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Found 152 results

  1. Alright. So recently, I have acquired a copy of RPG maker VX ace, with plans of making a game in classic, 16-bit style. I would like to get as much help as possible on the project. My hopes are that it would have a true-to-console 16-bit feel. As in, all of the music, the graphics, and pretty much everything would be stylized like that of a Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo game. (This is partially why I started to do pixel art) What I would need, would be those kind enough to offer their help in creating the music, the graphics, as well as the storyline. So... Writers, musical artists, concept artists, pixel artists and even anybody who knows all of the in's and out's of making a good RPG, and even those good at social networking. If anybody would like to help: PM me, or just leave a comment.
  2. A first look at my MLP creations in WWE 2k14! I've sped up the video a little to get it down near the 10 minute mark... and... I think I've made something kind of hilarious.. Oh WWE 2k14, you glitchy mes, I adore you! XD
  3. So what is your favorite game based off of any form of media. It could be a TV show it could be a movie or anything that's based off of something. Here's mine Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom: I recently played this game, it's actually very addicting and fun. It's kind of like Banjo Kazooie with Spongebob characters and the dialogue can be funny. So what's your favorite discuss away!
  4. Hey, Chip here (At least that's what my gaming friends call me), and I thought, seeing as we already have a metal thread (thank you Crispy), I was wanting to put up some chiiptunes or 8-bit game music up here for my peeps to jam to. I've loved this type of music for as long as I could hold a game controller, and I just thought that I should share the chippy love! Here's something to start us off, a little Anamanaguchi!!!
  5. On the same day I got Arkham Origins, I also played the demo to Sonic Lost World. I've mentioned before that I've been looking forward to this game. But, after finally playing it for the first time, I've discovered that SEGA has made some highly questionable changes that, let's just say, I'm not a fan of. First of all, Sonic's speed has been terribly butchered. You have to hold down the right trigger in order for Sonic to actually run fast. If you don't, Sonic will jog at a speed slower than that of Sonic 06. This change was probably made to help the platforming aspect, but I still find it weird that they would do something like this to the blue blur. Another issue I have is the enemy placement. The enemy placement in this game is SUPER jerkish. I'll just be running along and, all of a sudden, a badnik appears directly in front of Sonic. As a result, I have no time to react to it, I take a hit and lose my rings. That happened to me about three times throughout the course of the level. Though, that's not to say that this game is completely terrible. This game's presentation is top notch and the level design looks pretty good so far. I'll have to get the full game before I can have a solid opinion.
  6. (Sorry if I tricked you into reading this if you thought there really was a video game) I was doing some thinking about the attempt to make that mlp site awhile back, and thought "hey, they should make a video game instead!" You'd customize your own pony and pick a mane and all that, and they'd have cutie marks you could pick from or you could upload your own. Then the mane six and the princesses would have missions for you to do, and there'd be side missions from ponies like derpy or Mr and Mrs Cake. Then there would be mini games that only certain species could do (Ex.magic games for unicorns and flying games for pegasi). There'd also be an option for a big chat room where you could meet up with other players and make them your buddies, and any of your buddies could help you with missions or just hang around with you in Equestria. And you could talk through your headset to other ponies in the chat room and walk around and meet other ponies. And all the pegasi could fly/control weather and the unicorns can make spells/make things float. Pony powers could be... super speed? I'm not super sure about that... Anyways, just putting this out there and curious what's everypony's opinion on this!
  7. Watch as the Canterlot wrestlers go head to head with WWE Superstars! It's My Little Pony vs. the World Wrestling Federation! MLP vs. WWE!
  8. I just did some research just now to see how much my games were worth! I used NES - Mega Man 5 NO BOX Genesis - Moonwalker NO BOX SNES - either Kirby Super Star NO BOX or Super Mario World NO BOX (depends on rarity scale) N64 - either Dr. Mario 64 NO BOX or Super Smash Bros. NO BOX (depends on rarity scale) If that's the case then let me revise: NES - Pac-Man GREY CART Genesis - Pinocchio (Seriously, Moonwalker is less rare than this! WHY? It should be Moonwalker!) SNES - Bubsy 2 (rarest I got, poor me) N64 - Superman (how can this be slightly more rarer than all the other games I've got?) (BTW game sucks)
  9. Welcome back to Solar Empire Championship Wrestling!! I've st up a new show format, new higher-definition video capture, and shortened and streamlined most of the matches! Let me know what you think with a like/fave/share/subscribe!!! XD
  10. Have you ever played a game where you encounter a pointless or useless power up or weapon? Many games have a great load of stuff to keep you powered up, entertained, or just cool to look at. However, every now and then, there's those power ups where you wonder why are they even there in the first place. I would like to know what useless or pointless power up have you witnessed or encountered and why? I'll give my two examples. In the mario kart series, one of the power ups you get is the fake item box, which looks like an item box, but it's a trap to fool other players and get hit. The problem is that it's TOO OBVIOUS when one is fake, and if your playing online, good luck trying to fool someone with it. In Patapon, (one of my favorite rhythm games) there's this one song you can learn from you army called the "Pon Pon Chaka Chaka" song. It's supposed to make your army stand still for the song, then when you attack or defend, you do it stronger. The problem is that if you've mastered how to get the rhythm right, you won't use it much, and if your already in FEVER mode, it's pointless.
  11. I'll start: i want a Castlevania: SOTN style game, where Dashie would the protagonist, The King "X" has kidnapped her friends and the Elements of Harmony in his Castle and she is the only one who can finish him off her attacks would be like Kirby's Suplex move in Kirby Superstar, there'll be a health bar, a Stamina bar (which indicate how long her flight and initial tackle lasts), a window for 1 use ítems and a window for element of Harmony (which equipped have special properties) When you free your friends they can sell you useful ítems: Twilight Sparkle - Spells for improve powers or open doors Fluttershy - images for the Gallery feature Pinkie Pie - Minigames (you must defeat her as Pinkamena, she will be a boss) Rarity - Armours and clothes Applejack - food/health ítems Zecora - Potions Vinyl Scratch - music tracks the scenario would be like Castlevania games, the gargoles and statues will be ponified and the theme will be a Little happier, with puzzles The enemies would be posessed ponies, dragons, manticore, evil looking animals windigos and the common mythogy in the show also, you must find the CMC several times and ask them for help to open special doors and some puzles sometimes you only need 1 or the three of them, but defend them until you reach the door/puzzle in case I want you to describe your perfect videogame like this -Name of the game -protagonist -antagonist -health/battle system -the story -how do you want the levels or rooms -Special features OR if you want other gender of videogame it's okay (for example a tamagochi style to pet your favourite pony so you can feed her/him wash her play with her etc)
  12. Hello everypony, i create this thread to see how you can compare your favorite pony with any videogame character based mainly in her/his personality (it doesn't matter if your pony is female and the character is male) and appereance
  13. Aerith is now gone. Cloud is Sad. Others are sad too. Sephiroth has took her away. Now it bid farewell Aerith. I made this Art to tribute her death by a dust disappearance.
  14. Anyone know of a good Brony server for minecraft? I have been looking for one that is not over run by trolls and has good staff. The one i played on before had very abusive staff and i couldn't continue playing there. Also it needs to be bukkit, i dont have hamachi.
  15. If this isn't the right place to post this please let me know where I can. If I am not allowed to use the forums to show others of my work please let me know also. Thanks So I was bored one day and thought what would happen If i mixed audio clips from Applebloom to some random Black Ops gameplay. The idea mainly came from the picture of "Call of Cutie: Blank Ops". So I decided to make a video trying out the idea, I really liked it and decided to do some more, let me know If you liked it and what you think would be good next.
  16. Since I have officially dubbed Mutiplayer total BS, I have dedicated my time to simply playing zombies instead. And since the Black Ops 2 thread is full of MP discussion, I have made a thread for the epicness that is zombies. Discuss anything related to CoD Zombies. If you want to play Zombies with me, my PSN name is HeLlZrEtRiVeR.
  17. Source: Favorite Video Game Quotes A list of my favorite video game quotes. I thought this was a reasonable entry for this blog.
  18. Well so far from this game we have seen the demo, and we have seen the multiplayer trailer where you get to play with other players in clans. This year has been promoting a lot of new games that we are all saying '' Take our money!''. While we look at this game, let's look at pictures of the game. The game itself will be very impressive Well.. by all means take our money! So what do you think what this game will have in store for all of us? Talk about it in the comments, about The Last of Us! You guys get to vote on which upcoming game, I talk about next. Ciao! So make sure to have your credit cards out, to get the game! No, that did not happen!
  19. Sorry to bother anyone right now, but I got Dead Rising 2: Off The Record recently for PS3. I was thinking of doing single player like a lone wolf but no fun attained, so I'm looking for anyone that wants to play Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. If you still have it. So, yeah.
  20. A Let's Play for WWE 13, following Trixie's quest for championship gold! World Wrestling Entertainment and My Little Pony collide as Trixie faces off against the towering Tensai!
  21. I've created this thread to talk about the Walking Dead video game. Here feel free to talk about the choices you made, thoughts on characters, and hopes for season 2. I really would appreciate if we kept this thread solely for the video game and not the comics or TV show involved, Though feel free to share your thoughts on the new game "THE WALKING DEAD: SURVIVAL INSTINCT". I'm eager to hear what choices others made during there time with The Walking Dead. Let the discussion begin!!!
  22. So recently I started playing this after seeing a few videos on youtube. All I can say is now i'm hook and recently I got Silver on 'Discord-Living Tombstone Remix' Is there any other ponies who play and what song have you gotten the most points on?
  23. Card subject to change without notice! Tonight we find out what the fallout from Fim's walkout on the #1 contenders match will be! Anapony P vs. Pinkie Pie Hell in a Cell: Scale Gazer vs. Soarin' Braeburn & Rainbow Dash vs. Score & Prince Blueblood Main Event: Non-Title Match Twilight Sparkle vs. Applejack Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at:
  24. Tonight's card: Triple Threat!: Rangbi vs. Jinjo Bytes vs. Anapony E Discord vs. Quilltasic Tag Team! Rarity and Rainbow Dash vs. Shining Armor and Cadence Ladder Match for the #1 contender slot! Apple Cider vs. Flim, Flam is banned from ringside! Main Event: Champion vs. Champion! NLRCW World Champion Ditzy-Doo vs. Cloudsdale Champion, King Sombra! Remember to like/fave/subscribe! Also follow us at
  25. So... I'm a bit late to the party... But yeah just last weekend I purchased a 3DS (a standard Purple, I should get a Twilight Sparkle sticker for it, its so cute!)! I bought one because surprisingly the 3DS seems like the best worth while investment in any current or future console (Wii U needs a better package, more memory space would be preferable). So far I really haven't done much with it... I didn't have enough cash to buy any games sadly. Though I'll probably be buying the new Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion 2 when it releases and much much more. I'm actually rather impressed with the 3DS despite not even playing a full game on it yet. The AR Games were a bit fun to play with, there's a rather humorous game called Face Raiders where you shoot people's faces from actual pictures taken with the 3DS camera, and I picked up my first person on Street Pass the other day after taking it into town! But the big reason I bought it is because I see it as a VERY worth while investment. The current and upcoming 3DS library is REALLY impressive and there's so much I want to play on it... but more on that later. Also another shocker is that the much snubbed 3D visuals is actually not that bad! I was expecting not to use this feature at all after trying it in a display at Walmart and getting a migraine. I'll admit that its a bit gimmicky and you have to hold it in just the right positions, but it actually does add a lot of depth to games. I think its at least worth a try to see if you think it improves the visuals on your game, some games like Adventure Time look pretty neat, while others like Fire Emblem look a bit iffy, but those are just my opinion! Hmm... I'm still awaiting some cash to start building my 3DS library. Till then I guess I'll play whatever demos come up on eShop. So who all here has a 3DS? Are you satisfied with your purchase? What games do you play or are waiting for? Please discuss in the comments below!