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Found 34 results

  1. When the Tree of Harmony saved the Student 6 a student said "their glowing like the elements" that is incorrect they were glowing like the Mane 6 like the rainbow vision from season 4 were not the colors of a rainbow but the Mane 6's colors. Twilight is purple, Pinkie is pink, Rainbow dash is blue, Applejack is orange, Fluttershy is yellow, and Rarity is white. They weren't glowing the colors of the elements but the element bearers. Gallus was purple=Magic Silverstream was pink=Laughter Smolder was blue=Loyalty Yona was orange=Honesty Sandbar was yellow=Kindness Ocellus was white=Generosity
  2. Is the season 8 finale "School Raze" hinting at something in the future regarding the Student 6? I have a feeling that is a distinct possibility; thanks to this scene from the finale: Note: Image has been spoilered Look at that! The Tree of Harmony saves the Student 6 (and Starlight) from the vortex, and they each have a distinct glow reminiscent of the colors of the Elements of Harmony. From the looks of it (and the screenshot is less than ideal for this...): Twilight Sparkle - Gallus Pinkie Pie - Silverstrem Applejack - Yona Rainbow Dash - Smolder Fluttershy - Ocellus Rarity - Sandbar Of course the students are too young to take on such a mantle just yet and the Mane 6 are more than capable right now, but the Tree of Harmony took a special interest in this group in "What Lies Beneath" and it seems to me that they have an important part to play in the future. While the Elegamt of Magic being linked with Gallus might seem strange; he does seem to have the best potential for leadership, which I think is what the Element of Magic (or Pillar of Sorcery) mostly represents. What do you think? Am I thinking too much into this?
  3. The letter that Celestia got said that at the end of the first day all unicorn magic will be gone. During the first day Luna even stated that raising the sun and moon have become troublesome. But after the first day when all unicorn magic should be gone the day and night continue to cycle without Celestia and Luna? Unless the Tree of Harmony took over for them sense Cozy Glow's "spell"? didn't seem to have an effect on the tree and knowing the tree being sentient from episode 22? Maybe kinda like it didn't seem to effect the "monsters" bodies in Tartarus or something, I don't know?
  4. Ganondox

    A World Without Gods

    The one thing I disliked about Shadow Play was who it reduced the Tree of Harmony and thus the Elements of Harmony to artifacts created by mortal sorcerers. This removed their mystique, and essentially reduced them to mere tools rather than manifest symbols, thus reducing the struggle between good and evil to a numbers game rather than a battle of ideals. The reduction of the Tree of Harmony to a construct also introduces a related aspect of atheistic nihilism, which I’ll explain. If you don’t care for the long explanation that will follow, the main discussion point is just what are your opinions on the fact the Tree of Harmony’s origin was established as being just a creation by the Pillars of Equestria. At the beginning of the series, the alicorns gave the impression of being pagan gods. Their nature is elemental and they have very human personalities, if a bit detached from mortal affairs. Most of all though, the show installed a sense that supernatural harmony was a force governing all things, and ponies both mortal and divine played a key rule in maintaining this force. The Elements of Harmony were arcane artifacts which physically embodied the metaphysical forces that this Harmony is composed of, both as an abstract virtue and as very real power in the world. Every thing was filled with meaning as a result of this Harmony. Overtime though, more naturalism (meaning systems that function mechanically without willful intervention) was introduced, and the alicorns over time were portrayed less like gods and more like just super-powered flying unicorns. The only forces which appeared to continue to exist above nature (note that unicorn magic in Equestria is portrayed as being natural rather than supernatural) were the Elements of Harmony and Discord, with Harmony ultimately being the greater power. Together they formed a nice dichotomy, and the introduction of the Tree of Harmony both explained the origin of artifacts of the Elements of Harmony and provided an embodied counterpart to Discord. The show had moved away from the initial pagan model to ditheistic one, allowing it to maintain the supernatural symbolism even with increased naturalism. Later on though, Discord had to keep getting nerfed for plots sake, and like Celestia he lost the godlike status he initially held. This was a minor loss though, as the central force in Equestria has always been Harmony, not chaos, with the Tree of Harmony keeping it firmly rooted. Prior to Shadow Play, Equestria was essentially monotheistic, with the Tree of Harmony being the ultimate source off all order. Then Shadow Play completely upturned that by reducing the tree to a construct made by mere mortals. Removing the divinity of the Tree of Harmony killed not only the last god, but also nullified the symbolism that it represented. The greater loss was not the significance of the tree, but of the Elements of Harmony. Laughter, Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic are no longer eternal virtues, but arbitrary ones selected by the legends based on what they saw in themselves. The power the create meaning was moved away from the divine to the mortal, turning it from eternal to ephemeral, and thus nullifying the existence of any inherent meaning. Becuase our culture is seclular and our entertainment is typically nihilistic aside from pragmatic morals, I don’t think most people understand the significance of this change. Most of the time such states of affairs are just status quo. Sure, the show could always just arbitrary introduce new higher like Dragon Ball Z does, but the point is it’s arbitrary. That hierchary of supernatural beings has no symbolic significance, it just consists of creatures designed for aesthetic reason. The foundations holding every together are gone, reducing grand conflicts to a meaningless arms race. This doesn’t mean the show is now bad by any means (and if pulled off well the change could be retroactively justified in a similar manner to Twilght’s alicornification), but an aspect of it has definitely changed. I do think that on some level, this change was inevitable, as thematic nihilism is the direction commercially driven shows with multiple writers are destined to go in after enough time. Equestria’s current status is as A World Without Gods, and that means something.
  5. Buck Testa

    The Map/Tree needs a rival

    Ever since the Map has been introduced into the show, it has been the omnipotent answer to all of the mane sixes problems. It tells them where to go and who to send, and they follow those orders unquestioningly. They do not know what they need to do when they get there, but the Map knows what is going to happen while they are there. It even gives them a signal when they've completed their job so they know they can come back home for more orders. Not even threats like the Pony of Shadows, that were required to be locked up by the likes of Starswirl and his band are of much concern to this thing. It knows where everyone is supposed to be and what conversations need to take place to solve the problem. The Map needs something it can't predict. An enemy of equal power that it cannot out think, that will require the mane six to actually try. Otherwise there will be no tension ever again. It could be a Tree of Disharmony, or some other type of structure that similarly doesn't talk but manipulates its subjects. It would move it's pawns into place, the Map will move the mane six to counter. It would basically be a chess match of gods with our main characters being the pieces.
  6. Turns out its part of the tree of harmony. What's everyone's thoughts on this?
  7. Ok, so we saw a six-starred version of Twilight's cutie mark when she became an alicorn in Magical Mystery Cure, right? Well, personally I took it for an animation error, until it showed up again in the Season 4 sketches that were shown at Comic-Con, and instantly I assumed it was no mere coincidence. Then, along came the Tree of Harmony, and after doing some several weeks of thinking, I may have pieced something together. What if the six stars on Twi's new cutie mark represent Twi and her friends, with the big star in the middle being Harmony itself? That would effectively not make Twilight the mortal spirit of the Tree of Harmony, but rather its guardian, protector and ambassador of harmony, along with the Mane 5. It would make sense, considering Twilight has learned much about magic and friendship, and having used the Elements of Harmony along with her friends, the tree saw fit to make the Mane 6 its guardians. What do you think about this?
  8. Okay so the ponies had to (spoiler) give up the Elements of Harmony so the Tree of Harmony wouldn't lose its magic. However, the MLP Wiki still talks about the Mane Six representing the Elements of Harmony and so does the website. What does representing the Elements of Harmony mean? Does it just mean having traits associated with them like anyone kind could represent the Element of Kindness? Do they still represent them?
  9. Does anypony/body else think Twilight Sparkle is the embodiment of ALL the elements, after she became an alicorn? I have some evidence on it below. After Twilight's transformation Celestia tells her she's demonstrated each of the elements... The alicorn is an Earth Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasus all in one. The mane six has two of each race. Twilight's cutiemark also represents the same point (As explained in the chart, I made, below)
  10. Back when the Brony fandom was young and we were all gushing over how surprisingly good Season 1 was, many of us (mostly fanfic writers and speculators and such) conceived of the idea that Celestia and Luna were like the Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Norse gods. This made sense, as they were bigger than all the other ponies, the only winged unicorns in the show, and could raise and lower the sun and moon. It was a logical conclusion to make, as many myths and legends feature sun and/or moon gods. Going further, many would assume that Celestia and Luna, or perhaps their parents, were the creators of the world/universe/planet Equestria is located on/in. At some point, the fan theory that Lauren Faust, or rather, Lauren Faust’ Alicorn OC “Fausticorn,” was Celestia and Luna’s mother and the creator of the world was made. However, as time went on, more seasons came out, more alicorns were introduced, lore regarding the founding of Equestria and the movement of the sun and moon by unicorns was revealed, and Celestia and Luna (and even Discord as of the Season 6 Finale) were revealed to be quite weak, the theory of Celestia and Luna being divine beings is pretty much debunked. Many Bronies still stick with the Fausticorn theory, but I think it would be better to find something a lot more cannon to look to. If were to make a bet on who or what is the true creator and Divine Being of the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the only choice there is, of course, the Tree of Harmony. Why? Well, here’s my reasoning: If The Tree of Harmony is the Divine Being, it would have to have existed since the beginning of time. In Princess Twilight Sparkle, we see that the Tree existed during Discord’s first reign. You might think this breaks the theory, seeing as the Fires of Friendship of Hearthswarming Eve predate this. First of all, the Fires are a one trick pony. All they do is kill Wendigoes and keep you warm. Powerful magic, sure, but not divine. Second, in the past vision where Celestia and Luna take the Elements out of the Tree, you will find that the tree is the exact same size as it is 1000 years later in the present. This means that the Tree was already mature 1000 years ago, and also ages very slowly. Plus, from seed to sapling to fully mature, trees take a looooooong time to grow. Not only that, the Tree of Harmony is huge. If a Redwood tree can live for 2000 years, I’m sure a magical crystal tree can live many times longer. I punch the numbers into my calculator and I get “In the Beginning was the Seed.” Next, the Tree needs to be omnipotent. To find that out, let’s check out all the time aspects of the Tree had to show their strength. First, the Elements of Harmony. Now, let’s get something clear: if the Elements were not used correctly and the results were either lacking or non-existent, it is not the Tree’s fault. A good comparison would be Samson in Judaism/Christianity. Samson’s superhuman strength came from God, but God told Samson not to let his hair be cut (among other things). So, when Delilah cut Samson’s hair, Samson was defeated. God was still omnipotent, Samson just forfeited his rights to that power. So, first the Elements defeated Discord. Then Celestia used them all by herself against Nightmare Moon, so she was imprisoned instead of purified. Nightmare Moon was unable to destroy the Elements, and the Mane Six used them properly and purified her. Celestia and Luna lost their connection to the Elements, so the Tree removed its power from Discord’s stone prison. The Mane Six tried using the Elements while they were corrupted, and without Rainbow Dash, so the Tree denied them its power. They used them properly the second time and defeated Discord. Then we have the Plunderseed Vines in Princess Twilight Sparkle. I’m going to skip over this and save it for later. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense a little later. Then we have the Rainbow Power, which was able to defeat Lord Tirek instantly. Tirek had ALL THE MAGIC IN EQUESTRIA. This means that the Rainbow Power is stronger than ALL THE MAGIC IN EQUESTRIA. Then there’s the Cutie Map, which was able to survive SEVERAL COMPLETE REWRITES AND HARD RESETS OF THE TIME-SPACE CONTINUIM in The Cutie Re-Mark. I’m pretty sure this proves the Tree’s omnipotence. As for omniscience, the Cutie Map is a clear example of this. The Cutie Map knows exactly what problem will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen, how it will happen, and who will be the best ponies suited for the job of solving it. Yes, I know that this is a TV show with writers, but within the actual world this show takes place in, this Cutie Map, and therefore the Tree of Harmony, is clearly omniscient. I’m not sure if omnipresence is important here. If anything, the fact that the Tree is aware of everything that happens in the world through the Cutie Map is a kind of omnipresence. The way that the Map existed in alternate timelines can be considered omnipresence too. Now, I know you’re all thinking about the part I skipped earlier. You all think that those Plunderseed Vines disprove my theory, because those thorny vines nearly killed the Tree. Fluttershy herself said the Tree was dying, after all. Sure, the Tree was brought back to life through the sacrifice of the Elements, and the Tree gave the Mane Six a gift through its resurrection, but still, it was almost killed. Well, to avoid getting into trouble or triggering anyone, I’ll be both brief and vague here. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a Canadian/American show. Christianity is the majority religion in these two nations. Now, tell me, who is the main figure of this religion and what is He well known for doing? I’d rather not get banned or anything, so I’m being intentionally ambiguous here, but I’m pretty sure you all know what I’m trying to say. Love and tolerate, please! So, what do you think? Is the Tree of Harmony the Divine Being of the world in which Equestria takes place? Is my reasoning sound, or did I make a mistake or overlook something? Please, leave your own comments and opinion, because I’m sure that this can be a great source of ideas and speculation for all Bronies. Also, here is a Fanfic written by someone who is also convinced that the Tree of Harmony is the Divine Being:
  11. Just an idea I head, really. What if Twilight has a special connection to the Tree of Harmony? Like say if she could sense whether it was in danger?
  12. SawmillTurtle

    Mane 6: Destined to Be?

    I have been thinking about the Tree of Harmony and how Celestia and Luna took the Elements from it 1000+ years before the Mane 6 ever existed. The Elements were each shaped like the cutie marks of ponies that would not be born for over a millenia. Does this mean they were, in a sense, prophesied by the tree itself? The tree shows some level of sentience, so I have to wonder if the tree helped to bring them into existence or possibly worked unseen to manipulate the events that helped form their characters. There is no way this is a coincidence. There are far too many factors and far too many years involved to dismiss it as something that "just happened." I thought maybe it could be like a Legend of Zelda-type world, where the characters continue to be reborn so that they can continue to play the same roles. Thoughts on this?
  13. So I made another video, and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for my voice work. Also, thanks for the feedback on my other videos!
  14. Unlikeable Pony

    Is the tree of harmony Impotent?

    So here's a conundrum with the world. The elements of harmony, and by extension the tree of harmony are the canonical most powerful magic in the world (that ponies know of), yeah? And the tree of harmony has a mind of its own as well, correct? Yet, in the alternate timelines, the world was Devastated by disaster after disaster without the tree or the elements doing ANYTHING. But if we assume the tree is a force of good, which it seems to be, why would it just sit by and allow the world to be destroyed in each timeline without stopping it despite it being within the EOH's power to defeat every villain shown? It would stand to reason then that if the tree of harmony WOULDN'T want the world doomed and is benevolent, but still "Allowed" the world to be destroyed each time that, by process of elimination, it COULDN'T intervene to stop the timelines from being destroyed each time. At the same time, we've seen that its powers were subverted by ponies like Sunset shimmer and Starlight glimmer who were able to steal the EOH's power for themselves in someway (To power a spell or turn into a demon), despite the EOH outright refusing to work for the mane six when they weren't in the right mind set. it would seem then that the Tree of harmony, despite having incredible magical power and sentience, is utterly incapable of acting on its own: its essentially an intelligent tool and wholely reliant on its wielder to decide how it will be used. So no matter what the tree would WANT to use, it cannot do anything unless it can convince another pony to act in that way, such as directing the mane six to solve problems or trying to get them to wield its power to do certain actions like defeat tirek.
  15. my theory is that the tree of harmony is influenced by all life, and if the balance of good and evil was shifted the tree could be destroyed or turn into a tree of disharmony. i also have another theory that the alternate timelines in the cutie remark are now alternate universes. if both these theories are true, that would mean that the tree is in trouble, because the tree of harmony exists simultaneously in every universe as seen in the cutie remark, and is thus effected by all new universes created in the finale! since there were only 2 universes before the season 5 finale, and each one was peaceful, the tree was safe and all was well, but now there are more chaotic universes than there are harmonic universes in the mlp multiverse which leads me to the conclusion that the balance of harmony has been broken and all of tartarus is about to break loose! it may take awhile, but eventually the tree will be destroyed or become the tree of disharmony! if the mane 6 cannot save the day, the mlp multiverse is doomed! according to my theory.
  16. this is what I hope happens in season 6. there is no inside knowledge on what will happen as I have no connections in Hasbro or anything. its just my idea. FIRST TWO EPISODES. starlight and twily go to the place where starlight found starswirls time spell and a bunch of other spells. upon arriving they see a huge portal ripping apart time and space. twilight and starlight close the portal but not before starswirl leaps out and teleports away. the mane six and starlight glimmer try to reason with starswirl, but he is completely insane and cant be reasoned with, he then starts laying waste to ponyville. the mane 6 decide to use the rainbow power to defeat him, but for the first time ever it fails! starswirl uses a shield of powerful dark magic to block the blast then starts slowly disintegrating the mane 5 and starlight. in anger twilight suddenly powers up and channels a huge surge of magic through her, knocking out starswirl and saving the mane 6. before twilight disintegrates starswirl, princess celestia steps in and stops her from killing him. celestia then takes starswirl to canterlot to mend his fractured mind. twilight then goes back to the cave and finds a hidden library full of old forbidden magic. she seals it and leaves. SHOWS UP TO MID SEASON we see that twilight has become more powerful after her fight with starswirl and we see some more slice of life episodes, friendship problems being solved and the like.twilight teaches starlight the magic of friendship, and they both work together on figuring out what happened with the rainbow power. twilight consults with starswirl who has been healed somewhat by celestia though he still cant remember where he was before he appeared in ponyville ,on what he thinks about the rainbow power. starswirl says he knows not what to do about the rainbow power, but that perhaps twilight should study other magic. starswirl tells twilight that she defeated him when she was enraged and perhaps she should study this more. twilight, who has been thinking the same thing, returns to starswirls cave and enters the secret library. SECOND HALF OF SEASON SHOWS more slice of life episodes and starlight glimmer and starswirl the bearded become friends. the mane 5 start to notice that twily isn't herself lately, though its mostly little things, like being overly organized and studying more than usual. one day twilight is late for her training with starlight.starlight over reacts and tracks her down finding twilight in the library doing a dark magical ritual. starlight teleports them both out and tells her to stay away from such books. twilight agrees but continues to go anyways. SHOW RIGHT BEFORE THE FINALE twilight tells princess celestia that the only way to fix the tree of harmony and the rainbow power is to make all disharmony, and evil creatures disappear with a spell she learned. celestia tells twilight that she will not allow it, that it is evil to take away peoples free will and that it is not true friendship. twilight sets out to use the spell but celestia, cadence, luna and discord stand against her. celestia tells twilight there is no way she can win and that she is outnumbered, but twilight just laughs and shows them her true power. while in the library twilight had been harnessing untold amounts of dark magic and infusing it into herself. with this new power, twilight defeats the princesses and discord in a battle that shakes the very roots of equestrian, she then binds them in tartarus and wipes the memory of the battle from everyones minds except for starlight, starswirl and the mane 5 who were protected by starlight. SHOW FINALE equestria is now ruled by twilight, and all unhappy, angry or sad thoughts are gone, the only person whos free will twilight didn't try to take was spike, who rules as prince of equestria. one day while spike is riding around equestria overseeing his kindom, he is kidnapped by starlight glimmer and the mane 5. spike is scared, believing, like everyone else, that starlight glimmer and the mane 5 are traitors to equestria. but after hearing there story of how twilight forcefully conquered equestria and that everyones memories and free will was taken, spike isn't sure what to believe. starlight gives spike memories of how twilight was before she ruled and then spike is released. spike watches twilight and comes to the conclusion that starlight and the mane 5 are right because friendship no longer matters to twilight. spike sneaks starlight and the mane 5 into queen twilights castle then the battle begins. twilight easily defeats there feeble attemptys to harm her and imprisons the six of them in tartarus. spike pleads with twilight to free them but twilight whirls on him in a rage. twilight screams at spike, saying she trusted him, then she takes his free will. realizing what she did twilight weeps and cries, finally seeing the error of her ways. twilight unbinds the evil magic from her which turns out to be alive. though it cannot speak it attacks her, but without a host twilight defeats it. realizing the solution to the rainbow problem, with the last of her power twilight travels back in time and seperates twilight from the dark magic before she can defeat the princesses and discord. queen twilight instructs twilight never to use dark magic again and then leaves. twilight later realizes that the source of the problems cannot be fixed as the problem comes from the alternate universes created in her battle with starlight. the map stretches acrossed time and space, even other universes, and since more universe were full of disharmony than harmony the trees power had faded. twilight calls everyone that there is no way to stop it now, they must simply wait to see what happens next! plz post thoughts. thank you

    TREE OF DISHARMONY(discussion)

    who hear wants to see a tree of disharmony? it could be in the underworld and have its own evil version of the mane 6. please post thoughts.
  18. So I know the tree of harmony birthed a crystal tree from the "seed" and this is all very logical and all, but am I the only one that is confused about the ACTUAL tree that lives INSIDE the new crystal castle? I am referring to this one: is this an upside down tree? Are these roots? And if so does this simply function as some bizarre chandelier, or is there MORE of this tree if you go farther up in the castle? Because last I checked trees don't grow upside down. So this makes it seem more logical these are roots. I want to see the rest of the tree.
  19. So I have been searching around the internet, and I found something called a 'Nemeton'. Nemeton; A nemeton was a sacred space of ancient Celtic religion. Nemeta appear to have been primarily situated in natural areas, and, as they often utilized trees, they are often interpreted as sacred groves. However, other evidence suggests that the word implied a wider variety of ritual spaces, such as shrines and temples. So is the 'Tree of Harmony' loosely based upon the nemeton? Also, what is the tree 'sentient' because it negatively to Discord's tree poisoning in the episode "Princess Twilight Sparkle". So, what do you think?
  20. So during my time off this site while I was working or moving the house around I kept thinking about how Equestria Girls and what happened to Sunset Shimmer with the Element of Magic or what it meant for the Mane6 and the Villains of the show. I ended up spending a few hours past midnight writing it down and trying to organize my thoughts on the subject. I give all credit to the various threads I stole ideas from and I'm to tired to go look for all of them. lol [SPOILERS BELOW] [Also this could be considered Head-canon so if it turns out incorrect then oh well. It was a nice thought experiment.] In Equestria and whatever the world is called we see many types of magic but learn very little about them. Yet they remain prevalent throughout the show as a major background focus. I now believe that there are three magic systems in the world and these are called Entropy, Natural, and Harmony which indirectly representing the usual Good vs Neutral vs Evil style. From these magical powers came six(6) more specialized versions. Chaos & Darkness, Arcane & Passive, Love & Friendship. Each of the new magical powers are spread throughout the world with some magic being more obvious in some creatures like Ponies or Sirens for example. Because of this we should now call the Elements of Harmony by their true name which would be the Elements of Friendship. Chaos is mostly concentrated in Discord which would explain why he is so powerful compared to the others. He would act as the token opposite of Love by being the Element of Chaos. Darkness however is more spread out into artifacts or the major Villains we have seen so far and I believe it maintains it's own 'Elements of Darkness' similar to the'Elements of Harmony or in this case Friendship. We can see this in each villain representing an element of Darkness. Sunset Shimmer as a Demon also represented another Element of Darkness. However, by assigning Sunset an Element we must acknowledge that she also represented an Element of Harmony at one point. This does not mean the other Villains also represented such things or that she represented her direct opposite. So I believe that we will have another major villain representing the opposite of Sunset Shimmers Element of Friendship. King Sombra = Dark Element of Cruelty Lord Tirek = Dark Element of Greed The Sirens = Dark Element of Deception Nightmare Moon = Dark Element of Fear Queen Chrysalis = Dark Element of Falsehood Sunset [Demon] = Dark Element of Power Unknown Villain = Dark Element of Doubt. Now that we have this list, we should be able to easily sort out their Friendship opposites. But before that we should look into Twilight's Element of Magic and the 'Spark' that apparently had little meaning except as a plot tool. In a flashback on episode Princess Twilgiht Sparkle - Part 1 we can notice that the 6th Element of Magic was already there and did not need to 'appear' after the Spark as originally stated in the first two episodes of season 1. This caught my interest and leads me to believe that it does not represent the Element of Magic but represents the Element of Leadership and Twilight just happened to be the Spark who got the new Element Holders together. Now instead of [Twilight Sparkle = Element of Magic] it should be [Twilight Sparkle = Element of Leadership]. The list is basically the same with a slight wording change to better represent it's position. Twilight Sparkle = Element of Leadership (Spark) Applejack = Element of Honesty Rainbow Dash = Element of Loyalty Fluttershy = Element of Kindness Rarity = Element of Generosity Pinkie Pie = Element of Laughter Sunset Shimmer = Element of Faith Sunset Shimmer could possibly have been a Spark but I am unsure on that. Since Sunset is now in the Human world this means the Elements of Friendship are missing a Holder for that Element which means the Element is spread through each of them instead. At this point I assume some of you will point out that none of the Dark Elements required a Spark. This is true and I shall now explain what the Spark means in my theory. The Spark acts as a Safeguard against corruption and to ensure the virtues of Friendship are upheld. It is commonly seen with the Element of Leadership holder and thus assumed to be tied to it. This lead to the Element of Leadership being called the Element of Magic as the only two known Holders of the Element have been powerful in the Arcane arts. We see this with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna when Luna is corrupted into Nightmare Moon. They failed to uphold the Elements of Friendship with each other and allowed Fear to overtake Luna. Later we see Princess Celestia attempting to save Luna and rekindle their friendship but as that fails Celestia uses the Elements of Friendship to banish Luna to the Moon until a time when new bearers of the Elements could arise. Assuming Celestia was the Spark for the two sisters this means the Spark could be used with only a limited number of Friendship Elements. Doing so strips the creature of their Element Holder status and the Spark inside them. A complete list now shows each Element of Friendship and it's Element of Darkness. Twilight Sparkle = Element of Leadership (Spark) ~|~ Dark Element of Power = Sunset Shimmer [Demon] Applejack = Element of Honesty ~|~ Dark Element of Falsehood = Queen Chrysalis Rainbow Dash = Element of Loyalty ~|~ Dark Element of Deception = The Sirens Fluttershy = Element of Kindness ~|~ Dark Element of Cruelty = King Sombra Rarity = Element of Generosity ~|~ Dark Element of Greed = Lord Tirek Pinkie Pie = Element of Laughter ~|~ Dark Element of Fear = Nightmare Moon Sunset Shimmer = Element of Faith ~|~ Dark Element of Doubt = Unknown Villain Edit: Switched NMM and the Sirens after looking back on the list. So after making this list I decided that since other species would probably be able to utilize the Elements of Friendship as well. But they are both more limited in their preferred Friendship Values and by sheer number difference(It's more likely to see a pony with an Element than a Donkey as there are more ponies around.) in terms of their species size. = Species Elemental Preferences = Earth Ponies [Honesty, Laughter] Pegasus [Kindness, Loyalty] Unicorns [Leadership, Generosity] •Alicorns• [Faith] Griffon's [Loyalty, Leadership, Kindness] Diamond Dogs [Generosity, Laughter, Honesty] Dragons [Leadership, Faith, Generosity] Buffalo [Loyalty, Honesty, Faith] •Cattle are 'civilized' Buffalo• Donkeys [Generosity, Laughter, Kindness] Minotaur's [Leadership, Kindness, Loyalty] Zebras [Generosity, Loyalty, Faith] Sea Ponies [same as Ponies with Faith spread out to all types] •Have no Alicorns• Sea Serpents [Loyalty, Generosity, Laughter] Changeling [see Below] •Note• While I have no proof I believe the Changelings and Queen Chrysalis are actually a type of corrupted ponies. As seen above I set QC as Falsehood to symbolize their ability to change their forms and because it fits her character. So I assume this means a pony similar to Starlight Glimmer had gathered a small following and this pony did something to gain the powers of an Alicorn. This came with a heavy cost and left a shameful mark on the Equestrian's history about the creation of the Changeling species/race. With no way to remove the curse but having gained their new abilities the newly dubbed 'Changelings' left Equestria to find a new Home. The curse allowed them to shift from three corrupted pony types into a more Hive-like Insect race. They still maintain the same attributes as normal ponies(Like the Sea Ponies) but are more inclined toward the Entropy side of the Elements now. [End Changeling] • Limited Future Speculation • Elk/Deer [Faith] Rhino [Leadership] Llamas [Kindness] Satyrs [Laughter] (Likely to close to humans to appear) Naga [Loyalty] (Likely to close to humans to appear) Moose [Generosity] At this point I'll stop to address the magic of Love, the Crystal Empire/Ponies, and Cadence. I've notice three(3) things in the show about Love and Friendship. I could be looking for things that are not there. 1. Friendship will always offer it's hand to it's enemies and never kill them. 2. Love is not always kind or quick to forgive as seen with King Sombra. 3. Chaos can be directed to a more Harmonic end as (so far) seen with Discord. We will be discussing the first two points, from the Crystal Empire episodes we see that the Crystal Ponies are... well, made of crystal. I think this was only due to the constant focus of power from the Crystal Heart creating the Aurora. The constant bombardment of Love magic slowly reshaped the ponies living near it over several generations of ponies. Forming the first Crystal Ponies. These Crystal Ponies are likely more passionate and emotional(kind of like Rarity and her drama moments.) As in our world, Love can cause happiness, jealousy, a sense of purpose, madness, etc... In the show, we have seen that unlike the Magic of Friendship that Love; or more specifically the Element of Love(Crystal Heart?) has destroyed it's enemies. While some bronies would prefer to see King Sombra again(me included) I don't think it would make sense to bring him back unless they introduced some kind of necromantic magic to the show. That of course would make the show rather dark, a good example would be like making the 'Story of the Blanks' a canon event in the show. There would be so much hilarious backlash that the show would die out because of it. I'd rather avoid that if possible. Anyway, the Magic of Love is less spread out to the rest of the world and maintains a focal point in the Crystal Empire similar to the Tree of HarmonyFriendship for the Magic of Friendship and the Element of Friendship Holders. Cadence is special due to her Cutie Mark which grants her the ability to use the Magic of Love without being a Crystal Pony. After I revisited the above I wrote up a new list based on the overall magics of Entropy and Harmony = Species Harmonic Preferences = Draconequus [Chaos]-Direct to Discord Crystal Ponies [Love]-Indirect/Direct Ponies [Friendship]-Indirect Centaurs [Darkness]-Indirect All others have no Preference. This ties in the above Species list and their respective Friendship virtue preferences. Now at this point I'm not sure where to continue my theories/mad-research until Hasbro works on establishing a world history to the MLP universe or releases some kind of official role-playing game with a history lesson inside it. I was thinking of the future after the Mane6 as well, which I'm sure most of you assume will include the CMC's. So I wrote a tiny bit on that. The Cutie Mark Crusaders and others will be the successors of the Mane6 in the future. Seriously, how else will they keep the show going? xD Applebloom [Honesty] •Spark• Scootalo [Loyalty] Sweetie Bell [Generosity] Diamond Tiara [Leadership] Has not been Sparked. Silver Spoon [Kindness] Has not been Sparked. Babs Seed [Faith] Dinky Doo or Pipsquek [Laughter]? Has not been Sparked. So those worried about Diamond Tiara acting as the Element of Leadership, I'd like to defer to Twlight who is the Leader but is not always in control of the group or situation. Which is something Diamond Tiara tries to do usually by insulting the CMC. Besides her being a logical choice for the element I think it would also leave room for some character development in Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. It would go along with the theme of Friendship in the show. I wasn't as sure on the Element of Laughter however as there are many fan-favorites to go by. I though Pipsqueak might work but we have limited info on him so I'm not sure about him. He is already voice-acted though. Dinky Doo is seen a number of times in the show and she could easily be fleshed out into a more formal character. From what I can tell her on-screen personality could match Laughter but I didn't give as much research on her as Diamond or Silver. Alright you can breath now, my rant is over. TL:DR? Here's a summary. Magic, magic, magic, list, magic, list & magic, magic, list, CMC & moar magic, list , CMC & Elements. Fin And another thread about species and civilizations that I can't seem to find again.
  21. So, in my fanfic which happens in a close future of the events of MLP S4, magic doesn't exist anymore because the use of the "Rainbow Power" by the Mane 6 has drained all the magic from Tree of Harmony, thus killing it and making it stop producing magic. Although there are other magic sources like the Crystal Heart, those are negligible compared to the tree and thus didn't change anything. Does this make sense?
  22. Hi there! I currently work on an artwork for my boardgame and created the lockbox provided by the Tree of Harmony in season 4 as an item. First of all... how do you like it? Furthermore.... does this lockbox have a specific name mentioned in the show? If yes, which name is it? If not, how should I name the item? The chosen name appears like this on the finished card, currently stating "Mysterious Lockbox": The background of the artwork is not finished of course.
  23. It's finally here: My Discord video! A look at Discord and his origins, which are likely tied closely to the Tree of Harmony.
  24. Vivid Visions

    Tree of Harmony

    Well, I finally decided to draw this pretty pony! This OC is NOT owned by me, it is owned and designed by the wonderful Heilos on DA! - Harmony is the the ponified version of the Tree of Harmony, and Heilos did an amazing job at creating it! I've always loved this pony design, and I decided to finally draw her and have it be a Christmas gift for Heilos! c: ----------
  25. Since the pilot episode of Season 4 and the introduction of the Tree of Harmony this has been bothering me a bit. If there's any truth to what A Hearth's Warming Eve, where unicorns were said to traditionally raise and lower the sun and the moon in Equestria, then it follows that the Royal Sisters either did not exist at that point, or had not acquired their powers yet. We also know that the Royal Sisters discovered the Tree of Harmony in the same pilot and "borrowed" its powers to combat Discord. The Elements of Harmony are almost certainly originated from the tree. The next question though is whether the Royal Sisters themselves acquired their powers from the Tree of Harmony or perhaps they themselves were born from the Tree of Harmony. As we see from the Tree of Harmony itself the their sun and moon symbols are also their with the Elements of Harmony: It may be very well that Celestia and Luna acquired their immortality and strength like Cadance did through trial and virtue, or it may have been through the Tree. Even with that aside though,their connection to the tree leaves a lot to discover.