not much else to say but, everything is awesome.
  12. Hello, Everypony if think you'd seen how things are changing now in MLP FIM toys you haven't Witness Rocket blasting Twilight Sparkle , Jungle Attack FlutterShy, and King Zebra as Zecora dressed as a pimp boss go check it out on Hasbro's site !
  13. I was at Barnes & Noble the other day and I saw a MLP Busy Book for about 10 dollars. It came with figures (12). The story is not very good but I bought the book for the figures. Has anyone else seen/bought this? With the figures on ebay going for up to 6 dollars each, I decided it was worth the price even if the figures aren't the blind bags ones everyone loves.
  14. Since Friendship is Magic is an adaptation of a toy line, its natural for additions in the show to be related to the toys. However, I don't think toy ploys are bad if they're relevant to the plot. So what kind of toy ploys are you expecting in Season 5? I personaly would like to see the mane 6 to have a sort of flying pirate-esque ship powered by Alicorn magic, especially since Twilight can now spread Friendship across Equestria. I could also imagine the mane 6 getting sort of accessory weapons in Season 5. Like Rainbow has a retractable sword on her hoof, Rarity has a whip scarf, Applejack upgrades her lasso, Pinkie gets a party crossbow, and Twilight gets an "Alicorn Amplifier" of sorts. Still haven't figured out Fluttershy though.
  15. Skeleton Warriors is turning 20 years old! To commemorate this, October Toys has launched a Kisckstarter to make officially licensed figures from the property. If you remember this show, loved it, and would like to help resurrect the amazing toy line [that will be now fully articulated :3], please check out George and Ayleen's kickstarter. (Plus, I believe Ayleen may be a pegasister.)
  16. Hello, Everypony I saw some blind bag Carebears at Target I didn't get any yet ! So instead I got the awesome How to train your Dragon toy from 2013 on sale for 10 dollars plus tax with sheep launching action they we're almost out of TOOTHLESS nightfury I glad I got him at Target !
  17. Soooo...rainbow rocks toys are out in stores. I'm not an equestria girls fan or anything, but seriously? Toys already? The movie has NOT come out yet. Come on hasbro. You didn't realese(bad spelling,my bad) equestrian girls until AFTER the movie came out. What do you guys think? Is it a good idea or a bad idea to be selling now?
  18. I went to the shop today and saw some new MLP:FiM figures of the ponies with rainbow streaks in their hair and stuff. I couldn't look at them for long because mama was around, but I remember there was a Pinkie figure that came with a helicopter. Here's a pic of it I went to MLP Wiki and saw this picture So are they based on Season 5 of MLP or the upcoming Rainbow Rocks movie?
  19. I know there are good my little pony toys out there but some of them are terrible, like celestia's toy says stereotypical girly things like "I like the way you did my hair" same thing with nightmare moon. The blind bags are also pretty bad like fluttershy looks like rainbow dash recolored and some of the other ponies in the blind bags look like recolors and the toys that talk don't have the original voice. I think it's just me that dislikes the toys but the vinyl figures look very good but they are not made by Hasbro. the equestria girls toys are pretty creepy and look nothing like the ones in the movie. sorry if I have offended anyone but that's how I feel.
  20. So these apparently are coming soon. Do they have to have Gothic ponies though? Of course, Applejack is left out yet again. I personally think this is funny.
  21. As you probably know, MLP toys have been 'rainbowfied' to fit the episode finale. The blindbags, moving toys, and plushies are now adorned with random marks all over them and highlights in their manes and tails. I find the new rainbowfied blindbags and plushies more enjoyable; being a collector like me I try to get every kind of pony blinds and plushies, and with the new markings there are more to collect. But I also find the toys just a way for Hasbro to get more money with colorful toys. These new rainbow ponies are now filling up isles in Target, Toys R Us and other pony carrying stores. So, what I am trying to get to is...what do you think about these new ponies?
  22. Though this is only a guess it is my firm opinion that what hurts Hasbro's toy sales as far as Brony consumerism is concerned is Hasbro's failure to understand that we ARE willing to buy their product if it was slightly changed. 100% of all official MLP toys are marketed towards young girls, but the secret that Hasbro can't see is that toys can be designed to satisfy young girls and men as well. (Pokemon toys for example) Though that'd be a small and obvious step for improvement there's always more that can be done. What do YOU guys think would be great toy ideas for Hasbro to try? This can be anything from large toy sets, gimmicky sets/series, themes, or mere character suggestions.
  23. I found this in at a garage sale and I am wondering if any one knows who this is .