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Found 36 results

  1. Well, I finally decided to draw this pretty pony! This OC is NOT owned by me, it is owned and designed by the wonderful Heilos on DA! - Harmony is the the ponified version of the Tree of Harmony, and Heilos did an amazing job at creating it! I've always loved this pony design, and I decided to finally draw her and have it be a Christmas gift for Heilos! c: ----------
  2. Since the pilot episode of Season 4 and the introduction of the Tree of Harmony this has been bothering me a bit. If there's any truth to what A Hearth's Warming Eve, where unicorns were said to traditionally raise and lower the sun and the moon in Equestria, then it follows that the Royal Sisters either did not exist at that point, or had not acquired their powers yet. We also know that the Royal Sisters discovered the Tree of Harmony in the same pilot and "borrowed" its powers to combat Discord. The Elements of Harmony are almost certainly originated from the tree. The next question though is whether the Royal Sisters themselves acquired their powers from the Tree of Harmony or perhaps they themselves were born from the Tree of Harmony. As we see from the Tree of Harmony itself the their sun and moon symbols are also their with the Elements of Harmony: It may be very well that Celestia and Luna acquired their immortality and strength like Cadance did through trial and virtue, or it may have been through the Tree. Even with that aside though,their connection to the tree leaves a lot to discover.
  3. I've been looking at the episodes list of Season 4, i.e. the season finale 2-parter "Twilight's Kingdom", and something struck me: Remember when I said in my Symbolism thread that there seems to be some correspondence between the Elements of Harmony & the stained glass in Celestia's palace and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life?Let me refresh your memory if you don't: After seeing the Season 4's opening 2-parter, "Princess Twilight Sparkle", I think this correspondence doesn't seem to be a mere coincidence anymore (as some objected in the Symbolism thread), because we've learned from that episode that the Elements of Harmony actually grows on trees Notice how they surround the "concealed" Sefirot of Magic (Da'at), where you can find Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark symbol. Below there are Sun and Moon symbols of Celestia and Luna. And guess what: they're there at the same exact places on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life! Does anyone still think that this is a coincidence? But that's not what I wanted to write about, so let's get on topic: The bottom-most Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is called "Malkhut", which in Hebrew means "Kingdom"! And we've all seen at the end of Season 4's opening that the Tree of Harmony gave birth to that intriguing little blue box with six keyholes. It has grown from its roots, appearing inside a blue flower. We've been waiting the whole Season to see what's inside this box. Now, when almost all the keys has been completed, and there's no doubt that Twilight's key would appear in the Season 4's finale, which is titled "Twilight's Kingdom", we can safely assume, that these things will be related somehow. For me, it is now clear that the Tree of Harmony is a metaphor of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and I speculate that the title of the episode, "Twilight's Kingdom" is also not coincidental: it seems to correspond to the bottom-most Sefirot of the Tree of Life, which is also called "Kingdom"! The Kingdom is actually the first step from 10 in the path to God (called Ayn Sof in Kabbalah), which is above the top-most Sefirot of the tree, called the Crown. As you can see on the pictures above, the Kingdom Sefirot is related to the four Greek Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and the physical world. As we seen in "Magic Duel" episode, Twilight Sparkle has already mastered all four Elements of the physical world, when she has been shown in a symbolic context of The Magician card from Tarot's Major Arcana set: (more on that here and here), which makes the correspondence even stronger. What do you think about all this stuff?
  4. OK, the season opener ends with our favorite mares returning the gems to the Tree of Harmony. But did they lose a little piece of themselves in the process? This season is dedicated to finding six keys and so far we apparently have three of them. In Rarity Takes Manehattan and Rainbow Falls, Rarity and Rainbow Dash were put to the test and it was necessary for them to relearn the virtue of the elements they previously had. At this point in their personal growth and character development, it really shouldn't have been so much of a struggle for them to be generous and loyal to their best friends. Pinkie Pride is a bit different from what happened in the aforementioned episodes. EDIT: After initially embracing a welcoming attitude towards Cheese Sandwich and perhaps hoping to team up with him for Ponyville's benefit, she feels despair and fears he's trying to replace her. Without the Element of Laughter, Pinkie wasn't able to see the bigger picture. Parties are about enriching lives and raising spirits. Having a new pony to help Ponyville do that doesn't mean her friends love her any less. The other thing that seems to be different in Season 4 is Pinkie Pie's zany abilities. We haven't seen as much of them as in previous seasons. I don't know if it's a coincidence or if her powers have in fact diminished because she doesn't have her Element now. This might be something else to keep an eye on as the key episodes for Applejack, Fluttershy, and Twilight come up. I strongly suspect that they're not exactly themselves either.
  5. Apparently the tree of harmony is the strongest thing in Equestria and Discord's opposite number. I don't think that shoud be the case. Simply put, when people think what is the opposite of chaos, they don't think harmony. They think order. So by that logic, Discord's ultimate adversary should be a being that eschews total order and rigidity in life. Someone that makes sure that everything is in it's proper place, stationary, no interaction or variation. Total predictability and stagnation. Cause without a little bit of chaos, nothing would happen, nothing would change. There's no interaction to set things into motion. With an adversary like that the tree also has it's purpose heightened. Rather than just being the opposite of chaos, it becomes the balance between order and chaos, true harmony. So what do you think? Are you fine with the tree being the opposite to Discord, or would you like to see Equestria face an adversary dedicated to total order, and if it's the latter, how would you design an enemy like that?
  6. ^That's not the title. But it's what the story is about. This is a follow-up to the S4 premiere (spoilers, natch) with a bit of a twist! Let's say the golden box at the Tree of Harmony doesn't necessarily hold anything, but unlocking it will release the Elements again. Nopony knows where the keys went. But whoever finds them, controls the fate of the world. Let's say they end up in the wrong hooves. HOW wrong, you ask? Read on and find out. Forging Destiny CHAPTER 1 Princess Twilight Sparkle gaped in astonishment as the Tree of Harmony was resurrected before her eyes. It had been so long since the Elements were contained in the magic branches, and for one terrible moment she feared that a thousand years of Equestrian history was disappearing with them. She was, after all, still a scholar at heart. But she needn’t have worried. Her five friends were still here, these uncomfortable new wings still attached to her sides—and, as the last of the black vines withdrew, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were back. “You are very brave, Twilight Sparkle,” Celestia commended her with relief. “It must have been very hard for you to give up the Elements of Harmony.” I didn’t do it alone, you know, Twilight thought. But before she could answer, Celestia and Luna’s sigils appeared on the tree to glow in unison with the Elements. Something else was happening. As they watched, a large pink flower sprouted from the base of the tree. Twilight tapped it gently, and it opened to reveal a golden lock. “What’s this?” she asked, ever curious. “Six keys for six locks,” Luna answered simply. “Excuse me,” Fluttershy said politely. “Do you mean that if we open them, we can use the Elements again?” Applejack nodded. “Ah guess that makes sense…” “But then, where are the keys?” Twilight asked. “That,” replied Celestia, “Is a mystery. But it is one you will not have to solve on your own.” They trotted out of the forest together, ready to celebrate another lesson learned, another crisis averted. But still Twilight worried. One thought wrapped itself around her mind as tightly as the Everfree vines: Where? Where did they go? With their luck, it was be a place nopony would ever dream of looking. “…Excuse me?” the rich stallion inquired. His eyebrows rose and vanished into his expertly styled mane. “I said it’s worth three thousand bits, Mr. Set,” Silver Spoon replied. She gestured to the old saddle he had just deposited on the table. “Three thousand five hundred at the most.” Jet Set shuffled his hooves nervously on the carpet and smiled at her as though she were a foal. “Well, I…I’m afraid that’s impossible, little filly. Perhaps you’re not looking at it quite closely enough, hmm?” His wife Upper Crust was listening close behind him, casting worried looks around the foyer. Silver Spoon fought the urge to groan. Where was Diamond Tiara? She hoped her best friend would arrive soon. These antiques shows could get so boring without her. With Jet still looking imperiously down his snout at her, she grabbed a monocle and examined the offering even more closely. “Oh my! You were right, Mr. Set.” He leaned forward hopefully. “I didn’t even see this little stain on the underside! Yes, that makes it more like twenty-nine hundred.” She clopped her hooves together and gave him a self-satisfied grin. The stallion blushed red under his gray coat—almost the same shade as hers, though thank Celestia they weren’t related. “I’m sorry, but perhaps you should call your parents over to help you with this. You see, my wife’s father bought this saddle at auction for three times that amount. It was made by High Horse himself, a very famous designer of the Greater Canterlot Period—” “The Lesser Canterlot Period, actually,” Silver corrected him icily. “Do you want to know why I have this fabulous cutie mark and you don’t? It’s because, like, I actually know about antiques. And this is so not a High Horse, okay?” Jet Set stared at her, finally shocked into silence. His wife looked as though she wanted to sink through the floor. “It’s a High Horse knockoff. Worth maybe a thousand bits back in the 3700s, not much more now. And my dad can tell you the same thing, if you want to ask him too. But he’s really busy now, and I’m sure you don’t want to make the Spoons upset with you, right?” “Well, I…er…” “I didn’t think so.” she said smugly. As the social climbers took back their saddle and walked out in a huff, Silver noted with some relief that the crowd was dwindling. Maybe she would get some sleep tonight after all. It was a school night, and she and Diamond had a long day of teasing the blank flanks ahead of them. Something clattered gently in her saddlebag, where she kept her tools and a few of her favorite pieces for display. She glanced at the right pocket and saw something that hadn’t been there before. Six golden keys, all together on one ring. Where did those come from? They weren’t her keys to the family mansion; those, obviously, were silver. “Hmmm,” she said to herself. “Oh well. I’ll get a closer look at them later.” “Hi, Silver Spoon!” She would know that voice anywhere. Silver turned around and ran to greet her best friend. “Bump, bump, sugar lump rump!” they chorused, ignoring confused stares from the mares and stallions. “How’s it going? I’m glad they didn’t bore you to death before I got here.” Diamond glanced around with disdain. As usual, Silver was one of the only fillies she would speak civilly to. “Close enough,” she sighed. “I love judging antiques, but you know how these parties go. We never get anything really good.” The keys jingled again, unnoticed, before sinking further into her bag.
  7. Hey there, everypony! I'll cut to the chase immediately. The strange open endings endings shown in Season 4 thus far are a little strange, and a lot of people have a hard time dealing with it. I understand, I felt the same way. I started to think about it and came up with an idea. What if all these open endings are all build-ups to a challenge for every character to face themselves? The reason I thought of this was because of the keys in the end of the second episode. There were six keys, and there are six main characters. So... maybe there'll be six open endings? I'd love to see the characters all get their own key by facing a problem or a challenge on their own. (And if so, Hasbro, please don't try to fit that all in a grand finale!). It may be a strange idea, surely flawed, but could it be an explanation? Could it be like that? I'd like to hear your thoughts on it!
  8. Warning: This topic contains spoilers from Season 4. If you didn't watch it yet, close the tab quickly and don't read any further ---- OK, so as you know, Mane Six have relinquished the Elements of Harmony and gave them back to the Tree of Harmony. This move from the storytelling perspective could have made them look less powerful (physically at least; spiritually is a different pair of horseshoes ). Now, after watching the next two episodes from Season 4 (especially the "Daring Don't") episode, and knowing what is scheduled next (the Equestria Games next saturday, and the "Power Ponies" episode later), I'm starting to wonder: Have the writers planned all these episodes as a form of convincing us that the Mane Six still have some powers even when they don't use the Elements of Harmony anymore? You know, without all these powerful Elements bursting with "Rainbow Rays of Death" all around the place, they are now just a bunch of plain old ponies, without any "superpowers", which could make them look somewhat more "lame". And I have a feeling that the writers are trying to compensate it with all these episodes involving Mane Six struggling with different obstacles and monstrous villains (think Ahuizotl) to let us see that they still are sorta badasses (Edit: my first thought was "badplots" but it has had some wrong connotations ) even without the Elements of Harmony at hoof. First, just after the season opener, we see them struggling in the Old Castle with some "shadow pony" and all the traps in the castle. The "shadow pony" being actually Pinkie Pie slightly weakens the effect (at least for me), but still They show a lot of courage and attitude against all these difficulties, and lots of team work. Then, we've got the "Daring Don't" episode where they need to face the dreadful Ahuizotl himself, a huge and monstrous creature. And we can see Twilight Sparkle saying "OK, but sounds to me like we're in way, way, way over our heads. We're going to need a carefully thought out plan...". I'm not a native English speaker so I had some trouble with understanding this sentence (please correct me if I'm wrong), but from what I understand, she says that this task sounds to be way too hard for them, so they need to prepare for it more carefully and come up with a good plan before taking action. If my understanding is correct, then this is quite a direct way to emphasize that they are now less powerful without the Elements, so they need to find other ways to compensate for it (which they pretty much do, and I like it). I don't know much about the upcoming episodes' details before they've been aired, so I can only speculate from their titles and synopses. But I can pretty much see the pattern here, that the first several episodes do have a common theme, which is showing to the fans that the Mane Six can perform well without the Elements. What are your thoughts about that? Could I be right with it?
  9. One of the potentially biggest mystery plot devices in Season 4. Well instead of simply asking you, what's inside the box, which could range from a legendary artifact of ultimate power, Discord trolling, or a muffin, I'll ask this instead. How do you think the box will play a role in Season 4 and possibly future Seasons and what do you think of its significance? Since Celestia said the mystery of the box is something Twilight "will not be solving alone" its safe to assume each of the Mane 6 have some important role to contribute regarding the box, much as they did with the Elements of Harmony.
  10. I'll be honest; I loved the season 4 premiere episodes. Though, I will be honest, the ending felt a little underwhelming to me. You remember those seeds coming out of the Everfree Forest that were actually planted by Discord? Well, he explains at the end of the episode that he planted the seeds thousands of years ago to cover the Tree of Harmony. But, as we've seen, even after all of those years, they JUST NOW start to grow... That feels like a weak explanation to me. What do you guys think?