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Found 153 results

  1. So... I'm a bit late to the party... But yeah just last weekend I purchased a 3DS (a standard Purple, I should get a Twilight Sparkle sticker for it, its so cute!)! I bought one because surprisingly the 3DS seems like the best worth while investment in any current or future console (Wii U needs a better package, more memory space would be preferable). So far I really haven't done much with it... I didn't have enough cash to buy any games sadly. Though I'll probably be buying the new Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion 2 when it releases and much much more. I'm actually rather impressed with the 3DS despite not even playing a full game on it yet. The AR Games were a bit fun to play with, there's a rather humorous game called Face Raiders where you shoot people's faces from actual pictures taken with the 3DS camera, and I picked up my first person on Street Pass the other day after taking it into town! But the big reason I bought it is because I see it as a VERY worth while investment. The current and upcoming 3DS library is REALLY impressive and there's so much I want to play on it... but more on that later. Also another shocker is that the much snubbed 3D visuals is actually not that bad! I was expecting not to use this feature at all after trying it in a display at Walmart and getting a migraine. I'll admit that its a bit gimmicky and you have to hold it in just the right positions, but it actually does add a lot of depth to games. I think its at least worth a try to see if you think it improves the visuals on your game, some games like Adventure Time look pretty neat, while others like Fire Emblem look a bit iffy, but those are just my opinion! Hmm... I'm still awaiting some cash to start building my 3DS library. Till then I guess I'll play whatever demos come up on eShop. So who all here has a 3DS? Are you satisfied with your purchase? What games do you play or are waiting for? Please discuss in the comments below!
  2. Tonight's match card: CCW Tag Team Champions Lyra & Bon Bon vs. Cloudsdale Champion King Sombra and Discord Long Awaited grudge match: Rarity vs. Prince Blueblood! Pinkie Pie & Scootaloo vs. Score & Crafty Crate Canterlot Champion Scale Gazer vs. Big Macintosh Main Event, To determine the #1 contender for the SECW Championship: Applejack vs. Fluttershy Enjoy, and remember to like/fave/subscribe, and most importantly, to share it with your friends!
  3. Ask me(my character which was influenced by red dead) anything you want. I have all day, or maybe i don't. Either way spit it out.Don't be shy neither and tell your friends. If you need help on figuring who i am, i recommend you reading this before you go an ask anything you might regret:
  4. This time, I'm just gonna let the video speak for itself. Like/Fave/Subscribe/Share! I hope that you all enjoy this video and others. I finally put in a few cutscenes on advice from one of my viewers, let me know if you like them better.
  5. Hey guys, this is just another video game review I did for the school newspaper. So...uh...enjoy and stuffs. :3 –––––––––––––––––––– Flower Review Year: 2009 Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Developer: Thatgamecompany Platforms: PS3 (online-exclusive download) It isn't that often when video games are associated with poetic, clam, relaxing, and moving experiences. Well, with Flower, that's just the case. In the midst of a generation dominate by extreme, fast-paced, hardcore video games, Flower may seem like a stranger. But once anyone picks up the PlayStation 3 controller and starts this game up, they're instantly transported to a distant, peaceful world. In Flower, you basically control a flower petal, via the wind. You can move the petal forward in all different directions by tilting and twisting the controller which responds thanks to its gyroscope, a device that can sense where an object is angled in terms of gravity. Any of the buttons pressed will make the wind blow faster. The level design is magnificent. They all take place in plains, grassy hills, canyons, etc. decorated with gorgeous colors and lovely skies. You start with one petal, then gather a bunch of others to build up a group. As you gather each of the other petals, the ambience of the level turns into a musical sensation. Bell chimes are heard when they're collected, and the background music turns up and becomes more melodious. This is one of the many artistic virtues of this game. In fact, that's what most of the game is about, a unique experience that delves into an area that video games have done so little times in their long history. The game follows an interesting narrative, the theme is about numerous flowers' and entering their "dreams", which are the levels, as they slowly proceed to the faraway city. The point of the game is just to encourage us to think about today's typical society, as well as take a good look at the wonders of nature. Later in the story, the many features of the city, such as electrical power lines, begin to be portrayed as an antagonistic character, and the goal of the game is to overcome the industrial and non-natural forces of the city, and spread the wonders of nature. Through the game, you'll experience moving and beautiful moments that no other form of entertainment can produce. It's some of the best proof out there that video games can indeed be among other art mediums, such as pictures and music. It shows that games as casual as this can mean a lot, in taking players on such a poetic and mystic journey. Flower is available on the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Store service (online required) for $9.99. Rating (out of 10): 9.5
  6. Here is the link in which, as you could see, shit went down. I read that article a little before I made this topic, but it didn't really surprise me. Parents acting on their fear of their children going through the same thing as that horrible incident which rocked that school in Connecticut and ultimately ended up finding something to blame. You can kind of tell that I don't worry about their own kids' safety, but rather their inability to not go ahead and educate themselves about what actually happened. Misidentifying the actual suspect and then using a video game as a scapegoat is hardly anything to be respectful of.
  7. (Read All This text) OH HAY GUISE So you all know school has started again. This year, I wanted to make a 'welcome back' present for my teacher, Mr. Tucker. >=D A bit of back story first.Last year I got my teacher Mr. Tucker addicted to two games: The binding of Isaac and I wanna be the guy. He would play the games during class and we'd all watch him die.This year I made him a version of IWBTG, this time a linear sidescroller with him in it. I Call it IWBTT!! So yeah, I've been just making this the past week and a half and I think it's FINALLY DONE. (Total time, about 26 Hours) The game has 3 worlds, each with 2 levels and 1 boss stage. You might die in these stages.(6 stages, 3 bosses.)So yeah, eat it up. Windows only, sorry. It's an EXE. Use Wine if your despite on a Mac. It's not a virus, so Ignore the blocker. Most blockers likes to freak out at exe's, nothing I can do. Thanks. Here ya go: (VERSION 1.2.0) http://www.mediafire...9hsu9f520jetpsy -Violet (old) Screenies Controls Want the 'Jumper Engine' I built that I made this with? Here is the bare-bones: http://www.mediafire...v4sedynd4qu8yvq Give credit if used
  8. Y'know, a concept such as video games is rarely used in the big-shot film industry. And, as a pure-full time gamer, that depresses me. But earlier around Spring this year, when I first saw the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, I was instantly hooked. It combined two of my favorite things in the world, the wonderful team at Walt Disney Animation Studios and the immense world of video games. This was one of the best things to happen to me as a video game addict. I knew that they were the right ones to bear the hands of ownership when it came to this movie. And at first sight, what really catches the eye is the numerous instantly-recognizable cameos of video game characters that any kind of gamer would be able to recognize, from Pac-Man, to Sonic, to Q*Bert, Frogger, Ryu, etc., not to mention other video game pop culture elements, such as the Konami Code. That's one big thing with this movie, Disney went to a lot of video game developers to get permission for all 180-some visual cameos in this film. Next to that, along with product placement from the likes of Nesquik, Subway and Mentos to name a few, this is one of my favorite aspects solely because it adds unimaginable amounts of authenticity and relativity to the fictitious world to make it seem closer to ours. What's even better is that Disney kept the real world connections irrelevant to the plot and made their own original story and characters, to keep the movie fun and alive. That is what I call pure Disney Magic. Now, to the relevant part of the review, the plot. For three decades, an arcade has been filled with the hottest games in the world, some based off real-world ones, revealed to be all connected through the Game Central Station, a hub where all characters traverse to other games that is based in a power strip that has cords connected from all the arcade machines. The oldest game, Fix-It Felix Jr. had had all the attention over the years. It consists of Felix, the protagonist, fixing the building in the game that has been damaged by Ralph, the antagonist of the game, protagonist of the movie. He's been rejected and degraded over the years as a the villain of his game, and he decided that he was tired of it and wanted some good attention, not an infamous label. The character is voiced by John C. Reilly, and is full of energy and excitement. The movie follows him and his mission to fix his wrecked reputation. Overall, I found absolutely zero notable flaws, just in the humor department. The movie feels like it tries to be funny sometimes, and only a few it just seems like too much. Let it be known though, that that is a very minor letdown, as it's easy to get distracted back into the goodness that is this movie. Other than Ralph, there are tons of original, unique characters with wonderful voice actors and personalities. There's a couple cliffhangers, and a handful of shocks and surprises, but perhaps most notable is the emotion and darkness the film delves into sometimes. I was never a big crier (which I find pretty suckish, personally), and it nearly jerked a few tears out of me, so that's saying a lot. The soundtrack and score is overall great (one of the games has Skrillex as its theme; I like dubstep personally, though I think it can be iffy all around). The film is produced by John Lasseter, CCO of Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Animation Studios, that was one of the things that hooked me. In the end, the movie impresses me to an extent that has me agreeing with every single aspect of it; the characters, story, voice actors, emotion, music, humor, and pop culture references. I give it a solid 9.5 out of 10 with the only negative being a few failed attempts at getting a laugh out of the crowd. Other than that, it is simply one of my favorite films of all time. And not only because of its video game world-based theme, but that it can attract all non-gamers put there. Even if you don't recognize the 9,001 references to video games in the movie, you'll be hooked by its likable characters, emotional theme, and creative plot and script. I recommend it to every single person watching this video. It's a Disney movie, it's a perfect movie.
  9. (Mod note: this is just something I did for the school newspaper, so I decided, why not post it here? So yeah...oh, and I also don't want this blog to die entirely. Aaaand, I just liek my tl;dr stuffs, even though I doubt anyone'll survive halfway...ehhh just read itttt ;-; ) -- Sonic Generations Review James (not gonna tell my last name okiethxbai .3.) Year: 2011 Publisher: Sega Developer: Sonic Team Platforms: PS3, XBOX 360, PC, 3DS Since 1991, Sega held up their end in the gaming industry with the ever-successful Sonic the Hedgehog series. The company suffered a major loss when their last console, the Dreamcast, was considered outdated thanks to the newer, better technology from its opponents. Through all the hardships they went through, many of their franchises today have survived and are still making new games, but none of them are as significant as Sonic. As their current flagship franchise, it's only natural they'd eventually make a game that reflects back on the amazing history of the series. Generations does exactly that, and more. Released in 2011, the series' twentieth anniversary, Sonic Generations is simply a revival and a look-back of the timeline of the long-running video game franchise. At first, the concept may sound cliché, but this game pulls it off like no other. Famous and iconic environments from certain games in the series return with an impressive visual makeover. From the days of the Genesis, to the Dreamcast, to the present, very important chapters in the story of Sonic are picked to be represented in this "showcase" of the things that made the franchise so powerful. It's good because it's a game that's well-suited for two types of gamers- long-timers who have played Sonic for a very long time who are greeted with sensations of nostalgia and reminiscence with a hint of modern-day graphics and sound. It's equally as good of an experience for those who are new to the series. They can jump right in and learn about the history and heritage of the series. The gameplay has barely evolved since the beginning. Simple, classic get-to-the-finish platforming action, except with modern gameplay enchantments, i.e. similar to more recent Sonic games. And, as it always is, it's a fun, exhilarating, and exciting experience. The sense of speed is as great as it should be, the graphics are nothing short of outstanding. Heck, I'd say the console versions were pushed to their very limit when it came to visuals. All the details of the classic stage revivals fit right in in a present day video game. The plot, a little less-looked into area of video games, is a slight bit questionable, but otherwise it's amazing. It's a bit of a space-time continuum skewer, but really, who cares? It's a video game! Anyway, they very cleverly mix the present day Sonic (known as Modern Sonic) with the Sonic (Classic Sonic) in the game, where they have their own versions of the levels. Modern Sonic's levels play pretty much like today's, combining 2D and 3D platforming, while Classic Sonic's levels look the same, but play like the originals, only 2D side-scrolling levels. Aside from that are optional side missions that you can play to unlock numerous pieces of Sonic heritage. Songs from previous games, developer artwork of older games, those are the main attractions. Also, you can buy upgrades for the individual Sonic's, such as power-ups that make getting through levels easier (in some cases, more fun). Overall, this is easily one of the best Sonic games of all time. They took the concept of reviving the history of the epic franchise, and they made the most out of it. The game looks great, plays great, and is an absolute must-buy for Sonic fans, old and new. Digging deep, it's really hard to find any negatives about it, only for the few minor gameplay glitches. But really, that's not enough to defeat the awesomeness of this classic. Rating (out of 10): 9 (Oh, and no random NASCAR picture this time just cause lazinezz.)
  10. So I had a giant wall of text that had like, 50000 characters in it describing what this game was going to be about, why I was trying to make it, why I needed help, why console games should include spectators and all that fun jazz, but then I just deleted it because lets be honest, who the hell wants to read all that? Anyway, here's the condensed version: I have some plans to make a point and click game in Flash starring Spike in an entirely new area with entirely new characters while keeping the art style of the show. It will be made using a premade engine which can be found hereand while I haven't done anything in actionscript in awhile, I can say that after mucking around a bit with the engine in Flash cs6 it is a pretty flexible engine that would allow for quite bit. Now, the reason why I said that the Ouya would be in mind is that the game would be made to be played on a TV. The overall goal for this is to create an experience that to anybody watching would feel like a fan made movie and to the individual playing would feel like a solid point and click adventure game. This is the reason I decided that Flash would be a nice way to do this is because creating animations, cut scenes, and all that are supposed to replicate the show would be easier to do in the program that it was produced from. I don't have too much of a story going here, but what I have so far is Spike finds himself in another world almost which is inhabited by all the creatures from Equestria but they are all different characters. He is blamed disappearance of a detective pony, and he not only has to find her but also figure out where he is and why. It's basic, but I haven't put too much thought into it and would love to have some suggestions and what not. I am missing a lot of information required for this game idea to be concrete. in fact, It's really not much information at all, but as of right now this entire game is in concept stages and I'm just throwing it all up on here for any opinions you may have. I don't have too much game development experience, I've started tons of projects but seldom have they ever gone anywhere, the closest I've ever gotten was a video game about Adam and Eve for my art class. Still, while I don't have too big of an idea I would love to develop, or help develop something like this. Once again, all it is right now is a concept at most and I would love to hear anything you guys have to say regarding it. By the way, if this was in the wrong place go ahead and put it somewhere else, mods.
  11. Alright, so if anyone recalls, a while ago I posted a pixelated drawing I made of Rarity in the game Animal Crossing City Folk, and since that got rather positive reception and said I would, I'm posting another. Without further ado, here's Pinkie Pie in all her pixelated glory: I'm not personally as proud of this one as I am with the Rarity one, but I think I did my best on it and I still like it. I plan on doing all the mane 6 like this eventually, and maybe yet even more ponies, these are actually rather fun to draw. So anyway, thoughts, critiques, comments and whatnot are appreciated, and I hope to get more up soon!
  12. With Halloween right around the corner, and my love for the Silent Hill game series, I felt I had to make a remix of one of the best songs from Silent Hill 2. The song "True" Sometimes called "Room 312" Everything is played by hand and/or manually input into FL Studio 9 using the Nexus 2 VST. Enjoy!
  13. Hello everypony-Raccoon here again with another entry. I see people enjoyed reading my last entry. ") Yesterday (as you know) was pretty good, I enjoyed looking at how high school was going to work. Today however was a disaster. It was just awful. I think we should start off with knowing a little more what I did yesterday. Yesterday, I got some clothes, a gym bag, and a pair of running shoes. However, these were an expensive pair of running shoes, about $100. (For you non-American folk, I'm not sure about your currency, but this is a lot of money). I also got a lock for my gym locker. The next day, I went to school and my mom told me to put the lock on the gym locker at that time. I went to the area where the gym was, but it didn't look like I was allowed to go in (probably was though). Now we will pause on what’s going to happen to the shoes (which I'm pretty sure you do know at this point), to bring you something that happen at my video game class. We were finished learning about the class rules for the day and then the teacher decided to show us a game someone did last year. He brings up a game that takes us to a tittle screen called Mega Dash. The title screen was interesting. It had Mega Dash and rainbow letters, and it also had...a pony on above the words. Then the teacher said what I was expecting but couldn't believe: "This is a game that was made by a student last year. It’s a mix of an old game and a new show. The game is Megaman, and the show is My Little Pony." He said that with a straight face. No one was laughing, and no one was making any cracks about the fact it was My Little Pony. No one even was mad or was like, "You got to be kidding me." Then he started the game and there was Rainbow Dash. It played kinda like Megaman except you jumped through most of it and there were no enemies except the boss. What was the boss? Princess Luna. And yes, it was Princess Luna and not Nightmare moon. Someone in the class even said, "Hey, it’s Princess Luna!" The teacher didn't beat the boss though. Poor Rainbow Dash. Anyway, back to the shoe story, I basically lost the shoes and was going nuts until I got to where my mom was. I told her that I lost my bag, and then things got personal. I did find my bag though. It was a pretty hectic day. I'm going to play TF2 now. I also love comments!
  14. So a while ago I drew Rarity with the pattern editor on Animal Crossing City Folk, but I recently put a few finishing touches on it and I'm pretty pleased with it, I did the best I could with the editor's limited drawing space and pixel size. Here it is: Would have had a way better screenshot if my micro SD card worked with the game, but for some reason it wouldn't(which is weird because it works with every other thing I can use SD cards for on my Wii), but I suppose this shot from my phone will do. So anyway, what do y'all think?
  15. Lately, I've been listening to a bunch of Creepy pasta posted on YouTube by a channel called: "SomeOrdinaryGamers" and I usually don't like horror stuff, or anything scary in general, but listing to creepy stories of video games I know and love, but being completely different with weird stuff happening. Are there any creepy pastas you enjoy listening to or just plain get afraid?
  16. Language alert! So what do you guys think of her being a voice in this game? I personally haven't played lollipop chainsaw but I've heard it sucked and is just another generic zombie video game. What are your thoughts of Tara voicing video games and particularly this one?
  17. I think that HASBRO should take the time after The Wedding next weekend. And get started on creating a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic video game. I think it should have some of the gameplay qualities used in SUPERMAN: Returns. And the free roaming qualities of the FABLE series. Play as a mane pony from the series, or you can make one and play along side the mane ponies. I think it would be awesome to do either one. Play as Dashie, fly at high speeds, or make a pony and amaze her with your own skills. I would squeal like a schoolgirl. Hearing one of my favorite ponies, manely Rainbow Dash compliments me. "Wow, you're awesome at that!" Or do something amazing and wow the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Or help Ditzy deliver mail, reguardless if you're an Earth Pony, or Unicorn. Or even do something for Celestia, like finding a way to really make the Gala interesting. And this game be available for X-BOX 360, Playstation 3, and NINETENDO Wii.
  18. MLP fighting is magic WILL be my favorite probably but its not out yet :< I didnt know where to put this or if this exists already but what are your favorite MLP fan made games? Two of my favorites are: Faithful farmer Faithful farmer This game is soo addicting when you get used to it. I cant stop playing it... Derpy buddy V2 Derpy Buddy V2 This game is just pretty fun. I dont know why though.... I have more but ill add them later.
  19. I recently downloaded Scratch, but I don't know what I should do with it. So, should I, A,Take Requests, B, Delete it, or C, Wear it on my head, screaming: "Nom Nom Nom!" at the top of my lungs? That's what I thought. A. Now, template time! Pony(s): Background: Plot: Characters: Other: I'll get the finished product to you as fast as I can!
  20. After seeing a picture of a steampunk Sonic on deviantART, I decided to give it a go myself. 'Twas done in black and white because it looks more steampunk-y... and also my sister was using my colored pencils. This is the picture I was inspired by: Also I forgot to shade the tail, wooops!
  21. Alright, so, we all know about Pokemon's turn based combat and all that jazz, right? Well, I've come up with something. We turn Pokemon.....Into a 3rd person fighting game with shooter elements mixed in. Like... imagine it kinda similar to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, but you've got crosshairs. So, like, here's how it works: As with most pokemon, you've got 4 moves. These moves are performed with the 4 back buttons. Unlike the turn based games, your pokemon doesn't forget moves. While you can only use 4 in combat, when you're not fighting, you can select from all the moves your pokemon's learned, and assign them to the back buttons. A moves PP determines the move's cooldown. Thunderbolt has a PP of 15, so it could be used 15 times a minute, or once every four seconds, maybe. I'm not a game balancer, I don't know how to determine cooldown rates. Anyways, if you were to use the move Tackle, your pokemon would dash forward and ram the opponent, but of course, it can miss of your opponent jumps out of the way. You use thunderbolt or ice beam of something, and it fires through the crosshairs. Projectiles should totally collide, or be able to be blocked with some chip damage with melee attacks. It should have online play, but to keep it balanced, each pokemon should be assigned a tier, and before you choose to battle someone, you will be notified the tiers of their pokemon. A button would be assigned to switch out pokemon, and they cycle in order. And all the pokemon's health should be boosted a crapload. It would be boring to just one shot everything with a super effective move, and have the match last 20 seconds. One problem: Pokemon are going to have to have their sizes scaled a bit. There's no way a Natu could fight a full size groudon or wailord. Soooo, how does this idea sound? Great, or am I just being stupid?
  22. Because this one dude on deviantART made me help him with a Sonic OC I decided to start doing the same. It's been quite a while since I've made a Sonic fan-character, so I fail to come up with a good name. Any of you guys out there have any idea what to call this awesome sonofagun? EDIT: Because XFizzle made a good point, I've come up with a bit of a bio for him. Age: 16 (as all my characters are) Species: Fox (Uh-durr) Specialty: Tech-y stuff. He's good with hacking, fixing things, etc. Kinda like Tails except he doesn't invent things. Likes: Music, technology Dislikes: Um... Eggman I guess... all bad guys... So yeah, story wise he obviously lives in the same universe as the Sonic characters, like... on Mobius. He's completely disconnected from the Sonic characters and stuff. He knows nothing about them. Yeah, I really don't think a story is really applicable as of now...
  23. Howdy everypony! Hupondroid here, with yet another track for the upcoming MLP:Online Game! Check it out!: The rest can all be found here: enjoy! p.s. feedback is nice!
  24. Yesterday I was bored, so I decided to make this chiptune remix of Ken Ashcorp's song "TASTELESS". Telleth me whateth ye thinkseth! Constructive criticism if you don't like it, please.
  25. Well, while I am still working on my Tatsunoko vs Capcom intro with ponies, it got me thinking about what to do after it's finished. figured why not do another video game intro replacement thingamabobber. Anyway, because of the fact that TvC is obviously made by Capcom, I figured why not do another Capcom thing, and then my mind instantly screamed "GOOD GOD CHRISTIAN THERE IS THAT PWAAMLPFIM YOUTUBE CHANNEL THAT HAS VOICES AND STUFF GO DO THE APOLLO JUSTICE TGS TRAILER WITH IT NOW" Yeah, if you haven't checked it out already, there is a channel dedicated to this actually nicely done Phoenix Wright and pony crossover. I personally have a few issues with it, but they are all very minor and overall I'm just shocked at how they somehow managed to make a storyline with Ace Attorney and ponies that actually works and retains a bit of seriousness. Anyhoo, if you haven't checked it already you can see part one right here Now comes the next part of this. If you haven't seen the Apollo Justice TGS trailer you can find it here. To continue, basically what I was going to do was replace the paintings, text, characters and voices with things that relate to the Turnabout Storm videos. However, why not have this be a little more of a collaboration? I can draw stuff and paint fairly well, but video is more of my art than anything else, and there are a lot of things in the trailer that need to be hand drawn/edited. So here's where I think I will need some help. 1. I need an artist who would be willing to make some pictures that relate to G1, G2, G3, and G4 of the my little pony cartoons and it would be awesome if you could do it in the style that the cartoons had. This is going to replace the paintings on the wall in the beginning. It would also be really awesome if you could have reoccurring characters in them, but I've only seen the first bit of the My Little Pony movie and have no clue whether or not any of the characters in the new cartoon are even in the old one (besides Spike, of course) 2. There are tons of little icons and things that flash with the characters during the video. Trucy's magic card deck is an example, the guitar that goes with Klavier is another example. While I guess we could technically just leave the little symbols there, would a guitar really go well with Trixie? On that same subject, I should come out and say which characters are going to replace whom in the video. It's not final yet, mainly because not all the characters have been revealed yet, but the next video is investigation scene 2 and in all of the games all of the characters are revealed so I guess by the time the next video comes out we shall have more to list. Anyway, here's the list so far. Apollo - Phoenix Trucy - Twilight Kristoph - undecided Klavier - Trixie Phoenix - Rainbow Dash Ema- undecided If you've ever played the game and have watched the videos, you probably will know exactly why I put the characters where they are. If you haven't played the game and or watched the Turnabout Storm videos, here's why I put them where they are. It's an extremely minor spoiler, but in case somepony gets mad I'll just spoiler it anyway. I'm sure that more issues will pop up as this gets made, but hey before we all start I think it would be cool if we wait for the next video to come up because I'm sure that the rest of the characters will be revealed and then we can really decide about what characters get to be in the paintings and what characters get to be in the, I don't know how to say it, main video. So, uh, yeah if you want to help out just tell me in this thread. I know I said I was still working on another project but I might just drop for the time being because it just takes a lot of time and this is just cooler in general.