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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 151 results

  1. So, does any one on here collect retro video games? If so, what consoles do you collect for? Any specific game genres you like to collect for or do you collect them all?
  2. So I went to PAX South yesterday. I tried out some games, didn't get a chance to try out the Nintendo switch. But the one VR game I tried stood out among the rest. A puzzle box game with PlayStation 4 VR. The controller acts as the characters hands stuck inside a puzzle box. It operates by figuring out what buttons on the controller change the parts on the outside. Some gameplay I recorded on my phone. ↓ So what do you guys think?
  3. Deidre Asada

    Gaming XBOX 360 Banned in the US

    Xbox 360 might get banned in the us.
  4. We got so far the Gameloft game, the Equestria Girls doll-collecting game, the repetive and pay-to-continue Harmony Quest, and the Backflip game Puzzle Party. Seems like the Puzzle Party game is the most getting-into to play for it's target audience, and it's less pay-to-continue than the others, although the lategame is challenging. What would the next MLP mobile game be like? I want it to be a game that plays like Brave Frontier or Summoners War, where you summon units and train them from 1 star to 6 stars. You would use the powers of the Elements as to give special buffs similar to the Goddesses from Crusaders Quest. I would expect some challenges like something based off Trial of Ascension from Summoners War, or Karna Masta from Brave Frontier. Fun fact: I seem to be the first one to come up with an idea for a MLP game that plays like this mobile genre. Imagine what would MLP: Brave Equestria by Alim and Hasbro be like. There are 5 types of common mobile games I know so far: Candy Crush-like: Mobile puzzle game where you ascend up stages and you see your friends' positions in the game. We got Puzzle Party so far. Clash of Clans-like: A game where you build empires and try to wage war against other empires to compete who's the best empire. Puzzles and Dragons-like: Variant of the Candy Crush-like game except you have monsters on your side and you fight enemies using pieces. This is probably what Alim saw that invented Brave Frontier. Brave Frontier-like: A RPG game where you are summoners and you summon a squad of units and go on quests. My favorite genre so far. Hearthstone-like: A TCG that revolves around cards taking out the enemy, except you are the target, and when you derive the targets' health, you win. You use various cards like attack cards, support cards, etc. What would you want the next MLP mobile game be like? No, I'm not talking about home consoles, I'm talking about the mobile genre.
  5. In many of today's video games, the characters that are involved with these IPs are voiced by members of SAG-AFTRA(Canada has its own Union called "Alliance of Canadian Cinema Televission and Radio Artists."). However, word has it that the voice actors who's performed for the games we play could walk off their jobs as early as Friday if the new deal between Game Companies and SAG-AFTRA falls through. Source: And it's not just David Hayter(Solid Snake/Naked Snake), Jennifer Hale(Samus Aran, Bastilla Shan/Satele Shan), Phil Mamarr or Wil Wheaton. Other names that would qualify for the Strike includes.... Kevin Conroy(Batman) Mark Hamill(The Joker, Luke Skywalker) Peter Cullen(Optimus Prime) Frank Welker(Megatron, Scooby Doo, Slimer, many voices on Tiny Toons and Animaniacs) Tara Strong(Juliet Starling, Harley Quinn, Twilight Sparkle, Raven, Bubbles) John De Lancie(Q, Discord, Alarak(Starcraft II)) Nolan North(Nathan Drake, Deadpool) Cree Summer(Scout Captain Elsia(WoW), Roller Brawl(Skylanders), Elmyra(Tiny Toons), Blackarachnia(Transformers Animated)) Kath Soucie(Fifi La Fume/Sneezer(Tiny Toons), Lola Bunny(Space Jam), Sally Acorn(SatAM), Mira Han(Starcraft II), Female Smuggler(Star Wars: Old Republic), Lita Halford(Brutal Legend) Patrick Stewart(Professor X(Most X-Men Movies, X-Men LEgends, X-Men Legends 2), Jean Luc Picard(Star Trek), Zobek(Castlevania: Lords of Shadow), Emperor Uriel Septim VII(Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion), Those are but a small example of voice actors who won't be able to supply their roles in video games if they go on strike. And I think ACTRA may also consider honoring SAG-AFTRA's strike and refuse to cast anyone in video games if that happens as well.
  6. Anyone still like to play those, either on MAME or Xbox Live Arcade/PSN? To this day, I still play the classics like TMNT, Simpsons, and X-Men. This was before Konami sucked, back when they were cool. I almost never see beat-em-up games anymore, they are very low in numbers these days. The only one I usually see people playing is Castle Crashers, which is fun, I will admit. It is not just beat-em-ups, but also other classics like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. I can't really describe it, but the feeling of putting a coin in the machine is so satisfying, being able to get your monies worth from a few plays to see how far you could get before running out of time or money. Does anyone still like to play these, or is it just me that is nostalgic for the arcade?
  7. I just wanted to know what video games people think are overrated. NOTE: Just because something is overrated, it does NOT necessarily mean it is BAD. I say this game is overrated: (hate shield activate) Super Smash Bros: Previous. By that I mean any SSB game that is not the newest. Dont h8 m8
  8. I just started a review series called Games Taking Flight and I reviewed a game in video form for the first time Any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. Lonk Chase

    About MLP Videa Gammes

    Repost from Here's our problem with all of these big-name companies making MLP games: Let's be honest, Hasbro is probably going to restrict all official MLP games to be E-rated to appeal to the youngest audience as possible. The last time they made "movies" for MLP, they dumbed it down to appeal to the biggest audience, because it's not on TV, it's in store shelves. Kids don't have free access to that MLP stuff like they do (kinda) on TV. They have to buy it and watch it. The reason this stuff is bogged down is because Hasbro is trying to appeal to the young audience that the show was originally intended for, and still makes a considerable portion of the show's audience. Having a big-name game company famous for creating fantastic M-rated games (Hasbro, Rockstar, etc.) will turn off parents because they have a reputation for M-rated games. Even if the game is E-rated, you can expect some more adult references to be in the game to appeal to everyone but little kids (the kids won't get it), and some parents will be paranoid and think the whole game will be like that. Or maybe I'm just rambling. IDK. The point is, the game is probably gonna be EG-level of dumbed-down-ness, so you're all probably not going to get the game you want. One last thing: Fan games made for MLP that is NOT strictly child-friendly will likely not be accepted by Hasbro. If you try to talk to them about licensing your game, they won't accept it if it is over an E/E-10 rating in content. A fighting game? Nope. A pony dies? Nope. Any adult content will be refused, and a good portion of your game ideas will be rejected because it's not kid-friendly.
  10. I wonder how many of you actually remember Ecco the Dolphin? He was a character created by Sega in 1993. He had two great games on the Genesis/Mega Drive and a Dreamcast game i never played. Even less remember that there was a Sega CD version of the original Ecco the Dolphin game. It's pretty much the same game. But what sets it apart is an amazing soundtrack, that takes full use of it's CD based technology at that time and is probably one of the most underrated soundtracks, of the 16-bit era. Here it is:
  11. The Cynical Lone Wolf

    Fallout 4 Review

    I remember when this game was nothing but a legend a folktale to pass around on the internet. When it finally it was hyped up big time and made it look like it was the next big game. Oh how we were wrong, dead wrong. Today I'm going to review Fallout 4 in two categories the good and the bad. The Good +The Character Creator is really, but I mean really good. I like how it’s no longer a menu screen and you can select the part of the face you want to customize. +You can customize the color of the flashlight and the Pip Boy screen +Junk has a point. You can use said junk to build a variety of stuff like buildings and weapons +Weapon customization is amazing, and you redesign and heck you can even name it. Heck I even named a shotgun “Boomstick” +VATS is vastly improved and no longer a “pause screen”. +SPECIAL has a point. By that I mean in 3 and NV it was just there and it didn’t really impact the game that much. It’s also now tied into the perks as well. +The gun-play is fantastic as well. +The Open World is vastly improved on the last two games. The world has radiation storms and weather in general and has different environments fitting to Boston. +The Settlement mechanic is really fun and you build own fort and community. +The Mods are fantastic. If you have a PC please check Nexus mods. The Negative -I heard this enough and I agree: The story sucks. It’s pretty much Fallout 3’s but in inverse and whoever is the head writer for the story should be fired because he is terrible. -The Factions have no point at all and The Minutemen are as annoying as that one friend that pokes you on Facebook. -The game has quite a few loading screens. -The Companion A.I. sucks and is glitchy as all hell. -The Dialogue. Bethesda tried to do the Bioware/ Telltale approach to it and it FAILS big time. The voice acting from mostly everyone feels stilted and flat, and it brakes the immersion that that the main character of this story is supposed to be you. -Some perks are pointless such as one that gives immunity to radioactive water. -DLC sucks and half of them are workshop content. My question is why couldn’t all the workshop DLC be one big DLC? On a similar note, the only DLC worth noting is Far Harbor and Nuka World (Maybe, as it hasn’t come out yet as I type this.) -Here’s one thing I think I hate most about Fallout 4: There is little to no horror. Yeah a post-apocalyptic game with little to no horror, allow that to sink in. When I think Fallout I think of a Lovecraftian theme park. On top that, in previous two game (3 and New Vegas) Vaults were the game’s version of a haunted house and you also felt someone was watching you. Now, Vaults are just futuristic looking bomb shelters and that’s it. Yeah they are experiments done each vault, but none of them are really that creepy. Overall I will honestly say that I did uninstall FaIlout 4 at least three times, but I won’t say Fallout 4 is up there with Sonic 06 or Duke Nukem Forever of being the worst game ever made. I will say however Fallout 4 is good game trying to come out, but is bogged by missing the horror atmosphere that was in all the previous installments, a terrible story, and lot of other things. Do I still recommend this game? In strange way, yes, but now. It’s not worth the $60 or $110(with season pass) price. I would wait until there is a “Game of the Year” edition is out and then wait for that to go on sale. Grade 78/100 C+
  12. Two cool looking games came out, one is Early Access, one is a final release. Which is better? Which is Equal?
  13. I'm pretty sure this goes here. I double checked to see if there's a thread like this already. this is supposed to be a trailor btw, one might need to scrub though the video. I don't know what to think of it as a whole. I won't be surprised if this is cancelled because... Hasbro. The only positive I can think of, is that the animations and movement are ideal for what I imagine a really good MLP game to be. Here's Jim Sterling's reaction video to it. It's cut a lot shorter. So what do you guys think of this?
  14. Blue Moon

    Video Game Character Drawing game

    In this game, you will pick a video game character, and attempt to draw it. The member below you will try to guess what the character is and draw a character of their own. However... When drawing your character, you may only use 12 straight lines (lines can be tilted, horizontal, or vertical, but they cannot bend). The lines may be different colors and different widths and lengths, and you don't have to use all 12 (but you cannot go over 12 lines). I'll start: Now, above is what you shouldn't do. Now, as Summer Greetings pointed out, that Pac-Man drawing has 13 lines, not 12, so it is bad. Make sure you only do 12 and not make my mistake. Oops.
  15. Hey does anyone here play Paladins ? Looking for some people to make a group with how do you move a conversation?
  16. So like at least some of you, I'm anticipating Them's Fightin' Herds immensely as I'm both a fan of this show and the kind of sort of spin-off and also a fan of fighting games. Like a LOT of you, I also saw Zootopia. Here's the thing though, that movie left a powerful impact on my mind in many ways. The entire crux of that setting and narrative though is that predator and prey can get along in harmony. Them's Fightin' Herds places the crux of its setting and narrative on "predator" being equated with DEMONS! The kind of whom have been sealed away and are now returning to threaten the world. Call me crazy, but I kind of am finding it hard to say the latter's premise is still in good conscience when all I'll be picturing is Nick's horrified reaction to how he's depicted. I mean if Them's Fightin' Herds was made IN Zootopia, it would be like that world's Birth of a Nation! . . . Okay maybe that's going a little too far, but you guys get my point right? What do you all think? Has the movie made you think of the game in a slightly different light? Does it now that I've pointed it out and you cannot unsee? (Sorry. ) Or is there an interpretation that makes the world's fundamentally different so the same standards don't apply? . . . Okay that last question is only somewhat rhetorical. I think that is the case but I'd like to hear how you guys compare them.
  17. Bowling is one of the few sports that I actually really enjoy, despite being absolutely terrible at it. The simplicity of throwing a really heavy ball at some little pillars never gets old and that glorious sound when the pins have met their rolling fiend face-to-face, never gets old. <3 With that though, there are plenty of good bowling games out there that have been released in the past, but...where is a GOOD bowling game for the modern consoles? The only thing we have received was Brunswick Pro Bowling and that game is already a bad last gen game that was just ported over. Seeing videos of it, it looks decent graphically, but the physics look terrible and very exploitable, all for $50 too! Insane. What I want is a great bowling game for next gen, but for now, we can't seem to get anything good. Here though, we can discuss what our favorite bowling video games are. :3 Games that bring the fun of the sport into the home and actually do it well. What are some favorites you can think of? For me, I have two favorites: High Velocity Bowling for PS3: This game was so friggin' good. I am surprised nothing is ever heard of it now as it seems forgotten by everyone, but I still love it. It uses motion controls in a very minimal way but it still keeps the game having variety. The pin physics were fantastic and there was a decent amount of content too, and this game was $10! Take that, Brunswick. League Bowling for the Neo-Geo: A Neo Geo arcade game from the 90's and still a very playable and fun game today. While it of course doesn't have realistic physics completely, for the time, this was an amazing little title and I still play it. There is a lot of style to it and it is very easy to get into. For me, that gives a ton of replayability.
  18. It's been a very long time since I last posted here in this forum. I've been struggling on many things all this time. Things have finally settled down, though. During this time, I thought up a nice idea and part of it is doing Let's Play - videos. So for finally returning here, I'll give you me playing Minecraft! Please note: This is my first time recording a game session and giving it my voice so excuse me if I sound nervous. Also English is not my mother language. Ep. 1: Playing hardcore mode
  19. This is my Octavia car, Originally the Armoured Kuruma was actually the Twilight Sparkle car. However I cannot decide on which pony should be used on this vehicle. I cannot buy another Kuruma because I'm saving up for a Z-Type (Rarity), Windsor (Fancy Pants), T20 (Vinyl Scratch), Turismo R (Bon Bon) and Osiris (Sonata). Please give feedback as this will help me conclude the decision.
  20. This was an old project I started after becoming a brony and I started of with quite a few ponies then grew a liking to Trixie, so I created a car for her in Midnight Club L.A. I've never gotten any feedback from any bronies or pegasisters. PLease leave your feedback and who should I do next Link: Music: Sunset by Royal Pony
  21. Well here's another MSX game for you to enjoy. This time you will see just how bad is my math when stressed against time and one unpredictable enemy. Enjoy!
  22. Join me in this fast-paced parkour game where I have to run for my life. Also I will try to find out why the game suddenly started to lag at one point and try to fix it. I truly haven't play this game since I installed Windows 7 and that was about 5 years ago I think. That's why I seem to play like a newbie here. Enjoy! Ep. 1: Run... Run!!
  23. I'm trying to get a review show going on Youtube and I don't know how to start. The idea of the show is that I review the games story campain. Analyzing the story, pointing out plot holes, choice of voice actors (performance matters), stuff like that. Not the controls, graphics or things stupid publishers do. I just don't know what game to start off with. I suppose I'm hesitant because I'm worried that theres someone else who did it first. Angry Joe supports story modes and well thought out stories in campains but he goes over the controls and graphics too. Picture it like Nostalgia Critic reviewing a movie but more nice and well thought out like Chris Stuckman. So what do you guys think? What should I start out with? What advice can you give?
  24. Join me in this old and classic game where I try to save 7 children from kidnappers. Man this game brings back so many good memories. Enjoy! Ep. 1: Rescuing the children
  25. Taviscratch

    Gaming Anypony playing Warframe?

    Anypony out there playing Warframe? I got it ages ago but didn't think much of it but Digital Extremes have certainly improved it in the last year or so. I heartily recommend people play it. Anyhoo, Me and some other bronies have started a clan on Xbox One, Clan Fett of Mandalore. We're looking for active members who want to enjoy a laugh in a friendly environment and help a small clan grow. If anypony is interested, don't hesitate to message Rolo Tomasi.